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The Surah 135 in principle is a recitation of the Surah message, emphasizing the importance of not turning away from loss and not letting fear control who can achieve success. The importance of water and heat in relation to life and energy is also discussed. The importance of staying true to one's beliefs and not letting fear control success is emphasized, along with the need for personal growth and patientity. The segment also touches on the transition from being a biller to being a biller and the importance of patientity with behavior. The segment ends with a recap of the concept of the universe and its characteristics. The importance of consistent reminders and being aware of friends is emphasized, along with the need for individuals to have a clear path to achieving reward and learning to be better Muslims. A new series of videos about a person named B is Neela hytera is also mentioned.

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Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh that hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Wilbert. So this is the final episode brothers and sisters for our journey through pseudo PA. And what a journey it has been sometimes there were moments where I felt like I was in the story I was amongst Benny is sobre el and here we are going along with Musa alayhis salaam, sometimes you felt like you were part of that journey. But Alhamdulillah it's the way that Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us this beautiful story. So we are at verse number 127, we will go to the end of the Surah 135 in sha Allah, Allah so let's get right to it. Because once we're done here, I want to get your

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feedback on what shall be our next series in sha Allah Allah. Allah azza wa jal continues, what can then he can edges he meant as sort of LLM, you mean B, A to B, while our etherboot euro t shirt do our other car. So this is also the reward for those. So in other words, for those who have transgressed who has passed limits who have gotten above and beyond limitations, while I'm in the area to be, and they never actually believed and had trust in the area of their master. So this is a continuation of the previous verse. Remember, the previous verse meant out of victory? So whoever turned away from a loss remembrance, then on the Day of Judgment, what are the law do He resurrected

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them blind, they asked why they were blind. Allah says this is the way you treated my pet. So this is the way we're going to treat you on this day. So Allah says, What can Valley can legislate, that's going to be the reward that's going to be the response as a result, they went above and beyond the limits, what that what that means when you hear above and beyond the limits is that

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turning away from Allah's remembrance is simply not normal. Particularly for a believer, you don't, you don't deliberately turn the other direction. When Allah has a yet his remembrance is being bestowed upon you. So it's like for example, you know, somebody who's trying to learn to recite, you don't ignore when you hear the recitation from others as well just because you're not doing it. You should also take and internalize that reminder wherever you get it. So it's not just about you should have listened because guidance was there and you're listening to it for the first time. But even in repetition, that is also Allah bestowing his a yet upon you. So you should take the

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reminders when the reminders are they're being given to you. So Allah subhanaw taala says that as a result of them being resurrected blind, this is going to be the response This is going to be how, one how they're going to be treated, because they went above and beyond the limitations that Allah had prescribed for them. While our there will be a shadow abacha, the punishment of the hero is more severe and more permanent. Who said this fit around said this in the beginning of the surah he told Mussolini's feminist brother that his job and his punishment is more severe. Now Allah is concluding the sutra with the same statement not just to fit around but to all of mankind. If I let me ask

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dealer whom Didn't we didn't we guide them come let no cobbler who mineral pool how many of the previous generations we had destroyed mean quote ODM? shuna FEMA, secondly him and all they did is that they were just walking around in their homes. They were just like, Yeah, let's go out. Let's go to the streets. Let's go. It's our version of this as this like, we sent so many as but all you do is you just chill. You just chill in life you enjoy day after day, as if, okay, let's go to the mall. Let's go to the grocery store. Let's go here. Let's go chill, let's go watch a movie, whatever. And the perception that they had at that time, and possibly people still have this till

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this day, is that this is a nice place a lot wouldn't take my life whilst I'm walking in the mall. Ally's not going to just take my life just because I'm sitting there watching movie, none and no death will find me somewhere else, whether it's like a real serious situation. Or if I'm in sajida on the day of jumaane that's when the angel of death will take my soul. So this was the attitude that people back then had an even the Qureshi of Mecca had as well, that allies are going to just take us when we're in these, you know, odd situations or the worst of the worst situation. It's no no, he's going to get us when we're really doing the right thing. So no, no big deal. That's what

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the I'm shooting a FEMA sakeena him is that they just kind of went along with their day chilling and relaxing, not realizing. Woman tended enough soon be a little intermode you have no idea which spot you'll be standing on.

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We'll find you some kind of lot right? In nephew that he can literally know how that is a an indication or a ad for those legally No, we've already looked at this word and no ha, no ha means is when somebody has sharp intellect, and discovers the conclusion of something sharp intellect, credibly brilliant and smart, and they can arrive at the conclusion of something. So one of the examples that we use, just to remind everyone of this beautiful, beautiful statement is that if somebody says to you that look, you know, if you mix water, and heat, you get boiling water, you're not going to get water that's freezing, or it's going to taste like orange juice, you're just going

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to get extremely hot boiling water, the sharp intellect will say that, okay, it's not about the components of water and heat that make it boil. Because at the end of the day, both of these elements have to interact in a certain way, in order that this water will boil the way it's supposed to boil. And it's not going to turn it's it's texture wouldn't change, it's not going to taste differently, it's just going to be extremely hot, difficult to handle, that process still has to work, and who makes it work, who makes that the reaction of heat to water results in this? That's Allah subhanho wa Taala. That's literally no ha, that's sharp intellect. Yesterday, we talked about

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gaining energy from the sun. And this is a means of survival on this earth, then we need water and then we need air. So all of these elements that contribute to life on this planet, well, here's the thing somebody would live with the new hand knows that all of that stuff has to work, there's a certain amount of exposure to the sun, if you take too much of it, it could kill you, it can make you sick, you get hurt you it can burn you, you know too much water you can drown. So we have just the right amount of these reasons of these resources. In order for survival sake, that's all the only new half, you're always able to go back further and further. And no matter how much you do

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that, no matter how much you do that. You always go back to a luck. But the ignorant says no, it was science. No, it was this, you know, the Big Bang, the explosion that happened in the universe, all these planets, all these meteorites all came together, and that's how planets were formed. All of this stuff. But at all even if that was the case, it still has to go back to a process that Allah makes work. So that's legally not. Well, it would have Kelly Mattoon several cotton mill Arabic. And if we were to give them the same word that came before them from their master lachenal exam and what agile mucem So in other words, a lesson if we were to do the same thing that we did to all of those

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nations that we destroyed before you let can and the xana lizama is a punishment that grabs you and it sticks and it holds on to you. This is one of the descriptions of how punishment is executed in the jahannam well as a biller is that not only does it punish the inhabitant of jahannam, but it also remains permanent on that individual until Allah wills well a gentleman was summoned towards a fixed time for spinner LMA aku loon so be patient with what they're saying what's up behind the and make tests be of hand and praise to Allah papadopoulou his shrimps before the sun rises while cabela hora will be here and before the sunset so the profit at least so it was sermons being told make

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tests be of Allah all during the night so when we say before sunrise what prayer is that guys? That's from after Isha all the way to Federer. So we're talking about the night prayer attention, while Camila hora will be here so cobbler who we are before the sun sets, we're talking about our soda a little hotter and all of those prayers as well and everything in between woman and Elaine Lee for submittal. And in the deep hours of the nights are specifically talking about to hygiene itself, for Sabir make this be of Allah will altought often the hair de la like a total da and both ends of the day so mean pretty much. Every few hours from the time when Sun rises until it's sets. You're

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constantly praying this was something the Prophet Allah Azza wa sallam had to do in order to find the success, the help and the aid that he needed from Allah subhanho wa Taala here's the best part guys want to hear the best part. Listen to how the ends, land like a total bar so that you will be satisfied.

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That's interesting, not so that Allah will be satisfied with you. It says Lala care you and I will be satisfied when we

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Pray that much. And we make that kind of to spear. What does that remind us of?

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At the end of the day, when we pray, we're the ones that are going to see the fruits, but we're the ones that are going to feel good. We're going to find contentment in our life, we're going to find the peace and joy. You know, people ask me why, why can't I change? You know, I hear all of these. Yet I hear all of these ahaadeeth I listen to all these lectures I do. I see all of this stuff. But it doesn't ignite anything in me. I don't feel it. When I pray, I just just pray to get it over with when I recite core, and sometimes it's annoying. People tell me this, when I hear Khurana just I just change the channel or put on something else or just turn it off? Why is it that I can't make

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that connection? So the question here is how come people like many Muslims don't feel or experience the change that you want to feel and experience? When you get these kinds of reminders? The answer is not just one answer. And it's not that simple. There are a number of variables, number of factors that are involved in how we interact with these reminders how we interact with the Quran. Number one, it also it definitely has to do with your level of interest and desire to want to change things about you. Like you, we we've talked about this in previous episodes, you've got to have that desire in you that you want to give a yet and had a chance. So when Allah says this is how long, you've got

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to be able to give it a chance before you start trusting, okay, whatever Allah told me is how long is how long before you get to trusting it, you've got to give it a chance. So it's like, it's like somebody that comes to you and says, Look, I'm an amazing worker. I'm always punctual. I'm always on time. And you'll look at them and you're like, yeah, words, you're always work. hard worker, you're always on time. But then you say to yourself, you know what I'll do?

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I'll try it out for a week. So here's your shift. These are your responsibilities. I want you to do it for one week, and then we'll see how it goes. So what did you do here? You gave that employee a chance. So in one week, now, they've proven themselves to they were punctual, they were hard working. Now the trust starts to develop. Now you start to see, okay, this guy's for real. Okay, let's, let's see, if I add some more responsibility. Let me give him some more things to do. Let's see how he responds. And that's how you start to build the relationship of trust. Don't just jump into the corner and and expected that your life is going to flip upside down and everything is just

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going to transform. We've said this over and over, and doesn't work that way. It doesn't just flip your life upside down. And everything is peaceful and perfect and obedient. No, you've got to have that desire. So you've got to really assess whether or not how bad do you really want it? And how much are you willing to give it a chance. Second thing that contributes to why it's difficult for change. And it's one of the things that was mentioned here in the sutra is how often you interact with the poor. And how often do you actually take the reminder is your reminder, just one dosage a week on jamara day is your reminder, just one video a month is your reminder just sporadic. It's

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spread out sort of here and there sort of here in there.

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Think about it. The more consistent your reminders are about this book, the more the relationship will be can begin to manifest. Let me give you an example. A logical example. We can all relate to you if you have a friend, and you see that friend once a month, how likely are you guys going to be close? Good best friends. Highly unlikely. You know, if that friend came to you one day and wanted to borrow some money, and you only see them like maybe once a month, maybe every other month, you would probably be hesitant to lend them anything because you don't know them that well. As opposed to the friend you talk to everyday you text everyday. You WhatsApp, you meet you. You see them on a

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regular basis. Now if they ask you for something, there's a good chance you'll give it to them. There's a good chance you'll trust them. So how often do you want to connect with this? How often do you connect with it? listening to one video or one annual or something a day is simply it doesn't cut it. You've got to be able to sit there and open up this Dean and read and look at it and start reading at it and discovering some of the fruits and the sweetness of itself. How do you think scholars becomes

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Scholars, it's because they take the time to do that sort of thing. So that's really important inshallah there's so many other things to talk about. Well let's finish this up in sha Allah.

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Allah Allah Tada. While at Modena in can

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be here and don't allow your eyes to look far far away. Ilana Medina be here to the things that please your eyes to make your eyes Twinkle, as well as a min hum these groups that are out there is a hotel hired to do what's a lot referring to here. Don't look at those groups far, far away those political groups, those governments that have caused so much destruction, so much corruption, so much hate, they've targeted you, they've targeted your religion, you're sitting there and you're watching all of this a lesson. Zelda tell hyah to dunya that's just decoration. That's just, you know, that's just a short amount of pleasantness and and I guess you could say comfort. It's just

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temporary. It's just a little bit of comfort that they're enjoying it just like we heard in suta nahan metta on karela Hamada, when they're just going to enjoy themselves for a short period, but what awaits is a painful punishment. When are you as a biller? Lena Steena home fee because Allah is putting them through a great test and try so at the end of the day, unless testing them it's a fitness for them so don't think that oh my god look how they're getting away with all of that stuff. They've got all the things that they're saying and they're just getting away with it Look at all the destruction of the just getting away with it no no no no Lina Tina, home fee, what is put up because

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you don't want to call the provision of your master is much better and much more permanent. What more Allah can be solid. I love the transition. We're talking about the risk. We're talking about provision from Allah, we're talking about don't get caught up with all the you know, the wealth and the luxuries and the peace that all of these individuals and groups around the world that have that are up to no good don't get caught up with the here's what you concentrate on. What more like a bill slider order your family to pray

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will still be in our IRA and be patient with it. Yeah, when you're trying to wake up your son for fudger You wake them up.

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Leave me alone. You wake them up again.

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What is the let's say while sleeping earlier? Be patient with it a lot didn't say stop waking them up because they have an exam. Yeah, okay. It's you know, he's got he's got a long day ahead of him. Just leave them. No. Let's just keep doing it. wake them up, order them to pray. Because why the timings of prayer is not your job. You didn't design that you didn't do anything. That's a lot did that. You gotta be patient with it.

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You know, sometimes your kids will probably want to fight back with you as far as your time like just leave me alone. While slept earlier. Take a broomstick and just poke them from a distance so they can't fight back with you. Come on, you got to do it. Come on. Don't get angry. Don't start screaming don't make it a you know a horrible experience because then that leads to the problem of introducing Islam to our family the wrong way. You know, don't be like Hey, hey genom is waiting for you if you don't wake up for fudger Don't do that. Don't just always threatened threatened all the time because then that's the perception they start developing. Man Allah is really mean alone. They

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just loves to punish. I better just get up here before he does something. No, no, no. Just keep C'mon, you got to do this. Come on, just get used to it. Don't worry. It's prayer. You got nothing to lose everything to gain. So we'll still get our lay here. Let us look at risk analysis. We're not asking you for anything that we're going to provide you with everything will ultimately talk about the final abode is for those who have Taqwa will call you Lola yet Tina the area team will rob be they used to say if Allah could just send down some yet. Now LMT him bayona to Didn't we send down clarity to them math is Sophie Lula in the earlier scriptures? So Allah is saying Didn't we send so

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much history to Didn't you see all of the previous prophets and messengers in the scriptures they were given wasn't that enough of a yet for you still are asking for more? We've already done that. Well and like know who they are that the mill probably here if we were to destroy them with a painful punishment, all those who came before them, they would have said, Look, are you Robin Lola, our SOTA Elaine out of Sula. Oh, if only Allah would have sent to us some kind of messenger to tell us what to do.

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Yeah, tick only then we would have followed your a yet Min cubberly and Zilla one before we lose all power net villa. Now zillah zillah tone is to lose power and nose is to lose respect for others. lose power and lose respect

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For others who, indirectly who's a lover referring to, if you don't

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lose power, that's all he lived for lose respect for others, that's all he stood for.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala same message was given to the Prophet Muhammad Ali salt, Salim kulu motorable basin say all of you sit and wait for Tara Basile, just sit back and relax and wait for satara, the moon subpanel, you're going to know, that's a tileable, yo See, many of us have will sort out who were the companions that was on the right path. So it all plus so we said also. So this is the area that's the final area. This is the area that I named the episode after. So the episode is how Islam keeps us balanced. that Islam is the only religion that keeps us balanced between both extreme so we is when you're dead in the middle. So we is the path that is in the middle between the

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punishment and the reward. So Islam gets you right there in the middle. So you don't end up following into one extreme or just into another extreme, because we're human beings. We're gonna have a little bit of this, but we want more of that. So Islam what it does is it puts you on a path that you don't get confused with. Okay, am I doing too much? Or am I doing too little? Is this going to help is this not you, you don't see things in black and white anymore. You see all the shades of color in between. That's where this a that's where the episode customers comes from this a lot says I'll show it to you. I'll show you how you find that balance in your life. Many of us have will sit

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all day so we want many teda and who will receive my guidance, you know, in suit another Alesis calesa Allah, Allah referred to them wish to cool and of Mecca, who were sitting there talking about, you know, his day of judgment coming. are we actually going to get resurrected to all this conversation? Alissa's can now say our demo so Michela say early morning, by no means you're gonna know Yo, you'll get there. You'll see I will show it to you. So Michael, Sal Mo, you better believe I will show it to you. And this sort of soda in tier two Academy fee how we heard this in the beginning of the sorta, the day of judgment is already on its way.

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It's, it's coming. It's on the journey. It's, it's, it's still moving, it's every single second going forward, it's coming, it's, it's going to be here, I can do ofI here, we almost completely concealed it from you, except that we gave you the signs that it was coming so you have some indication it's on its way.

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With that being said, brothers and sisters, this concludes our journeys through sort of Baja. First and foremost, we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala accept from us our efforts, all of you that tune in or at least you watch this video at some point, you share it with others, may Allah so it will allow you to receive compensation of reward with all those who benefit from it Aloma mean, metal line, so just allow that everything that we've learned and we've been reminded of in sort of Baja, that it becomes harder to learn something that would uplift us and make us better people better Muslims, well, I hope you tune it in and that's something that will punish us, or go against us in this world

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or in the hereafter alone. I mean, everybody who is online, I want you to type one of two words right now type it away. So it is seen or suited tell us which one do you prefer? Go ahead. Just Right. Yes. Seen? Or if you prefer pluses? Why am I saying because that's one of the two topics insha Allah hotelera Allah that we are going to address in our new series. So tell us in particular, is the I guess you could say Season Two of mozzarella, his salad. So I intentionally I intentionally chose pseudo classes, just so that we can get a bit more detail about musala. He said them and fill in some of the blanks that sort of popped her head. So if you want to go into Season Two of the life

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of Musa alayhis salaam, then that's sort of costless. But if you want to take a break from this, and going to another suitor, that again, we're all familiar with we all grew up with, we all hear about it. And that is of course sudut. Yes. Seen. I would love to journey so that he has seen with you as well. And then maybe after that we can go to pulseless. We'll see how it goes. So let's see what you've got. All of you have written so far. Oh, we've got a lot of Yes. Seen. Yes. See one two have cost us Yes. Seeing Yes, seeing passes.

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suspicion as you said both. Okay, so yeah scene classes.

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Yes scene. Oh, wow, it looks like yes scene is taking the trophy so far. Okay, looks like majority of you are looking at story scene. So I'm going to still leave it at that for now. And what I'll do is sometime later today i'll post exactly what we decide to study starting tomorrow in shallow Tara that so just keep it coming either. So what is seen, or we continue with Season Two of of mozzarella, his sandwich is suited to puzzles. So that way we can have a nice complete balanced picture of or biography of the story of mozzarella and insulin. So we'll have soda linked with Sudoku puzzles and you get a complete beautiful picture. So that's the wisdom behind why I threw

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that choice out for for you, other than that guy, so I'll post my decision and shout Allahu taala a little bit later today, but just keep the comments coming in. Yes, seen or classes please. With that being said, those of you that missed episodes of pseudo Taha you will find those episodes on my YouTube channel. They will all be uploaded maybe later tonight in shot lunch so I will also post that up and

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then I will let you guys know that when all the ones all the episodes I think we did 12 episodes right 12 episodes of soda. So it's going to be there as well as all the series that we've done since lockdown began. So we have over 200 videos of just different topics all about personal development that are all over my YouTube channel. So just type in my name on YouTube, you'll see the channel come up and you can go ahead and see something that you like there's something there for everyone of all ages of all backgrounds Muslim or not, there's something there for you inshallah. So with that being said, I will speak to you all tomorrow with our brand new series B is Neela hytera coming to

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you tomorrow, it will either be pseudo classes or sudut ESC so it really depends on you guys and what you prefer in the comments section. So keep that coming. Just a couple of low hydromat Allah subhanho wa Taala bless you all, thank you was Salam or Aleikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh kid