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The Himmler brand uses a booster to prevent dangerous accidents and the booster to prevent dangerous accidents. The message is to never forget that everyone is reminded of them and to not give anything special. The "hasn't happen" and "has been forgotten" moments in life are important moments for everyone. The "has been forgotten" moments in life can be learned and the importance of knowing one's own deeds is emphasized. The importance of learning and elevating one's behavior to become a better person is emphasized. The Day of Judgment is a temporary state that everyone should live in, and the importance of learning to use knowledge to benefit one's life is emphasized.

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Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. So brothers and sisters got a lot to talk about today. So let's jump right into it. We are at verse number 97 verse number 97 of sutopo hand we'll go on to verse number 114 in sha Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala continues now Sam ed is going to be expelled from the group expelled from following mozzarella slim, and being amongst Benny is sort of ill so alone. So Joel says Paul, a Fed head for inilah Coffee hayati and Taku. Leilani says, Go and get away from us. Because now in your life you are going to be told that you are lambing says Lemmy says mes means that you don't touch

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something Don't touch me. What happened here is some stories mentioned that Sammy Lee developed some kind of contagious disease and that anybody who came near him became extremely sick so he was expelled from the group so lanie says is also get away and as far away from me as possible, so don't even touch me but also stay far away from me as possible. While in Melaka, Merida learn to whoever you are going to have an appointment meaning on the day of judgment that you can't deny. You can't go against ones or Ella Ella he can lead you voluntarily here are Kiefer and go back society is really getting a tough lesson here. Go back to all of those idols, those deities that you use to

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hide behind and that you used to stand behind and you used to trust and inclined towards learn how to reclaim the who through melanin. cfn know who phillium Nina's fair. Oh, my goodness, guys, look at how Allah subhanho wa Taala responds to this so okay, he says we are going to burn them burn those idols, particularly the caf. Now here's the thing about burning, when you burn gold, what happens to it, it just melts and it becomes liquid again. So burning kind of entails that okay, if you burn it, we can still use it and make something else out of it. Ally's not done read till the end of the A of Summerlin, NC Fender, hopefully mdns and then we're going to dump and scatter and

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throw it away. So there won't be any traces of this melted goal of from this calf. There won't be any traces of it. So it's clear. Now everything is gone. samedi is out of the picture in Nima Illa who qumola who luz de la ilaha illa who was CR Kula che in a llama. Indeed your true deity or master is Allah there is no deity worthy of worship but him was CR Kula Shea in any man. And his knowledge encompasses all things because he cannot call slyly come in. And now we are also going to relate to you the stories and the lives and the biographies of prophets that came before you map out a setup. We'll call it a neck and mill aduna vichara. And we had given you or Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam from Ludhiana from our vaults. And remember we said the word love doing means a special place or a special volt. So one of the doors that we asked for is that we asked a lie so a jet Milla don't cower away from your special place, give us a euro that you don't give others. So give us something special. So Allah is saying, I gave you something special Oh Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam which of course it's referring to the quarter and I gave you something special from us something that not everyone is going to get the Quran so that you can be reminded, remember brothers and sisters how many times vichara had been mentioned in this surah and because at the end of the day, I

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mean it started off with Optimus Sala telepathically and established pray to masala he said so that you can remember me and we talked about that. Now the Prophet Ali's subtle cinema is getting a similar message. We gave you the special book this quarter and so that you never forget that you are constantly reminded of us men out of our own home and whoever turns away from it meaning the quarter end or autobahn or out Oba also means that you deliberately turn away you can see it it's right there but you go the other direction. So it's kind of like the criminal with the police. See the police you run the other way. So spiritually, spiritually, you see the poor end is right there. But

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there's no effort. There's no attempt to connect with it to learn it to engage with it turned the other way. There's other things to be busy about. There's other things to focus on. For in the middle. We all met a PMT wizard on the Day of Judgment they will be coming and carrying a huge

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Load, a huge burden a huge load Holly Dena fee. Remember we're talking about the huge load here is of course, a huge load of mistakes burden sins. So instead of leaning towards the quarter end, that could have helped forgive and alleviate the weight of that sin or those sins. Now the weight the burden becomes heavier and heavier Holly Dena fee they remain in it forever. It was set at a homeopathic remedy Himmler, and how disgraceful on the Day of Judgment, they will be carrying this load other two words being used here, you have wissota, which is a huge load. And then you have Himmler, him, that is the kind of load at least in worldly life that you can't carry anymore. It's

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too heavy. So what this tells us is that on the Day of Judgment, or an athlete or life, people will be carrying loads, that is not possible for them in this world, in the era. So just try to imagine that for a minute. They will be carrying mountains and mountains of deeds on their back. Nobody can do that in this world. So that's what Himmler captures. He only one fell off your soul. On that day, the trumpet is blown. What I showed already maturity mean a oma even Zopa and we will gather and heard all of the criminals on that today, and they will get their recompense, they will get what they deserve. It's a half a tune. abena, whom Elizabeth tune Illa Sharon, they will be whispering

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with each other on that day amongst each other. So there'll be saying, Hey, you, Mohammed, how long were we in this world? Hey, yo, Fatima? How long did we live on planet earth, and they will respond maybe 10 days, Elizabeth to Illa. Ashura, maybe like 10 days we were there. That's the memory that we will have of worldly life, is that we will think about worldly life as though we were just there for a week and a half. That's it. So no matter how many years Allah gives us, 5060 8090 100 years, that's the response that people will get when they ask about how long were we on this earth, not even a month, not even two full weeks, just about a week and a half. That's it, you know, versus

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like this, when Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us that, you know, we're not we're gonna forget these days, or they will seem as though they were little or nothing. And in this case, 10 days. What that teaches us is that the days of this world, even when we're living here are forgotten. Like I none of us, no human being can remember every single day of their life and all the things that they said and done. It's the way that Allah created us, that fitara in us, is a direct indication, or at least it should help and teach us and remind us that this worldly life, how temporary the state and the life of this world is that we forget most of the time that we're here, even whilst we are living here.

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Even wise, we're still here. As a matter of fact, some of us probably including me, can't even remember what we did this morning. Like if we dropped our keys somewhere, where do I put my keys? Where do I put my phone? I know I had it here. And sometimes like in five minutes, like you'd be sitting on a couch, you put your phone down, 10 minutes later you get up, go to the kitchen, grab a snack and you forget where your phone was, like that's how we're in nature. We're insane on from instant, we just forget things all the time. So it's not far fetched. It's not far off for people on the Day of Judgment, that will actually forget how many years or what time or how much time Allah

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gave them in this world. But this will be one of those conversations that people will say it was probably like just 10 days, that's it. Nine lm will be manual Corleone. Allah says we've surely know and have knowledge of what you are saying is the akula and fellow who embody a pattern, if the best from amongst you used to say, based on the path that you chose Elizabeth de la Elma that you were just in this world for one day. So what's happening here, am fellow home remember, we came across this word, and said home is the best the leaders amongst you. So on the Day of Judgment, people, particularly the criminals, will grow to those whom they took as the most powerful and leaders of

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this world and they will go to them. So these are their leaders of religion and shelter can disobedience, they go to those individuals and ask them how long were we in this world? because keep in mind, these are the people that they trusted the most. These are the people that they shared the secret secrets with the most in this world. And these are the people that they trust were somewhat divine or they had special abilities to know

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Human beings had they were elevated into a status that they didn't deserve. They were considered holy, they were considered blessed to an extent. And then so they were elevated higher than what they truly were were. So Allah says that Allah will bring those exact same leaders on the Day of Judgment. And now you get to go and ask them, How long were you in this world? They gave, like possibly the worst answer you can imagine, you know what they said, they didn't even say 10 days. They said Elizabeth illa yomo. We were just there maybe one day.

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These are the scholars of those groups, those people it was their so called scholars, their so called leaders. So so panela they were the worst in the athleta. But they fronted as the as though they were the best in this world. So Allah literally reverse the tables on them. So panela in the Euro, us all Nokia and LG Bell, they asked you about mountains properly and see for our Albinus for Allah will not only destroy them, but Allah will scatter them, Allah will crush them, Allah will sink them for your thorough how par on soft, soft ally soldier will also abandon the remains of those mountains and they will be left in rows further Oh, how car is actually an imagery like you,

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you know, when you stand or you look at images of the desert, and you see these flat planes of sand, and you walk into them and they're soft, and your feet sinks into the sand, that's what's going to happen to those mountains, they're going to crush and turn into dust like the desert, and people are literally going to be walking into them and their feet will sink into the sand, lateral feet, he was young, until you're not going to see any bumps and you're not going to see any of it rise. yoma easy to be your own a dirty alert he was on that day they will be walking out excuse me, they will hear and follow the call the call meaning the call to come and gather come to the gathering place.

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autofair not we're talking about the plains of artifact in which we're talking about out of fun meaning a place that is known, all of us will know exactly that when we are resurrected out of our graves, where exactly we're supposed to go, we're not going to be like Hey, do you know where which direction is is the standing grounds, we're not going to be looking for anything, there's not going to be no maps, there's not going to be no tour guides, nothing, we will all have that knowledge. So once we hear that call come to so and so place, we get up we go there.

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And there won't be any turning from that Elijah here. You know how you heard a bunch of cows, or a bunch of sheep, right? And you try to herd them into one direction. most if not all of them will go towards one direction but there always will be that one cow or that one sheep that kinda you tell all the you push all of them to the right and then this one just kind of runs off to the left somewhere. So on that day, nobody's going to do that. Nobody's going to turn and run off to any other direction. They will be herded and push towards together in the direction they're supposed to be. Well how sure are tell us where to live, man. And they're all going to be overwhelmed with the

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with voices live as they go towards overtime and Fela testamento Illa Hamza and you won't hear except him sir. Ham sir, are literally footsteps himself is like, you know, when you're sitting quietly in a room, and then you hear something and you're like, was that somebody walking? That's called him sir. Now I want you to think for a moment. billions, trillions of people on the Day of Judgment, all walking together. And unless you hear their footsteps, you don't hear shoes, you hear their actual feet walking, and that's it. fella test smell. You don't hear nothing, except feet moving, marching towards the meeting ground for the Day of Judgment. Just imagine it for a second,

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just just take a moment and visualize what that's going to look like, what that's gonna sound like. And the judgment hasn't even started. As a matter of fact, we're still making our way to the plains of autofab or the plains where judgment will begin. And we're just sitting there and we're walking and you hear it to do it. It's absolutely subtidal I can't think of a horror film worse than this like, and that's just the walker that's just movement. That judgment hasn't even started the chaos haven't hasn't even seen

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Started, the sun hasn't even reached above the heads of those who deserve that. And all of this stuff, all of the chaos, the confusion, the conversate none of that has started it. This is just footsteps moving towards the meeting grounds. Then Allah subhanaw taala continues here woman, either Latin Pharaoh chef our eye to Illa. On that day, there won't be any intercession. Because why do people commit shokin worship idols? One of the primary reasons is that that idol is going to help me one day, it's going to intercede for me one day, Chef era is literally where you step in the middle and you say, No, no, no, don't touch him. No, no, no, she's okay. No, no, no, they're in the they're

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in the they're in the good. So Allah says, There won't be any chef out in lemon ethene Allahu rochman. Except who are ramen gave permission to do that, what I'll do, Allahu Allah and Allah is pleased with what they say. You know, we're also taught that the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam. He is one of the individuals that will be given permission by Allah will be given permission by Allah to intercede on behalf of this oma or at least a selected group from this oma, we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to make us from amongst them amongst those who will be who will the prophecy center will intercede on their behalf. One quick note.

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Those are prophesies Selim tells us that one of the blessings of being buried in Jenna tweeted about pee or in the gardens of Paradise in the cemetery. Right next to the Prophet I slept with serves my student Medina, one of the blessings of being buried there is that all the inhabitants of that cemetery will get the intercession of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, you know, I have some friends that are buried there. As a matter of fact, even Canadian friends, I have some friends that I went to college and university with here in Toronto, that you know, went off to Saudi and went off to Medina and studied and passed away there and are buried in Jinja two about p Subhana. Allah, Allah

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azza wa jal allow us to be amongst those whom the prophets Allah subtle Salam will intercede for alone. I mean, the RLM oma Bina ad him, Allah says that he knows everything that is between them will not hunt for what is behind. And while you're here to be here, ilma and everything that encircles them, Allah has knowledge of them, all the generations that came before them. In the previous sudo, we learned a lot also keeps track of every word that was ever said it was sheer luck, that was disobedient and unloved kept track of everything these kinds of yet have Allah reminding us of his knowledge and how much his knowledge encompasses is a reminder to us that everything that we

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forget is already been strategically noted and kept on record. So on the Day of Judgment, someone will come and be like, Oh, yeah, I did say that. Oh, my goodness, I did do that. And I'd say we'll, we'll place the entire scale, both good and bad in front of us. And we're gonna look at the scale and be like, Oh, my goodness, I can't believe the one time I cursed. It actually made it on my scale of bad deeds. I'm actually going to be accountable for that. The one time I smoked the one time I punch somebody the one time I did something wrong, and they never repented for any of those things. I just told myself, it was just one time who cares, no big deal. You know, we trivialize that. We

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trivialize those along with that one time you backbite it against some of the one time you lied on somebody the one time you sent that email that was full of false information, but it had somebody's name attached to it. Oh my god, that email made it on my scale of bad deeds. Subhana Allah, and the same as with the good deeds, all those salams that you gave out, even as you just did it just to be kinda sound like, oh, wait a minute, that Salam counted as well. All those are even MOBOTIX that you gave, you know, people you don't even know you're just a robotic, robotic. Every single eight mobarak counted, every single salom counted for something. Every time I smiled, just so that I

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wanted to make somebody's day a little better. Every time I smiled. My goodness, every smile counted a sudden,

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I got the reward of charity for all of those files. That's all gonna happen on the Day of Judgment. That's why it's important when you read verses like this, that how Allah has his knowledge encompasses all things. It's such a beautiful reminder, but a terrifying one at the same time.

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Why would you who will inhale you are Anna is when your face is hanging down and shame like this. And when you're just like this. That's either unless there's one entity which you their faces will hang then how you look? Are you the EverLiving The one who sustains what can harbor man hammer no Voluma and Allah has human

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ciliated harbor can also be used to describe the wretched one well called hubba hubba. Man Hamel volmer. So the wretched one is the one that will carry and fetch and be overwhelmed by the weight of their deeds by the weight of their sins. While many young men and men have had an whoever, from amongst any kind of righteous deeds they've done, well, who are men and they had faith, they were confident they were convinced by this theme. I want to just pause here for a second because all of us got to understand at least a little bit of a language here. Well, my era men may not solidly hurt men asylee had that's different. Allah doesn't say well, my year a mental solly hat.

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Minh is mentioned here. Men here means that anything, and I'll slowly had hat is a specific group, or a specific group of deeds, good deeds. So it's not all your deeds, but the special ones. But the fact that men that comes before it, it means that even if you've done one or two of those special deeds, and you come with that, convinced that this is the truth, meaning you had true faith, and he then that Allah was going to reward you for that fella, you have full volume, and voila, hotma then don't be afraid of any transgression. And hotma is any shortage of deeds held the man shortage. So put it together, you have all of these righteous deeds that you can choose from, there's so many

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different things that you can do so many Hadeeth an area that encouraged us to do good deeds, but Allah is saying in this area, even from amongst them if you do even one, but you do it and you are movement. Again, you notice a lead does not say, well, who am min min, it's a quality in you admin or admin as we're accustomed to, is that you recognize Okay, that's the right thing to do. So I'm just gonna do it anyway. No, no, no, no, that's not what we're talking about. We're talking about somebody who does that one righteous deed, and they are convinced that this is the right thing to do. And you come on the Day of Judgment with that one D. That's the only good you've done. Alissa's,

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don't worry,

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you're not gonna You don't have to be afraid and be like, Oh my god, everybody else came with mountains of good deeds. That person's got a hole mounted. A person's got a bigger mountain, and I have like a Walmart bag full of good deeds. That's it. That's all I have. That person's got a suitcase. I've got a tiny little bag, a tiny little purse of good deeds. Alexis, don't be afraid that you're going to suffer or struggle of a shortage. What's Allah hinting here? He's hinting of the possibility

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that the quality in those deeds might fill in all of the empty space in your scale of good deeds alarm might add from his mercy from his bottlecap that allows those few deeds because of your level of confidence and sincerity. You were mcminn Subhana Allah. You were a boatman. So you don't have to worry. Allah will give you what you what you're striving for in sha Allah, Allah. What Casserly can answer no quarter an hour Adobe. This is also how we sent out this book in Arabic, or sub Ruffner fee he mean worried. And we also alternated it in terms of our promises that we had sent to you lol Lumia taco and so that you can develop some sense of consciousness, oh, you will own vichara or you

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can at least introduce to them something new of my remembrance. You know who is who are less talking to hear a less talking to the Prophet Mohammed Ali salatu salam. And he's basically saying to him, we gave you this book the poor and your digital at home decra so that you can remind them but you can also teach them every remember it's as though it's you this from hatha had to mean something new. So in other words, the way that we're supposed to study this poor n and when we hear it, it says if we're hearing it for the first time, as if it's the something brand new. Can you imagine that? Can you imagine every time you went on YouTube and you heard a lecture on taqwa that if you

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wanted to practice this area, you try to listen to that same lecture of taqwa no matter how many times you've heard it, but to try to listen to it as though you're hearing the word telco for the first time. That's how this court should be for the state.

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That's how you should hear it. So we've already talked about personalities in the previous video we also talked about, you know how in this day and age, the culture behind reminders is we're not really focused on the reminder as much as we are focused on the person who's giving the reminder. And it should be the complete opposite. Because when it's the opposite, then you can capture this now you will hear Tuckwell you know your heel patients now you hear these standard topics that every share and scholar out there talks about, but each time they talk about it, you're like, wow, that's the first time I've ever heard it that way. Wow. Although I know that had eath

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I never I never thought of it that way. Although I've studied this sutra I've never learned these kinds of lessons from those sorta It's amazing. I'll give you an example real soon. Look, we're coming to the last as we get to the last day it's an A you all know, I'm going to share with you something rarely talked about with this last as a lucky tedious factor I love will medical help. How high Allah subhanho wa Taala in His Kingdom is the ultimate truth who claimed that they had the the ultimate Kingdom fit around. So in the sort of fit around is talking about how he is the master and this world is his kingdom. And subpanel Allah says on the Day of Judgment, come to my kingdom. So

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it's almost as if he's directly talking to the fit arounds of this world. While a territorial bill core n and don't rush with the core n who was rushing first mozzarella is Salam. Remember the previous video he rushed to Allah Lita Radha so that hopefully Allah will be you know, Allah will be happy with him What's our agenda can call me Can we so why were you rushing away from your people? Yeah Moosa. But now in this a less tongue the Prophet early subtle sound the exact same message Don't rush with the Quran, it's going to come to you. mill cabela ayoko ba la caja. He'll before we decree for you, it's revelation. Everything's going to happen at the right time. You might be in

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trouble. You might be confused and you're hoping Oh, like give me an idea to get me out of the situation. Unless telling me the profit. It starts with some Don't be in a rush. It will come and it will come at the right time. So it's okay.

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Finally, we'll call Rob busy Dini.

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And say, O Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam my master, increase me elevate me with knowledge. It doesn't say what called rumba. What, kohlrabi, zither, ala or ilmi, zither ilmi.

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He doesn't say, Oh, my master, increase my knowledge, says, increase me with knowledge, two completely different things, two completely different things. If you said, All my master, increase my knowledge,

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then you're basically saying that look, I'm in a good place right now. I just want more, give me more. But the as is z, the need increase me with more knowledge. Because that's what knowledge should do. That's the goal of seeking is so that you become a better human being overall, you elevate you become stronger, wiser, smarter, all of those things. So this area is not just about, I want to learn more knowledge, I want more information downloaded in my brain. That's not what this area is. It's I want to download more knowledge because I see the fruits of that in my own life. So panela How many of us thought of this area this way? We all know won't be Sydney email, or I'll be

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Sydney. We all hear about this. We learn this a since we were children. We hear it in lectures. Lots of speakers like to start off their talks this way.

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But how many of us actually took the time to appreciate the Arabic in this area and how what it was really concentrating on knowledge can only benefit you. When you when you implement its teachings and you're able to see the difference. You're able to see those fruits manifest itself in the way that you speak in the way that you conduct yourself in the way that you behave, how you interact, how you behave in terms of your attitude, when you're angry when you're upset, knowledge kicks in and it keeps you under control. It doesn't say okay, you're a human being but you're not allowed to be upset. No, you can be upset but here's what knowledge does to you. Here's how it stabilizes that

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That's what we want for that's what the prophet Allah subtle Salaam is being told to ask Allah for. And the title of this video was

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The only Dora the Prophet Allah salat wa salam was told or commanded to escala for Let's listen to I remember that guys, first number 114 This is the only time in the entire quarter end, where the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam is told what to ask Allah for. And that is knowledge. But why so that he can be increased as a human being? Not because not in terms of information, but so that he could be increased and become a better person? That's how you know that knowledge is helpful. It's it's doing something right. And unfortunately, we all know people I know so many of them. I know some people who have got PhDs. I know people that are really powerful individuals really smart. They

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hold high positions in society, they, they're just at the top of the chain. But when it comes to basic etiquettes, and edip, they are literally at the bottom for you and I look at how many a look how many sewers Look how many episodes we've gone through, especially during this lockdown, or since the lockdown begin all these hundreds of hours and hours of of information that we've been sharing with you. It's a lot. And still we're being told that if all of these episodes at least ignited something for you and me out of luck give us more because we want to feel that we want to experience that we want to elevate our lives even more. So May Allah subhanho wa Taala continue to increase us

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala continue to bless us with more knowledge and as a result we become better people, better human beings. In short, lotor Allah, may Allah azza wa jal continue to increase us Allahumma mean so with that being said, with that being said a lot so we will pause here but if they land, I do see some questions that people are asking. So I will come to those questions in sha Allah. But I've got to get going guys, I've got an appointment to get to and I'm already late. So I will look at some of your questions in sha Allah and if you have any others then by all means, you can put those down in the comment section. So let's pause here inshallah, I'm assuming

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we're going to have maybe two more episodes and then we're done with this surah B is the Allah hytera Allah Bismillahi Tada. So with that being said, a lot so it will continue to increase all of us with knowledge and wisdom of Lahore, mean circolo Haider, middle of subhana wa Taala Bless you all was said Mr. alikum warahmatu Allahi wa barakato