Musleh Khan – Tafseer Sura Taha #09 Verses 90 – 96

Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the importance of learning from one's own experiences and avoiding evil in order to achieve joy. It also touches on the concept of "the joy of life" and the use of "hammer basara" as a term used by musala. The speakers emphasize the importance of repeating actions and maintaining healthy behavior to achieve success and maintain success. They also mention a book and a woman named Missus Ed who talks about her experiences with rejection and how it affects her life. Overall, the speakers encourage viewers to stay tuned for upcoming episodes and stay healthy and safe.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah were buried. So brothers and sisters today it is verse number 90 to 96. So it's short amount of verses but lots to talk about the less so let's get right into it. Allah subhanho wa Taala continues while are called a parallelogram, how runo mill Kabal So now Allah subhanaw taala shifts the attention to heroin alayhis salam. So how do now he's speaking to all of the followers of mozzarella Sam so he's speaking to Benny is Surah Al Wilds Moosa is gone and he's speaking with Allah subhana wa hrlm. He looks at all that's happened here with Benny is sobre el, you know, they molded this calf, they

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started worshiping it, they started partying, the drinking unit, you name it, they started doing it all. And so he looks at them, and he does what any brother would do. So he says to all of them in nema 14, to be your homie in nema 14 to be says, All people, this nation of you, you know, you have indeed gone through a great trial and a great test. So he's taking that role of mozzarella he said him now look what's going to happen. And this is where I get the title from. Okay. What in notl vekoma, ramen or Tabby Rooney? Well, I'll tell you, Emery that indeed your master he is. Alright man. Remember we talked about why are men specifically is used here. Because why?

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Other religions generally speaking, when they think about a lower they think about God, they think about the one that is so merciful, that is so kind, and he's so forgiving, that I could literally do anything I want in my life turned to him, and I'm clean slate all over again. You know, he's going to forgive me. So I can party, I can drink, I can just live my life. And I can always turn back to him. So he speaks at the same level with these individuals. But what the * don't alehissalaam is trying to do here is to show that look, despite that you guys messed up pretty bad, you can still turn to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Because he is outwash. Man, you can still come to him. And then he

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tells them only, so just follow me. Well, I'll tell you, anybody and follow my commands. Do you notice? He mentioned Allah first, he doesn't say Follow me. So I take you to all right men, because of course, he wants them to establish and develop that there's a higher authority than himself. So he starts off with Allah, then he continues with himself and the comments. Now here is the lesson behind this first, here's the here's the lesson. We as a culture, as a Muslim culture, and we all know this, are obsessed with personalities. You know, musala, Islam is not talking here. Now it's his brother. And you know, it's a different voice. It's a different person. It's a totally different

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figure. But he's taking on the same teachings and discipline of his brother. So he's trying to do the exact same work. Now the audience here is looking at how long? And how likely do you think that they're going to take him as serious as they did with musar li Salam? You know, it's like, if you're accustomed to one teacher, one personality one share one, amen. And then you travel somewhere, you go to another community, and you hear somebody talking about a subject, that's very different from what you're accustomed to hearing from your own teachers. How do we treat that process? We became more obsessed with the personality and complete, almost complete disregard for teachers. You know,

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very often I see online, especially in the news feed, you'll have like some random Muslims that will talk about how thieves and Imams and their lectures and how, you know, I've never heard them speak about this issue or that issue. I don't know who made these individuals, the critics, but they're pretty vocal, right? And they make videos and they criticize all of the speakers, etc, etc. Right? You know, that's one thing, criticism, as long as it's constructive criticism is good. And we should all listen to that. But it's a whole different scenario when you're just when you're just attacking one individual, because of who they are, or because of their personality, or because of their

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background, or because you might think that they're too strict or they're too liberal. This is just completely wrong and unacceptable. Focus on the teachings. That's my point here. So what Benny is sort of ILA should be doing is they should take what how when either he said I was saying to them seriously, and not worried about the fact that he's not mosa you know, so look what happens next, Paul and Navarro highly he alakina Hatton.

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Yo gr Elena Moosa, they said, Lana baraha. Landon abraha means that we are not going to budge. We're not going to move. We're going to stay exactly where we are. We're going to do exactly what we're doing. And there's nothing you can say. Len Navarro Hara Li, Ki fene. Aki caffeine is when you prevent yourself from moving forward. That's why the RT caffeic comes from the word kefa, which is the same word archy theme. And what that means is that you stop everything around you, you know, you're in your interaction with the world, and you become engrossed into worship. So they said that we are not going to budge from this position. We're going to continue to do what we're doing with

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this calf from head to toe JIRA, Elena Moosa until Moosa comes back. So that's what they care about. They focused on the personality and not the teacher. They didn't it didn't matter if how one was saying the exact same thing his brother would have said, it didn't matter. This is a big problem, even in Muslim communities, where we're so focused on just our own shape or our own mmm or the way that we were brought up or our culture that we've lost sight as a culture as a Muslim culture we've lost sight of the bigger picture. The bigger picture is focus on the teachings focused on the a focus on the Hadith focus on what's authentic. And this goes back to my first example about hotties

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and so on and so forth. A lot. So Magellan the poor and and sudo jomar says, Yeah, you are letting me know people have he meant he then new de la salette yummy yummy Juma? whenever you hear the call of the day of Juma Fest, sao Isla de karela. run towards the remembrance of Allah. Allah didn't say fest Cerro Isla Masjid katha will gather or fest sao Isla mmm so and so. Allah didn't say rush to so and so. Mmm. He didn't say rush to so and so Masjid, what are the let's say to do go towards the remembrance. So it should never actually matter who's speaking, because you are there to be reminded of Allah subhanho wa Taala. That's your focus, that's what you should be concentrating on. But this

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is the time and age where we live in brothers and sisters where, you know, we're we're living in a totally different time a totally different culture, or where, you know, speakers have to figure out ways not to teach anymore. But how we can keep an audience entertained and engaged just in our style and the way that we present our knowledge, and more or less concentration on the actual knowledge itself. Those are the things that bring the numbers. Those are the things that attract the audience. So it's a real powerful reminder, the fact that Benny is Soto, he does not care what Houghton is saying, despite his saying exactly what his brother is saying. They don't care the fact that he's

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doing it, and they tell it to him straight to his face, Subhanallah to his face, the man who Musa alayhis salam asked Allah, whether it was zero min early, how to bring somebody that can support me, my beloved brother held on, he spoke about his brother in front of Allah. And this is the same person that Benny is Sora is saying to his face, we don't care about you. We just care about when Musa comes back because we know him. We have a relationship with him. You know, he comes from the same place. We've been working with him we following him. So he's been doing most of the talking. He's been doing most of the lecturing. So by all means, we want to listen to him. So musala his slam

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comes back. Look what happens. Kalia heroin Musashi, Sam's looks at him and says, Yeah, heroin, that America is or at home. Balu What's wrong with you? That you're just sitting here and you're watching them being misguided. So Musashi Salaam is upset? Who's he upset at his brother? Because he knows that he was just gone just for a little bit as we saw a photo Laura Lee qumola. All we said we saw this in the previous episode. He just just went for a little while not very long. And it's it also mentioned that he tells a lot part of whom will either a 30 member Allah musar listen told Allah subhanaw taala they're right there behind me. I left 30 right behind my footsteps. They're not that

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far. So this is a hint By the way, brothers and sisters that musar les slim was not gone for a very long time. Because he's telling Allah subhanho wa Taala that look, they're right behind me. They're right down there. So the distance that he traveled, the fact that he points that there right down there shows that he wasn't gone very far. So in other so in turn, he wouldn't have been gone for very long. So when he comes back, the first thing he should

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shocked to see all of the craziness that's happening. And he comes to his brother and he's angry at his brother. You know, some of the arguments tell us to hear that. Despite that mozzarella is Salim is angry at his brother, his brother was actually older than him. morsani slim is the youngest, but it's not about age here. It's about who has the authority who's getting the revelation. So again, knowledge is strength. Knowledge is authority. It's not the age, it's not the culture. It's not the background. So how long your beard is not how long you dress, how you dress. It's not how many times you pray, none of those things. It's at the end of the day. And when you have authentic knowledge,

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you can see that knowledge manifest in your behavior in your actions people see you're in in your life. Now that being said, so he comes to his brother. And he sees that situation that's happening here. And he goes right at the leadership that he left behind. And he says, you just sat there and you watch them all become misguided this way. What's wrong with you? alert to Wi Fi? Do you not follow me? If our slate empty? Or are you sinful? Are you trying to disobey me as well? So musar Lisa is really giving it to his brother here. Then he responds, Paul, a Pilar Yebin oma, oh, son of my mother, you know how we save my brother, brother from another mother. But here he's saying, son

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of my mother. It's the same mom. But it's actually it's an expression to say, for the sake of Mom, calm down, relax. For the sake of our mother. Remember one of the episodes, we had title if I remember correctly, the joy of life is is the joy with mom or joy in the mother. Once you make her happy, once you do your best to please her, then you will find joy in your own life. So we're seeing that again in the same surah that he literally is saying just make mom happy and chill, bro, relax. Let's hope biLlahi at some kind of lasers, don't grab me my by my beard. So Musa Alison lets go of his beard and grabs him by his head while I'd be able to see and don't grab me by my head either. So

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you see, you know, moose says got a bit of fire in him. So kind of low right? And another sorta we saw that he can actually let go of a pretty powerful punch. So he kind of calms himself down. And he relaxes a bit in the Hashi to Interpol. And now he's listening to his brother his brother says I was afraid that if I said anything, Fallbrook, the bane of any sort of evil, they would have all split apart. In other words, if if I stood up, and I really reprimanded them for what they did,

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and I didn't know my limits with that, I was afraid that they would rebel. They would say, Well, you know what, forget you And forget Moosa, we're going to do our own thing. As a matter of fact, we're going back to Egypt, we're going back to fit our own, we don't need this, I was afraid that that kind of disruption would have happened. So I reminded them, I tried to tell them in mF routine to be like, you've all been tested, and you're failing miserably. And then I stopped there, I didn't want to go above and beyond that. So I backed off. You know, this is wisdom. When you're teaching. This is wisdom when you're lecturing, this is wisdom when you're advising is you know, your limits, you

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know when to back off and stop. you assess the reaction. When you're talking to somebody the listener, you assess whether or not they're listening to you and how much they're listening to you. And so you know very well, certain areas you can focus on in certain areas. Okay, that's too much that's too sensitive. Let me back off. That's what held when Allah He said, I'm did, he knew his limits. And so he backed off. It's remarkable. It's remarkable this conversation and this whole see and how it unfolded. And then he continues while I'm takubo Paulie, and I was also scared that they would fail to follow you and your teachings, and they would fail to follow me and my instructions. I

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was afraid that all of this would happen. So when musala he said, I'm here's the explanation. Now he turns his attention to send MIDI, and he says, Carla firma hotbot book so meaty. It says, what is going on with you, Sam at the word hopper book, hop hub. Now don't confuse hopper with Holt. Holt buys a sermon that's spoken out loud, hot tub is something that doesn't make any sense. So I'm not trying to say that the homeless out there don't make any sense. Hot Tub here. He goes to how he goes to seminary and he's like, what are you doing? You're not

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making any sense at all, you're really confusing to me, nothing adds up. Why is it that you're with us, but then at the same time you're doing all of this craziness, you're telling these people to throw their jewelry together, you you created an idol. What's going on? This same term is also used by musala his salon in another sort of sort of puzzles. You know, he eventually saw a herd of people with their sheeps and their lamb. And they were trying to get some water by a river, right? And they're trying to get some water to feed their animals. And then he saw two ladies that were kind of in a corner and they're struggling with their own sheeps and lamb they're struggling to kind of

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bring them towards the river. So when musalla he said, um, sees this, he goes up to them, and he says, Maha parlor. mahato buku. Man. He says, what's what's going on with the two of you What's happening here? Everybody else seems to have their sheeps and their goats in their their herd under control. So what's wrong with the two of you What happened here? So it's about curiosity, but you're trying to make sense of a situation that's hot. That's hot. So he asked from our How to book a SM et Sam idi responds with something that

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is really, really strange that scholars mentioned a couple of opinions, I'm going to share two of them with you. inshallah, he responds that he says palatable soda to be mad, let me double pseudo be, I was able to gain insight. So buzzer basara means to have a complete view of something, but it also means to be insightful. So he could be saying one of two things here, he could be saying that I see something that you haven't seen, or I've gained some insight about a situation lampa basura will be lemmya basura will be that you all and others didn't have the ability to see or to understand. Now the scholar's them explain something here and I'm just going to finish up with the verse and and

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I'll share that with you. First bubble to bubble pattern method was to come up to from public don't hobble don't means to grab a fistful of something. So he says that I grabbed a fistful of sand or what have you. Min ethopian was sued from the footsteps of Russell of the messenger. Now, who is he talking about? What is he referring to? We'll come to that in a second pheno birth data. And so we use that after we had molded this calf pheno betha and I threw it at the calf. So you see what's happening. He grabbed a handful or a fistful of scent, and he threw it at this calf. And perhaps maybe he's some sort of magical power, something may have happened, according to Sam beauty. And as

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a result, this calf started to make a sound. So some of the scholars they said that it wasn't the way that the calf was shaped. But But perhaps somebody did something and he had a spell or something of that nature happen. And this animal responded this, this calf made a sound, what Kevin only can sell while at lean FC. And that's what I was also attempted to do myself. Now there are two opinions about ethical assume this messenger that Sam Muti is referring to here. One opinion mentions that, wouldn't you believe it he said, I'm King to Musashi, he said him to take him up or to at least guide him to mount toward some of the scholars say that there was a story. This story, keep in mind

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is not authenticated. It is subject to a lot of criticism, but I'm going to share it with you anyway. Just so you can understand, perhaps where samity is coming from, right. God had it he sent him came, and he kind of guided Moosa to mount tour. And as Jubilee rally, Salem is walking came into a form of a man, he left these footsteps manetho so so you had the footsteps or markings of this messenger, meaning Djibouti and it sent him. Some of the scholars said that how, according to the story, at least, that every footstep that jabril walked and left behind, a garden would grow, a garden would grow. So, Sam Muti saw a bit of that garden, he took some of the soil and he threw it

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onto the calf, and that was the reaction of the calf. Now again, that first story, many scholars discounted it just simply because it was not authentic and there was no authentication process. Number two is seems to be the more common opinion and that is this area. When samedi says from the footsteps of messengers, it's sarcasm. In other words, what he's saying is Moosa when you left, I took the traces, the footsteps that you left behind, and I throat to the words the calf like I don't care. So it's sarcasm in the sense that he's showing he's trying to tell Moosa I don't even value the footprints that you leave.

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behind. So what you see happen here was a result of my own intuition. And I took these footsteps of yours, and I threw it at this calf. Allah subhanaw. taala knows best. These are the two opinions. But the second one seems to be more convincing, just because many scholars have preferred this opinion over the others, because of its authenticity, and so on and so forth. So it's mentioned in a lot of Tafseer books, including two co pilots will be in October, Ronnie and others as well. So in conclusion,

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in conclusion, what is the title of this episode? The title of this episode is achieving good takes time. But losing good,

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losing all good happens quickly and swiftly. You would work for years to produce something good a good quality or discipline in your life, and you could lose it all by one sin, you could lose it all quickly. And this is a real true and powerful reminder of this whole scenario. You know, you have Benny sotah eel, they just crossed an ocean that was split, by by Allah subhanho wa Taala. With musala he sent them so they saw and witnessed this miracle that still wasn't enough. They were given food. They were given luscious greenery, they were given vegetation. All of that wasn't enough. They were given one instruction, as Musa alayhis salaam goes up to Mount or just stay right here. And

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don't do anything. Just rest. I'll be right back, I won't be gone very long. That wasn't enough. And Subhana Allah, that's how quickly you lose good in your life. That's why brothers and sisters in the Corps and

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we are constantly over and over encouraged and told to do as much righteous deeds as we can. And do you know why it's not so that we can fill our scales like we want the numbers. One of the deeper wisdoms behind repetition, when you do something so often and so repetitive is so that it can remain permanent with you. Like you when you fall into a sin, or you make a mistake. It's the most uncomfortable feeling in the world, like you feel the guilt immediately. I mean, we live in a time and it's been like this, you know, since day one, that there are people out there that are completely comfortable with doing the wrong thing. They've developed a habit and a lifestyle where

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this is completely fine. I don't see anything wrong with it. I don't see any problem with me cursing at somebody, I don't see any problem with me engaging in this act, that's unlawful, that's illegal, that's wrong, I don't see no problem doesn't make doesn't do anything to me. Whereas for a believer, even just thinking about the sin is uncomfortable. Like you don't even want those thoughts in your mind, you want those out. So that's where that's the difference. That's where you draw the line. And so one of the good benefits behind this whole this episode today, and what we're learning here is that as you continue in your life, and you continue to strive and you keep hearing in the Latina M

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and waarmee lasagna, and you just keep hearing that over and over. That's a reminder that you could lose it quickly. So you have to keep that cycle going. You have to keep that discipline going. You have to keep on doing righteousness over and over because it dries up quickly. goes away quickly. The discipline can disappear quickly. So we asked a large silver Gil to give us strength. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to continue to increase us give us the ability and the strength that we continue to perform the acts and righteousness that are pleasing to Him. Last but not least brothers and sisters. Tomorrow inshallah we're going to look at some of the instructions now. That musala

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histogram gives to Sam Ed, so many different things. He I mean, I'm just going to hint to it. The first couple of words here. He tells me a pile of feathers Have you 70 you know what you're done. Get out of here, fed the hub means you're expelled from this group. You no longer belong here. You're not with us anymore. Just go. So how what was Sandy's reaction? How did he take the you know, this was a man that felt like he had a voice with hundreds and 1000s of followers of any sort all he felt like he had a voice there. So how did he react to that? What did he do? How does somebody react with rejection, when they're expelled when they're discounted when they're ignored? It's a it's

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another psychology altogether. That's what we're going to look at tomorrow in shallow tarla. What I'm trying to do here is I want to keep each scene as an episode, so I don't want to

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jumped the gun. Because the next section, it's gonna take some time. There's a chunk of other verses. And I don't want to make these episodes too long as well, right? But we're subpanel. Guys, we're almost done the surah I can't believe that. But I Oh, but I already already

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have the next subject in mind. So stay tuned guys, stay with me, those of you, especially who have started the soda with me, don't let the shade line get into you, where it tempts you to just kind of get lazy and be like, okay, we're almost done. No problem. I'll just read a tough theater and I'm good to go. No, that's all from shaitan. Just stay with us in sha Allah until the end, so that you can feel that sense of relief and happiness that you completed and journeyed an entire surah chapter of the of the poor and that's a great accomplishment. And that's something to be very proud of. So just keep in mind that as we inch towards the finish line, that's where the struggle, the laziness,

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all of those things start to kick in and full gear. That's all from shaitan so let's continue to battle through that we're doing great Alhamdulillah so tomorrow inshallah we'll take another set of verses and study the reaction of samity after he's been expelled from the group. May Allah subhanho wa Taala keep you all safe, and keep you all healthy alone. I mean, just like moelleux hydron or Salam or aleikum wa rahmatullah he wabarakatuh

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