Two Reasons Why You Need To Inculcate Humility In Yourself

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Speaker 1 discusses the importance of humility in protecting multiple qualities, including patience, kindness, love, and appreciation. They also mention that humility is a natural incentive for individuals, especially in the afternoon, and that individuals should prioritize humility in their relationships and community.

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scholars tell us that humility protects other qualities in you. So it will also protect patience, kindness, care, love, appreciation, gratitude, all of the wonderful qualities that you and I want. And we want to protect humility protects all of them.

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And so that alone is a beautiful incentive for you and I, especially afternoon, amen. People have II Men, that as we carry our faith, that even if others don't see, or know that we are Muslim, they see that there's something very beautiful about that person. There's something very kind, very warm, welcoming about that individual. Now, keep in mind, this is not something that you illustrate in front of strangers or in front of the community. The Prophet alayhi salatu salam taught us that the best of you are the ones who are best to their families. Meaning, whatever good qualities you have, you have to master that discipline with your family first before anyone else. Because if you could

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do that at home, if you could do that with the people you see every day you eat with and you sit with every single day, then it becomes it literally goes into autopilot with strangers and those amongst the community. May Allah azza wa jal preserve and protect humility in our hearts and in our lives. Allahumma me