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AI: Summary © The history of theroar and its use in protecting against evil behavior is discussed, along with the use of honoring the Middle East's message through the use of wa titles and the use of language in advertising. The use of negative language and language in media is also emphasized, along with the importance of researching and educating oneself to avoid advertisements. The challenges faced by people who worship idols, including guilt and fear of retaliation, are also discussed. The speakers emphasize the need to be aware of negative language and research and educate oneself to avoid advertisements.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah were buried. So welcome back brothers and sisters another episode of our journey through the Tafseer of Surah Taha. So let's get right into it. Because, you know, of course, as you all know, we've been off for a couple of days, but Alhamdulillah we are here. I gotta be honest with you, man. I don't think I want to do that again, unless something really important comes up to be off for two days like that. It just didn't sit right with me. I'm so into this routine. I miss being able to talk to you guys about certain things. I also learn a lot when I'm speaking and I'm studying. So we're going

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to try to keep this as consistent as we can be is nilay to Allah and like I said, Unless something important comes up. So we are now at verse number 83 verse number 83 of sutopo hair. So let's, let's begin in sha Allah. Allah subhana wa Taala continues and he says, Why Matt jela Karen Cole Mika, yeah, Moosa Womack era jela. Carol, call me kiya Moosa. Allah asks him, why were you in such a rush? Yeah, Musa, why did you rush to get here? What is it about you that caused you to leave everyone behind? And we alluded to this in the previous episode. But here what I really want to talk to you about is the fact that everything when it comes to prophets and messengers has to be done at a

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specific time. We prophets and messengers are not allowed to rush through things. They're not allowed to be in a hurry when it comes to Revelation and executing that revelation. So that's a really, really profound insight of what Prophethood is, like, everything has to happen at a specific time. So if they try to jump ahead, there's consequences for that. So the first thing that Allah subhanho wa Taala when he sees that musala he slam has arrived at Mt tour, and he asks a lot, he asks musar Lisa, why'd you come here so quickly? Why were you in such a rush? liquid mozzarella, he said m says,

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Well, I'm Angelica Paul McKay I'm also Connor home oola so here's number one, he says to them, that meaning Benny is throwing meaning my followers they're right over their home oola he is a 30 they're right there by my footsteps. So the first thing he says is Oh Allah I didn't actually leave them that far behind they're right over there. And they're at my footsteps. So Allah sad I thought a third meaning you could see the the prince so at least they're not too far back. Why Gil to la cara be the total Da na rush towards you or Allah to make you happy? Subhana Allah, that was musala he said, He's so innocent. We've said this quite a few times. He's so innocent in his thinking that

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he'll make a decision and not realize, wait a minute, I'm not supposed to do that. But he does it with a pure heart. So he says to align So again, the right over there, they're not far away. And Oh Allah, I actually came this quickly because of you. I want to do come to you. I thought that this would have made you happy. So Allah subhanho wa Taala tells them polyphor in codified 10 palmach indeed, your people they are going through a difficult trial mimbar decode albala homosexuality right what you were right where you left them behind you and cemetery has misguided them we're all we all know who cemetery is the troublemaker with amongst many is sort of there was this one men

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whose sole purpose was to kind of

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degrade Musa alayhis salaam as much as he could. So even though the Musa alayhis salaam had all of these abilities, these miracles by Allah subhana wa tada his permission, said that he was there to just show he's just a human Oh, he's going to lead us to destruction. Look, he brought us to the river. Now he's going to lead you all to death. And each and every time when musala he Salaam was able to get them through those difficulties. samedi was always the troublemaker behind the scenes. So Allah azza wa jal says cemetery is up to no good and you left him behind there with those people. So what happened here? Send MIDI so there's a story here I'm going to step out of the Tafseer for a

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second. The people of Benny is sort of ill okay. When they were living with fit around amongst the Egyptians, they were considered to be the honest people of Egypt. So these are the followers of masala Islam, they were considered to be the honest people of Egypt. And what the those who were committed to fit around what they used to do is all of their jewelry, their gold, all whatever items they had that were expensive. They would give the honest people to keep them

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So that was kind of like their security box or their bank account, because obviously you can trust them. So they used to store all of this wealth and gold amongst Benny is sort of ill. Now when the call was made for Benny is sort of ill to move and follow Musa alayhis salaam, it was happening. Remember, we mentioned it happened in the darkness of the night, they couldn't go back to the Egyptians and return all of their jewelry and wealth, because they would have immediately known you guys are going somewhere, where are you guys going? so on. And so they ended up taking all of this stuff with them. So what they said is that they went back to San MIDI. And this is when musar they

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slam was already up with Allah and he's at Mount tour and they set this Amity, like, we have all of this jewelry, what are we supposed to do? That's gonna come a little later what the response was, with Sam Ed, what he did is when he saw all of this jewelry, and this additional wealth that he knew did not belong to Benny is sort of ill he took advantage of it. That's where I got the title of this video from, and I'm going to talk to you about that a little bit more at the end of this video. But he saw an opportunity.

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And he knew that these people were honest. So he started to make them feel guilty. That look, you guys have all of this jewelry, we brought it this far. And it's not even yours, this belongs to the Egyptians. So we need to do something about this jewelry, we need to put bring it all together, and we need to burn it. And he came up with this concept that if we burn it, and we make an idol that will keep us focused on the message of musalla. He said um, and this Unfortunately, this is one of the reasons why idol worship still exists today is that you want something people who worship idols want something to kind of concentrate and dedicate their focus towards. So some religions, they

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don't actually bow down and worship the idol. But they utilize the idol to help them focus in their day to day lives. So they can concentrate on Allah or God or whoever it is through this idol. So that's why you'll see idols we don't worry, we'll be shaped and designed with such detail. Because sometimes you're looking at the idler, what do you think it's kind of looking back at you. So that interaction, that's what they wanted. So it's like, oh, idols watching me. Let me just behave myself. Let me do what I'm supposed to do. So Sam, Ed, came up with the same idea. So they started bringing all of their jewelry together, they melted it out, they created and made this calf ally. So

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Joel will even will mention this right.

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below him just said we're coming to diversity moment. So they made this calf together, and they molded it and semi re designed it in such a way that when the wind would blow against the calf, it would make a move sound. So when the people heard that the calf would move, they thought that the calf was alive, so they started to worship the calf. So that's how the background story of how that happened. You know, I'm going to say there's one more point to the Star Wars save that till the end of July. Let's not jump the gun here. So they're going through this fitna right now musala slam is with Allah, Allah informs him of what's happening to these people and what samity has done photojojo

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Moosa Illa po me so Moosa returned back to his people hold the Ben sefa he was extremely angry SC fair is that he held his anger in like the inside of him was boiling with anger. So musala he said, I'm extremely upset. Called a co me, he says, Oh my people. Let me do Kumara McMartin has center. Didn't Allah subhanho wa Taala already promised you a promise that was worth the righteous Fatah de como la was I gone for a long time? This is his question to all of them. Did I leave you guys for days and days and days I just went for a little just for just for a while. I wasn't gone for very long. Autumn Enya Hill la como Toby, an aura to a la la como de boo Mira become? Or is it that you

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prefer the wrath and the anger of Allah subhanho wa Taala your master

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love to lower Ed. So you went against my instructions, I told you guys to wait here don't do anything relax while I go up to Mount tour. And you know, he receives the commandments from Allah subhanho wa Taala. So he puts them all on the spot and he starts lecturing them. This is what leadership is Isabella, when you see your people in your followers making mistakes, you have to be able to stand up and address those problems. You can keep them lingering. And even in the business world, this continues. So presidents and CEOs, the moment they see that something is going to affect their business in some way or they see sales are starting to depreciate, somehow they gathered the

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team immediately sit down and you start working through the problem. So that's what musalla he said.

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He's not just representing them, but he's also like, don't you guys realize the consequence of what you've done? You're literally asking for less anger here. And they respond. Paloma left now, our edic we didn't actually go against your promise and what you told us to be melki nawala kinahan milnor I was out on min Xena to comb. But instead we were carrying all of this wealth this jewelry from a people meaning the Egyptians we had their stuff. By the way guys, this means that you see Benny is sort of Ill still had he men in them, they still had faith. So despite that they followed the instructions of Samiti when Musashi son wasn't around, they still had a men because they

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realized that the guilt of having somebody else's property, they were not comfortable with it. So they explained that to Moosa Fockers off Naha? psychedelica ilca sirmione. So they throw it away, and so that samity as well for rajala home Angel and just said, Allahu Allah. So Allah subhana wa Taala describes that and they basically tell Musashi Salaam that so we took all of our jewelry, we threw it, even Sam it he took his own jewelry, he threw it they melted it they made this calf, and a whole bunch Allahumma a gela a tiller is a calf Jessa de la who who are Keep in mind, the word just said there are several words for body in Arabic, just some beddin you have just said just said is

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the body that has no blood in it. It has no internal organs. So Allah says that the calf is adjusted, it's hollow inside, it's useless, right?

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Well, it made a move sound. Some of the scholars said it was shaped on other side was the way the idol was designed that when the wind would hit it, it would make a sound football who has Illa who como ella who Mussa fantasy, so they explain and Sam it he continues, and he says to all of them, this is your ILA. This is what you should worship. What Allahu Musa. And this is also the God of Moosa this calf fantasy, perhaps he maybe forgot, he forgot to his God was. So you see what's happening here, send me an he is almost taking the exact same approach as fit our own. Because I mean, he used to work with fit our own he was with fit our own. So he's taking the same approach.

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And he's basically manipulating all of the followers of Musa and trying to convince him that this was actually the original teachings that musar Lisa was supposed to follow. But he forgot, or he lost track of that. Here is where it's this a and the previous verse where I got the title from, because the lesson for all of us here, brothers and sisters is, is kind of scary, actually.

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In this day and age, there are businesses around the world, Muslims in particular, that take advantage of the weaknesses of other Muslims. And as a result, they'll design things, they'll create things, where they say to you, if you use this, it'll help you become closer to Allah. And I'll give you an example. I could remember very clearly because it only happened once I was walking in the markets of Medina. And I saw one of those stalls that were selling the test. So I walked inside, and I started looking at all of these tests, beer, the endless amount of colors and designs and so on. And I'm just looking at it now I've never used it to speak. And I hope I never have to but if I ever

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need to, you know, I'll deal with it at that time. So I was looking at all of these to be had I just came across one that felt really nice, the quality etc. But I was just browsing the sales guy tells me he goes if you use this low to start minha you know, if you use this lazy, delicate, Baraka, it's going to increase you in blessings from Allah. And I remember I stopped there and I was so confused. What is this guy really saying to me, he's trying to sell me this thing, but he's doing it in such a way that I will get closer to Allah by using this thing. That's what happens. And unfortunately, the victims behind this kind of propaganda that comes, you know, unfortunately, either from a business

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perspective or anywhere else, is that you pretty much prey on the weaknesses, the lack of knowledge that Muslims may have. So you convince them that hey, look, if I write your name on this paper, I'll spit on it a few times. I'll recite some color and put it on your chest, wrap it around weird for three days, all your problems will go away. So like ambulance, right? And today, now it's a million multi million dollar business. You know, you'll have beautiful ornaments, beautiful things that you hang in your car and somebody

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He will say to you, if you put this in your car, then you'll always be safe. Just make sure that when you step into your car, you touch it three times, or three times, and you say, Allah, Allah, Allah or some bizarre thing, and some kind of love. That's the problem. That's what semidry did with these people. You know, these amulets, they're not airbags that are going to stop you from an accident, you know, they're not shields that are going to stop you from pain and struggle. They're just pieces of paper, or they're just wood, or they're just ornaments with designs on it. That's it. You know, and even unfortunately, people today commit children shelduck with the core n, let me give

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you an example. The same book, this is our book of guidance. But at the end of the day, what is the actual core end, the actual core end is the text itself. But for you and I to visually see the text, we are looking at what ink and paper. So at the end of the day, although that this is the core end, the poor end is the actual text of a lot that's memorized and studied. But for the people who don't do that, you could easily give them the poor end and say, Look, you know, before you leave your home, make sure you have a poor and in your closet somewhere, take it, just wave it around your house a little bit. It'll keep off all the spirits. This is not an alarm system, you know, that

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protects your home. So this is what happened. This is the weaknesses that unfortunately, there are businesses. And there even are there's even leaders that I've seen, and I've met and heard of many I'm sure a lot of you know as well, that prey on these weaknesses. May Allah azza wa jal give us strength, you see why it's so important to engross yourself in learning why you have to keep consistent, you have to keep consistent with that, with that dedication of constantly educating yourself to the best of your ability. Otherwise, you become prey to these kinds of propaganda. These kinds of individuals that take advantage of you. And all of the magicians and the sorcerers are

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there they charge you $5,000 and say, give me your T shirt, soak it right in and soak it in some Zamzam water or something, start writing a whole bunch of mumbo jumbo Arabic writing and numbers and put it all together and said, Look, I've put a spell now I know he'll marry you. So you don't have nothing to worry, you don't even have to work for his love anymore. He'll marry you. And the same thing, you know, if she's not inclined towards you, do this, do that muster up some craziness. Don't worry, she's yours, done. Allahumma sterren. So that whole idea, that whole concept that that attitude that practice actually started with fit our own, and those who followed him. So panela so

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be careful, guys, be careful. This is why it's so important to ask questions. This is so important for you to research and make sure that you do that in a way that you're not researching the wrong thing. You're not talking to the wrong people, people that are not qualified you ask questions, and you make sure that you get your answers from people that are qualified to give it to you. So a lot so Joel continues a fella younger, don't they see? Allah yo yo la him? Poland? Well am licola home Doc rowallan Fr. last verse. Look what Allah subhanaw taala does this all started? Because samity took advantage of their guilt. So they made this calf and the calf made a move sound. That's it. It

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didn't say look, anything. Anybody have any questions? I'll answer it for nothing. It didn't even say an actual word. It just made a sound. And these people started to worship it. That was enough. Allah says, Don't they see that this calf or this idol, it doesn't own anything. It can't even speak, it can't respond to anything you say. Like Bob Romana and Fri, it can help you in your weaknesses, it can benefit you or uplift you in any way, shape, or form. And that's, you know, what we learn from this as well is one of the challenges for people that worship idols is the guilt that if I stop worshiping, and maybe a curse will come to me. Maybe it'll be upset with me because others

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are still worshiping it. So when they see that others are still dedicated to that idol, they might think to themselves well, okay, if I don't continue with my dedication, then perhaps something is going to happen to me. I better just stay here. Third and last point that I'll share with you about this whole scene here is that often what happens is Sam Ed, when he did all of this, it was sort of a cop out version of commitment to Allah. What do I mean by that? Now they don't have to worry about instructions. They don't have to worry about head and head on. They don't have to worry about a prophet coming and telling them what to do. They don't have

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Worry about, okay, you know somebody you know sifting out our mistakes. Now we are free, we can say and we can do anything that we want. Because why we're only committed to this one calf, it can't stand up, it's not gonna follow me in my house, it can't come and listen to me what I'm saying or what I'm doing at home. So there's, there's, this is a good deal here. This is a good package for me. I don't have to worry now I don't have to be monitored every single time. That's such a convenient option. And so that's why becomes more attractive. It's that freedom element that's attached to idol worship. So you can go about your day and do whatever you want. Say we were

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involved with Iran and just come back, offer some money, give this idol some food, say something to it, and you're good to go. And you walk away. Sam it he knew this, and took full advantage of that. So panela. So with that being said, we're going to pause here and shut alota because now it's going to shift into another scene, how to ollie Sam is going to come back now. And he's going to step into the conversation. He's basically going to say to everybody, you know, did I already warn you about this guy, Sam bat, did I tell you about who he was? So he's gonna step into the conversation and shout Allahu taala. So with that being said, to summarize everything that we've mentioned here

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today, it's really essential and extremely important that we all take the time to continue to ask questions be critical, as well. As when you learn from somebody ask what their current credentials are, ask Where did they come from us where they learnt. And anytime somebody gives you a point or direction, ask them for the evidence, ask them for an A or Hadeeth Don't fall for. I've never heard that in my life. You know, sometimes I get that, by the way, right? I would get like a student come up to me and be like, yeah, you mentioned that we should recite poor and first before we study the Tafseer. Or before we look at the translation, which I strongly believe, by the way, right? The

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starting point in building a relationship with the Quran is you learn how to read it first, put aside Pepsi at a translation for later that that's later on in the list. Learn how to read a loves words first, because that in and of itself is very bad. you're rewarded for that. That's worship. But that is also the biggest gateway to the knowledge of the Quran is at least you can read its words. And I remember one brothers like, I've never heard that in my life. You know, this doesn't make any sense. And I just said to him, I was like, it doesn't matter what you heard and what you're accustomed to just follow Allah's words. Follow the Quran and follow the Sunnah of our Prophet

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alayhi salatu was Salam. First thing he taught all of his companions was how to read the Quran, then he would teach them and give them an insight of its knowledge. The first revelation was Ecuador, not if him it was read, not try to understand what I'm saying to you to prerelease I didn't come and give Tafseer to the Prophet Alayhi salat wa Salaam that wasn't his first task. First thing was repeat after me. Just say this after me, teaching him how to read. So these are some of the things that it's important that were kept though we're getting from this but my strongest message to all of you is don't be a victim of those who prey on the weak religious weaknesses of fellow Muslims. Don't

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be a victim of that. May Allah subhanho wa Taala continue to give us strength May Allah subhanho wa Taala continue to give us the knowledge of this beautiful sutra and his core and Aloma I mean, just like malachite And guys, we will continue in shallow tarla tomorrow, and we will continue and journey through this sutra. We're actually almost done. We just have a few more pages to go through. But I don't care about what's left. I just care about that. As we go through it. We get what we need to get in terms of its lesson, its guidance and benefits. Insha Allah whatever Allah May Allah azza wa jal Bless you all and keep you safe and healthy of lahoma I mean, just like malo, Hayden was said

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Mr Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh