Tafseer Sura Taha #07 Verses 71 – 82

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah warbirds. Brothers and sisters we are at verse number 71 of Sujatha. So let's jump right into it because as usual, we have so much to talk about. So let's get right into it. Insha Allah, Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala continues and he says,

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caught, amen to Mila, who cabela an elven aliquam. So just to give you some context, remind us where we're at in this story.

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Musa alayhis salaam.

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Eventually all of the magicians have fit around responded when they saw what musalla his Salaam had the ability to do with Allah subhanho wa Taala. His help, they responded and they said Paulo men build up Bina Haruna wamu. So we are now committed to and we have faith in the master or the lord of how rude one Moosa. So now they all submitted themselves to Allah subhanho wa Taala. fit around, looks at them, and says karna mentum, Lahore, Kabbalah and as Anna Lacan, you all actually believed in them before I gave you permission to do so. So you see what fitout is doing. He's trying his best to exercise his authority over them because he knows he's losing control. Because immediately

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remember when they saw what musallam responded with, they were amazed. They couldn't believe because they know their craft better than anyone else. So when they saw that they were like, We believe in it. Now we believe in the Lord of Moosa, we submit ourselves to Allah subhanho wa Taala fit around is watching all of this and he's like, Are you serious? You guys are gonna believe before you consult with me in a hula Caballero como Lizzie I lemma como sera? Actually, this was all part of your plan. He was the one. He Was Your Man all this time. He was the person that you guys were committed to all this time. Now it makes sense. He doesn't know what else to say. Subhana Allah, he

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doesn't know what else to do. Subhana Allah so he says, so you guys planned all of this stuff. This was all done on purpose. You guys were going to believe in Musa all this time.

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Fellow cop there is a Dr. Kumar or a jeweler consultant. I'm going to cut off your hands and your legs Minkley laughing opposites. So left hand, right leg, right hand, right, right hand left leg. So he's going to cut off their limbs, while it will suddenly bend, no confusion, or unnaturally. And I'm going to crucify each and every one of you on a tree was solely born means to crucify somebody against a tree. That's what soul is in the Quran. So if Iran is angry, angry, angry, he can't believe so he's trying to throw the worst that he can do to these magicians. Well, Atari lamona unit I should do either. But what about call, you're going to see who is really more Severe in

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punishment, and what whose punishment will remain longer. So in other words, he's saying I'm going to teach you guys a lesson for going against me. Not even seeking my permission. I'm going to teach you guys a lesson called hula and not thorough Kerala merger. And meanwhile, it will lead the foreigner. Here's what a man does. Brothers and sisters, when you have faith in Allah, then you have the strength, the courage to speak this way. They say nothing that you say so all the magicians who believed in Musashi Salim and believed in Allah, they responded and said, say whatever you want, it has no effect on us, in terms of the clarity that musala has, Selim has brought to us. So whatever

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you want to say fit around, go ahead and say it's not gonna make a single difference in us. So panela you know, just imagine a hostile environment. There are hundreds and 1000s of fit rounds followers, those who are dedicated, they're there. They're dedicated to fit around, you know, and they're all standing there listening to this. And despite such a hostile, crowd, sourced or hostile environment, they're still responding and saying, nothing you say, will change anything about how we feel. That's what amen does. Amen. brings you to places that you yourself didn't realize you had the ability to get to. You didn't realize you had the inner strength and core to respond this way.

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That's what true men does to us. Faculty men untuck also do whatever it is that you want to do. In Mr. Tuck, Lee has the he'll hire to do your all you can do is control to an extent extent the worldly life that's all you can do. You can't do anything else except just control world.

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Live Muslims. Sound familiar? Sound familiar when we talked about the propaganda when we talked about the false misconceptions and narratives that are pushed out about Muslims about Islam across the globe, Allah says in the medical the Houthi he'll hire to do all you can do is just create and fabricate in this worldly life but your turn will come some kind of luck. And the luck in Tina's in men bureau have been so all the magicians who believed in who said they reaffirm their faith they said we have complete amen with our master Allah subhana wa tada Li all the federal enter that he's going to forgive us hot inf for our mistakes, woman kurata tener, la humanistic, and what you fit

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our own forced us to do, because remember, if you didn't obey fit around, torture, pain, he would order his security going, grab this person grab that, but that one doesn't want to do what I want to say that one's not going to listen to me and torture beat and kill and slaughter these individuals. So well Matt kurata now what you compelled us to do I lay him in a secret from magic. Well law how you don't want other Paul but Allah is everlasting and here remains in Houma yet to rob Bell who Machu remin Allah subhanho wa Taala will be the judge that indeed whoever comes to Allah as a criminal for in Allah who jahannam then for them is the fire the Hellfire, la yamu to see how well

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they will never die, nor will they remain alive. In other words, the punishment of the Fire is everlasting, it will continue. And the fact that Allah says whoever comes to him as a Muslim as a criminal, it means that Allah will decide who is the real criminal here, fit around, you're blaming us. But Allah will decide who's the real criminal, the world. Some leaders, some politicians, whoever, blame Muslims, call Muslims the terrorist, Allah will decide who was really, who is really the person that created all of these misconceptions, misconceptions, all of these lies, who fabricated all of these stories, and who put the blame on us alone will decide that their turn will

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come with Allah subhanho wa Taala will mean yet to him meaning and whoever comes to Allah as a believer called Amina solly hat. And they also follow that belief with righteous deeds. So brothers and sisters, this is where I got the title of this episode from having faith in Allah is not enough. Allah wants you to illustrate and express and show him that you have true men. How do you do that? It's the righteous deeds. Never in the Quran, do you find a man except what comes after it? A lie. So Joel puts righteous deeds they go hand in hand together. One of the previous series that we did I think it was called spiritual growth. In it we talked about in detail about the little solly hat. So

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righteous deeds, the word Sati hat sila Hoon, wildlife. So Joel chose this particular word to describe the righteous deeds, what does it entail? And how do you develop a habit of righteousness? We talked about it in detail, I broke down this word linguistically. So you can really appreciate these choice of words that a lot. So Adele has and when we say righteous deeds, it doesn't just mean just do a good deed on walk away. But there's more to it than that. So I encourage you guys to check out that it's on my YouTube video spiritual growth. And you'll see there's an episode there about righteous deeds,

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aka lahoma Dora to the ruler and for them they will have donnager to the rule at the highest level. You know why? What's special about the word ruler fit around used to say that he was aurilla for Karla anara boo como ella, same word for around used to say that I'm the highest authority, Allah says that he will reward everybody who had faith and follow that up with righteous deeds, they will have the highest authority and they will have the highest levels of panela see how Allah indirectly turns the tables against fit around gender to either an integer or even Tatiana and how keep in mind students who's talking here these are the magicians who believed in Musa and Allah who repented from

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following fit our own. They are the ones that are speaking here. Now as they say Jenna to I've been in, they say gardens in Eden, so the gardens of Eden. So the gardens agenda to God mentality and how that they will flow rivers after rivers called the Dena fee and we remain in it forever. Was that leakages that woman has occurred that is a reward for those who seek purity or purification. Quick question. How did the magicians know all of this

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They just became Muslim. They just believed in Musa and Allah subhanaw taala How do they know everything about Jenna and all its description and Connie Deen if you have remained and dwell in it forever.

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This teaches us something. When musala his salon was speaking, giving his hotbeds and talks about gender, about forgiveness about Allah, the enemy was listening. They were taking notes, now that they became Muslim, they had already received and they really were listening to all the lectures and talks and advice that mozzarella his lab was giving soprano Allah. So it's really important to note, really important note, this is why it's so important. Even if you don't see the results. You continue to share the knowledge of our Deen with the rest of the world even if you don't get the response. Because people listen, people will at least hear just because you hear doesn't mean you're

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necessarily going to fall but that hearing part that's something that we can all do. Continue with our hyena Isla moveset and sad very badly so Allah finally now reveals to Musa alayhis salaam, gather all of the children of Israel he gathered gather all of those who were tortured would fit around gathered them together in the night and city sealed room in the deepest and darkest parts of the night quietly, and now walk towards the river, follow the balloon party and strike the river so that it would give them a path that they could walk through the battery. You ever salata, half O'Donnell can want to do it in a way that have no fear. Don't be overwhelmed. Don't be overtaken

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while at a talk show and don't allow your fear to overwhelm you and your followers. So what's happening here? Imagine that you have over 100,000 followers of Benny is sort of ill, they are now coming behind musala. He said him, they come up to this massive River. It's massive ocean. And now they're like, Great Moosa. What are we supposed to do now? Now we're stuck. We have nowhere to go. What are we supposed to do? So Allah says to Musa alayhis salam to strike the ocean, follow the below 130 strike it. And this is this whole story of the ocean that split the river that split and musalla he Sallam allowed his people to walk through. But here's the thing, guys.

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It's overwhelming. And the fear was definitely there. Because these people when they saw this, they're like, we're done around and he's, he's already coming. He's already gathered his army to come after us. And now here we are, so that everybody is overwhelmed and scared. And that's why less has led to Huff. How many times did we hear Don't be afraid. This is like the third or the fourth time now in the suta we've heard Don't be afraid. Don't be afraid. Don't be afraid. Because look what Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds them at the barrel home theater obey God he will hush your home in Allium email or Shia Home Alarm so what you'll see is the barrel home theater and fairness

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following right behind him with his army. For hush Yeah, who Mina Leon Nina Harsha home of Russia, it means to drown. And so all of the army of fit around, they started to drown. So in other words, you have many sort of ILA followers now of Musa have crossed into the river like the ocean split, they started to walk, they're seeing this ocean. It's an incredible scene, but they continue Allah allows them the time, you know, people have their caravans, they have a lot of weight, Musa alayhis salam is up ahead, he's leading them to the other side and now fit around and his army get to the ocean. They see the split, they jump right into it. Russia, it means that they drowned but you can

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still see them you can still see their spears you can still see their horses you can still see fit around through this this lake this ocean and they're drowning. They're dying right before your eyes. That's lusha for Harsha home mean lamb maharsha home while all been left we had our own poll man who won a header and Allah had caused the misguidance of fit our own and those who fall though followed him. They all drowned. You have any soda ELO children of Israel, called the n J. Now coming I do recall, Allah says that we have allowed you success. We have given you the strength and courage and ability to relieve yourselves from the shackles of fit our own menardo We come from your enemy.

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Well, why didn't come and we promised you an appointment Johnny, today, amen on the right side of this mountain of tour. So now keep in mind this is the same place where Musa alayhis salam will speak to Allah and that will come the details of that will come in another sort of. So the point is is a lie. So we will say we have promised you a place

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By mt toward all of you, when as an RA komenda was salah and we sent down to you men and cellular cellular Qualls kulu mele, T by T Mt. Osaka now comb, eat from what the blessed said good food that Allah subhana wa Taala had provided for you what a total fee and don't go overboard. Because remember the children of Israel now when they see all of this food, all of these plants and vegetations, quails, meat, everything, they started to hoard some of it, because they're like, Oh my god, this is a once in a lifetime moment, let's grab that store. Allah says what a turtle for you don't go overboard. Don't do that. Because Allah subhanaw taala is providing this stuff to them

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specifically, so you don't have to be concerned. feha Hilaire la como hobby, because as a result, your Helloooo alized anger will open up to you. So the last thing, don't hoard this stuff. Because it'll open up a floodgate of my anger towards you, or maybe in an IRA hobby for quite a while, and whoever allows the doors to be opened of Allah subhanho wa Taala is anger for God, however, then indeed, it will be however, however, is when a star falls from the sky and it slams. That's called Hauer. So in other words, the anger of Allah will literally cause that individual to slam to the ground, meaning there's no hope for them. It's done. You've hit rock bottom, and you've hit rock

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bottom quickly. So this is the first stage now of a lesson for Benny is sort of you we've split the sea for you. We've had musalla. He said, I'm showing you miracles after miracles of what he could do and how he created a big snake and and devoured all of the snakes of fit around so many different things. Now, hundreds and 1000s of these people have become followers of Moosa, some of those same magicians against him are now with him, the sea Tao split so many different things. That's why Allah is being very strict and firm, like don't mess this up. So I'm providing for you all of this food to take care of you. So don't hoard it, because it'll open the floodgates of my anger. And if that

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happens, you've hit rock bottom quickly. We're going to pause there one more and then I'm going to just sort of hint to the a and that will come tomorrow. We're in Neela have failed or Lehman turba Indeed, Allah subhanho wa Taala says I'm the one that forgives The one who repents what Amina and has faith Why me alongside her and follows that faith up with righteous deeds. So Matt tada there they are the ones that are guided by Allah subhanho wa Taala. I'm going to hint to verse number 83 even though that's coming tomorrow well Matt our agenda Karen poem aka mu so why are you such a Why are you in such a rush? Yeah Moosa from your people. So what happened as they're crossing? Musa

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alayhis salam can't wait to meet Allah. So he goes close to mentor, and he's waiting to meet a lot. So he kind of leaves his people behind and he gets on his horse and he kind of rushes and gets there quickly before everyone else. And Allah subhanho wa Taala says, What's the rush? Yeah Moosa. Why don't you rush from your people like that?

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Musa alayhis salaam thinks he's in trouble

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is I did I mess up? I do something wrong. What's got what's a login to do here at this point? See,

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keep in mind, prophets and messengers are not allowed to rush.

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They're not allowed to rush. This is a discipline all Prophets and Messengers have. Allah orders them you cannot be in a hurry. That's just as in not just in anything but specifically, more so when it comes to my revelation. several parts in the Quran, Allah reminds the Prophet Muhammad Ali salatu salam, holy cow, insane womanizer will let Tara gel Lee Sanic you know, and also human beings were created. Human beings were created to be in a rush or in haste. And then Allah azza wa jal tells the Prophet Mohammed Ali sought was Salam don't allow your tongue to be in a rush. You know, just relax. So being in a hurry is not of the etiquettes of prophets and messengers. So busara a cylinder is

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going to be taught a lesson here. But first before he's taught, what is the login to do? Because he kind of left his people behind for a moment and got to realize like, yeah, here, you know, when somebody comes early in anything, usually that's a good thing. Usually that's something we're happy about, but not in this case. So tomorrow, inshallah, we're going to find out what does Allah do or say to Musa alayhis salaam as a result of him being in a rush and there's a profound proof

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lesson for all of us. So with that being said, a leave you with this brothers and sisters take some time to reflect just how important it is that having faith is one thing, but having faith and following that up with righteous deeds, that is what Allah subhanho wa Taala wants from us. It's a complete picture. Can I just say I have a good heart. I don't need to pray five times I just My heart is clean. I'm honest. People can trust me. I give charity that's great. But Allah subhanaw taala gives specific orders to act and do certain things. And that's part of a complete picture. That's what you that's what it takes to become a complete slave with Allah. So that's captured here.

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Even in the story of Musa alayhis salaam, things get guys things get even more crazy. So just stay tuned for that inshallah. The story is just going to keep getting more and more unreal. So inshallah Tada, I look forward to that. We are just passing now the halfway mark of the solder to this episode, we've passed that halfway mark. So we're actually moving through the solo quite quickly, but I hope that you guys can appreciate some of the lessons that we've tried to highlight for you be in the Lehi, Tyler. So with that being said, may Allah subhanho wa Taala bless you all, please stay safe, keep healthy and strong and May Allah so would you lift this pandemic from us? It's really

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it's really a difficult time right now. Not only have we gone back to how the pandemic began, you know, these waves of cases happening across the globe, but it's intensifying and it's getting even worse, may lie so it'll give us strength and May Allah subhanho wa Taala cure us from this pandemic, lift this pandemic from the world and allow us to continue with our lives allow us to come close together and inshallah in a manner that is pleasing to Him alone. I mean, just that global Hydra and I will see you all again, tomorrow. Around the same time. We'll ask you to Darwin and hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh