Musleh Khan – Tafseer Sura Taha #06 Verses 55 – 70

Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the story of musala Islam and his brotherhood, including his return to her ultimate return and the struggles of Islam. The upcoming weekend is highlighted, including the Moosa Oh, where guests are instructed to attend, disrespecting Muslims and their minority. The use of language and language expression is discussed, including the use of "paolo," "median," "median," and "median," as well as the challenges faced by Magicians in the past. The segment concludes with a brief advertisement for a book and a video on a woman named Moosa.
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Salam alaykum. warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Barrett. So let's continue. Brothers and sisters we are at verse number 55. And we'll go up to verse 70 and shout Allahu taala. So this is our journey through sudo Taha. Now the actual challenge is going to be presented to musala Islam and his brotherhood when I release them. So let's see what happens now. Again, this is what episode five, or episode six so this is the sixth episode you're sitting back and you're watching the entire biography of musala salaam unfold before your eyes or at least most of it Minh ha ha lakanal come from it we created you meaning dirt, Wolfie, Han or a to come and

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eventually that is your ultimate return back into dirt. Woman handhold you can tell that and hold on. And eventually you will be brought back a second time toutle touto means that it's easier the second time than it was the first time it's going to be a repeat it will happen exactly again. So touton Ohara, Allah subhanho wa Taala resurrects you and brings you back to life once again. He's done it once before you can certainly do it again. Well, I'll call the auto enter Who? Tina and indeed we have shown all of our yet Kula for Canada, whatever, all of it and they lied and rejected. Now you got to understand something about how the story is happening fit around. When we say that he

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has been given all of the A of Allah, it doesn't mean literally every single area to have a love Why? Because in another SOTA, Allah subhanaw taala said that, if you turn all the oceans into ink in your write down the knowledge of Allah, all the oceans would dry up, you wouldn't even come close to a less knowledge. So what is this a really talking about? For Allah subhanho wa Taala. It's like saying to somebody, you know, you've gone to Toronto. And let's say you did a tour all across the city. And you felt like you say to somebody, you know, you go back home, you tell them man, I visited Toronto, I did a tour all over city, I saw everything man, it was amazing. But did you

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actually walk into every home every restaurant, every attraction, every street, every road, every sidewalk, every subway, no, but you're telling the person like you've got a good image, you've got a good experience of what Toronto is like, what life is like there, what the attractions are, how to have fun, you've got a good understanding. So you, you describe it as though you've been everywhere. But if you really think about it, you've been to certain places. And so this is the same thing happening in the area. Allah is saying, We've given fit around all of the A yet that was enough for him to realize and understand that Allah was the ultimate, the superior, the one with power and

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authority. But he still as a result for Canada, he lied, and he rejected it. You know, it's like a student that takes classes, you know, you go to Islamic classes, conferences, lectures, and you go and you keep going and you keep going. And you've gotten all the counseling, all the knowledge all the A yet and Hadeeth you've learnt it all, but that sin still doesn't stop. So it's like somebody saying, I don't know what else to tell you. I've given you everything that I have everything I've told you. Now it's left to you. So that's what's happened to fit around. Now look continues on tena Sophiatown says no to Moosa and Howard, on a date tonight you came to all of us, do you see what

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Paragon is doing? Not a jet did me, not you came to me, you came to all of us, because what's fit our own trying to do? He's trying to turn all of Egypt against Moosa and how long early him set him. He's trying to create where it's all of us. And just the two of you. Are you serious? Muslims? Does this sound familiar? Does this sound familiar? Just the scenario where you feel like just being Muslim trying to follow a lesbian and the whole world is somehow against you just hold that thought. kalu cada tena Li to region m in Altadena. So you also you came to all of us to remove us from our land. That's what you came to do. To remove us of our heritage, our tradition, see what Finn Ireland

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is doing. He's bringing everyone together, and he's putting everyone on the same page. So his brilliance is evil, but it's brilliant. So he understands this people understands what they're thinking about understanding

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So he wants to bring everybody now on the same page. You want to remove us. We've been here for all these years, our parents, our grandparents. Now you want to bring us out of all of this our heritage, our culture, how dare you. And then he continues in the Tahoe region and min Adelina bc hitty aka Moosa. You see what fit our own does Subhana Allah, He only talks to Moosa. Again, he does the same thing because why we've already talked about a previous episode, he almost never addresses how one never addresses. That's the lowest of the lowest class of people who was a slave. So I'm not going to talk to how to one but you Moosa from my household. You I understand you I know. So you

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came here with your magic with your craziness. Yeah, Moosa, this is what you want to do to us. Now, remember, this is the most powerful man at the time, he owns Egypt. He runs all of the political power, he has access to all the resources, all the money, he owns people, he's got slaves, he's got security. He's got a massive army. And he's talking to whom he's talking to one, man, one. Just keep that in mind. Okay, just keep that in mind. felanitx, TN mcebisi mithali. So he says, Well, you know what we're going to do, we're going to bring magic that is equal to him Musab al Islam. So he says to all of his people, that now there are 1000s of them watching this, because this is huge. You

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know, you have the leader of Egypt, confronting one individual, everybody started to gather around and they want to hear what's going on what's happened. So he says felanitx, TN that can be said, any myth, Lee federal ban in our Bay nikka Merida, so choose a day between me between all of us, and you mount it to an appointment. So Merida is not just a day, but a specific time as well. So Mussa, choose a day, where all of us and you will come together, learn before we're not going to go against whatever appointment you choose, nothing will enter mccannon sewer, and we're also not going to disagree with the place or area or spot that you choose. Okay, so a couple of things happen here.

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Most I choose a day. And the day all of us will be there and you guys, and we're going to have a challenge now we're going to see really and truly who is most powerful, and you can choose any day, whatever it is learn holy foo, we're not going to go against it. Merida, you choose even the time of the day, we're good with that. And you also choose a mechanic and Sua, mechanic and sewer is a place that is fair for all of us. So it's not going to be inconvenient for some and not the others. Everybody will be there. So mozzarella he Sam says Paul and mo worried. uchumi yomo Xena, okay, your appointment will be a day of Xena Xena festival. It's a day where people are handing out sweets,

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they're celebrating. Everybody's happy. They're clapping, there's decorations all over the place. So yomo Xena, so we're going to choose a day see what Mussolini's salon does. He's just a smart. So he chooses a day where everybody is together celebrating and they're happy and they're joyful. And he says to him, What are you short on Nestle, Doha and we will gather all of the people at the time of Doha. Doha is the time and where we pray, eat at least the first of aid. So it's not too early, like before 5g or fighter time because nobody will wake up at that time. And it's not too late because it'll be too hot in Egypt. So he chooses the right time. couple hours or so our hour and a half or

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so after sunrise. And that's the time. So it says okay, that will be the time and everybody starts together. Look what happens next to one left theater owner of a Gemini Qaeda who thought Sophiatown was done with the meeting, he went back, he gathered Qaeda who Caden is he gathered his best of the best of the best magicians he could find. Cade also means a large group. You know, some of the scholars of Tafseer said that fit around brought over 10,000 magicians together. Okay, so this was massive. We're talking 1000s and 1000s of people pretty much almost all of Egypt gathered for this one day this one day of challenge between federal and mozzarella. He sent him through Mehta and then

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he came.

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Canada, who Moosa Moosa looked at all of these people and he said to them, whaler can curse be to all of you. Lots of total and Allahu Khatib don't lie and make up stuff against Allah subhanho wa Taala. What's wrong

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wrong with you people. So, again, Muslims, just listen carefully.

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You've got so much propaganda. There's so much being said and done against the Moosa Oh, he is saying, All he is saying is fit around, stop saying you are Allah, stop claiming ownership over these people, stop punishing them. Stop utilizing these people, these human beings for your own personal gains, just stop that and worship one creator. That's it, you're not him.

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And as a result, hundreds and 1000s of people come together, new spreads, the announcement is made, there's going to be this gathering at the time of so and so day everybody come around, and they all come on, they want to see more sadly, slumping humility, humiliated because why? The only powerful individual they know of his fit our own. So they want to see after I was going to take care of this guy, so they come in to get there to get all their children, everybody comes together. And so musala you Salaam looks at this, you know what the way that I like to think about this a and I hope you could do the same as well, is you take a moment and think about how much time money

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is invested in Islamophobia and hate not just towards Muslims, but towards minority towards, you know, Jewish faith and other religions that have to like anti semitism and so on that have to deal with the propaganda, the misconceptions, all of the false false narratives out there. And you think to yourself, men, why are people doing that? They spend so much time they build websites, dude sits on his Facebook, you know, sometimes we have some of these chicken heads, they come on our live feeds, and they just want to type something stinking awful. And then they leave and you're like, Oh, my God, you have literally no life. You just come in here, start typing something nasty and awful.

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And just leave, would you get out of that? What does that do? All it does is just make life 1000 times, you know, more difficult and unpleasant for everyone. You know, and now we have to deal with that. I'll figure out how to do this, how to do that how to navigate through all of this musala is lm is dealing with the exact same thing. And often think about if Musa alayhis salam was here, he would probably say the exact same as Just think about it. If Musa alayhis salaam was here in 2020 He probably turned on the TV or go on in the internet and see all of this propaganda and just be like

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why you look him later cumulative total Allah He tells him, what's wrong with you people curse at you that you just make up stuff. And then you lie on top of that against the law. You know, in sort of modern we've already taken the verse that every single statement word and letter, the disobeying Allah that associates with Allah schilke the sky shakes alesse throne is upset and all of that stuff is documented. metalized xojo give us strength and protect us for you say the cumbia Zeb. And this punishment it's going to come to you. Use hitter comb is one of the words to describe that this punishment will come and it'll come out of nowhere and it will be impossible for you to relieve

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yourself of it. So Musashi Sam is talking to all the fit arms people what could have a manifesto and it's just such a shame that as a result of what they lied about, this is going to work against them. Now, here's what happened. You have all of the followers have fit around when they heard Moosa talking like this. They got scared. They started looking at each other and like should we really fight him? Man? This is This is crazy. Are we doing the right thing? I mean, we're not so sure now if we want to go into battle with this man whoo sorry Salim for tenez Oh, amaura hoon benina home. So they all retracted and they had a secret meeting. So internally, fit around, and his magicians

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stepped aside and they basically said Moosa, just just wait, wait a second fat tenez. So they repelled. They stepped back. And they had these secret, private meetings. So they're talking What are we supposed to do? What are we supposed to say? Like, should we really go through with this? You hear the stuff Moosa saying. You see what he's talking about, like, is this serious? Like, you know what, this should have a truce here something let's make up a treaty. Let's find a different way. This is what they went. This is what they went and they did. Our equivalent of this is I want you to think about that, despite all of the propaganda against Islam and Muslims and so on. Islam

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is still the fastest growing religion on the planet, it still continues to flourish. And the numbers just keep increasing more and more. And at some point, you have to just take some time and think that all of those that continue to fuel the propaganda of Islamophobia and anti semitism and so on, all of those that fuel that have to be sitting in wondering, you know, whether before they go to bed, or whether they have those secret meanings, and just be like, man, there's nothing, nothing is working, no matter what we do. You just keep growing more mosques, more and more Muslims everywhere, politicians, leaders, scholars of other religions, all coming into Islam. It's not working something

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is not right.

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So that's what's happening with the followers of our own callooh inhance Annalisa hiranya ud Danny and your creature coming out of the Columbia city Hema, so when they finish having their meeting, they come back in front of moose, I look what they say to him. They say in Havana, Alyssa Huron, these two individuals? Yes, they are magicians. That's one UT Danny and your hoodie Joe coming out of the con, here's number two. They want to expel you from your lands. This is your land that you've inherited. They want to expel you out of all of this. Bc he met with the magic that they're trying to do. Why are they bad be potty potty comorian with law and they also want to dispel you and remove

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you and create this propaganda that this land of Egypt is not a land where the world can talk about and use an example in you know, some kind of law. What this is that fit around is saintess people that all that we've built in these lands, we have the most powerful, we have the most powerful army, we have the most beautiful architecture. And until this day, you still see videos and you still see people designing their homes, their curtains, just like ancient Egyptian style calligraphies, they will have certain writing certain colors and designs, it would still use that and that would represent some sense of prestige and honor. You know, it would be high quality design and materials.

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All of this came from Egypt. So he's saying all of this heritage that you've built this wealth, this culture, it's going to be gone. You see what our own is doing. He's basically just putting everyone on the spot is like you're gonna give up all of that, you know, we're the leaders of the planet. For this, for this two that want to do their own craziness and their own magic. You know, by the way sitepoint guys how to enhance and Alyssa Huron is actually one of the most common a yet the the, the the beginning of it, were those who try to find mistakes in the poor and say this is an honor this 100% mistake because why?

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That's the word in and have then, because in another recitation, this is where the problem or the confusion I should say came up in another native recitation of the Quran you save Paulo do in money. But in Arabic, when you study Arabic, the word in what comes after it, that word has to have a Yeah, it has to be in the genitive form. So it should be the way that we speak to each other. Paulo in have veiny. Lesser Huron, but it isn't this way, it's still in there any less second on so what's happened here? So this is why you see websites are made books are written all this is a mistake in the poor. And this is how you know it's not from Allah. Well, there's a number of things here number

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in in. So in the another recitation, when you say in with the shed that on top of the noon, it actually means it's actually one of the oldest words in Arabic. I mean, we don't use it as often anymore. But it's one of the oldest words in Arabic. That means yes, and the way you know, one of the most common words that we use is neram. But the old words was yes. And there were other words, as well. And we found this in poetry as well. Like if you look at old poetry, at the end of some of those poems, you'll see in there, which means next time, you will ask a question you will say in just imagine if we were talking like this, and we instead of using now we just said yep, in that's

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what that's the first point. And in that was actually a borrowed word from Hebrew from the Aramaic language, right? So it used to be Hindu in Hebrew. And then when it came came when it's bored into Arabic, so it becomes in that in that recitation. Oh, because following with me, so all I want to say is very simple, right? I don't want to get into any of this stuff too much Musashi.

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selam now,

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the language that's being communicated back and forth is actually the original language that federal himself may have spoke that's captured here in the court and so fit around now he is the one that probably use this exact language, the exact style and context. And so Moosa and fit around are communicating the exact same way. So what's happening here is that there is no mistake what this literally is what it's a means in another recitation was relevant to the dialect that they were speaking at that time. And that's one of the wisdoms behind why we have different recitations is that it caters to different dialects. So when we say paudel, in half, then USA Huron may be in one

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dialect dialect that's grammatically incorrect, but in another it's perfectly okay. The whole range had many many dialects like this, they will say mostly mean mostly men to women, or they will say mostly man II mean any sat hirani like they would use these words on they'll have the Elif, Elif, Elif, and before they will have in, in, in in. So this is just the way that they spoke. So one of the things that we have that I wanted to mention was that the different recitations of the end, cater to different dialects so that people can relate and understand. And that's really, really important. That's a great, beautiful bonus, I should say, well, when you're studying and you're

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reading Quran, it's a bonus that you're able to also cater to different dialects when you you know, watching real funny video the other day of this brother that was imitating when he was walking around in Egypt, how he would talk to the locals there. So he had learned for us how authentic Arabic, but the locals don't speak that they speak their regular Amir or slang, Egyptian dialect. So he'll walk into a store and ask for tomatoes or buy some groceries and he's speaking in complete proper authentic, full Arabic. And the store owner doesn't understand a word he's saying.

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And so that's how poor n is that sometimes you look at this level of Arabic and like God, what is this talking about? But then when you look at it in a different recitation, ah, now it makes sense. Okay, I get you. So just keep that in mind. There is no mistake in the Quran and particularly with this as well. For edgemere or Qaeda come from too soft. So they came all together. All of these groups of magicians and they stood by rose rose, what kind of fella Holly oma minister, Allah and Allah gave, and they basically said, Look, look, we're gonna sit together. Let's see who is the most successful in impressing the other. So now the challenge begins. Let's see who's going to impress

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whom, Paul Do we have Moosa? They've said yeah, Moosa ima and topia, we, you're gonna go first. So you do your magic your do your thing first. What is an akuna? Uh, well, I'm an alcoholic, or we will be the first ones that will go first. So you see, they're gonna say, okay, who wants to start off on alcohol? So musalla Sam says, Go ahead. You do it first. Either Heba no more I'll see you whom yo yo la him in Sydney, him and Tessa. They all through their staff, 1000s and 1000s of staff dropped to the ground. And they all became highly attuned terceira. They all became these massive snakes with fangs. And they started hissing at everyone.

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Where did we see this? In the beginning of the suta, whose miracle was this was the miracle of mozzarella, a seller.

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That was his so musar li Sam looks around. And he sees 1000s of the staff turned into snakes as soon as they dropped it. And that was his big finish. That was going to be his thing. So musala salaam is looking at all of this. And you know what happened to him? For Oh, Josephine FC leaf at a Moosa so Moosa, our Josephine FC. Oh Jessa is a type of fear in the corner and one of the words to describe fear, but it's an inner fear. So on the outside, Moosa is keeping himself together, he just looks around, but on the inside, he's like, Oh my god, what am I going to do now?

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This is where I got the title of this video from when you think all else fails, like, whatever situation you're in, you think to yourself, there's no way I can get out of this. And Allah still gives you success.

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This is where I got the title from Musashi slim, standing in front of 1000s of magicians, the most powerful in the world. And they end up doing the exact same

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type of magic that he was going to do.

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So he's stuck. What do I do now? started feeling afraid, but he doesn't want to show that to anybody keeps hitting bottles in. That's Oh Jessa Khalifa to Moosa because of the fear that musar had. Look what Allah tells them. coronella to have we set to Moosa, don't be scared in NACA until Allah you will be the one above all of this well lp manaphy me Anika telecom smell Sunnah Allah says take whatever you have in your hand and just drop it and let's see what it's going to build and what what's going to be manufactured from there? So Allah says, Now it's not even the staff in your hand Alyssa stick whatever you have just drop it says okay he has a Stephen is on anyway so he's like

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Okay, fine. You drops it in Nelson are okay to Sir hearing Well, you flee hosts, Hero heighth or utter

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when musar Elisa Lam dropped

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cadeaux sir here in all of these groups of magicians watched what you flee, who's a hero heighth or utter? What ends up happening is that most early some stuff, this massive, massive surface serpent or something, came alive and devoured all of the snakes from the magician's of fit around, ate them all up. And Allah.

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Unbelievable. What are you feeling? Hirohito? Allah says he will never give success to any magician. No matter how they do their nonsense. No matter which direction they come from, they will never find success final

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for opia salado to Suja when all the magician's looked at because remember, they know their craft. They know that what they just saw from lusardi salon.

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That's something they can challenge. They know. Because they did their own thing. They work their own magic did whatever they had to do their their their staffs turned into these serpents or at least that appeared that way. And so they did what they had to do. And they reached their limit. This was 100% they gave, but when they saw what musar li Salaam did, and that all of their snakes and their serpents were devoured. They looked at each other and they're like,

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what am I gonna do now? You know, Muslims, what the lesson is here for you and I,

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when the world sees that you are going to crumble and there is no way you can handle what Allah puts in front of you. There's no way you got divorced after 30 years of marriage, got five kids. And now you become a single parent. And everybody around you is like, Oh, we can help you, man. Good luck to you. And you're looking in the mirror like you have no idea how are you going to manage five kids by yourself? After 30 years of marriage? You've never had to work in 30 years, you've never went to school in 30 years. You've got to start all over and you're like 50 or 60 years old? What are you going to do? And then your your ex wants to take you to court and take everything from you. And

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you're sitting there and you're just like, how am I going to survive this

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pile of rubbish, rightly sorry. Remember that Dora. All of the sutra is the answer to that door.

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Musa alayhis salaam is standing in front of Egypt.

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by himself. He's got his brothers just standing there alongside. He's literally challenging this by himself. And even he gets scared, but he bottles it in. What does the law say? Hey, remember, you made it to me. You talk to me. While at 10 efe victory we do we took this a yesterday and don't forget me. Don't ever forget me. Well up in a solitary victory you pray and you keep remembering me. So you think all of that stuff just goes down the drain know, when you're in this predicament? You've got five kids and you've got to figure out how to live a life saying Don't worry.

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Don't worry, just relax.

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I got this I will take care of you. So you know what happened to all of these magicians Look what they did Subhana Allah for a Sahara to suggest that they all threw their magic down to the ground they got rid of it.

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And a huge massive group of the magicians have fit around, went into such depth. And they said call you men. We believe bill Rob be how rude and well Moosa in the master of how rude and Moosa they all became Muslim. Not all of them, but the majority of them. You know what's beautiful? Look what happened. How one was barely mentioned. I told you before that fit around, looked at heroin as nothing, but those who submitted and dropped themselves

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into sajida, after they saw what they just saw, look whose name they mentioned first, in verse number 70, called men, Bill, Robbie, how rude.

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That's what he men does to you. You don't look at status, you look at the individual. So the people who submitted themselves those magicians they brought, they brought how to now together with Musa and they said we believe in the master of how rune and Musashi masala absolutely beautiful.

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I hope that this, this episode would give you the encouragement and the strength, that every time you see failure in front of your face, and it's slapping you in every direction, and it's punching you in the stomach and beating you to the ground failure is everywhere. It's collapsing on your head.

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Once you have Amen. And you never stop talking to Allah, you when you when you there is no failure. When you have a connection with your Creator, there is no such thing as a failure. So what do you have to lose nothing. And that's one of the most profound lessons we get from all of this. This is not just storytime, but it's just look at the the scenario, one or two individuals against the most powerful in the world at that time. And Alice still gives them success. Why? Because musante Selim prayed, he never forgot a law and he trusted him. And that's what we're learning so far as we continue with this and shout low Tyler. We're gonna pause there Bismillah we're gonna see what the

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reaction is now that I'm just saw half of his or the majority of his magicians, his most powerful source. They all went into such detail a lot in with Musashi Salim and they claim we're done with you fit out. We follow this. We follow this men. So fit around, looks around and he's like he can't believe what just happened. So what's his reaction? Stay tuned for episode number seven tomorrow in sha Allah Tada, Elijah, would y'all bless all of you and accept us and give us the strength that we always see success? When failure is dead front in our eyes, a little mermaid. She's like mellow Haven, salaam Wa Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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