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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of fearing loss and loss of one's life, emphasizing the need for individuals to build the foundation for future success. They touch on the importance of trusting oneself and building the foundation for future success. The speakers also mention the need for individuals to establish trust and trust in oneself.
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praising Allah Subhana Allah, sending rents greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa earlier said that

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we find many occasions

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the current climate that we live in, but many of us begin to focus upon many different issues.

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And not to say that these affairs are not important. Sometimes for some of us, we begin to lose the vision, the objective for the goal, what do we intend to gain even? Why are these external or so called political issues? Some of us at times become over emotional, become over worried about them. And at times, we begin to take away our own Eman. Our own devotion, our own commitment towards Allah Subhana Allah, some of us begin to become like candles, giving light to other individuals and burning ourselves out. Yes, we should be over worried about the affairs around us. But there are certain basic principles inside Islam that maybe some of us have still not mastered To this day,

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that we fail to understand that the most Pinnacle important relationship or element of our faith, our creed of our belief, is an email relay Subhana Allah is the belief and conviction towards Allah Subhana Allah, that the more that a person develops that inside their life, the rest becomes very simple and easy. in that journey towards a loss of panda Allah. When a person begins to develop the oneness of Allah Subhana Allah, the Quran is often mentioned shahida lo and no hula in the in the who one mela aka What will you learn? or mm below Christina?

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Who will Aziz and Hakeem the beginning of Surah anumana was mentioned that Allah, Allah testify as a witness that nun has the right to be worshipped except for him subhanho wa Taala and likewise the angels and men of knowledge, we testify to the oneness of Allah Subhana Allah stand up on equity and truth upon that. So you find that the study and the belief towards a loss of parent and is the most important element and in that what it encompasses the most important theme is recognition and devotion. Hon. Dr. Lila, he Subhana Allah, to serve and to worship Allah Subhana Allah. Sometimes many people begin to study the creative Allah sadhana, their belief regarding a loss of parent Allah

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begin to study with it be the statement, Usher era will, Tesla will not matter to re do what I'm telling Kathy begin to study those individuals who deviate away from the path of Allah Subhana Allah and there are many deviations and is good to study them. But at times we fail to understand Rasul acleda the essence of occur at the belief of Allah Sunnah revolves around Pinnacle points. Well who am I? Am I going to more locations Bhima Dharma Luna Vasil

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Allah Subhana Allah is with you wherever you are. Obviously we know how people are in hurry hurry fu they go away from the creative Allah sadhana begin to make that we learn. That's important. But what is the inner meaning? That the key that will mortman the believer begins to develop inside their life that allows them to Allah is watching over me, knows my action, I learn will whoa is a Knower of the unseen affairs knows what the heart the eyes conceal, and what resides inside the chest of the human being. That is the thrust of belief. That is the message of the Quran you begin to study the Quran. It revolves over devotion and taqwa license Vandana the devotion the fear of loss panda

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Allah, to humble oneself, to be wary and to be worried about Allah Subhana Allah de Marana worried about the punishment part that would come upon the individual and look it was a good things. That's the message of the Quran is primarily based upon dakhla. The message of the Prophet Mohammed Salim is based upon taqwa it tequila hate to say Allah Subhana Allah wherever you happen to be, and follow a bad deed with a good deed. And indeed it will wipe it out. Well hi, luckiness mahalo can Hassan begin to live with the people with good character and good behavior to the people around you? So the Quran follows his manager of taqwa, the methodology of devotion and commitment towards the last

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panda Allah. If you begin to study the Quran in great detail, you find numerous AI, combining the believers to develop taqwa, to have Taqwa inside their life and to live that life of devotion towards Allah Subhana Allah had to find that was classified as a final Ayah inside the Quran. it all revolves around consciousness towards Allah Subhana Allah. The final idea inside the Quran is inside salted Baccarat, some verse 283 or so of my memory, certainly great mistake. What duck Ooh, Yeoman, total Gerona.

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law firms to offer cool lunacy maca sibbett lahoma Youth lamorne what Turku Yeoman toda una de la la fere that day whereby you're going to return back to Allah Subhana Allah on that day whereby no individual be oppressed. If you look at what's known as sia, if you look at the context of the year, there are limits the first year, who written what is known as Rob Cobain, and it was sore, tried to make a link between each surah and another surah between one ayah another ayah is a great deep science. Some Elma debate it is not acceptable that there's a link between every single ayah but some of them have made a great effort to link one verse to another verse, the theme of one surah to

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another surah. And here you find if you look at the ayat before, and you look at the ayat afterwards, what is the link between the ayat before and afterwards? Because the link is very strange. Apparently, before this ayah define the Quran begins to talk about Riba about business transactions. The following Ayah is actually classified as the longest ayah in the Quran, it takes up a whole page of salted Baccarat. So if you began to recite it, inside prayers, it began to read it. You can't just stop after one line or two nines, you have to read it all the way to the end of the page, if today is classified as a longest Ayah inside the Quran. So the verse before talks about

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river, a Crow River, the eating the devouring of usury to take your interest. The following Ayah begins to talk about loan and deaths about having the witnesses and the testimonies right in the middle between these if you find this ayah which talks about what Taku Yeoman told the owner fee in Allah? So what is the link? What is that? How does a loss panda Allah begin to talk about a Moodle dunya we begin to talk about this world, move to the earth here right there move back to the junior once again. Because why the Quran whenever it talks about even this dunya it sends the message of the earth era. So whenever you deal even with this world, the real intent of the Quran isn't this

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world and some of us begin to understand. For example, the Quran mentions in the day, you read to her mania share, I mean everybody here this earth belongs to Allah Subhana Allah, He gives dominance and inheritance to whoever he wants, amongst his servants, he's believers, because some of us, you know, our goal is just become this word, whether it be the Islamic goal, Islamic objective, to conquer and to do look at the inner crux of the ayah. It begins to highlight one table to limit pain. Yeah, you may know

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that if you don't gain this dunya you don't become dominant. You don't become powerful or you do become dominant, you do become powerful, while I am able to attain your real abode is the hair after that's the real abode of the moutoku in the pious individuals. So here we find the ayah talk about Riba they talk about the taking of a loan or a debt. So the SIOP reminds us about all of this world will come to an end will come to a standstill, the real thing that stands in front of Allah Subhana Allah is taco Lai. Subhana Allah is that taco liceu patent and as you find him read through sort of Baccarat to find what comes to mind that when you take what is overdue for in the hydrazone taqwa

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what Takuya Albert, when you take your your provision, you make your regular al Hajj you go to Hajj, you take your your provision, your money, your visa, your passport, whatever it may be, but look what the Quran says once again, take what the best provision that you take is duck Obi Subhana Allah is your devotion to the last bandana, inside suit and hides that we find lejana la la la, la la de la Valentina Lu tahquamenon cominco the flesh in the blood doesn't travel to Las Panda and the millions of animals that we sacrifice, that millions that make that journey that hardship, none of that travel. So last Panda and world travel. So last time that Allah is called La is your fear your

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consciousness is what travels to a lawsuit and and that is what will begin to benefit the the individual inside their life and likewise inside the IRA. So the Muslim needs to begin to focus upon the Quran. Drink from the Quran to extract those iron, which begin to nurture the heart of the individual. Yo mulayam for Merlin one afternoon in lemon Attila the COVID Saleem, on that day your wife and your children won't evade us, except for the individuals who come to the pure and a sound art, that heart which is full of devotion and commitment towards Allah Subhana Allah. So as you find in the law, Marla Dena Turco Palladino, whom she known Allah Subhana, Allah is with those

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individuals who fear him Subhana Allah, and that fear leads him to do good actions, kind, generosity, goodness, perfection inside the rebel that perfection to the best of their ability inside this life. In the law, you're talking. Indeed Allah loves the code, the pious individuals, likewise, you find a number, a couple of local minima with the cane. Indeed Allah, Allah accepts only from the pious individuals. So a person needs

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To find the path of piety, to know that the actions are going to be accepted by Allah Subhana Allah. Likewise, you find that the person in the human autonomy while you're still in the law of the Roger mazzini, wherever has taqwa ly Subhana Allah and the Last parameter Allah while your spirit and he's patient regarding the calamities and difficulties that before that individual, indeed a lost pound that does not let the action to dues of good go to any form of waste. So taco liceu panadapter What is it according to the Quran? What is it according to the Sunnah? And how's it been described by the companions and the righteous are a lemma that came before us, for example, what's been attributed to

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Abu huraira? Who mentioned what is taco Lai Subhana Allah, he said, Have you ever walked upon a stone infested path? If you walk upon a path, which is infected, any with obstacles, a person is wary where they're going to walk, they're going to be very careful where to step one where not to step the taqwa that is Taka, Allah Subhana Allah, you know Motoki, a pious individual isn't just like an average Muslim, that many Muslims don't care what I eat this, I drink this, I do this. I say that that's why in our society, the moment is very common practice. Everybody says, Oh, it's only a minor sin. It's only a minor sin, you know, this dissection of the shadow of a loss. And the other

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only concerns though, it concerns the clerics inside their writings and inside the interpretations. When this is brought out inside society. This is a major sin. This is a minor sin. This leads to the downfall of society, especially the Muslim society why we find that today. Everybody says it's only a minor sin, read the works of Allah or sola. What they begin to highlight, they highlight there is no Kabira model is differ, there is no major sin. Now, if you make Toba while you still prefer any major sin is wiped away before a person's death a person makes total of life Subhana Allah while our sahira man is Demerol, there is no minus sin. If a person habitually carries on doing it inside

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their life, so a person doesn't mind a sin to mean al Qaeda air is classified as a major sin, habitual practice of doing it again and again and again, is classified as a major sin. Any notable muscle for example, give an example no one should take this personally because our Deen isn't just based upon certain elements, for example, helpfully here shaving of one's beard, okay, no one should take it personally. My aim is not to abuse or to harm any individual, how calafia any is classified as a sin. If you shave it every single day, it becomes what a major sin. That's what we're trying to highlight anything which you may classify as a minor sin. If a person continuously does it, is

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classified as Sharia as a major sin. warhead that becomes this office over here. That person does that action, that person is a first sale, and then animal Hades. That's what you find they refer to and you suddenly confirming to who they refuse to pray behind a person could be person soloqueue.

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The person speaks well, dresses will behaves well. But early Mercedes documented this person is a first seek that hood and Hades don't take it from this individual, the ANOVA Heron you highly for sadhana, this person, boy here and all of us we may go get too soon internally in our private lives, moments in our life, a little boy here and apparently this person is going against the son of the Prophet Mohammed was the lady's example to help us to understand that minor sins by a continuous behavior eventually becomes something which is classified as a major sin. So the Motoki the pious individual is the one who's worried about where they are stepping what they are doing, trying to

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earn the pleasure from Allah Subhana Allah, like for example, even Habib he mentioned, taqwa and Dharma, we talked in law, he may mean a new meaning of life and the mean of life. Subhana Allah, he mentioned takala that Allah is that is new from Atlas Panda and obedience, the tofik mineralised panda Allah to carry out certain actions which becomes a form of life for that individual. Likewise, you find third juicer where the law the person begins to hope and aspire for the reward from Allah Subhana. Allah wanted to come out to LA and our newly minted law, the half a cup of lights, apparently Allah, you begin to leave disobedience, as a form of light from Allah and Allah. Remember

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warmer tofi illa Billah etouffee minimalise to panduranga Allah Subhana Allah is the one you whom you know guru Murthy Allah know who takes his servants out the out of the realms of darkness is brings them to the north, gives them to tofi what Latina jaha do Faena, then the unknown super learner, whoever strives in our paths, we will open up our paths for those individuals who have opened up our paths for those individuals. So last from the end is the one that gives the person the ability to do good actions, to remain a pumper to remain on obedience toward that last parameter and to stay away from disobeying Allah Subhana Allah. So that's Dr. unmentioned in sha Allah Menifee,

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bear de la earlier ma

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People will say Allah Subhana Allah other urla A Magna. Does it mean a person is deeply versed about Islam? No, it's a person who begins to try to implement whatever they've learned in their life. As we know that many Muslims today is all about academics, any whatever academics that they have credentials that they have, it's not about credentials in front of a loss and their either their *ty ever lost Pantheon isn't based upon credentials, whatever you know, you try your best to implement that inside your life and the person will be successful inside this dunya and likewise, inside any as well. So we find this duck Allah subhanaw taala that you find even the word doc what

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you find is taken from your need. A form of work or your work or work are means to create a shield a barrier. So you place a barrier between yourself and the punishment of Allah Subhana Allah, so you're trying to protect yourself, preserve yourself by sticking with that which will gave the blessing of Allah to Allah and to abstain to that which will earn the displeasure of Allah Subhana Allah. Thus you find that the fruits of taqwa lies under Allah, that knowledge when it begins to develop in his forehead is apparent inside the person's life and likewise in the community as well. For example for unmentioned one, oh, unathletic, Torah MANOVA taco lover de la him burkert in

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Minnesota, you will have to get double f the people in the village they believed and they had taco Lysa panda Allah, we would open up the blessings of the heavens and the earth for these people. But these people they denied they rejected. So look at Mr. Sawalha, and he complained about draw about drought about difficulties of calamities. You know, in a nutshell, not to sound too political a lot of these calamities are because what we've sent forth with our own hands, the officer will feel better he will have been after seven eight dinners Leah do that a person will begin to taste and the taste of their own actions corruptions appeared upon the land and the ocean of madness and forth

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with their own hands, that you may begin to taste the fruits of your own actions and you may begin to return back to the deen of Allah Subhana Allah. So when we begin to disobey Allah and Allah, we stay away from taco loizou panda Allah, the fruits and the blessings are taken away from us. But when we have that right belief, you find that Allah, Allah will shout down from the heavens and likewise bring about from the earth that vegetation, the crops, the benefits of the wind, will return back to the blessing oma once again, likewise, you find for them you need those individuals who are ama to Linda, Dina, whom you're a BM any your HUBZone for those individuals, do you find

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that the for them is urashima is the mercy of Allah, Allah for those individuals who have that desire to have that hope who have that fear? Who are worried about loss from that Allah, any worried about that punishment, etc. For them, they'll earn what they will earn the mercy, the compassion of Allah Subhana Allah for them is nothing less than paradise. The Lika demon Harsha for a bamboo this ayah towards the end are sorted by you know, what do we find before it is talking about the hula ecohome hiral Daria, they are the best of humanity. They are the best of creation for them is gardens underneath which rivers flow the beautiful dwellings are given to them. Look at the

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conclusion of the ayah there are some of us we fail to understand the link it mentioned their little Eman, Kashi or a bow. That is whoever who fears his Lord will be given the dwellings of Paradise will be given those good things that's selling that some of us we fail to understand we may drift through the journey of Paradise and look at the reward and look at this and hope for this, we fail to understand that the gaining of that Paradise is based upon what is based upon the fear and that devotion towards Allah Subhana Allah. So that's as I'm sure all of us are familiar. That image of the believer is based upon three basic elements and hope. What Roger will hope is based upon love,

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hope and fear, the person didn't go to any extreme in any of these three elements. A person's image is based upon love, hope and fear, as I'm able to call him or Josie and his Nice work will proceed and lunia as well mentioned, when the Magnum is worth in after that we find whereby you find that he wrote these lines of poetry is known as a new near a casita to new near that you find is the Akita Sonata jamara and it's not just a few lines of poetry is not 10 lines or 50 lines or 100 lines. It is 1000s of lines of poetry, of highlighting what is the creed of Allison It was jamara and it's called lunia for those who are not aware because it ends every single line of poetry ends with her

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noon, just like you find Allah Mia and me Mia any assini as well you find earlier they had this trend to write any books on our card and fair click cetera based upon certain haruf letters and try to end it with those lines of poetry. So even a Mojo Xia his work is is a masterpiece is a masterpiece proving the creative Allison It was jamara inside there he has a long discussion about about paradise as well and other unique elements as well. And also this element of that Eman is based on love, hope and faith and a person goes to any extreme regarding these elements. You

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Find it becomes detrimental to the belief of the individual. If a person is basing their life any upon fear, you find that some people it's just fear and hope that you find any one in Sofia that you fight for. There are many others for monks who Sufi is that you find life is just about fear. As long as you feel a loss of candor that said, you feel a loss of Allah, the reward will be given to you. You can't go to any extreme, you have to balance yourself out even though some have made a discussion of certain elements a person can sway towards it. For example, a person who is young, they sway towards an element of hope they feel lost and Allah because they they say they disappeared

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last bandanna. When a person becomes old, the person goes towards what any arogya goes towards hope that they know they're coming towards the end of their life. So here's slight discussion takes place amongst the person could swing towards that towards the end of their life, because now they know they're coming to the conclusion or the end of their life to the loss of data. So you'll say, though, the crux we want to highlight what does fear do to the individual fear leads the individual to a loss of panda Allah, you know, people around us when they fear something, what do they do? They flee away from it. The believer should be doing the opposite or the Muslim should be doing the

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opposite. When you fear something, when you feel lost bandana, you should flee to Allah fulfill rule of law. flee to Allah. So when you when you fear something, you're worried about something that a believer finds their resolution, finds a cure, finds a commitment, finds a tranquility finds their peace in finding way to Allah not running away from the last bandana that's right today and for you find some Muslims, they run away from Allah What did Allah do for me? What benefit Do I have this this is? This is actually the tool philosopher This is a creed of the Serbian of the Westerners, the people around us in who when they lose hope and they begin to blame God to the question God are

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people like Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion, atheism when headin all around us at the moment that we find people Muslims begin to re raise these questions. Well, what did God do for me? Yeah, I see. Your use liquor is not allowed for Muslim aberdyfi. hayati. Never in a Muslim life should a person pose and presents such questions. What has a lot done for me for Muslim? When Karen acerbic and Catherine for her the shield of a person's disbeliever before there's something different, but if you are willing to debate the Muslim mean, you're born in a Muslim family household, legally obika is not befitting for other than the higher ticker for motion to ever pose a question like this, to

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pose a question in this manner. That word is almost done for me. That is not possible. That's what he's trying to highlight go back to basics of learning what it is that's what you find so many brothers a champion so many causes. When hardships come upon them, look what happens to many of those individuals. While in when the lights upon the Allah get through the deen to leave their Deen they leave the sooner they leave implementation. Why? Because they have not been nurtured upon the right teachings. Most of us, our life has become external factors about Islam. These are beautiful good things, but you are a human being. Laser be burdened by your body. You are a human being via

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your soul. you train your soul, you nurture your soul, you automatically become a human being you become a real man. Because we begin to focus upon the tertiary issues to display ourselves like men or women, whatever it may be, when we lose focus of the inner element, then you find that as soon as difficulties begin to take place, or hardships, or some testing or some element, you find the person begins to fracture, the person begins to collapse. I mean, you can see it Shaheed you can witness it yourself how many brothers been practicing for six months of one year, something happened next time you see them, they're worse than what they were doing before? The worst of what they were doing

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before why what's the reason behind that? Because maybe maybe it's ourselves of practitioners and teachers. We haven't given the right lesson. We haven't told them the right things. When I can cool up Danny in the American to the aluminum kita will be welcome Tom tatro soon a person to become Rob Bernie. Become a person who is a good teacher. In our best mentioned the tips you desire is a person begins to teach people the beneficial knowledge that may you see to home sidonia home to him that which benefits them inside this world. And likewise inside the US Sarah as well. That's what we need to teach the people to train the people to nurture the people upon that which will benefit them

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inside this world. And likewise inside the theater as well. So the final folder eliminate a dimension. He who feels that last time that Allah will be guided by this fear towards old God. Whoever fears of loss from the Allah will be guided by that fear towards all that will benefit individually. In the la dee da minha Shakira Beamish decode those individuals who fear Allah and Allah who are weary about there could be any some punishment that will come upon those individuals will levena home Be it Rob beam, you may know they are those individuals who believe in the Ayat of Allah and Allah will levina home European law you should recall that those in the

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Reduce who never ever associate any partner with a loss or that will lead you to toe or co Lubumbashi Latin and no ealer have been brought your own, they are those individuals when they given they spend it, a spend of that wealth and their hearts are quivering, their hearts are shaking any and they want to return back to the load of loss panda Allah, Allah eco you sir owner for the pirate war, whom Allah has their own, those are the individuals who are excelling in doing good. And for them, they will be the sub the owner, the first and fourth motion individuals. So when a person looks at these gentlemen, if person may think these are talking about individuals, who may have done

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something wrong with their life, and then they become focused on the loss panda Allah, if you actually look at this, see this is inside. So to me noon, the 23rd chapter versus 57 to 61 that you find who did these verses refer to? Asia mentioned the rates? Are they those who drink intoxicants who commit adultery, and committed theft? Is it those individuals that they they're hoping for the reward from Allah and Allah, they worry, they need it, they become upset about what they've done in the previous life, is that the plausible meaning of this ayah is talking about them, it could mean them. But the prophet Allah, you sort of didn't mention that. He says, not talking about those

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individuals, this ayah is referring to those individuals. No, it is those who may maintain regular fasting and prayers gives occur and say that the good deeds will not be accepted. These are the ones who hasted in every good work. Look at how the ayah is describing. We may think it's about people who disobey the law then become good individuals know the IRS is talking about those individuals who are being allowed to enter but yet they still fear that they actually they're not being accepted. So they tried to do what they tried to excel even more in try to trying to get their actions accepted but Allah subhanaw taala what is fear do imitate me as if I mentioned any it burns the forbidden

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lusts in it says some of us we may shed tears, we get upset we get worried. How the shame for you. This is something good that a person in weaves and Booker T nice panda Ella weaves out with the fear of loss bandana. But any after the shedding those tears, they should be ours Masada, there should be strong resolution that it takes that individual to move away. That's really unfair. That's what really element of fear is it moves it drives individuals to become a better individual. It takes them away. So every time he or classifies that fear, it takes away It burns away the forbidden last, that desire the sherawat the buzzer, it burns them, that when a person has that fear of loss from

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their Allah, you find it begins to burn the last person isn't going towards the lust and the desires. For example, the Quran mentions that Kula yester will be through a play bolo our agenda, Catherine, Catherine Habib, say the good things a few things in impure things are not the same, even though the impure things, they may begin to attract a person. So for example, many of the young individuals might get attracted towards lust and desires and, and whatever it may be around them. But the real believer when it developed our whole lives upon the Allah, when these things are the dunya begin to attract them, whether it be what seems to be beautiful women, whatever it may be, and

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the moutai sees straight through that, that this is something which is trying to take away my Eman. This is something was trying to destroy me that this what we see this overhead image, this apparent image, any the person begins to see any defense sees through that light and sees within that the fields inside there and begins to recognize that this is going something which is going to destroy me, how is that person going to be able to gain that inside their life use of Allah Salaam that we find is placed inside a very, very difficult situation. A very difficult situation with a beautiful woman, no one is there, she closes the door, and she makes a pass towards a prophet of Allah Subhana

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Allah. But what happens to this individual that he has that patience, he has the top of lifespan that Allah that drives him out, it drives him out of that difficult location. That and even the Quran itself. It mentions in the nafsa that a murder to be sued in the Mara Mara be, you know the soul of the human being as we find it minima of the scale described the three types of soul, but that's a different subject. But anyhow, we find that the soul has a desire to use temptations. If a person is placed in an environment where temptations are there, all of us homes would go to the temptation, okay, all of our souls, except for that soul which has the mercy of a lot come down upon

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it. Because that's how the Quran is describing in nafsa. A murder to be saw. If the opportunity is given to the soul, to be exposed to lust and to desires. The soul will yearn and go towards that, except for that soul, which has got the mercy the compassion, but lost pantherella upon that soul that we find. So you find the commendable hope. The hope which is commendable, which is beneficial individually is what restrains you from the prohibitions of a law. That's commendable hope. So the whole the fair isn't one

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whereby we weep, and then we go back outside and we do exactly the same thing. Okay, the commendable cough is what is the one that takes you away from prohibitions? That's commendable hope that as soon as you really do feel lost and Allah you walk out the machine anybody's number you shouldn't have in your phone you delete it straightaway you as the brother said the street you look from it straightaway colors that's hopefully some hamdallah yeah one that's real fair. Is not this this that and the other but possibly this or possibly that or this Daniella or Maria tequila illumise Raja warriors

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in Manitoba Kala life Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, who ever really fears of loss premier Allah, Allah, Allah Allah will take away out for that individual and give the individual provision take care of the individual where that person cannot even imagine. So when a person has duck of life under Allah, they just that fear moves them away, that that is commendable. any hope? It takes away from anything which is classified as a prohibition towards that loss from the other three begins to take tames the body and fills the heart with humility and submissiveness towards that loss panda Allah. So who knows fear is not the one who weeps and wipes his eyes, but the one who abandons

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whatever may bring punishment upon the individual. That's really unfair. The person learns that which will gain or could gain the punishment or loss from that are there any upon you need that individual? So we find out bucur manifest Shatila, we bring up the fear of loss calm down is something commendable that you find the two eyes will never touch the Hellfire I in seclusion, sitting on its own. Any remember the last time that Allah suffered that I know that that person's eyes begin to shed tears in the person sitting on their own. Think about their life. Journey about their life about the actions of what they've done, gave her any indicator cannot possibly Siri, how

00:31:50--> 00:32:27

to become neglectful. Hopefully heedless, disappeared last panda Allah began to weep and begin to reflect and make that resolution. Likewise the other eye that stands in watch in God in Jihad feasibility law that I will not touch the hellfire. So fear that we bring is commendable for the individual. But as we mentioned, it begins to lead that individual to begin to stay away from that which allows them to Allah as prohibited. So you find other calibers Allah mentioned Ischia. Like how was your Harsha raha haber who is telling me that we find the old Terry as synonymous meaning inside the Sharia in general even though some may be elements of the heart some of the elements of

00:32:27--> 00:32:51

the whole body etc. But these are synonymous terms that you find that a person needs to develop as what the whole title the themes when shyness in front of Allah, Allah what is it what does that entail? Any how many times people know the God of Allah and Allah and what we find common inside the so called Islamic practicing as well. Brothers and sisters sending one other MSN sending texts to one another in the disguise that is Islamic advice. Yeah, okay case.

00:32:53--> 00:32:55

And if you think that the devil is a fool,

00:32:56--> 00:33:32

the Quran mentioned one or two who taught to shape or in no local model woman. Tell me one Juana how many fathers have fallen into grave sins? moneta, Saul was a burden. We cannot even imagine it and some people say any antimutagenic did you're harsh, you're strict, you're distant, any other lash? Why? Because why? I mean, Burbidge. Reba, from experience of life that you find that when people just simply texting one another, what do you find? You find that times, relationships have developed your relationships have developed amongst people or a disguise of sending Islamic texts?

00:33:34--> 00:34:15

Or discussing with one another? Where are we from the sharing of Allah, Allah, we're supposed to be people practicing the deen of Allah, Allah Allah, if we are committing the same disobedience that the people outside in the streets are committing somehow who will follow? What's the difference, then? What's the difference how many people have met their prospective wife or their husband talking on the internet on MSN on this, Facebook on this on that on the other, lazily loaded us up or done? Man used to be harder who's given fatwa This is inside Islam. These were certain, a technologically advanced refine, have been placed it to benefit the general our anything that is used for her arm,

00:34:15--> 00:34:55

anything which use her arm, all of the all the become her arm as well, they all become forbidden. So what we find inside a society of excessive any discussions or whatever it may be that begin to take place, or exchange of numbers or a discussion for Islamic whatever activities that may be. Buddhists should be wary about this should be fearful about this, because we find that these scenes are increasing inside our society. And some people are not even paying attention towards them. And if they say we have to lift the veil of this, there'll be many individuals, many individuals who will be exposed well had time muscle massage Aegina had the emergency that most kids had the people that

00:34:55--> 00:34:59

we pray, be unhappy at the people that we respect. We listen to the color and we listen to their words. Why

00:35:00--> 00:35:39

Because they've opened up this door, they've opened up this door of corruption that makes the alarm follow this path of corruption as well. So we need to go back and to focus upon ourselves that all these elements, fearing that Allah is not externally it's internally, that when you are all in your own, how much element of fear of loss from the island you develop inside you live inside the house of a loss from that all of us can encourage one ourself, encourage ourselves, but when we leave, we may all in our own day is when we should make them more hazard. That is where you can then if it's true, you can begin to classify yourself as a moose Ducky, okay, that's where you can begin to

00:35:39--> 00:36:15

classify your person pious individually to your own self, that you're sitting on your own. And you remember last time to Allah and you abstain from sin, you abstain from disobedience or you become weary, or you become worried or you become upset or overcomes you, that is something which is why have something which is good for the individual to have that any inside their life. So let's rewind the Quran and he begins to talk about the prophet Elijah Islam, about how fear would overcome him how the Quran would overcome him in his fear that he would read certain Ayah to the Quran, and they would have this great impact upon his lab impressed him so much. Look at the companions, how it

00:36:15--> 00:36:58

drove the companions the Quran has this great nature some of us we stay away from the Quran. In it people always ask the question, you know, how can I change my soul and I can build upon you is to read the Quran is to study the Quran, the Quran, is the only tool. It's the only tool is the words of Allah, that Allah as the Quran itself describes, that will rip apart a mountain will cleft it asunder will turn it into dust, this sub soft substance, the heart of the human being, what will give it that feeling that tranquility, that peace is none other than the words of Allah and Allah, when those words are poured down into the heart, and the heart becomes receptive to those words, it

00:36:58--> 00:37:39

will lead that individual towards obedience towards Allah Subhana Allah where he is or her bone. So the Quran begins to highlight Sophia only me what sort of code so fear only Allah Subhana Allah that you find. Don't fear mankind. Don't fear any humanity. Don't become like such individuals or unmentioned either for a community of schoenen nurser Kakashi Tinder or Asha Asha, there's some people who are worried about the people around them. They say them more than they say Allah Subhana Allah and you how many times person comes and says, you know, I've got this situation, and I'm worried what my wife would say. Yeah, I see. If the Quran and the Sunnah is telling you to do

00:37:39--> 00:38:16

something. Why are you worried about what your wife will say? While you're worried about what your parents will say? They there's certain unique exceptions to the rule which don't really matter we'll look at but the general rules are there but this what we find more and more again inside our society that we're I'm worried about what my manager will say to me if I go for prayers any remember slotless sir you miss one prayer. Unicode defines either howdy is as if you've lost all of your wealth and all your family members. As a Mr. salata Larson lost all your work that you're worried about. You're worried about your work and you've missed that one solar, you've lost everything

00:38:16--> 00:38:43

you're trying to gain inside your life. Look, how many of us when we when we come in front of the manager with the interview or with a questioning or assessment, we present ourselves well and and we bring ourselves appropriately any we humble ourselves whatever it may be, when it comes to Allah Subhana Allah to suddenly Mata Tisha, pray whenever you want. when it suits you step into your routine. Take a few pics does it jump out of bed at Friday time, your pajamas? Pray your frigerator jump back into bed. Ah ha

00:38:45--> 00:39:01

ha ha ha Amala Subhana Allah, you're in front of Allah Subhana Allah. Yeah, Bernie, Adam, who boozy. Neto come into the masjid. When you come to the machine. Take your beautiful COVID in front of Allah Subhana Allah pray with your beautiful clothing. You stand in front your manager in your pajamas.

00:39:02--> 00:39:26

And many the Shabbat they talk about big things will let you talk about big things, walked on soldier in the home. Now he mean, were there time of project sleeping, sleeping in their bed? Yes, check. I pay more for the job that my project is too cold to go one block to the masjid. Let's just call them cookies while you sleep too much for them. While you talk about big things inside your life. You can't have one block to the machine. You tell me about big things inside your life.

00:39:27--> 00:39:59

Mr. Hill other than a fee, other than the certain criteria inside Islam, you can't walk one block and you want to destroy mountains. You want to destroy nations. You want to destroy regimes. You got one block to the mustard because you find is too cold. And he talks about lofty aspirations, lofty aspirational given those individuals and I'm closer to Keller who speak a lot. We speak a lot, speak less and remain focused upon your life what you want to gain. And a lot of analysts they absorb a lot and don't open up the doors.

00:40:00--> 00:40:38

For those individuals, because the essence of every single thing after belly is the center of the individual has to come in and Islam has to come in a Sala Yoshi of Islam is your share of your devotion and commitment of Salah Lillahi autoworld, Allah subhanaw taala and so he find us the phenomena nurse, what is to Unum? In Allahu wa who amerihome people we get worried about people around us, we don't get worried we don't feel lost panda Allah will matter when Allah, Allah is with us at all times in all locations. So we get over worried about the people about their comments about their statements, what will they say to us? What will they do to us, how they behave towards us?

00:40:39--> 00:41:19

What will happen to us? Three days haik mother's wisdom, this appropriate speech is appropriate behavior. That's true. But somewhere along the line person has to draw the line Someone has to you have to draw the line and make that stance inside your life. That is either obedience to the last panda Allah, the fear of a loss from the Allah, devotion to the last panda Allah or these elements which exists any around me and we can begin to see unfortunate the choices that we begin to make further adoption will nurse have shown me Don't fear the people around you fear only Allah Subhana Allah. So I believe that those individuals while is often Allah tala him, they don't begin to fear

00:41:19--> 00:41:50

the blame of the people who placed the blame upon them, because some people they try to just any blame individuals that were believers, don't worry about the blame of the people around them begin to place a blame any upon you need those individuals. So you find that the individuals, as the Lions have some lines of poetry that one of the individuals you've already mentioned is famous proverb, man, half Allah, Corfu, Kula, hey, if whoever fears of loss come to Allah, every living thing will fear that individual.

00:41:51--> 00:42:31

A person develops that level of fear to the last parameter and that every living thing will fade out individually. If you go and read the seat of the life of time era, Hamilton the literature, read about his life. You find some stances in his life that older people love all of his students, he became worried, became worried that at moments when he stood in front of leaders and people in front of them, they had time to read through his theory, right? Read were able to claim majority rights. They said we took our outer garments, and we placed them over our faces, because any second now, the rule is going to say, smite him chop off his head, and blood is going to come pouring all over our

00:42:31--> 00:43:08

faces, his own best students and the way that he's his ferocious nature of addressing these people right bluntly inside their face, that they got worried that he's just going to be slayed. Because, well this individual, if you read the series individually, he only feared Allah Subhana Allah. So you find that people around him began to fear Him, they began to fear Him. And as you find the opposite woman lawyer half of law, whoever doesn't feel lost from data, you have waifu kulu Shea, every single small thing makes an individual become what become fearful.

00:43:09--> 00:43:50

Wherever it is a fear of loss handler appropriately any small thing that makes an individual become fearful, makes that individual become in the state of fracturing and despairing from the mercy of a loss Brenda, Anna, so you find a levena you believe una rissalah Tinder, we have shown a what I have shown that I hadn't in the law. The believers are those individuals who convey the message of Allah and Allah and fear no one except for last time that Allah worker builder he has CBRE and the last from Darla is sufficient to bring to accountability and to make accountability of the individuals industry find Aloma inner nest local houda with Toko will offer will agree now that she find that

00:43:50--> 00:44:30

the Prophet Allah should have salami made this application that we asked you for alhuda was to call. We asked you for guidance. And for taqwa we ask you for any preservation of our of our as of ourselves, our dignity, our chastity and richness, whether it be the external richness of dunya but the real meaning is a cleaner knifes is the richness of the soul. This is what the prophet Allah Islam he prayed for alone Murthy nuptse Dakota was up to antihero man soccer and who will molar Allah purify my soul? Give it sanctity give it tequila, give it consciousness give it devotion and do the best that purifies You are the protector and the molar it of my soul and of myself. So you

00:44:30--> 00:45:00

find that a person begins to ask for that uni Alicia facility will earlier Nia president asked for fear of a loss panda Allah, that which is apparent that which is hidden, that which is open and that which is done in secrecy. That's what we need to begin to develop inside our lives somewhere loves panda alligators all Adolphe can ability to begin to develop COVID Lysa panda Allah develop fear of loss panda Allah, Allah Anand was to run, apparently and externally and internally throughout our lives pattern colossal founder Allah and

00:45:00--> 00:45:27

roommate allows him to enter in a classified ad later and as the moutoku plus classified as the pious individuals, and in conclusion defining the parameters we mentioned previously, in Noma, you're talking about your spirit in the law. Now you do Roger masini. Whoever is conscious of a last parameter Allah and his patient. Last time data will never ever let the reward of the dues of good ever go to waste. Aku Kohli heard the word stuck for honey, welcome. What did you mean? muslimeen. First of all before Rahim