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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala shortfill ambia even more selling it off de la sala what a term with a slim. First and foremost, I know we're supposed to have a session yesterday guys, but once again, to be honest with you, it's because of now that Canada is in a second wave of the virus. Lots of things happening lots of new protocols everywhere. It's it's a little chaotic as well I went to the grocery store a couple of times lots of empty shelves. So these are some of the things that we're just trying to prepare ourselves for. So lots of running around making sure the kids are okay deciding what to do with

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their school and I'm sure a lot of you can relate to this. So May Allah subhanho wa Taala first and foremost make it easy for all of us. Just this second wave of the virus is pretty frightening to say the least. And I pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala keeps us all safe and help to lift this pandemic from the world. And every one of us that it affects and all those who have been sick and passed away. May Allah azza wa jal cure them And may Allah subhanho wa Taala make it easy for them and their families in sha Allah hotevilla Aloma, I mean, please, please make it a part of your day. Make it a part of your prayers and part of your Dora to continue to pray that Allah lifts this pandemic

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from the world. It is really truly a difficult test for all of us. Pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala gives us the benefit and the cure, and the medicine and the patience and strength so that we can overcoming shuttler this pandemic and whatever to come in the future but in a later Ireland. We are at the part two of our journey through sort of Baja. So let's get right into this. Lots of really, really incredible things to talk about guys. So let's do it. We are at verse number nine. Allah subhanho wa Taala continues now Now we introduce now we're getting introduced to the story of Musa Ali Salim what hell attack howdy through Moosa. Did it come to you the Hadeeth of Moosa A London say

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it what hell attack. Please. So to Moosa, the story of Musa, Allah use the word Hadeeth. Hadith from the word Hadith means something new. So that's why an act a car accident, it's called head Athan, because it's just something that happened out of nowhere. This is a new problem we have when there is new arrivals of like items, clothing, books, and so on in the store, you'll say had 1000 Jedi, you know, there are new arrivals. So Allah subhanho wa Taala is introducing to us the story of Mussolini was as though we are going to hear it for the first time. And even though the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam had some insight of who mozzarella slam was, he is being taught the story as

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though he's going to hear it for the first time wine. Here's the thing about the story of Musa that makes it very unique from others. There are several stories that his his life is scattered out throughout the poor and you have in pseudo pa which one is which is one of the most detailed account of sort of the story of Musa but then if you go on to suta to shore at all, there are a lot of lots of interesting details that are not mentioned here. They might have started in soda, but they continue ensure out off and then if it's not complete, ensure out then sort of costless will have even a more detailed account of the story. As a matter of fact, I'm thinking in the back of my head

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once we finish this we might shift over to sort of little puzzles but we'll wait in shallow once we get to the end of this just so that we can get a real beautiful and complete picture of Musa alayhis salaam in the corner. And so the point is is that the story of Musa if you want a beginning introduction of the story properly right from the get go, then soda pa is the place that you begin with why because of this a well hell attacker and a less has had teeth. So grow always remember had teeth here in this area. We're going to teach you this story and we're going to introduce it to you as though you're hearing it for the first time

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is the wrong note or so musala is slammed with his family and his kids. He is walking in the middle of the desert. Look what happens. He sees a fire up in the mountain somewhere. For Connor, the Allium Cousteau, he set his family on Cusco, on coastal from the word MacArthur means to stay here in anticipation. Like, this is something really that there's something interesting up there. So the try telling kids by the way to just stay put and don't move. It's almost the complete opposite will happen. You know, you tell them to sit there they'll be running here rather than here getting their hands and they're getting their hands in that. There's nothing you can do but so what we're learning

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right away

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From this, from this incident, right, the musala stem is telling his family just stay right here. The fact that he uses Cousteau means that his family is special. His family is different. So he tells them to own coutume stay here because I'm going to come back with something. There's something interesting about this glow of fire up there in the mountains. And it goes into even more detailed description. evening and this tune out all I see it, NSF or own Sun. In this area here, it means that only musalla Islam can see it. So the family could be like, Dad, we you know, we don't see anything. You know, we don't see nothing anywhere. What are you talking about? And he's like, I saw

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it, I saw it. So it's just like you and I, if you're walking in a forest and you see like a nice beautiful bird that flies by and it was a bird like you've never seen in your life. And so you point at it. And everybody's like a new like, Oh my god, did you see that bird fly by and your kids are just like, Dad, we don't see anything. Mom, what are you talking about? And you're saying I saw it. I saw the wings. I saw its colors. It was beautiful. I never seen a bird like that in my life. That's only son. So Musa alayhis salaam is telling his family. I know what I just saw. Even though you guys didn't see it, I saw it. Lovely. Tea comin had the purpose. Maybe if we go up there because

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remember, they're in the desert. So if they see a fire, chances are that there might be what there might be people up there. People might be may have started a fire or they're camping out there or something. So he says maybe I'll go up there and come back with cannabis pub. This is borrowed fire, you know, ever seen like in those movies where, you know, you're walking into a cave, and you see these, these pockets of fire that are lit, you know, and so you'll have like this clay, you can light it up, fire just comes out of it. So you're able to sort of go through walkways and tunnels and so on. Back in the old days, this is how they used to light up their tunnels, right? Obviously,

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there's no electricity. So they used to have this like mud spots that were soaked in particular, you know, specific types of gases or whatever. And if you light it up, it'll spark a fire. Now if you take a piece of stick or something or paper, and that fire that's burning there, you take fire from them and you light up your stick or paper that's called cannabis, you're borrowing fire from fire. So Musa alayhis salaam is saying, maybe we could go up there, and we could see what's happening. And if it's just the fire, we can use the fire so that we can walk through the desert in the night and we'll see where we're going as well. And maybe others could also see us when we're holding this

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fire. So that's publice o rG darland nadie houda or we can find with that fire some guidance meaning there might be people there and they can tell us where to go or what to do. And even if not that fire alone who started it it's there's this like sense of curiosity so he he can probably find some direction if he goes up there. So musalla he said and starts climbing the mountain starts getting up there getting closer to this fire. Now just imagine yourself watching this as a movie or as like a YouTube video of the story of Musa alayhis salaam unfolding just just watch the incredible detail how Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us the story

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fell Amma utter her. So as he started coming closer and closer to the fire, no dia moves. He hears a call Moosa. So just imagine you're climbing up a mountain and all of a sudden you hear this voice and it's not like somebody saying, hey, you What are you doing? Where are you going? Somebody called out his name.

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And then it continues in knee an hour a book. I am indeed your master. So it's Allah subhanho wa Taala talking to him. And it's important that we understand. And our book that Allah says, I'm your master. You know why? If you hear a voice in the middle of the desert, you could possibly say to yourself, maybe I'm just hallucinating. Man, I'm just totally out of it. I'm hearing voices now. So Allah reaffirms. You're not hallucinating. I am your master, I am your rub. And now look what Allah tells him to follow or not like so as musala sam gets closer to this fire, Allah tells him take off your shoes. You know what's amazing, some of the scholars of Tafseer tell us it's incredible that

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musala He said, The first command Allah gives them is about a dub. It's about etiquettes Take off your shoes in nikka bilwa democracy to where you are in a sacred and pure land. So the first thing he's told is to act accordingly at an etiquettes the Prophet IE, Southwest them all

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already had this when he was told if Pura read, because his first revelation was to read, first revelation to musala son was Take off your shoes. So one is being taught etiquettes first, whereas the other already had etiquettes. So he's giving knowledge first, what do you learn from this? There are two components to seeking all the ways and forever since the beginning of time, and perhaps until the day of judgment, there are always two components to knowledge. If you have these two components, a love will gift you within. And you will be amongst those who will enter his paradise in sha Allah hotelera. The first is, of course, a Deb and I say a dub etiquettes A Hello, good

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manners. That comes first. Why? Because once you're a good person, and you have a good heart, then Allah azza wa jal will bestow His blessing of knowledge. Now you have a heart that can welcome the knowledge of the poor end, and the teachings of Islam. Unfortunately, we live in a time where it's the complete opposite. You could be a doctor, but you have no etiquettes no edip. How many of us know people like that? How many of us know administration of messages, you could build a Masjid, but you have no idea how to act in that message. You could be you could have a PhD in Islamic Studies, you could have done it all, intellectually, no one can challenge you. But Subhana Allah, when you

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get frustrated, when you get angry, you're the worst of the worst amongst that community. So this is why there are a limit. And again, read any biography of any scholar. Right? Take some time and do this, choose a scholar read their biography, and you'll notice that as they were young, the first things that scholars tell you about, and praise about that individual is that when they were young, they were honest, they were loving, they were caring, they were trustworthy, they did this work, they did that work, everything about their etiquettes and I'll even prove it to you one step further from the Prophet Allah Azza wa sallam told many of you this before in previous episodes, the prophet

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alayhi salaatu wa Salaam was 40 years old. When Allah subhanho wa Taala gave him the quarter end. Why didn't Allah give him the poor end prior to 40 just like what we do, we give our kids the poor and when they're five years old, 10 years old, eight years old, etc, we put them in youth programs, the profits, it starts with some gets the poor and the first time in his life when he's 40. So what was a love doing with him all throughout the years prior, he was known as the most the most honest and trustworthy. He was known as a solid, I mean, the Righteous One, the trustworthy one, his etiquettes were 100%. Once all of that was refined, then Allah said, Okay, if put up read is a

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really profound lesson for all of us. And so musala histogram is getting the exact same lesson. Take off your shoes, and it gets a dip. If you have a dip, Allah will teach you metal lines, so it will make us from amongst them a lot of money. Well, in order to foster mera Lima, you have I have chosen your daughter, TL Ron means it's actually comes from the word higher. We all know what higher means higher means good. So Allah is saying to musala he said, I'm choosing you because there is something I see. That is good in all in you. And you know what's amazing about this lesson here, the fact that we are Muslim, that we believe in Allah, that we at least love his religion, maybe following his

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commands vary from all of us, because, again, that journey towards learning our religion, it's a different journey for everyone. But the point is, that journey began in your heart, so that's a good start. That means that Allah sees something good in you. The fact that you wake up every day and you're still somebody who believes in let Illa Illa you still love Muhammad Rasul Allah, that means that Allah has chosen you, you are the str of Allah. Allah has chosen you Why? Because Allah sees you have something good in you something inherently good in you, that you are worthy of carrying his message. If you're listening to this, it's not because you're listening to me, you want to get

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reminded of this. This is what brought you here. Don't worry about the speaker who cares about what the speaker is because why we're all on the same journey together. I listened to other speakers as much as just as how you all listen to me. So we're all on the same cycle. But the point is, is that the fact that you're listening the fact that you have

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have an interest there's a spark in you shows that Allah has chosen you for something good unless sees there's something great in you. And the second thing that I'll say to you is where life Allah has not closed our chapter as of yet. So we're still here that means you have what it takes to carry the message of the poor and metalizer which will give us strength alone. murmee foster marilena you. Allah says Moosa, listen up what I'm going to tell you what I'm going to teach you. In any en Allahu La ilaha illa Allah, Farah Bodine, we're up in a solitary victory. Guys, verse number 14 is one of the most profound moments in human history.

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This is a man that was called to Allah. And it's just him and Allah alone. And Allah speaks to him and he hears the voice of the Creator. This is one of the most profound moments in human history. And Allah speaks to this men by himself and says to him, indeed, I am Allah, no day to worthy of worship except me. Farah boo Dini, so worship me. I'm going to pause here for a second.

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When you meet somebody famous, is that something that you forget?

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You know, if you meet a celebrity famous speaker, what have you What's the first thing that we do? When we meet someone like that we we take a selfie with them. And then back in the days if you couldn't take a selfie, what would you do you snap a picture printed out frame it, you call up your friends you tweet about it, I just met so and so oh, my God, you know, here's the picture, etc, etc. It's something that you celebrate meeting somebody famous or celebrity. And the second thing about it is that you never forget that moment for the rest of your life. You can say I met this celebrity I met that individual. It's a happy moment and it's fine. That's all okay. The point here is this

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musalla Islam is meeting who

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the celebrity of all celebrities, the famous the most famous of all those who are famous. Nobody is known more and understood more and is recognized more than the Creator Himself. And Musa alayhis salaam is meeting Allah by himself. Nobody else is around. Look what Allah tells him to do. Pharaoh Bodine. Worship Me, will appeal solitary victory and establish prayer.

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So that you'll remember me.

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You know,

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when you sit here, do you think about this.

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And you think about that.

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If you and I were in musala, his salons position right now. We were talking to Alan, we could hear his voice. It's almost impossible for me to imagine that I could potentially forget meeting Allah and hearing his words, there's a possibility I could forget that.

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And the way to preserve not just that memory, but to also preserve my relationship in worshipping Him is I have to pray. So the title of this video, how you train yourself to never forget Allah.

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This is the area that I got the title from. When you pray, you will die with Allah in you like Allah in your heart, the remembrance of Allah, not obviously not physically alone. Now with a bill and that's not what we're talking about. the remembrance of Allah will remain with you until your death. That's what Salah does. So when people ask, you know, five times a day, you kidding me? You know, earlier on, we learned that the machete comb one of the criticism that koresh gave in sort of medium is that they would criticize the Prophet Allah. So it was like, Look, you turned your back away from our religion, our forefathers, look how hard your life is, look at this five times a day. And then

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on top of that, all throughout the night, it's crazy. It's too much. That same narrative is still amongst especially young people, but even adults as well, till this day, oh, my God, I gotta wake up every morning at sunrise. You know, I went to work on all of this stuff. You're missing the point. And this is how Allah trains your life that you never forget him. Because you can't survive without him. You're going to need him. And if you don't think that if you think you don't need him, then when you're flying and you're way up 40,000 feet in the sky and all of a sudden that plane starts to tumble down. You're going to need him

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When you're sick, and the doctor says, you know, this is going to be terminal for you, there's nothing we can do, you're going to need him. When you lose somebody dear and close to you in your life, you're going to need him. And even if none of these things apply to you, just to stay sane, mentally sane, and focused in life, dealing with Corona, you know, the distress levels and depression levels across the globe, have reached like outrageous numbers out of control. People are becoming mentally crazy, like they're just losing their mind. Because why the interaction, that's social interaction that we were accustomed to our whole life, it's gone, or it's limited. You're

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just talking to somebody a couple of weeks ago, a close friend of mine, and a real intelligent guy, real intelligent guy, very social, brilliant. And he's like, for the first time in my life, I actually feel depressed when we were talking, and we're, you know, trying to understand why and he's like, I just miss people. I miss sitting in a coffee shop and just talking to some of my friends, I miss going to work. I miss meeting, meeting, my colleagues, is just the missing people, because I just missed that social interaction. We're social creatures. And to have that disconnected or temporarily cut off. It's depressing. I'm sure probably some of you listening to this probably feel

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the same way. So Musashi Salaam is being taught a lesson, all of us have to be taught constantly. You have no prayer, you will lose the remembrance of Allah. You have the remembrance of Allah, you must have prayer. You cannot have one without the other. I kid you not Mark my words is from our book is from the poor, and anybody who claims that they have a relationship with Allah, but they don't pray regularly. They don't at least a minimum of five times a day. And they say to you, I still remember and I'm connected to Allah is a liar. They're not telling you the truth. Or they have a relationship with Allah that is so flawed and skews skewed. Like, they have this sort of empty

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fluff relationship, like good days. Yeah, I remember all I think about why the other days for three months, they'll never pick up the Quran. They don't know how to recite one page, they can barely pray. All of those things. That's not remembrance of Allah. You know, that's just what I what I call getting spiritually high with the remembrance of Allah. It's almost become like a high. You take it, you feel it at that moment, and then when it dies out, so to you, and then you feel it again, you cut. So what's the difference between that and somebody's just getting high? It's a spiritual high. Lots of Muslims do this. They do this on Juma. They do this in Ramadan. It's their only connection

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with Allah subhanaw taala. May Allah give us strength because why? We want that feeling of joy every day. We want that feeling of Ramadan all the time. And the way to achieve that is you have to pray and pray every day consistently. Last couple verses follow your suit. danika Mela you may not be what bhairahawa who photogra that? Allah says and don't let it distract. You know, excuse me in the eye before the illness.

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Attia Do you see what a lead did after Sala and his remember its Look what a lead is going to talk about next. The Day of Judgment the hour it is on its way Attia is,

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in the what you might call it the present tense. It's already on its way, the day of judgment. There's nothing you can do what you can't change its course you can't pause it or delayed. It's coming. It's on its way.

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It's already driving. It's moving. There's no pause. There's no brakes, there's nothing. The Day of Judgment is on its way I can do ofI Harley today it was almost hidden from you. It was meaning that if a lot if Allah subhanaw taala wanted to he could have disclosed the day in the time he I mean, excuse me, he could have disclosed it all together. But instead Allah disclosed all the details of the Day of Judgment. So we know the day but we don't know what time it is. We don't know exactly when Allah says 50,000 years we don't know how that even feels. We know it's it's coming we know some signs, but the intricate details of when and how and when that side will unfold when that sign

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will end. We don't know those details. You know, there's a great wisdom behind that. Can you imagine if we knew the exact time of the day of judgment we know that day but we don't know what is it the beginning of the Friday is the middle of when does it happen?

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If we knew those details, you know what mankind generally mankind

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would have done if they knew that the day of judgment will start on Friday 12pm by 1159 11:59am that's when Toba would begin.

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Think about it. People will just kind of okay well, I'm pretty good I'm free. Okay, Okay, one more minute before the day of judgment guys get into sajida now, guys, let's start praying. But we have one minute left. Let's just beg beg, beg, beg beg.

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doesn't work like that doesn't work like that Allah hid these details from us because he wants you to up payment solid tally victory your whole life just doing that.

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litigious Kowloon. fcmb matters. So Allah could reward every single individual for what they were rushing towards tests on you know, rushing towards in terms of good deeds. You have this energy. That's what Salah does to it feeds the energy in your heart, it feeds your emotion. When you pray once you want to pray again, you do fetcher. You can't wait for low or low 100 men as soon as like when are you going to get here? You start building that thirst and appetite to worship. That's how it starts. It starts with prayer. Lots of students asked me, I don't feel my prayers. I don't feel my connection with Allah. How do I fix that? I just pray and I just do all the movements. Because

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you're the killer your remembrance, that's where your weaknesses you know, with let me let me word this properly. to taste the flavor of Salah

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must have remembrance of Allah outside of sada. So you're thick here you're poor and your consciousness of Allah. Those are all the ingredients that make solid, solid, tasty and sweet. It becomes delicious now, or otherwise, it's just you're just doing the cardiovascular exercise just popping up and down all day five times a day to make it have flavor. It's the ingredients that you add in your life the spiritual ingredients that you do and you're engaged with outside of solar, that gives sulla its flavor. That's when it becomes meaningful again.

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Otherwise, look what this is the last day otherwise this is what Salas gonna feel like follow your suit Danica and her so don't let it distract you mela you mean ob help those who don't believe in salah and Vicar whatever. Hahaha huh. So they just follow their their empty desire. So that's what Salah is gonna be like, you're gonna be like, did you pray? Yeah, I just I prayed. That's what happens. Why this is why when Muslims a lot of Muslims pray. So in Salah you pray immediately when Salah is done if you rub somebody the wrong way. You ever see how we get out of parking lots? You know, it's like, it's like it's like an episode from Super Mario Kart or something like it's like a

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video game. It was just

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it was trying to get out. Arguments will start happening. Sometimes fights will start happening. You start honking horns and you're thinking to yourself,

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didn't we just preach Omar? Just come out of sada you can just stand in front of Allah. And that's how we act when we leave the masjid. Do you ever see how Muslims stand up in line for food? It's just like, Man, it's like an episode from the Jamaat Ratan Hajj, man. It's just crazy. Speaking of which, when there's no order, so handle law.

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Think about all of our fellow Muslim countries. I'm not going to mention names just generally think of Muslim countries. And think about the Nirvana in the system, waiting at traffic lights, staying in your lane following traffic laws, standing in lines, sharing and caring honesty. Just think about those things for a second and compare that to other countries. And you tell me doesn't this make so much sense? What about Whoa, whoa, whoa, because then In other words, a Lessing. If you don't have his remembrance, then Salah is just like, whatever, I just get it done. You know, just do it. You'll read por en and you'll it's just like reading like a novel is reading it is reading it? Nothing.

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There's no movement, nothing in the heart. Nothing's happening. You just do it. And that's how you can test yourself. Why isn't solid changing me? Why isn't it improving my life? Why am I not getting the experience that I'm supposed to get? Because everything outside of solid is poisoning solid itself, everything outside. So this is what prayer does. It really shifts your lifestyle on a path that insha Allah, everything in and out of Salah becomes meaningful and becomes pleasing to Allah subhana wa Tada. We're going to stop here, guys. Oh, what about our wahoo photographer, photographer de todo de is when you're on a cliff and you're about to fall. So Allah is saying, if you follow

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those empty desires, you're just eventually going to go up. You're thinking you're doing it all. But really, when you get at the top of the mountain, you're not going to be the king of the hill anymore. You're just going

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fall right off. So it's as if Allah is hinting that people who pray and worship him this way just to get it over with. It's all done in vain.

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What a tragedy. What a tragedy or a prophet Ali's subtle sub described a man will come in the Day of Judgment. And he would have prayed so much that the markings, the markings of where he went for sujood on the ground, the markings would have been there permanently because why he made such there's so much he put marks like they were like these on his forehead as well as on the carpet or in his suggests prayer mat, you will see the effects of how much should you this man made and none of it will be accepted. Why?

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Because he didn't have the vicar in his life. His the vicar was only in Salah that's it. And sometimes Muslims confused they think that Salah will just switch on a light bulb everything outside of prayer that's not how it works. I've said this over and over solid does not transform you worship doesn't transform you don't just we're not spiritual Transformers guys. You know you don't get into prayer or read some Koran. And when you come out you feel this Wow, now I'm just men I want to go make Hajj right now it's not even hatch season, but I'm going to Mecca and it's not gonna happen like that.

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In the Lucha like you'll hate it or maybe a cold. A lion never changes the state of people had you will you will maybe unfussy him until you have the willingness to change something within you. You have to want it. When you want positive change. Allah will facilitate the path so that you can have positive change, Allah will put you on set automatically, Allah will get you there. But you gotta want to be there. You can't come out of this lane that you're in unless you turn the signal and change lanes, your car is not going to go and shift to another lane just because you feel like it should, you actually have to turn and get over there. So Allah is saying, if you want a good life,

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you have to shift your heart and desire and will to want that, then solid, secure everything else. That's when it starts feeling good. And it starts making sense. So I leave you with asking one very simple question. For those of you who struggle with this, how bad do you want this? How bad?

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Do you want this? It's your decision. You decide. And if you want it and you start opening it don't just sit there and kick back and relax and just go through an app No, no. You perform will do you pick up your core and and you sit there you really make a genuine effort. I promise you Allah promises you insha Allah who tala, you'll start with one page. And all of a sudden, it's not enough. You want the other page? And then you start the other page and you're like, No, no, I want to finish the soda. And when you finish the soda you look at the other side. I'm like, Well, I finished one Why can't I go to the other and before you know it, the whole poor end. You're like, Oh my god, I

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finished the whole quarter and I want to start it again. Anywho back to the beginning and you started all over again. That's what happens. You planted a seed in there. Anyhow, we're going to talk a lot about this as we continue with sort of follow her. I'm going to leave you with this guys. I hope that it's helpful and and informative and inspiring and beneficial to you. As it is to me. I get a lot out of doing doing this with you guys. So I hope and I pray Allah accepts it from us alone, man, I mean, just like malachite and metal lines so it'll keep you safe and healthy. And tomorrow we resume with Part Three as as we journey through soda, just like Malala was Scylla Marley

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come to LA he wabarakatuh