Sulaiman Moola – Tafseer of Surah Maryam 23 – Treat your wives with justice

Sulaiman Moola
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what's going on feeding Kitabi?

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Umina show plenty of Ragini Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim where the doula Who levena Don't worry about the year to slowly hire to hire on entering the big

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room so that Allah will love him. So in verse 75, Allah subhanho wa Taala sounded a warning to the disbelievers that today you proud you're arrogant you hottie you're saying that you are mighty, you're strong, you're robust. But soon you will know men who are Sharon McDonough, whose abode is wicked. We're about Alpha junda and whose army is the weakest meaning on the day of the Yama you will stand alone you will have no army no one to assist you. Then in verse 76, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Why is it Allah Who levena Don't muda Allah will increase the guidance of those who are rightly guided, just as in the previous verses, Allah subhanho wa Taala said, Coleman, Ghana

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football Allah, the One who is in deviation who opts for deviation fully under the law, who Rama Nomada, then Allah will give him respite in that, if that's what you opt in for, and that's what you're choosing, so be it and the one who opts and inclines towards the truth and guidance, Allah subhanho wa Taala will increase him. Now here's an amazing point of reflection. The other is they do basic Arabic to increase whereas the doula who lives in a hetero Houda and those that are guided Allah will increase them in guidance. Allah subhanaw taala did not put a limit to that. Allah says Allah will continue guiding them, which indicates to us that the journey of truth of nobility of

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virtue of reformation continues continues. At no point have you fully accomplished Have you fully achieved? You've got all the accolades and the certificates to say no it no a person continues climbing and ascending, Allah subhanho wa Taala told the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in surah Fatah that, you know victory was given to you, Leo virological Allahu mantapa dynamin them because no matter what you Timoney matter who la casa de la Musa tema, to perfect the boundaries of Allah upon you, were ya da Kassapa Musa tema, and to further guide you on that straight path on which you are guided, nobody can be more guided than the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. In

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fact, Allah told the messenger SallAllahu wasallam, in the concluding verses of Surah Surah. We're in Nicoletta de la serata. Mr. Team, that you guide people to the straight path, meaning to tolerate and the other one is insoluble material, as we will say, you show people the straight path. And yet Allah subhanaw taala tells the messenger SallAllahu wasallam, via the ACA, Allah will guide you. So what's the point my brother, what's the reflection, my sister, the journey of truth, the need to better yourself to improve yourself to enhance yourself just continues and continues, you're always learning, I give the simple analogy, and it's something that relates to me, and I'm sure many people

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would also you know, it would relate to others. So as as a formal student, and I use the word formal, because we students, our entire life, will folk awkwardly, they really mean it. And above every learned person, there's someone more knowledgeable, but as a formal student in a seminary setting before your teacher, and as a child before your parent, you're constantly hoping aspiring to become a good child to your parent and to become a good student to your teacher. And you continue trying and, you know, toiling in that regard, and then somewhat after a period of few years, you summon the hill. And when you look up, suddenly, you have the cap of a father on you and the cap of

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a tutor on you. And now you're a teacher, and you're a parent, and you could be a great child, but that doesn't make of a great teacher necessarily. You could be a brilliant student, and that doesn't necessarily make of a great teacher. So now it's a separate challenge altogether. I was trying to become a good child but to become a good parent. It's a different I'm raising children in a different time in a different era with different challenges. So now you try to see how you can learn better improve yourself as a parent and then a grandparent and so on and so forth. So we continuously learning way as the doula who living in the Huda Allah will increase. So I often say to

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people, that many times when you look at the feet and accomplishments of great people, then apart from the fact that

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others are impressed by the accolades, their achievements and their feet. Even they themselves, even they themselves really did not anticipate

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acquiring this to such a great level. So you would speak to this person Wow, this is so amazing, so great. And he'll tell you well, you know what, when I started my journey, I was unaware that I'm going to reach this pinnacle. I'm going to reach this point. But I just started taking the baby steps, I started taking the small steps. And Allah subhanaw taala inspired and took me to the next level and the next level. So apart from others being impressed or astounded or impressed or shocked me myself also, I know for a fact that even I cannot achieve this. This is purely truly, exclusively through the grace of Allah. In fact, when when non Muslims ask myself, you know, I really don't know

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how you people fast in the month of Ramadan. I say to them, it's not only you that are surprised that we fast even I'm surprised how we fast. Even I myself, I'm surprised how we fast why, because throughout the year, we are unable to achieve it. And in the month of year, in the month of Ramadan, Allah makes it possible. So come the 29th or the 30th of Shabbat. We just drop everything cold turkey and the next morning you get enough for Soho. The night preceding that you indulge in you have in a good level of spread. It's not like you gradually gradually slowing down. So it's only through the grace of Allah subhanho wa Taala where you see the loving Latina that the Huda Allah

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will increase you remember when the youth in the tail and the narrative of God when they stood before the king? And then Allah says, What are batana allah God obey Him if God move Accardo Rob bonobos, Sama Allah, we strengthen their hands when they stood. And they said Robin was somewhat you will earn our Lord is the Lord of the heavens and the earth, learned the Roman Dooney he ILAHA we will not call out to any deity besides him. Luckily the Puna isn't Shut up. Ah, that would be a grave crime on our part. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says water batana a second now ha and it deserves really second na and it deserves really mimma and second Fe harmony Lea team is what the

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scholars have mentioned that we keep them firm. So often you plan yourself No, I'm going to be strong. I'm going to be committed. I'm going to be assertive, I'm going to express myself. But come the moment you buckle under pressure, you buckle under pressure and you cannot be assertive. You cannot gather your thoughts you're under pressure you become nervous you become apprehensive. Your speech is incoherent you simply cannot communicate yourself. Can you imagine these are you the tyrant there, you're going to lose your life everything else is going to go What are Bettina, Allah gave them strength. So you take the first step, Allah subhanho wa Taala makes it possible for you

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beyond and then Allah inspires you, Allah inspires you. So you vow that I'm going to make wudu and go to sleep and then see how Allah makes it possible for you. You say everyday I'm going to recite Quran and then you see how Allah makes it possible for you to increase in that regard.

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There is a verse in Surah to Nyssa in the form of Jews, addressing a person in a polygamous relationship and this the profound you know, nature of the Quran, the richer deductions of the Quran. So addressing a person who has multiple spouses, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Well, I'm tardy No well into stopping oh and directly lubaina Nyssa evil Ohara stone, you simply will not be able to maintain justice between your spouses. While O'Hara stone even if you aspire for anatomy local mail. Now, do not incline in totality towards one for the rule ha. And in doing so you leave the other one a girl more Mala I laid her a little more Mala Aloha, you then disinclined from one in

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totality, further the row ha you then leave her kill more i laka hanging and you know what, you just leave her in the balance. She doesn't feel like she's married to you because you don't give her the time. Nor does she feel that she is a free woman, because they is the bond of marriage. That is not how you should be behaving. what is meant here is that Islam has impressed upon a man. And today people will not take the idea in its complete context and understanding it. Islam has impressed upon a man that if you have multiple spouses, then you obviously need to be just between your spouses. And let me make a qualifying statement here. Islam is not only impressive justice, if you have

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multiple spouses, yes, it becomes more complex. It becomes more complex when you have multiple spouses to execute fairness and justice. Are they

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Why is the command of being just with your spouse even if you have one spouse?

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So as a husband, I need to be just to my one wife, I need to be fair to my one wife, and likewise a woman needs to be just and fair and execute justice to her husband. Generally people think the ruling of justice only applies to two or more wives. No, that's wrong. That's incorrect. Islam calls upon justice with even one spouse and ends Allah subhanaw taala said, For in fifth term Allah da de Loup, if you are afraid that you will not maintain justice be doing your spouse's for why they don't then limit yourself to one spouse, limit yourself to one spouse, I am on the topic. Let me just share with you a deeper reflection in this regard. So chapter four juice for verse three. Allah

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subhanho wa Taala says, Forget Homer bubblegum Gumina Nyssa methanol, we're through lots of Aruba that marry from the woman that are permissible two or three or four. Under this idea in biannual Quran, it is mentioned that the IEA gives you the permissibility in The Hobbit team won the Humala Mia confy if rotten out the free balloon la UniFi as Dr. melodiya Hafele Ephrata are with the free pa well Assalamu alaikum bizarre Angelica the Lodi minha while Italica sha Allah Tala limited limitedly harder Raju ILAHA del atsr We totally here for Wahida with Accra Hickmott the Hoff he told me he Darla Delica dinar Allah, the odo the deep tail of Islam, the complete transparency of every X

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every ruling is just mind boggling. It's just mind boggling. Yeah, you are living in harmony that the yen tune be day in right the longest ayah in the Quran. In medieval Quran, it is written that folk AHA and the jurists have deduced 20 rulings and principles from this is regarding transaction and dealings. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says that if you are afraid that you cannot, you cannot be just and fair. Firstly, Allah said you have the permissibility which indicates that Islam has given you permissibility to endowed moderately in the permissible things and that's the balance. That's the practical nature of Islam. Islam is not so cool man Haram has been at Allah hill at the origin

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everybody will tell you about being a risk, something is permissible within the limits within the bounds it is permissible it's correct. Yes, there are limitation there's a context is a qualifying statement. Understand the context, understand the context. If you are afraid that you will not be just then limit yourself to one lanica at dinner a letter Rulu This is closer, this is closer that you will not be unjust. So Allah didn't say if you have one wife, then you know what guaranteed you will not oppressor. No. Allah said the chances are now less either your own means to incline, meaning the chances are less that you will incline towards injustice, because now you only have to

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take care of one. But that does not mean that the rules of justice do not apply to one spouse, Wallah, he nobody has given more respect, honor and dignity to a woman than Islam. Now coming back to the other verse also of Surah Nisa, Allah said, even if you were to try to maintain justice between all your spouses, you simply won't achieve it. You're in the latter verse which I'm referencing in surah. Nisa, as well refers to the equal distribution of affection and it does not refer to the distribution of time, of wealth, etc, but rather of the affection of the heart. You simply cannot because it's outside your control. So you have multiple spouses, you cannot love each

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one equally that's outside your control. He SallAllahu sallam said Allahumma Hadar Kusmi Faema Emily, Fela 273 My termly Kouvola Amulek. Oh Allah, this is my distribution between my spouses. Do the best of my ability. Do not hold me liable for that which is not in my control and in your control? And subhanAllah our Habib sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was so just was so fair, it was so fair, that even his fatal illness when his health did not allow him to go to his other spouses. And now he was not feeling physically strong. And he was obviously exempt to Jim and Tasha women who never took we like a mentor Shah as reference in

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Surah. Al Azhar in the Quran, he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would seek consent he would see consent in another than tomorrow is which wives chance and they would say it is this way for the Allahu Allah and He will modestly imply to them that can I

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it'd be based at one place given my ill health La ilaha illAllah. So okay, I know it's been very academic but let's get back to the point here, that even if you are unable to maintain that justice of affection between all to love all now let it not be because you like one more your heart is inclining suddenly you shower her with everything you give more importance to her parents you give more importance to her siblings, you give more importance to her needs and the other one to whom somewhat your heart does not incline as much as the other one. you forsake her for the role ha mama Allah Allah you abandon her law here to Berlin. Wala here am she doesn't feel like she's married not

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that she feels like she's single. Because you just leave her you neglected you abandon her? No, that's not correct. That's not correct. So under this is in biomol Quran it is written that Allah Allah Allahu Allah YouTrack MLL at dinner, either alum yuck dear Allah, Allah, Allah La ilaha illAllah. We learn from this idea that when you cannot achieve something at the optimum, then don't forsake something which is basic and average. Let not what you cannot do prevent you from what you can do. So you're unable to do something, right. Okay, you don't have the ability to you know, what,

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perhaps stand in long prayers of tahajjud in the month of Ramadan and rise early, but surely you can perform two units before retiring to bed. Surely you can perform two units when getting up for Soho della Allah and the hula YouTrack LML at dinner, if you cannot achieve the maximum law you track Allah MLL at dinner, then don't forsake the basic. So if you cannot distribute your love equally, which is outside your control, but then you can distribute your time equally, you can distribute your wealth equally and you are expected and it is the command of the Sharia to do that. Okay, we digress into this whole academic discussion. The point I was saying is why is it Allahu levena tetto

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Houda that

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Allah will increase you you do the first step, Allah I want to do this man Allah I'm will announce you read the a DA Allahu Anhu if you borrowed money and you want to pay, Allah says, I will help you pay and I will make it possible for you to pay.

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You be committed to be Salah certain happen Allah Allah here, oh no three people are in the care of Allah subhanho wa Taala and not to letting you read the life of the bride or the groom, who ventures in the institution of marriage with the primary aim of protecting their modesty and are often asked the question when performing the Nika to the groom, What's your intention of getting married? And they just give a smile and a chuckle. I mean, what do you mean intention, intention? I mean, like really? What was the intention? No. Well, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam says, If your intention is to safeguard your chastity, then Allah will protect your chastity and often it's the absence of this

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motivation that results unfortunately in infidelity, promiscuity, post marriage as well. May Allah save us not to say that it is correct pre marriage No, not at all. Not at all. Any form of infidelity disloyalty, is is repugnant and is unlawful, impermissible and forbidden.

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So one is a person who intends getting married with the intention of protecting his chastity number two, Elijah hidoe feasibility Allah, the warrior in the path of Allah and number three, Alka Al, MacArthur LLP, Yuri don't either. Right, MacArthur is a context of a slave back in the old times, where his master had told him that you know what, give me X amount of money and you can earn your freedom, but loosely, it could be extended, it could be extended to a debtor, it could be extended to a debtor, in fact of Siddharth money and I just have this flesh and I credit this to the Almighty. Allah subhanho wa Taala says, while you're talamona parama Allahu Akbar he miskeen and why

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a team and what I see that the pious are those that they feed despite the love of wealth, Allah hobby miskeen and the poor yet team and the orphan were a Sierra and the captive interested in Earth money under this ayat is written, if you make little the West in the meaning meaning you broaden the implications of a seed that is a captive, it could easily include a data that you feed in a data you help in a data you want to take him out of his debts. And it's important that we need to look into this as well. There are different types of charity one is free people from deaths free people from that I know of a brother May Allah bless him Subhanallah every year in the month of Ramadan every

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year in the month of Ramadan. after Ramadan he looks at people that

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The only money and then he just wipes out X amount of debts and he says okay, this year we clearing out five people who are genuine who want to pay but are struggling and having difficulty. The point again I'm coming to you take the first step and then see how Allah subhanho wa Taala will make it possible. Okay, we'll leave it to that we have only explored a portion of verse 76 Where does he do Lovelady? United the Huda Allah will increase the guided ones in their guidance, we ask Allah subhanahu wa taala to make us amongst those fortunate people, and that we can also be given an increase in the good that Allah has blessed us with so that we can further you know, ascend and

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further climb this ladder of virtue and nobility until ultimately we meet our Creator. I mean your boy Alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa early he was happy he Adjumani will hamdulillahi rabbil aalameen

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