Musleh Khan – Tafseer Sura Taha #03 Verses 17 – 28

Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The rise of Islam in the US is seen as a pressure on celebrities to be more vocal, with representatives using stickers to help animals and boost social confidence. The group is nervous and relaxed, and workers use stickers to help themselves. They discuss various topics, including a snake and a flying aircraft, a weight of a car, and a quiz where Musashi Selim gets confidence to confront a powerful man. The importance of trusting others, especially when dealing with difficult situations, is emphasized. The speaker also mentions a new episode of the show " morality."
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Selam Aleykum mauritiana to LA he wabarakatuh at hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Sall Allahu Allah He wanted early he was happy he woman while married. So we're gonna get right into this guys because again an amazing, amazing topic we have for you in sha Allah hotel Allah. So let's get right into it and we are at verse number 18. So after Musa alayhis salam is now standing with Allah subhanho wa Taala he's taken off his shoes. Now there's a conversation that's already starting to happen a lot and so Jill introduces himself you know, I am your master La Ilaha Illa NFR Bodine there is no day to worthy of worship but to me, so worship me. Welcome Masada to the decree and

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establish prayer so that you can remember me, then he reminds him of the day of judgment that it's coming and it's on its way, follow suit, then that can happen. So don't Allah subhanaw taala continues to that don't allow anything else to distract you. And then here is where we come to verse number 18 womac Tila cabbie me Nick am sir.

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This is amazing. What is in or on the right side there yeah Moosa. Now pay attention to the language. You know, if a father asks the son and calls the son by his name first and says, Mohammed, come here, I want to talk to you. You know, the son would immediately be like, Oh, my God, the day of judgment is here in my house, right? They might be afraid, because why they hear their name first, as opposed to, I want to talk to you, Mohammed, come over, Mohammed, how's your day? So how was your classes? How'd you do on your test? The conversation is a bit more relaxed, feel a bit more calm about things. And that's what's happening to musala. He said, I'm calling him out as ye Moosa

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here is not the same as how the sort of began. Now Allah subhanho wa Taala is trying to get Musa to just relax because again, he's sitting there in the middle of the desert, he climbs this mountain he hears his name yeah Moosa and are a book. So now Allah Azza wa, JAL calms him down. And this is why it's interesting that his name is mentioned at the end of the verse, rather than the beginning of the verse. So now that Musa alayhis salaam is kind of relaxed, a lot asks him, Allah shifts the conversation. Now, it's not just about a las panatela no more, it's not about inspiring him and giving him all of this revelation. Now Allah asks him, what's that thing that you have on your right

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side? So musala he said them. He says, Carla, here are Satya. This is my stick, or my staff. Right. So this staff is a stick that is taller than you and you depend on it. And you know, it supports you and you get strength by using this stuff. It's not like a king because a cane is a symbol of weakness. But a staff is a symbol of strength. So it makes Moosa to be become more upright, and he's able to do a lot of other things. So Musa alayhis salaam is relaxed now. Now look what happens. You know, when you're meeting a celebrity of someone famous, like we mentioned in a previous episode, you know, you get nervous. And that's completely normal. You might have a ton of questions, you meet

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your favorite speaker, and you're like, shouting, shouting, I have a question. Okay, go ahead.

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Our dogs headed in and then you just you come up with this bizarre random question. So all of that nervousness now is gone. And Musa alayhis salam really doesn't have anything to talk about. So what is he going to look forward to talk about? He says, Okay, well, this is my stick. And then that could have been enough that he could have stopped there. But musalla, he said, then continues, and he does what?

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I tell what can or lay her, I lean on it. So this is my staff. This is my stick. And I lean on it. And I depend on it. And it kind of supports me. So now what is my silence that I'm doing? He's getting comfortable. So now he's talking about his stick his staff? And he's like, yeah, this is it. And you know, I do a lot of great things with this stick. So I lean on it, I relax on it. Well, who shall be here allow me, I also use the stick. And I break off his shoe hash is when you move branches or things in front of you with ease. So he's like, yeah, my stick is strong. It's sturdy. I can just sort of break the leaves and the trees and branches in front of me so that my sheep and my

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flock can walk with ease. So now he mentions two things, he leans on the stick, and he also uses it for other reasons, right? So he uses this to help his animals. And he doesn't stop there. Now you would think right, you're in this moment, you're talking to Allah subhanho wa Taala. You don't know what to say. So you're talking about your stick. And then all of a sudden he says he doesn't know what else to think about. So look what he says next. What do you

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Hi, I'm Eddie Bora. And there's a lot of very important and intricate things that I do with this stick. Madlib is when you have an object and you depend on it, it's important to you does a lot of things for you without it, you wouldn't be able to complete your tasks. So he says that my stuff, I also do these really, really important things. Very, very critical in my life. That's what the stick is all about. Yeah, a lot. It's it's, I don't know. For me, it's it's a it's a very cute moment between him and Allah, soprano. mattarella you know, musala his time is finally relaxed. You know, the first thing is told is Take off your shoes. So he's barefoot now in the middle of the desert on

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some mountain in a valley somewhere. And he's now talking to a voice to Allah subhanho wa Taala and he hears this voice. So he's having this conversation. And so now he's relaxed that hamdulillah it's just me my staff and Allah subhanho wa Taala watch what happens next.

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Pilot LTA Moosa. Drop it Yeah, Musa. See what happened again. Yeah, Musa is Where? At the end of the verse. So what's the What does that mean? This scenario here in this scene of the story, it's about just keeping him calm, chilled out relaxed. So the staff alesse has to drop it edited me around, that means to throw either also means to throw rights far away from you. But alcohol means to drop it and it's right in front of you. It's right next to his foot. Now you know where this is going, right? Because he's barefoot. So he drops his stick. Now you know what's amazing, it's the same thing as taking off the shoes. You know, he gets this instruction to do something so trivial. And he

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doesn't ask really my shoes. Why? Why do I have to take my shoes, he doesn't ask nothing. Now the second part of the story, he's told to drop his stick, he's like, okay, a lot like my shoes. Now my stick like what's going on here. He doesn't do any of that. This is the purity of musala. He said him. This is how Allah is prepping him to become a prophet. And there's something else that Ally's preparing him for just way. So he drops his stick, he's drops this stuff.

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And then all of a sudden fell apart her for either here or here to enter Sarah. And as he looks at it, and it's right beside his foot for either here or here. It's a serpent or snake, you know, Haiya tune is the snake that has the fangs sticking out. So he sees these massive fangs on this on a right next to his feet. Do you see why the whole idea of having no shoes on plays a critical role in just imagining the scene? I want you to just imagine the scene for a minute picture. You're watching this like as a YouTube video or as a movie. You're sitting in the cinema and you're watching this movie unfold. So he's barefoot. What's your first reaction? Oh my god, it's gonna bite us feet off.

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Because the fangs are sticking out Haiya tongue Tessa, Tessa it moves viciously and quickly. So what does that tell him to do? So now he goes from being calm a low relaxed him. He starts talking about his staff. Then he's feeling okay, now I'm getting comfortable. Okay, so what's next? What do you want me to do? Take my staff drop it on the floor. Sure. And all of a sudden, what happens? The fear comes right back. And look what Allah subhanho wa Taala tells him to do next

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on the hood.

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While a tough

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take. Pick it up. And Musa Don't be scared. Now the language has changed. You see you had two chances, right? You are given two methods of discipline to relax. Now Allah is going to concentrate on what is to come for musala slim, so it's in other words, by telling him Don't be afraid. It's like, Okay, it's time to get serious now. I need you to pick that stuff up, pick up the higher pick up the snake. So musalla he saw me sitting there barefoot alone, middle of the desert, all of these things. And now his staff that he depended on, you know, God knows how long he's had this. And now it turned into a snake and the fangs are vicious and the snake is sitting there watching him. Now he

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has to grab it with his bare hands. He doesn't ask Allah. Okay, Allah, could you make me some gloves? Could you give me some protective gear? None of that. So what does Musa alayhis salaam do? The only instruct the only protective procedure you get is don't be afraid. Just grab it. So normally do has co2 oola unless says we're going to return it back to exactly

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Same way that it was the original form. So musala, Islam picks it up and boom, it's back to his staff again. So this is the first miracle. Now you might be wondering, why is all of this happening? What's What's going on here? Take off your shoes, talking about a stick. This is what meeting a lot alone and having a private conversation with Allah. This is what it's like. Just wait. Just wait. Next world ammonia dakila Jenna hijk take your hand, and walk more means to put a deep electrokinetic under the arm. So he puts his arm like this.

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And what ends up happening to hold would you bail ba woman lady. So I mean, why are you so in a certain aura, then when you take your hands out of your armpit, it will be bright and beautiful, flawless. No pores, no skin, you know, probably nothing. It's going to be and some of the scholars of Tafseer said that when he pulled his hand out of his armpit. And he looked at it, it was brighter than the sun. A love place this beautiful white brilliance on his hand, and musala s&m he's given the strength to look at this. And what is a lesson? Lino de Akemi tiene el kobato so that we could show you some of our major a yet and miracles. So now, here's the question. You look at the title of

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this video. And you're wondering, how does Allah teach us to trust him? Well, this is how Allah teaches us to trust him. The next verse, Allah says, so after you know about the staff, it turns into a snake, then you put your hand under your arm, it's brighter than the sun. These are all major areas of Allah.

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So next is the habit he left in our own in Baja, go to fit our own, because he is a tyrant. So what did Allah do? a latrine the musalla, he sent him two things. Number one, you see a snake, and that's vicious. But the bigger snake and the more vicious one is filled around. So if you can grab the snake and trust Allah, then you can confront fit around and trust Allah. So here is how Allah is teaching us to trust him. When you trust a lot in the little things in your life, Allah will give you the strength within, so that you can trust him in the major things in your life. Let me give you an example.

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You're riding your bike, and you're about to go downhill. Okay? And it looks like it's doable. You know, you look at the path, you look at the track and everything and you're like, Okay, there, there aren't many bumps. And you go. And as you go down, you're like, Okay, well, you see another You see, a massive bump is coming up, and there's no way you can swerve around it. So you're like, Oh, my God, and you go over the bump, and you happen to land just fine. Great. You're under a lemon, I could have just wiped out. But Alhamdulillah I'm good. similar scenario, you're driving now on the highway. Everybody is going.

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And then all of a sudden, you see this massive 18 Wheeler tractor trailer going by, and one of the tires burst out. And you see pieces of the tire starts flow going all over the highway, and the biggest piece of that tire is coming directly to you.

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What do you do? Immediately, your brain remembers, this is what this this whole thing is teaching us. Immediately your brain remembers. I trusted a law when I had no control over that bike. And I thought it was clear and it wasn't. Now I can trust him over a law, you're in charge of that debris, you're in charge of him. You can trust him. You're flying on a plane, all of a sudden the turbulence gets out of control. And you all do is if you're like me, all the doors start coming out every single thing. You start reciting your Shahada, you name it. I can't tell you how many times this has happened. You know, I remember one time I took a flight I think I was going to Singapore or Malaysia

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one of those places, right?

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And the plane dropped. So we're just flying, flying, flying. Then all of a sudden, it dropped for about three seconds. When you're flying. And you feel that the plane literally drop is falling from the sky for 30 seconds. Three seconds, feels like three days. Everything I just showed will lie, lie, lie shadow him, there's a shadow and then all of a sudden it stopped

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The plane just kind of got back up again and you hear the engines roaring as it just goes into full steam and full power and it gets back and stabilizes again. The captain comes off he apologizes, there was a wind pocket or something happened.

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So that's how the poor end teaches us to trust the law. The little things in your life, the little things in your life prepare you for the big things. So now musalla his sell him after he went through this quiz. Now he's ready for the exam. The big test is have enough around, go to fit on enamel Taha, this is the real serpent, the real snake the real tyrant. This is the one you want to go to. Okay. Now you think that Musashi Selim has gotten it, he's learned he's ready, he's calm, he's relaxed. He's gotten revelation. He's gone through these tests. He trusts Allah, look at the first thing he tells a lot.

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Pilar beshara he is suddenly

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Oh, Allah is shortly suddenly calm, my chest is shorter. Surely surgery has two meanings. Number one, keep me calm. Keep me relaxed. Number two, give me the confidence and the strength to confront this man. Give me the confidence. And obviously when you're somebody like most of you have no army, you have no power. You have no money. You have nothing. It's just you alone. You're the first thing you ask a lot is a lot. Keep me calm. Give me the confidence. musalla his son doesn't say Oh, Allah. Okay, sure, no problem.

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Could I at least have a horse? Could I have a sword or something? Can I have like a group with me? He doesn't do none of that. musalla Islam has already learned to trust a lot. He's gotten the message. So he says, Oh Allah. I'm a nervous person, right? As you can see in the biggest since the beginning of the sorta musala salaam has these nerves in him. He's scared. He's human. At the end of the day, although he's this incredible, magnificent prophet. He's still a human. So he asks a lot. What luck? Could you just give me the confidence and kind of make me relaxed? I'm about to go and confront the most powerful human being at the time. Who has all the powers political powers, has all

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the money and resources? I have nothing. It's just me alone. And me and my staff. Could you just make me come

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and then continues WASC really empty and make this easy for me? make this easy for me. subpanel law. Just let that sink in. Guys, let that sink in for a minute. He's asking Allah give me the strength and confidence keeps me calm. And all luck. Could you just bring some ease to it? So I can feel like I'm actually going to be able to do this. So I can feel that confidence. I can experience it. Well, like Could you just make this easy for me? And then the third thing

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that Emily Cerny have told you so this is the third and final point

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that Helen, hella loosen up. Europa knots, loosen up the knots, mainly Sani from my tongue. This is where some of the scholars said that Musashi Salaam had a stutter problem. Or he had difficulty speaking to people of high authority, his nerves would get the best of him, his nerves would get the best of him. And this happens to anybody you mentioned you were talking to the president or the prime minister or somebody some high official, and you had the chance now to ask him or her a question. Excuse me, sir.

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How are you?

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So musala salaam doesn't want to have that problem. So he asks a low even make my tongue my tongue relaxed, calm me down. make this easy for me. Give me the ability that I can communicate with this man so he'll understand me? Yes, I will probably so he can understand what I'm saying. We're gonna pause because that still wasn't all that musalla he silom asked or he asked for some more things. And I want to continue this story from here all the way to when he goes to figure out and just a bunch of other things are okay a bunch of other things happen. Allah will slowly start to give give us bits and pieces of the entire life and biography of more Sally has sent him. I've told you this

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in the first episode, soda, although it's one of the most detailed sutra on the life of Mossad there are lots of missing pieces. So think of it that this is like

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Season One of the life of Masada has set them. Season Two will come in so little puzzles. Then season three comes in another suitor then season four. So you have bits and pieces of it. So right now we move sorry Sam was a grown man, wasn't he? That's how the soda began. He's walking in the desert somewhere. And you know, he hears this voice, Alabama, new Dr. Moosa is walking and he hears this voice, yeah Moosa, then he's confronting Allah and or excuse me, he's meeting Allah subhana wa Tada, Allah gives him certain instructions. Now he's gonna go to fit around. So What was he like when he was a kid?

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isn't that important? Didn't something's happened to him when he was a kid with his mom. So Allah subhanho wa Taala is going to switch the scene to go back to how it all began. You know, I was watching a biography the other day. And it was showing the biography of this famous athlete. And it starts off at his final year as an athlete where the year that he retired, but then after about 10 minutes into the first episode, it would go back to when he was born. And then it'll kind of give you an introduction to how he was raised, which town he was from how he got into sports. And then 10 minutes later, guess what it does? It goes back to his final year as an athlete and then it gives

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you some more insight of well how was finally your was then it goes back again to somewhere in his teenage years gives you a little introduction to what he was like as a teenager, how he started developing those skills, and then it jumps back to the end. And that's how the episodes are going. That's exactly what's happening with the story of masala Islam and much of the prophets and messengers. So we are in season one with Musa alayhis salaam. So stay with me, because things just continue to unfold in the most beautiful way. This door that I conclude with, it'll be shortly suddenly way silly Emery rock that Emily Sonia Poli, this is a Dora I'm sure a lot of you memorized

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it. But if you haven't, please memorize it and use this door. Every time you are put on the spot. When you have to speak to an audience use this to or when you have to stand in front of an important figure use this door. Even when you're about to go in front of customs and you're a bit nervous, you're going to be questioned, blah, blah, blah, use this dude. These are the doors that musala he slammed came up with that teaches us how to remain calm and confident in times of pressure. In times of stress. These are the doors so memorize them. They're important. May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless all of you with great health and strength, confidence and calmness in your life. That you have

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the ability to confront anything and everything that Allah subhanaw taala puts forth in front of you may Allah so it will continue to teach us the beautiful life and the beautiful state of this man morsani salon so that we can extract much of the lessons that we can implement in our own lives. And finally, may Allah azza wa jal make us always in forever a people that will trust him and love him and depend on him alone. I mean, just like Mel Lohan and I see some comments here. Let me just see.

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Somebody is asking if you have this do on English. I mean, I don't have it, but you can find it and the translation I've given it to you, but you can find it all in shot low. Tyler on watching. We'll call it on Google. Okay, so just type in those verses. So the Dora is verse number 2526 and 2720 820-526-2728. Just type in sudo ta her English, whatever language that you're looking for of that door idle, come up, screenshot it, capture it, take a picture of it, and it's yours. memorize it, okay? I promise you, it'll take you just a few seconds and it'll be there. Now a lot So Joe bless all of you. And tomorrow is going to be Episode Four Bismillah hytera er salaam aleikum or to

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Lahore barakato.

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