Nadim Bashir – Tafseer of Surah Al Furqaan #06

Nadim Bashir
AI: Summary © The title of the book discusses the consequence of disputing the Day of JANU, rather than denying the idea. The use of "the culture" in the title is related to the use of today's culture, and the misery of Islam subhanaw taala is discussed. The importance of Jana being a place of compensation for hard work and good actions is emphasized, along with the responsibility of Islam to give people access to Jana and recaps the history behind Jana and the Alameen family.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi hmri. in Ahmedabad, we continue our to see to ascertain for fun. And in the previous ayat, Allah subhana with our talked about the false narratives, the accusations made by the rage against the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Now obviously this is considered as a crime in the eyes of Allah. And whenever there's a crime that is committed, of course there are consequences to crimes are being committed and hence, Allah subhanho wa taala. In these upcoming ayat, he talks about what exactly are those consequences? So

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let's begin in sha Allah, Allah says ban cuts that will be saw that they denied the last hour or they denied the idea of the Day of Judgment. Now here we understand that in the previous if they said that Allah has a son or Allah subhanaw taala has partners, they made accusations against prophesied Salam, but there was never we have seen so far and so forth on that where they had denied and rejected the notion of the hereafter. So what does it mean when Allah says that they had denied the hereafter it means that one is to deny verbally that I reject this idea completely. But one is that through your actions you show that you have absolutely no regards for this idea that you have

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to send before Allah subhanho wa Taala on the Day of Judgment, when these people were saying things against a prophet of Islam, they are being told at the same time, that beware that there is something called the Day of Judgment and you will have to send me for Allah on the day of judgment and give an answer to the wrongdoing, that your wrongdoings and they just have absolutely no regard for it. And they just kept on continuing in their character assassination of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam. So this is why Allah subhanho wa Taala he says what our Tada not Lehmann kevzara bissa RT Syrah so how about when it comes to denying we even find today in this dunya that when a

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person does something wrong, and a person says to them, the one who's the victim, that remember that you're gonna have to send before Allah subhanaw taala and give an account and answer to Allah for your wrongdoings and they just simply just brush it off like as if there is they have no fear of that day there is no there is absolute ignorance and arrogance involved. And they do this intentionally This is a meaning or this is another definition of denying and this is exactly what they did. Now Allah subhana wa Tada said that because of the fact that you denied that you will have to send before Allah on the Day of Judgment, perhaps a brief description of Jahannam may change your

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mind. So Allah says, We have prepared for those people who denied the Day of Judgment a Saturday at all. So you know is Jahannam but it is a different name of Jahannam we find in the Quran different words or different different words or different phrases use for Johanna for example, we find Jimena which is the most common usage word, but we also find for example, Jane we find love or we also find sallied, or E Ra It has been used as a noun, as as an adjective. And also as a verb. It comes 15 times in the Quran. And the word sour means a place where the heat is being intensified a place of intense heat. So when Allah says what event Jehane was certainly right, that Jahannam the fire

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Jahannam is being intensified. Imagine putting a pot of water on fire and you watch it slowly and gradually as it as the heat builds up, and then it began the water begins to boil. Likewise Allah, Allah is saying that the fire in this place the heat is being kindled and the noun WC displeased is boiling and the heat intensifying so this will Allah subhanaw taala saying that for these kinds of people, we have created this kind of place. Now Allah does not stop there. Allah goes into more of a description about this place. He says, eval atonement McCann MBE, then Sammy, oh Allah the urine was a feed on if you have ever seen a situation, whether the situation is being filmed, or is being

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narrated to you, either from the angle of the person, or the story can be told from the angle of Jahannam hear in this ayah Allah subhanaw taala is telling the story from both angles from the angle of Jahannam Allah says, What either atonement Mecanim by Eden J.

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Hunnam sees four away people coming and people are being pushed and dragged and bring bring being brought forth towards jahannam. And not only that, but Allah says what either either some your older hat or a yield on was the fear, on the other hand telling the story from the side or from the angle of these people who are being dragged these people as they are coming closer to the fire Jahannam they will hear in fury, or a raging sigh That is coming like this very deep breathing voice that is coming from the fire Johanna and the more they hear this one is that they're being humiliated by being dragged as it is, but the closer they're being brought to jahannam and to hear the screams and

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to hear Jahannam just breathing. This is only increasing their, their pain already even before being thrown into the fire of Jahannam Allah subhanho wa Taala even Surah cough he says, Yo Menaquinone Johanna mahal internet that Allah will ask the fire Jahannam that are you filled? Like is your Are you satisfied and Jahannam will say help me mozzie give me more give me more and hence more people will be thrown into the fire Jahannam Allah then says wait out in Birmingham a cannon by Yukon macabre Nina, Allah says that these people will be flung, they will be chained first of all, and then there'll be flung into Jahannam into a very tight space. Now naturally, if you have ever seen a

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person who's on fire, they just don't stand still, they will always move around. And the more they move around and they try to put the fire out, then the more they're causing themselves some some no comfort, even though there are in pain, but is easier to deal with that fire when you're constantly moving and trying to put the fire out versus you're stuck in a very tight space. So one is that you're in a tight space you're trying to get out. One is that you are in a tight space and you are chained. There's absolutely no way or any room for escape. So Allah subhanho wa Taala saying that these people are going to be chained and then they'll be flung into a very tight space. And

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naturally when you when when those fire around you and you are chained and you're in a tight space, that only increases the misery and the pain of these people in the fire Jahannam Allah Maha Nam and may Allah subhana protect us all. But Allah is telling us about this. And then Allah has tells us that when these people will see that there is no room for escape. There is no way we can get out of these chains. Then they will say the Ohana Luca whare these people they will ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala to become extinct. They will ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala for death and Allah subhanho wa Taala says, la todo el Yamato Buuren wa heathen whether all Cebu Ron cathedra by the way, when these

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people will say that we want to become we just want to die. We find another verse in the Quran, we're very similar have a similar idea that they will say yeah, Lee 10 equal to Terada that we wish we will just dirt mean that at that time, the kuffar and those who are in the fire Jahannam when they are chained and then a very tight situation, or in a very tight space, and they cannot get out of it, they're just gonna wish that either they were dirt or they were just die and Allah subhanho wa Taala will say La todo el yawgmoth Ron Wyden do not call out or do not ask to become extinct only once. But keep on asking. Now it's interesting that why would Allah subhanaw Without told them to

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keep on asking to become extinct? The answer to that question is that the more in general when you ask or you request for something once and you'll get denied and rejected, of course you don't like it there is you know, you you feel like or you wish that your request was accepted. But imagine a person being your request being rejected over and over again, every single time you request, you have hope that it will be answered. And every single time that rejection comes your way. That only intensifies the misery Allah subhanaw taala is telling us that every single time they will ask to become extinct this request will be flung back at them and this request will be rejected. And

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subhanAllah we find that when it comes to the fire Jahannam that this will be a recurring theme. Every single thing that will happen the fire Jahannam it will happen over and over again. Allah subhanho wa Taala says Kula not the jet julu home but de la home julu Dunaway Raha Alia zoo colada, Allah says that every single time their skin will will burn off and their skin will come off. Allah will replace it with a new skin and then again, they will go through the whole process of punishment. And this is something that is very

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A common in the fire Jahannam even when law Sue also law Harrison has told us about some of the punishments that will take place in jahannam. And Alyssa the Pavarotti, some tells us that one is that a person is punished and some part of the body is either torn or crushed. And then again their head or their face or whatever is being crushed, it will come back in into its original form and then again the punishment will be inflicted upon this person. So this is a common theme we find in jahannam. So Allah subhanaw taala saying that this is exactly what will happen every single time you ask to be relieved, or you ask for death, every single time your request will be rejected and every

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single time their request is rejected. It will only increase in their in their misery Allah subhanaw taala then says to these people to the Quraysh I have given you a brief description of Johanna, do you want this you think this is good? Or I can give you there's no there's another alternative? Um, Jenna, or there is Jana, and hold a place of eternity allottee where either with Takuan which has been promised to those who have Taqwa Subhanallah we are in the month of Ramadan. And the month of Ramadan. One of the key objectives of Ramadan is to attain Taqwa. Fasting is not the objective. Fasting is the means that we use to get to our ultimate goal, which is stuck Allah and Allah

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subhanho wa Taala is telling us here that this place has been created for those who are God conscious cannot law home Jezza and one Masirah It is a place of compensation mean that for all the hard work and all the sacrifices that those who had Taqwa every single thing they went through Allah subhanho wa Taala will compensate them for their good deeds and their good actions, one must see it all and this is your final abode. Imagine traveling from here for example for Umrah and you have multiple stops, as you get to one transit place, you know that your journey is not has not come to an end and you're preparing for the next journey the next the next flight. Only when you get to your

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final destination, you're able to take some rest and you feel a sense of relief. Likewise Allah subhanaw taala saying that in this dunya there's going to be ups and they're going to be downs, you're gonna go through some good times you're gonna go through some bad times, but if a person has stuck or eventually in sha Allah when they get to Jannah that is the final stop that is the final destination and inshallah after that there will be nothing more, no more miseries, no more pain, no more suffering that they will have to endure in their life. And then Allah says, Go home fee have my shot wound. In this though they over there in Jannah they will ask and they will wish for whatever

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they want. Whatever comes to your heart, whatever your heart perceives, whatever your host thinks of. It will come into existence here in this dunya we wish for something you have to work hard for something and then it may come into fruition or not. In the hereafter that is not the case. Allah Subhana Allah is telling us the home fee, Hama Yasha. on whatever your heart desires, it will come right in front of you and it will it will present itself before you Mallya Sharon Harley, the they will stay in this place forever can I allow Rebecca it is a promise given this is a promise given by your Lord Allah subhanho wa Taala and it is always to be asked for me that this Jana is a place that

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we will keep on asking for and this is something that we find for example, when we make dua to Allah Robina wa Tina ma Tana or Seleka what are those in our Yamaki M? O Allah grant us that which you have promised to your prophets of Allah grant us this Allah grant is that so Jana is a place that we always are pleading for? We're asking ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala for and so Allah says in likewise, even when it comes to the Metallica, they always they're also making dua when they say rock band, the film Jannetty I didn't Lottie we're at the home Oh ALLAH enter these people into Jana. About which you have promised them so Jana is a place that we are always constantly asking for Allah is telling

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us can Allah Rebecca wha then must Allah this is a compensation or this is a reward that has been promised and you're constantly asking for it and inshallah this will be given to you on the Day of Judgment. One final thing inshallah I will do want to share with everyone is that when it comes to you know, subhanAllah something that one of my have understood this idea as if that this is a responsibility on Allah, it is a it is upon Allah to give Jana to these people who have worked hard for Jana. Now, of course, some of the older men say that you cannot assign something like this or you cannot put this responsibility or obligation on Allah subhanho wa taala. However, however, there

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is a dua that any person who resizes do our morning and evening three times it is upon

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Allah to please this person on the day of judgment Allah has to please this person on the day of judgment and what is that dua lead to be law he Robin Robin Islam Medina and will be Mohammed Nabi I am pleased with Allah as Murghab Islam as my deed and Muhammad as my prophet, anyone who resizes dua three times morning and evening. It is upon Allah to please this person on the Day of Judgment Subhanallah so once again no need to be lie he Robin, will Islam within and will be Muhammad in Abuja asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to keep us in Jannah to unite us in our families in Jannah. We ask Allah subhana wa to accept from us in the month of Ramadan and Mirabella Alameen. Inshallah, in

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the upcoming ayat we will talk about that now the Quraysh they will call out and they will plead for help when they are being thrown to jahannam Of course any person who is in a dire situation, you're calling out for help, you're in danger you call for help, it's natural. So on the Day of Judgment, they will also call out for help who were they call out for help and what will happen in that kind of situation? That is the upcoming I had asked Allah Subhana Allah to give us the tofield to do every good and may Allah give us the trophy to stay away from all types of sins I mean noble Allah mean to Zack Malachite As salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh cattle

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