Musleh Khan – Tafseer Sura Taha #01 Introduction & Verses 1 – 8

Musleh Khan
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Salam aleikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala al anbiya wa l mursalin. Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa ala early he was Herbie he he married a lot Mary Lim there be valiant founder when found nabby Matt Turner? Was it down, man? Yeah, cut him out of the show he suddenly were silly Emily rock, the Tommy Lee Sony iffco Kohli, Barrett, brothers and sisters, welcome to a brand new series, this is going to be the Tafseer of sort of ba hair, which, of course, is the 20th chapter of the quarter end. And it comes right after the previous episode or series we've just completed, which is sort of millennium, as you

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all know, sort of medium, the audience was primarily the Christians. And so this is why men has been mentioned in that sort of so many times. You know, as I was just flipping through it, every single page pretty much has some mention of of Roman or Alize name. And when you think of in Christian theology, this is truly what they believe that God is merciful. God loves all things, God will forgive you, you know, Jesus came died for your sins, all of these things that is part of Christian theology. And so those those things were addressed in pseudo memoriam and again that this was their primary audience. Now in soda. Soda is the closest sorta in terms of one theme that is similar to

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sort of use IV soda to use if you had one theme, one story that pretty much captured the entire sort of 111 verses. And, you know, it was done in so much detail, but in soda, it's like so that uses sister Sora. Okay, this is the sister soda of soda use of wine, because the details and the themes in this sutra all revolve around one story, and that is Musa alayhis, Salam Moses alehissalaam. Question. When you hear the word Moses or you hear the word mozzarella, Islam, what kind of audience does that immediately attract? Then he is Surah eel, the Jews. So now we just finished, one sort of just finished talking to which audience, the Christian audience and the next chapter las panatela is

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going to now talk to the Jewish audience. So it's very beautiful how they correlate with each other in soda hub. With respect to the suburban Newsela reason of Revelation, there is no authentic, there's no authentic narration of why soda was revealed. What we do know is that soda was revealed in Mecca, and it was revealed somewhere before the migration to Abyssinia or to Habesha. So the first migration that the Prophet alayhi salatu salam went upon and you know, many companions followed him. And so soda was given to him roughly around that period. There are some stories that kind of hint to why sorta was given to the Prophet I slept with some I'll share with you one again.

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There's no authenticity to it. But it's interesting because there are a couple of verses in disorder that sort of allude to this incident. Sometimes the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam. He was witnessed by the Qureshi of Mecca, they would see him praying, the prayer or the morning prayers, and he will be praying the night prayers to God. So they be seeing him doing this all the time. And so they used to come up to him and say, this is the result of you leaving off the religion of our forefathers, look how difficult your life has become. We didn't have to do any of that. So they immediately attributed that this new Islam or tradition that you're following. It's so difficult

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Look how much burden it's brought onto your life. Had you just stayed on this path, a life would have been so easy, you don't have to do all of those things. And so the thought was revealed, revealed in response that Allah never revealed this book or this religion, so that he could instill hardship on people. So he could make your life difficult. That's not what Islam is. If you ever feel like Islam is difficult for you, it's difficult to follow you to follow. That is a reflection of your level of understanding your level of knowledge with the religion, you don't know Islam well enough. You haven't taken the time to really study a nurture the knowledge that you're receiving, or

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it could also reflect how Islam was introduced to you. Maybe the way that it was introduced to your reflected that this was going to be a burden Allah is going to punish all the time, you have to watch every single step. And so the introduction itself was was flawed, that was a problem, but the religion itself isn't and people who devote the time and the effort to learn

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The poor and studying the profit artists thought was solemn, and really taking their time to develop commitment and trust and a journey with this religion understand that this is the easiest, most peaceful journey they have ever taken on their entire life. But that being said, let's begin. Today we're going to start off with the first eight verses of Surah Taha. So with that being said, Bismillah R Rahman Rahim, Baha man ns and I Li Killa Porter en le Tisha. So, Paul hem, no one knows what these letters represent. But again, as a reminder to all of us, just as we said in the previous sutra, disjointed letters in the quarter n, the majority believe scholars have a belief that these

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letters do have some significance they do have wisdom and meaning. Why? Because Allah does not reveal things in vain without any purpose or wisdom or meaning. So, these disjointed letters have meaning to them. But for whatever reason, Allah has concealed that knowledge for mankind. Period. Don't ask well why why doesn't a lot Tommy they're just letters guys, the the rest of the poor and has an ocean of knowledge. So if we don't know the meaning of a few letters here and there, I'll hamdulillah move on. It is knowledge that Allah decided you don't need to know at least not for now. leave it at that. Mountains and gnarly kelkar analytische. But we didn't reveal this poor end upon

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you. I like cat not la cat, not for you or to you, but upon you. Lee tishkoff so that you will be overwhelmed. You know, the word Tesh Paul from Chautauqua, it literally means something that's heavy, it's a burden. So immediately the introductory verse of the surah, Allah makes it very clear, this poor and is not something difficult. It's not supposed to be a pain or a burden in your life. And obviously, it's talking to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam. Now, what does this mean to you and I it should be very obvious. You know, when we're told to recite the horror and and develop a relationship with it. What that helps you do is that it helps you to discover purpose in your life,

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you'll understand why you're here, you'll understand what your goals and ambition ambitions should be. That anything you strive for in your life, you'll be able to interlink that with the message of the poor. And that's how you start living a healthy Islamic life, that you're able to take your jobs, your schools, anything, and somehow connected back to the teachings of this book, because after all, this book is referred to linear living, it is a mercy to all of mankind, just like the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam because he was the walking Porter. And so what made him Rama to lead? I mean, what made him a mercy to all of mankind is because he had this book is because Allah

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subhanaw taala revealed the poor and to him. So we have that same revelation with us. You know, what's amazing?

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A lie. So Joel says, In surah, Tila has a if he was to take this poor end, and give it to a mountain

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and give it to the trees to the sky, you know what they would do? Being a millionaire? What ash Falconer minha, they would actually refuse, because they don't have the strength to carry its knowledge, the burden, the overwhelming weight of Alice's knowledge would have been too much. And as a result, they would collapse. But guess what a lead did with humans? Well, hemella how insane but human beings were given the strength to carry it. You want to know why, why it is you want to know why it's so beautiful. When you meet somebody who's memorized the Quran. It's because you actually have the ability to carry Allah's weight and knowledge in your heart in your chest. That's something

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to just be marveled by. That's miraculous in and of itself. That's why we're not concerned about if somebody decides to burn the Koran or to destroy it. You know, I saw a video just a few days ago of some dude holding the Quran and he's ripping pages and somebody decided to share it. So okay.

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Don't let that stuff bother you too much. Because why? If the horahan was all burnt and destroy across the planet, we would rewrite it within minutes, within minutes, because there are millions of us who have memorized every single word letter, letter and syllable.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala says, I didn't give you this book to make your life difficult. If you find a difficult it's a problem with you. It's a hardship in you. Not

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The book itself, you have to figure out how to navigate through them. In letters, kiloton Lima yaksha. accepted, it was a reminder that Kira is just one reminder, it's one source, that would stimulate something good in your heart. They may yaksha, whoever developed some sense of fear, consciousness and awareness with Allah, what the prophet sallallaahu Selim is being taught here is that there will be followers, who will follow his message and will develop that sense of fear and Presence of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And they will do it as you continue to remind them of this book. So what's the lesson for you and I, we never give up reminding the world about the poor, and

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we never stop. And this is one of the things that motivates me, a lot of you messaged me, how do I keep myself going? You know, we've done almost I think 200 and some odd videos, I don't even know since since lockdown, we've passed 100 now we're past 200. And the point is, is a lot of you asked me, How do I keep this myself going? Well, first of all, I developed a routine. And again, this is all from Allah subhanho wa Taala. But I got myself into a routine, I got comfortable in that routine, because I was learning a lot with the research I would be doing with whatever I was teaching whatever I was speaking to you about. So I would sit down the night before. And I would

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start going through some of my books and figuring out certain things. So I found myself I was learning a lot. And that's all I want. And then third, of course, is that

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it's a reminder for anybody who develops fear of Allah subhanaw taala. That's me. And that's all of you. So why not continue that journey, I want to share the thing that made me the best human being I could be. I want to share that with the rest of the world. You know, I don't harbor any hatred, or racism or any form of discrimination in my heart for anyone. And I want to share what made me this way. And it's the polar end.

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You know, I've never had a run ins with the law. I want to share how I develop that discipline because it came from the poor end. So this is the lesson when we say elected Kira, except that it was a reminder for anybody who had even an atom's weight of fear Presence of Allah, this book can speak to you and I don't care where we you know where you from and how much you've studied of Islam what you know or don't know. It can still talk to you Subhana Allah, that's what cor n does. Anyhow, then zillah min min holla calado was similar to Lula Tenzin the entire por en min min. Hello Costanza, we sent it down to you from the one who has created the earth and the semi wet and the

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heavens and the ruler, the high heavens. Now where's what's interesting? Aren't we used to? min min halaqa SMRT? Well, aren't we use that the heavens come first and then adult comes after. But in this sutra, it was reversed. Auto came first. And somehow that is very rare in the end that this happens. Now why did this happen in this sort of?

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One of the primary themes of the suta we talked about is that it's all about musala he said them and also his altercation with fit around we all know who fit around is around claimed that he was a lot. As a matter of fact, he claimed he was above Allah. He says for conda no Bookman earlier he said that I am above Allah, I am the Most High. So whoever this Allah you talk about I am above that.

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The fact that also feel around and believe that he had control over the entire planet. So Allah starts off and says, I'm the one that has control of the entire planet. So there was a direct relation, there was a dead direct connection between Allah to fit our own. Let's say you claim all of this and all of that. Well, I have all the authority and power on earth. Otto so others came first. Oh and by the way, I also own and have authority of all the habits and everything in between.

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Alright man or an hour she's still a man is a merciful one is upon his outage his throne, his tower is stoah is that it is balanced, it is stable. In other words, Allah is saying, for me to have ownership and create the earth and the heavens and everything in between the universe, the solar system, all the planet for me to have all of that has not shaken me or my ob in any way, shape or form. I am stable the way that I am.

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Lisa can be cliche, keep in mind, nothing is like Allah. Then Allah continues loving

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Math is semi wet EMF, a lot of local law reverses that, again, To Him belongs to the heavens and everything in between it and the earth will not fill out what's been at home and everything in between. So the solar system, the universe, etc, will make a thorough listen to this beautiful, beautiful word. And what is deep within the soil thumb is when you dig really deep in sand, and you know how you find wet sand. That's called federal. So it's deep within the soil, and you get the wet moist soil, the wet and moist sand.

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Today, what has mankind discovered, by digging deeper, this is how we get the richest and purest oils, copper, you know, there's lots of TV shows now that you can watch of how people discover and dig for gold. And it's just insane. The amount of effort, the excavation that has the process that has to go in, you get these massive, massive machines, and you dig and dig deep deep into the ground to discover what just a few ounces of gold, a tiny little jar. And that's how you make your living. A love bury treasures deep within the ground. So Allah says, Oh, I own all of that, and everything in between. And what's even what's even interesting in just the point of reflection is that that's

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where we go as well. So when we're talking about digging deeper and deeper for value, what is more valuable than life, and we get buried in the ground. So a lot, so it just says and I own everything that is deep within the soil deep within this end.

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were intended to be holy. And if you call out loud, touch held, is when you scream out loud. So you're talking to one person but everybody else can hear you. That's called Javelin. And that's why the the prayers solfeggio democra Venetia, the three prayers, they're called Salatu jatiya. They're called prayers that are recited out loud, for you know, obvious reasons as we know why. So if you call upon Allah in a loud voice for in who we are, and Mr. Cyril will offer a less teaching you a lesson here unless teaching us if you're going to scream out Allah, then learn something for inaho Indeed, Allah has knowledge of all of your secrets. So in other words, don't scream because Allah

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knows your secrets, what

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an alpha is even the secrets that are more hidden within. Now, what's the difference between the two? Because it sounds redundant. Alan knows your secrets and the deeper secrets. So what's the difference? Simran you can tell somebody your secret. People can still know your syndrome. But nobody knows your alpha. That's deep and hidden. You don't tell anybody about that? Nobody? Because if you did, if you did, that, it wouldn't be a threat anymore. It would be just the secret. Let me give you an example.

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You know, sometimes, when you watch some of these shows where people are confronting their fears, you know, they want to go bungee jumping, but they're afraid of heights. So you know, you motivate yourself, you encourage you let your friends all behind you. Yeah, you can do this, you can do this. But you know, you can't do it. Because you're terrified of heights, you get strapped in everything. And before you know what they push you off the mountain or Cliff or bridge or whatever, you do the bungee jump, when it's all said and done, you get up and you're like, I never thought that I would have the courage to confront that fear. Guess what? Elon knew all along, that you could confront

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that fear. That's why you were able to do it, because a lot already know. So that's, uh, you didn't even know you had it in you, but it was there. It was there. You know, people ask me a lot. How did I start this journey of learning and going abroad and studying and so on? Especially when I grew up here. I grew up in Jane and Finch. I grew up in Toronto. I went to school here. I went to college and university here. How'd you leave all of that and go to the complete opposite end and come back and instead of doing what I, what I originally majored in, in university, I decided to do this as well. The answer really is I have no idea. It was just from Allah subhana wa Tada. I didn't realize

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that it didn't know that I had the ability to memorize score and and to go study the religion. I didn't know. I never saw it in me. And later on, when you come across verses like this, you realize a lun knew this about me all along.

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That's what's beautiful about alpha. How does that relate to the story of Mossad We'll see. We will see some very beautiful, beautiful traits of musala. His is one of the reasons why his

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story is one of the most beautiful in the entire Quran in the history of mankind. Allah continues Allahu La ilaha illa Allah there is no day to be worthy of worship but he loved with a smell with a snare To Him belongs all of the Most Beautiful Names. Here's where I got the title of this video from.

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The thing that ties all of Allah's names and attributes together is trust, is trust. So in other words, when we ask Allah Oh Allah forgive us, because you, you are a law for the source of forgiveness. I trust you Allah, that you'll hear my cry, you'll hear my plea, you'll you know my secrets. So even if I don't speak out loud, I trust you, Oh Allah, that you know how much I'm hurting inside. So forgive me. When you ask Allah for strength, or you ask a love for patience. Allah is a suborder, the source of patience. What you're saying to Allah is, Oh Allah, I trust you that you will instill the one quality I struggle with the most, I trust you. So give me patience.

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When you ask Allah to keep you safe, he is a sallam, he is the source of peace and security. So when you leave your home, you turn on the alarm, you do everything, you lock the doors, you know, Allah is a seller. And you know, he is ultimately what kill the one you trust, the source of that trust. So you trust Allah subhanho wa Taala that he will take care of your home. And so you put all of those emotions and those feelings in that emotional burden. You give that to Allah. Every single name and attributes of Allah somehow links us back to trusting Allah in some way, shape or form that has everything to do with musalla has everything to do with Musa alayhis salam. And you're going to

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see this in sha Allah hotevilla in tomorrow's episode, when we get to those famous verses that you hear and I just sexually said it I did it intentionally actually. But I just said at the start of this video, it'll be slightly odd way sadly, Embry riddle opened the 10 millisecond e. e f. o Polly, those are the do I have? Those are the doors of hope. Musashi? Sorry, sir, that's historize Why did he say it? What do they mean? And why did he say those specific words? They're very specific, well thought, why did he do that? We're gonna find out inshallah. Tomorrow, I have to give you a cliffhanger guys. I can't just throw it all out at once. But you'll see why the sooner this sooner

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will really impact you in a very beautiful and intimate way. So I hope and I pray that in Sha, Allah, you receive that and it becomes beneficial to you

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and it uplifts you, and it informs you that whatever the state of your affairs that your email is today, that it's uplifted somehow as you continue to move forward. So join me tomorrow in sha Allah hota Allah for the next episode as we continue our journey with sudo May Allah azza wa jal bless you all, and May Allah subhanho wa Taala keep you safe and keep you healthy. Allow me to second level Hayden was Sylmar Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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