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Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The national radio event sends messages to avoid difficult situations and avoid worry about the future, emphasizing the importance of learning to live in the face of loss and finding a sense of inner peace. The community struggles with actions speak of love and peace, including the struggles of the past and current climate, including the use of language in political and media messages. The message is to be mindful of one's actions and not to be afraid of what comes next, and to be mindful of one's actions and not to be afraid of what comes next.
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In Alhamdulilah

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national radio when a staring you know when to stop fiddle when our will to be learned even surely and fusina woman say tiara Marina Mayor de la who follow mobila woman you believe follow her de la y Chateau a la la la la la Hawaiian devil will actually come. Why should one no more hamedan under the water sudo sallallahu alayhi wa tada early he was herby woman so liland energy women tend to be certain that he laomi dd buried. For Tukwila

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for quite a Madonna and some Hannah who are tired of eating z. Yeah, you're Latina M and topple la helppo to party he will tune in to Muslim all from buried

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my brothers and sisters. We begin by praising Allah subhana wa Tada.

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And we thank him for once again another opportunity that we gather on this blessing day of this blessing hour of Yeoman and tomorrow.

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And we asked her allies so a job to accept from us our good deeds and forgive us of our shortcomings and our mistakes. Love them. I mean, we send peace and blessings to Allah Rasool Allah, Allah Toby wa salam, O Allah a.

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And furthermore,

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we ask allies to ease the pain and the suffering of our brothers and sisters, amen. Ken, wherever they may be, and whatever their circumstances may be, may Allah azza wa jal ease their pain and suffering a low hum. I mean,

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are you well above

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this is really a difficult time for Muslims.

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And it's difficult in so many ways,

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that it's overwhelming, if you were to sit for a moment, and just think and reflect

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of all of the terrible things happening around the world.

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And if you don't want to think that far, within our own communities, families and friends, so much pain,

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so much struggle.

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And we're specifically talking about Muslims, you and I so much we have to cope with, we have to listen to, we have to live with.

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And it's difficult, it's hard.

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We just heard the announcement of people within our community, you wake up one day, and they're gone.

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And it's a shock to all of us. And it seems like this is happening more and more often you're hearing about sudden tragedies, sudden death from the people you would least expect it coming from people who live good lives, who eat well, who exercise will take care of themselves. And they wake up one day and something that they will That was unexpected happens to them, they become really sick. They pass away, some kind of turmoil hits them in their families. And this just seems to be happening more and more. You're just hearing about these things every day.

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And one can't help but wonder, why is this happening?

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And many Muslims ask this question.

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You know, on the one hand, we can embrace a loss puzzle, we can embrace that Allah subhanho wa Taala allows all of this to take place.

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But somewhere deep down inside, there are many Muslims that question why

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if we're supposed to be the oma, that is the chosen Amen.

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We're supposed to be the people that are examples for the rest of mankind. Why is it that that comes at such a difficult price.

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Now look closer to home for a moment.

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Each and every one of you here

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can have a story of an experience that you've gone through. And I'm also talking to the young students. And you've gone through some kind of struggle or pain.

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And you have no idea why that happened.

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As a matter of fact, you did everything that you know how to do to avoid being in those situations, and somehow it still happened.

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And you question why and how does Allah allow these things to happen? This might sound familiar to some of you. I pray, I worship. I've gone to Hajj. I've done all of these incredible things. Yet still

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I can't find the job I'm looking for. Still, I'm sick. Still people pass away around me still, I'm going through hardships. Still, no one has accepted me I'm being discriminated against. So and the list just goes on forever.

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And so

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what I want to do today

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is I want to ask for each and every one of you to just clear your minds for a moment. For the next 15 minutes or so, just clear your minds. Whatever it is that you're thinking about, that you're expecting from this whole debate, just take that out of your mind and just listen to what this message will be. And I hope and I pray insha Allah, it will encourage you, it will give you some sense of hope and strength, that all that is happening. There is wisdom behind it. But there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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And insha Allah who Terada as he promised us subhanho wa Taala, he will preserve and protect this DNA Omen PMF metal lines, so it will give us strength.

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I want to bring your attention to a very beautiful verse in salted Baccarat.

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And for those of you who are not familiar with this particular surah, this particular surah is by far one of the most comprehensive chapters of the entire poor end. And when I say that, I mean, it is literally a sort of that has a little bit of everything.

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Now, if you fast forward to verse number 216,

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something happened, the companions are the alohar anymore.

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They were given the order that they had to prepare themselves for battle.

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Now, just keep this in context, for a moment, these companions don't know anything about battle. They don't know anything about war. As a matter of fact, the heritage that they come from, they had their own farms, they would raise their own animals. These companions were just simple day to day people. So when they became Muslim, and this area was issued, this a was sent down. A lot of them are waiting for instruction. And some would even ask the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam up in us, we have to prepare for battle. Some of them don't even know anything about the implications and strategies and planning and so on and so forth. They're not prepared,

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but still alive. So Adele issued the order. And the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam gives them certain instructions, and several battles take place.

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Here's the point.

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They never turned their backs against the Prophet alayhi salatu salam,

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they don't know the wisdom behind this. They can't see after the battle, what is the outcome, but they trust his instructions.

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And through him they trust a lot. So

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where are we going with this? Come back to all of those examples about all the awful things that we're constantly exposed to.

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And I want to share with you a second example, something that's closer to home.

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A long time ago, I believe it was about 20 years or so there was a flight and if I remember correctly, it was called TWA 800. This Flight crashed in the Everglades in Florida.

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And everybody on that flight had passed away. As a matter of fact, none of their bodies were even found.

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The next day after this accident, on the front page of the newspaper. There was a family that was all in smiles and they had their thumbs up to the camera and they were all in smiles. And you read the article, the article said that this exact same family was at the counter trying to check into that flight. But for whatever reason, they didn't get on the flight.

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And they were smiling and they were happy because their lives were spared at least that's what they thought. And so they were happy. But could you imagine? Could you imagine that all the months of planning for travel, you get to the counter and they say to you, you can travel or there's a discrepancy or there's a problem here your tickets are invalid. What would be the reaction of most of the travelers

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that want to see the supervisor. They'll say you've got it all wrong, it might turn into a confrontation. It's not a pleasant scene

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for you and is blue

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leevers it's really important for you and I, that when we make decisions in our lives, that you're able to do that by coming out of the shell coming out of what you perceive is best for you. So let me give you an example.

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Ally's so Adele says in the same verse 216. And so little Bopara. He says a statement, after the companions were given the order, prepare for battle. They got the instructions, and they're just going to go and step in.

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At the end of that particular verse is our subject for today's hopa. Listen to

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Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us will love ooyala one two letter them. That's it.

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Well, La Jolla item one two letter Alamo. Allah has knowledge, you don't have the knowledge knowledge, Allah knows, you don't know.

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So go back to that family that was trying to check into that flight.

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And compare yourselves as some as people who have amen and you have faith.

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If you were at that same calendar, and you were told you couldn't get on your flight,

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if you wanted to make a decision to buy something, or to do something, or to pursue something, and it didn't work out, people have he men, people have he men, they submit themselves to Allah as will, Allah knows best.

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When you do that you reach the climax of Amen. There is nothing in this world that would disrupt you, you will always find wisdom in everything that happens. Brothers and sisters at this very moment.

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We've all heard of the massacre that happened in Bosnia, I believe, is about 24 years ago.

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And right now, for our Bosnian brothers and sisters, they're in a lot of pain.

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And they're thinking and some of them might even have had families who have lost their lives, there was a genocide or a massacre that happened. And more than 8000, more than 8000 people lost their lives, they were put in mass graves.

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When you look at this example, and then you think about China, and the brothers and sisters there, and all across the world, can't help but wonder. So panela look at the state. But then you tell yourself Allahu Allah, into Latin, or Allah, you know, you will have knowledge. You understand? I can't see beyond all of this.

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When a believer does this,

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when the believer does this, they can bring some sense of contentment and peace.

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And brothers and sisters, we're not trying to trivialize all of this pain and suffering and say, Well, you know, only Allah knows and kind of walk away from it. What I want what my aim, my intention here today is for us to find some sense of inner peace,

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some sense of inner peace.

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There are individuals in our community that serve this community, and you would never know their names. But without them, the communities would fall apart. And they are serving and struggling and confronting by themselves.

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No one knows what they're going through. No one knows what they're hearing and listening to day after day.

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These are the people. These are the individuals that know what it means to love who we are, the more in tune that are the more they trust ullas instructions

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for the students that are here.

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The adults bear with me, I came up with this example so that at least the students could relate to this in their own way. So yes, I am going to talk about basketball for a few seconds. For the students that are here. Do you remember last year when the Raptors traded their best player and got rid of their best their coach? The owner of the Raptors was under intense scrutiny.

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People were sending him awful emails, telling him the worst things even calling for him to resign because of this decision. What happened this year?

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Well, luckily, I got one to let her that moon. You don't know. When Elon makes a decision or allows a circumstance to unfold a certain way even if it's not the way you intended. What this area is teaching the companions and all of us

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that alone knows what is best for us. You know, that's easier said than done.

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Now let's look at the verse. One step closer. Allah says, Allah who yada. Those of you who study Arabic, you know that this area, there's something interesting about it. This area is what we call an Arabic Joomla to Izmir. In other words, it starts off with a last name and then the verb comes after. Traditionally, in Arabic, you don't speak that way, you would say, Yala, Milan, which was what in Arabic we call Joomla. to Pharaoh, Leah, you would start off with the verb and then a last name.

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The benefit of that

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is what Allah is really saying. He knows and you don't have a clue.

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In another verse, a lesson will Allahu Raja comb member, Tony, Omaha tickle. Allah is the one that took you out of the stomach's of your mother's, the womb of your mother's What did a let's say next letter, the Mona Shea.

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Oh, and by the way, baby that was just born, you don't know anything.

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You don't know anything. So panela.

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This, these verses like this are verses that should bring some sense of humility.

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It should bring some sense of peace. And as a result, you want to worship him even more. You want to trust him even more.

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You know, you can't talk about this verse without talking about marriage, and divorce. Some of us here we have our stories. You went through a marriage, and it ended up in divorce, and it was an ugly divorce. And you're stuck with all the kids, you're a single parent, you have no idea how you're going to survive.

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You didn't see this coming. You didn't make the intention to marry and then split later on.

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We'll love who we are than one two lateral. Allah knows why this marriage had to stop.

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You don't know you can't think beyond it. Trust Him.

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And so my message here today. My message here to myself, and to all of us, is I hope and I pray. I hope and I pray

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that this one sentence could reignite and strengthen our certainty and our confidence in the message of Allah azza wa jal.

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Our Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam once told us, his lamb when it was born when it began, he said it started off horiba

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this word allottee. It means something that's foreign.

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It's strange. No one's ever seen that before. Doesn't this? Doesn't this heavy feel like it was revealed to us today? By being Muslim?

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You know, you'll go to a party, but you don't want the alcohol. You'll order food, but you're not going to order the pork. So when he asks that we'll be walking down the grocery aisle, and the Muslims are just reading all the ingredients, reading words we don't even know how to pronounce. But we're doing that for a purpose. There's a wisdom.

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And others might be looking and be like, wow, what is what are they doing?

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It's 30 and 40 degrees outside. Why is she dressed that way?

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Islam started strange. But here's here's the interesting part, the part that should cause us to reflect the prophet Isaiah slotland continues and he says, it's going to go back the exact same way. We'll say, Oh, god, it's going to go back to be this strange culture and lifestyle. Sometimes I feel like we're there. But only Allah knows. Only online hoes, and so on. But

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with verses like this, we ask allies to preserve and protect the message of the poor end and the legacy of our Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam in all of us, in our sons and our daughters love them I mean, we will conclude in the second part of the inshallah tada We ask Allah azza wa jal to accept from us our efforts. Yeah, we'll be here on this blessed day of this blessing our of yolu jamara. we plead to you to accept us of your righteous servants. Yo, don't be if this is our last Juma. We asked you to count us from the people of paradise. Oh Allah, we beg you and we plead to You forgive us of our mistakes. Forgive us of our shortcomings allow our hearts to come closer to one another

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through difficult times. Bond our hearts together, bring this Muslim oma closer to one another that we look out for each other and that we support one another through the good times.

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Under bad lahoma mean? Apolo Mehta smell was Sofitel la Kumari. Certainly Muslim Unum included them. First of Pharaoh in Navajo aloha photo Rahim.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. While early he was how the woman was buried. But last and final point, brothers and sisters,

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is again if we go back to the poor and we all know that a third of the poor end is devoted to stories, stories of prophets and messengers and pious men and women of the past.

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If you notice, there's an interesting connection or pattern with almost every story you read.

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It always starts off by teaching us about the trials and difficulties that those prophets and messengers had to encounter.

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And even if they weren't prophets and messengers, so for example, the story of SEO about the alleged Mourinho starts off with what kind of husband she had. And the torture and pain that fell down, put his wife through.

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But then all of these stories as you continue reading them,

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you might look and think to yourself, it's impossible. It's impossible for them to get out of this new holiday Hassan 950 years of his life, he's got to tell people about La ilaha illAllah. And then on top of that, a lot tells him to build a boat in the desert. And people are walking by for Escalona mean, they're making fun of him, they're laughing at his face, they think he's crazy. But he continues to do this all.

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And then you know the outcome of that story. Even his own child is lost in the flood. And he still can't let go of his child. Despite that his child literally says to his father's face, one of the greatest human beings to ever touch the ground. So don't worry about me, I'm going to go on that mountain view go on your own. Still, he couldn't let go. He asked a lot later on all alone in the home and he's from my family. Forgive him just allowed me to be with him. And a lot. So I told him, he's not from your family because of what he did.

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If you look at the story of moussaka, he said them poor young men in the desert by himself wanted for murder. He didn't murder anyone.

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He didn't do that intentionally. It just happens. Somebody was oppressing others, he got involved, and the oppressor was killed. He didn't intend to do that.

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Now there's a campaign. There's a call for musala Islam burning him to fit around. Just imagine the most powerful human being at that time. Once this man, bring him to me, he didn't have to do anything alone was going to send him to fit around some kind of law is heavy enough in our own in a hotel, go to fit around, go to the man who's the most powerful, strongest human being at that time and go confront him in his face. Use of Ireland, he said, same ordeal.

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He goes through what he goes through from his brothers. They dumped the poor child in a well and leave him there.

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This poor young child gets picked up and taken to another country.

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And he doesn't live a good life in the beginning. in another country, he's young and then he's being treated as a slave. He's being used and abused. Then he's being wrongfully accused. Then he goes to jail and the story just keeps going and going until the end. Subhana Allah, Allah makes him

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Every day, and I've always said this and I strongly believe when you start off learning how to read a book, Allah will send his Baraka on you, you will develop this incredible thirst, appetite. You want more of this book. I don't know what it is. But it's incredible. Just keep reading it consistently, you yourself would not be satisfied you want more of a less book, male lion, so just shower, the teachings of the poor and in our hearts and in our lives a lot. I mean, and so with that being said, brothers and sisters, we send peace and blessings to Allah Rasool salvato. Robbie was salam o la commande madrona subhana wa tada Phaeton xili in the LA one manda ecotel, who you saloon

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Islander be your Latina amen or Sunday Riley who was suddenly moved to slimmer a lot more suddenly either Mohammed Mohammed came up so late Allah Ibrahim Allah early but our human in Mecca homido Majeed Allahumma three Muslim you know what a Muslim at all meaning you know what I mean? And even Humala Ahmed in the Caribbean semi or mageba dharwad Allahumma in Santa Anas local agenda, or market robot la her new polling alignment on are also becoming another one market Robert E. Lee Herman colon omen. Allahumma Tino fusina taqwa zakia antihero. menza. Anatoly you have one Allah. Allah Allah mean rabbanim attina dunya Hassan orfila authority has an opener as urban, suburban and rural

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because obesity army oc funa was set out when Selena will hamdulillah Europe

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