Ismail Kamdar – Tafsir of Surah al-Qadr

Ismail Kamdar
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Focolare when I want to be lacking in jewelry and putting a woman say yada yada yada Hila Palermo de la when we look for the hardware that I'm about

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deciding today whether to discuss readable code, which is a few days away and shut up, or to continue on our team of understanding the Quran in the month of Ramadan and decided to combine the two topics. So what we're going to do today inshallah is a brief the seal of surah.

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So on one hand, we continue the theme of discussing the meanings of the Quran, and diving deep into the Quran. On the other hand, we also learn about the virtues of layer two gathered through this discussion. Because layer procoder is not just something that is mentioned in our hobbies, but it is directly mentioned by this name in the Quran, in a surah, that all of us should be familiar with, and that the majority of us should have memorized Allah subhanho wa Taala praises this night and discusses its virtues in a few short verses. So what I'm going to discuss, inshallah is a very, very brief Tafseer of the sutra. And obviously with any surah we cannot do justice to each step See you

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in 20 minutes. But nonetheless, we can take some benefits from the surah in his humorous surah Okada is one of those few students in the Quran about which the Allah might have a difference of opinion, whether it was revealed in Mecca or Medina, the majority of the surah of the Quran, we can very neatly place it that this was a makansutra or this was in Medina. But there are few sutras where the allameh have a difference of opinion. And it's not clear when it was revealed Surah Al Qaeda is one of those sutras Why? On one hand, he did a very short very powerful theorem and this inequality of imarketslive on the other hand, it is directly linked to the topic of Ramadan is spending Ramadan in

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worship, and we know that the act of worship related to Ramadan will only reveal in the early Medina period in the sacred geometry. So,

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is this a makansutra or Medina flood? The reality is you may never know every scholar will have his own opinion. Some allamah will say this is Mark and some would say is Medina. My opinion is that this is a Medina true. Why? Because it was in the second year of Hydra, that Ramadan, the fasting of Ramadan was revealed. He was in that year that you were commanded to verse the month of Ramadan, we were encouraged to start praying the night of Ramadan. And with that comes also the topic of level of boredom, it would not make sense that the purchase of Lego puzzle will be revealed in markup in the month of Ramadan is not a matter of us and yet I this This comes after the month of fasting not

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before it That is why I believe that this was revealed in Medina, Allah knows best. So this sutra began to Allah by stating in anzahl NaVi later that we revealed it in there. And there is no difference of opinion what it is referring to in this verse, the Quran, we revealed the Quran in layer two. And this links up very beautifully to a verse in the very beginning of the Quran. Look at this reverse at the very beginning of the Quran and reverse at the very end of the Quran, which both were perhaps revealed at the same time. In surah baqarah chapter number two verse one he divided Allah says, shuffle Ramadan and uzziel opinion, the month of Ramadan in which Allah revealed the

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Quran. And then now at the end of the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala says that we reveal the Quran in literally a coupon. Putting these two verses together we can say for sure layer two quarter is in the month of Ramadan. right near to God is in the month of Ramadan. Why do we need to say this? We know that the month that layer two quarter there are many differences of opinion of remedies. Most of us are familiar with the opinion of the 27 times or we have familiar with the opinion of the odd Knights in the last few nights of Ramadan. But the other opinions as well there are some who even believe that layered upon one outside of another and those opinions. They died out over time because

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they seem to contradict the Quran. That is the evidence is very strongly in favor of laser cutter being in Ramadan. Why? Because Allah says he revealed the Quran in Ramadan and Allah says he revealed the Quran a little further. Therefore, layer two is in Ramadan.

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A beautiful day we can take from this verse, the fact that the Quran in the very beginning how does that it was revealed in the month of Ramadan and at the very end he tells us again it was revealed or later further. Again, this is a reminder to us all to spend the month of Ramadan would you spend it studying the Quran, learning about the Quran benefiting from the Quran, this is the month of the Quran. Now one of the issues which we all have a difference of opinion about reading

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GAVI the surah is what exactly is meant by the Quran being revealed on layer two.

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Because we know the Quran was revealed over a period of 23 years, what is meant by the etheric body? And there are two opinions. And I'm of the view that both opinions are correct because they do not contradict each other, the complementing opinion number one, that allows us and this goes on to gibreel. In the first heaven have

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an opinion of a Jew that Allah revealed the first five verses of surah Allah to the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam in the cave on the other abode, opinions can be true, there's no contradiction here. It's possible that both of those things happen on the other. So the first virtue of layer two, which we can extract from the surah is that it is the night when the big revelation of the Quran again, it is directly related to the Quran. And so it is a blessing night and you another surah Allah subhanho wa Taala leader to provide the blessing night the night of Baraka. So, from that sutra, we get a nother virtue of read, that there is Baraka in this night. And this is one of the

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signs of later, when you experience a high level of Baraka for just one night in Ramadan. It is highly possible that that was the night of Lady Gaga.

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So, moving on to the next part of the Shura, watch my handleless is in Evansville. Now moving to further Rama, Rama, Lila Medina, they ask you, it was revealed on a local level, how would you explain what is waiting for them? So this is a type of rhetorical question that comes throughout the Quran. Allah subhana wa Taala he mentioned something and then he asked you how to explain what this thing is for you. And this type of question the purpose of it in the Quran is to draw our attention to what is the next actually are many verses like this? I will call up merleau Ponty right, according to what is according right, so in answer that would be to call up mama Dada Kamali? How

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would I explain to you what it led to God? So Allah Subhana, Allah is immediately telling us that this night is so special, that explaining it to each other is going to be difficult, and even the name itself? Liza kobada? What does it mean? Even here, they are differences of opinion, because the word God means so many things. But the two meanings that are most probably the strongest. Number one, it is the majestic knife. It is a powerful knife, it is a knife of all it is a knife that is special, because one of the meanings of coddle is something powerful, something majestic, something special. And so this is probably one meaning of layer two coordinate is a special night. The other

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meaning of layer two is the more common usage of the word bottle, the night of destiny, because this is the night we our destiny is revealed for the next year. And that brings us to the topic of destiny and the topic of destiny is a very complicated theological issue that we cannot explain in the Juma football, perhaps one day we will try, but you won't be able to do justice to it today. And this is a question that lots of young people ask about, I think almost This is probably like, on the top three most common questions young people ask about what is fodder? And how do I understand it? How do we understand this idea that Allah knows everything a loved one shows everything? And Allah

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already knows who's going to join? And who's going to join them? How do we understand this topic? And how do we? How do we reconcile that with the idea of free will? It's a very complicated topic, but the easy answer, and ensure we will address it in the later could find more details. But just to put it in with this topic of little corner a lot further is of two levels, right? There is the knowledge of Allah, Allah already knows everything that's going to happen to the Day of Judgment. And then there is what Allah tells the angels. So allow will tell the angels on Angel garden for the next year, who is going to pass away, who is going to be born, who is going to get wealthy, who is

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going to get poor, all of that is laid out annually to the angels. But that is a lower level of quantum. So when the Hadees says that to our can change for them is not talking about changing the knowledge of Allah, Allah, his knowledge is perfectly infinite, you cannot change. It's talking about changing what is with the angels, they are alone they have written to the angels that so and so is going to get poor this year when a person spends little further into asking Allah for wealth. And so Allah Hells Angels, no, this person is going to get wealthy this year. That doesn't change the knowledge of Allah, Allah already knew that a person is going to make the euro and the change is

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going to take place. Right? But Allah allows you to happen in this way. So we have some free will. And even free will itself is not just a gift from Allah, which which we have very limited capacity. So Allah says what to explain to you what is laila Laila to afford we don't mean official. The night of mother is

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Better than 1000 months. The biggest virtue of Plato, the one that makes all of us spend his night in a banner is that it is better than 1000 months of worship 1000 months at three years. Now there is a story behind why the surah was revealed and why this virtues implicit it was revealed. And that story goes that in the people of the past used to live much longer than us. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to tell the Sahaba about people of the past who spent like 100 years in Jihad was spent 100 years worshiping Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this habit would see how are we ever going to catch up with them? We only live with 40 5060 years, how are we going to catch

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up with someone who's been 100 years serving Allah. So Allah gave us an opportunity to catch up with him multiple times over, he gave us a really cool quarter, that we don't live in this world that long. But if you spend little garden worshipping Allah, you get rewarded at three years of worship. And so this became our motivation to multiply our good deeds on that night. So it can be multiplied at three years times over on the Day of Judgment by 83 years with every single layer to recap. So if you spent 60 years of your life catching labor, godel, every single year, that's 83 times 64, how many years of worship, you get the reward for Allah's father and mercy and Rama to us that he wants

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us to get that much reward who has given us these opportunities to earn that much reward? Now, the one question that comes up about the recorder that many people ask is, why did Allah not give us a specific date? Why did he not give us a specific date? We know most people say 27th but some say 24 or something any of the odd night something any of the last 10 nights? Why is there no specific date? And in my opinion, one of the wisdoms behind why there is no specific date is that we spend all 10 nights in a bar.

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Because if you know that the 21st night is there to further the majority of wisdom to worship Allah on the 21st night for the rest of Ramadan, don't forget about and we see this happening with some people, right, some people, they will spend the night in ibadah. And the next day you will see that no, I think last night was labor, but I felt it. And it certainly the collapse and leaving their worship for the rest of Ramadan. Because they feel like they're caught later. Because that's only when they feel like they are valued. If they knew it, they knew for sure that this night is natural for them. You will have people who worship a lot that night only. And I know other night, I saw

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Allah as a mercy to us to stop us from being lazy in our worship to stop us from falling into this trap. He left it ambiguous. So we spend the entire last night in a baton session of embargo. We spend this last night worshipping Allah taking every single night as a possibility of being Laila to God. And so the Shura ends with a sign of level

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with a sign of little goddess, salaam, here,

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there is peace until the rising of the dawn, there is peace until the rising of the God, one of the clearest signs of the middle quarter. If it is a peaceful night, it is a night of a special level of peace. And anybody who in the past feels like the calculator or the you know what I'm talking about, that isn't 192 year old. And sometimes it feels like a 2017 sometimes it feels like the 23rd. And sometimes it feels like the 21st I'm of the opinion that it changes every year that Allah has kept it changing if he didn't set a specific date. But you just feel it on that one night, that there is a level of peace that you didn't feel on your own.

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And this piece is directly linked to what what you mentioned. Then there's the God that the angels and will grow and Gabriel, they descend on this night. Right? So I forgot to mention that verse. Allah says, one of the virtues of God is that the angels come down and he comes down. And then he says there is peace until the writing of the door. So the olema of * they live these two verses together. They say one of the reasons why these peace until the rising of the dawn is because the angel kingdom, the angels bring with them the peace. And so because they are angels everywhere, it is peace all around us. So this is a short term seal of surah Allah Subhana Allah allow us to

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maximize we bother in the last few nights of Ramadan, we allow us to calculate further and give us the reward available for them to handle Robin is at the nysc food was Salaam

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hamdu lillahi wa Salatu was Salam O Allah mandana ba ba ba ba ba ba D tabula rasa jihadi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was Sharon morning to have just said in our column with

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Coco Ludo Valentina

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When it comes to layer two other people want to know what a badass Should I do. And we know the best ibadah for this time is big kickoff. But unfortunately we are living in a time where we cannot make it take off. May Allah open the doors watch the doing next year or the year after that by lifting for us for March this pandemic that we are facing, but I would not recommend for anyone to do it this year. for health and safety reasons. May Allah give us the reward for it for having the intention. But this year, it will be safer to be home And may Allah allow us to perform in the future. We know this is the best act of ibadah to do in the last few nights of Ramadan but the other

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acts of worship to do as well to spend the night into are to spend the night in Dr. McLean to spend the night in zero well all of this is from what we should be doing on late Okada and we have the Heidi's giving us a specific to our to make on this knife because I shot a regular when

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she asked me Professor love what he was saying that if I catch Leila,

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what should I do? What should I ask Allah? If I catch it me if I know in my heart tonight might be late. What should I ask Allah and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam replied, to make the dua Allahumma inaka, all of whom to Hebrew ahuka Allahumma in

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October 20 Oh Allah, you are the most pardoning you love to pardon you love to forgive. So forgive me.

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This is the dual of layer two, but this should be on our thumbs every single night for the last few nights of Ramadan.

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And this goes back to a team you mentioned at the very beginning of the month. At the beginning of the month, we said that Ramadan is the month of forgiveness. It is a time to earn forgiveness from Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah subhana wa tada created us as soon as and he knows we are sinners and he knows we are weak to hear given us opportunity upon opportunity to have our sins forgiven. And so a Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said from one Ramadan to the next in the means of forgiveness for everything in between, except for the major sins. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said whoever spends Ramadan in fasting for the sake of Allah, his sins will be forgiven.

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Whoever spends the nights of Ramadan in prayer for the sake of Allah, the sins will be forgiven. Whoever spends level cuddle in the worship of Allah, his sins will be forgiven. These are all mentioned authentic hadith. And so this is a method of seeking forgiveness. Many people enter this man thinking I am too big a sinner. Many people entered his mind thinking my sins are too many. Allah can't forgive me. Many people enter this month thinking that How am I supposed to worship Allah with all of this filth and all of the sins I have committed? I see this month is for each and every one of us this month was created for the sinner. It was created to give everybody a second

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chance. It was created to give everybody a sense of who he was created to give everybody a clean slate a restart and life. Because if we spend these last 10 nights in a bother, we can have all our sins.

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And the best the bother to do in these last 10 nights is to ask Allah for forgiveness. And this is why they do that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam recommended to us to make all these laughs tonight, these last few nights is all love. You are the one who forgives and loves to forgive, to forgive me. We can break down this door and it is so so beautiful. Allah you are forgiving in your nature. Right? The word used here is the name of Allah of who the one who loves to forgive the one who is forgiving by his nature. The one who overlooks and by the way, a fool is not the same as a fool. or four means Allah has forgiven yourself. Of all means Allah has completely wiped it out.

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Like it didn't happen. It didn't happen. That's when it gets into the higher level. Now only is Allah by his nature forgiving, but to Hebrew, allow us to forgive. And we have to have this paradigm shift, we have to have the shift in our mentality. One of the biggest problems of our community is that we portray Allah subhanho wa Taala as a God who loves to punish. But the prophet SAW him had described a lie so he blew up he loves to forgive. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam has told us a lot he's the one who loves to forgive. That is the belief we must raise our children upon. That is the belief that we should be teaching each other that Allah loves to forgive to seek His

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forgiveness, seek His forgiveness every single day because he loves to forgive. And we ask Allah in this month of Ramadan, and we ask Allah every night for the next few nights until Ramadan is over for the remaining 13 or 14 nights and we have that we ask Allah to forgive our sins and accept our suffering by Allah. Allah inaka forward to Hebrew up over for

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the Hebrew Africa for under Allah.

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Robin Allah to his name in the Sina Astana Robin Allah

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Mila Lena is romka Mohammed

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amin commelina arrabida Milena mala

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now what we learn our Hamza under Madonna consumed algo makaveli Super Han Robin is that the nysc uno Salaam hamdulillah Robin alameen aka Mr. Allah

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