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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. At hamdulillah salat wa salam, ala rasulillah were buried. So brothers and sisters were at verse number 16 in our journey through sort of medium. And let me tell you, we have some heavy stuff to talk about today. So let's get right into it. So we stopped off where the Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds us of those who leave off prayer and leave off sherawat and desire. And they were careless about these two things for Sophia Coronavirus. They're going to eventually meet their consequence. Now the next area is the area of hope. And as I've said to you before in previous conversations, and tough CEOs, every time, literally every single time

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Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions a consequence or a punishment, or this is what awaits them. What immediately follows are a lot of hope. A lead doesn't just leave us hanging, it doesn't leave us in a depressed conversation. And that's it. So the next verse, verse number 60, today in the men tab, except for the one who repents. Now, here's the first lesson behind this. The previous idea we were talking about collectively people who leave off Sala and follow desire. This a is in singular form because why Toba? and repentance to Allah is an individual thing. So collectively, this is not what Allah is looking for. Allah is looking for you as an individual person, will you and if you do

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repent to me what I mean I saw the hand felt hula aka the hallucinogen. And you follow up that repentance with righteous deed felt hula, aka the Hollywood agenda, then all of them will enter Paradise. You know why this is so beautiful? It starts off singular, and it's ending in plural because why the person who is making Toba as an individual doesn't want to be alone agenda. So Allah says Allah view will enter agenda while you've limoneira Shay and you won't harm anything or anyone with this teaches us brothers and sisters, then this is found in several parts of the Quran. That companionship, brotherhood being amongst people and communities is actually one of the greatest

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blessings in paradise. Nobody will be alone agenda. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us from them alone? I mean, jannetty identity allottee what are the men or Eva who build hype in the whole corner? What are the who met here? So Jen nut gardens in which the men here we go again, we see all right, man once again. So there will be vast gardens that upright men had promised his slaves in the unseen. So in other words, in this world, Allah promised us that we will have vast gardens of gender. And this will be promised to his slaves. But in this world, we can't see, we can't see images of paradise. We don't know what it looks like. But here's the most beautiful thing about this

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alone is talking to everyone. And he says that everyone will have Jeannette gardens, some of the scholars of Tafseer mentioned that the gardens of Jenna is actually public space engender one second or a year, and they will have beautiful homes and places to reside, that will be your private space. So what's going to happen is it seems like the imagery in this area is that everybody will have their own property. They'll have their own home or their own mansions and palaces, and they'll have their own property. But if you want to, you know, walk down the street, there's public space for everybody. And that's Gen net. So just imagine, you know, you want to go and see your great great

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great, great grandfather or grandmother, the first person who accepted Islam in your lineage. So you walk down the street, and he said, Yeah, you know, let's let's go find a tree and Let's relax. Let's meet up somewhere. And this is the companionship. So we went from one person makes Toba but they don't want to intergender alone. So a bunch of people enter Paradise with him or her. And now they will all be gathered in Jen net in luscious greenery in public spaces. I think it's absolutely marvelous, because these will be meeting quarters for all of those who you might think about and reflect on all the great companions, all the great people in our past in our history, all the

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prophets and messengers, you know, you might want to go and check out Adam Marley Salem, you might want to go and sit down under a tree and have a conversation with money and Miley his center. And these are these are the ways that it seems like the imagery is hinting towards. It is absolutely beautiful. May Allah subhanaw taala make us from them alone. I mean,

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ticket agenda to Lotty you lies my own Effie ham in the who can or what are the who met Tia. So this is something that Allah subhanho wa Taala that will map to to Allah will do this. There's no

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No doubt about it, we will have these blessings and these luscious gardens to walk and enjoy in sha Allah hotel. La Yes, Murphy had loved one illness, you're not going to hear in it any type of falsehood, except Salah. That doesn't mean that Salam is a type of falsehood. The way to understand this is if you see selama if you see peaceful, normal, just conversations as level as some type of falsehood, well engender that's going to be there, regardless of what your opinion is. You know how, even today when you tell somebody Don't be a racist, okay, don't discriminate, they look at you like you're the problem. What do you mean, don't discriminate? What's wrong, if I treat somebody based on

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their color differently? I want to make sure I don't see anything wrong with that. So that's how you understand this a Allah is saying that in genda, you won't hear any type of false or nobody's going to be talking bad about anything. Allah is actually going to remove that from the tongues of the inhabitants of gentlemen, you'll never hear a curse word. You'll never hear somebody backed by. Nobody would even know what those things are. Because it won't exist it will be erased from our memories, and from our tongues, in SLM, except seldom except good, healthy conversations, conversations that bring about comfort and peace. And if you think that even that is a problem.

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Well, that opinion is irrelevant. Lola who is spoon feed her Bukhara tomar Ashiya. And for them, they will be provided all throughout the days and the nights to get agenda to Latino reform in a bed in M and Canada, pa that's the agenda that Allah will allow from his slaves to inherit men, kana Tapia whoever was noble and respectful. Well, Amanda tenez, in lobby Emily Arabic, Allah did not send down His revelation except by his permission, you know why this is so important. Sometimes the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam. Revelation was a heavy burden for him. You know, there are five categories of Revelation, and all of them are just surrounded with hardship. The Prophet alayhi

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salatu was Salam would suffer from cold sweats. So he would shiver and at the same time, he would be sweating. Another form of Revelation is that he would feel this heavy weight on his shoulders, and it would press down the weight would be intensified on his camel on his horse, whatever he was sitting on. And so the scholars then this is how they link that revelation and the A in the Quran. In the new pr leka. Poland third pillar, we're going to send down to your statement that this appeal that is extremely heavy, and that's what revelation is. And you know, something, we still taste a bit of that weight today. When you sit down and read the Koran, just reciting. Don't you find

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yourself that you have to push, make time, put aside all your responsibilities, and then you sit down, then you got to figure out a way to concentrate? And when you're reciting, then you got to figure out the words and you're citing is not as fluid as you'd want it to be. And you got to sort all you've got to navigate through all of those things. And before you know it sometimes it's like, you know what, maybe this is not for me, I'll try it another time. That weight of connecting with revelation is still present, obviously not to the extent of the Prophet it sort of slim, but it's still difficult to receive this knowledge. You have to really want to desire it, strive for it work

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for it. Well Manhattan has an elaborate Emily rocklahoma banner ad now one more health fair now Omar Bina 30 Cuomo cannot book in a cm to Allah subhanho wa Taala belongs everything Everything is between his hands what is before him What is after him what is in front of him? woman can oh boy Can I see? A love never forgot you. So when the Prophet Allah Azza wa sallam feels that there's a pause in Revelation, and he misses the revelation. He wants a lot of give him more. Allah reminds him. Well, McCann Oh boy, Can I see it? I never forgot you. It's okay. This is also how Allah subhanho wa Taala teaches the Prophet RNA so just be patient. Trust me and be patient. I will give you what you

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need. Just relax. So this is how Allah coms His Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam and Abu Salah. Well, it was out of one muy bien, a homer Farah Buddha who will slub the labor that he held tell them Allah who semia the master of the heavens and the earth and everything in between. So worship Him and be steadfast and consistent in your worship held them Allahu semiya Do you know of any other deity with this name? semiya What's ullas name? Allah subhanho wa Taala you know what's amazing? The audience here is the correlation by the way. They're as they're being told.

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The prophets I send them is being told to ask them. Have you ever heard of a creator that had the name Allah want to hear something amazing? There does not exist a name in Polish history where they named an idol with Allah. There isn't a single idol with that name. Allah is one of the miracles of Islam. Read the history of how the Porush you know worshipped idols and all the different forms of idols. It's endless. It is endless. They literally took anything and everything they could find, and just create it as a deity of worship, but not a single fragment of idols or statues or what have you was given the name of Allah. So this is why Allah says, Have you ever heard of a name like this?

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Allah? So this is one of the miracles of how Allah subhanaw taala preserved his name and preserved our Deen the purity of our Deen while cool incense either mid to less alpha or higher so that he kept saying to the Prophet it starts with celeb and all this companions, they kept saying, we're gonna die less alpha. Then you're gonna bring us back up again. Really? This is gonna happen. While you're cool, insane. Look what the letters don't they remember people and now Hakuna human club. We created them the first time while I'm Yakutia from nothing. So in other words, it was in essence, it should have been more difficult for a lot to do it the first time because why he did that out of

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nothing. Now the second time you already existed, then you pass away and he's going to literally put you back together. Don't you think that the second time will be easier than the first photo because children are homeless shelter in your master will gather and herd them together and the shelter in Summerlin, they are on film alone. They are on the home How will he handle emergency Yeah, and then Allah will gather them all in a circle ingen in jahannam, a low will gather the shale team and those who disobeyed a low will gather them in the Hellfire in a circle. g Thea g Thea is on their knees. gytha is used to put somebody on their knees before they are killed.

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You ever watched those movies when you know guys gonna execute a zombie? What is the first thing they do? They exclude the enemy. They put them on their knees, stand behind them and take their life. That's actually the same scene that's happening in the gym. jahannam well is a biller Allah subhanho wa Taala will call all of them. All of these individuals to sit together on their knees and the punishment is executed May Allah subhanaw taala protect us from that. So malignancy and I mean clearly share it in a shadow manner at Allah will then snatch away from all the factions and all the different groups a you home and shed, which one of you claim that you were on the truth? A shed here

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also means Which one of you are the bully? You walked around, you established yourself? And you claim that you were on the truth and everybody else was on falsehood. So you bullied other groups, you bullied other factions? You know, nobody knew at the end of the day that judgment belongs to Allah. So Allah says, which one of you any of you, I should do our load? Rockman you're at Yeah. That you were bullying in the in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala and acting as big shots. So they were not just bullies amongst each other. They were even bullies to Allah. They were saying this is the truth. This is what we do. This is what we believe and this is what we understand. So even this

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a lot of that you worship has nothing on us. We are the ones that are the strongest, so they became bullies not just amongst each other but even with the creator soprano. Alright, so Milena Rnm will be letting you know Allah we have Celia, then

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we also understood and known those whom will be house cdef. Those who

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those who were given the punishment First, I will add the house see the cilia, first one step forward. So we also had knowledge of who was going to get this punishment and be thrown into fire into the fire first. Well a Ming come in now where they do have

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this is where I got the title of this video from is verse number 71. This is one of the most frightening videos

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one of the most frightening verses on genom in the entire Quran. So mostly

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limbs, brothers and sisters, all of us as believers listen to this carefully. Well iming comb Illa where he to her and all from amongst you will pass by

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everybody will pass by the gentleman. What this is hinting is that some of the scholars of Tafseer said that our path towards jedna we will actually be taking a an avenue or a tour where we will see the jednym itself. And Allah says you will pass by you will see it with your own eyes, you will see the agenda, you will see the punishment as you make your way towards the agenda can either be khatma hotma. Allah says that this is hatena. Hackman is the final verdict. So, it's already been done had to mcculley It's already been done. It's been decreed, can you imagine? Can you imagine that at some point, it seems like this A every single one of us even those who are destined to genda will

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eventually be shown and they will witness with their own eyes, the punishment of the Fire. You know what I think about when I hear that, not only of it's it's a frightening scene?

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What if I see somebody I know

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what if you see somebody you know what if you see somebody you didn't expect, my goodness, they actually made it they they got there. They were the most pious, they were the most trustworthy. They were in the masjid all the time. They were they were I thought they were more religious than me. Because our Prophet Alayhi salat wa salam taught us about this. There will be people in this world on the outer shell, you will see them as the most pious but inwardly there is no sincerity. They were like the one efia Poon. So they lived a double life. In the home, they were one person outside, they were completely different. And even the shale team and the gin said, well, and the mineral

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Muslim owned from amongst us the gyms there are Muslims. Well, I mean, they'll pass it on. But for monks says there's also the host will pretend to be Muslim. You know, they might grow their beards wear their hijab, they might do those things. But on the inside, they're not Muslim.

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And so when I look at when I think about that, regardless, although I'm striving for a less paradise, I will eventually see at least to witness the jahannam What am I going to see? And what if I see somebody that I know or I lived with when I interacted with just how close it was? You were standing side by side with that person, and then all of a sudden, this is the split, you went this way, and you're grateful for it. But so panula that person is in the agenda, Johanna? Well, I so bill, so it's just absolutely remarkable. This is one of the only places in the end that Allah alludes to the idea that every single one of us of mankind will see and witness the jahannam at

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least, may Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us from ever entering the jahannam Aloma mean phenomenon edgy Latina taco whatever volley mean if he had you Thea Allah will give glad tidings and strength to those who have consciousness and taqwa when other allottee mean if he had the analyzer which will also warn the wrongdoers and cause them to be on their knees as well. Either to tiller IE him a tuner beginner to pilot and Latina cafaro listen to what the coresh said to the Prophet isolettes was on look when the A yet were recited upon them Bay net and it was recited with clarity Look what they look what they told the promises to them, either Latina cat photo, those who disbelieved Linda

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Xena mo said to those who believe equal fair you're clean you're hired, which one of us do you think is better? You know, we I send all my palm hydro mahkamah are selling idea which one of us have a better sense which one of us look better stronger? Which one of us an accidental Nydia the word Nydia is actually referring to the meeting place where the dignitaries and high officials of Mecca would meet so that meeting place that's called an idea so they're basically looking at the the Muslims and the believers and be like, look at you guys. You guys have all of the poorest of the poor following this man Mohammed, you know you've got belaire you've got Abu sufian you've got all

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of these inner Habib know you've got all of these people that are just literally nothing will suddenly be their own made nothing. And look at us we have Nydia as well when we have our meetings we are sipping and you know the best teas the best drinks we have the most food we have the most luxurious palaces we have the we have all the power all the political power all the authority look at you guys guys have nothing How can this be the truth?

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previous as a lot already hinted to this but look what's going on.

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Next, look what's going to happen next. But here's the lesson. Doesn't this area still feel clear and alive today? When politicians meet, and they have their meetings with other politicians or what have you, or they visit other countries, where do they go? They go obviously in a highly secured area, but the most luxurious places, probably on the planet. And then you'll have a percentage of their people that are still living on the streets that are eating from garbage, that are living in forests that have nowhere to live. They're completely homeless. There are civil issues and wars happening and you just name it the list is endless. But when it comes to the meetings and coming

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together, like yeah, okay, we're, we're here, you know, they'll, they'll sit there and eat the most lavish foods and lavish cuisines. This area is still very much relevant, still very much relevant today as it was then. So that same culture that the Porsche had continues till this day, may Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us this is what they said to the Muslims what can we look normal popular human power? How many times have we destroyed generations that came before them home Arsenal? ss on what a year that had better furniture and they were show offs just like these. So Allah is reminding them Don't you get it? I've done it in the past. What makes you think I won't do it again? Take the

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Pullman Can I feel Bala latifolium doodle Rahul from phillium. To level right man woman say to them whoever is on the path of misguidance for Liam did extend level ramen or mud along will give them an extension. So Allah will allow the rope to be loose. Enjoy your political power, your richness, or enjoy all the luxuries. Enjoy your Nydia have all of it. Allah will extend and when it's least expected Allah will snatch had to either allow us to do until they actually believe this is it this is my life. I'm not going anywhere. There eventually will be snatched and what will be revealed to them in milada. But what it mircera either the punishment or the Day of Judgment, the our first say

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are the Mona men who are shovel McCann and Waldorf rigidness Angela, that's when they're going to know who was really embarrassed who was in a pathetic position and who had the weaker army. So the claim when they were making fun of the followers of Prophet it startles them when they were making fun of them. Look at you guys, you're so weak, you have nothing, etc, etc, etc. A lot literally flipped that whole scenario. And says now when you see the punishment, and the Day of Judgment arrives, who's gonna have the stronger army Then who's going to have the strongest followers Then who's going to be the weaker ones then all you'll see fast Sailor Moon Oh, it's coming, you'll see

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it some heinola

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last a guy's way as evil love will lead the unit teto houda. Allah will increase those who seek guidance with guidance. Well, about the year two solid had an the remainder of their righteousness hired on indata because however, it is the best with Allah subhanho wa Taala in terms of reward, and and blessings will hire morada and they will have the best outcome and shout Allahu taala students

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tomorrow will finish disorder. inshallah. Tomorrow, we'll finish it up. And I will introduce the next topic in sha Allah Vitara. This, these set of verses, I want you to just take some time, if you need to listen to this video again, please take the time to do that. Lots of things happening but so many Wake Up Calls for all of us. What you're going to notice about sort of money as it continues and ends is now the threats will begin from Allah, a law like the language now towards the end of the sutra as you continue, it is so shifted, it is so strict, you can sense and you can feel the anger and wrath of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Because why all of these chapters all of these messages

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and as we've gone through, it's like it's gone over and over. So panelo like, Allah had warned and warned and war ends, just like what the prophet Allah said, whatsoever. There's only so much that he could do. And the rest he steps back. He's like, you know what, I can't do anything anymore. And we've talked about this concept in sort of the head. I can't do anything anymore. There's only so much that I can preach. There's only so much that I can advise. There's only so much that I can hope for now.

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gotta leave it between you and Allah. And that's what you're going to see now you're going to see the language become more strict, more severe from Allah azza wa jal to all those who disobeyed him Alonzo which will protect us from ever being amongst them alone I mean so guys once again tomorrow will be the final episode of this sorta and I'm going to introduce my new topic in sha Allah hotel so stay tuned for that and tune in around the same time because they let me tell a lie. So God bless you all and keep you safe and healthy and American wherever you may be alone. I mean, just a level higher than or set up Marley Kumara to LA he will bucket