Nouman Ali Khan – Unveiling the Profound Tests of Prophet Ibrahim

Nouman Ali Khan
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RMB shocking suddenly we suddenly

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have polio along with a bit of multimedia Ilaha illa Allah which

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was funny what also been happy what was the subject? I mean, yeah, but I mean

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my objective in this football is to share something you some of you might find strange. Ramadan is getting closer. And usually when Hajj season is getting closer, we start talking about Ibrahim alayhis salam. But it is actually pretty usual practice for me that as Ramadan gets closer, I start thinking a lot about Ibrahim alayhis salam. And there's a reason for that.

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Of course, Ibraheem Alehissalaam built the Kaaba and as he was building the Kaaba, he, you know, and he made this dua for people's hearts to turn towards that house. That's a minute necesita huili. So that people's hearts would turn towards that Kaaba and believers around the world. If they haven't had a chance to see the house of Allah it is their great desire to have the opportunity to go visit the house of Allah and that's why the entire institution this magnanimous institution of Hajj, is actually in a sense, a result of the effort and more even more importantly the DUA Ibrahim our days. Were living the daughter of Ibrahim Ali salaam when we're seeing Hutch and will group performing

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But actually, just like that, there's another very profound drop of Ibrahim on a setup that he made as he was building the foundations or elevating the foundations of the Haram of the Kaaba, along with his son is married after passing all of the tests. Allah gave him this task to build the cannonball with his son, the spy, and this is at the end of all of the tests, right? And as he's building it, he says, Yeah,

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well, I feed him Rasulullah Minho, our Rob, send a Messenger from among them, that them refers to the offspring of Ibrahim at his mind together. So Ibrahim alayhi salam, as we know has other children including his Huck are they Salam is hot is not part of this conversation is my eldest part of this conversation. Now is how are they Saddam is a prophet and his heart will have a child yaku was a prophet yaku will have a child Yusuf was a prophet. So actually, in a narration of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Kula Mahela can be other cannabinoids actually or coffee in Allah 30 him Bureau cilia in the Quran, from his heart. Every generation had a prophet. So they kept on getting

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prophets nonstop, like a continuous chain. But Allah Ibrahim alayhi salam is not asking about his son is Hawk right now. He's building the Kaaba with his son as well. And as he's building the Skyway he's making a dua to Allah send a single messenger among them.

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So now on one side with his hug, multiple profits, multiple multiple profits from the line of his mind he's asking for how many just one pursue the main home yet no, either him i Attica will use a key him What will that messenger do? He will read your icon to the people. And he bought them when you communicate about what Heckman will use a Kim you'll teach them the book, he'll teach them wisdom and you'll purify them. That is the dua for Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam that will come eventually 1000s of years later, and will recite the ayat of Allah the Quran right at that house where he was making dua with his son Ismail 1000s of years ago. What is it that we are

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celebrating in Ramallah? We're celebrating the coming of the Quran, which actually means we're celebrating the fulfillment of the other day of Ibrahim as a sinner. So actually, Hajj is an answer to one of the daughters of Ibrahim alayhis salam, and Ramadan is the answer and a celebration to the answer of the other daughter of Ibrahim or the setup. Now having said that, it's very interesting. I you know, ever since Tik Tok blew up. I've been watching a lot of tick tock and it's, you know, you could think it's a it's a waste of time, but actually tick tock is also very educational, some of the leading intellectuals and scientists and thinkers and professors and, you know, scholars are

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actually posting some really interesting research and findings on Tik Tok also. So, it's it's created a platform for unique kinds of conversation. And one of the kinds of conversations that happen on Tik Tok is why people

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I start doubting their religion.

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And there's a lot of conversations like that about Jews who left your days. And Christians who left Christianity, and of course, Muslims were doubting Islam. But I became very curious about Christians and Jews who start having doubts about their faith, especially American Christians and European Christians, etc. And one of the most common questions they have, they can't get their head around Abraham, they have a problem with Abraham. They say what kind of God makes you kill your own child?

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I mean, how sick why would you want, you've called this God loving and caring and merciful. And he wants you to slaughter your own child, as a show of what loyalty to him, and they're disgusted by this idea. And they use this idea to say, I don't want to believe in a God like that.

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I don't want to believe in a God that wants you to kill your own child. Right? Now, of course, Muslims, we believe in that story, too. In the raw film and TV, and yes, so no, it's raw. And I see in my dream that I'm slaughtering you. And the son says, if I was going to do what you're told, I'm going to share a couple of quick things with you about this story. And I'll make it even more disturbing for you before we solve the problem. Okay, so the Quran version is actually even more problematic. If you want to look at it from the Christian mind. Or the skeptic mind.

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Ibrahim, where they saw him in his childhood, when when when a child is young, their protection, their ultimate protection comes from the Father.

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Baba, Baba, you want to just run to your dad, and your dad will protect you no matter what. Right if you're scared your mom and your dad, but even more, because the dad is the protector of the entire family. So your dad, Ibrahim alayhi salam, as a child has been kicked out of his home, maybe not by his by his own father. So the word as a child, those sorts of your protection is now abandoning you.

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He's denying you the basic right of being protected as a child.

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That's pretty bad. So he's suffering from the trauma of abandonment as a child,

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and then on top of that make it worse when he destroyed all of their idols. And there was a decision a communal decision that we're going to burn him alive. How do we go one solo idea taco, guess who's also part of the decision making process who says yes, he deserves to be burned alive, his own father,

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his own for and this is when Allah says for that matter million Hello Anna, whoa, I don't want Allah. It became clear to Abraham I listen, I'm also that he is also an enemy of Allah. Allah does not call every disbeliever an enemy of Allah. But when someone goes beyond just disbelieving and tries to do harm, then they become an enemy of Allah. And here you are killing attempting to kill profitable, this is now you're an enemy of Allah. Now, your own father didn't just abandon you, he also tried to kill you.

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Now what happens in children's lives, if that was done to them by their father, two things happen. One that young man was he grows up he says, I will never be like my father.

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I will never abandon my child, and I will never hurt my child, I will make sure I am nothing like my that or they become exactly like they're dead.

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One of two things happen. Either they repeat the mistakes of the Father, or they live their life trying to be the opposite of their father. You can imagine Ibraheem Alehissalaam must have in his heart, the opposite intention, meaning I will never do to my child what my father did to me as a child.

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And what did Allah test him with?

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First, he tells them to leave his child and tell them to leave his child in the desert.

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Be Wildin, right in the center, and the political Muharram is telling him to abandon his child, something he experienced when he was a child, and no doubt he must have promised himself. I will never abandon my child and the lessons but what if I told you to

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do it?

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That's bad enough. But the second one, it's the second one's worse, his father tried to kill him and obey the fire. And Allah says, Allah shows him in a dream multiple times. What should you do with your own child?

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Kill your child.

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And now he's being tested with that. The question then arises, why is it Rahim? Allah Islam being given such a painful test? We know these tests, but maybe sometimes we don't connect these tests to his own childhood. His own childhood had the opposite. He was the receiving end of these times. And now he has to repeat them. And Allah is telling him to repeat them. This is a terribly terribly difficult test. So a couple of things that I want to help you understand and I'll add one more curious question to this problem.

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The nation

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Angels came to the house of Rahim Allah Salam when he was very old.

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And they told him after some conversation that they are here to kill everybody in the nation of Luke, except a few.

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And Ibrahim alayhis salam questioned their decision.

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You just didn't laugh. He called me loot. Why are you killing them? And there's a back and forth like, this is the same Ibrahim Ali Salam o Allah says about him in Guadalajara, who is new Allah Islam. When Allah said to him surrender every time Allah says to him surrender, he surrenders. But when the angels came and said, We're gonna kill everybody in the nation of law. He didn't surrender. You just didn't wanna. And the question arises, you are arguing, Rahim, Allah is Arnica. Salaam, you're arguing to save the lives of the nation of law. But you didn't argue a few years later, when Allah told you to kill your own child.

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What is this? How come sometimes you surrender, sometimes you surrender, we need to understand, in the case of the nation of loads, in that case, it was clear that they are criminals.

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And as a result of their crime, Allah decided this punishment. And it is the nature of every prophet, that even though the comb is worthy of punishment, they beg for them to be forgiven anyway.

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They somehow tried to make some negotiation on behalf of their people, even though they know they're bad, even though they know and he's the start even as people but he's still trying to for Is there any way I can negotiate something that's part of the Rama Allah put inside the hearts of prophets. But there's a cause and effect, there's a read their sinful there, they've deserved it. And he's questioning whether there can be delayed or minimized or some kind of conversation can happen. On the other hand, when he sees the dream that his son is to be slaughtered, his son is not a sinner.

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His son is not a rebel against Allah. This is a command from Allah and Allah didn't say, and here, here's why he deserves to be slaughtered. There's no reasoning, some commandments of Allah, Allah gives reason. Some commandments of Allah, Allah gives no right well, Allah gives no reason. There's no room to negotiate. There's no room to ask questions. And he understands that he gets it right away. But that still doesn't answer the question. Why give it Rahim? Allah, Islam such unthinkable kinds of tests. Actually, this is where we depart. And it's similar, but it's actually so profoundly different from the Christian tradition. In the Christian tradition, Jesus gets tortured and killed,

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so that the followers of Jesus their sins are paid for. Right so the blood of Jesus paid for his followers sins. That's the idea, right?

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It's not quite that idea. But it's actually quite a profound transformation of that idea. Ibrahim alayhis salam was given tests in his life that no other prophet was ever given.

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No prophet was told to kill their child. No prophet was told to himself jump into a fire willingly allow allow himself to be thrown into a fire. If that would come for any other profit they would be hedged up before them

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before they're ready to come and take you and throw you into a fire Allah will tell that Prophet migrate get away like Hussein Saddam they were ready to kill him. Me kitchen open for them, not with the right email is I'm gonna let you be thrown into the fire.

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I'm going to let you be thrown. No prophet is told leave your family and the only type of profit is told to leave their families when they're among the kuffar like the wife of noon and away from Luke. This is unique to Ibrahima, there is no other profit to make a point breaks idols even if there was false religion in the nation of Saudi how the initiative Choi other nations, they they didn't go break the temples idols to make a point. Nobody did that were like this. No other prophet in the Quran made Dawa by pointing at the sun and the moon ready and say things like Halabi Hatha Akbar, Lao Shan Bhullar, feeding in this kind of demonstration. This must be God this is bigger, Oh, this

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one must be God. This is bigger. Just to demonstrate how silly that religion was. No Prophet did this before he the way he makes his case, the way that he is tested. The way that Allah put him through his sila is like no other prophet, now before him not after him. He's in a unique position by and no other prophet by himself at a salon was called an Oma.

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Now we'll deliver teach us about that unique way in which Ibrahim alayhis salam was tested even if you look at the language, those of you that are familiar with the Arabic when Allah says Subhan Allah to Allah indeed with Allah Ibrahima or a boo, boo kalimat. Allah could have said Egypt Allah Rabu Ibrahima,

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right, but Allah says it Allah Ibrahim and Makati

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Well, my friend macadam Rabo, as if to say Ibrahim was tested like nobody else was tested. When Allah especially uniquely tested Ibrahim Islam uniquely tested Ibrahim with certain instructions, and even the word Kalamata is that Al kalimat that will be my roof randomness when the MBR is getting out. There's some special instructions that are just for Ibrahim Ali Salam. But what is the point of that? The point of that in the Quran seems to be that he will become an example for the children of smile that will have the final prophet Muhammad Rasul Allah so long running Salam, why? Because they will look at his legacy. And they will learn that if Allah can make those tests easy

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for Ibrahim, what is he asking us? By comparison? Is he asking us to kill our children? Is he asking us to leave our family in the middle of a desert? Is he asking us to jump in a fire? He didn't ask any of those things. I started this football by saying there are two institutions that are tied to Ibrahim Ali Sinha, the house and Ramadan. The Hydra and Ramadan. Look at the language of Hajj. When other talks about Hajj. Oh, by the way, if you can't make two days for when the Angela for Yeoman for that smiley moment. For the finale, Lisa Alikum. Johanna in the middle of bacon, for example coming out multiple times, even though hedges tough, Allah puts lots and lots of conditions inside

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hij to make it easier and easier and easier.

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Over and over again, this is supposed to be the thing that's difficult. And if you study the language of Hajj, multiple times there's ease and ease and ease and ease.

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And then when it comes to Ramadan, what does Allah say you need Allah will be calling you sir, whether you read the book of Allah sir.

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And the ultimate example of this, to me comes at the end of social hedge, or Allah says one gyla is a confit demon, Harajuku, militar, Abiko, Ibrahim,

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he put those two things together. It's called Komodo that this ties in but he says he didn't put any difficulty in the religion for you. You are the continuity of the religion of your father, right? Learn from Ibrahim. And basically what that means is you ain't got no excuse.

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Because he was actually tested by comparison, you've been given something that isn't tough at all. And every time you think your religion is hard, remind yourself of who Ibrahim alayhis salam and you will remember how easy or Dean has been made for you. how profoundly easy it has been made for you. And if Allah can make those impossible tasks easy for Ibrahim alayhi salam, then Allah will make any difficulty for you easy c'est la vie that was Sunni Islam. Allah will put us for you. So actually, it is true. He was tested like nobody else, but that was for the benefit of the rest of humanity. That was actually one that Allah had given to Ibrahim Ali Simon through him to all of us may Allah

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azza wa jal make us committed to the religion of our father Ibrahim alayhis salam, and have this fulfill the Sunnah was profound messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam BarakAllahu Li will consider Marlene

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Hey guys, you just watched a small clip of me explaining the Quran in depth as part of the deeper look series. Studying the Quran in depth can seem like a really intimidating thing that's only meant for scholars Our job is to make deeper study of the Quran accessible and easy for all of you. So take us up on that challenge. Join us for this study the deeper look of the Quran for this surah and many other sources on Vienna under the deeper look section

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