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The history and context of the title "Okalehissalaam," which is the first person to write a book on it, is discussed in a historical context. The verse "has a smile on Hulk reconfi-on" is used to describe a generation that passed, but the historical context is unclear. The importance of praying and staying busy in the workplace to avoid losing pay is emphasized, as it helps individuals stay stable and achieve their goals. The speaker also discusses the importance of protecting one's religion and recovering from injuries while pursuing one's beliefs.

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Salam or Aleikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh at hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah forbearance. So this is part five of Sora mme guys so let's continue with verse number 51 in sha Allah, Allah subhana wa Taala continues and he tells us whether Coldfield ki Tabby Moosa, and remember in the book about the story and the legacy of Musa alayhis salaam. Now immediately what you see is that this is not in chronological order, because we went from Ibrahim and now we're going to musala his Salaam and then we're going to go to Israel and so on and so forth. In the who can And mahalo somewhat can or siouxland nebbia, listen to the A, and in now he was from amongst those who were

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last saw, not Melissa, what we're accustomed to is using the word modulus, which means the sincere one, but this has the fat hair on top of the lamp. So it's miraculous when. So modulus is only used for profits. This is the kind of sincerity that is bestowed upon from Allah subhanho wa Taala. To prophets and messengers. They are given this gift of sincerity, you and I, we have to work and strive for that gift of sincerity. We constantly have to do things every day all the time, in order to maintain the purity of sincerity and a close. So with each other, we use the word more or less, but with prophets and messengers, it's only more or less, so just keep that in mind. So musala his

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Salaam had sincerity and he was gifted to him from Allah subhanho wa Taala. What can odo sulan nebia and he was also a messenger and a prophet of Allah subhanho wa Taala Island when adding a human journey bill to real Amen. What caught robinair who Nigeria and we called him to come forth to us from the right side of Mount toward what caught robinair hoonah Jia, and we brought him closer so that he could speak directly to us. Now this is one of the many unique blessings of Musa Ali Salim is that he was gifted with the ability to speak to Allah directly he heard Allah subhanho wa Taala his voice and he was able to speak to Allah subhanho wa Taala so this is one of a few verses in the

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Quran that helped to capture them. Well will have been left home before I met Tina and we also gifted to him from our mercy, a ha who held on and abbia his brother held on early his solemn he was also a prophet. So another gift given to Musashi sent him These are some of the unique things about whom mozzarella his lamb was and the things that he was blessed with so that he was able to do and perform the tasks given to him by Allah jello, Arla, with chlorophyll ki Tabby is Marian and also remember and reflect in the book of a smart eel. Of course, one of the sons of Ibrahim alayhis salaam in the who can offside the world wide. He was somebody who was a man of his word, do you

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notice something different immediately? So those of you who are you know, studying the Arabic language, we heard Cydia, Putin nebbia. Now we're hearing saw the word. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the whole candle sidepod Whiteside appear is a is a, it's a very, it's the name of the person who has has that quality in them. It's who they are. So in other words, if somebody is honest, and to to recognize that individual, as somebody honest, it's one thing to say that they have the they have the the etiquette of honesty, you know, they're honest person. And it's another thing to say, their whole existence revolves around honesty, they live a life of honesty. So that's

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what sada is. So Allah subhanho wa Taala is saying that ismar ilardi he said, he was a man of his word, he wasn't just honest here and there, he lived a life of honest it was a true quality in him, saw the world wide what can or suelen nebia and he was also a messenger and a prophet of Allah subhana wa tada what can yet moto Allahu Allah. Now this is how he did it. He used to order and encourage his family to pray was the cat now's a cat here is not referring to the cat of paying, you know, an annual amount every year. No, no, is the cat here it's not specified. So it doesn't say what can a modal Allah who be Palma to solid what the tag is a cat. So the feral or the verb has

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been removed. So that means that the a is much more general in that sense. So he used to order his family or tell his family to pray. But also the cat here is a cat comes from the word Tez. kiya which means to purify. So he also used to encourage them to do the right things, to be honest, to be trustworthy, just do the right things in life so that that way you can purify your neffs and your

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Soul. So the more honest you are, the more pure your heart becomes. And when your heart is pure that everything in your life is also pure. What can end up being a model D and as a result towards Allah subhanho wa Taala he was somebody that Allah was exceptionally pleased with muddled Lee with Kofi kitabi Idris.

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And remember and keep in mind in the book about the story of Idris alayhis, salaam, you know, some say Idris alehissalaam, came approximately 1000 years before New holla Islam so he is one of the ancient prophets. A couple of things about Idris Allah His sallam, he was the first individual to write, he was the first one to be able to use a pen or ink and start writing. He was also the first one that tailored his own clothing and he would wear these clothing as well. So he was a tailor by profession, and, you know, according to some Islamic history, and some of the tough cnn is a he was one of the first if not the first individual, to do such a thing. He also possessed the knowledge of

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reading the stars and understanding the map and direction where he was going where was north, south, east and west all directions. So he was gifted with that ability as well. In the hole can also do a nebbia he was somebody that was exceptionally honest, loving as well as a prophet or a foreigner who mccannon ie and we had raised him to a high level and status all he can lesbian all of these prophets and messengers and normal love Why are they him? Allah has blessed them and given them a noble place meaning been I mean they'll be Yeti Adam from amongst Prophets, and the children of Adam women men Hammond Mariano in woman v Yeti Ibrahim on what is sought all eel and those who know

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highly his solemn carried with him. So from the same project, I mean the reality and also in the bat Ibrahima with Sora he also from the children of Ibrahim alayhis salaam and then saw el amin men had a now which turbine and they were from amongst those whom Allah subhanho wa Taala had guided and also protected the utility that to tiller led him to recommend whenever the A yet of rock man Do you see a once again, I'll recommend shows up in the soda. Let's go quickly and take a look. So so far have Roman showed up 1234. So so far, it showed up four times, and it's going to show up a bunch more before we get to the end of the surah. So four times I'll recommend already shows up Allah

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subhana wa Taala continues, is that to tailor it, to recommend when the area to augment is recited upon them, how to suture down wobbu key Yeah, they immediately fall into prostration. And they weep and they cry. You know, for those of you who want, if you want to take a quick second, go for a minute, do it now. You don't have to have Waldo because it's not prayer. So just go down and center. And the scholars don't teach us that when you go for the sagitta to tell our so all the such that in the core n when you perform those kinds of prostrations, the door that you should say and it can be in any language that you want. The door that you should say should reflect some of the teachings in

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that a. So in this area, allows praise praising that he had guided these prophets and messengers he had chosen them he had protected them. And they come from a line a progeny a lineage that was pious and also filled with other prophets and messengers, messengers. So when you make this Dora tried to make a dorm, Ola, bless them all, Allah give me the strength to inherit some of their teachings. So if you want to take a quick second, go ahead and just perform such that. So I'll give you a quick second to do that as well.

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Excuse me,

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for halifa mimbar de him Have fun or borrow slide out. So this is the last day that I want to spend some time on because this verse of Hannah law, this versus different brothers and sisters, this verse here, it is a verse for all high school students. If you have teenagers that have started high school recently or are in high school now, this is an area that you should speak to them about. You should sit them down at some point and just have a conversation that revolves around this. So this is one of the verses of for high schoolers. Now why do I single out high schoolers because in high school, sorry about that, guys. Just give me a second.

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In high school, that's when you discover

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Your identity, you know, your dependency on your parents starts to decrease now. So you start to become a bit more independent, you start making certain decisions on your own, you start learning a little bit more about life, you start getting more maturity and responsibility. But with that, with all of those gifts, this a should never be forgotten. Now let's go through this a word by word Alesis 400 FM in the home health honnef is the previous generations. So what Ally's referring to here is that the previous generations as they passed, so that's the first thing. The second thing is Allah says, ha, love. The Lamb here has a Fatah on it. That means that it's referring to a or

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generations that did the right thing. This was a good generation that just passed. So we're talking about all of these prophets and messengers from Ibrahim and a smile he did is all of them. So these generations now have just come to pass. And we know that these were generations Allah was pleased with why because he said highlife. But then afterwards, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, How fun for Halloween, remember the him Have fun. So these good generations passed on. And what came after was 100 fun. There's no fat cow on the lam in Huntsville. And when it's used again, that is referring to the complete opposite generation now. So what came after this good generation was a useless

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generation, a generation that did nothing.

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Does this sound familiar? You know, often we hear talks, and there's tons of them on YouTube, but you probably hear Hulk Bez lectures, and so on. from all backgrounds, all religions that will talk about this day and age, the whole, the millennials, these, this generation that we're living in, is the generation that was you know, that hasn't been able to keep up with much of the discipline and the teachings and the history and all of these things that the previous generation brought to us. Lots of distractions now with the internet, social media, so many things that have steered this younger generation, this new generation, from some of the teachings and disciplines that came prior

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to us. And in Islamic tradition, as well. It's exactly the same thing. It's so difficult now to find students that can stick to a class for an entire year, because now that's too much. Now we want you know, small tidbits, small dosages of knowledge, we want videos that are just one or two minutes long, those are the ones that get tons of views. But the videos that are an hour long that are going through some of this theory in detail. Hardly anybody has the time for it, or it's boring or drags on or what have you. So that cultural that shift from one generation to another. You can decide for yourself, if you feel that that reflects a useless generation, as opposed to what those who came

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before us would want to do. But Allah azza wa jal is saying here, that after these great prophets and messengers and their children and their people had passed on, what came afterwards was a generation that did not inherit their teachings. They didn't listen, they didn't inherit none of their teachings. They didn't pass on that legacy. How do you and I relate to this? Parents, those of you with your children, you got to really pause for a second. And think about all the things that you had learned from your parents, your community, about religion, about prayer and fasting and all of those disciplines. And ask yourself, have you done your best to instill those values in your

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children today? Have you taken the time to ensure that they got into those classes, that they were constantly engaged in learning, and learning is one thing, but that they capture and take on the discipline, that knowledge and it manifested into some action, it transpired into something so that that way, if you go first, you could feel some sense of peace that you've passed on the teachings of all the generations before you to your children. And so that cycle, that that that discipline continues? So Allah subhanho wa Taala, will describe to us exactly what they left behind what made this generation useless to Allah that they did nothing for Allah. Listen to what Allah says. I'll

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borrow solar, the first thing that they did is that they were lazy with prayer, they left it off their own, they didn't care about it. So even if they prayed, they just didn't get it. They just did it. Because you

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No, I'm at the masjid or my parents keep nagging me to do it. So I just do it anyway, that's a lot of solder. We have to remember that Salah is a treasured moment of our day. Like it's the it should be the best moment of our day, and how you develop that feeling. And that experience with prayer will come from all the things that we've talked about with sincerity and the teachings and the love and the desire to know who Allah is so that you know who you're worshiping, and know how to connect to him. All of those things, you find the sweetness of prayer, when you study and you learn allez Deen, that's how you discover men. All of this knowledge about Allah, all of the power and authority

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that Allah has some handle, I want to worship Him more, I want to bow to him more, I want to prostrate to him more. Secondly, when you step aside, now, when you graduate from that phase of learning who Allah is, what prayer does is that it maintains stability in your religion, because often the people that have the these dilemmas have, you know, good days and bad days when it comes to faith. I mean, we all have that. But you know, sometimes for some Muslims, those bad days, when they're not praying on time, or they're not feeling connected to their religion as they want to it, they really sink deep and drown that entire day like that one day, they'll commit 1000s and 1000s of

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different sins and acts that are disobedient to Allah. And as a result, that trend continues the next day, the next day, prayer destroys all of that. Prayer is the thing that keeps us stable. And so for young people when they start High School, because aside from all of the things that come out of high school, the positive things, the maturity, the independence, the responsibility, etc, they're going to be exposed to a higher level of learning, they're going to be learning new subjects. So they're going to discover their identity, as part of that journey, to keep them sane, from all of the other filthy things that they'll be exposed to the filthy things that they'll hear,

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you know, choosing good friends to maintain their he meant to preserve and protect it, because I always say,

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if a high schooler can protect Amen, during those years, in sha Allah, they'll protect it for the rest of their life. Or they can lose it all together, that's what high school does, you either will have it, or it will get snatched away from you forever, or you'll have this choppy type experience with Allah, you know, some days are good, some days are bad, you're only religious with mom and dad, and everybody else. It's the complete opposite. So that's a lot of solder. So the first thing is to talk to young students students is make sure that they find time to pray wherever they may be, and advise them and guide them and tell them there is nothing that should come between you and solder,

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no subject, no tests, no exam, nothing. You know, it's a matter of Do you want this world? Or do you want the euro. And if you want this world, if that's what your focus is, our profit are the social sciences, then you lose the euro. But if you want the effort, and that's your priority, Allah will give you the Africa as well as give you the world. So what do you have to lose? That's the problem. That's the point here. So, you know, in sha Allah, Allah for the most part, most of where we live, most places that we live, we will always find the time to pray, you know, schools will almost always accommodate for you to take one or two minutes, find a corner and pray. And I'll tell you something,

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nine out of 10 times, when you ask your boss or you ask your teacher, did you need to just go and pray for a minute? Can you just step outside the classroom? Can it go somewhere, nine out of 10 times, they will be more than happy to accommodate you. And especially in the workplace. You know, I remember years ago, when I was working at a phone company, I went to my boss, the director and I said to her look, you know, I need to pray. And my shift here there are two prayers that I have to perform in the within these hours. And I was concerned that I would lose pay. I was concerned that the you know, it will jeopardize my position, etc, etc. You know what my boss did? She gave me her

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office every time I wanted to go pray. She says you know what, I need some blessing in my life in my office. So I'm going to you can go in my office anytime you need. There's a corner. And so Pamela, she allowed me to set up a prayer mat. So every time it came in for my shift, I had a prayer mat there so that I could pray and she kept it in the office for be safe. No one was allowed to touch you. So you'll be surprised that when you ask for this and you do your very best to try to accommodate and live your life.

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revolving around prayer and not the other way around how Allah will facilitate that for you. This is an idea for young people. Then the next thing What about Russia? What? So there are two things that made this generation useless to Allah, they did nothing for Allah. So they left off prayer, or they didn't take it seriously. And number two, they followed shameful acts. A shadow, what we've already talked about shadow or shadow is literally desire. But it's all forms of desires that are shameful in the sight of Allah. So that's how it works. If you loose Sala in your life, then shanwa shame and desire become attractive. You you won't feel that guilt that if you look at something you're not

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supposed to look at, you click on a website, you're not supposed to collect it, click, the guilt won't hurt you anymore. Like you won't feel that because why you're missing prayer. And, and one last point that I want to mention is, when I say you're missing prayer, I don't mean that you haven't done the action. It's one thing when you're prayer, when you're praying, and you're just doing all the actions, it's nothing but cardiovascular exercise. And it's a whole nother thing when you're actually praying and your heart is praying to. So we're talking about the ladder. So you're praying, but you're praying because you know, it's the right thing to do and you want to continue to

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better your life. These are treasured moments that we have at least five times a day. So this is what Allah subhana wa tada is referring to two things that create a successful generation. Hold on to sila and protect yourself from desire

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for selfie opponent layer, either and ultimately, those who left off these two things, they will ultimately meet Allah subhanho wa Taala with severe consequence in this state of disobedience. One last point, everybody see the word cell for the cell phone means eventually they will meet their end their consequence. But they've already been in the state of sin. So they've already they're already suffering the consequence, because they're being punished for leaving off these two things. So how come the a is saying that after they pass, that's when they will meet their consequence if they've already been misguided? hope you understand the question the answer to this. In Arabic, we will say

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things like

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the rain, the sky rained vegetation, the sky rained vegetation, it doesn't mean lettuce and tomatoes are falling from the sky. But the source that would produce vegetation is coming from the sky, right water. So it's it's just it's the way it's the phrasing of these words that in Arabic, a lot of the times you talk about the result of something, you talk about the consequence from the beginning. So if you talk about rain, what are the consequences of rain, that's how you form that sentence. So in this area, what Allah subhanaw taala is referring to is that if you leave off to these two things, the consequence is waiting for you. You're already through it, and it will continue until the day of

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judgement. It's pretty frightening guys.

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And this year, Allah subhanho wa Taala highlights for us how we can be a successful people in a successful nation, a successful generation. We're going to pause here in sha Allah because I know it sounds pretty depressing. But the next verse, Allah subhanho, wa Taala will teach us how to recover just because somebody lives in a generation where they've left off these two things, doesn't mean that all hope is lost. This generation is down to drain, hollows, my kids everybody, it's over. No. There is always hope. When you have Allah subhanho wa Taala in your life, there is always hope. And tomorrow I will share that with you in sha Allah Vitara matalon so which will continue to preserve

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and protect the religion of Islam, our Deen the message of the quarter and the legacy of our Prophet Ali salt was slammed in our hearts and in our lives alone. I mean, just like a Mullah will heighten every one email line so it'll keep you safe wherever you are. With Santa Monica from LA to LA. He bought a kit