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The speakers discuss the use of "bringing" in the context of guidance and guidance for travelers, emphasizing the importance of finding guidance and direction for the right path. They also touch on the private nature of people's personality, including pride, pride in women, and the private nature of people's personality. The speakers stress the importance of learning and understanding Islam, being clear about one's actions, and following it to be recognized as a Islamist. They also mention upcoming projects and a new television show.

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So Mr. Lee, what are going to let your broker to and hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah warbird so we're at verse number 15 or we'll go on to verse 25. In our journey through so to to know, Allah subhana wa tada continuous chlorophyll auto Dr. Rc and to me the big one was unhealed en su bulan la la quinta Dune. So Allah says I placed on this earth for you arowana sia and to me to become one and held on so we gave you paths we gave you trails we gave you rivers, we gave you so many different directions law look into doing so that perhaps you can find direction and guidance like versus like this immediately encourage you to get outside and what I meant, and we also gave

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you so Allah subhanaw taala talks about mountains, he talks about that how from those mountains and to me that became one and held on. So we had caused water to gush and flow from those mountains. And that's how rivers were formed. And then we also gave you different directions and different roads, sidewalks, paths that you can ly look into today, and you can find guidance and direction with why they're meant. And we also allow you to use those mountains, those rivers and so these were certain points of the earth that you could use so that you know where you are, you know, watch the video A long time ago, about how to planes know where to fly during the night. So in the darkest times of

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the day, in darkest hours, it's pitch black in the sky. But how do planes know exactly what path they take. And they actually have markers that are pre programmed in their flight controls and flight systems. So they follow that marker. And it was pretty remarkable. It's a YouTube video, you can watch it online as well, it's, I'm sure it's still there. And they actually follow these markers. So you're kind of flying blind at the same time. But with these markers, you know exactly what direction you're going and that you're staying on the right path or the right course towards your destination. So Allah captured that in this soda while I met and we gave you mountains, rivers,

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trees, land and the design, the overall geographical structure of the earth. All of this was for you so that you could find direction, what been nudged me whom you had to do and the stars are also used for as guidance for them. And I mentioned to you before, when astronauts and and, you know, companies will release and send rockets into space. This is how they're able to track their space, their rockets. This is how they're able to do that the space station itself, they're able to track these things by using the stars as maps in a solar system. So if they were to launch a spacecraft all the way to Jupiter or some other planet, and even though that these planets are months and even

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sometimes years away from Earth, they're still able to know exactly where their spacecraft is by just looking at the stars and using that as a guide or a guidance system or a map so they know what direction they're going it's remarkable to say the least familiar with Camelot

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charoen are they also able to create a familiar look can they create camellia look as though just like those who don't create so let's talking about idol worship here in other words, they are themselves are created and now in addition to that, can they create anything can they design anything a falletta the current don't you use your intellect and just sit there and think for a minute? Does that code one just just reflect for a second? Just think for a second like it doesn't make any sense. Then Allah continues. What introduce Nero Mata La La Torre. Suhan suha. In a Lucha, Lucha, fudo Rahim. If you were to count all of the blessings that Allah had given you. You will

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never be able to do the latter. So how literally you'll never be able to come close to counting the amount of blessings you have from a lump in the La Ilaha foto Rahim Indeed Allah is always forgiving an exceptionally merciful now here's the thing. In suniti, Brahim, we saw the same as but in that sort of Allah conclude in Santa love Walloon CAFOD that mankind are human beings. They were always in a state that they were going to transgress or to fall into some sense of disbelief. So that was capturing the mushroom cocoon and the disbelievers and that soda, but in this surah, Allah is talking to you and I and says, In the La la foto Rahim that even if you lose sight of all the

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blessings that Allah has given you. Even if you forget this stuff, even if you take it for granted. Allah is saying here in this a, that he is always forgiving an action

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exceptionally merciful. So these two verses from soda, Ibrahim and soda knakal give you two different contrast of the same subject. So it completes each each other what he liked him. Well, luckily, we are in a moment to still ruin our mandatorily known Allah is fully well aware of what you keep private and what you have or keep public. You know, all of us in our personalities, there's always a part of our personality that's deeply secret. We know we don't show or don't expose that to anybody. And when we're in public, we try our best at least most of us do. Show the best version of ourselves, you know, we're polite or courteous, we're doing all of the things that we want at least

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illustrate about our personality that we're good we're normal, we're deserve the things that we stand for etc etc. But then there's also part of our personality that's so private, only alumnos only Allah knows about it and we all have this by the way every human being has this So Allah is saying I know exactly what those things are as well. You know what you have public and what you have in secret and private well Latina yet their own I mean don't Illa Allah Allah Khuda Xiaomi Allah code and also in terms of the things that you call upon other than Allah, Leia Hakuna Shay, they can create anything for whom you hola Poon and they themselves are a creation as well. Um, what and why

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you are here, they are dead, they're not even alive. So they don't have a soul You can't talk to them they can't communicate with you. So again, this is talking about the Meccans but generally speaking idol worship in all forms that it takes one is shown to you by phone, and they don't have the ability to comprehend when they will be resurrected when they will be questioned. They don't even know anything because why the end of the day they were just objects. ILA who Camila Whitehead. There is no de T or oneness except the one true meaning Allah subhanho wa Taala for Latina, la umino. Now, let me just pause here for a second, you know, students a long time ago and asked me why

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does Allah constantly refer to himself as one? And the answer to this is, if you think about how communities across the globe are formed, you'll always have pockets of people, persons, that will go a different direction. So if everybody believed in one creator, that's one thing, but then the reality is that this is capturing those individuals, it's, it's speaking to individuals that know the Prophet alayhi salatu salam is talking the truth, but for whatever reason, they're not ready to change their life, then are ready to follow those instructions. So this here is a reminder that hey, regardless whether you want to follow this man or you want to follow and agree to these instructions

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or not, I am still the one true creator subhana wa Tada. So it at least, it at least deals with those who try to be the scapegoats of society, from the oneness of worship to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And so for Illa Illa hokum Illa Allah Zina, Allah you may known as for those who don't have any belief bill, in the Hereafter, Cordoba, Hmong Kira Toon Boom stick beer on their hearts are, their hearts are rejected, their hearts are filled with denial will whom will stick Bureau and they are full of pride Subhana Allah, may Allah azza wa jal protect us from that Allahu mami we did a whole series on pride but Tamil lies so which will protect us from the lead gentlemen in the La

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Jolla Allah momenta you still Runa one you're already known. Now lad gentlemen is emphasis okay? Now just remember this Arabic students lead gentlemen every time you see the verb jadwal Ma, g Ma and meme in the core and what immediately comes after is inner or inner? Lead gentlemen, enter it's 100% of the time in Arabic always lead gentlemen in the La Jolla Island Don't you dare for a moment forget an Allah Ya Allah moment you said rune Aleph is fully well aware and has complete knowledge of everything that you do in private woman. You're really known and everything that you publicize in hula, your hibel mystic Vereen. He does not love those who have any sense of pride mystic beauty.

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here is going to be something really really important. What are the P Lennar homes Inside Out of book when it is set to them? What did Allah sent down to you upon SLT a when they said these were just the old parables old school folklore stories of the past. In other words, if you notice, especially those of you who may have studied religion generally in any university or you study either if Islam is brought up with Judaism

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Christianity, some other religion is taught in university. For the most part, you'll find often that it's presented as though that this was an old folklore type method, you know, that can keep up with today's world can keep up with today's philosophies. And it, you know, it's it's old fashioned and it's archaic. And so you know, very often, especially with Islam, it's talked about in such a way, you know, these were the rules of the past, these were the leaders of the past, these were the theologies of the past. And it makes it gives this impression as though none of that stuff is relative today. And that's one of the major criticisms that believers get across the globe, like you

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don't belong, you'll fit into the society, you don't fit into this culture. You know why you dress like that? Don't you know that women have been liberated for whatever that means in terms of when we're talking about the hijab, right? Women have been liberated, they've been given the freedom so you don't have to wear that thing on your head, not realizing that this is just as relevant today as it was then, that at the end of the day, Allah had given all of these individuals a choice, and unless set down certain instructions, and when so Allah when Allah subhanaw taala brings up the subject that they used to say that this was old fashioned folklore, idea, ideologies. This is the

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poor man's way of bringing up this subject that no, it's not, that this is just Islam is just as relevant today. It's, it requires knowledge, but even more so wisdom, of how to apply certain things where they belong, yes, sure. There are aspects of all of religions, all of religions that have certain elements about them that okay, you know, it was cultural once upon a time, or once upon a time, it was practiced, for whatever reason, and it's not applicable today. Islam is no exception to that. The point here is as a religion and as a whole. Muslims always have to continue to learn and to understand that you can make Islam just as relative as it was 1400 years ago, to this day and

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age. And that's what these eight are calling us to. The second thing is, I titled this video about the most important beautiful, beneficial aspect of Islam. And you know what that is? It's the fact that you can talk to Allah subhanho wa Taala directly. This is one of the wisdoms behind ilaha illa Huwa. He that Allah is one and only one. It's an indirect call, don't go to nobody else, I am the only one I am the only creator. So don't think about anyone else. Don't think about going into any other object or to any other place. I'm the one you should turn to, you know, very often students will ask me or say things like, you know, they've really messed up in life. They've done so many

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awful things. How do they turn back to Allah? You know, what I usually tell and I tell them, and I've had to learn this over the years, just turn to Allah just talk to him. You know, one time his sister asked me, I mean, it happens very often, but it stands out this one particular sister who she asked me She's like, Can you make dua, that Allah azza wa jal gives me the strength that I wear the hijab. And I looked at her and I said,

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What do you think would happen if I make dua? Like, do you think that the hijab would just come out of the closet and float onto your head, like, just put it on, that's the point, just put it on. That's what that's how coming to a lot is, it's a very powerful thing that's formulated in our religion that we can always just turn to him, you know, it's just, it's just the same idea, like a brother will ask me, you know, make dua that Allah allows me to grow my beard and grow my hair properly, and I can groom myself like a Muslim. And I can just look at him and say, Look, stop shaving, you know, just let cut your hair properly and just buy some new clothing. And you'll see

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how quickly and easy just come to Allah just turn to him. So one of the most powerful aspect of our religion is that we can just simply turn to Allah at any moment at any time. His doors is always open to us, you know, we can always turn to him as long as we are live and I've said this like a broken record and so many of our previous reminders that we humans, we shut the door on each other, we have limitations with each other. But Allah subhanho wa Taala just says just turned to me just talk to me. Just whatever language you just do it you're driving on the highway and you feel like you know, you really need to make some changes, just make some changes. Just do it. Just talk to

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And finally a lie. So a joke includes, or at least in this section for today, the middle I was out or hum kameena taneycomo PM, they will be carrying this burden on their shoulders on their backs on the Day of Judgement woman ozette Latina Yogi Luna, whom the higher aim and even if the person followed, but they

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Didn't have any knowledge, they will still have the responsibility of carrying that burden on their shoulders. So they were just followers. They never took the time, to educate, to learn to ask questions to understand. And this is a lesson for all of us even as Muslims, right? Don't just blindly follow somebody who just looks like they're smart. They look like a chef and you say, okay, whatever he or she says, I'm going to do now ask those questions. Ask about their credential credentials, do this is a half an hour, right that you have, as students, that you ask these questions? Where did you study? Okay, who did you learn from? Okay, who are the shoe? Where did you

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get that from? What's the reference of this? What's the reference of that? Ask these kinds of questions. Otherwise, that same burden of you just collecting things without verifying without understanding, that burden is also placed on your shoulder, you're going to have to be accountable for things like that, as well. So why did you make the choice to still follow if you claim you did into No, you know, it's just like somebody last me a while ago, you know, that they wanted to make hedge or think it was one of the two, right, they wanted to go for to make ombre. And they had accumulated wealth that was held on, I don't know what they were selling, or they were involved in

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some kind of business. So the point is that the money that they had earned was all hot on money. But they went to Aruba Anyway, you know, it was good money. So they paid for their ticket, they got the package, they went for ama they came back. And only after they came back, they had heard a talk of a very famous speaker that mentioned that, you know, part of that journey, is your income has to be highlighted, not just for that journey, in general, your income should always be had. But one of the specific conditions for Hajj and Umrah is that your income should be as helpful as possible. It's part of the whole process of getting the blessings and the forgiveness and the rewards of taking on

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this massive paleo mature aim. And so he asked the question, then, oh, I didn't know. You know, I didn't know that that was an actual condition. And so will Allah still forgive me? Will Allah still accept my ombre? And that's the problem. You know, it's hard to say that, Oh, okay. You're just excused because you didn't know. Because we are living in a time where this explosion of information you have access to pretty much any type any subject of information you want, you have access to it. And Islam is no exception to that. Anything about the religion, you want to know, you can go online, I mean, obviously, you got to be responsible. You've got to know what you're looking for. You've got

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to verify things, there's a lot of garbage online, with respect to religion as well. So once you do that, once you're responsible, you have access to a lot of this stuff. So Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds us that if you don't take that responsibility, you will also carry that burden of the things that you had no knowledge of as well as an A as your own. What an evil burden to carry. This is where we're going to pause and shout low Terrell at verse number 25. There's one last thing that I wanted to mention, and I apologize that maybe this might be a little too late for some of you but Clayton Chatelet, for those of you who can receive it's a reminder of obviously today's being

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Saturday is the 10th of Muharram. This is the month in which Allah subhanho wa Taala called, or the prophets are the subtle seller mentioned in an authentic hadith that this is the month of Allah. Not even Ramadan was given that title The month of a low though it is a month of a line many ways. But the fact is that the title of this month will how to the month of Allah. And in this month on this day, you were encouraged to fast and if you fast today, as well as tomorrow, if you fasted yesterday, Friday, so you continue fasting today and then you're done. All of your previous sins in the past in the past year will be forgiven. If you missed fasting yesterday, that's fine if you're

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able to fast today fast today, as well as tomorrow in sha Allah, Allah so that you can get that reward. If this come if this reminder comes to you late. May Allah sojo forgive all of us again, going back to the first it's part of our responsibility to understand and see and continue to educate ourselves about some of these reminders in shot low Tara. So this is nothing more than a reminder to those of you who can receive it and practice it. And even if you can't then just keep in mind in sha Allah that this is something to look forward to in the future but is Neela May Allah azza wa jal accept that from us a little man I mean, so with that being said brothers and sisters,

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so tomorrow we will continue with our journeys through sudut and nahal. Lots and lots of wonderful and interesting things coming in sha Allah, Allah so stay tuned for that. Also, finally, a reminder that all of the episodes all of the previous series are on my YouTube channel. It's organized very nicely everything is up to date. I will I will have this particular

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Episode uploaded a little bit later this afternoon in shall live to send it off and it'll be uploaded. So you can definitely go to the YouTube channel and look at all of the previous series that we've been doing. I kind of browse through a couple of them the last night and we've done well over 100 episodes since locked down. I can't even believe that happened. While a little ham Delica for the Lucha team, a show that is just something of a blessing and a virtue that Allah gives to whomever he wishes. The most important thing is not about the quality or quantity, it's about the quality. We pray that Allah azza wa jal accept our efforts alone, I mean, so we will continue our

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journey through through suta 10 and tomorrow insha Allah hooter, Allah just like mellow Hydra or and by the way, lots of new stuff coming very soon so stay tuned in sha Allah hotelera Allah so many different things are coming in shout louder, really, really good stuff. I've got a number of projects I'll be launching in a couple of weeks be even less so look out for those. Does that come a little higher and take care everyone May Allah azza wa jal bless you keep you safe and healthy. I love them. I mean, what's said Mr. alikum warahmatu Allahi wa barakatu