Musleh Khan – Tafseer Sura An-Nahl – The Bee #2 Verses 2-7

Musleh Khan
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Salam alaykum. warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah were buried. So let's continue. This is part two of our journey through Sora tonight, Allah subhanho wa Taala continues and he tells us unisee Lulu mela aka tabula rasa him in Emory here Allah may or may not be birdie and the unknown La Ilaha Illa NFL dapo Alonso a gel then says University rule mela ek he sent down the angels bill row him in Emory him and a an inspiration by his command role in this area also refers to jabril it's one of jabril alehissalaam his name and this is captured in soda to sharara Nasrallah be hero who mean we sent down then revelation with a rule who mean the most trustworthy

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rule and of course it was referring to gibreel alayhis salaam. So this is one of the tasks and jobs and responsibilities that angels have is that their responsibility is to bring the command of Allah subhanho wa Taala here onto Earth amongst each other, Allah doesn't come down and do that himself. And this is why the scholar said that one of the meanings of in Nat when Allah subhanho wa Taala referral refers to himself in plural form. One of the meanings behind that is Allah issues the comment and he orders the angels to bring the command so he he makes a command and the angels issue that command they do all the hard work they come down to earth, etc etc. So University don't Amanda

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aka tabula rasa, human empty, Allah miniature women are embedded that whomever Allah subhanho wa Taala wants amongst his slaves, and they will enter what we learn La Ilaha Illa Nfn taco now here's the thing. Their job was to go and warn them and envy it'll warn them and the hula Illa Illa there is no one worthy of worship but hymns of how to hula Tyler Fatah cone. So be conscious of that. In other words, the angels one of their duties is to come down to earth and protect taqwa in all of us protect a loved one is the Shahada. This is a captured in another suta in the Quran sudut facilite, where Allah subhanho wa Taala quotes the angels them saying no earlier or confited, higher to dunia

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era, we were your earlier in the dunya as well as in the era. So we were your protectors, we were your guardians. So this is one another task or job that angels have is that they're sent on earth here to protect us they protect our homes to protect our children. You know, babies are innocent and they're vulnerable angels are there surrounding babies as the Prophet alayhi salatu salam had mentioned to us Holocaust similarity will will help to Allah and now you should recall Allah subhanho wa Taala continues he says I created the semi what the heavens and the earth bill help in its truth. To add I'm usually cool, come away I am far from what they associate with me. This is

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something a concept that we've talked about quite a bit. Allah subhanho wa Taala doesn't just the denounce associating partners with him, or idol worship with him. But he also says I am far away I'm nothing close to what they're doing. And this is actually if you talk to anybody that worships other than Allah, this is one of the driving forces that they have. This is the thing that encourages them to do that is that they feel this closeness with that statue with that idol, whatever it is that they're worshiping. So Allah says I'm far away from all of that highly insane I mean, not to Fat Fat either, who will see more moonbeam you know, I love this a listen to how Allah is going to put us in

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our place, put all human beings in their place. So panela I created all of mankind Holocaust insane mean not far from sperm or fluid. Not fair is also the word used to describe fluid that you want to wipe off and remove quickly as quickly as possible. So a login continues and says I created you from this fluid fed either who will see more more being and as a result has seen from hustler. You have this you know this thing that in you that you think you can argue now you think you can make a case with a lanell how Seymour moonbeam is the kind of person that argues about even alleges existence argues about everything in life, everything becomes a topic of either philosophy or debates or

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something. And they come up with this really strange, you know, theory about life and what the purpose of life is and why I'm here. But the point is, is that all that conversation now has nothing to do with Allah. Or they'll say things like there's no God anymore. There's no

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Religion anymore? If God is really there, then why can't he come down and talk to me and just start making these kinds of conversations. Unfortunately, even some Muslims have a tendency to do this from time to time, where they will come up with these really weird questions or really weird topics. They're like, Huh, it's a lot in this room right now. You know, I just went to a real cool how come I don't feel anything in my heart? Or they'll bring out certain subjects within the poor and and try to get this, you know, this philosophical type debate and just ask you things like, the Quran mentions that Ibrahim alayhis salaam was going to sacrifice his son Why would a prophet murder his

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own son and they'll just sit there trying to stump you try to confuse you try to like, make you get all like, lost in your train of thought. And that's what these are about. They that will seem a moon mobian is like Oh, you were created from just one fluid. Now you think you have the right to argue my existence, what's wrong with you? This is also captured in pseudo DSC. So these are some of the areas where Allah subhanaw taala really puts a human being in their place. Well, and I'm a holla call her and as for cattle, we created them to look and see her different woman if you're a woman her technical alone. In it, you find so much benefit diff one, you find warmth in it, how do you

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find warmth, in an animal like a cow through its fur. So you have all this material you take its for you take other materials from it, and you make cloth and you make shoes out of it. And there's still people that do this till this day. And what I'm what I mean by that I know that most of leather and other materials are made from animals, I get that what I'm talking about is that there are still tribes across this globe, especially in up north in the winter seasons and so on and in freezing temperatures, you will see and meet people till this day that literally shave the animal and take that for take that skin and literally put it through a process where it's cleansed, it's dried and

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wrap their feet to make clothing and jackets out of it. So Allah says, I created these animals for these purposes as well. So in other words, how else would you stay warm? How else would you survive in these temperatures if Allah didn't create these animals that you could use them and find warmth in them and that's not all then Allah says, woman effete woman her and there are also other benefits to it as well there's so many other things you can do with these animals. Well, I mean had to Ecuador and once all is said and done so when all of the materials is there and it's being used. Now you can consume the animal now you can enjoy the animal and you can eat it what a comfy hi Gemma

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when Hina tutti hona mahina to sort of hone and also for you in these animals is beauty jemanden animals are beautiful. He natori hona Wahine to Surah Hoon, when you see them as they relax and graze through the days and through the nights. So here is what this a is talking about.

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You know, we often talk about how

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when we look at animals, we see an enormous amount of beauty in them. You know when you sit when you go to a farm even if you just watch like a documentaries go to the zoo, you can't help but sometimes you look at particularly at certain animals and you're just amazed and you just look at them like look the way that they stand. Look at the way that they sit, look at the way that they eat. Look at the way that Allah designed them. And so this particular area helps us and this is something that believers should or should think about is maybe when you plan your vacation plan your vacation around the area to have a law you know which a have a love what I like to see in this world. And so

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these animals are these animals help us to appreciate that the beauty in Allah's creation, and then it continues what is called a chameleon Camila Bella de Lem Taku belly he Illa Bishop kill enforce in Arab backroom, la Ufa Rahim. So here's the final area that I want to share with you what middle escala can these animals they also carry your weight. So they carry your luggage you carry your materials, they carry your items. Now our version of that is we have cars, we have planes, we have trains and other modes of transportation. But just imagine if you had to carry these things yourself. Just imagine you had to do that. And that's what these verses are all about. It's to help

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us to gain a renewed sense of appreciation and gratitude that we have access to these resources. A lot better than in anywhere anywhere on Earth. You want to go Just imagine you had to fetch all of that stuff on your back and carry them. Lem takuto barely he illa bishopville and force you know what would happen if you ended up having to carry this stuff, it would break your back it would split you and crack you bishopville enforce. So the Quran is actually reminding us that if you had to do that you would literally

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fall apart like it's impossible. So again, this is how you start to train the heart and the mind to start thinking about a lot in everything that you see in everything that you do. You start thinking about those things. In our backroom lotto, or for Rahim, Allah subhanho wa Taala is our 404 Rahim. Allah awful Rahim is also that Allah is looking out for you. Love cares about you, Allah wants the best for you. So Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling us that I created and designed all of these things so that at the end of the day, you can appreciate what I'm doing for you. I didn't have to do any of these things. If Allah wanted, he could have just left us on earth in a barren land. And we

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would just kind of figure out our own way, somehow some way, shape or form, try to figure out a way to survive to travel to move around to find warmth and comfort. I want to encourage all of you that when you get a chance to just go on YouTube, and just type in like historical videos and historical pictures, and take a look at how people used to survive. And the simplest things that they used to do back in the you know, the early 1900s. And even in late 1800s. And you'll see some panel, you'll see how people dressed, you'll see how the farmers how they would work. And just some of the tools that they would use and how they depended on agriculture. They depended on the land, the animals

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that they had and own all of these wonderful things. And just how that connection that they had. Without it, this was their lifeline. And you get to appreciate that. And the reason why I say to go back in time for a bit because in this day and age, all you need to do is just go to a store, and you buy these things, you we don't know the process, we don't know what it went through, we don't know which animal it came from, we just buy it. And that's it, we put it on and we enjoy it. We want something to eat meat, chicken, whatever it is, you just go to a store and you buy it. And that's it and you don't see the process. And so to at least appreciate some of those things. I mean, I'm not

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saying you got to go to a slaughterhouse or you got to go to the farm and see how they do that whole process. But what I'm saying to you is that, at least take the time to appreciate it by looking looking online and just see that some heinola 40 and 50 years ago, people were actually doing this, and these yet, literally was right in front of them. And so for you and I once again, these a it helps us to think about something that it's important and it'll help increase your appreciation for life. It'll help preserve and protect your faith in Allah. Plan your vacation, plan your leisure time around the area to have a look. So if you haven't already done so go to a farm. It's awesome.

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Just sit there and just just look at the animals and if you can pet them, touch them and you do that and just feel like subpanel lights these will come to light for you In short, lo Tara. So that being said, brothers and sisters, I'm going to pause here I don't want to throw out too much, all at once. So let's just stop at verse number. What is it? This is verse number seven. And so tomorrow what we'll do is we'll go from verse number seven to first number 14 and shut low Tyler because these are subjects that are all coming together so we want to keep them together to the best of our ability. We trying our very best to also keep these reminders short and simple. So maybe 1520 minutes max no

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more than that. Hopefully that will make it a little bit easier for you when you listen to them. Maybe tonight or tomorrow all of this will be on my YouTube channel so you if you miss any of the episodes, they're always there for you in sha Allah so male Larissa which will bless all of you may Allah subhanho wa Taala keep you protected keep you safe and keep you healthy hmm can and see you again next time in sha Allah for Episode Three just like Camillo Hayden everybody take care of what's said mRNA comb, water, Allah He What about a cat

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