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Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The discussion covers the idea of "the mother" and the use of it to defend against false claims and misunderstandings. The speakers emphasize the importance of human being and followers in protecting against infection, criticize the notion of being a bounty, and discuss the "weAKier" world. They also touch on the historical and cultural significance of the term "weAKier," with a focus on knowing one's own success to achieve success in life. The conversation then shifts to the success of the United States in winning the Nobel recycling prize and the importance of knowing one's own success to achieve success in life.
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like him to the low salatu salam ala Rasulillah who Allah Allah he will be he will know Allah my bad. I know the weather outside is not to our advantage but those that are here inshallah we can give a short, hotter inshallah. Inshallah there'll be some benefit. This is not really a prepared one. So let's hope inshallah it makes sense I was just thinking about I was reciting Surah tude and I came across the story of Noah Heidegger's salaam, and I was just contemplating over one particular verse, When the Prophet normally has Salam tells his people that he has been sent by Allah subhana wa Tada. Allah says, Allah, Allah already Nikka follow me and call me the elite of those who

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rejected Him, the elite of those who cover him and call me. They gave two main reasons of why they rejected the Risala of the prophet nor Alayhis Salam. These reasons they permeate throughout all of history, and they are relevant to us today. Number one, they said manda aka Illa, Bashara Mithuna you are just a human like us. You are human your flesh and blood. You're not supernatural, you're not divine, you're not an angel. And number two, which is the point of today's call Tierra one mana raka Tebah, aka il Adina home, Ara de Luna, ba Dr. Rai. And we see the people who follow you are the lowest amongst us. They are the Auroville, they are the scum. They are the socio economically

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underprivileged. They're the underclass in terms of wealth in terms of power in terms of education, they are nobody called Mother the elite said, your followers are peasants, your followers are people who are not to our level, but the Erhai this has two meanings number one body already means that it is obvious that they are at a different level than us. Number two, it means that the AI is very profound number second interpretation is they do not have intelligence. So they followed you without thinking through the real message. They're already there in intellect is very superficial. That's why they're following you. By Dr. Ravi, woman around Kumar Lena min fuddle. We don't think you guys

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are better than us. We're better than you. But no one knew calm Cardi B and therefore you guys are liars. Now, today's brief, hotter, I wanted to concentrate on the second aspect. So they said number one, you're a human being. Number two, your followers are low class. So why should we follow you we are better than you. You must be liars. Subhanallah this same concept and message lasts to this day. One of the main reasons why people outside of our faith, consider our faith to be false. There are many reasons but one of them look at you guys your backward. Your GDP, where is it? Your Nobel Prize winners, your scientific achievements, you are all third world civilization, right? This is exactly

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or the Luna body or RA ie the same mentality is there. And subhanAllah this type of criticism was even more pronounced 150 years ago, during the peak year of colonization, when non Muslims literally controlled 85% of Muslim lands. They had North Africa as you know, Algeria completely under French control. India, of course, completely under British control. The Dutch controlled many areas Malaysia, Indonesia, they control that region. And of course, even Egypt was indirectly controlled by the British after World War One, you know, the Ottoman Empire collapsed and literally the Omo was carved up and handed over, you know, the the British God, this the French God, this literally. So

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this notion of how can you be correct? We're better than you were more powerful than you right? Literally, the mother said, You are the Auroville the same concept. And so I've added a bit of a tangent here, one of the people who responded in a different way. And there's nothing wrong with this. But I also want to point out one of the points of the Hadera. There's what I'm going to say is not wrong, but it is not the strongest defense around 1870 1880. This notion began to be used to defend the OMA. It was first elaborated by a very enigmatic figure by the name of Jurmala Dena LoveHoney. Very interesting figure, I'm neither praising

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nor criticizing, I'm being factual here. Gemma Dillahunty was an intellectual thinker, one of the first to try to defend in a different manner. Gemma didn't have honey in a very public letter in the French newspaper with Ernest Renault, one of the main Orientalist of France of Ani was living in Paris at the time, he wrote a public letter in the newspaper, defending the charge that Islam was backward. Because Renard basically said, look at these people, they are backward, they don't have any civilization. They don't have any culture. You know, they're we deserve to colonize them. That was his point. And Jamar didn't have honey wrote a letter, which was the basis of an entire trend

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that all of you are familiar with. And all of us have been swept by that trend. Very interesting trend. What is that trend? He said, Actually, your Western civilization owes everything to us. He flipped the script, as we say in English, right? He literally did a one ad, you guys are proud of who you are. Go read your own history, you wouldn't be where you are without us. We gave you the science, the technology, the heritage, we preserve the legacy of Aristotle and Plato. We handed you optics and chemistry and algebra. Every one of you and myself in this audience. We are very familiar with this rhetoric, right. But you have to realize 150 years ago was unknown. Literally, the OMA did

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not know how to respond. So jemar data rihani began this trend that we are now every one of us to this day, we have heard buzz about this, he is actually the main catalyst. And in fact, especially the last generation 60s 70s, especially 1970s, so much research was done. That actually proved this point. And we are well aware, Ibn Al Haytham and Ibn rushed. And you know, how are these me and all of these types of we all hear their names, right. So this is a type of flipping of the script. Now, I'm going to be politically incorrect, as I usually am. And I will say, there is nothing wrong. There's elements of truth. But two points, much can be said, time is always limited two points.

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Number one, it might be true that indeed, for 600 years, 700 years, the Muslim world led science and technology. I mean, there's this is an undeniable fact. And it might be true that we sparked the Renaissance, and maybe even the Reformation. But in the end of the day, this is the way of history and intellectual ideas. We took what the Greek had, we built on it, we handed it over to Europe, they built on it, and they went to the moon and back. They took our knowledge, let's be honest, here, again, we have to be a bit more critical rather than superficial. They took what we gave them, and they built on it to where we are today. So indeed, it is true that we did a little bit, no doubt

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about that. But in the end of the day, we stopped doing what we were doing. They took over and they took it to a whole different level. This is one point. Another point can be said here, actually many points can be said that, in fact, and this is my main point of the whole heart era.

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This tactic might be semi valid, it's not wrong, but it is not also the most correct or the best tactic. Why? Because in the end of the day, our strength, what we call our trump card, no pun intended. Our strength is not in imminent, Haytham and Howard is me and Ibn rushed, and a Razzie. That's not our strength. No, this is not where we will win the debate. Our strength is in what ALLAH blessed us with a knowledge of who we are why we're here, and knowledge of Heaven and *, the knowledge of morality I II man, this is where we will always be better than them. I wish we could measure not GDP but a clock. I wish we could measure respect to elders. I wish we could measure

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compassion to society. I wish we could measure thinking about why you're here nobility of purpose. hisab on the Day of Judgment, there is no question that our Ummah would win every single OMA hands down. There's no question about humanity and feeding the hungry and generosity. And by the way, whatever studies exist, we know that the OMA is the most generous and the OMA takes care of its elderly. We know from these studies, but this is the real character when it's not in scientific achievements. It's not in Nobel Prize winning. No, the real win is Who created you, what are you doing here? What's your purpose in life? What's going to happen after death? If you know the answers

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to these questions, then you are better than the one who can go to the moon and back and yet he is going to bow in front of a cow and think the cow created him. See, this is where we have to understand that what we have our strength, what we prove the truth is not our scientific achievements of the eighth century. That's interesting. We might give our kids a bit of a boost

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Still problem as I said, it's not wrong, but it's also not the right or the best response. So how did the Prophet Nora respond? We go back to the verse see the mela said, look at you people, You are the worst amongst us, you are superficial in your intelligence body or Rai your your your opinion is very low class right? How did not respond? Are they call me or Atim my people. Let me ask you that. If Allah Subhana Allah Allah gave us Rama to min nd he, if he gave us a mercy threw me at Ali Khan, and you were blind to the blessing Allah gave us. You think we're superficial? You think we're low class? In reality, Allah has given us a blessing

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and you are blind to this blessing. A newly Zimo Kuhmo one two Milla How can you when can we force you to accept this blessing when you don't want to accept it Subhanallah look at how new Hydra has Salam responded he did not go down the route of OH Actually we are more powerful than you they weren't we have more wealth than you they weren't know how they have Salam said your call me or our item in Canada and Qatar Albania to rugby if Allah has given me a beginner a clear evidence what are tiny Rama 10 Min nd and Allah has given me a Rama a blessing for me yet are they come you are blind to that blessing. Look, he twisted it around. He goes you guys cannot even judge who is better

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you're judging based upon GDP based upon scientific achievement based upon Nobel Prize winner you are blind to the reality of what makes the civilization great for me at alikhan A noisy mocha Mocha, can we force you to accept this blessing one Tamila carry horn and you don't even want to accept this blessing. So and then the verses go on as well. No, Holly has said I'm says I'm not saying I'm an angel. I'm not saying a mnemonic. I'm not saying I nor l Mulgrave. In fact, I'm not even asking you money, I am a human being then no praises his own people that if you think my people are the lower class, right, who am I to prevent Allah's mercy from coming to them, Allah will give them

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mercy Allah will give them Rama, that is the real prize and you think you are better in reality, Allah's Rama is better. So bottom line, and that was the point of today's hot era, the tactic of no Holly his Salam, we need to absorb it as well. Our main strength does not lie in the physical greatness of this dunya. That's not how we prove the truth of our religion. Our main strength lies in the blessings Allah has given us that blessing through the Quran through eemaan. Through knowing why we are here through recognizing the purpose of life, this is infinitely more important than to know how to get to the moon and come back from the moon and that is a blessing. Tania Rama tambien

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en de fer Rumi at Alikum I have Rama from Allah you do not have and you are blind to that Rama. This is how we need to tell the people around us maybe in a softer language. But this is the point here that guys what we have is something far better and more important, and that is a knowledge that Allah has given us of who created us and what is the purpose of life and what is the meaning of existence. That knowledge is what makes us better and if you want it Alhamdulillah it is yours. If you don't want it, then you are blind to this blessing for me at Alikum. And the fault is not ours. A new Zimo como Hi by the way, a little tidbit here. An old Zimo como ella is the longest word in

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the Quran 10 letters, right it is the longest continuous word in the Quran. Shall we force you to believe that is literally one word. I know ximo kamoa Count the letters. It's 10 letters. This is the longest continuous length of one word in the Quran. This is the beauty of Arabic literally, you make a 10 letter word which translates as a small paragraph, shall we force you or do we have to force you to believe or can we force you to believe that's what it means? I know Jim will come we'll have one tombola carry one. May Allah subhana wa Tada allow us the confidence to be Muslim. May Allah save us from inferiority complex because that's what it is. It's inferiority complex. May

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Allah give us there is a through Islam and that is the only way we're going to achieve is an inshallah we'll continue next week and sha Allah said Ahmadiyya rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

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