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Everybody watch the show, the show Bismillah Alhamdulillah Assalamu alaikum, peace be unto you. Thank you for tuning in to another episode of the deen show. We're here trying to help you understand Islam and Muslims. Now, we're going to be talking about the most important topic in Islam. Islam, simply simply, it's very simple means to surrender your will to the will of the Creator. That means you're going to do what the creator wants you to do. Now,

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this topic is something that all the messengers of God talked about, they deliver this same simple message, it's not complicated.

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Your young son and young daughter can understand this. If you're non Muslim, do not turn the channel. If you've got your non Muslim friend, or even for the Muslims that might have some confusion about this. They're talking about everything under the sun, except this most important factor. God Almighty is the most merciful and loving. And if you get this wrong, and you take a wrong turn here,

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and you put a partner next to the one who created you, this can be something that can put you in a places very hot, but if you get it right, which we want you to get it right.

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This can land you in a place of eternal bliss and happiness. So when we come back, we're going to be discussing tauheed pure monotheism, like nothing, or anything else that you've ever heard pure monotheism. And we come back here on the dean show with my brother and your brother, come out.

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this is the

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this is the

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so I'm making peace be unto you.

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How are you doing? Brother 100% back on the deen show. Happy to have you here. Always a pleasure. Thank you. And may Allah the Creator of the heavens and earth reward you for taking your time to be with us. There's so many people that are out there. They're wanting to know the truth. And we're trying to deliver it in a simple way so everyone can understand. And this is the most important topic. In Arabic we say tauheed. What does this mean, though? He refers to the oneness of Allah subhanaw taala. When you say Allah santalo What does this mean? It means Allah, you know, the most exalted, basically. But Allah of course, is God in Arabic. Yeah, but you see the topic of towhead it

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means Allah is one, right? Yeah. And most people when they hear that they're like, Okay, well, that's easy. And I don't need to hear about this anymore. And even some Muslims. Now when you talk about the hate, they like to hate again, I think we're tired of this topic. Yeah, but you can never get tired of the topic. It's the most important one to get this wrong. You have problems, to say the least fail the test. Okay, but let's look at it this way. Uh huh. You know, one of the things that prove the importance of tawheed is that on every single page that are on there is a mention of towhead either direct or indirect, every single single page. This is the verbatim word of Allah of

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God Almighty. It's on every single page, every single page. So then the Muslims who read the Quran, why don't they say it again? To hit again? Because it's that important? Yeah, Allah put it on every page. Like what if the whole page is talking about an incident between Musa and Pharaoh and Iran, for example?

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That is all about the hate that the whole conflict started because it's so hate. Yeah, so every single page of the Koran either directly or indirectly is mentioning to hate, you know, even the name Allah is no hate in it. So it's not for a believing man or woman to say, Well, look, we're tied with the subject of hate is the most important topic. Yeah, that's one buy every page of the Quran having it. The other thing I love is what it says no for an Omaha Santa Monica publikum in Minnesota, Illinois, la No. La Ilaha Illa Anna fabu we have not sent a prophet before you except that we reveal to him that there is no god worthy of worship except me. So worship me. So every

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prophet got the message of tohei No, no Prophet came without this message. That's the number one matter

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name a few of them. For example, if even if you look at it biblical otherwise but you look look at all the look at Moses Musa alayhis salam he brought tauheed Abraham broto hate David Solomon Suleiman lot all of them mentioned to him even Jesus of course that people claim that he's the third God had even he spoke of though he and the majority I mean if humanity just by coincidence that when you mentioned these names Moses, Abraham, Noah, I mean, even people that are so called like atheists, they know these names. Absolutely know these people, these messengers, I'll tell you something interesting. Yeah, right there. scholars are Muslim scholars believe that there's no such

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thing as a pure atheist now, so believe this very strong. Yeah. That there is no human being on the face of the planet who is 100% atheist? There is no such thing. Yeah. Even even the people who absolutely are adamant that they're atheist, deep, deep down, sometimes they can't dig that deep down. Yeah. They believe there is a God Yeah, they these natural, you just denying something that's within your very nature. And the proof they use for that is a verse in sort of the number of the ant, where Allah says, talking about throne, you claim to be God, Pharaoh boiled people alive because they believed in Allah. He said, there is no god but me. He was me. He boiled people alive.

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So he must really not believe there's another girl that was a king. Yeah, back at the time of Moses, Moses. Okay, so if he boiled people alive, he must really be sure there is no God, right? But then Allah says, really powerful verse, which will be a Western pinata. And for some,

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that they denied it, but they were certain of it in internally, they were certain of the existence of Allah. If this guy is boiling people alive, he's so sure there is no God. And unless as he is certain that there is, that means everybody else for sure. I mean, no one is bad as he is. No one went that far. Yeah. So that means everybody in deep down, they believe that there is a God. Yeah. And as much as they deny it, just this is just an aside. Now, why do you think this they deny it? Why they cover it up? Well, because a lot of times people come from a religion where the the background is that the explanations are not adequate. And so they think that well, this doesn't make

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sense. And the concept of God in this religion doesn't make sense. There is no God, people made this up. Yeah, those people haven't looked at it in Islam. And they haven't read the Quran that we're gonna learn now on this show, God willing, because obviously, when you start saying that God was a man, that he had a son, that he was a monkey, or an elephant, or rat, these kind of things, that there's weird things out there, you start to associate an intelligent person who's using his head that this ain't right. So they put all religions in the same bucket, or even a God that would physically come down to earth wrestle with man not even be able to wrestle them and do kind of

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strange things that not very appealing to some people. So it turned them off from the whole idea of God. But the problem is, they need to look at it everywhere. And look at the concept in Islam as well. Don't put all the religions under one umbrella and say all of them don't have a good concept. So they got we got their attention, Say what? Okay, now, what do you have to offer? What's this tawheed you're talking about? Well, basically, to hate. It's like the simple message that we were saying, and it's linked to your eternal salvation, the belief in Allah, and to only worship Him alone not to associate any living being or tree or rock or anything with him. And this is a problem

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that we have with all the majority of religions are all just about all religions. And within Islam itself, we have Muslims now who instead of directing all of their worship, 100% of it to Allah, they directed a portion of it, or part of it to something besides Allah, hoping that this will link them to Allah bring him closer to whatever it is, but it still is still wrong. It's still not to hate. Because in a Hadith, authentic hadith, Allah Subhana, Allah says, I am going to show the cat on his shirt, he says, I am in need of partners in the least whoever worships me and something else with me. I will direct all his worship to that other item. That means you don't set up no partner no co

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equal with God. It's only God only the creator only a lot alone. When we come back, we'll give some examples on an issue.

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All of the profits would have been labeled.

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Because this essential message was the same.

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This is God talking to you. How can I stand behind the pulpit on Sunday morning and preach a sermon that I knew was at variance with the actual tap root of Christianity? Back here in the deen show. Okay, so the messengers came with that same message, worship Gods submit to God alone. Now you have people developing all these different philosophies, theologies, and they are going away from the simple message. How did this occur? All right, well, historically, it would it start off, it would actually start off one of the there are a number of things, okay, that lead to something being worshipped besides Allah, one of them is overpraising someone or something and this for this reason

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And is very interesting. The Arabs came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam Prophet Muhammad wa salam. And they told him, they praised him. They said, You are our best, and the son of our best your RC than the son of our best. So he stopped them. He said do not overpraise me as the Christians overpraise the son of Mary. Now, in another day, he said I am the best. But when they came and told him you were the best he stopped them Why? He was cutting off the avenue to being overpraised, because he knew that overpraising is one of the avenues that leads you to becoming worshipped. Let's take the example of the people of Noah, the prophet, not his people, there were some righteous men,

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you know, in the area, and people love these righteous men so much, and they start to overpraise them and and you know, mentioned them so well, and when these people died, over the generations, and with all this praise, and stories and nonsense that started to surround them, they became gods. It wasn't any more that this was a righteous man who lived many years ago. This was a god. And so what so our booth the openness that were mentioned, these were all names of righteous men who became idols in the end, because people put something to represent them. You know, this righteous man used to stand and pray here. When he dies, we put a rock where he used to stand. And then after a while,

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guess what, some generations later this rock is worship now, instead of Oh, that's a partner next to the crater. Exactly. Okay, so now overpraising is one of the avenues that lead to even idols and making statues and images is one of the things that helps that for that part wise, Sure, absolutely. Okay. And that's why in Islam to preserve Islam, we were not allowed to make idols and images so that eventually people might worship, okay. And so basically, the idea is that, you know, Allah, Allah created you, and he's the only one who gives you all the good that you have. And then you come up and take some some rock or tree or stone, and you start to worship that habit, a man or a monkey.

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Even worse, I mean, because, you know, it's like, you know, if someone does good to you, let's say someone you know, by pays for your ticket, like you love what you've done, you know, I've brought I've been brought all the way to Chicago, you guys have been so good. And we're eating out and all this stuff. And imagine at the end of all this trip, I go to some stranger in the street, you know, thank you very much for bringing me down here. Thanks for all the good food and appreciate it and I think some stranger in the street doesn't make any sense. Allah is the one who gives you everything that you have and then you go and genuflect and bow down to a piece of rock Yeah, or to someone else

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or to His Messenger. Yeah, who came to tell you the worship Him? Well, what about some people who say, you know what, these people are more righteous than us, they have a better connection. So we're trying to go through them to get to God? And the answer very bluntly is that these people are no new business and Allah says that no Quran but a nicer way. Allah says, Allah in La la la, la him Allah homie has no yeah, the the earlier these these close friends of Allah meaning these righteous men, there is no fear upon them, nor will they become saddened that I doesn't mention you, there is no fear for them, nor will they be sad. So you rubbing on their shoes and trying to worship them and,

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and kiss their feet and stuff. It has nothing to do with you, you know, so that so? Who do you have to follow? The prophet SAW Selim? I know people are gonna say, well, they're righteous men, we need to see what they did to become righteous man. No, you don't you need to see what the process and them did. That will take you to right so so I'm so sinful. Now I'm someone who's done so much bad. This person is such a righteous person. And they compare it like, you know what, if you want to go see the president, you don't, and you can't just go directly to them, you have to go through the secretary or you have to go to the Attorney General etc, or know someone that's connected, is how I

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can get to my mission. And that's actually an insult to a lot. Because, you know, a tyrant or someone who's not accessible to his people, you have to go through his secretaries and go through his ministers to reach them. All right, but at the time of the first halifa, Abu Bakar, did you have to go through anyone? Was he accessible? Yes, because he was a very good leader, right? The prophet SAW Selim, was he accessible? Or did you have to go through Omar he was accessible why because he was a very good man and very good leader all the all the prophets like Jesus, Moses, April, they were all assessed, they were all accessible to the poor man could walk straight up to Jesus and

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asked him they didn't have to go through and make an appointment now for you know, I'll see you in two weeks. That's only how it works with tyrants again. So that's a bad analogy. You're saying this about a law that you got to go through someone to get to him? So we got to fix the question how to fix that big, big time. Because Allah says, No, hold on that if you call me I'll answer. Yeah. You know that I'm close to you. How about we go into confession box, and people go behind the screen, and they confess their sins and get a few Hail Marys and then they're all good. What about this, and that's the thing. That's the beauty of Islam. I don't have to get in my car and drive and go in a

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little box that tells somebody anything. You have a direct relationship with a law. I mean, it's really weird that you have a direct relationship with a law and you got to go somewhere, to a tree to a box to a dead to a grave with

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Dead Man, Allah tells you you have a direct link. So rational is, that's the easiest thing. Wouldn't it be? Yeah. Why do people fall into this? You think there's always a philosophy, there's always an explanation behind it, some and some went so extreme. Some groups actually believe in Allah as far removed from this, that a part of Allah emanates and comes into this human being or this shift. And that's why you can make sujood and prostrate to him. And it's not a big deal, because of part of Allah is in him, things of that sort. So the nonsense can keep going on and on and on. The truth is, it's so simple. Yeah, there's only one God, there's no link, you don't need intercession

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intermediaries between you and him. And that's it. It didn't get easier than that. did Moses pray through Jesus? Or did Jesus pray through someone? Or did the first man Adam, the first man, Adam?

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That's when we go back to the original right? Did he go through anybody? Or did any of the messengers? What was the way they did it? Well, obviously, the way they did it was basically it was a direct relationship between you and Allah, they prayed to Allah directly. And if you want to look at it big biblical is very interesting in the Old Testament, how many times God would warn not one, threaten, threaten? Like Solomon, and David knew threatened that if you ever take anything in worship besides me, I mean, these are actual threats, I will do this to you. If you do, I'll do that, too. I'll have this happen to your woman, I'll have that happen to a really strong threads.

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Don't you dare take anything in worship besides me. And this was a consistent message in the Old Testament. And realistically, it's consistent in the New Testament as well. But then suddenly, all of a sudden, you have people adding things to it and trying to say, you know, that you worship

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others along with Allah or through them. But there is no evidence to any of that you may have beautiful analogy, something that you said, if someone had given you something, and now you didn't think that person you were thinking someone else has nothing to do with it, can you give some more analogies to bring it home so people can really understand the simplicity of worshiping God alone, and something that is unnatural, and something that we shouldn't be doing setting up or going through anyone? To get to God? Right? Well, actually, there was a there was a nice example of very logical as well. And it shows you the logic of tawheed, where the Prophet said, lamb asked a man, he

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tells him, he says, How many gods Do you worship? He says, I worship six on earth, and one in the heavens. Yeah. He said, if the situation gets really, really bad, who do you call upon? He said, The one in heaven. He said, then leave the six on earth and just focus on the one in that. Yeah. And it made perfect sense to them. It doesn't make sense or not. Yeah, it is so easy, always to hate will make much more sense. And why would I worship six, but when the going gets tough, I worship the one in the heavier, that means he is the one to go to. Yeah. So leave the other six then. Yeah, you know, and that's the thing. One, actually one Christian author, he talks about, he did a study and

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he and he's saying that

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people love Jesus more than meaning looking at him as a god. Yeah, loved him more than the father. Why? Because they see God the Father, according to them, as someone who's so angry and can't forgive until someone else has to die for the sin, then he'll start forgiving. And then the son is the sweet one who came and offered up his life so that they could be forgiven. Yeah. So that's why they love him more. And you hear more talk about Jesus than you hear about God. Why? Because he's the one who came and died for us. He's the one who loves us, and so on and so forth. So, so even when there is more than one God in concept, or in theory, you have people loving one more than the other. Yeah, so

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it's, it's an equation that just doesn't balance all this love unconditional love. revering one the most is to the Creator, one who created the sun, the moon Jesus, Muhammad, that's the God. Yes. Tell us now. And we want to give some more examples. And because we're almost out of time, some modern day where some people will sit and ask, you know, close their eyes, you see some kids calling on center, to if they're naughty or nice. No, they won't get these presents. So they're praying, like, Is it a prayer that beseeching him for these gifts and give me this and I'll do this, or some people will be praying to Jesus and saying, Oh, Jesus, in your name, and this to the Father. And then some

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people also pray in his head, that praying through the prophet peace be upon him, right. Talk to us about this? Well, this is the problem is that people's hearts are not attached to Allah. They're attached to all kinds of other things. They're attached to amulets that is supposed to protect me later. I mean, and that's what was forbidden Bade all these kinds of things, mostly because they replace a lie in your heart. I can tell you stories of people who were hanging on to these amulets and saying, you know, it saved me a lot. I saved you. What are you talking about? It's a piece of paper that's folded up a little bit. So you're saying this thing saved you instead of saying Allah

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save me? Yeah. people calling on on you know,

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Relying on whatever if the righteous people or sorcerers or profits or people who have passed away, why because there's no attachment to a lot of people, their hearts were attached to Allah they wouldn't go through these other avenues. And shirk is the biggest problem that we have and the biggest problem that we have people worshipping other than Allah or people worshipping other things along with Allah subhanaw taala. So you don't ask Santa for these things. You ask the one who created you, Allah, you don't pray through Jesus, Moses, Mohammed, you pray directly to the one creator and amulets that go around the neck and around the arm and Sandra, we don't need these Lucky

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Charms Lucky Rabbit foot. Lucky Penny. What about that? Actually, I mean, all of these they when you look at the rabbit's foot, and they all have some kind of pagan belief in the rabbits they thumped the ground sometimes with their feet like that. And so they the people, the pagans believed that they were communicating with Gods that were under the earth. Yeah, and that's why the rabbit's foot was lucky because that's what it used to now it's not lucky for the rabbit who's missing this foot.

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Not at all. So and there's so many other things you know that breaking a mirror is bad luck in the black cat all of these when you trace their history, it goes back to some kind of pagan belief or belief in more than one God. We're gonna continue talking about pure monotheism tawheed and some of the common things that people do that are against this against things that the messengers brought in the last fundamental problem homies would probably be back on the scene show.

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Want to say to me, why are you becoming Muslim? No, I give a very frivolous on should I say I want to be on the side of the angels.

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of God, he's the number one rap artists in the world he sold over 60 million records worth the millions the million he was a young guy where basically everything that somebody you would think that life is all about he had everything you can imagine.

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I heard that people used to knock they had a tree God and they used to knock on this tree to wake them up. So they can ask and nowadays you'll see people like when they say a phrase or a sentence, say Oh, knock on wood, right? What do you think about this? And you know, sometimes people will use these phrases and not realize you know what it means but you know, knocking on wood it's related to that or related to like, again, a pagan belief that there were tree gods. Yeah, so you would knock on the wooden tree and either to communicate or to wake up that God so again, it goes back to paganism that not like taking out the number 13 and some elevators you see people not flying on

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Friday the 13th. Right, what about this? Because Well, the Last Supper there were 12 men. Yeah. And the 13th man betrayed Jesus. Yeah, so the 13 became unlucky. Yeah, and this happened on a Friday. So if it's Friday and the 13th Oh, yeah, it's a very, but again, there's no, there's no science behind it. There's no logic behind it. Nor is there really anything religious behind it. So cutting your nails on a certain day that's forbidden or breaking a mirror and not or walking under a ladder, or, oh, the black cat, you know, the black cat that cross your way. These will all go against to heat. It's all I mean, and not only that's just nonsensical, like the black cat, they were believed to be

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pets, which is pet so which always had a black cat as a pet, but we don't even believe in the witch and yeah, obviously, the mirror breaking there was some cultures believe that your reflection in the mirror was your soul. So if the mirror broke, something bad would happen to you. So nonsense. Now leave it alone. Absolutely. Okay. Now, hold on to your seats. I mean, we have to speak the truth. And we're not trying to be harsh to people, but we're trying to deliver everything and these were the warnings and we'll get to the glad tidings but there was a warning if you die on this, setting up a partner with the one who created you was the consequence, it is the worst sin ever. Allah

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Subhana. Allah says in the Quran, in chapter number four, so the Nyssa Allah as we did says, in Allah, Allah cabaye well through doing a dedicated militia woman you should be law. If man, Allah, Allah does not forgive that you set up partners with him, but he may forgive anything else to whomever He wills, He could forgive anything else. They won't forgive this that you set up partners with him. And whoever sets up partners along with a law or instead of Allah, he has come forth with something extremely evil. against a lot yeah. So so this is a sin that will never be forgiven, meaning that you need to if you if you die, committing schicke, meaning worshiping something with

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Allah or besides Allah, you will never go into paradise it for all eternity that you will never go into paradise. But if you're doing it now and you repent, stop it, then it's like you started over again. So anyone who worships any God, if you believe in three God's instead of one or you put any act of worship Trinity, Trinity or any worship towards anything besides the one God, then you can repent from it. This moment is the most loving the

00:25:00--> 00:25:32

Most Merciful God, He will forgive you. And you'll have to go and like we were saying, you don't have to go anywhere you can get through forgiveness right now you can repent from it. You don't have to go through anybody just direct dial up. That's it. That's it. You just repay God alone, alone alone. That's it. And this is again, the message you'll find everywhere you find the author of the Quran, you find all throughout Bible old and new test. Yeah, because it's the biggest sin. So the biggest sin will be one from the most. Yeah. And that's the sin actually the inner core and it Allah warns us of the most, he will warn us from lying from jailing, but number one, he always warns

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people from worshiping something. Now some people are non Muslim brothers in humanity. Now they'd never heard this word, Allah, we know that this is the God who created the sun and the moon, Jesus prayed to him, Mohammed prayed to him, this is the Creator of the heavens and earth, they never heard that. So they might feel a little bit, you know, timid about this? What can they do? If they feel this? Well, they just need to understand that it's just the way you say God's in Arabic. You say Allah, and there's actually English versions of the Bible. It's hard to find any more but the schofields version of the Bible had Allah in it. It said Allah Yeah. As as the name of God. Yeah. So

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there you go. Yeah. had nothing to do until they do some research. Can I say the Creator who created who gave me these eyes? The one who gave me my heart, the one? Absolutely, Jesus prayed to forgive me guide me, I only want to worship you. Can I do that? Absolutely. They can do that. Yeah, that's simple. Yeah. And this is the this is the most important message of Islam. So if you found this message of one god appealing, then that's the most important thing about Islam everything before him, please give him the glad tidings give him the glad tidings that if they die, not associating partners and doing what God wants them to do, what's the ultimate rewards? If they die, only

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believing in one God only worshiping in one God? If you do that, then the reward is eternal paradise, eternal paradise never coming out of it. And even if someone has tons and tons of sins that cause them to go into the Hellfire problem, explain to us that eventually they will come out of the hellfire. Yeah. Why? Because of it. I had a lot there is no god worthy of worship except Allah that will bring people out of that that makes so much sense. What about the last and final message sent to mankind? How should they go about this against something new, you know, they have to look into it talk about just some advice. Basically, the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam was a final

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messenger of Allah who was sent to Arabia 1400 years ago. But the most important thing, the message that he came with, which is the Quran, you read the Quran, you see the message of that he came with, and you look at his life and his teachings, and you see that he came with the message consistent with the message of all the prophets that came before him. So it's not a diversion from the consistent message, but it's actually a continuation in a sense. And of course, we're in the day and age where you can look that up and find some good and genuine information and go to the deen show and find some other sites under the law. So the first thing is to acknowledge what's in your very

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nature and then from there you got it you need a blueprint how to live your life do some work, that's where the messengers came last fundamental problem, hum, peace be upon him. That's what we need to do to be successful. Thank you very, very much for being with me. A lot of the credit in the earth rewards you. Lovely. Yeah. And that is it for another episode of the deen show. Come back every week, the deen show calm. If you want to learn more, or if you're ready to accept the way of life of all the messengers of God, you want to gain peace, call the number on the screen one 800 662 Islam, visit our blog section to interact with us and some of our podcasts are there. And this is

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simple, it's rational, is logical. worship god alone. Do not set up a co equal or co partner with God. Submit to the one who created you give you the eyes, the ears, the heart, everything that you have. You owe it all to him. Turn to be thankful to him we'll see you next time he had an angel saw make peace be unto you