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Cinematic rahmatullahi wa barakato Smilla Rahmanir Rahim hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa an athlete but to RemoteApp in wonder whether Ilana Lolly mean or shadow Allah, Allahu Allahu Allah Cherie Cara who you never know well you know what one should do and and Abuja and Muhammad Abdul Hora sudo Mustafa Al Amin Allahumma salli wa salim roboticle Abdullah Zuleika Muhammad, what are the D or stability Ultramarine amoeba Welcome to another episode of our to see

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page by page in which we take a single page of the Quran and we make it see today inshallah Tada we are on page number 19. Towards the end of Surat towards the end of the first Jews in Surah Al Baqarah. And in the previous episode, Allah subhanaw taala had mentioned a number of the sessions that the people of the past the People of the Scripture had made concerning belief and concerning who will have salvation on our salvation and concerning some of the demands that they need. And from those demands that they made is that they wanted to see a large origin clearly, or they demanded certain signs and miracles from the prophets on Allahu Allah, he was setting them and Allah subhanaw

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taala rejected all of those claims and demands that they made as we mentioned some detail in the previous episode. In this episode on page number 19, Allah azza wa jal we begin with verse number 120. Allah subhanaw taala will mention another of of the traits of the people of the book.

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Allah subhanaw taala says bIllahi min ash shaytani R Rajim Wallen turbine, Kalia, who do Alain NESARA had the tabby army letter whom all in hudl Allah He who won Houda wala in it America

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burden the communal ring me mother came in Allah He me what do you wanna and I'll see it. The Jews and the Christians, Allah says will never be pleased with you, unless you follow their waves. Allah subhanaw taala says that the all of the previous arguments that we mentioned in the previous couple of episodes of the People of the Scripture, and what they said and the demands that they made from amongst those demands, is that no one will enter into Jannah unless they are from them. And from their problems then or one of the demands that they made is that they thought that each one of them the Jews and the Christians towards one another, that even they will not upon the correct way. All

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of these things that we mentioned on the previous episodes, Allah azza wa jal says that it comes down to one thing, and that is what Allah Azza dimensions in verse 120. And that point being or that assertion, or that principle being, that they will never be pleased with you, they will never accept anything from you, until you follow their ways instead, until you follow their religion until you go back towards them. And that is essentially what they want. And so therefore, they will never be pleased, no matter what you say, what you try, how much you attempt, they will never be pleased until you follow their ways instead. But Allah subhanaw taala says call into who the law he who will

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who that say that the true guidance is the guidance of Allah. Guidance is not something which is exclusive to one group or another. You can't just claim to have guidance, you must show it's proof you must be shown in your way and your belief in your legislation and so on. And that is only found in the Quran, and in the way of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and then the Allah azza wa jal warns the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and therefore by extension, his ummah, me and you, Allah subhanaw taala says we're the one that you need to back to our home. If you were to follow the desires meaning if you were to accept their claims, follow their ways, leave your religion for this,

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after the knowledge has come to you. Remember, we said in the previous episode that when Allah azza wa jal was rebuking some of the things that they said, Allah subhanaw taala said that you have no true knowledge that you have no evidence. Now Allah azza wa jal is saying that to follow their ways, or Muslims would mean that you have left your knowledge, the knowledge that has come from Allah, the evidences and the proofs that have come from Allah azza wa jal, if you were to follow your desires instead of the knowledge then Allah subhanaw taala says that you will find no one to protect you from Allah or to help you mean that no one can come to your aid, and that is why the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was warned elsewhere in the Quran, and he was told by Allah subhanaw taala the instructor like Botswana wanted to kill net middle class you mean that even you are messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, if you were to commit shirk, then all of your good deeds would be rendered null and void as well. And you would be from the losers to even

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam despite it being impossible for him to disbelieve in Allah commit shell, but just to show the gravity of the sin, that even the greatest of Allah's creation, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, even for him should not be excused. Even for him, it would be enough to destroy him, some Allah while he was sitting them. And so therefore the believers are told that to follow a religion other than the religion of Allah, to say, for example, that we're not happy with aspects of our religion, our Sharia, we would rather take this law or that, you know, that system or whatever it may be, and replace ours with this, then that is something which is

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forming your desires after knowledge has come to you, and the people who do that will not find any protection from Allah azza wa jal, nor anyone to help them.

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And that is why Allah subhanaw taala in verse number 121. He therefore mentions the way that the people the way that you should be when it comes to revelation in Scripture. Allah subhanaw taala says, A Lavina attina humulene kita by Atlona who have gotten our tea. Allah can you know whenever we are many for behave Allah He can human has seen on those to him to whom we have given the Scripture, who follow it, as it deserves to be followed are the ones who truly believe in it. Meaning that this is how you should be with the Quran with the book of Allah subhanaw taala those who are given the Scripture, yet Luna who have gotten the word tilava, or yet Luna Hakata Allah what

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it means, to follow as it should be followed, to obey as it should be obeyed. As was mentioned by the early settlers, scholars of the have seen such as the famous companion ignore Abbas what the Allahu Anhu and the word of tilava here doesn't mean recitation doesn't mean the reading of the Quran and the translation that some people use in our time now to show that the juried for example is obligatory because of this verse. It is a incorrect Tafseer. It is an incorrect understanding of this verse, and it is not the seal that was given by the early scholars in the setup, or Imam Allah Tala. Rather the meaning is, as we've translated, those to whom we have given the Scripture, who

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follow it, as it deserves to be followed, yet Luna who have gotten our tea, meaning they follow it as it deserves to be followed, and that means that they recite it as it should be recited. It means that they make it halal as it should be made halal. They follow its commandments, they stay away from the Haram in it, they learn its rulings, all of the things that that revolve around understanding the book of Allah subhanaw taala. And also that there are people who therefore thank Allah azza wa jal for the blessing of guidance. They acknowledge Allah's blessings upon them, and they turn to Allah subhanaw taala in Chicago, and in praise and gratitude for what he has done

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Allah. Allah says, those are the ones who truly believe in it.

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And it is unfortunate that for many Muslims, we have made the Quran as the people of the scriptures of the past meet the scriptures, but it's something which is only taken out on a holy occasion, or is only used, for example, in a court of law, or it's something which we refer to or refer to or read very sparingly, throughout our year and throughout our lives. And so we have kind of become distanced from the book of Allah subhanho wa taala. And from the things that Allah azza wa jal tells us in the Quran in Surah Furqan that the prophets on Allah what it will send them a complaint of to his Lord is that he said the Arab be in a coma, taco had an Khurana Mandurah indeed my people are

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abandoning the Quran. And so that is the non Muslims. But unfortunately for many Muslims, we also sometimes abandon the book of Allah azza wa jal, but if you're a person of Sada, you're reading the Quran, if you're a person of liquor, you're reading the Quran. If you're a person of dua, you're using the dose of the Quran. So, so long as you're engaged in worship, even if you're not necessarily everyday having the time to open the Quran and read it, but if you're always from the people of sight, the very least you are abandoning the Quran, because you're constantly reading the book of Allah subhanaw taala and engaging with it, and you're following it to the best of your

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ability. Hola, Umino Nabhi those are the people who truly believe in it when we look for behave Hola, Erica Humann hos Iran. And as for those who deny it, or deny the truth, they deny deny it, they will be from amongst the losers.

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In verse number 122, Allah subhanaw taala will repeat a verse that we have already mentioned a number of episodes before approximately like half a dose of the Quran before Allah subhanaw taala mentioned this verse and he said, Yeah, Benny is Edith Corona and materiality and I'm to earn a money for Ubuntu. Kamal al Amin, are children of Israel. Remember how I blessed you and favored you? Of all of the people? This verse is a repetition of a verse that we took approximately half an hour ago. In a number of episodes. Allah subhanaw taala commanded that the people of Bani Israel should remember Allah's favors over them. Remember the many good much good that they received from

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Allah subhanaw taala by way of prophets by way of revelation by way of help and divine aid from him subhanaw taala and Allah azza wa jal now repeats this verse at the end of this portion of the Jews that have spoken so extensively about Bani Israel, children of Israel, and Allah subhanaw taala. After these couple of verses, now we'll move on to another topic. And that is the story of Ibrahim Alayhi Salatu was Salam. And they will still be mentioned here and there have been Israel, but the vast majority of this, of this kind of of these passages that we've covered so far. So if you look at the beginning of Surah, Baqarah, other than maybe the first three or four episodes, the first

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three or four pages, there was speaking about the different types of people and categories with regards to Revelation, the believers just believers hypocrites, and then it mentions a story of Adam Ali salatu salam Azhar very quickly after that Allah subhanaw taala moves on to Benny slide. And Allah azza wa jal at the very beginning of that, speaking of Bani Israel, He tells them to remember the many favors of them the favors that they will given prophets and messengers and the least of which of whom are prophet the Prophet Musa Ali salatu salam, the revelation that they received at the Torah, how Allah azza wa jal saved them from Pharaoh and his persecution and his armies. Oh

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Allah subhanaw taala drowned Pharaoh and his armies the enemy within the sea, how Allah azza wa jal helped them in the desert and gave them food and shade and drink, how Allah subhanaw taala helped them by giving them provenance and and giving them the rulings of legislation. And then how Allah azza wa jal mentions in the new number of, of pages that we've covered since how Allah subhanaw taala details how they turned away from Allah, how they broke that covenant and that pledge, how they would often be argumentative and try to change the laws of Allah subhanaw taala how they would cherry pick and believe in parts of revelation and leave other parts of Revelation. Allah subhanaw

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taala is now coming full circle and saying to them, these are the things that Allah azza wa jal blessed you with. And these are his laws and legislations and this is the way that you behaved. Remember, once again, what Allah did for you. Don't be from amongst those people who turn away or children of Israel remember how I blessed you and favored you over other people, much of Allah's creation. They were blessed and favored over with the exception of the OMA of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and that is why Allah azza wa jal mentioned in verse 123. What Oyamel teaches enough sunnah and never seen che wala Yokomen Amina, I don't know what that farewell Scheffer, I do

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wonder whom use our own. And beware of a day when no soul can stand in place of another, no compensation will be accepted from it. No intercession be of use to it, nor will anyone be helped on that day. Beware of the day that if you continue on your path, you will not have any ransom that you can pay. No one will intercede on your behalf, no one will come to your aid and your help.

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This, these two verses are therefore and this whole passage that we owe these passages that we've covered over the previous episodes concerning Bani Israel is also therefore a stark reminder to us as the people of the nation of the prophets of Allah Allah, Allah will send them the Muslims, Allah subhanaw taala is saying that just as he showered many Surah Eid with many blessings, then likewise, we don't have the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam have also been showered by many with many blessings. Then Allah azza wa jal Santos the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the greatest and best of all of his messengers. Didn't Allah azza wa jal give us the Quran the greatest of his

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revelation? Did Allah subhanaw taala give to us the Shediac in which Allah azza wa jal has multiplied our reward through a few actions. And Allah azza wa jal has opened up so many doors to the paths of forgiveness and Toba. And repentance has Allah subhanaw taala favored us by making the Sharia easy for us, allowing to allowing us to do pretty much whatever it is that we want to do so long as it is pleasing to Allah azza wa jal and beneficial to us and others. Allah subhanaw taala made sure they are easy to follow, easy to understand, easy to study, easy to be adherence of, and so on adherence to Allah subhanaw taala has blessed us with so many favors. But also we are falling

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into the same mistakes that many of you fall into, that are amongst us, Muslims that don't pull the pledges of Allah to uphold the laws and the covenants of ALLAH SubhanA data. There are amongst Muslims, those who try to be argumentative, and try to find ways to circumvent and change the rules of Allah azza wa jal, there are amongst the Muslims, those who cherry pick and choose what they want to accept as part of the religion and don't want to accept as part of the religion. There are those who are under false pretenses in terms of they can do what they like and behave as they please and they just assume that Allah azza wa jal will guarantee for the mercy and guarantee for them

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salvation. Many Muslims are of the same mindset that the alarms which I mentioned concerning the Jews, that the Fire will only touch them for a few days and that's okay. There are many Muslims who believe the same thing with they think they can sin and disobey Allah and commit major sins and yet even if I'm punished RLB for a short while and

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Then after that I will go into Paradise because I'm a Muslim, these types of mindsets and so on that we're following in the footsteps of those who came before us. And so it is a stark reminder and warning from Allah subhanaw taala that beware of Allah's punishment. Remember Allah favors and all that Allah azza wa jal wants from me and you is that we follow the teachings of the Quran, the teachings of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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Allah subhanaw taala and moves on

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to a mother passage of we like in Surah Al Baqarah. And Allah azza wa jal will now mentioned to us the story of one of the greatest prophets and messengers that he sent to mankind, and that is the Prophet Ibrahim Ali Salatu was Salam and the Prophet Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam, Allah azza wa jal fevered in many ways. And Allah subhanaw taala praised Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam, as he mentioned elsewhere in the Quran, and he gave him the title level Helene, the close friend of Allah subhanaw taala and Allah azza wa jal fevered Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam, the every single prophet that would come after him would be from his progeny and from his offspring, either from the line of his heart

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or the salatu salam, or from the line of his married or the historical cinemas our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam once and so Allah azza wa jal favors Ibrahim, and they brought him out Islam is favored because he was a man of unwavering faith. A man who fully and completely and immediately would submit to Allah subhanaw taala as soon as Allah azza wa jal commands would come to him, an amazing prophet of Allah subhanaw taala that Allah Azza did mentions in the new in numerous places in the Quran, because of the science that we can, that we can take from from that, in this particular passage, Allah azza wa jal will mention

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as we said before, Surah Baqarah is a Surah that speaks about the importance of Eman and belief and the way that the Muslim should be in terms of the submission to Allah azza wa jal, and so on. And so from the prophets that most epitomized and showed this particular trait or submission, is the Prophet Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam. And so Allah azza wa jal will give us His example now, in verse 124, Allah subhanaw taala says, what even better, Ibrahima Rob boo boo can emerge in Milan, when the Brahim and remember when Ibrahim's Lord tested him with certain commandments which he fulfilled, Allah azza wa jal gave him commandments and Allah subhanaw taala says that he fulfilled them all.

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What are those commandments is called the seal differ greatly as to what they were. Some of them said that it is the command of the commandments to perform Hajj and the commandments that he was given for example of leaving his son it's mine it salatu salam in the barren desert none other says that no, it was the commander of the fitrah that for example, he should know as Muslim men we we we shave our we trim our mustache and we shave our underarm hair and so those types of things circumcision and so on, those are the commands of Allah azza wa jal gave to him. But the stronger position and Allah azza wa jal knows best that encompasses all of the commands that he was given,

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whether it's to do with pilgrimage, hajj and umrah whether it's to do with the issues of the fitna and personal hygiene, whatever it may be, because Allah azza wa jal doesn't specify one over the other as an imam of poverty. Rahim Allah Allah says in Easter Seals or other Allah azza wa jal gives a general a general a general statement that Allah azza wa jal tested him and Allah calls them tests what you did Tara, Allah tested Ibrahim Ali salatu salam and so Allah azza wa jal likewise, when he gives to us these commands, pray, gives the car fast, be good to parents, be honorable to guests, all of these commands that we have in our religion. There are likewise tests for us. And Allah

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subhanaw taala is saying to us be like Ibrahim Ali salatu salam, because what did Ibrahim Ali salatu salam do with all of his tests? Timone he completed and fulfilled all of them. So Allah azza wa jal said to him on the knee, Jared Kelley Nassima. He said, I will make you a leader of all of the people and we know that he is the leader of people, because we have been commanded in the Quran to follow the example of Ibrahim Ali salatu salam Allah azza wa jal says, but can you tell us what on Hassan Ibrahim? Indeed for you that is a good example in the Prophet Ibrahim and Allah azza wa jal says elsewhere concerning Ibrahim Ali Salam, Ibrahim, I can uma indeed, Ibrahim was a model a role

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model a leader and that is because Ibrahim Ali salaam, the many challenges as we know that we will go through throughout his life the many tests that Allah subhanaw taala places before him as Allah azza wa jal mentions here, he passed all of them. So I will make you a leader or Ibrahim A leader for people, a role model someone that should be followed and that is essentially what the Imam is an imam. Yes is someone who has authority and power but an imam is also someone who is followed and that is what in surah the person needing is called the Imam. Yes, he has authority and responsibility, but he's also someone who is followed in for example, in Salah you prostrate when he

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He got up and he goes up and so on and so forth. And likewise here, we will make koi Brahim a role model and the leader for people. Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam responded and he said, Allah wa mu lewdly. Yeti. He said, Oh Allah azza wa jal and what about for my offspring? Would you make all of them and my descendants, oh Allah make them lead us to. This is a beautiful verse, or this portion of the rest is extremely beautiful because Allah Azza was gonna sing that this amazing prophet of Allah subhanaw taala Ibrahim Maria Salatu Salam is constantly looking out for making dua for hoping in Allah azza wa jal is mercy for his offspring. And the word the RIA in the Quran, which is

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repeated a number of times in the book of Allah azza wa jal, it means offspring. It doesn't mean just children we often sometimes translated as children. And often when you say children, we think of our direct children, our sons and daughters, but the word of the LEA is actually more comprehensive. It means anyone that is a descendant of yours, any offspring of yours, so that's children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, it could be for a number of generations to come. And so he made the dua to Allah and likewise from my offspring, and Ibrahim adding Salatu Salam is taught by Allah azza wa jal, Birla Jana, Lolly, Li mein, Allah has responded, My pledge does not

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hold for those who do evil because from the descendants of Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam, they will be people who are righteous, like the Prophet Ibrahim Salah is married and his heart and Yaqoob and use of and all of the prophets that would come after him, including our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, then likewise from the progeny of his Mary Brahim would be those who do evil, like the Quraysh, or of the Croatia descendants of Ibrahim Ali salatu. Salam, just as the prophets of Allah Who are you sending was, and so they all in terms of the lineage in terms of their background, they all go back to Ibrahim Ali Salam, but are they equal is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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equal to the likes of Abu Jamal? Never. And so Allah azza wa jal is saying yes, amongst them, they will be people of leadership. And it is based upon this dua that Allah azza wa jal gave to Brahim Ali salatu salam, the singular honor or dishonor, that Allah azza wa jal placed all of the prophets that would come after him from his progeny. However, at the same time, it will not be something that all of his progeny and offspring would benefit from, because amongst them, they will be those who do evil. And that is, therefore something that we see that in our Sharia, it doesn't matter who you relate to, doesn't matter what your family name is, doesn't matter about your lineage, or your

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background or your citizenship or the color of your skin. All of those things are secondary to your Eman and Allah subhanaw taala. So someone can have all of the most amazing traits and attributes, but if they don't believe in Allah, that person is not loved or has that person has no position in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala and on the other hand, someone could possess none of these attributes could be from the west tribe and the worst background and the most lowly, lowly caste and whatever it may be, but if they believe in Allah azza wa jal, they are honored by ALLAH SubhanA Medina and raised the Pi over and above others. And so Allah azza wa jal is told is telling the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the Muslims by extension is not enough that you simply belong to a particular family or whatever, until you yourself are from the people have Iman. And one of the things that the Quraysh felt that they had, you know, an assertion or right to is that just by virtue of being Arabs of Quraysh, that tribe, they could do no wrong, just because they belong to Quraysh, the custodians of the karma, they will people who lived in Mecca that automatically guarantee them success. And Allah azza wa jal says no, and that is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, on one of the first occasions that he spoke openly into coalition inviting them to Allah

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subhanaw taala. He made that very clear, that if you don't believe in Allah, there is nothing that I can do for you, you will not be successful. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said the same thing to his aunt Sophia to his daughter, Fatima, and on the deathbed of his uncle Abadi, we said the same thing to him as well. If you don't believe in Allah, there is nothing that I can do for you before Allah subhanaw taala Allah azza wa jal continues to speak about Ibrahim Ali Salaam in verse 125. And he says with John L beta method button in case you are unknown what you don't want me Muhammad Ibrahim mo Salah and we made the house meaning the karma, a resort and essentially four

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people sing to them. Take the spot with Abraham it salatu salam prayed and stood as a place of your prayer. Allah azza wa jal says that the the carrabba is a metabo method, bottlenose, a resort and the Saba means a place where you benefit from you are rewarded whether it's worldly reward or reward of the Hereafter. And that is because the Kaaba was a place that the Kurdish benefited from, and the people that are reside in the air even till today. They benefit from it both in worldly terms and in terms of the hereafter.

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Even people who don't live in the area who converge upon it in the seasons of Hajj and Umrah benefit from it, as we know, for example, living in the West, there's many people who take Umbra groups, groups of people that they take and they charge the money. They're benefiting from going to Makkah and making pilgrimage to the house of Allah subhanaw taala. The crush likewise will benefit from the Commerce and the business that the pilgrims would bring into the city of Mecca until today the people of Makkah benefit whenever the Pilgrims arrived in Hajj or Umrah. They benefit from the taxi drivers to the barbers to the shopkeepers to the restaurant owners people benefit and so it is a

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place of worldly benefit, but also it is a place clearly and more importantly of benefit of the hereafter in terms of reward and worshiping Allah subhanho wa Taala and Allah azza wa jal says it is a piece of safety and security. And that is because Ibrahim Ali salatu salam, O Allah azza wa jal to make the city of Mecca, a sanctuary a haram and that Haram has remained until and it will continue to remain until Yeoman Yama, and the only slight exception to the Haram was during the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam when he entered to conquer the city of Mecca, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned that that was only for a short period of time. It sanctity has

00:26:15--> 00:26:49

always been from before that time, and it will continue until after the time until Yeoman piano. And that's why it's not allowed for you to hunt not allowed for you to uproot trees not allowed for you to kill and so on and so forth in the Haram because of that, and Allah azza wa jal says what definitely though me Maqam Ibrahim was salah, and take the place of Ibrahim as the police of pray the station Brahim as a place of prayer, the station of Ibrahim is the stone and the rock that he stood upon in order to finish constructing the Kaaba. So as he was building the Kaaba, and its main ally, salatu salam would pass him the stones, he would build the Kaaba. And once he got to a certain

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height, to reach the top of the car back here to stand upon a rock, and that became known as the MACOM of Ibrahim. And that was something which was close to the Kaaba during the early times. But in the Khilafah, of Ramadi, Allah one, he, he moved it back, and he moved slightly away from the Kaaba so that there will be a difference between the people making the off and the people wanting to pray behind it. And it's in that place until our time today that is considered to be a place of prayer. The majority of the scholars with Tafseer are of the position that the macabre him that were told to take as a place of prayer. That's what it's referring to. And other scholars have said, No, it means

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all of the rites of passage, his place of prayer, meaning a place of worship, so that will be on offer and Mina and was delivered and now obviously, the Kaaba as well. Either way, Allah azza wa jal is telling us to take that place as a place of prayer and that is why it is the Sunnah as we know that after you make dough off, you pray to the gods behind the MACOM of Ibrahim.

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Allah azza wa jal continues where hiddenite Illa Ibrahim is Marina Oba here Rob at Bahia Rob at the spa, if you know where the archy fino or rockeries sujood Allah says and we commanded Ibrahim Ismail purify my house for those who walk around it, meaning make tawaf around it. Those who stay there meaning they make a T calf, and those who bow make record and those who prostrate MC sujood meaning that the House of Allah azza wa jal the and by extension, then obviously this is this is in some regards for every house of Allah Azza that it is purified for people to worship, but the Kaaba has additional additional status, additional virtue, because the acts of Hajj and Umrah only performed

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in the city of Mecca and acts of Dawa only performed in the karma. Allah azza wa jal commanded Ibrahim Ismail Ali, he must salatu salam, that they should go and purify the karma for this purpose for the people make them throw off the party feed and the other people who make the offer and the combat for the people making it calf. And those are the people that seclude themselves in worship in the houses of Allah azza wa jal, for example, most famously in the last two nights of Ramadan, but it can be outside of Ramadan as long as and for the people who pray, make record and they make sujood because those two actions of record and sujood, as well as tawaf, in the state of Ohio and

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Attica, from the greatest symbols of showing submission to Allah azza wa jal and showing humbleness before him, the Muharram the person making the Waffen haram, that is an amazing show of submission that you take off every natural or every normal type of clothing, and you dress yourself with those two white sheets and you walk around the caliber, the one making a decaf secludes himself in the Haram refuses to go out to mix with people to meet with family and friends, only to worship Allah that is a sign of submission. And likewise in the Salah, the ruku and the sujood. The frustration and bearing positions are from the lowest positions that a person goes through when they worship

00:29:37--> 00:29:45

Allah subhana wa Tada. In the final verse on page number 19. Allah azza wa jal says in verse number 126

00:29:46--> 00:29:59

with Carla Ibrahim or Abidjan, Heather Bella than you know what, Allah Who Amina Emirati man Um, and I mean whom, man man I mean whom Billa he will young man on a woman of material hope

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Learn from the above rule you know, either be now or beat send mahseer and Ibrahim Ali is salatu salam, a dua to Allah and he said, Oh my Lord, make this land secure and provide with the with people with with produce those of its people who believe in Allah. And the last day, Allah azza wa jal said and as for those who disbelieve, I will grant them enjoyment for a short while, and then subjected them to the torment of the Fire and an evil destination. That is Allah azza wa jal says that the Brahim Allah is Salah to Sunday from the door is that he made for the city of Mecca. As he obviously he sent his marine resides there and he lives there and he goes up there, and that is

00:30:35--> 00:31:12

where he will remain for his life. Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam made a number of donors for the city of Mecca and for its people and from those donors is this too ah, that he said Allah azza wa jal that Allah azza wa jal make it a place of safety. And Baca has always been safe. Mecca has always been the place of Allah azza wa jal has been saved from before the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam until our time today. What is the Home Minister Murat and Allah bring produced for the people of Mecca? That's because Mecca is dry, barren Valley. Nothing naturally grows in Mecca, Mecca Islam a place like Medina we have deep palm trees and so on. Nor is it a place where you have

00:31:12--> 00:31:48

a great amount of agriculture or a great amount of, of grazing land for animals and livestock. It is a place that is surrounded by hills and mountains. And so therefore, how did Allah azza wa jal provide for the people of Makkah, as we said through the comments of the people that came and went for pilgrimage, they would bring and they would have because of this position between on the way between Syria on one hand and a sham and Yemen on the other hand, it was the place where they would go for their caravans of trade in the summer the winters Allah azza wa jal mentions in Surah Qureshi in the 30 chapters of the Quran. So Allah subhanaw taala accepts these two hours of Ibrahim Ali

00:31:48--> 00:32:24

salaam, that is why when the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam came to Medina, he said Oh Allah, I asked you to make my Medina bill as bless it. As as Ibrahim Ali salatu salam mi dua for Makkah, to me bless it, and Allah azza wa jal went to the dua for the people of Medina as well for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah subhanaw taala responded to Ibrahim Ali slanderous for those who disbelieve who live in Mecca, like the people have arranged the disbelievers from amongst them, I will give to them enjoyment for a short period of time, meaning that they will also benefit from the Commerce and the trade otherwise, as the people of our age did before the life of the Prophet

00:32:24--> 00:32:58

Solomon during his prophethood Sun Allahu Allah, He will send them but they will only enjoy that for a short period of time, and then they will return in the next life to the punishment of the fire for the disbelief and more than evil destination and inshallah to Allah. In the next episode, we will continue with this passage concerning Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam, and how Ibrahim Ali salatu salam and his offspring from the prophets, who were from his offspring enjoined upon their own children and their families, that they should worship Allah subhanaw taala alone because it is with the towhee that Allah azza wa jal opens up all of these blessings from the heavens and the earth upon

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the people of iman BarakAllahu li Walakum wa salam ala Linda, Muhammad Ali, he

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was saying

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