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Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The "ualroll" episode discusses the potential for future leaders to inherit wealth and legacy, including the current chaos and fear experienced by members of the public, including the loss of their children and the fear of being around people who are being slaughtered. The "hawage and fear" experienced by members of the public, including the loss of their children and the loss of their mother, is also discussed. The "hawage and fear" experienced by members of the public, including the loss of their children and the loss of their mother, is also discussed.
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Select a monumental law he will bought a cattle at hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. Well, bad. Boy, do we have a session for you guys today, whoo. So just make sure your whatever you're doing, just try to stop whatever it is that you're doing. And just sit back and listen to how this episode is going to unfold and where we are in terms of our tip cod little puzzles. Remember, this story reveals itself just like you're sitting in a cinema and you're just watching a scene after scene after scene unfold before your very eyes. So those of you that are tuning in for the first time, you know, we are have begun Sudoku puzzles. We've talked about a lot of different things

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in a previous episode. So I really encourage you that if you haven't already done so, try to make some time and look at that in sha Allah, Allah. So let's continue. Now that fit around, has started killing babies, particularly the sons and we'll show you why a little bit later or actually in this next verse will show you why that happened. And tortured people. He's got his security team going to every single door looking and listening for babies. And Allah subhanho wa Taala in the midst of all of this says, This is verse number five, one what do you do number one nyla Levine or stollery fufill Auto Li Werner gyla even matter in metal one and two either Humala where he seen, one is your

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idle homeboy your wedding scene, we wanted, we had desired and wished that all those who were weak, frail and old, who had no power, no voice, no status, we wanted them in the land. We wanted them to be the ones when I try to hone in to be the leaders. You know, this is amazing. Because for the Prophet Alayhi, salaatu wa Salaam when he's receiving these a it, it's such an enormous source of encouragement, because he's poor, he's from amongst the weak, he's got he doesn't have the status or authority amongst the Meccans, as he had wanted to nobody's listening to him. There, they're there. They're trying to persecute him. They're trying to kick him out of the city. everywhere he goes,

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he's subject to some kind of pain or struggle, you know, the throwing rocks at him. They're calling him names. There's propaganda all against him. So he's considered the weak. And all of his followers, all of the companions, each of them have their own story of struggle, they have no money, no power, no wealth, no status, nothing. Just a few handful of them had that. So the fact that Allah says, we wanted and desired for the week to eventually become leaders. This is one of the reasons why fit our own, targeted the sons in particular and killed all the boy children. Why? Because he knew that this was the future. He knew and remember the previous episode, he knew that if unity

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came, and they all mobilize themselves together, and they began to cooperate, he knew that his leadership was at risk, and he couldn't allow that risk to happen. So this is why he wanted to cut off the bloodline of future leaders. So panela Remember, I told you he's an evil genius. So he wanted to cut off the bloodline and make sure that no future leadership was in the works, when

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he seen and Allah subhanho wa Taala said that we will make the same individuals who were weak we will get them and we will make them inheritors. You know, this is quite important and significant in the meccan period, because before inheritance, was was revealed for women and for children that they could inherit and wives could inherit and certain, you know, parts of the extended family could inherit, none of that existed. And the corporation only the famous leaders of tribes and people who have, you know, a high status in society and in the political ladder, only those individuals could inherit. And that's when Allah subhanho wa Taala had revealed certain verses in soda tin nice, that

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gave permission now that others can inherit as well. Others could inherit. So when that child to whom we were the theme was a big deal, at least when the Prophet Ali's subtle son is receiving this message, but also and also in context. This is already hinting to what guys what's Allah hinting to? to inherit? What must happen to the person you're inheriting from? What must happen to them?

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They have to die. inheritances, you know, you're inheriting wealth of somebody who's passed away. So Allah is already hinting that the kingdom and power of fit around, what's going to eventually happen to it. It's going to end

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just like all

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authority and power and kingship in the history of mankind. When you talk about all the Hitler's that came out the Mussolini's that came along all these individuals that caused chaos after chaos, that caused bloodshed after bloodshed with their people with their civilized civilization at their times. What eventually happened? It came to an end. And the love destroyed those leaders and destroyed their legacy. So Allah is hinting to the fact that it's the same thing that's going to happen to fit around, that eventually he will pass on. And these individuals whom he deemed to be the weak and the useless, will actually be the ones that will inherit his legacy at his kingdom. But

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not necessarily the same way. No, but they will eventually take over soprano la Sophiatown you still lose at the end of the day. It's It's It's only a quarter end of the soprano law. Okay. Well, I know McKean Ella whom fill out when Maria theater owner Wareham. And so we gave them a specified time we allow them to remain on the line. When nudey a theater owner, what man would you mean home? Matt, can we and we showed fit around and her men, how men was an associate His name is mentioned six times in the end, and he was associated to fit our own. So he was part of his administration. Okay. And there's there's a lot of discussion about who he was, even if he existed, and only the poor and

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mentions his name, no other scriptures mentioned or allude to him. So some other religions scrutinize the poor. And he makes a mistake here by mentioning the name of this individual. We're going to talk about him a little bit later in sha Allah, wa junoon, delma. And both of their armies, men whom can we learn from what they used to be afraid of what they used to be concerned about? What are they concerned about? They're concerned about future leadership. They're concerned about unity people coming together. So that's the first scene. So what's happened here so far? Guys, I want you to again, just imagine you're sitting in front of the screen and you click Episode One, you're done

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with it. Now you were in Episode Two, the first scene and first scene is starting to unveil itself. You have you know, you have individuals walking, you know, you have the security team going at each and every one of the homes, listening for a child or a baby crying. As soon as they hear a baby crying, what do they do, they jump into the house, take out the child, right torture and beat the parents, and then go to the next house and the next house in the next house. So that's the scene that's happening. It's like one of those zombie movies, right? You know, the zombies are going by each home, people are in there, they're locked up, they're trying to stay safe. But they're trying

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to sniff out the scent of a human being out there. And as soon as they can smell the scent, they jump into break into the house and they do what they need to do, right. And if they don't, they keep moving on moving on to moving on. So that's the first scene. It's pretty chaotic. It's pretty horrific. We've learned now about who fell around once the things that he used to do, how he controlled Benny is sort of how he divided them so they could be against each other. All of this crazy drama. Now look what happens next. Now you shift from the scene where the security guards are going from home to home. And look what Allah subhanho wa Taala does next. Well, hyena, Isla Mimosa,

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and other dairy. And we inspired the mother of Moosa that she feed him.

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Think about that.

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You just went from all this chaos. And now the scene switches to a mum. And she's sitting in her home. And she's completely terrified because she can hear the cries. She can hear the pleading of all the parents that their children are being slaughtered right in front of their eyes, and they can do anything. She's hearing all of this. So what do you think a mother does? She's terrified. She's sitting there and she's just out of her mind. What is she going to do? What is she going to do? And the thing here is, why did Allah tell her to feed her child? Because musala he still has a baby here. He's crying. He's a pretty loud baby. And you're going to see that later on in the story. He's

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allowed baby. So she's trying to settle him down. She doesn't know what to do. What we're learning here is this is a different type of inspiration what he given to the righteous people. So musala He said his mum now is being inspired Allah subhanaw taala is giving her instructions. Okay, feed the child. Why do you feed the child when the child is crying because the child might be

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be hungry. And that's the best way to quiet down and settle the child. All parents know this. Anybody who's a parent out there, you know exactly you know, you might be in a mall, you might be sitting in, you know, in a library somewhere, you might be sitting in a lecture or at a conference and your baby starts crying. And what do you do? You feed the child. That's what all parents do all mothers know this, this trick, if you want to call it that, right? It settles the child immediately.

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So she's told to feed this child musalla, Islam now comes down. And then she hides the child. Right? So just just take a look right? You know, she's starting to feed the child. And then she props herself up, and she hides and tucks the child in such a way. And she just sits there. The security team now, the security forces, are there listening to hear if the hear the slightest smirk or the slightest sound of a baby. And they come inside? Again, what just think about how this plays out? All right, think about a show or a movie that you've seen in the past, right? You have these evil forces that come in, they break into your house, and there's a leader, there's a gang leader in the

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front, and he stands in front of everybody, and he's looking around in your home. And he's looking around, and he's seeing that he probably sees some kids toys. He probably sees some kids clothing. He sees some food for children. But he sees no baby. It's just this mother standing up like this, and she's not moving.

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So immediately the leader says to himself,

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something's not right. Something doesn't make sense. But they don't see a child.

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And every mother in a situation like this, they're terrified for either 50 ie, they either 50 early. So what ends up happening is is the security forces now they don't see the child they leave. But then something doesn't make sense. And they start to come back. So as they leave, they start hitting more homes. So they walk out of the house of musar they slam you and I the viewers, right? We're like, Oh my god, they're gonna catch her. They're gonna catch her. They're gonna find Moosa. It didn't happen, at least not the first time. Now, when she finishes feeding her child, child is still not settled. What does Allah subhanho wa Taala do next? Right, she's still terrified. So Allah says,

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either 50 early, if you're scared, which she was, which she was, she was terrified. Alesis LP who phillium students who were with me in soda, they're gonna be see this verse for lp phillium Falco, the fee phillium is what we signed, sort of call her, put him in a basket and throw him into the river. You know, the river back then was like the 401 that we have today. So that's the four one of Egypt that's the highway. So it's how you move from one place to another, so throw him and let the river up. phillium for elk phillium yet hold him beside him. Be Sally hold him. I do, Willie. Why do Willa. So the waves are going to start pushing this basket away? Now, here's the thing, guys. Oh,

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What would a mother be thinking at this point? What is going on in her mind in her heart? You know, she is so terrified that she's going to get caught with her son. So she feeds her child. And a child now is still not settled. All the other children of her neighbors and the rest of the village all of them have been killed. So even if she ends up sparing her child, later on the following day, how is she going to walk in the marketplace? You know, she's gonna have to find a babysitter who's gonna find a babysitter because then people are gonna know, wait a minute, you still have your kid. Our kids got killed and you still have yours like this doesn't make it it doesn't make any sense. So

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she is terrified. And Allah subhanho wa Taala says,

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He phillium throw him into the river, while after half he has any. Don't be afraid and don't grieve. Don't be sad over this.

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Now, you go from being terrified that your child will be killed. And now you have to take your child and throw him into a river. How do you how do you settle down? How do you relax?

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And she's still to just throw the child and leave it and walk away. This can only happen from Allah subhanho wa Taala because a mother in a real life scenario mother, she'll be like, I'm going down with my child. Take me and take my child. I'm not letting you go. She's gonna sacrifice herself with her child.

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This is only from Allah Subhana This is the Allah giving strength to a mother that only he can give, and she won't get it from anywhere else but him. Subhana Allah.

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And then Allah says, in our rod do who he like, Don't worry, we're gonna deliver him back to you in Allah is saying, I'll deliver him back to you.

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So that calms her down just a little

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while jack, you don't mean any more silly, and we're gonna make him from amongst the noble messengers.

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So this is where she starts to feel like, okay, Allah is going to return him back to me. Okay, fine. Can you imagine what her conversations would be like? So now her son is gone. She threw him into the river. Now she's with the ladies and the rest of the villagers the next day in the following day, and what have you. And she's like, yeah, I threw my child in the river though. They didn't kill him. But he's gonna be returned to me. Allah is gonna deliver him back to me. How would the rest of the villagers Look at her? Well, she's, something's wrong with this lady. Yeah, he's gonna be returned, don't worry. And that's, to me is just, it's just unbelievable. It's unbelievable. That's the kind

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of amen mothers can have. When mothers keep up relationship with Allah.

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And they talk to Allah. And they do all the things that you and I do, but they do it at such in such a way that every single mother that prays is thinking about our children. Every mother that makes Dora will make dua for her children. It's like an autopilot. It's ingrained in her that she thinks about her child anywhere and everywhere. You know, all mothers, we know when you go out with your family, when you go to the mall, and you walk into a clothing store. Usually, what's the first section in the clothing store that the mother goes to? She goes to the kids section. And even the husband's is like, you actually needed a jacket. So you're over here to the cabin. Look, look how

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cute this is, this would look good on her. So it looks so cute on him. It's unbelievable. It's something that is engraved in her, her connection with her child. And once she uses that, to help her stay close to her creator, Allah will bless her with a strength, no one and nothing on this planet can give her nothing. Now you know what some of you might be thinking, well, what if I don't have a child? What if I can get a child, you know what you don't have or what you can get. That's beyond your control is not your fault.

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So you still continue with your relationship with Allah. Don't hold yourself accountable for the things you can control. And blame yourself for it. Because allies not blaming you. allies, not telling you Hey, you can't have children. So Too bad you miss out? No, Allah is the one that's in charge of giving you the child in the first place. So if he didn't give you that child, then don't beat yourself on the head for something that you know comes from him anyway. So don't say I don't have once upon a line, no, don't pity yourself for something you can control. So my point here is what I'm trying to get at is that the relationship that a mother has, or wife has, or a woman has

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with Allah is very different. It's very different in the sense of how she communicates with a law as opposed to how men do this. Let me give you another example. Hawaii in a bit of the love wine her she was a famous woman, even though most of the law one, respected and loved her. And a pseudo was revealed on her behalf because why she she took a lot of abuse, physical abuse from her husband. And so she went to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam she complained to him that my husband is beating me. He's being abusive to me. He's done so many things to me. And Allah subhanho wa Taala reveals a verse about this whole conversation she has with the messenger RNA Soto sudden, he reveals the verse

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or the semi Allah Poland Leti to Judo caffee zoji her or tiszta key Illa while La Jolla smart to how water Kuma pause. Allah says, indeed I can hear the complaint that's happening from this woman to the Prophet talisa to Islam, what does what happens if she's complaining about her marriage to this men and Allah interviews and takes over the conversations and says, I hear I hear your complaint. I know what you're going through. You know, it's it's remarkable. There's this kind of connection and attention that she'll get that for, you know, for whatever reason

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You know, men won't have, or they have to work for it in a different way. And so we're seeing hints of this as well, a less taking special care of her. But yeah, you don't mean and mostly, don't you worry, we're going to return him back to you. And we're going to make him a leader. We're going to make him amongst the messengers. Now. This basket is continuous, you know, it continues flowing down this river. And it's going past different villages and everybody's just like, oh, there was a basket, then it comes up to these beautiful palace. Now, I'm going to pause here do you do you guys think or can you remember a sutra or something similar is happening, where a child goes missing is

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thrown into water.

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And then it's taken to a castle or a palace.

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So diffusive This is why the scholars say that pseudo classes, the SR surah is sorted Youssef starts off with a child, child goes missing here, child goes missing

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over there and so diffusive use of it stems thrown into the water, except it's a well, this child is thrown into a river

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over there, eventually use the trolley slam is picked up by a man and his wife, the Aziz, the Minister of Egypt, as well as his wife. And over here, who's gonna pick him up mozzarella, Sam, let's see. Fell takapa Who do you feel around when Aliyah Khun ella humara do well, what hasn't?

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fell takapa who in takapa literally means when you find something on the road that it shouldn't be there and you go you like pick it up? You're like, what's this? You know, when you take kids to the beach and they pick up like rocks and shells into like, what's this? Where did this come from? That's ill Dakota. So somehow this basket just floats by? And you know, women out there, you know, by the palace that probably are outside, you know, they're washing things. They're sitting by the river, they're sitting on benches and whatever. And one of them No, this is this basket is going by, she's like, Whoa, what's that?

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And we'll figure out le akula humar do one more has an eye when she picks up this basket, they have no idea that what is in the basket is eventually going to be an enemy and cause grief to fit around this baby. So it's just a baby. But this baby is going to bring so much chaos for them. It's going to turn the palace upside down from all of the destruction and corruption that they've caused. This baby's gonna turn things around. That's what I was hinting here in the federal Noa. Hi man. Would you do that? Oh man, can you help me in shutdown and how men and all of their armies and groups they were so wrong about this child? Okay. Call it Tamara to fit her own.

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So the wife of fit around Who is she, by the way? Who's the wife of ESEA Moza him What are the law on her? Now this woman we can do a whole biography of her. I mean, she is remarkable. And remember, she's afraid of her husband. And not once in the Quran or in any Hadeeth that she actually saved my husband she keeps referring to him as fit out. There is no us between * and fit around. She never refers to herself as us meaning me and my husband. And you'll see that in a second. We'll call it a mirage to fit around so the wife of fit our se out of the 11 house she found this baby she opens the basket and she sees this beautiful child and you know what ends up happening Terre Haute era to IE

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Lee Wallach now remember the guards are looking for babies and they know they can see by the complexion the skin the color of this child that this child is not an Egyptian child. This is a child from the Israelites This is a Benes or ill child so they know they take they take the child now the guards come and take it to fit around when they see the satellite whoa okay let's take the fear out and see what he says when federal fines and looks at the challenge and sees that it's a Benny soil chose I got kill it

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and the wife says no he's my child like keeping him

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fed out says that we should kill her. No No No I'll talk to fit around Don't worry about it. I'll go to fit. She takes the musala is slim to fit around and liquid she says Porter twine and Lee Cora is literally means that you know your eyes stare and they get fixated at something. kotora also means that you're so pleased. Pura also means that tears of joy. So she looks at this baby. She can't get her eyes out.

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Have this baby and she starts crying. Tears of joy. How beautiful perfect. This child makes her feel so good inside. But look what she says. It's making my eyes fixated. Hold her up to it leave me as well as you luck. She doesn't say, look what it's doing to us.

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She Subhana Allah, she doesn't she doesn't put herself as us with her own husband so Pinilla and remember she's afraid of him. Right? She knows what he's about that's when another sort of sorta to him she says when a genie min fit around, why maybe save me from fit around in his actions. So she knows who what kind of husband she has. She doesn't associate herself as a wife. But now he can fit around looks at a child and be like, it is. It is kind of cute.

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So now they decide to keep the child. Lotta Cthulhu she says don't kill him. I said a young foreigner own a toughy the who whether the, perhaps he might benefit us. Or we can adopt this child.

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Well whom law you should own and they can't understand and comprehend or feel what's about to happen. Again, this area, this sentence, which sort of the sentence come from? Where did we get that idea from? are certain young foreigner owner tequila welder? What are your shirt on? The exact same sentence came hundreds of years before with the story of Yusef either his cellar, which is happening in what country students in Egypt? Where is this happening? In Egypt spamela. Only a lot even for the kofod only Allah subhanho wa Taala can make a disbeliever say the exact same thing generations apart. Unbelievable. Only color and does the supine Allah. So they're saying the exact same thing.

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Now here in this area, you have a husband and wife, right? That are saying this, find this child. And so diffusive they find this child at a marketplace being sold as a slave, you surprised Islam, the husband and the wife both saying Yeah, perhaps it might benefit us or we can adopt it.

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And they're saying a husband or wife is saying the exact same thing. So it's not even the sentences the same. The context is the same. The people involved are exactly the same. So panela

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will be half full, or only more self earlier. Now the scene shifts back. Okay, let's take a break from ESEA. Let's take a break from Philadelphia school back now what about the mom? What's happening to her? Oh, where's how she feeling in all of this? Well, I'll have the Mimosa ferry Hall. The heart of Moosa. flad is another word in the poor end for a heart. So the heart of Moosa of the mother of mozzarella, he said, her heart is empty, you know, full ad is used, and Allah describes it Fatty, hot, empty. It's like when the mother is sitting, and she's like this.

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She's grieving inside, she can eat, she can't sleep. And only mothers know like if if your child is in a hospital, but you can be with them.

00:28:34 --> 00:28:43

Or if you really want to understand this as students, if you really want to internalize what this a what it's trying to capture.

00:28:44 --> 00:28:47

Talk to a mother who has lost the child.

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And they'll the then you'll get an idea of how the mother of Musa alayhis salaam feels here. Just talk to a mother. And then she'll tell you, she'll try to tell you how she feels. So the mother of mozzarella slam is just sitting there, empty, lost. She can't speak she can't do anything. She's doing what any mother does. Just to worry and grieve. Where is my son? Where's my child? z? Okay, who got him? Where? How? Can you imagine if she knew at this point, that the enemy, the worst of the worst, fit around, has her child how she would feel. You know, she goes from trying to feed the child because she's terrified. Then she told to take the child throw it into a river, and the child

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ends up in the one place she hopes he will never end up. Because, you know, the hopes is that when parents give up like you ever watched those, like shows where parents when they were young or whatever, they gave up their child for adoption. And then 50 years later, they're looking for that child.

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The hopes for that child is always that hopefully they found a good home. Good parents are taking care of them. And if they reunite later on in life, how are you sick I had good family and good parents.

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But in this case here can you imagine if the mother of most of found out, fit around has your baby? What she would be thinking? How the amount of stress it would add to her grief that she's already experiencing the emptiness she's already feeling. And Allah subhanaw taala says, in care that little bitty bitty Lola outer Roboto Now it could be her little Khun Amina, meaning she almost gave her secret out in cabinet leachability. The tubidy be here. She almost gave it out. She almost told her secret to others. Actually, you know what really happened?

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Yeah, I put my child in a basket. She didn't do that. She did it. She almost did. You know, she just wants to let out some of that grief.

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Lola robot wanna if it wasn't for us that we kept her heart together under control. Ally's doing this, by the way, lit akuna minal momineen. And as a result, she will have a level of he men like none other. So as a result that she kept herself together, she didn't give out her secret, she didn't go crazy, she didn't lose control, none of that she kept herself composed. Because of that level of self control. Allah is saying here, we will make her from amongst the believers a status that no one else will ever have. Some had a lot.

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last verse, guys, we'll call it leotta. He'll see. So she said to her daughter, follow it, policy policy, follow the trail of that basket.

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She doesn't give no other instructions, by the way, which tells us that this, this kid that she sends her daughter that she sends, this is somebody that is extremely smart. And we're going to learn more about her later on how clever she was when she followed this basket. You know, and that's the thing about social puzzles. There are certain women, there's a bunch of them actually, that are highlighted in the suta. It's gonna blow your mind, you're just gonna be like, holy, oh, my God, look at what these women can do. Look at the status. Look at the strength Oh, my goodness. You know, we all we often hear about, you know, the poor and doesn't speak much about women or doesn't explain

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this or explain that. Hopefully, by the end of the series, your mind will change if that's what you believe your mind will change, you're going to see for yourself, who women truly are in the sport and the status and the gift and the strength that Allah subhanaw taala gives them. So anyhow, we're going to hear more about this lady a little bit later on. So all she says was close SQL follow it. So she was brilliant. So her daughter now follows this basket for bussola to be here and June will be more homeland, Sharon. So she kept her eyes on it. She kept her eyes and she kept following this basket until it got to the palace. I enjoy to be well homeland showed and nobody knew or had a clue

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that she was following this basket. She's so clever. So Pinilla you know she probably she's, you know, the river is over there. And she's just walking. Hey, how's it going? Good morning, guys, you know, and she's walking into the marketplace. She's passing village after village after village. And she's knows the basket is right over there. Hey, good, more. How's everybody how's your family, it's good to see you. And meanwhile, whatever, Isobel Sadat is just like,

00:33:49 --> 00:33:57

and she looks like she's pretending she's looking out on the sunset and sunrise and all of that stuff. And she's actually blend in.

00:33:58 --> 00:34:03

Nobody has a clue. No one has a clue what she's really doing.

00:34:05 --> 00:34:06

We're gonna pause there.

00:34:07 --> 00:34:57

Because next we're going to see now what's going to happen with mozzarella, his dilemma and how the process is going to start to reveal itself, of what fit our own, and his wife what they're going to do with this child, how they're going to care for this child. And as most alehissalaam continues to grow and mature, it's it's this is just the beginning guys, we're still in we're only in the second episode. So panela and this, this a this surah is full of so much rich detail and takes you step by step through the story, and it's going to fill in and add more detail to the story of Musa then what sort of ba did so if you really want to capture in full detail the story of mozzarella, his salon

00:34:57 --> 00:35:00

and stick with us tomorrow in sha Allah

00:35:00 --> 00:35:35

tolerable the same time, we'll continue from verse number 11 onwards Bismillahi tarla the men of a mother is like no other. When she has Amen, she has Amen. That amen trickles down to everyone else in the house. Everyone in the house will see it will recognize it will know man, Mom, you're strong. You're tough. If that was me, I break into pieces but men subpanel you're tough. You don't want to share with you guys.

00:35:36 --> 00:36:22

The last point is a personal story just so that you understand how important this connection with a mother is with respect to with respect to her Amen. When I was a student in Medina, I was there for almost 10 years. And I tell students this all the time, it was the best worst years of my life, it was the best because I was sending the data. I mean, I was born there, but I got a chance to go back and study there. So I'm studying the dean in the city of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, right, all of those blessings, all those wonderful things you can think about with Medina is there. But then it was also the worst years of my life. Because it was painful to be separated from family. It was

00:36:22 --> 00:37:07

painful to be separated. I mean, I remember I left the airport for the first time. And my little sister, I picked her up, I gave her a kiss at the airport, she's cried, I've cried, whatever. She's a little kid. And I left. The next time I see her she's graduating high school. Right, so I missed chunks of years of all of their lives. I see some gray on my mom and my dad. And when I come back there, they're almost fully great. And it was really painful in that sense, just missed the the homesickness used to torture me, both mentally, emotionally, psychologically. But I got through it. And every year I came back, I had to scrape myself out of my home to get back there and keep going.

00:37:07 --> 00:37:52

But I couldn't do it alone. My mother was the one that called me regularly, she spent 1000s of dollars on long distance bills, just to be like, it's okay. We're all Okay, keep studying, keep doing this, keep doing that. And so the person that you see, and you hear, and I'm able to do these things, is of course, after Allah subhanho wa Taala is a result of my mom, that the fact that she would call me and encouraged me and keep pushing me one year, she actually had to hold my hand and dragged me into the airport, like I didn't want to go, because I was just so emotionally torn apart, to leave my family behind. And she kept kind of like pulling me and she's like, Don't worry, you'll

00:37:52 --> 00:38:36

be okay, you'll be okay. As soon as you get there, call me or call you. And everything's gonna be fine, and subpanel. And now I can see the fruits and the buttock of that. If it wasn't for her, I think after my first year, I would have just come back home and never returned. But because of her, Allah subhanaw taala gave her a strength to encourage and to push me that one year turned into almost 10. So don't underestimate brothers and sisters, if you have your mother in particular with you, but if you have parents with you, and they're a good source of encouragement and supportive of you, that you you really really nourish and care that relationship. And those of you who don't have

00:38:36 --> 00:39:16

your parents with you, that's okay. You have those memories, and you have those words of encouragement. You have those thoughts and memories of when you were young and when they were with you of the things they used to say, that help you till this day. All of our mothers have those kinds of stories when my mom was alive, she used to tell me to do this and to do that, that's why I'm telling you to and you're passing on the same tradition, you're passing on the same advice. So you still have a piece of your parents with you. So May Allah subhanho wa Taala love, protect, honor and bless our mother's immune hormone amad those that are with us and those that have passed away a lot

00:39:16 --> 00:39:48

of them I mean, these are the words I leave you with. I apologize guys, there's a really long episode. I even know how long this is. And I see that I can't see that right now. Okay, it's a longer than usual episode, but I hope that you could appreciate some of the things that we talked about and join me again tomorrow in sha Allah as we continue our journey through surah cosas vs Nila Italia is that Hello Highland guys may Allah azza wa jal Bless you all wherever you are alone. I mean, what's up Mr Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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