Musleh Khan – Tafseer of Surah Nahl V84 – 91

Musleh Khan
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Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah wallbeds so let's continue with sorbitan Allah subhanho wa Taala continues and he tells us why a woman Mr. Ethel fee could be on the way all manner batho min Cooley maintain shahidan from Allah you then Li lezzy in a cafe welcome you start at one. So we are at verse number 84. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says that he will resurrect from every single moment a Shaheed or a witness from Allah you then will be levena cafaro. Now the witnesses here would be the prophets and the messengers either who said them, and the Prophet already slept with them in a meadow, any sort of sort attendees got a similar verse

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and when he heard that verse, so it's very similar to this one, because he didn't either have Willa. So that's mentioned in sort of tennis and this is actually one of the realities and one of the verses in the Quran that made the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam cry. Soon as he heard it, he was moved and he would cry from it. Why? Just the reality that he was going to be a witness for or against his followers. You see, the prophet Ali's subtle Salaam had so much love so much care, wanted to nurture and guide his own members of this oma, the prophet or these subtle, salaam loved them, loved all would love all of us. If he was here, he would want the best for us. Because this

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was his nature, he was sort of having to learn I mean, he was a mercy to all of mankind. So he wanted us to be guided, he wanted us to receive the truth, he wanted us to make the best decisions, the best choices in life. And this is why it is so important and crucial that the more you delve into religion, and the more you study this portal, and you have to and must and always take along with it, the teachings of our Prophet earliest salat wa salam, just the fact that he loves you, just the fact that he is going to be a witness for you, or perhaps against that individual may Allah protect us from being amongst those that he has to be a witness against, in the sight of Allah

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subhanho wa Taala. So just the fact that he has that role to play in a lot places him in that with that responsibility in and of itself should make us want to love Him and follow his teachings as best as possible. But then a lot of silicosis, familia, you then only Latina, careful, and Allah will not allow those who disbelieve now you then from within, literally means how has two meanings. So number one, these individuals who disbelieved in the Prophet it sought was said, I'm number one will not be given an ear, so no one will listen to them. No one will hear their cries or their pains or whatever they have to say. And number two, let you then also means that they won't have the

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ability to speak so others won't listen to them. So two meanings behind this word that the scholars of Tafseer explain when they explain this a

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woman with whom you start a boon, and they will be making a conscientious effort to have you become pleased with them all over again. So you start up, you start up literally means that when somebody has hurt, you said something wrong to you. And then five minutes later, they come back and be like, Look, I'm really sorry, look, I don't want you to be mad at me. So trying to make you like them and love them again, that's called you stare tab, you know, happens a lot in marriages, you know, the husband or wife will go at it for whatever reason, and the husband will come back 10 minutes later, Look, I'm sorry, I turned into incredible hope. But now I'm okay. I didn't mean what I said. So that

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all that whole process there that's called you startup. So Allah says that the disbelievers on that day will not be given any chance or opportunity to have you started going to come back and make things right. What is our legacy, you know, Villa moolah reserve and when they see those who have dis transgressed and they're being punished fella you have foreign home while jumbotron Allah will not lighten this burden, nor will they have the ability to even see while our home young Varun so alarming. So a job will not light in the eyes app or the punishment and they themselves will not be able to see where it's coming from. So one of the characteristics of punishments in the jahannam is

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that it will shock the inhabitants of the jahannam it will shock them and it would come to them in a manner that they themselves would not expect. And they wouldn't know where it's coming from what either Latina shotoku, and those same individuals that transgressed so vile mo from the word void one, keep in

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Mind means people who have passed the limit set by Allah subhanho wa Taala. That's called void. So those who have transgressed or past the limits that Allah has set a shotoku, in their shirk. So what's happening here? These are the individuals that took it other individuals. So it even happens within the oma internally. So somebody who might have like a favorite speaker or an E meme, but they've elevated that individual to a status that it literally becomes schilke. So they're literally married, every statement, that individual said, that's their entire Islam. So something similar to that is, I remember, I traveled to a country, which I don't want to mention. And I visited a

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community that was engrossed in a particular meth hub. And when I sat there, and I was doing my talk, somebody came up to me afterwards and asked me, but did shift so and so say that, although I, I quoted an actual Hadeeth, they were more concerned if a particular he Ma'am, or she said the same statement, because if the Imam said the same statement, only then they would accept it, that's a big problem. So this a calls out to all those individuals that had elevated people or things in during their lifetime. Now, those same individuals will come back so listen to this.

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What is our alessian shotoku Shoraka home so when they see those individuals that they had elevated to that status padula banner, how Allah isharo Campanella, Dino coonan, under Omen dueling, so they will say, Oh, my master, these were the individuals that we had elevated, and we used to pray to them, and we used to trust them, and we used to follow them more so than anyone else, even to some extent more than you. Yeah. So what will Allah say, what would Allah allow at this point, l po la himolla. Cole, when those individuals so he sallallahu Sallam will be walking by and say to them, you you actually did that with me when I was gone.

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He lay him we'll call and they said something to them, so that they could literally just get away. So essentially, Islam, these Imams, these shapes, these priests, whatever it is, whoever was taking, as de tes either of worship, or they were elevated to a status that only belonged to Allah, those same individuals, these figures will now say to those who followed them, and those who elevated them to that status, and say to them in the criminal Academy, boom, you guys are liars. Why would you do that with us? Why would you raise us to that status? You guys are the ones that are liars. And so it's a pretty profound moment that's going to happen on the Day of Judgment. So these same

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individuals that people would sacrifice they would you know, deliver sweets, they would do all kinds of things. They'll same individuals now let's sing we'll come back on the day of judgment and say, You guys are liars. What's What's wrong with you? Why did you do that? Why did you elevate it? Why did you elevate us to that status? We didn't deserve that. That's not who we were. That's not what we preach. That's not what we taught you guys. And the conversation continues. Now when the shorter cat so those who committed this shark realize that Wait a minute, for those whom we elevated now have turned against us and called us liars. Look what they did, what Elko Illa so then they turned

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their attention to Allah The oma either in his setup incomplete submission to him, you know, this wording that's happening in this a what I'll call Isla, la Yeoman eating the Selim. It's kind of like oh my God, if it's not going to work with you, or Allah, when when we want to turn to you, so it's kind of like a last minute gateway out of this whole mess. So they come back running to Allah at the last moment and submit themselves to him, because why? They've just realized that they're not getting any way anywhere with this. So let's go back to Allah because what else are we going to do? Now we realize that Allah was the true creator, Allah was the one worthy of our worship and our

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submission. So we got to kind of go back to him now. So it was a last minute cop out scenario. Well, Butler in whom can we have total one and they were reduced to the things that they used to make up so they were humiliated on that day, a lesbian a cat photo was sought to answer be the lead to add to all of this. It's not done yet guys listen to this. And as for those who disbelieved, so there's those who were disbelievers. That's one will subdue, answer vilella. So here's the second thing. So not only did they commit disbelief, or Cofer, but then subdue and sebelah is they caused others to display

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Leave. So they created a following. You know, they open Facebook pages and they just call people to this particular way of life. They had their own places of worship, they created their own songs, their own methods of worship. So they didn't just they themselves decide, Okay, forget about Allah, let's go somewhere else or something else, but they encouraged an entire movement to follow along with them. So this was the worst of the worst. So now, you have two categories of people the disbeliever as well as those that the disbelievers encouraged and allowed to follow the movement that they created. So two groups listen to what allotted xidan at home Isaiah Ben Focolare, so we

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increased from one punishment and we added more punishment to them would be Matt can and we have settled because of the things that they had created. Now remember, the A A is saying two things again, is that a punishment was there but the fact that they created and misguided others as well? Allah added more to that punishment. So Allah doubled the punishment or increased it however many times he wanted

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and then Allah gives the reason why because at the end of the day, Allah says you see do and those of you that study Arabic It doesn't say yes, so don't you see doing not EF Sadoon or yes Sue doing? So you see doing with the castle under the letter seen? it's referring to the mess that they created with others not the mess that they created with themselves that's already been dealt with. Now Allah is shifting the focus or attention those that you also misguided as well. You're going to be accountable for them as well. So Pinilla why oh man. Oh by Sophie Cooley. Oh man, we will send for every single nation shahidan I lay him in and footsy him a witness to against them from amongst

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them. What jigna because shahidan either her hula and we sent you Yeah, Mohammed Sal, Allahu Allah, who was send them as a witness to all of them when it's in LA Calcutta, but TBN and equally Shay, and we sent out the book that is TBN and TBN, and comes from the word bacon or bayona. Or but you obey, you know, but TBN is a rare form of this word, the structure of this word found throughout the quarter. And so what this is talking about, it's adding more clarity. So it literally is saying that we have sent down this book that is extremely elaborate that is extremely clear. So TBN it's extremely clear and obvious. It's a message is loud and clear as well. So there's no ambiguity in

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the book whatsoever. liquidity shy for everything what we've done for guidance, water and mercy, while bushrod muslimeen and glad tidings for those who submit themselves to it the Muslim in the last and final a and now this is an A A brothers and sisters who hear almost every single jumar you will hear this verse in the La Jolla moto Villa de Waal said, what he is a horrible way in any fashion you will moon carry, well both II era lukewarm La La Quinta Calderon. Now this particular verse, If you miss out on everything else, at least take this one verse is this one verse applies to all of us in so many different ways. Let's take a glimpse at it. Allah commence us in the law yet

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mode, Allah commands you. And I believe either here's number one, that you have justice. Now justice, in the Koran and in life in general is the bare minimum etiquette that all human beings should have. That's the starting point. So Allah starts off with the bare minimum. So you as a human being your bare minimum when you interact with others, is that you should just be fair, and be just with people. And this is why when we go back to the whole conversation of racism, discrimination, and marginalization and all of these things, at least at the end of the day, what's right is right, and what's wrong is wrong, at least treat each other with justice, and some level of fairness. So

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that's the bare minimum, anything below that is unacceptable, then the peak of Aladdin. So the peak of justice is the next quality. Well said. It has said righteousness. So this is the max and the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam called that the peak of he meant is called airson. Now, what's interesting is that sn is used in so many different ways in the Quran, and one common way that you're familiar with is sn, although it's the max in terms of how we treat one another. It's

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Actually the starting point when you're treating your parents this way. So being good to your parents, the starting point with them is not ideal anymore. It's not just to be just and fair with your parents. No, you have to start off with Eric said, you have to be at the peak of fairness and justice and all of the wonderful qualities that a human being should have. That's the starting point with parents because the law says what been well the day me and with parents, or Santa sn is used. This is really interesting, but how Allah jumps from one to another. So from the bare minimum, to the maximum alone wants you to strive to do at least both. And if you never become a Marsan, so you

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never reached the level of accent, okay, fine. But you should at least always, in your life be have the bare minimum, and that is an ideal and to be just unfair, what is a quarterback and give towards your relatives? So what is Allah doing here? The third thing that Allah commands us to do is to take care of our family. First, family comes first, and relatives as well comes first. And you know, what's interesting about this a, it's not specified, it's not saying, Oh, that one relative, that we all have this, by the way, in our family, you know, there's always that one uncle or that one end, or that one cousin or somebody from our extended family, that's just messed up. Right? They're the

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ones that just for whatever reason, cause drama or cause trouble, whatever the case is, OLED doesn't say, okay, single out that one individual Alesis, at the end of the day, you help and you support and you look out for family first, before everyone around families. So before beyond that. So just to keep in mind that that same saying the old as this old saying goes, that family comes first that's also found in the poor. And as well, then a look continues weigh in. And in fact show you well. This is the title of the video, this is where I got it from, and that you do away with and you finish off any forms of shamelessness, fascia is the sworn enemy, to any family structure. You know,

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fascia is anything that is shameful anything that is said, anything that's done, and anything that's looked at, you know, fascia is, and I want you to all to just really just speaking seriously for a second, right? You know, when you're sitting as a family, and you're watching a movie, you know, you're watching, you know, and then a particular scene comes on, or you hear like tons of swear words, every other sentence, somebody's cursing. But for the most part, it's, you're thinking to yourself that, okay, it's just part of the movie, I hear it, but the conversation continues, it's just one scene. That's why we invented the fast forward button, just fast forward that scene, and

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life continues. There's an underlying effect from all of this. And that is at the end of the day, if your kids or even you yourself, when you hear something over and over, or you realize that something is there, even if you're not looking at it, it has an effect on you, it stimulates something in you, it would either stimulate an imagination or a thought, you know, and in psychology, we call this we call this triggers. So something in your mind, in your heart, in your brain in your imagination is triggered off. And that's something to take seriously. Because, you know, triggers is all you need for it to lead to something else. So when you're watching either a movie or a TV show, you know,

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you're you're watching like an indian movie even right and you see this guy just going around singing to this lady, or they're going back and forth or whatever. You know, there's a hidden effect behind all of this, that that all comes under this massive umbrella term of affection. It's all at the end of the day, Allah azza wa jal is saying, I'm ordering you to try to extinguish and finish off with all forms of fascia as best as you can. So how do you get around this? Well, that's where you have to decide that the next time you put on a movie or the next time you look at some art the next time you start writing something the next time you say something that you're very, very careful

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and cautious of what you look at listen to and what you say, male ly so which will give us strength, when moon killer. So Allah continues with monka monka is often translated in the poor and as forbid evil, we enhance

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that Allah subhanho wa Taala commands good and forbids evil, you know, a modal build marital way enhance and hint, what 10 Natal moon code. But moon cut is much more than just forbidding evil. It actually refers to anything that is recognized as evil. Anything that's recognized as weird or it's unacceptable because why?

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Because, in fact, one person can say, you know, when I hear a curse word, it doesn't bother me. But now we'll add Moncada. Now the curse word whether it bothers you or not, it's wrong because cursing is wrong in any culture in any society. It's wrong, you know. And so that's how this word now tackles all of the shady or gray areas that may come in with fascia. So Allah eliminates it by saying and I also order you to finish off with an exclude any forms of Moncada any way shape or form, while belly. belly is religious rebelliousness against Allah subhana wa Tada. So when somebody is rebellious in religion, so in other words, they'll just be like, Okay, I'm making do I'm making

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while I'm making a lesson not responding. So forget about Dora. I'm praying, I'm praying, I'm praying, I'm not being healed. So forget about prayer. So you rebel against Allah subhanaw taala in a religious way, that's called belly era liquidum la la quinta that killed one and finally Allah says era local. These are the profound reminders La La Quinta that Carolyn, then in hopes that you will take the time and sit there and remember and reflect. You know, this is one of the rarest verses in terms of structure found in the entire Quran, where Allah use era overcome. And he also uses vikita. In the same sentence, er eloquent comes from the world wherever the or Moldova, Moldova

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is a profound reminder, it's a reminder that you say it once, and it penetrates deep in the heart. Whereas the vicar is much more generic, you can hear it and it should have some effect on you. But it's not. It's not always at the level of malware, etha, or wherever. So Allah puts both of these together in the area. So it's either some of this knowledge will penetrate deep into your heart, or at least at the bare minimum, it should just be a reminder, and you should think about that. You know, what's amazing? How did the verse start? alesse started with the bare minimum quality, Aladdin justice. And then he continues with the peak, said, How does it end, it ends off with Mourinho, the

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peak, and then it and continues with the final word, at least the bare minimum. So it's switched with the complete opposite in terms of the reminder itself. It's amazing. It's amazing soprano Allah, that Allah subhanaw taala does this in the quarter. And so this is where we're going to pause and shut Lota if tomorrow we continue metalizer, which will bless all of you, keep you safe, keep you healthy. And actually, there's one last point. I know for a lot of us school is just around the corner. And a lot of you have been asking about some advice in terms of what is the right decision to make for our kids? Honestly, I don't have an answer to this, I don't think that there is a right

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answer to this. You know, on the one hand, if you're planning to send your kids back to school, you should definitely take the time to study all the new protocols and the procedures that are being laid out from your government, from your country, wherever it is that you recited, and consider all of that. And trusting rules, regulation and protocols is part of our religion. So don't be doubtful in any way. Just take a look at it, and see how thorough it is. And you know, if you're going to have to, like I have to do with my kids, because they're still tiny, they're still young, we have to practice and do rehearse rehearsals at home, about these new product protocols. So how to wash your

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hands several times a day, how to keep the masks on when you're jumping around, playing with friends, making sure the mask is there. When you're done at the playground, how to sanitize how to even use a sanitizer, we bought them these little pouches, we put their masks in there, sanitizers all kinds of things, how to social distance from one another little little things. So we try to incorporate some of those protocols in their daily routine. And that's going to take some time, especially when your kids are young. So the first thing is, look and consider those protocols. The second thing is if you plan to leave your kids at home, that's also a good decision as well. But it

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comes at a price where you lose a lot of this social aspect and the interaction with other kids which is also healthy, important part of their their growth. Lots of studies, endless amount of studies since the beginning of time have talked about the importance of interaction with other with others. So think about that. And even if your kids are young or they're teenagers or they're in college or university, it's just as important for anyone else. So age is not a factor here. It's part of how we are we are social creatures. So when you take that away from the from from your kids, that's something really important to figure out okay, how I'm going to compensate their lack of you

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social interaction, where am I going to get that from instead? So keep that in mind. So they might be safe at home with you. But at the same time, there's another problem that's been added. I don't think that there's a right or wrong here, you as parents have to decide what you think is best for you as a family, and inshallah, whatever decision you make, and that is a good decision, but do it responsibly is the key. And may Allah subhanho wa Taala make it easy for you to love him. I mean, for what it's worth, I'm sending my kids back to school, my son is five, my daughter is eight, I'm sending them back to school, but we're doing it slowly, methodically in the sense that we're going

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to monitor everything, as much as we can just like many parents out there each and every day. If there's an outbreak we have, you know, we're going to pull them out. We're going to figure out what to do. But at least for now, we're taking it day by day and shot low Tara and see how things play out alive. So it'll make it easy for all of us alone. I mean, I hope that helps guys, just second low hater will send Mr alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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