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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the history and importance of Islam, including its implementation and use of "weaving" in writing. They stress the importance of trusting one's own knowledge and building confidence in one's message. The speakers also touch on the structure of verse and the importance of learning to inherit and bless the same message. The speakers emphasize the need for patient and slow learning, and provide examples of sh transcripts and misunderstandings. The importance of finding peace and finding the right place in one's life is also emphasized.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah, we're back. So let's continue we are on verse number 91, Allah subhanho wa Taala continues and he tells us what will be the law he is our head to him and complete and fulfill the agreements with Allah whenever you are in those agreements. Now there are two ways to understand this verse. Some of the scholars of tafsir believe that this verse was talking to Muslims, so it's a direct command to Muslims, that to fulfill whatever agreements, contracts and things like that, that you have with each other for the sake of Allah. And number two, some of the men feel that this a is was actually talking to 100

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keytab, that Adam keytab have a responsibility that when they make an agreement with Muslims and with the Prophet alayhi salatu salam. So this was specifically referring to some of the tribes that were living in Mecca and Medina, that they should fulfill those agreements. Those, what we call those international agreements, the the the, the particular agreements that would maintain a sense of stability and peace within those cities, then fulfill those agreements for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And then Allah continues while at Temple, amen, Ambassador Toki dia, and don't nullify your amen after you have affirmed it. Welcome to Mullah Omar La Creme Caf Isla, because they

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had taken you as their leader or their Kafeel. So here's what happened that sometimes in Medina, and even in Mecca as well. keytab would would fight with the coal race from time to time and and other Arab tribes as well. And if they ever lost those battles, they would say to the tribes that wait there was going to be there's going to be this prophet that will come and when he comes, then you guys are really going to get it. So they took the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam as their own leader so that they could gain strength over these tribes and whoever it is that they were going into battle with, in the La Jolla Alamo. mattifier Lune Allah is completely aware of what it is that

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you're up to what it is that you're doing. Well, that's a call to kill Latina kobato hustler This is really interesting language. Don't be like those who knuckle black knuckled luck means to tear apart a hustler hair is weaving. So there would be like this old Jewish lady that would be sitting there knitting and weaving and putting together things one thread or string at a time mimbar Paul Watson and Catherine and after became strong and katha neck hatha means to take out the weave one by one. So she would spend all these hours putting this together and then all of a sudden, she'll just be like, ah, Forget it, forget it and just start weaving it out. And taking it apart, piece by piece to

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Luna, a mannequin doll and Bain acumen, and as a result, they took their e men amongst themselves and takuna Mattoon here out of them in honor, so that they could claim that their own there was better had more growth out of bed from the word rebel interest, but the interest literally is growth right azienda. So they would claim that their own their had growth and would Excel more than your own the Muslims. So what's happened here, this is how 100 keytab started to change their message. When they knew the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam was coming. They went back and they literally studied tediously every word and started to change and started to alter the message so that it could

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still accommodate and put them as the forefront the leaders when the Prophet Alayhi salat wa salam was ultimately the last and final messenger. They didn't want to accept that or at least groups of them didn't want to accept that. So the imagery here is just amazing. Allah compares that change to somebody sitting there knitting. And as they're about to finish up, you know, they spent all these hours days and months putting together this garment or whatever it is, and then they start peeling out and taking off one thread at a time. So they literally studied each thread and altered it or redesigned it so that they could show look at the end of the day we still have a better product than

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yours. So that's why Allah subhanaw taala ended up he alabamian on that they wanted to claim that their own was greater than this oma that was under the leadership of the messenger RNA select was set up in the man that he Abou qumola will be. This is indeed an incredible test from Allah subhanho wa Taala whether you be in nlo Cooney Oh pm at email, quantum fee talk telephone Allah will bring ultimate clarity on the Day of Judgment of regarding the things that they used to differ in what

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This is teaching us brothers and sisters is to have confidence in the book confidence in the core and confidence in allas guidance. You know, this is one of the biggest challenges just being Muslim is that you don't on the one hand, you have the score and and it's filled with knowledge upon knowledge upon knowledge. And it's a whole nother ballgame to actually trust its knowledge, you know, the poor and for example, says, Fie, she fell, you know, in this quarter and there is she fat and cure water hammer to limit meaning and mercy to those who have even those who actually believe in it. But then it begs the question, how often and how do you use the poor end to cure? Like, how

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do you allow this book now to manifest in your own life so that when you do go go through pains and struggles or anything similar, that this core and could work for you, and it could cure all of your problems? We all know that you ask any Muslim on the planet, they will tell you that the core and can cure everything, it is the solution to all things. But then how do you build that connection? How do you utilize that core and so that it works for you in that particular way? And one of the ways to respond to that is you have to have confidence and trust in Allah 's book, you've got to trust his message. Sure, you might not see the outcome you're looking for immediately. But you have

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to trust that this is the ultimate guidance and the ultimate cure. Then a look into is what OSHA Allahu Allah Jalla omentum What if Allah really wanted to he could have made you all one oma? It was a very common question in Muslims non Muslims asked all the time, you know if this was the last and final religion, and we were all supposed to follow this prophet, why didn't Allah just make us all one Wyden legislators, one nation one group that we all every human being on this planet was just a Muslim, and they submitted themselves to Allah and to the Prophet Ali Saltzman Why didn't that happen? That's Allah subhanho wa Taala this decision, we don't really know why. We don't have you

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know, an exact answer where there are some clues that allude to the idea that a lie so Joel wants this to be a journey. And keep in mind this is what Allah says, when a king Yulin lumen Yeshua warrior, do you mean Yeshua, Allah will misguide whom he would, who wishes and guide whom he wishes to appreciate this sentence, you have to talk to a revert and hear their story. You know, this is teaching us that as long as you have a sincere intention in life, to seek the truth about who God is what God is, and where he is. As long as you develop a sincere intention to do that. Allah will guide you to the truth. That's what Allah subhanaw taala is saying, It's not our job to guide

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because we can't do that. What we can do is clarify this guidance to the world. You know, we don't establish ourselves in a sense that, Okay, you know what, we're going to build a fort here, we're going to establish a government here, and we're going to take over this village of this community, that's not what Muslims do. That's not what we're required to do. What we're required to do is to clarify the message, to bring clarity into it. So when people hear certain things, or they have questions, or they, they read certain things about Islam, that they can come to an actual Muslim, or to a scholar or someone else and have those questions answered, and the truth behind it, their

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journey towards guidance, that's a less territory a low will decide how that individual finds ultimate truth. I'll give you a real simple example we can all relate to, again, just talk to me revert and ask them about their story. How did they become Muslim? You know, some of their stories are just out of this world. It's It's unbelievable. Like I remember in when I was a student at Medina university, I met a, I met an American student. And he looked exactly like the Imam of the hatami memes two days. So although his name was Abdullah, we used to call him su dice, because he just he looked exactly the same. And he was a revert. And he got accepted to the University of

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Medina. And he was studying just like all of us. So when I was sitting in the cafeteria with him, and I was asking him, tell me your story, man, how'd you become Muslim? And this brother sat there and he started telling me, he's like, one day I sat in my room. And I had gotten I had received a copy of the poor end, right. And so I started reading passages about anger, and how you know that Allah was telling us how we should control our anger. So so he was reading certain verses and suited Elliot and marohn and so on, right? So he's reading it and he had anger issues. He this guy was a big guy. I think he was over six, three or six, four, big guy, and again, looked exactly like Sid is

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intimidating personality. So you said I had anger issues. And it goes one day when I was reading all of the stuff about anger, I took the poor and, and I threw it across my room and hit the wall. And my mom came in. And my mom's like, you have your anger issues. Again, pick up this book, man. Don't do that to calm yourself down. And he goes, I just saw for the first time that my mom comes into the room and tries to calm me down. Usually she would yell at me. Usually, she would like say something to me, you know, what's wrong with you? Are you crazy is the devil in your head, things like that. And it would just get me more upset. But the fact that she walked in there, she actually picked up

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the horror end, which she's never done before. Because I would throw other things and she would just leave it on the floor and say, You go and pick those things up. If I break something, I have to clean it up. But when it came to this core end, she picked it up. She kind of wiped it off. And she's like, Look, this is what you're reading. Just don't don't disrespect it because other people believe in this book. Other people love this book. So don't disrespect it, okay, just because you got anger issues. And that was a, that was a turning point for him. That brother from that moment, took his Shahada. And as a result,

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continued his journey, continued reading the poor end applied at the University of Medina, one of the most prestigious universities on the planet, Islamic universities right. And he applied there got accepted and continued his journey and graduated from University of Medina. From last I heard of him he said that you just teaching just like any one of us in America is just like the most unbelievable stories of how reverts make that journey. And every one of them have a unique journey, that when you hear it, you're just like, oh my goodness, something that's simple or something that profound. I met a brother one time a long time ago and metka that he became Muslim all because he

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saw on TV, how Mecca and Medina would have their if thoughts during Ramadan. So you'll have millions of people you know, they would spread the suffering cowardice, but that plastic on the ground, put all the dates the yogurt, you eat and within 1520 minutes, everything is cleaned up and everyone is praying and he goes when he saw that kind of organization. He said this has to be the truth and he became Muslim by watching how Muslims have if thought in Ramadan. So Allah says he is the one that misguides He is the one that guides your job. And my job is to clarify that message. When Aloo Nam quantum tera Moroni you'll be asked on everything that you used to do, while at the death either a

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man or a doll and bainer come and don't take your email from amongst yourself fetta Zilla Cardamom Bertha booty here and allow yourself to slip after you have reaffirmed your email what to pursue and you will taste something bitter, something ugly, the male solid tumor and CBD law as a result of the obstruction in the path of Allah that you used to commit to all levels talking directly here to Adam keytab. Allah Kumara De Bruyne alvine as a result for them is a painful torment. Well I wish there will be a delay the theremin and Padilla and don't purchase the commitment that you have with Allah subhanho wa Taala for a small petty price in Mr. In de la who hailed lucquin What is with Allah is

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far better for you in Quito entire the moon If you only knew I love this next verse students Marin the Colombian federal warmer in the law he back What is with the you and me will run out young fed. Now keep in mind yen fed from the word nephew death or Nevada, it means to run out it's a verb. Listen to the next part of the verse. Women are in the law. One woman in the law he back and what is with a law will remain back is a name stimulatory Ismir. It's a name. So what does that mean? You know, at the end of the day, our actions will come to an end but our names will live on and it will continue in the hereafter. It's amazing the structure in this verse unbelievable. So everything with

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you and I it runs out it comes with an expiry date, but everything with our Creator is permanent. It's the web forgiveness, love, acceptance, mercy, reward, blessings. Baraka, you name it. That's what Allah subhanaw taala is referring to. And once our priorities to be there, well then z in the Latino suburb, but here's the condition if you want that. A low will reward the ones who are patient, a general sentiment can we and they're doing with a reward based on the best of deeds that they used to perform. You know, what's incredible about the wording of this verse. Now follow me students, listen to this. Every single one of us have, for example, prayers that are

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You know, you'll have one or two prayers here and there that Mashallah, you know, 100%, you're concentrating all of that good stuff. But then most of our prayers, you know, our minds go this way. And that way, if you're like me, you know, every single time you pray, you wish you could have done it better you wish you could repeat it. And it's just the way that life is when it comes to how we interact with something so routine. What Allah is saying in this verse is that Allah will take the best of your worship, and grade you from all of the weaknesses in your worship. So in other words, the best of your worship is going to be what Allah accepts. And because you tried your best in

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everything else, but there were some flaws and weaknesses here and there, Allah will wipe those out. And he will accept all of the mistakes and the flaws here and there and replace them and perfect those were those acts of worship, you know why? Because at the end of the day, you never gave up, what was the secret ingredient for you to qualify for this kind of reward. When energy and lithium are subtotal, you had patients, I've said this before, patience has to be permanent, it cannot be seasonal, it cannot be from here and there. It has to be a part of you. And it has to be a quality in you. And if you have that, and you continue to strive. And again, at the end of the day, you

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might be reading some for me, you might be going for head jr on what you make so many mistakes, you know what Allah is going to do a low will take the best had you made, and except that one and then as a result except the rest, or forgive you of all the mistakes from the rest, Allah will take your best Ermera your best Salawat your best pet or at all of those things, and accept those and as a result of those, Allah will wipe out the mistakes and weaknesses and everything else. This a is truly an A of hope. It really encourages us to never give up. No matter how messed up we think our prayers are, you know, it's happened. It happens to all of us, no matter where we're from, what our

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background is, you know, you'll be sitting there and praying and you have no idea what you're praying, you're like, is the man praying varro hustle, you know, and you're praying. And then after you're done praying and you realize, you realize, wait a minute, I'm not even facing the Qibla the Qibla is over there. And then you've got to start doing it again. And all of these things happen and it happens to all of us. This a is telling us, it's okay. Just be patient and don't give up keep trying. And as a result, Allah will accept it from you. inshot lo Terrell. Unbelievable. It doesn't even stop there. Listen to this man army lasagna had been decadent out there, whoever does righteous

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deeds from amongst males and females. Well, who I mean, that's the condition and you have Amen. You know why? Because at the end of the day, there are lots of people who do good things, but they don't have any sincerity in doing it. So Allah says the condition is I want you to have a man who fell in Vienna who hired and play about Allah will grant you a life in this world. That is pleasant, peaceful, loving, content, Baba. It's just it's just Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah life you get? Well in a dizzy Edna whom eduroam be our cinema can we mellow, you see what alleges did again, the exact same verse, Allah concludes this verse the same way he had the previous words. And I will accept and

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bless you based on the best of deeds that you use to perform the exact same message. So it's incredible brothers and sisters, this, these are a lot of hope. Now Allah is going to tell us how to get it. So we know about sobor we know about being patient, we know about not giving up. We know about continuing our very best. Don't give up on something just because you can't perform it perfectly. You can do it perfectly. You don't just give up on doors just because you don't make it all day every day. Keep making your door whenever you make the door. That's the whole that's the message here. Now let's get to add to this set you the core earner for steroids Billahi min ash

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shared by the old regime. It sounds like it's a weird shift. You know, we've been talking about something completely different and all of a sudden we're jumping to whenever you recite the core and then seek protection from the evil sheath on it almost as if we literally jumped from one subject to a completely different one. What Allah subhanho wa Taala is teaching us here, this is the connector. This is the medium. This is what connects us from everything prior to everything we want. So if we want to learn to accept our prayers, even though we mess up in a lot of them, if we want Allah subhanaw taala to bless us with permanent patience if we want to let to give us consistent

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See in righteousness than the medium that connects us to all of that discipline is

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just read the Quran. And as soon as you start doing that, then it happens to everybody. Me, you all of us when you pick up this book and you're like okay, I'm gonna read some Koran how do you start it off are always will be learned on your own Genie Miss Mila Rockman you're him and you get right into it, the first thing you say is you ask Allah to protect you from the shaitan. Why? Because this is the first thing. This is the first thing that shaitan wants to distract you from get away from this the most. Unfortunately, brothers and sisters, it's almost a rare thing to find an average layman Muslim who reads the core and regularly. If you don't read a book, every single day of your life, at

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least for a portion, at least four or five minutes, half a soda, you will lose a tremendous amount of peace in your life. You know, the things that worry you will will continue to worry you. You know there are some people that can deal with death, they can deal with disappointment and hardship and still find peace in their life. There's people that can deal with a divorce, they can deal with a loss and still find peace in their life. And then there are others who go through the exact same thing. And their life is literally flipped upside down. The thing that heals all of that is you got to have a connection with a loss book. But it's not that easy, because Allah will throw shaitan at

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you and the battle continues. So you have to battle if you want this great, great blessing from a legend lovara illa continues in the who lays it never will lay Salah who saw porn in the hole sounds like it's emphasis but Allah is actually it's not referring to anybody. Allah is saying this is without a doubt that shaitan is no authority over those who have even Allah Xena M and wired out of Bohemia tower Kowloon, so they have amen and they have trust in Allah. When you have these two secret ingredients, you have faith and you have trust in your Creator shaitan never control somebody who has trust in Allah never shaitan will attempt shaitan will try to the west Swisco will get there

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it will he will try but it will never overcome you it will never overtake you. And then Elon continues in MS will bondable as a matter of fact his authority either Lizzie Nieto Alona who is only on those that are inclined towards him towards his West swiza his whisper will Latina whom became we should record and those who associated with Allah what either but Dennis McKenna your team will love them will be mad unison pod, intimate intimate, whenever an A was exchanged with another area. So in a poor Anik sciences, this is called

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an SF woman. So, so this is when you take a verse when Allah subhanaw taala reveals a verse, and then later on reveals another verse about the same subject. So that other verse, the latter verse abrogates, that previous one so what keytab used to say to the Muslims and the Prophet RT Southwest Salaam is part of intimate intimacy, you're just making up stuff now. Now this means that your your core and is not real that like this is just made up, you're just writing your own things. And until this day, critics of the poor ending, you know, you'll watch a lot of those debates that were non Muslims with Muslims. And this is one of the things they use, they're like, Oh, you know, you have

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this one verse that says A, B, and C and then another one, and it's abrogated this and that's uh, why is it there to begin with? Why did God do that? Why would he put something here and then just cancel it out later on? Why not just kill two birds with one stone and put the one verse and make it permanent? Right so Allah subhanho wa Taala is saying Bell external whom lol mo most of them don't have a clue. They don't even know what this what this court n is doing what this court and is trying to do. You know, one of the wisdoms behind abrogation in the poor end is gradual revelation, and gradual discipline, you gradually learn and inherit the teachings of the Quran. So let me give you

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an example.

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Once upon a time before the age of alcohol, and the prohibition of alcohol was revealed, almost every single member, citizen of Mecca was drinking alcohol. They had barrels of alcohol in their homes. You know why? Because that was the only clean drinking water that you could find you couldn't go and dig up a well because all the wells were polluted or dirty. So the only way you could drink something that was pure and clean was that you had to have alcohol. Right and it was fermented and was sitting in your home. So when the A it came, that's when Allah subhanho wa Taala abrogate or excuse me, prohibit

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prohibited the consumption of alcohol. But it didn't happen all at once at one shot. The first stage of that was, okay, don't consume this stuff for survival sake. So what ended up happening with some of the companions that were still drinking it socially and casually, then the next stage of prohibition came, don't drink or Don't be in a drunken state when it's time for prayer. So they would drink in every other time of the day, except when it was time for Sunnah. Then the third face came, okay, now it's completely prohibited. Because why you can't win somebody out of an addiction like that one shot that's not normal. So that's one wisdom behind abrogation way, you would have one

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verse, and then another verse will come later on and cancel that out so that it creates this gradual process of Revelation, so that you can so you don't feel overwhelmed so that you can accept those yet gradually, and it makes it easier for you to stay committed. last verse brothers and sisters, Polina Zeller, who wrote will do similar Rebecca will help Allah had sent down rowhill produce the pure soul, which is of course to breed alehissalaam that rugby capital hockey came from your master with the truth that you said be telecine M and wahoo that will be surely muslimeen so that he can reaffirm for those who believe with guidance and glad tidings, particularly for the Muslim mean that

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you and I. So when hamdulillah lots of things we get on today's lesson with this beautiful, beautiful, sort of, sort of a natural, it's about being patient, it's about never giving up in worship. It's about the despite the weaknesses and the flaws that we experience in our worship, that might actually be a good thing. That might actually be the because of those mistakes, you never gave up. You continue to pray, no matter how much just like the prophecy sort of described, you pray like the chicken, you know, you fly up and down in a little cooler like the chicken pecks to the ground and eats its food. So that's how you prayed. But you never gave up, you still keep pushing yourself

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to slow it down and to perfect your soda. But every now and then that vo 100 kind of gets a little messed up. That fetcher. Maybe one day of the year, you'll pray it on time, but you still keep bringing it even though it's at 10am in the morning, 12 o'clock, you pray just before the dollar but the point is you get it done, you commit yourself in shot low Tada. Allah azza wa jal will still look at all of the prayers that you did do perfect, you did well, and accept them and everything else in sha Allah Tara, that you were patient, you are committed, you were sincere. And that's what Allah subhanho wa Taala looks for. And then finally, you had complete trust in Him, you trusted his

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message to what could work and you trusted that you had confidence that whatever Allah subhanaw taala instructed you to do, you knew that that was the best of instructions. So you trusted his message. And as a result fellow here who hide out and play about a lug gave you the best life in this world. You were always at peace. You were always content, you were always happy, may Allah subhanaw taala always make us from amongst them of love them and mean, just like my local theater, and in show low Tyler tomorrow.

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we have three pages left.

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That's it. We're done the surah in sha Allah. So still lots, lots of very, very interesting things to talk about inshallah. So join me for that tomorrow is the last time around the same time as we continue our journey towards the end of sorta nahan. If there's a particular Actually no, no, not even gonna mention that. I'll save that that once we get to the last episode. And we're start brainstorming some of the things that I have that I want to continue with, and listen to some of your suggestions as well. Not tomorrow, but perhaps the day after we will do a q&a session as well. So if you have questions, whether it's about the suit or anything in general, we'll do our best to

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answer that. So not tomorrow, but the day after, stay tuned. I'll remind you tomorrow that we'll have a live q&a session. So all of you, any friends, families, even if you have young students, young adults that have questions, get them online with you, and let them just type their questions and I will read through all of the comments and try to answer as many of them as possible in sha Allah. So what's tomorrow, tomorrow's Wednesday. So Thursday in sha Allah huhtala our live q&a I'll post about it a little bit later to remind everybody just like malachite and take care of yourself was set up Marlene wanted to let you know about

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