Abdul Wahab Saleem – Tafseer Of Surah Taha 18

Abdul Wahab Saleem
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the loss of people in the past, including the use of protective clothing and the loss of certain groups. The concept of "hasha" in Arabic language is discussed as a way to prevent harm and patient behavior is advised. The segment also touches on the use of plural and singular in Arabic language and the importance of patient behavior in addressing problems. The segment emphasizes the importance of not acknowledging the risks of the coronavirus and not praising the supposed " evils of the beast" and the importance of being careful with what comes after the election. The speaker also discusses the consequences of losing a fight and experiencing "sterile" and the importance of not being distressed by the message of Allah.
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stood out have the LA salatu salam ala rasulillah hamdu lillahi

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wa salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi ajmeri along alumina And Pharaoh now when I lived in I was in Albania Kareem or beshara Have you saw that he was sadly Emery melissani A coli and obesity and obesity or obesity Allah? Allahu Allah Allah Allah Masha Allah who said that he has not either schita Sarah Welcome everyone to the final episode of the CEO of sola sola Toba Allah subhana wa tada said Flm da da da Hong Kong Allah Allah whom? Miller curonian Shula FEMA sakuni did not suffice, was it not enough? Flm Yeah, de la home. Was it not sufficient in terms of clear guidance for them, either people of Mecca to see how many groups we have destroyed in the past Meena

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rune, who used to be walking around within their palaces and within their houses and within their dwellings, and within their lands. The people of Mecca were people who were very central to the trade in that region. Okay. Because NACA was considered the center of a lot of different trading routes, so people would go through Metcalfe's law and Pete the Meccans themselves were very good traders as well at least some of them. So the people of Mecca Allah says, Did they not see already was it not sufficient for them that they saw the fact that Allah had destroyed several nations before them, Allah had destroyed us harbor aged and they know that Allah had destroyed the people

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thermowood Allah subhanho wa Taala had destroyed the people have Locked Loop la ceramicspeed his people were destroyed. Allah save loot loot poly ceramic, those who follow them, but they were destroyed. So did they not see all of these examples?

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Have they not seen all that? Is that not enough for them in neurophysiological II

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because that right there is enough for people who have a new idea, okay? Who have an intellect and a lot has the intellect over here and ngulia the singular of the word and know how would he know how the people who own are the people who have within them a no ha and the singular of the word and no ha is no here. And that comes from the word and ha ha which means to forbid something or to stop something or to block something. Now the reason why intellect in the Arabic language is called the Noja is because intellect is actually supposed to stop you from eating

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actions. If you know something doesn't work, you don't do it anymore. If you know this is going to bring you harm, you stop it, your brain is supposed to stop, stop you from that, right. And that's why they say that insanity is to try the same thing twice, and hope for different results. If you know that it's going to all the odds are the entirely the same. So unless as you know that people have tried this before you disbelieving in their messengers, you already know that but you continue to try that, that means you don't have no ha, you don't have intellect that stops you from evil. That means you must be people of insanity in reality, even if you happen to appear to be people of

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intellect. But since you're not actually using that intellect, and you're not using those brains, for you to be stopped from evil, that is going to lead to very evil and harsh and difficult and very, very chaotic ends, then that means you don't actually have that intellect because this, all of this, the people have lot and the mood and art and all of them happen to be assigned, but signed for people who have intellect, what I would I can imagine sebata. Now, the next question that naturally arises is that if they were destroyed, then when are we going to be destroyed? Right? Sometimes Allah subhana wa Tada. He, he mentioned the answer before without even mentioning the question,

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because as soon as you read this, the next question that comes to the mind of the reader, is that okay, they were destroyed. When is the time for the destruction of these people? Right.

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So a lot of answers that question that might arise in your mind. And he says, Well, I would ask Kelly Mattoon Saba bottom Arabic, if it weren't for the fact that there's already been a decree which has been in a laws, infinite knowledge, a laws, knowledge, pre eternality Lagonda examine what

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that has are that you're thinking of that they are asking us, right? Because they weren't even daring enough to actually ask the prophets on Sunday.

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They said where's the adoption, keep talking about bringing it on. So Allah subhanaw taala said if it weren't for the fact that there's already been a word or decree made and a lot of knowledge pre eternality a lot maligned as early then that means, if it weren't for this, then a law would have already showed them that up. But there's also in a general Muslim, a general masama. So if it weren't for a laws decree, eternally, and if it wasn't for the fact that there happens to be an appointed time that a law would have shown you that other law cannot examine, then that would have been necessary, and it would have been something that appeared before all of you. A loss as to the

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profits are settled in full speed and Hello, Maria Kowloon. They are mocking you of the fact that that is not coming. So be patient don't messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam upon which what they say. Now, when you give Dawa to people and you call out to a lot you called to Allah azza wa jal you call the people to Allah azza wa jal, then naturally, one of the things that will come is all sorts of labels and titles and extremists and you know, fundamentalists and a person a Mullah monwy all these different titles come up right? So there's patients that you have to adopt in these particular circumstances. And one of the ways to ensure that you actually are patient with all of

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those difficulties that are going to come to your way and this is across cultures and it's across times remember look man he said I'm even told his son that what motivated one hand in one car while spear Alanna saga, that go ahead and command good and forbid evil and be patient about what is going to come your way my son. So patience is necessary in our in calling to Allah azza wa jal. One of the ways you can strengthen yourself and your resolve is what a lawyer will tell His Messenger now WhatsApp definitely handle a bigger problem solution to your problem. obeah so prayed by the praise of Allah as origin for the praise of Allah as origin for thanking Allah as origin pray to Allah azza

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wa jal before the dilutions before the sunrise. So when fudger time kicks in Allah is telling the prophets in Salem, make that salah and do it for the sake of Allah zillion, do it for the sake of a loss of pleasure, do it for the sake of thanking align being grateful to Allah because even the difficult times you're going through, in reality, Allah has given you many forms of ease, and you can see it as well if you try to look. And that's the same with all of us as well. Despite all the difficulties that we may be going through, there's much much we have to think a lot as though agenda to be praising a large religion. You see if the messengers were the most tested, if people are being

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told by a large origin, to pray for pray to Allah as our agenda, thanking Him and praising Him, then our people who barely have any problems when you compare those problems to the problems of the messengers, we have much to think, right. So Allah says to us, then will suddenly be handy or big, then pre

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For the praise of a lot popular colorations before the sunrise, we'll probably have Ruby and Ruby and also before the sunsets as well. Right? So this is referring to two different prayers or it's referring to three different praise as some of the Vaseline said, the first prayer that it's referring to is fudge a parabola comes before the sun rises. The second prayer that is referring to its

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vote and answer or just as of

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any, before the sunset, that must be referring to also because as soon as a prayer prayed before the sunset, but some scholars they said that both if you notice after fudger both vote and also happened to be before hudl they both happen to be before the sunset. So all three prayers are mentioned like this then Avila tolerations fudger popular vote and also another losses woman in lady fess up there. And also from the portions of the night, fess up then pray as well during these portions of the night.

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And Russia was caught off in the hall and the two corners of the the two corners of the morning time. Okay. Now, the question is, does the morning time really have corners?

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In reality, there is a beginning and an end of the morning, right? There's a beginning and end of the morning. So the scholars they said that what Allah must have been referring to by a prof which he calls in other Iok thought have a right to thought of not just across several, several corners. So in reality, the morning doesn't have several corners, it just has two corners, as Allah says another verse because in the Arabic language, sometimes you can use a plural to refer to a dual. So in Arabic, we have a singular we have a plural and we have a singular, dual and plural. Sometimes you can use a plural to refer to a dual. And sometimes you can use a dual to actually refer to a

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plural the context decides. And if you have multiple verses in the Koran of the same form, then you're going to and sometimes by the way, it's more eloquent to use a plural for a duel, and more eloquent to use a duel for a plural as well and more eloquent to use a duel for a singular these are all different rhetorical instruments within the Arabic language. And as I said, the context decides and the rhetoric decides and also other passages, specifically in the Quran, decide what allow must be referring to over here, Allah subhana wa Taala says dot

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for Sunday occur often. So just as a law said Anna Elaine, it would only make sense to also make a pull off deal as well as off plural as well because Anna is that plural of in Yun or in one so since a lot use the plural of na portions of the night, it would only make sense to also use the plural, rhetorically speaking even though a lot means a deal by it because as I said, sometimes you can use a plural for a deal. And also amongst the grammatical grammarians and linguists, there's a difference of opinion whether a plural in Arabic actually starts from to just as it does in English, or whether it starts from three. But anyways, considering all these factors, plural can be used for

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a deal so it's referring to two portions to two corners of the day. What are those two corners of the day? That is fudged up and that is because the one beginning portion of the day starts at fudger and the ending portion of the day starts at Marvel live so it must be referring to them fudger and admirable well thought often ha la la casa de la perhaps you may be pleased by what you will see of a loss Whoa, what are done with dedication deny aka Rama matana v. And do not extend your gaze to what we have given to other people as well as your minimum weapon to be categories and this dumb. Okay, don't extend your gaze to the other categories of people that Allah has granted to and given

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to what Adam would deny make a law tells us in the Koran in another verse, what up a naka 7 million masani one Quran and Avi, we have granted you old messenger, seven oft repeated verses and on and on in the Koran the magnificent, so do not extend your gaze to what Allah has given pears. I missed them. Okay, so just for the fact that Allah had given the prophets I send them the seven oft repeated verses and an AVI, what means presumed that a product or VM is referring to the dark web on which is a possibility, but some of the companions explained the carotid alvine to mean Surah Fatiha. In fact, the profits of

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Selim himself explained the call for Avi to be suited to the Fatiha because he told one of the companions I am going to teach you the greatest of the sutras in the Koran. And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said he has several muthoni well being that is the seven oft repeated verses and that happens to be the Quran itself as well. So the in so a lot called pseudo in fact the Quran loving and then Allah subhana wa tada said I gave to you this Coronel Avi in this seven verses, and I gave to you soon. In fact, you have and within that is within that is so much provision that you shouldn't be extending your gaze to anything else I gave to the entire world, and

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everything else that I gave to other people, I missed the people of the world. So just sudo to the fact that there is enough How about the rest of the Quran? Right? If sudo In fact, your heart is sufficient for a lot to tell the prophets and send them don't extend your gaze anywhere else, then how about the rest of the Quran Allah has granted to the middle Mohammed, the entire Koran. So why do we extend our great gaze towards other directions Allah says, Do not extend your gaze to any other direction to those things that we have given to other people as well as joy, right, as well as a man whom

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and you know, Madonna comes from the word Madonna, right? And Madonna is a word which actually has within it, the idea that whatever a person is enjoying they're in is going to come to a is going to come to a fall is going to come to an end, it's going to come to a complete halt in a close. So Allah subhanho wa Taala is already telling us that this is simply Matera and that means that it's not going to be forever. It's going to discontinue so you don't need to extend your gaze there are profit of a lot you have Sala to be the coolness of your eyes as the Prophet taught us. That Salah is in fact, the coolness of his eyes. He said, Well, you are in a poorer taurine, the salaat and the

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coolness of my eyes has been made in my in prayer. So since the coolness of your eyes over hammer this prayer, then don't be extending your gaze anywhere else

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in the dunya, because this happens to be simply beautification of this worldly life lean Athena home fee. Why, so that we may end up putting them through fitna within this life, what is called a bigger hierarchy of QA. And the provision of your Lord is better and it is longer lasting as well what is called a bigger hierarchy, the provision of your Lord is better and is going to remain because the provision that they've been granted within this world is just metal and metallic comes to an end. As for the provision alized, leaving you it is clean, it is better than what they have, you have no reason to extend your gaze. And in addition to that, if you thought that they're going to enjoy it

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for a long time, they're not going to it's simply metallic but what you're going to be granted in the Hereafter is up gone. It will last longer. Well,

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it was Toby Rania command your families with prayer, this is a commandment to law school of law. And to us an extension as well. What are the salaat commands, your families would prayer what's Bobby Rahal a a and b patient upon it, you see, the bar is to be patient.

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So is a saga was Smith,

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come on savara can also borrow me may not be patient just as the people just as the owner as and just as the mighty messengers had been been patient. So there's something called wall Smith, and then there's something called was Bobby. Okay. And it's the bow is when a person literally blocks himself when a person literally secludes himself for this purpose. Allah is saying that don't allow anything in this world. Oh, Mohamed, no matter how great you perceive it to be, don't allow it to be a reason for you to neglect your prayer. And for you to be away from your prayer and an extension to all of us as well command your families but you yourself has got have got to do some estate, all you

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yourself are literally have to change yourself to the idea of prayer, you finished one a little while later, the next one is going to come you have to do that. That one finishes A little while later, another one is going to come you have to do that. So duels revolve around the idea of prayer. And also command your families to do the same prayer.

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But when you're commanding people you have to go the extra mile you have to do is the bomb, which is to literally block yourself for this cause, learn as Luca is gone. We're not asking you for any sustenance. If you're afraid that because you're going to leave at noon time for prayer and you have work then remember, Lana's Alucard is gone if you're afraid that Juma is going to come and if you don't end up obeying and if you don't

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conceding to the needs of your boss not to praise Why then your risk is going to come to an end Allah says LAN has a look at his con we're not asking you for sustenance, we are the ones who sustain not you. We are the ones who sustain not your boss.

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Now who knows, we are the ones who grant when Optiva to lithoco and the attiva and the result and the final. The final round will be won by people who happen to have Taqwa, people who happen to have fear of allies origin, people who happen to place between themselves and evil shields, place between themselves and evil actions, shields to protect them selves from people who end up ensuring that every single commandment that Allah has made in the Koran, and that he is made upon the tongue of His Messenger is obeyed by by them. That is called Aqua. Luna Tina be Aria demography. They said that, why does he bring us a sign from our Lord from his Lord? If he thinks he's like musala salam,

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if he thinks he's like Adam Ali salam, if he thinks he's like Risa Ali salam, if he thinks he's like all of these mighty messengers, why doesn't he bring us some science from his Lord. Now, of course, a large messenger had already brought many signs they just didn't want to believe. Right. And even if Allah had granted the prophets and send them 1000 times, they'd already made a resolve in their minds, not to believe in even till today, there are people like that, who you give them every single evidence from the book of Allah, from the sooner to rasulillah, they just don't want to accept it. There are people who understand that, logically speaking, it only makes sense for us to believe in

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the intelligent designer in an intelligent designer, behind this entire world and behind the cosmos in the universe, but they just don't want to believe that's a choice that they've made. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Our love to him, but you know, tomorrow sort of in Allah didn't the sign that was already within the sort of una within the earliest scriptures did not already come to them. Because the earliest scriptures have had within them a sign. And that was the fact that Mohammed is going to be the messenger that's already placed within the earliest scriptures, quite literally. And it is available till today. Quite literally, if you look in the Hebrew language, you'll actually

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find the name Mohammed as Mohammedan. So if they've already got the mention of the Prophet, already within their scriptures in their own languages, then why is it that they don't want to believe in this prophet, I want him to be in a tomato. So when did that sign that's already there within their books of a parent

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of a person who is going to come who is like Mohammed, the ever prays, and the clear details of where he's going to be and fought on the job so far on and all of those things, it's already detailed. That's all there. So why don't they believe in this profit that they so eagerly awaited, and that the Jews ended up settling in Arabia, because they were awaiting this particular profit so that they may win against the Arabs? Why don't they believe in him now? Allah subhanho wa Taala says, We've sent you we've granted you signs, and you know, what if we ended up destroying them before you had come look at this, after you've come? Now they're asking for other signs, and you

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yourself is a walking talking sign. And the Quran itself is a sign that they know it, and they believe in it in their own private quarters, they don't believe in front of you. But in their hearts, they do in their private quarters, they have discussions that this can't be magic, it's not poetry, because they know poetry, it's none of that it must be something else. They already know that. Okay, they have already discussed that they've already spoke about it, they've come to a conclusion that this is from the divine source. But now, Allah subhanaw taala says that, if let's say we didn't send you and we did not send all the signs because now they're asking for even more

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signs, and without sending you and all the other signs, we ended up giving them we ended up we ended up destroying them, and we ended up punishing them. Allah says Allah Allah cannot be added if we punish them with a punishment

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and we did not send you min Avi if we ended up punishing them with a punishment before their profits in the long run. It was said London Apollo, then they would have had another thing to say. They would have said, Oh our Lord now without CELTA, Elena Rasulullah and Natalia tikka, Minh Cavalli and Angela Wanaka. Why didn't you send to us a prophet? Why didn't you send to us a messenger so that we follow your verses and your science before we end up becoming humiliated and before we end up going

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Through hizzy, right?

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So they're saying, Allah subhanho wa Taala knows what they would do, even if they didn't actually go through that scenario. So Allah says the hypothetical scenario is that, first of all, they don't believe in your science that's not hypothetical. That is clear. They don't believe in us a sign, and they don't believe in all the signs you've been given. They want more signs, they want the same signs that other prophets have been given. And the Prophet as Allah said, he had been given at least 1000 different mortgages that okay 1000 different signs is it most often, and personally, I collected a number of the signs, especially from the authentic sunova rasulillah in 63 lines of

00:25:41 --> 00:26:25

poetry, which I call the noonien selimiye, very, very clear signs, the in geopark, will come out the fact that the moon had split the fact that through the hands of the profits or send them water started to sprout out, the fact that allows messengers all along where it was setting them was told by the shoulder of the sheep that he was eating, that the person who had prepared it was a Jewish lady had actually poisoned the sheep, many, many signs and laws messenger had been granted, but they just chose not to believe now unless it's in the hypothetical scenario that I didn't send you. I didn't send you okay, I hadn't sent you and I had destroyed them before I had sent you. Then on the

00:26:25 --> 00:26:31

Day of Judgment, they would have said, No down CELTA, Elena Sudan, why didn't you send a messenger to us our laws?

00:26:32 --> 00:26:55

But hang on, I sent you a messenger. This is the hypothetical scenario on the Day of Judgment, they would have been arguing, and a lot knows because the Lord knows what what is what isn't a lot owes what what is is not and what will not be if it were to be how it would have been. So it was not the case that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was not sent he was actually sent, right?

00:26:56 --> 00:27:24

So let's say the hypothetical scenario that the Prophet is not sent. Allah has knowledge of that as well. That is the infinite knowledge of Allah as origin. So Allah says, If I were to not send you punish them before I sent you, then they would have said, Why didn't you send a messenger to us? Now that you're standing before them? There's a Why don't you send us some more signs? Right? Find that, Debbie, I think if you sent us a messenger, we would have followed all your signs. You have the messenger, you have the signs, you want some different signs of your own care of your own desires.

00:27:25 --> 00:28:03

Minh Cavalli and Villa Wanaka Why didn't you send to us a messenger before we end up becoming before we ended up becoming humiliated, because on the Day of Judgment, people will be humiliated? Right. And a zoo is a form of humiliation, which occurs after a person puts up a fight. So within this life, that pagans are trying to put up a fight with Allah and His Messenger, right through their words, they want to disbelieve in all the signs of Allah has no agenda. And they want to disbelieve in Allah, His Messenger, and they already know. And same goes for the people of the book, who happened to have knowledge of the prophets, I'll send them Allah subhanaw taala said about the

00:28:03 --> 00:28:38

people of the book, that they know him just as they know their own sons, as in the description is so clear of the prophets and send them that it's as clear as their sons and their children. So they know me, they choose to disbelieve. So they're trying to put up a fight before Allah azza wa jal, an intellectual fight, if you want to call it that, right. But this is going to get really ugly, because when they come on the Day of Judgment, they would have lost the fight. And that is the type of humiliation that they will experience which is called a Zune, which is after you lose the fight, so they've lost the fight, and they're experiencing this right.

00:28:39 --> 00:29:23

And then they will further go through even more humiliation, and that is called hizzy. And hizzy is a form of humiliation that a person has he is a form of humiliation that a person ends up going through after they are exposed. So on the Day of Judgment, their evil deeds will be exposed on the Day of Judgment, whatever was within their hearts will also be exposed because the Lord told us in the Koran to read to vlsr on that day, when the hearts are revealed, on that day when the secrets are revealed. On that day when the secrets themselves are tested, they are put to task so even those things that were within their hearts, which I missed, which happened to be belief which they were

00:29:23 --> 00:30:00

trying to hide and cover up, right, that belief is now also going to be exposed on the Day of Judgment. Allah says Boone couldn't do more Tara Bilson finishes the surah off in a beautiful way, say good Eleuthera. Everyone is awaiting, right. Everyone is waiting. So the people of the fire are waiting. And the people of Ghana are waiting. And the people who happened to believe in a law they're awaiting the people who disbelieved in a law are awaiting the profit and the case

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companions are waiting. And also the the pagans who disbelieve in the prophets and send them they're also awaiting What are they waiting for?

00:30:09 --> 00:30:13

Allah tells us in the Quran Hoon helter Abbas una Vina

00:30:14 --> 00:30:20

del polhill taraba Suna Vina del personaje a

00:30:21 --> 00:30:27

say do you simply await for us one of two things one of two good things.

00:30:29 --> 00:31:11

What are one of two good things? Now the prophets I send them as told to say this to the pagan Arabs who are going to fight the prophets. Excellent. He said are you are waiting that we are going to go through one of two things, either that we end up overcoming you and then your evil plots feel or that we don't end up overcoming you. But we end up gaining martyrdom and then Allah subhana wa Tada. Gives us, Jenna, why not? No, not all of us will be calm and we are also awaiting, we're also awaiting two things as well. And you will see that Google lock will be added we're awaiting first and foremost Allah subhanho wa Taala will, will please you will place you three calamity. Allah

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subhanaw taala will target you with a chastisement and punishment, or that Allah Subhana Allah will allow you to go through that punishment upon our hands, either it will be by Allah azza wa jal, or it will be upon by our hands, and then allows messengers told to tell the pagans that Be patient, because we are along with you also patient as well. Okay, we're patiently waiting as well. So await the results that you await, which is simply one of two things either that we overcome you and your plots fail or that on the Day of Judgment, Allah subhanho wa Taala grants us the reward of murder them for fighting in his cause, because you are the one who is attacking us. So now that we are

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protecting ourselves and we are fighting for the cause of Allah azza wa jal, then that is going to lead to one of two things either we overcome, your plots are defeated or we die and that comes with gender right?

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Then allows messengers don't to say to the pagans that we are also waiting for two things we are also waiting for two things. One of them is that Allah is going to afflict you with either minion D. lb. Idina, or that he's going to afflict you with a punishment with our hands. Okay? So the same thing a lot says over here to the prophets of Salaam, but in a very brief we say, old messenger of a lacuna loon without Abelson Fatah boss who everyone is awaiting the results, you know, the results you're waiting for.

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from us, that is either we die and that's martyrdom or that we overcome you and your plots feel fat out of the zoo. So we wait patiently because we're waiting for those two results as well. And that is your punishment in the hereafter or your punishment in this life. And they happen to go through the punishment in this life that pagans right yo my novelty shouldn't bumper shirt and Cooper Ah, on that day in which we placed them through a severe trial right? elbow fisherton Cobra, that was a day of weather, okay, so they went through a severe trial within this life, and they lost the plot, fertile ammonium and was harvested out so we will monitor that. So you will so soon know people who

00:33:16 --> 00:33:58

happens to be the companion who happens to be accompanying the Serato. So he the straight path and not the crooked path. Woman at the end, you will also know who is the one who actually ended up taking up the right guidance and who ended up following the right path, you will find out who is the person who is so close to the straight path that it says if he's gay, he is a companion of this free path, right? You're not even you're right now thinking that will happen and his followers are actually astray Allah subhanho wa Taala tells the prophets and send them to say to the people who were saying this to him, that we're not even concerned about being on the right path. We know we're

00:33:58 --> 00:34:37

so close to the right path, that it's as if us in the right path or close buddies, were companions, men else have will set off this so he who happens to be the Companion of the right path. Because we are so close to the right path. We're always there. You know, when you're close to someone, you meet them on a regular basis, the people of the the the people of Jenna and the people of the Prophet and the companions, they are so close to the right path. It's as if they are actually the companions of the path itself. I'll say at all this we will monitor da and who will be granted guidance. Now let's go back right to the beginning of the swap.

00:34:38 --> 00:35:00

right in the beginning of the suit or loss of kind of what their Allah tells us something. Something very, very great, which is kind of related to the last verse, Allah says man's Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah Khurana Lita spa enlarger gira De Lima yaksha, that we haven't revealed to you or messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the peran so that you may be distressed because

00:35:00 --> 00:35:38

You feel that people are not really believing not everybody happens to be believing in your message and your call, we're only doing this for who a lot of cara de Lima yaksha, were simply revealing this put on as a, as a reminder for those people who fear a loss origin. So now a lot tells the prophets I send them at the end of the surah, that soon you will know who happened to be the people of the right path. And what happened to the people who have been rightly guided. As for the other people, don't worry too much about them. simply tell them that you await and we will wait as well. You will wait for the results that you think are bad, but they're really good for us. And we will

00:35:38 --> 00:36:16

wait for the results that we know what happened to be bad for you, which is either punishment in this life or punishment in the hereafter. So they're kind of connected, and that is that a large messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was distressed for one reason. And actually a couple of reasons. One of those reasons was he was feeling that the message that Allah is granting him is not really reaching where it's supposed to get. So a lot to all the prophets I send them don't become distressed. Why? Because this is simply a reminder for those people who happen to be who happened to adopt a weapon to adopt fear of Allah xojo as for those who don't have the fear of Allah azza wa

00:36:16 --> 00:37:00

jal, Allah says on sale Mohammed Cooney loon water bill soon everyone shall await and Fatah Basu so you await and we will wait as well. I asked Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to grant us that oh fear, to practice to convey convey the message of Allah as origin and I asked him also to make us from the hub of Serato so we ask Allah subhana wa tada to make us from the companions of the of Surat, the very expensive and large path, the accommodating Path of Allah as origin woman, and to also make us from amongst the people who, who are not only companions of this path, but they actually are guided by this path as well, just below her and for listening. Also on the live where LSA EDM hamedan was

00:37:01 --> 00:37:04

early he was a big marine was said I'm already Kumar

Tafseer of Surah Taha. Ramadan 2017 by Shaykh Abdul Wahab Saleem, 2017-07-10

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