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This lecture/talk was given at the Green Lane Masjid on January 27, 2017.

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smilla follow Him and hamdulillah

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I'm getting confused on what to you by Mubarak and feet.

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Or Salawat Allah he was sent mo and Anna Benin. Meanwhile, Ernie was hobby as main.

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Well, I'm in Mississauga be Sunita, he sang in ala Yomi Dini from mavado.

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Today doing the hood

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we made mention of something that we have to clarify here. So that it wouldn't appear to be a contradiction.

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And that is we mentioned that the death of the prophet SAW Lola while he was sending them, you won't be able to experience them, you won't be able to see them. Other than the Morton Jesus of the poor is the only one we're going to experience.

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No doubt with talking about the virtues of a sham, we'll be talking about the merge is at the Nabi sallallahu, wasallam, in that he told us about many issues and incidents that are happening during our time, and some that have yet to happen. So that's somewhat jeiza. It's not what I meant, what I meant what the miracles that took place during the time of Rasulullah. sallallahu was setting them that his companions observed and witnessed and they dealt with it.

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And they are meaning. That's what we were referring to. As for the merge is that of what's going to happen in the future, and obviously told us about those things.

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Because he was divinely inspired and informed. So that increases the Muslim in European and in knowledge. second issue is doing the hook Bible Juma, we I mentioned

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that the activism of some of the Muslim women, and what takes place in the dunya. Today, what is a sham and protesting for it for their liberation for their hope? What is what took place recently, the March on Washington shouldn't be understood that we don't believe that women have no role as a release to be an activist. They have a role everybody has a role to play in Ellis land. There are no passive participants in the dino allies, which Allah mentioned in many eyes of the Quran will equip them with Chetan Humala first topical, high growth. Everyone from amongst you. He has his path. He has the thing that he's supposed to be doing, she has been created to do those things. So you'll be

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active in your issue. As it relates to activism that goes against the religion. This is the issue that we were referring to the wives of the Prophet sallallaahu Selim in the women during that time, they had activity

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deja Isha Fatima on Sulayman selama with one ally, Eileen hinda, and Jemaine they had the activism.

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Al Islam has demarcated and made boundaries for the activism of the Muslim woman is not according to what the majority say and what the Shabaab say. Or what modern culture is telling us is, okay, is what align his messages online who's sending them as defined for us? So we don't want it to be misunderstood that we're saying women have no role to play in the development of the Islamic religion. Women played a vital role during the time of the newbie of Islam sallallahu wasallam? or How else could al Islam and Muslims claim that Islam is the best way of life and the best religion for people, if it forgot women of Islam didn't forget anyone. I remember giving a hook by here. In

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terms of our culture and our application of Al Islam, women are forgotten. There are massage with no facilities for women at all. So when they come to the masjid, for janazah, of one of their relatives, they don't know what they're doing. When they come to the Nika for one of their relatives to the masjid. They don't know what they're doing, because they don't come to the messaging and they're discouraged from even attending their aid that's in the culture. Women from some cultures don't go to their aid. That's the plot practice of the Muslims. That's the practice of the Muslims. Whereas in the deen of Allah, women are educated and they have a role to play as it relates to a

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sham harmony and the virtues of a sham in the last dose we mentioned a number of ayat from the Quran that are not known by me

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Many people in some islands that are very clearly like the islands sort of thing is Sora. Some is very clear that it is sort of Quraysh that we mentioned that the Arabs of Croatia has to travel to Shen. They were a number of other than that, that we mentioned in the Koran that mentioned the virtues of a sham, as it was understood by the companions of the lab in a bass, even aroma, minima screwed. And we mentioned those issues, read the alarm. And we also mentioned in the last verse, the FT laugh between the scholars, whether or not a sham was better than Mecca and Medina will explain to you that this is the FT lab That's Mr. SAF. Both sides have the proofs and major scholars went to

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the opinion and the side that a sham has this proves to be the best place as we mentioned last week, and we're going to mention some of those Adela today and some issues that strengthen that point of view that a sham is better than Mecca, and Medina.

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So with today's derosa whining a lot of the issues that we're going to mention they are not all of the ahaadeeth are authentic about the Sham, but a number of them and they touch upon and deal with issues that are connected to the key then l Islam in the quite a few.

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from them is the issue of La Serato and Mirage,

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and Israel, one Mirage, and our intellect fi Hadoop, a Paulina our intellect what we can conceive, is no trick like Alice Robin Mirage that was taken by human being. So that is surrounding me Raj is an amazing more jeiza in the skills of Islam and in the life of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for that reason, Dona mobile Islam in the past, dealt with Israel and Mirage in detail by writing books about what happened because the hadith of this issue are detailed and they are meaning because of the serious nature of this merge is that Muslims have gone overboard, and they've done things in astronomy, Raj, Allah didn't sit down for any salt on at all. I didn't even inform us what

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day it was on, what month was it in, but the Muslims because it is a great day, they went overboard and they made the month of Rajat the 27th of Raja and they came up with salah and F kar manzanilla, who behind me and so far, nothing from our religion, but it is great. Anybody who was a Muslim and he downplays and it's throbbing Miraj Neeraj, he has to check his Eman, serious issue. And what took place at Israel Neeraj is that which establishes the virtues of a sham, prophet SAW the lady was sending them pray with all of the prophets and all of the messengers in Sham nine in Mecca, and Medina, in the Israel Mirage before he went up and bake them up this he was the man for all of the

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prophets and all of the messengers. And that's something that's Avi

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is I've been for many angles, and that warehouse and warehouse that all of the profits that Allah sent gather in one place with the different time and arrows that they lived in happened over there. And it's in addition to that is alvine because the Muslims again at one end going overboard and our Olia in sha Allah and our saints and our righteous people in sha Allah. They call an Imam, Abu hanifa emammal album and maybe someone may call some other Eman amendment of them to call the leader of the Muslims Eman an album. The moment album is Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who led the salaat of all of the prophets and all of the Imams of Allah Islam salatu wa he was salam o le

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Germain, from what makes a Shang better than everybody every other place is the fact that the majority of those profits in those messages came from that land over there. They didn't come from Mecca, Medina and Iraq. They didn't come from anywhere other than that area in a shot. Today I would imagine he read some Ayat of the Quran. Those if we're dealing with the prophets and the messengers of a sham and they were in Shan

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so they die in that area by Misra la honey, their dour, their civilization their existence was in that area. So the vast majority if not all of the profits originated from that particular place and allow mentioned in the Quran in surah ma EDA. We're gonna move side economy. He got

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COVID Kuru Namah to llahi la comme Jana fee comb anbiya wa Jalla como, Luka wa Malamute to add the mineral alchemy and remember what moves I said to us people or my people? Remember the favor the Nima of Allah upon you when he made you and bf, and he made you kings, and he gave to you what he didn't give to anybody else from all of the people in the island me. So what a lot gave them that he didn't give to anybody else is he gave them prophets and messengers, a lot at one time, multiple times they were beat to three prophets and messengers, doing the existence and civilization of Benny. Sometimes they will have prophets and messengers at the same time with the prophets and the

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messages. There were righteous kings like Paul lute in the Koran.

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So the NBI came from there, and they died over there obviously acquainting from what makes that land great in Ellis lamb in the RFP, the Muslim is those prophets in the messengers, they had the Hawaii they had their anzar The Prophet said, somebody will send them in nikolina Bian hamari every nebby has his helpers are those who help him. So those Olia from the Sahaba of the prophets in the messengers are in that place, although the companions of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam are the ally whom are better than them, but nonetheless, they're there.

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as relates to the prophets, companions, a lot he was sending them one of the Alon whom, from what makes shine virtuous is that many of the companions with the shadow, one of the great grandmother, Hadith that come from a sham students of Heidi,

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anyone who's reading and dealing with the sciences of ahaadeeth, there are certain names that are going to always pass you

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and LS lab. And Amanda zaharie is always going to pass you always always, Abu huraira is always going to pass you. Sophie Anna Foley is always going to pass you. You're going to hear certain names all the time. One of those names is a scholar of Heidi, they're from a sham. His name is Willie Dibble Muslim, always going to pass you as it relates to animal heavy, especially as it relates to people of a sham, he said 10,000 eyes from those who saw Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam they visited in a sham or the olana that's a lot of people

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that he mean 10,000 companions, or did he mean half of that 5000 companions with two eyes 10,000 people saw Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. They also saw shad, if it's just 5000 and he means everyone has two eyes. 5000 is a lot of companions to travel from and Medina during that time to a sham and traveling for the Diem as they used to have correspondences inviting each other over there for $1 for jihad. That's a lot of people. So all of that makes a sham, a place of virtue.

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The Muslim that loves the companions, he appreciates that from that angle. As we mentioned the companions acquainted from those who were buried in a sham on meaning some of the more premium foremost companions below a better rabbi who the narrations of the Sierra indicate he didn't want to stay in Medina anymore after the death of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam because he couldn't stand the sorrow of existed in Medina without and Mustafa Salalah while he was sending so he went to a Shang he died in the shine, along with the safe of Allah Harley Davidson Waleed, along with our uncle Alia even Abby soufiane, who was one of the leaders of a sham the governor of a sham. And

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another Hadith is applicable to him. The prophet SAW the law while he was selling them I mentioned that for start and mostly me B Shan, the capital of the Muslims is N A Shan, the capital of the Muslims is in a sham. He told the Muslims that

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many many years before our became the halifa Salallahu alaihe alayhi wa it was silent. He mentioned apparu Darren mini a sham. The Epic Cinta of the Muslim Empire is going to be in a sham. Our ebonite be soufiane. He ruled a sham and his dynasty or the Muslims who extended his dynasty from the oma when they ruled in Sham for 100 years. 100 years.

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So all of that in the case, the virtues of a sham from the hadith of Rasulullah he sallallahu Sallam as I mentioned, there are many issues. He told us in what is authentically collected by an Imam and admit and other than Him concerning a sham, in

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software to Villa de la junta Allah manera de

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la ha software to whom in a baddie.

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He said that a sham is the best of Allah's lands from all of the lands, it is the software, it is the best one in Nevada said, hero to Earth, it is the is the highest, the best land. So again, as we mentioned last week, from this Hadith, and other than it made me a marvelous lamb said that the Sham based upon this is or this handy, is called the best of the lands of a lot. And in that place is the best of his servants. Scholars had two ways of understanding this hadith one a because of two different issues that have been mentioned, that show the virtues of Sham.

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Sham is the best place and in that place will be gathered the best of allies creations, some of them understood that that is going to be in the future, when the time over fitness is going to come from a sham right now is a time of fitness. But that Eve is not talking about that fitness. He said that in the future, there's going to be the mill hammer, some serious killing, tribulations, murdering, fighting wholesale. He said there will be three great massive armies of the Muslims. When army is going to be in Iraq. Another army is going to be an lm n. And the third army is going to be in a sham, one of the companions to Yato solo live, which one of those three Do you command me to go to

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at that time? He said, I tell you to go to a sham. I like to be shadow out of those three go to a sham. So that didn't seem like it happened that three Muslim armies have gathered in these three places. And there's going to be trials and tribulations. But we can say that the IDF is i g isn't ready, because right now. And the three places that were mentioned, there are battles going on with the Muslims are losing their lives, and they can't do anything about it. And Iraq, as the Hadith mentioned, but the Muslims don't have a big army that belongs to them.

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And Elliman with the Houthis and the qaida. And other than that, the Yemenis are being killed, left, right and center. And people would be made homeless and motherless and fatherless, and so forth and so on. And right now with shame, that is not popular, and it's not in the media right now. So we don't see people crying for the dual canoes. And we don't see the Muslims being sensitive to what's going on. Because we're driven and motivated by mass media, what they tell us, it causes us to be uptight, it causes us to become causes us to be forgetful.

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in shame right now, the aftermath of all of that devastation is still having to be dealt with right now.

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In addition to those other places. So the shade of the kadem is, it appears that this hadith is referring to a time when the Muslim armies are going to be big and organized, and they'll be dealing with other people in other armies and Allah knows best. So the Prophet told that companions of the law while he was setting them during that time, I like to be Shan anyone say any plays from the other places that were mentioned. The second way that the scholars understood this, Heidi, and the Hadith again, so that I can repeat it is that he said that a shine is the software tool. It is the best place to land, as relates to allies lands, and the best of his servants will be gathered in

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that place. During the time of those three battles, the best of the Muslims are the ones who will go to Sham to be with that army. Some of the scholars understood the need to be met, and other ones understood it to mean that a sham is the place where everybody is going to be raised up Yarmuth piano in a way that Allah knows his reality. He mentioned some of the law while he was out he was setting them in nutcombe. My Sharona Rosalyn work banan mucho Runa Buju he can be sham. Verily, you people are going to be brought forth collectively. And some of you will be brought forth walking and some of you will come forth writing and some of you will become fourth being dragged on your faces,

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and that's going to happen at a shed. So part of the action

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The LS land the scholars of this land put in those books about the arcada. The Muslim is this issue about the day of and Masha, one of the days of Yeoman piano that yo Qian is going to take place on this earth. inshallah, out of all the places that that could have happened, it's going to happen in the place where all of those profits and all of those messages came. And they were sent from Benny israa eel again, it shows the virtues of Sham, it's not acceptable equality for the Muslim to sit and to start trying to figure out the details of that without equipping himself with the narrations of the Sunnah

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without equipping themselves with the meaning if the Koran that tell us what's going to happen to the earth, you'll move pm and that is going to ring a sun then the sky is going to split in the mountains going to follow all of that stuff. We're going to understand this yo p I'ma people will be raised up and driven from a sham. Don't be one of those people will think what about if I'm living my, that's not for us to figure those things out. That's what the prophet said Salallahu it was sending them and the way to get the details about it is to bring all of the texts together because there will be no benefit of body. If everybody at the time of Yokoyama just we're going to be raised

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up in the place where they are and that's it. He said that everybody will be driven to that particular place sallallahu alayhi wa Taala it was said in addition to what we have mentioned as part of what was mentioned last week, but there is some addition, while we are able to quarter up, he narrated on the authority of his father, that the Nabi sallallahu wasallam said, if the best of the people or the people of a sham, if they became no good, that facade that Andrew Shan at the people of a sham became rotten, they became no good. They fell off of the virtues of Allah Islam in which Islam has given them. He said, If this happens, then there is no good in your community in

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this oma. Then he went on to mention a very important aspect of what Allah Suna believes in. And that same hudy

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there will always be a group of people from my own mind, who will be victorious, it will not harm them, those people who go against them and oppose them, they will remain in that condition until yomo piano. And then he mentioned that the job and he told them about the details of the job and that Howdy. And from what he told them is that the job was going to be on the face of the earth for 40 days. One day is like this, and the second day is like that. And the rest of the days is like this. And then he mentioned something, it was something that he said you know, Miriam is going to descend at a white minaret seems to be a mistake. Aloha Island, Anand menara Baba, and he's going to

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kill the digital at the door of Luke.

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So the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is filled with a lot of information and a lot of benefits. From the beginning of the Hadith again, he mentioned sallallahu alayhi wasallam. If the people of Sham become corrupt, if they become rotten, if they become people a facade, then there is no good in the rest of the oma. The meaning of this one is not that we compare the people of a sham right now. And then we put that blanket hokum on this woman's not talking about that. Talking about what's going to happen. Close to yo piano during the time of the Missoula essential medium. When these trials and tribulations are going on a lot of problems. If the people of Cheyenne that special

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area no good, then the rest of the Ummah will be judged by what they're doing over there. Not now. They slam in a shaman And right now, they have good people in the chat room of the Quran, or them of the language. They have doctors, brilliant people and thinkers people in the Sham right now. But Sham as a country is not one of the best examples of LS lag. It's been affected by secularism. It's been affected by European civilization. It's been affected by Christianity. It's been affected by a lot of problems. So don't be the person who takes this Howdy. In that facet, the new Shambala hater FICO, eight, the people of a sham become no good, then there's no good in you. So the young man

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who's reading the Quran and the Sunnah, is trying to be a student. He takes that Hadith and his apparent meaning and he says, look at the people of a sham right now. So in giving dour, his understanding is there is no good in the Muslims and his dad was affected as a result of that. This Hadith is talking about later on.

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Closer to Yokohama. When he says ammonium comes down Salawat the light was sent out Mali, that area is going to be a special area more special in Medina and Mecca and every other Muslim

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in every other place geographically where the Muslims are located. So he said, if the people of Assam become no good, then there is no good in the oma. And there will always be a group of people from the top if admin Sora from the safe set from our own, they will be Mung soreen, they won't be afflicted, they won't be hurt by those people who go against them from the rest of the Muslims in the world, from the enemies in that place. And then the job will come and he will be there. And he's 7 million is going to come down being carried by the melodica in that area. And then he is going to kill him at the Bat of loot. So a 7 million honey is going to be the Nabhi who's present during the

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time of what is no doubt the same set away that phrase came from Africa to Nigeria and forgotten Nigeria. And this is why the Prophet sallallahu wasallam described the Sham as BMD suffered from his lands is the best place to hide places, so forth, and so on. So that Hadith is clearly talking about what's going to happen at that time. last issue, honey concerning the people of a sham and the country of a sham is the fact that when a Subramaniam comes, those people because of their high level of taqwa and Ellis lamb, they're not going to be like the other Muslims in the Muslim world.

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They will say 87 of money and come forth and pray with the people being that Islam and make a miraculous nibi and miraculous Rasul. He was gone from the earth all of that time. Now he comes down. That's something that's alvine right now we're living we have to believe in a separate nomadic. Will he come right now? We don't know. We don't feel like he's going to come he doesn't feel like that. But if he were to come, the issue where it's possible people during that time won't believe the way that Muslims are the way our Deen is possible. People could call him a crackpot. Because I will be like, because the lady right now in America right now. She's pregnant. And she's

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swearing that she has a submarine in her stomach right now. So the Muslim right now he knows automatically. That's not that's good. It knows that automatically. But there are some people their religion allows them to think maybe, maybe so maybe not. So if they keep hearing crazy things like that, when the real money and comes back the way the Muslims are like the Anunnaki, tab and everything. Some people may disbelief when the Prophet sallallahu wasallam came back from the journey of Israel and Mirage, people disbelieved, and they were companions. And they were with him. And they saw some of those merges that but when he claimed that somebody was suddenly went to pick

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them up this and he came back, and one night, they were companions who disbelieve What about right now. He said, no money and comes back the real medium. And he says, I've been dying for over 1000 years. 2000 years are being done. And here I am. The way the Muslims are today, the way we are, and the way we live our religion. I'm practicing, I'm satisfied. No, we're not practicing enough. And that meaning I'm not judging anyone meaning

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right now we are in a mess.

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And to be satisfied with what I'm doing what we're doing is dangerous. It's a danger we live in a dangerous time right now. So the point here is a seven no money on will refuse to make this a lot with the people as you're known. And honoring the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallaahu Selim in his oma, which is greater than the Omar Ace and Musa. He was saying no, you people pray over yourselves. You are the Imams of one another. And this is the karma of Allah tala tala and your own man this is Allah's karma pine you and Allah gave a lot of color man this woman over the people like this issue with Benny and sort of even having the most prophets in the messengers are sulla explained to us

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sallallahu Sallam in many ways and many ideas how our room is better than them. Not just sitting down bragging, we're better but be Adela.

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You set the example of this oma and the example of Benny Surah Al Al Kitab

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is like the example of a man who hired a group of people to work for him from Seattle fudger until the sun came up, or from Salatin vote until salata acid

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or from Serato refriger into Serato, which has a lot of hours. And then there was a man that same man he offered another group of people

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To work from verb to answer.

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And then the third group, he hired them to work from mugging up to a chef. So the time from negative to a shot is the shortest time. But the first two groups, the man hired them, that he will give them one carrot $1 $1, one, whatever. And the first group worked a long time. They Yahoo, many prophets many messages a long time. And then the Yahoo, the Christians worked a little bit shorter than them, but for the same amount of money. And then this one, McCain from Margaret from assetid, Margaret shore is time and they got to double the reward.

00:30:42--> 00:31:26

Some of the people who worked for one and one they complained to the man and said, why is it that we work the longest, and we get shorter pay, they're getting this one is getting double. The man said, that's my father, I give it to him, I want to do it. And that's what Allahu tada is ruling is here, that this woman has less people this woman has less time This woman has less mentioned in the Quran about it and yet will have more people in the agenda and so forth and so on. So this will one dimension one concern in the land of a sham. a sham is an important integral part of the of the Muslim is part of the whole puzzle of Al Islam, our religion, know about it, honor it, Exalted, get

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an opportunity to travel to a sham, make it a priority, if you can make that happened. Because now what hum de la the number of people were giving tours to a sham, but obviously, under the occupation of those people who have no respect for humanity, nonetheless, how it is know about a sham and the virtues of the people of a sham. If you brothers have any questions, yeah, a lot. A quarter pass will stop the doors Hi, Linda. Come shake.

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Heather was Allahu wa Sallim wa barik and in the beginning what it was howdy as you my name was sent out