Musleh Khan – Spiritual Growth #5 Coping With Fitna

Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The importance of fitness and negative language in media is discussed, with the speaker emphasizing the learning process and use of negative language to overcome fears and doubts. They stress the importance of the heart and how it connects with everything, and emphasize the need for engagement in learning about one's religion and to keep oneself engaged in it. The upcoming Day of War is also mentioned as a reminder to protect individuals.
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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. So this is part five of our journey on spiritual growth. And today, it's one word, it's all about fitness. Fitness is a word that even the average Muslim across the globe, we've heard of this word, we understand what it is. And today we're going to talk a little bit about what it means some of the signs to look out for the two main categories of fitness. But more importantly, how do we protect ourselves from fit now what is it that we do so that we recognize it, and we can protect ourselves, and to be honest with you, not to each and every example of fitna, we're able to protect ourselves

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from there are certain types of trials and hardships that we have to learn how to cope with, we have to learn how to live with it. It's just unfortunate but the reality of this day and age is that there are certain things that we're just going to have to live with. And pray that Allah subhana wa Taala gives us the strength and the man that we can overcome, and that these types of fitna that we're forced to live with wooden overtake swidden influence us to the point where we compromise our Deen we compromise our faith, and we compromise our religion to compromise our relationship with our Creator. subhanho wa Taala. So the last thing that we talked about was, it was about the tongue. Now

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today, I'm going to just show you guys a glimpse of the set of cue cards I'm going to go through so it's going to be about fitna. This is something as we mentioned affects all of us we go through it during the days and during the nights. But listen to this. The Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam described is that fitna is and will come upon each and every horse home like a strong storm. So fitna will literally rain upon each and every home in every period of every generation generation of all time, like a strong storm. So the imagery here in this hadith is that fitna is not going to be subtle. Like you're going to feel it, you're going to see it, you're going to understand that it's

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there and you're surrounded with it. But the first question here is what exactly is fitna fitna comes from what the word fat, tena fattening, literally means to test gold and silver, and to separate the good from the bad. So if you have what the process of how this is done, basically to separate what is useful, and what isn't useful, and an Islamic definition of that is literally an empty, or empty hand or about so it's a trial or a test or a hardship that Allah subhana wa Taala puts us through. So at least from a classical definition, it is to differentiate between the good people and the bad. So in other words, those servants and those individuals that follow the commands

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of Allah, the do what they're supposed to do to the best of their ability, as opposed to those who don't. And it no claim Rahim Allah mentions that there are two types of fitna, there is the fitness of shubo hat and the fitness of shed wet. So the fitness of Chabot hat, the fitness of doubt. So, now that we understand what fitness is, think about the things that cause you doubt in your life, things that cause you to doubt your dean, things that cause you to doubt life in general, things that cause you to doubt yourself your own identity. And that's what ignorant pm is referring to. It's all forms of doubt, but specifically the kind of doubts that affect your religion. So for

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example, we are told to follow the sin of our messenger either his slot was sent him and I'll tell you guys something, there's a really scary trend. I mean, it's always been there over the years for as long as I can remember. And when I talk to older doormats, and lectures and scholars and so on, when I speak to them, they tell me the same thing, like this trend that happens every so often have people questioning Muslims questioning the validity of the Prophet Allah has sought to sell them and following his Sunnah, following his prophetic tradition. So they question certain teachings and certain aspects of his life. And if they don't get the answers that they're looking for, so this is

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the fitna that we're talking about, this is the trial that we go through. If they don't find what they're looking for, then the doubt starts to kick in. Maybe the Prophet Alayhi salat wa sallam did and project the message as clearly as we had hoped for maybe these are exemptions maybe these are. these teachings are for a specific place and time, but they're not applicable.

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In our day and age, so these kinds of statements and these kinds of conversations start to happen. And every Muslim at the end of the day understands, you can never be a true Muslim. As a matter of fact, you can never be counted as a Muslim, unless you love and believe in the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed Ali is salat wa salam, and you do your best to implement those teachings. So with that being said, the fitna of shovelhead of doubt. So that's one example is just the whole overall process of understanding and linking your faith to the what the prophet alayhi salatu was Salam did, and his example, His methodology. But then there are also other forms of doubt that we go through.

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And media has a lot to do with this, the internet has a lot to do with this. There's constant propaganda all throughout these media outlets and others across the globe, where people would listen to certain things, they'll read certain articles there hear things about Islam, they'll question it. And even in many cases, they'll even be influenced by it. So somebody would literally take an A, or a headache and misquoted or give their own interpretation. And as a result of stuff spreads like wildfire all across the internet. And then those that are vulnerable, those that are not grounded in their religion, well, when they read this stuff, or when they listen to it, and it comes across in

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an eloquent beautiful way. The speaker, whoever he or she might be, they can project their message, they use fancy words, they have a great style, they're very charismatic, they have a huge following online. And so they end up falling into this stuff, they end up believing, well, maybe that's really what Islam should be. Maybe that's really what it is. I mean, it's coming from somebody that's eloquent, that sounds intelligent. So it has to be the truth. And so as a result, because you yourself, were not grounded, and it will tell you I'm actually mentioned this, that people who deny Sunnah

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are mostly people that have never actually studied it properly. They've never opened up a, you know, a page of Bahati. They've never actually sat in a Hadeeth class, they've never actually gone through that process of understanding and learning about the sciences and the old school of Hadith. And understanding where what sonet is, sitting there literally is like a lifestyle. And it's a collection of traditions and habits, that the Prophet alayhi salatu salam adapted throughout his life. So they don't know how to make that connection, they don't understand the value of it. So these are some of the things that if no, payam Rahim Allah mentions with respect to the fitness of

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Chabot hat, but then we have the second category of fitness, which is the fitness of show what the fitness of desire. And this is the more common one, this is the one that is more rampant. And when we think of the word desire, don't think about like sexual tendencies and things that, you know, you might images that you might see on TV or on the internet, or clicking on that website, we're not talking just about those examples. The fitness of desire could be related to wealth, it could be related to, it could be related to just enjoyment leisure time, it could be related to so many different things. And at the end of the day, having money and striving for good stability and wealth

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in this world is not a bad thing. It's not even how long. The point here is, is that when you do that, you don't want to put like your full concentration and all of your effort to accumulate as much as you can. That's when it becomes a trial for you. Why is this a problem? When you become engrossed into worldly life and materialistic things? Then you forget the priority of the ephemera and the blessings and the rewards that we want from our Creator. For the time that we lived on earth, you forget, you end up losing sight of that, and that doesn't become a priority anymore. You'll start to make statements like, Well, you know, Allah knows best I have a good heart. You

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know, maybe I'm not praying maybe I don't wear hijab maybe I don't pay my zakat. Maybe I don't take the these 10 days of the hedger seriously, but along those that Islam is in my heart, Allah knows that I love this religion. Yes, I love the Prophet alayhi salatu salam inshallah, one day I'll do my best to follow his teachings, you start like procrastinating and sort of like trivializing the importance of taking the things that you're supposed to take seriously, as opposed to the things that you don't. So the, the point here is, is that if no claim mentions a ton of different examples, so not just wealth and money, but just desires in general, how we the kinds of relationships that we

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have with each other the friendships that we might have, the way that we interact, the fitna of the desire to react without thinking before we react all of these things

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And all of these examples are part of that massive picture and conversation of fitna. One last point here that I want to conclude with in sha Allah is of course, have totally fitna the dangers of the fitness of fitness. Number one, the scholars teach us that fitna starts within the heart. And so it destroys everything in the heart. And a bullhorn, a lot of the Allah says that the heart is the king of all limbs. And so you can't do anything unless you feed the right medicine to the king. So this is a statement of abulhool, right out of the love line. So the heart that's where it all starts. This is the foundation to everything that we say that we do, that we feel our confidence, all

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whatever state of emotion that you might have. All of it starts off with what's in the heart. And so that's where fitna begins as well, how does this work, if you know that something is wrong, so for example, snapping and losing your anger at somebody's lack of patience, you know that in life, you can't live a stable, normal life. If you're impatient with everything and anything that you do, especially when it comes to people. If you lose your anger real quickly, you have zero tolerance, tolerance, the moment your patience is tested, you lose it, you react a certain way, you might say certain things. If you don't take the time, and you don't see there's no need for me to control my

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tongue, or control my emotions or control my actions. If you see that there's no point of doing that. This is one indication that fitness entered your heart. It's because you've trivialized the things that are actually quite serious in life. And so even though pythium and the scholars in general teach us that that's where fitna begins, and it begins within the heart. And it destroys everything. So once the heart scholars continuing teach us that once the heart is corrupt, once the heart has 50 fitna in it, then it starts the ripple effect that everything in your life starts to feed off and the ripple effect of what's in the heart, you start seeing it manifest in everything

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that you do, even with your own family, you might have anger issues, and you take it out on your own children, you take it out in your own parents or your or your siblings. So it's something that happens very, very often. And it's almost quote unquote, normal to an extent. And so for the believer, these things are important. And this is how the believer monitors themselves, that they understand who they are, they can establish and re emphasize. And they can also dissect their own identity to understand who they really are and what they're supposed to be. So when we say that you have to be a pious person, strive your best to be the best slave that you can have a last panel

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entirely, strive to be the best Muslim. And to be the best of those things, here are the things that you need to study, here's the things that you need to consider here are the things that you need to understand, all of this stuff will start to make sense to you. So even if there's fitness in there or not, but you're conscious, and you understand that, okay, I've got certain issues that I have to work on, you're able to recognize that and you're able to work on it. This is why scholars became scholars. This is why they elevated to the status, that they're that they're at, you know, this higher level of knowledge and piety and discipline, the reason why they get to that stage, how are

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one of the ways that they do that is not that they're just engrossed in it, because let's face it, there's a lot of people that are very knowledgeable. But when it comes to implementing their knowledge, it's a whole different ballgame. They're on a totally different side of the world. And then there's some that have very little knowledge. But when it comes to implementing the basic and simple teachings that they've been able to adapt and acquire over the years, they are the most disciplined in terms of practicing just the simple and little things that they've been able to learn. And so when you pay attention to some of these things, it really gives a sense of clarity,

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but even more so you get to understand yourself to the point where you know you have what it takes to overcome any fitness in this world. You will have what it takes to practice your deen regardless of what you're surrounded with. Regardless of the situation, you'll start to develop this confidence in you that wait a minute despite the fitna of shubo hat and sherawat doubt and desire. Despite that I hear all of these things on the internet. Then when I watch the news, how Muslims are portrayed in the media. Despite all of this I'm still proud to be a Muslim. That's what happens when you recognize fitna in the heart and when it comes

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Still the desires, a piece of cake like it would never bother you, you could have like, a situation where you know that if you look too much, or if you engage too much, you know, it's going to affect you. But once you understand and recognize that fit, know where it is where it starts, you understand that this is a test and a trial that Allah subhanho wa Taala is putting you through, you're able to see that stuff and you can turn away, you're able to handle the situation. I know that, you know, depending on the circumstance, you can't always just turn away or walk away from the situation. And this is what I mean, when I say that there are certain types of fitness in this

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world, you're just going to have to learn how to live with it and how to cope with it. That's not the same as just accepting it in your heart. You might never accept it. You know, and you might never implement the things that you see or you see others do. You will never practice those things, but you recognize it. And because of your understanding and discipline with this concept of fitna, you know how to live and continue your own routine, you can still be pious, you can still be a beloved slave and servant to your Creator. And there could be every single fitna that you can imagine all around you, and you still say Alhamdulillah that's where we all want to be. Some of the

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scholars tell us to to get to that stage to gain the strength to cure fitna or to least get the strength to recognize and live with the fitness around you. Some of the things that we can do is number one, Alistair and will be asked a lot to give you strength, there is no sin that we can overcome, except that we need the help of Allah subhanho wa Taala to overcome that sin. And one of the most obvious examples of this is use of Harley he said him when he was being seduced by the by the wife of the disease. The first thing that Yusuf alehissalaam says, con America is Allah, he asked Allah subhanho wa Taala for help. This is Yusuf Ali Salim supprimer. Allah is one of the

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greatest prophets. This is a man that is the center of the most beautiful and important story of the poor and that Allah subhanho wa Taala designated an entire surah, an entire suitor, just designated to this particular man and what had happened to him. So the point here is, is that despite all of the attention and all the lessons in the life of use of Allah, his solemn, we still see here that this man had to ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to give himself strength to overcome that fitna that test that he was going through at that moment. So asking Allah for help. Number two, is and this is the last thing that I'll leave you with guys. Number two is to constantly keep yourselves engaged in

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in, keep yourselves engaged in learning about your religion, knowledge or in it destroys fitna. And when I say the word destroy, it doesn't mean that it eliminates it. It may not always do that. Well when I say it destroys fitness, meaning the more you learn about your deen, the more you equip yourself with knowledge, the less power and influence fitna will have over you. So again, you'll be around it, but it won't affect you. When it's time to turn your face the other way, turn your gaze the other way, you're able to do that without a problem. When it's time for you to turn off the computer or to get off your phone. You can do that. When you hear the event clock going on in your

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house. And you're you know, watching TV or engaged in something else, you're able to press pause, you're able to stop that because you hear the sound. And you understand now because of the consciousness that you have. When you hear how your eyelids solid, hear Ireland feather come to prayer come to success, you can respond to it, regardless of the situation. And so with that being said, we have what it takes brothers and sisters to cope with this. You know, I always tell students that at the end of the day in 2020, the poor end is just as relevant to us as the day was revealed. And for the fact that Allah subhanho wa Taala continues and tells us and never get and has never

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said okay, upgrade the poor and as time progresses, change certain age or certain rule is none of this stuff ever happened. So the exact same message that was given 1400 years ago, is the exact same message that we're getting in 2020. And that tells you and I'm that if the generations before us or the people before us who received the poor and they were able to commit themselves and hold on to this book until their death then we're

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able to do the exact same thing and shout Allahu taala that we have what it takes, but it's about learning it's about learning and reinforces and gives us the consciousness that we need the times that we needed the most of Allah subhanho wa Taala and so with that being said, I pray that Allah subhana wa tada always gives us the strength and the ability to overcome fitna and trials of this dunya as well as in the

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mean. So I forgot to do this in the last video, guys. I'll do it right now. But let's take a look at what is next here. So I've pulled out another set of cards here for tomorrow's reminder. And subpanel wow, you know, we're talking about fitness guys, we're talking about fitness. Take a look at what's what I picked out for tomorrow. Well, I you these kinds of coincidences are just simply from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Just, it just doesn't happen by chance. This is something that only Allah azza wa jal, when you you pay attention to the signs, it really speaks to you in a very, very personal way. Our reminder tomorrow in sha Allah is going to be the day of judgment. It's going to

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be yo yo pm. So we're going to talk about a lot of different things with respect to the Day of Judgment tomorrow in sha Allah hotel. But with that being said, this is where we will conclude my alarm so which will protect you keep you safe and keep you healthy, alone. I mean, just like them a level higher and everyone take care of yourselves with Salaam Aleykum whatever warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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