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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the negative impact of speaking too much on their religion and the importance of protecting their bodies from backbiting and talking too much when discussing sensitive subjects. They emphasize the need for discipline and discipline in one's life, as well as the importance of learning about the etiquette of being in a certain state and avoiding major sins. The segment ends with a discussion of the importance of protecting one's bodies and controlling one's actions.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh at hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala shorefield ambia. Even more saline Allah, He of Palos Sala will attempt to slim. So brothers and sisters, today it is all about this, I know that it probably looks like it's written the other direction.

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This is all about the tongue. This is about backbiting and not just backbiting alone, but just carelessness with the tongue. So whether it be lying, whether it be fabricating stories and things like that, whether it be backbiting, whether it be the news carrier, whether it be spying on somebody, all of the things that are related to the tongue in sha Allah with Thailand, let's briefly go over some of these things. And some of the consequences behind it, some of the effects behind it. Now, when I did this, I did this as a whole two years ago. But also recently, when we first had the lockdown, I did a hook bet on the verse that is mentioned in sorta hoogenraad. And that's online

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that's on my YouTube channel. So you're welcome to go there and check that out for a more detailed conversation on the subject. Now, with this particular subject, it could not have come at a better time, simply because we are in the days of the blessed days of little hidden gem. And this is the time where we're focused on ourselves, we're doing our very best to increase ourselves become better people become better servants. And more or less just going through the journey of spiritual growth and increasing our faith in our Amen. And so part of that journey is being cautious of your tongue, what you say and how you say it. Some of the scholars mentioned that there is nothing that deserves

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to be imprisoned more than the tongue. And they say this because obviously, the less you speak, the better it is for you in every way possible. It's not just about avoiding trouble. It's not just about avoiding backbiting about somebody, it's not about just misinformation, perhaps you might talk about somebody and misrepresent them in some way. It's not about just those issues. It's just generally speaking, the prophet alayhi salatu was Salam did mention that there was a category of people that will come on the Day of Judgment, and they will be the farthest from him and his people sell a lot while he was selling them. And so the sahabas they asked Who are these people and prophet

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alayhi salaatu wa Salaam responded and said, they are a thought without one. And so the habas when they heard this word they Sal de su de la what is a thought or thought when the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam tells them, these are the people that literally speak constantly and speak too much. So it's not even about backbiting or lying or things like that. It's just simply somebody who is literally a chatterbox. You know, just somebody that talks about anything and everything all the time all day. And I'm sure we all know somebody like that. If you find yourself that you'll be having a conversation with certain people that just talk too much. And no matter what you do, no

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matter what kind of hints or indications you'll give, you can't get a sentence in, you can't get a word in. This is not of the etiquettes of a believer that even simply speaking too much, is something that is frowned upon, and controlled to an extent in our religion. Because again, this is going to definitely, eventually, at some point caused that person to say things they shouldn't be saying to talk about things that they shouldn't be talking about. But even more or less, it affects the listeners as well, because it's an uncomfortable and awkward situation when you're sitting there and you're listening to somebody telling their story or talking about whatever, you know, if it's if

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it's something that needs to be addressed, that's one thing. But we're just talking about somebody that talks literally about anything and everything and you're sitting there twiddling your fingers, you're kind of looking at your watch, and you're looking around and you're scratching your head, and you're just like, Oh, my God, just please take a break, stop for a minute, you see that level of discomfort, even when you're having a conversation is something that our religion pays attention to. So just keep that in mind. Now, with respect to this subject here, I'm going to go through these cards really quickly here, I divided the subject into three parts, of course, understanding the

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meaning and the ruling of LIBOR. So that's the first section in terms of what the LIBOR literally means our Prophet alayhi salatu salam defined it for us and he tells us so listen to the Arabic it's very simple, it's very common, and he mentioned some of the lahardee was selling them Victor Rocha, a hawk Bhima. Your Cora belieber literally means somebody when you mentioned someone in a manner in which they will dislike so

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Even if you're speaking the truth about somebody, but they're not present. And they would dislike the fact that you mentioned their name, or you made reference to them, and they're not there, that that literally is what the Rebbe is. And now you can just think for a moment, just the endless amount of things that you could possibly talk about. That involves other people. It's literally the the list is endless. You could talk about, you know, defects of their body, you could talk about, you know, certain blemishes that you see in that you didn't like, but you don't want to say to their face, or you say to somebody else, certain secrets like they could confide in to you. So one very

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common example is somebody might say to you, hey, listen, you know, I found somebody, and I'm hoping to get married real soon. But keep it quiet until we make an official announcement. But juicy information like that, for a lot of people is hard to keep silent. And so you can't help yourself, it's itching, you got to tell somebody, so you decide to tell a, b or c, you tell somebody close to you. And then the thing that's really funny about this is that lots of people will start off those conversations by saying, Hey, listen, don't tell nobody. It's the biggest secret on the planet. But and then you mentioned that secret. That's the LIBOR. And then in addition to that, a fellow person,

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whether they be Muslim or not, they had trust in you. They shared with you some information, they trusted you, and you let them down. Had they? Or if they would ever find out that you were the one that spread that information, or at least let the secret out? How would they feel? How would you feel? Suppose you told somebody something personal about yourself, and you trusted them, don't mention this to anybody. And the reason why you do that is because you want to unload some of that information, you want to talk about it with somebody. So you open up the deepest secrets and stories about yourself and you hope that the person that's listening is going to keep that within

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themselves. But unfortunately, so often, that is not the case. The second point about this definition is you notice the Prophet Alayhi salat wa sallam does not make a distinction between whether the person you're talking about is a Muslim or not. Because that is totally irrelevant. So this could even be for non Muslims. If you're talking about them, then that could also be counted as backbiting. Obviously, there are some exceptions to backbiting. That is going to be one of our videos later on, which I'm going to share with you when you are actually allowed to talk about somebody Mmm, and novio. rahimullah mentioned several categories. And we'll go through all of them

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in sha Allah at the right time. So that's in terms of the definition. Listen to this. Show. The Allahu anhu, once spoke to the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam. And she was telling him about a woman that was very short. That's all she said about this woman. So she's telling her husband out of soda law, I saw so and so and she was really Patiala, she was really tiny, petite and short. And the Prophet alayhi salatu wa sallam immediately interrupted her conversation and asked her, are you backbiting? Is that something that you do? And that's when I showed her the law, when he learned the lesson immediately and never did it again, she paused. So even the Prophet alayhi salatu was with

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his own wife, people within his own family. If he heard it, he stopped it immediately. So the scholars do this all the time, you know, I want to share with you guys on incident, there was a great scholar when I was in Medina, that never tolerated any conversation that involve the names of other people never tolerated. It doesn't matter what you had to say. The point is, is that if you couldn't mention that story, and speak in third person, so not mentioning their name, but say, there was a man there was a person and this is what they said, etc, etc. If you didn't speak that way, but you actually mentioned the person's name, this scholar had zero tolerance for that. And you know

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what he used to do? Immediately, he would interrupt that individual and said, Okay, it's time for you to leave. And literally would say that I'm going to ask somebody else, go talk to somebody else, because I don't listen to or tolerate for a split second, anybody that talks about anyone else. And some of the students when they saw this of the scholar, they saw him how strict he was on this. They asked him, Why did you kick that person out of the jealousy out of the circle? They were sitting in a classroom, even there were stories of people who would come and visit the scholar in his house. And if they mentioned the name of anybody, he would kick that person literally out of their house.

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And so when the students observed all of this, they asked a great scholar, why do you do this? And he mentioned a statement Well, I don't think I can ever forget it.

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I think that this is something that all of you should really reflect on and just keep this in the back of your mind. This is how powerful and how important to keep the discipline of refraining and protecting your tongue from backbiting. This scholar said to all the students while law he, in my entire life, I have never tolerated labor. And I believe that Allah knows best. I believe that this is one of the main reasons why Allah put Baraka in my eye. This is what this great scholar mentioned. And I thought to myself, how profound how incredible is that? Allah subhanho wa Taala could literally put Baraka in your knowledge and in your life, simply because you control the

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tongue. And so, some other points to keep in mind that in terms of the ruling of Lieber, the scholars all bill each mare unanimously agree that backbiting is from the Cabal, it's from the major sins of Islam. Understand that one of the characteristics of a major sin is that Allah subhanho wa Taala will have or reserve a specific punishment for that individual. And this is actually captured in a longer Hadith and authentic Hadees that when the Prophet Allah Azza wa sallam, or saw in a dream that he went on a journey with Djibouti and either his solemn and gibreel alayhis salaam showed him of a man that was sitting on a chair, and there was an angel behind him that had a like,

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it's sort of like a crowbar so like a piece of iron that's was that was shaped in like the the the letter S. So he was the angel was holding this iron metal, and would actually put it in the mouth of that individual sitting on the chair and extend the mouth to the back. So this was a form of punishment. And so when the Prophet Alayhi salat wa Salaam is seeing all of this in his dream, he asked gibreel who are this, what's happening to this man? Why is he being punished this way? And gibreel Ali Islam informs the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam that this man was a liar. And so this is the punishment in the grave for that individual. Because they constantly used to lie again, it

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falls into the same category that Subhana Allah carelessness with the tongue. You know, some of the seller used to say that we used to be able to count every single word we would say from one Juma to another. Now, I know that's extreme. I know that's impossible for most of us, if not all of us to do in this day and age. The point here is, it's about being cautious. It's about being aware of what you say and how you say it. And the LIBOR is definitely a priority to keep in mind in terms of the dangers of LIBOR. Obviously, there is a beautiful verse that is mentioned in a sort of digital route. I believe it's verse number six, where Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us now I did a detailed

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discussion on this as you can find it on my YouTube channel where I have helped buzz and there is a hotbed there about the tongue and backbiting. And I go through this entire verse, literally word by word, because I think that this verse here teaches us everything that we need to know about controlling the tongue. So the point is Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions here Yeah, he will let me know ej tenable kathira mean oven in bearable bunny ism? Well, let's just say su wala el de baraboo combativity Alba, and this is the point of evidence here are you hibou I had to come in yet Colella, LACMA, he he Mater for carry to me. So I'm going to jump the gun here and go right to the point of

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evidence, do you wish or do you desire? Do you love to eat the dead flesh of your brother, you would dislike that *ity tomorrow you would dislike that. And some of the sahab has explained exactly what this meant. You know, there was a companion that was walking. And this this companion, his name was ignorance of the law. And he was walking and he had a bunch of his friends and other companions with him. And they came across a dead carcass of a camel. And this camel looked like it was dead for weeks. And so there was that foul smell, it was starting to discolor like it was just an awful sight. And I'm not even allowed sort of your loved one turned around to the rest of the companions

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and said to them, you would wish to eat this dead carcass, then to eat the flesh of your deceased brother. And obviously he was referring to this aim. And so what the scholars did is that they extracted from that that the word Mater is very different from

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May it may, it literally means deceased Mater is the body that's been deceased and it's decayed for an extended period. So again, just to give you a bit of imagery of just exactly what Allah subhanho wa Taala is referring to. So it's not just going to be somebody that passed away quickly. And that's it. No, there is some extended time and it gets to the point where you couldn't imagine or fathom the idea of eating the dead flesh of another human being. But let alone in that state. May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us from that. So that's in terms of some of the consequences of the band has an obesity Rahim Allah tells us it is. The person has the ability to get addicted to Lieber

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faster than the ability to consume food. Listen to it again. hesson elbasy Rahim Allah says, you can get addicted to backbiting quicker than when you eat food before that food reaches your stomach. This is the great hassanal busted or Hema hula. Again, just to put it into perspective, lots of people will back bite, and we'll get accustomed to backbiting because it involves a lot of other factors. A lot of other variables are there. You know, when somebody back bites, usually that happens because it's juicy gossip, juicy information. And that's very attractive. Like who doesn't want to listen to like the deepest secrets of people and their affairs. So when you get involved in

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conversations like that, just understand the situation that you put yourself into, just understand that if death found you in that state, that's not a state that any one of us would want to meet our Creator subhanho wa Taala. The last words we would want to have that would be uttered from our tongue is the Shahada. Not that we're talking about anybody else, not that we're backbiting or lying or doing this or that with anyone else. So it's a real spiritual tragedy for somebody to be in that state. And obviously, think about the people that you might might be hurting, had they known or realized that you were talking about them. Keep in mind, all the scholars also agree that even if

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you're telling the truth about somebody, you shouldn't talk about it. Because why, even if it is the truth, even if it's something good, it doesn't necessarily mean that that person would approve of you talking about it with others. And so one very, very prime example I use this example a lot is if a sister is pregnant, okay, she finds out that she's pregnant, and she tells her closest friends or relatives, and she says to them look for now, I know, eventually people will find out, but just for now, I just want to keep it a secret, okay? I don't want nobody to know. So just keep that between us. And again, for some people is just that they can do that. It's juicy gossip, it's juicy

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information, oh my god, she's gonna have a church, he's gonna have a child, and you end up telling somebody. So even though it's a good thing, even though you're not lying. The point is, they wouldn't like it, they've asked you to keep that information to yourself. So just do that. And so brothers and sisters, these are just some of the etiquettes. And the last thing that I'll mention to you is how to cure liba. But I got to show this to you guys. Take a look at this. This is me when I'm doing the hotel way back in the days, I mean, every set of cue cards that I have has this, I actually wrote at the bottom there where it says, Now sit Muslim. So go down into the judge set, you

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know that sitting period in the hope but actually remind myself to do that. This is because I used to be very nervous. I still am to some degree very nervous when I stand in front of a large crowd. So these are just simple things. It's kind of nice to look back at it to to just see like the effort and the time of how I started getting into this whole idea. This whole world of Darla is just kind of nice to reflect on that. So the last thing brothers and sisters is Keisha, you are eligible Heba. How do you cure a fever? Number one, knowledge with action. So continue to learn about the dangers of ilieva continue to learn about the etiquettes of a believer, which is something that we've talked

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about quite often. Number two, you got to stop a lever from the very beginning if you know that you're sitting, you know, amongst other people, and all they're doing is talking about everybody else. You know, one of the reminders that we're going to share with you is the story of the great scholar is how called Rahim Allah is how he was asked, he was a great, great scholar, he was asked what are some of the things that stop us from having our Dora answered by Allah subhanho wa Taala and he mentioned 10 things. One of the things that he mentions is that people have busied themselves throughout the night

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It's talking about others. And so this is one barrier or reason that Allah will not answer their door. And he mentions many others, we will we will go through all of them in sha Allah entirely, but something to keep in mind. So always conscious of your words and just stop the Hebrew right from the beginning. And don't be afraid to do that. Don't just don't be afraid to say, guys, guys, let's just stop talking about them. Okay, forget, let's just change the subject. And if you can't do that, do what Allah says to do in the poor and what is a mob rule? They love, we mob rule kirana that if you hear useless information level, it's not just a lie. It's not just false hood, it's literally you're

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listening to garbage, you know, things that are absolutely useless to you. If you're hearing that stuff. A list says material kerama walk away from that, but do it in a civilized way. Don't just be like, okay, all of you guys are backbiting so be prepared to eat the flesh of all these. No, don't don't say anything like that, unless has killed armor. So even if you're leaving a situation that's wrong, do it in a civilized way. And then the third and the final thing that insha Allah that helps us to overcome Elisa is put yourself in that situation. Suppose you were the subject of the conversation, how would you feel and mmm Sheffield rahima hola one said, Be cautious of the person

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that makes LIBOR with you, not to you with you. So you're sitting there and you're talking to somebody and they're backbiting about somebody else. Amanda Sheffield mohalla says, Be cautious of that person. Because if they can talk about somebody else in their absence to you, there's a good chance that they will talk about you in your absence as well. So just keep that in mind brothers and sisters, this is all that I want to leave you with is Neela as part of our journey to increase our email this is all about spiritual growth and personal development. And so I pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala continues to purify our tongues and allow us to speak what needs to be spoken about things

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that are beneficial, that are uplifting for all of us to learn. So which will protect our tongue from Amoeba and all forms of it. And finally, brothers and sisters, this topic once again could not have come at a better time we are in the days of the hedger. These are some of the things that we should be concentrating on. If you have a problem with LIBOR. Now is the time to heal that and you'll shock yourself, you will shock yourself you know how? Because you will realize Subhana Look how much less I speak. Look how much less my conversations have become. Because I've eliminated LIBOR, you will literally be shocked at yourself. I just have nothing to talk about. I have nothing

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to say because 90% of probably what you were involved in involved backbiting in some way, shape or form. So when you start paying attention to that stuff, a lot increases his blessings and Baraka in your life. Some of the rlms said that when you protect yourself from major sins, a lot protects you. From all of the major trials and hardships and difficulties in your life. Allah will protect you from it, meaning Allah will give you the strength to overcome. So if you find yourself that you're going through a very difficult life in general, one of the ways to heal that is simply just being cautious and controlling of the tongue. And you'll see what happens. May Allah subhanho wa Taala

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give us the strength May Allah subhanaw taala bless us and increase us with knowledge and wisdom. May Allah subhanho wa Taala give us the strength to control our tongues, always and forever love them and mean just like him Allah will heighten Milan so God bless you all. Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh