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Episode Notes

Thrown in a Well
(Tafseer Ibn Taymiyyah of Surah Yusuf)

Join Ustadh Asim Khan for this tafseer.

Episode 16 – verses 51- 53
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The speakers discuss the use of words in Islam, including pride, joy, satisfaction, and satisfaction, and the potential consequences of not following a statement. They also touch on the use of deception and lie, as well as the importance of understanding the meaning of Islam and its negative consequences. The speakers emphasize the need to be mindful of false information and not associate it with the wrong message, as well as the importance of following five leagues of Islam, including acknowledging the need to prove the truth and not be associated with the wrong message.

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Before we go to the key lessons, let's just analyze what everyday marshmello had to say about this verse. What metal battery won't fit in enough Salah Amala to Mizzou, who said these words was it, as most of the scholars of the field said the words of use of Allison or was it the wife of Aziz? Okay.

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Analysis of AV Tamia Rahim Allah, one that will bedroom one FC in enough Salah amount to be sweet.

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Be in Nabila Fuu Rahim, I don't see myself was free from blame the self indeed commands to evil apps, except for those My Lord has mercy on my load, he's Forgiving, Merciful, person number 53.

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These words are clearly that of the wife of azeez. Whoever contemplates over this first and those preceding it will have no doubt that they are her words. She said this Walt's use of Iris and arm is still inside prison, he does not see or hear this conversation that takes place with the king. But when his innocence is professed, in his absence, the wife as he says, In this way, he may know at last that I did not dishonor him behind his back many more fussier on state that both of these are the statements of use of Addison. And moreover, do not state alongside it. The other view, and this is the height of corruption, it has no proof for it, but rather the evidence is pointing to the

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contrary. So

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he starts by stating what he believes to be the correct view, which is that this is all okay, what was said before, when she's confessing and then once then what was said about Well, that was said, in order that he would know that I'm not deceiving him, as well as this statement, one metal battery. And I've seen all of that is the column of the wife of Aziz, and no one else. Now, the thing he's pointing out here, which he really, really doesn't like, is that at the end of the day, there are two views. Yeah, there's two views. Some said his words of use of and some sets of words of the murottal Aziz. Now, at the very least, a person or scholar of the seal writing his book of

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the sea, should, as a bare minimum, say there's two views here. Yeah. And he says that many of them, they don't mention the other view. And not mentioning the other view, he said, it is, is the height of any facade is the height of corruption, this is saying any, eliminating the other view and not stating it. And it is a form of is a form of corruption.

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The very strong words, okay, it's very strongly supporting this first view. Now, what's going to happen is, he cites 11 pieces of evidence to show by not only this view is correct, that is the words of Mr. To disease, but also that the other opinion is very problematic. I didn't get around to translating, summarizing all 11 I just took four of which I felt was the strongest Okay, and then any most beneficial to us. Even Tamia cites 11 pieces of evidence to prove this point, the summary of four of them now follows.

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Number one,

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use for esalaam was someone who deeply feared the standing before he's the Lord. And this was the only reason he would avoid sinning. He was a young, unmarried man in a foreign land living as a slave. And there were no friends or family members around that would make him shy away from doing shameful things.

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He's saying that, you know, there was so many, many reasons. Why use various from any against useful Islam. He was unmarried in when he's living there as a slave in the house of Aziz. And they were not allowed to stay. Moreover, he's got no friends and family there. Moreover, he's a slave. Moreover, he's in a foreign country. But I think we recovered this that the fitna was compounded was made worse by so many different factors. And so he's stating some of them there. And then he will now say that if anybody else has been in that situation, they would have done yeah, they would have done this and

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this is usually the case with most people as the biggest inhibiting factor, keeping them from doing shameful things is being found out by those who know them.

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When they know they won't be found out, they go ahead and do whatever they wish. The circumstances we use for a salon were far worse. Not only would no one he knew find out if he committed the sin, but he was being compelled by a rich and powerful woman who was also his master. Yet he refused. How then can we describe his knifes as being one that commands to evil acts rather than knifes of use? Well, Islam was the purest of souls. Indeed, he felt him. But he, but he treated it with duck law and left pursuing it for the sake of Allah and in turn, a law wrote for him a reward. If anything, it only serves to further elevate the purity of his knifes. So here is saying that according to that

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view, the knifes of useful it's a marvelous tool, okay, it's enough, which is not healthy enough is enough says commanding him to do evil, which says a lot about the person and you might notice is like this.

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Then what type of person am I here? He said, But look at his life. He was put under tremendous pressure to commit this act of Xena malaria we law yet he refused, despite feeling desire. Yeah. which adds to the whole complexity that I actually did. You know, for a moment they failed

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to do that. Yet I held myself back. And even tamer, Allah says that he treated that desire that humbly taqwa. And Allah, Allah Allah saw that and saved him from the sin, which shows if anything, he's very peaceful. Here. If anything shows go pure, so no, he's got a corrupt soul. The IPS are any that's the first one that if you look at his life, and up to this point, all it proves is that he's got very pure soul. So why would he then come and then say, in an absurd amount of my soul? Who implying that my soul is one day inclined to do sin? Does it makes sense? Number two, regarding the words, that is, so he will know that I did not betray him in his absence, if it means as they claim

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that it was used virus, and I'm saying this regarding Aziz, and not wanting to deceive him behind his back or that he didn't want to deceive his Lord, as most of them do say that there is nothing in the statement that indicates is to say that it was his statement is to suggest that he decided against doing the sin for the sake of his master and not wanting to deceive him behind his back. Now, so here if it's a marshmallow saying that if

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if we say that the word there legally Anima and Neelam a whole hoeveelheid main use well, Islam is saying that I didn't do it. Why? Well, I didn't want to deceive as he's behind his back.

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Then what you're saying is that useful Islam didn't do harm, because of a worldly reason.

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is not what you think. And you think that he kalyanam and the llama Juan Pablo de means

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it wasn't for him.

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Who knows? Oh, Kenny the will the rain reason why I did do this harm

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is because he would have found out

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is that a religious person?

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is a profit of a load pro aligning, think like that behave like that. That he's motivated, you know, to avoid sin because

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the guy over there is gonna find out if I do.

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Maybe some people are like that, but prophets of Allah saw the shame is that the way they think. However, use of Allah Salaam left the sin out of the fear of Allah and hoping his reward knowing that all the while allowance watching him, he didn't avoid it simply because of worldly reasons. Now, so here, it's a mirage of Allah states that the reason why I use it is that I'm left the sin is because of Allah, oh, one safe Allah, either because he failed a lot and the punishment or because he wanted the reward from Allah for abstaining from doing something he wanted to do. That is the only reason why such a person would avoid doing sin. And if that is the case, why would he then

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later on say, I didn't do it because he would find out that I deceived him.

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Does it make sense? Allah said about that incident. When are the Hamad bin Mohammed Bihar Lola on one herbal hanabi so aligned formulas that use valleys and I'm so the bullhorn of his Lord, and that is what helped him refrain. Then Allah stated that he was truly one of our servants.

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Now whoever leaves something home, because others will find out, then it cannot be said about him that he left it due to seeing the forehand of his Lord, and nor can it be viewed as a type of a florist. This is a very, very strong point. He's saying Rahim Allah, that Allah actually told us why he didn't do this in the first place. Lola boo hanabi that he saw the berghahn of his master. Now, what did we say was the interpretation of borhan that what was the one that he said he saw what was the

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what was the one that we said useful is a lie saying he saw and that held him back from doing this in

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and he's bursting to this

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no one else

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no one else remembers.

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So take a guess then.

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What did you see?

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Brothers no one remembers a Jeep

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does the linguistic meaning of boron a strong proof but what was that the seed? What do we say they actually saw who can hear

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and he saw experienced and it was it was

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very good Mashallah, Mashallah

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accent, what we said is even tame after I said the bohan of his Rob was the man in his heart, that the man in his heart is what kept him from doing that sin. So Allah already told us why he didn't do it.

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And the reason was a man. Okay. And then Allah, you know, spoke about useless salami the most praiseworthy way and said in nahu min Alba Dena albeau, la si. Indeed useless ROM is from my chosen servants, meaning someone who has a gloss.

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So how can you then say that he said that he kalyanam nila mahone? hoeveelheid? The I didn't do because Aziz would have found out Oh, I didn't want to deceive as is.

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If somebody said, if that was true, then it would mean

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that he didn't do it because as he would find out but Allah already said he didn't do because he man and that he's a bonus. If he's a marvelous, and yet he's not doing things or he's doing things for the sake of others.

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That How can he be able Chris? I can be a sincere person. A sincere person is someone who does things for the sake of a lot a lot alone. And yet, you're saying that he didn't do something wrong because somebody else would find out? Do you see it doesn't it doesn't go. He's a moralist, or he's not worthless. Which one is? It is it means he didn't abstain from doing something because someone from creation would find out.

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Okay, now

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Tiana is the opposite of Emma and both go hand in hand with like an honesty respectively. Piano Yeah. And he can translate it as deception is the opposite of Amana, which you can translate to be trustworthiness. Yeah. So deception is the opposite of trustworthiness. And he said, it goes hand in hand with lying and honesty respectively, meaning the person who is a liar is also somebody who can deceive. As opposed to somebody who is trustworthy, then usually that person is also very honest as well.

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That is why the Arabs say Assad, but I mean, and Kevin alight. And this is how we describe the Wi Fi Z's and she lied about useless when she accused him before her husband, and then again to get him in prison, which was done behind his back. And this is deception. So he said, Look, let's go from another angle now. Okay, lemme Whoa, Billy, so that he would know that I did deceive him behind his back. Who is the one doing the deceiving all all along? Who's the one who's been deceiving other people? Is it useless? Or is it the miraculous this

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disease. And on top of that, what is known is that someone who deceives also lies who's been telling lies in

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Roger has is so good, even if you come at it from another angle, which is to say, Okay, this person is saying I didn't want to deceive him when he was behind his back, then who's the one we've been told is doing the deceiving all along? Is it as invalid as usual? Useless? No. In fact, we've been told the opposite about use of Islam, that he is from the side up. He's from the honest people, and honesty and trustworthiness go hand in hand. So he's the one being described as trustworthy and honest. And she's the one has been described as deceptive and lying.

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So why, or why would you then say here? This is about the trustworthy, honest person saying that, Oh, I didn't want to deceive the other person. Yeah. We eventually found out she admitted it was her all along, saw the call, and then wanted to show loyalty and integrity. Amina stating that use violence now is and always was of the truthful.

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What is really quite ironic is that the one who calls Him Assad is the one who actually does the deceiving in the first place. So she's already making a distinction that we're very different. He's a solid, trustworthy,

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and I'm the one who deceives lies. Okay. So if she's already said that he saw,

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then how can you bring a view, which is saying that use of is describing himself as somebody who could have deceived or didn't want to deceive?

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The question, which is that she's already admitted before this, that she tried to seduce use of Islam and that he refused.

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So how comes here now according Elia? Yeah. So there's two things First thing is that she was saying that in a closed group, only to the women or friends, and she wasn't saying your honesty. She was actually saying it in a very twisted way, which is that you women look at you guys the way you behave when you see him.

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And that's just you seeing his physical beauty as so me. I tried it on him and I saw his inner beauty four stars.

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And she wasn't saying, I'm guilty as hell. She was saying, what would you know, you already saw him from his outward beauty assassin. He refused me when I tried it with him, meaning he's got integrity, and upright character. I mean, he's got beauty on the inside. And he's got beauty the outside. I've seen both. And you blaming me? Yeah. She's lied repeatedly. Which is the second thing. She lied. The moment was debacle. But they ran to the door husband turns up, what does she say? punish him. He's trying to rape me. Yeah. On top of that, again, when it came down to it, he said, I'm going to imprison you. If you don't do I'm going to imprison you. Which means I'm going to tell

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everyone that you tried it on me and I'm going to imprison you. Did she do it? She went ahead and done it again. Yeah, so she has repeatedly lied. Now and

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this alongside being deceptive, trying to do things behind the back of a husband trying to be deceptive with useless I'm trapped him. So there's deception. And there's a great deal of lying as though

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I still want to commit adultery that this is not technically viewed as fear or negating Amana, but it is more to do with the volume and so and furniture. And this is how Allah describes this act early on when he said in our A B x and m s y in volume on a lot did not say that the hearty norne will not succeed but rather lolly moon immediately after Allah says then says Kedah Luca Nasri fan was soo well Sasha, Allah did not say that he turned the piano away from us about Islam rather soon and fascia, the person of sound intellectual reflect over these subtleties in the book of Allah. So, Allah is really bringing a very technical point to may find difficult to understand, okay, but just

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follow his train of thought is saying, Okay,

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let's say use a syrup is actually saying lemahieu be like, I didn't want to do piano. I didn't want to deceive somebody. Okay. I didn't want to deceive somebody. So you're saying that he didn't want to deceive someone? Regarding doing Xena?

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Yeah, that's right. That's what we're saying. What he said if you go back, when Allah spoke about Xena he never disputed

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I arrived it who the one who does it as being a horn, a deceiver.

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Allah described that person as being

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varlyn. Yeah. He said early on in a hula, you flew volley moon, that the this person, which person the one who actually does Zinner adultery.

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Allah will not make him successful. How did he describe the him as being a volume? Yeah. So Allah describes the person that does adultery, not being a deceiving person, but being a,

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an oppressive person.

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And because he's doing his own, on her husband, by being by committing adultery with his wife, okay, so I've described it as being born and not being here. Then a lot described the actual act itself as being Sue and fascia here, Sue and fascia I described it as being Sue sin, and indecency. Yeah, but if you go forward and look at this verse, you're saying that that sin is being described as being deception and lying.

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So a lie describing that sin is something completely different.

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Yeah, which means it's not about the same thing. It's not about the same thing. That's about use of Islam staying away from Xena, which Allah described as Sue and fascia. This is about her being treacherous to both her husband as well as useful as that makes more sense. Yeah, because the person that does Xena will be law is a law not a heart, but a person who lies and tries to plot against others. They they call in here and that means that the one this verse is referring to is the miraculous is not useful Islam.

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Do you understand that but

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if you don't do everything is telling you that any you need to reflect of the subtleties in this keytab meaning Use your brains, okay, read and do to them. If you do that the board is saying you'll come to this conclusion. Okay, what's the last point that

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statement the self indeed commands to evil apps except for those My Lord has mercy on shows us that some people are not overwhelmed by the enough's amount of be so these are those whom Allah has mercy on these are in fact protected souls by Homer. Now, so you have to follow this very carefully, step by step. First point, Allah says in the Quran here, okay? That in the neffs, Allah amount to be So indeed, the soul compels commands you to do evil.

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Then Allah says Illa, except in Nairobi, except the soul on which Allah has mercy. Which means that some people, their soul, is unable to command them to do Do you agree or not? In lamarsh? It means this is a general rule. But there's an exception. You get this, some people's souls is unable to command into the evil because Allah is having mercy on them.

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Do you get this point? Yeah. Okay, let's move on.

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And then he names that soul. He says those who are martoma, meaning they're recipients of mercy, and therefore protected. This then means souls can be placed into two categories. Number one, masoumeh number two, Amar. So this is basically just making that point clear. So if we can say okay, there's two types of people, one ammara mean, their soul is able to command evil, then you got another type of category of people, their souls are able to command them to do evil, they are not human. Okay, so two categories. We know for sure that the soul of the Wi Fi Aziz was continually pushing her to the Elan time and time again to try to seduce use wireless.

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And time and time again, she lied to cover up her tracks, and there are involved her friends pressuring him further, and then lastly, imprisoning him. So if you had to put the soul of immortalises into one of those categories, which one would you put the soul into the soul that is inclined to do evil right.

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Now, I was gonna say, if you had to put the sort of use of Islam into one of those two categories, which one would it be? This is the worst form of a soul that is of the Amar category as we use vile Islam. If we were to say that he also was of this

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category, then there is no one person who could then be classed as being from the mushroom type. So he says that if you're also going to put usefulness into that category, then by the way, there's no one in that category. And if you use a restaurant is going to be put into a more of a pseudo category. It means there's no one in this category. This isn't any, if you're saying that he's there. Is anyone better than him? No. Which means there's no one in this category. So what is the exception that Allah is making them? If you symbolism isn't from the exception? Who is from the exception, then? Yeah, do you see where he's going with this?

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Now, whoever reflects over Australia's, for example, learned that he was on he was the one being shown

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to and protected from evil in the most splendid way, there is none from the sila hain, from the greatest of them all, from the lower ranks, who went put through this kind of trial would have responded in the same way as us various nom de by half is so protected in this way. So now he just speaks about you. So Sammy says the reality is that if any other person even from the most righteous was in the same position or use for Islam, they would not have behaved in the same way as useful Islam. No one would.

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So he's at the Shiva, he's just done. He's actually said, the number one from the other category is even not Razzies. And number one from the other category, his use of it is, yeah, nobody else would have behaved, in that circumstance in those tough circumstances in the way that useful Islam did.

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So, if he was able to avoid doing the sin, it means that allows having mercy on him, if allows having mercy on him, it means that he is part of that other category, which is not trauma, and not from that other category, which is a model.

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If this is the case, and yet we can say that us venison and so was not martoma, then there is no soul out there that could be considered as not humor. And that would mean that all souls are inclined to do evil, which stands in contradiction to what the Quran says now is

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a very good, so he's saying at the end of the day, if you follow this train of thought this other view that you said Islam was saying this, it leads you to a point where you're actually contradicting the Quran, because Allah subhanaw taala tells us in rushing out of be that some souls will not be able to command the person to do evil. And if you said useless

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is not the exception, he is rather on the other side, it means that there is no exception. If there is no exception, you just contradicted the Quran.

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So, this is why my brothers and sisters, why even Taylor mala is so you know, you might say aggressive or forthcoming in proving the point, because he genuinely feels that this is highly problematic. Yeah. And in that case, it needs to be looked at properly and carefully.

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And yeah, this is the this is the reason why because at the end of the day, not only does it not make sense, it can lead a person to effectively contradict some part of the Quran.

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Okay, so let's just end now with some key lessons. What do we learn from this passage? One thing we learned is that a human, a human's conscious, is independent of religion, you can be an atheist, and have a conscious and good morals. So immortalises Annie, she was a Muslim, non Muslim, yet she recognized some good things and in the end, she did. And he decided to do the one good thing which is to confess to doing what she did now she didn't have access to Islam. Yeah, most of the Gita was given no doubt whatsoever. He he did some good things, how? Well realities, Allah placed a fedora inside all of us. And that fit right enable us to do some good things. And to stay away from some

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bad things. There's one. One thing to add here about the fifth row, the some, some groups from ancient times, okay. Just in the second century of Islam, around 200.

00:29:35--> 00:29:58

Known as Mr. testes. They came up with another view regarding fitrah. They view is that the fifth law that Allah spoke about, is just grief regarding a state of naivety, inside a human being. Every human being is born on the fitrah meaning he is Savage. What does that mean? It means his knife.

00:29:59--> 00:29:59

What does that mean?

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It means that if somebody came and said Islam is the truth and proved it to him, he would accept.

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That's all he means. It's just naive. Not sure. But I'm ready to accept you like a door with the with the key goes the lock, the lock, cannot sense which key is the right key? What the right key does come it clicks for you. So is that what the

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human being is naive? doesn't know. Is this the right interpretation? Is the right understanding? No, it is not. In fact, this is how many, many of us actually, without knowing, view, the fifth row? Fifth Ryan, is your innocent person you don't know. Don't know any better this or that? I don't know. This innocent law and federal law. Okay, as some of the sort of said it is Islam. What does that mean? It means it is Islam, you already submissive to Allah, when you're born, you already submissive to him. And even, you know,

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baby psychologies, recently, there was a there was a paper about how one of them said that children are intrinsically born to believe in a creator,

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not Muslim. He said the studies show that the child are really born to believe in the Creator. So and it is so evident, that we have with inside of us not just a state of naivety, but already geared towards submitting ourselves to Allah subhanaw taala. And feel uncomfortable about doing schilke with Allah and not worshipping Him, both things, the good, and the evil, that moral compass already placed inside of us. Now, the second lesson is that the truth will always come to light, house hustle, okay, at all, she said, anything that teaches us then, at the end of the day, Allah subhanaw taala has made it part of his sadhana, that the truth will become manifest, one day will come out,

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okay. And some other scholars added to that. That is particularly the case regarding people

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that try their best to lie and cover up the truth.

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Lie and cover up the truth. We're seeing this now in our times, you know, the recent, you know, exposure on the CIA and the torture reports. The Americans of all people are torturing people.

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The reason why they say they go to war, to stop these barbaric things happening in these countries, they do it themselves, and they try and cover it up. But what do you know, house hustle, have in the end, the truth came out, you are doing the most despicable things, your own selves, and it goes up right to the top of the chain. Everyone knows about it. What do you know? So we are being told, this is the case this is reality, especially when there's people trying their best to lie and cover up something a lot will expose that in the end. Number three lesson deception is an impediment to receiving Hodor

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ology the verse before?

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What anila Yeah, the kadal hordenine. And Allah does not guide the plot of the deceiving people. That teaches us that if a person is a deceptive type of person, that that part of his character will actually stop him receiving guidance from Allah subhanaw taala. Okay. This is something we find that can be some brothers, religious brothers, the only day you see them big bids, Mashallah studying Islam.

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Yet they manipulate and take advantage of some sisters. Okay. What do I mean? Many cases of sisters

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coming to the Sharia Council and saying, got married to his brother. And he said, and he saw many good things about himself and anyone I spoke to him, he said, You know, he knows Arabic And he studied here and he studied there. And he said, marry me. So let's get married. How do you want to get married over Skype with Skype?

00:34:43--> 00:34:49

Would you want to get married? I was grateful. Oh, you know, yeah. And he was the point yeah, this mubaraka and having a simple

00:34:51--> 00:34:59

Yeah, I'm serious. This is actually happening, actually happening. Even Mandala so if you just the boys

00:35:02--> 00:35:06

Any one real case? Okay, I was initially a counsel.

00:35:07--> 00:35:17

And they take phone appointments as well. Yeah. So phone call comes in sister wants a photo, and was the photo was the worst masala

00:35:18--> 00:35:19

is that

00:35:21--> 00:35:25

he got married to his brother, another story so

00:35:27--> 00:35:31

I want to get married to his brother and he wants to get married over Skype.

00:35:32--> 00:35:53

And the thing that they shared is this, Jake says you want to get married? Why do you get married in person? She goes well, he said that that's the best thing to do to get over Skype and his friend could be the witness. And my friend could be my witnesses to witnesses. And he said, My Willie, he doesn't pray is not really anymore. So what do you know, I don't even need a volley.

00:35:54--> 00:35:59

So the Shaykh said, What do you say? What did he say when you said, Let's get married in person?

00:36:01--> 00:36:04

She said that he said he can't right now.

00:36:06--> 00:36:08

That's always strange.

00:36:09--> 00:36:11

stricted What are you gonna do after you get married?

00:36:13--> 00:36:20

Any is there going to be consummation of the marriage or what? And she said, Yeah, he said, after we get the nikka Hayden is going to come and cultivate the marriage.

00:36:22--> 00:36:27

So the shake said he can come after you get in the garden, but he can't come before you get in the garden.

00:36:28--> 00:37:10

Sister and you show this is advising you don't? She goes? No, he's a good brother. I heard so many good things about him. And he said to me that any he doesn't want to do any zinna. And you know, don't know free mixing. And he and he wants to do his from the, you know, the cover of the Eman and his good brother. Seriously, the shake saying, sister, listen to me. Don't do this. Don't do this. Do you know how his I know would have done this. And they being manipulated the game married through this way the brother comes and enjoys and then gives up and he's gone. And he's doing this multiple times with different people.

00:37:12--> 00:37:17

She said Seriously? He goes yeah, take my advice. masala. So

00:37:19--> 00:37:40

this deceptive mentality. And this issue is wrong on so many levels. But the message today is that this mentality this deception, though, you may think, Oh, it's only to do with the help of somebody else. And it's not to do with our data, for example, what we're being taught today is that Allah doesn't guide that type of person.

00:37:41--> 00:37:51

That type of person just because of that thing they're doing their life is preventing them from guidance. And if they continue, would you know, you may end up no guidance in your life whatsoever.

00:37:54--> 00:38:41

But you've lost one not all people are overcome by enough's amount of muscle loss at this point. And he said, and we've spoken about this that a Lucha Libre said in the nafsa lamarre to be sued. This is the general rule in Rahim Allah be except the soul, which Allah has mercy on. Why would Allah have mercy on that type of soul would make that soul the exception? Well, when Allah sees that that person is trying to flee from sin, just like us when Islam was to try to flee from sin, then Allah will have mercy on us. Oh, and that's exactly what happened to us for Islam. He tried. Allah saw him try. Allah protected him. Yeah, so that is how Annie, we become from that category of male lawmakers

00:38:41--> 00:38:52

from that category of souls that he has mercy on and prevents us from doing sin. We come to the end of the verse today's product along with habitica Shinola in Ireland as the fukagawa to Eric