Abu Bakr Zoud – Be patient and know that your patience can only come from Allah

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The importance of patient patience in Islam is emphasized, with emphasis on the need for patient and patient practices, counseling, and counseling for those facing hardships and struggles. The importance of patient and patient behavior is also emphasized, particularly in light of struggles such as social and legal struggles. The need for patientity and faith in Islam is emphasized, and the importance of patient and patient behavior is emphasized. The importance of patient and patient behavior is emphasized, along with the need for forgiveness and continuous support from the creator.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah while earlier he also had been mine. All praise and thanks belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala and may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon his servant and final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as follows my dear respected brothers and sisters in Islam as salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says at the end of Surah nahan was one hour sober okay illa Billah. Lazo gel in this area is commending and Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and as an extension he is commanding all of us the marvelous Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam incredible command and incredible words from Allah. So Allah says in this area was beer, be patient, observe patients and commit to patients. Then Alonzo gently says yml sobre Luca Ellerbee layer and know that your patience only comes from Allah La aquat. Look how beautiful this area is. Allah azzawajal commands us to be patient. And then he reminds us that we can only be patient if Allah Sohail was to give us patience.

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In other words, this second part of the air connects us to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And makes us realize that without Allah, we are nothing. And that if we want to be patient, we need to ask Allah subhanahu medalla to grant us patients, such as in Nepal, and Allah azzawajal teaches us how we ask him for patients, or Benner a thrill. Alena, sobre la with a bit of determiner one sadhana Allah como carefully, we ask matsogeo for patients, because we can only be patient, if Allah Zoysia was to grant us patience, my brothers and sisters in Islam, after you read this, and you learn this, how can anyone ever think he may be independent from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And how can anyone after

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this area think that he's not not in need of a loss? Panama Allah, verily the servant and the sleeve is in need of a loss social every moment in his life. My brothers and sisters in Islam, let's explain what patience is. This is a big deal in our dean. Evan Masuda Robbie Allahu anhu. He says in the server, nurse full he man, patience is half of he man, it's half of faith law. And the other half is sugar being grateful to Allah subhanahu wa taala. So my brothers and sisters in Islam patience is half our Eman Allahu Akbar. This is important and we need to understand what patience is. Wouldn't it be some Allah Allah He was alum, he says, Now well Priya Abdu now pa and hyaluron

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Well, I will say I'm in a suburb, the re Salalah alayhi wa sallam He said, No one has ever been given a greater gift than patients. In other words, the Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in this hadith teaches us that the greatest gift one could be given his patience. So put this hobby, alongside Evan Massaro there'll be a loved one who's saying that patience is half our Deen. You're now slowly, slowly I want to build within you the understanding of patience and its importance in Islam, the status of patients in Islam. I haven't got to explaining it yet. We'll get there if we lay the Allah and the categories of patients and how its practiced.

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My brothers and sisters in Islam. Let me add to this so you can understand the heaviness and the huge weight of patients in Islam. You know, that the people when they enter the paradise, they enter the paradise when the believers enter the paradise they enter because of their patience. Allah subhanho wa Taala in many as part of the Quran, he teaches us this fact. Lanza Zhu Li says Allah aka Eugene zona, Laura Fattah, bml sobre la corte, when Allah azza wa jal, he described the believers entering the paradise. He said that they enter the highest levels of Paradise beam our solar roof because of the patient's Lonzo shell he says that the angels they greet the believers as they enter

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the paradise. How do the angels greet these beliefs?

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as they enter the doors of the paradise, they say to them Salaam Alaikum Bhima savall tone, may the peace of Allah be upon you because of your patience. While What about Allah Zoysia he says in Surah till INSEAD while she has a home Bhima Saba Haru Janata Jonathan waha de la la Xhosa leases in Solitaire insane that he rewarded the believers the paradise Bhima salado because of their patients because of their patients. So understand my brothers and sisters in Islam, first and foremost, the status of patients in Islam. It equals half our faith. It is the greatest gift Allah Zoysia gives the believers and it is the reason for why they enter the paradise after the blessing and the mercy

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of Allah subhanho wa ala my brothers and sisters in Islam. Let's understand what patience is linguistically or sober, comes from a sober means and helps to stop and to refrain yourself. This is what sober means linguistically. And

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in Islamic terms sovereign is as event email him a whole lot he says a Sabra who will levy euro who are levy lay off people who shaquil INSEAD, one jezza who that patients

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it means to stop yourself from complaining and from panicking and from despairing in times of grief. This is what patience is to refrain to hold yourself back from complaints. And from panics and from despairing in the mercy or from the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala and patients. It has three categories. This is how it's practiced, and this is how it's exercised. Patience is as we said three categories. The first one is a sobre la Portilla. Second one are Sobel on ma si Attila. And the third one is a Subaru, Allah akademie Lehi, Elmo Lima. So this is where patience is practiced. Number one, are Subaru on a bar Atilla patience is required upon the worship of Allah azza wa jal,

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that is the first category of patients and that is the first type of patients you must exercise and that is patients upon the worship Allah azza wa jal, he says in Surah, Maryam farbod, who was probably your lay there that day, Allah so shall he says, worship Him, worship Allah alone. And then he said was probably at least a bear that he and observed patients when you worship lost social love about look at the word was Bobby, he did not say was very bad at he said was probably very bad at and in the Arabic language. There is a rule that says Azir the film Ebner that don't know Allah Zia that in film manner, meaning if a word, if a word is made long by adding letters in it, then it

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gives a more definite meaning it gives a emphasized meaning. For example, Saba is three letters saw Ba, rr Saba is three letters, it means patients, a normal degree of patience

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is ba ba, ba,

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ba, ba, Allah is five letters, it's five letters. So it gives an added degree of patience, extra patience is required, because now the letter the word is longer. So allow us origin he says, fabu worship Him, He did not say was very bad that he be patient upon his worship, he said, was very bad that they be extra patient upon his worship, Lord, why? Why? Because the worship is not going to be easy.

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It is going to require patience. It will be easy. If you ask Allah Sohail to make it easy. It will be easy. If you strive and struggle hard enough. Then you will find sweetness and beauty in the worship fabu was probably a lady there that he praying five times a day requires worship. Making booboo for every salad or for the prayers that you need to make will do for requires patience. It requires patience. Praying five times a day requires patience.

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A Vicar after the prayer requires patience, reading an everyday and commit

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yourself to the Quran and the teachings of the Quran requires patience. Fasting Ramadan requires patience. Now the 10 days of the Raj are approaching. In just less than than 10 days, the best 10 days have been approaching. And we need to strive and struggle to fast these days. And maybe because of a lot of social and any kind of worship we know about, the best time to do them is in the 10 days of Malaysia. And that requires what patience, Allah subhanho wa Taala he says, what more applicable salette was stopped at a hair loss. So he says at the end of sort of buyer, he says what more I look at a solid command and instruct your family to the prey.

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instruct your family and command them to pray that Allah Zoysia he says was Amir Ali hair and be extra patient upon your family when you instruct them to pray. In other words, tell them to pray now, tomorrow for the next pray after tomorrow, after a week and keep and be patient. Don't say I've told my son to pray 100 times I can't do it anymore. Every time of celerity you must remind your family to pray. You must remind them to get up and pray and observe salette and that requires patience. So Allah says was Allah Allahu Akbar, even the first category in where we must practice and exercise patience is upon the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala upon the worship, being like

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our leader, also the masala Allahu alayhi wa sallam, look at the life of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and how he worship Allah, and how he remained patient upon the worship of Allah and tried to copy that and try to emulate that. The character of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, my brothers and sisters in Islam. The second category of patients that we must exercise and practice is, and this is important, or suburu on mouse, we're tiller. We need to be patient, when it comes to the disobedience of Allah, when it comes to the harm. And when it comes to unlawful matters. We need to be patient concerning these things. What does that mean? Meaning, when you

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attempted to do the harm, you must be patient and refrain and stop yourself. Remember, we said that a sober linguistically is a hubbs linguish linguistically have several several in the dictionary if you open the dictionary, several means to stop and to refrain to hold yourself. So a sobre en el Moussa, meaning when it comes to sins, and when it comes to the how long you must refrain and hold yourself back. Now you have exercised patience, that allows social rewards you for whenever your neffs calls you to do something, how long, remind yourself that you must be patient towards this how long Be patient, in other words, reframe. hold yourself back, be patient, for the sake of Allah

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subhanho wa Taala for the sake of Allah, you're being patient. Remember your patients is for Allah Subhana Allah, so you feel the sweetness and the beauty when you leave of a sin for the sake of Allah. So again, and you're rewarded for that patients, Allah you're rewarded for it. If your enough's called you to do something, how long

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and you told your knifes and you suppress your nerves, you control the whole the back and you told yourself, I am going to be patient for the sake of Allah and I will not trespass the law, the boundaries of Allah and I will not commit this How long will lie you are rewarded for that patience. It doesn't go like this, you know, it doesn't go under the swept under the carpet with no reward Allah rewards those who hope themselves when it comes to sins. Law C'mon Subhan Allah. And we need to understand that this is what is required from us when it comes to since when your office is calling you to something how long when your office is calling you to watch that which is how long to

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do that which is how long with your phone or with your computer screen. Or if your office is calling you to call someone and speak to them in the home or message someone in the house don't hold yourself back. This is when you need to practice patience.

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Remind yourself that Allah is watching. And if you are patient and you lift the sin off, that Allah is happy with you, that Allah is pleased with you. Why do we say this because He rewards you for that patience, and allow social only rewards those who he is happy with those who he loves, and those who he is pleased with subhanho wa Taala laquan. And the third category in where we're supposed to exercise patience. The third category is

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Allah up dirty lair Hill lemma. We need to be patient. When it comes to the hardships and difficulties and calamities of this worldly life. We need to be patient when it comes to the hardships. Now what does that mean? How do we exercise patience, when it comes to the calamities?

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Firstly, we practice patience upon calamities by not complaining, this is something important you and I must understand. If we do not complain

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concerning the calamities and hardships that allowed social has decreed for us, if we do not complain, and do not speak words,

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and do not speak negative words, and we do not utter any negative words complaining against Allah guiteau or saying words that contradict our faith and contradict the other for example, saying why me law? Why did he give me this sickness? Why did they take my child away? All these words negate patience, you are not patient, when you say words like this concerning calamities and hardships of life. So how do you remain patient in the face of calamities, by refraining from seeing or doing anything that allows sosial has fabulous from the and then saying in Lila was in LA he was your wooden lockable, this is Lee word to be said. When you are facing any calamity, any hardship, any

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difficulty in life, anything no matter what it is, how small how big it is. This is the word to see in nearly lay. We all belong to Allah, all of us, as our physical body and all our affairs, even the hardships that allows social decrees upon us, they belong to Allah. It is Allah sosial who knows about these calamities, and he wrote them in a low hand muffle the preserved scroll, and it is only by his permission that they happen.

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So in delila all our affairs are for Allah subhanho wa Taala. We're in La Jolla as your own. And we are going to be returned to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this should suit your heart and it should calm you down this word, we're in LA, here's your own. Why.

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What is meant by we are going to return to Allah. What is meant by this is that I cannot wait to return to Allah. So I can see the reward, he is going to give me because of my patience. So you get happy. When you see what in IE heroes you're owed. I cannot wait for that day in where I returned to Allah subhanho wa Taala so that I can meet and see the reward of my patients, Lord, whatever. And this is what Allah sosial said, in Nepal and in salt and buckler, where she saw that in large social, he mentions a list of calamities that can happen to a person. After this list of calamities, he said and give good news to the patient ones, congratulate the patient ones, how are we going to

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be patient? He said, a levina either asaba to masiva. Whenever, whenever a hardship strikes them, what affects them, all they say, before you do anything, just words you have to see words and believe in what you're seeing. In early lead were illegal as your own. Even these are the words to be said, when you want to exercise patience, in the face of hardship and calamity and difficulties. Now, so you know, raising children is a difficult job that requires patience, it's hardship. It requires patience.

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You know, seek help from Allah. So as you can remember, the first as we read in this lesson was all spiritual.

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Now sobre Luca Ellerbee lair, your patience is only going to come from Allah. Don't look for patients anywhere else. It is going to come from Allah Himself. So the smart believer knows that if patients can only come from Allah, Then where should I see patients from seeking from Allah, ask Allah say, or banner This is a Quranic dry as I told you, or better after Allah you now sober on, Allah drenches and pour upon us patience. Look how beautiful this word is a free Allina sabalan a thrill. It's like you have a bottle in your hand and you're pouring, you're emptying and you're seeing Allah, shower me with patience, pour upon me patience, drench me with patience. I want to

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have patience in my eyes, in my ears, in my tongue on my hand in my body, everywhere I want to have patience. You know,

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this is very important. So you want patients in your eyes so that you don't look at the how long rather use your eyes for what is permissible. You want patients in your ears so that you don't hear what's how long. He was what's permissible. Now, my brothers and sisters in Islam, this is the three categories of patience. And you know, Allah subhanho wa Taala

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at the end of sort of the off, he says, For spirit canal sobre o Lula's me mean or Russell law tells us what type of patients we're supposed to have. He says Be patient, like the patients of the noble messengers. You know the prophets

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there are 25 prophets mentioned in the Quran by name, otherwise, there's a lot of prophets but 25 we know that in the Quran, among these 25 there are five noble prophets. They come first on the list. They are no Holly his celeb Ibrahim alayhis, salaam Musa alayhis salam he Saudis said Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Allah xojo said in the first bit, be patient. Come out sabol just like the noble messengers were patient. In other words, the patient, the patience that's required from believers, is the patience of the noble messengers.

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Can you and I were supposed to strive to be patient like no Halley's celeb in his tower 950 years he did not give up on his people. Today, when people give advice, or doubt, to a family member or a relative of theirs, and it's not taken in good manner, they give up altogether. People give up altogether. Heather, what kind of patients is that Be patient upon the doubt and and teach the people and advise them and can be consistent and continuous find the right words in the right time. Don't give up. Because Allah told us we're supposed to be patient, like the noble messengers.

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We're supposed to strive towards that kind of patience. You know, and be patient like Ibrahim Ali, he said,

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look at Ibrahim and his sacrifice and his submission to Allah. Allah told him slaughter his son, no problems Seminole Obama, he's ready to do that for the sake of Allah. Allah told him leave your family in the desert in the middle of Mecca. And he left them up at his submission to Allah to get the patience. He had

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a lot of social told him to build the GABA a building in the middle of the desert. Look at his submission, he goes around and he finds these bricks and he brings them and put them together and he builds and he says a lot better at a couple minute, online except price. Look at the patients you have in the worship and submitting to the command of Allah. This is the kind of patients were supposed to have. We're supposed to have patients like these five noble messengers and prophets.

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Look at the case of recently said and his patients in our towards his people.

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And look at and the patients concerning the insult of the people. And the mockery of the people look at the patients of Musashi his center.

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And he was patient with fit own and the difficulties that found brought upon him. He was patient, and he commanded these people to be patient. Stein will be later he was Spiro, he said to them, be patient and seek ammos help.

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See that and look at the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and look at the kind of patience you had when it came to the worship of Allah when it came to the hardships in life and how he

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them. This is the patients the believer is supposed to have. Not one. You worship Allah one or two days and Allah, I can't. And I find it difficult and I'm struggling. And you need to know when my brothers and sisters in Islam, wake up. It is only one life you're going to live one law one life and you're going to live in that same

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level as your home, they will never ever come back to it. You will never ever come back to this worldly life. It is one chance. Yes, one and only chance.

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So we don't want children patients,

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little patients, we want huge patients. This is what Allah sosial is looking for. Patients, the type of patients of prophets of mobile messengers and prophets for Smith, command sabado. Last minute,

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that type of patience. force yourself to get up for selecting Fisher that requires patience. force yourself to get up. For the sake of a law it requires patience and feel feel that you're being patient for the sake of Allah so vision, Allah and Avi, my brothers and sisters in Islam, the majority of us don't feel sweetness in worship. And don't feel this comfort and beauty in worship. Because we are not patient upon our worship. We give up easily we read or any role model and then we give up after Ramadan. We pray in Ramadan, we give up after Ramadan.

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We do the good from time to time and then we give up. Why why why is giving up for why we did this attitude come from you must be patient upon the worship. Lonzo Hill is testing your patience upon the worship. Allah azza wa jal knows the struggle that you go through. He knows the struggle. He's the one who legislated this D he's the one who created us and he's the one who told us to be patient. So we'll all make sense. It all makes sense. Strive and struggle, Maslin, your life is all for Allah. So do what is pleasing to Allah, it makes sense. DO what is pleasing to Allah.

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And then there is your knifes and there is the evil whispering of the shape on there is what you're supposed to find. That is your Fight. Fight that evil whispering of a shoe bomb. The best words that would get rid of the evil whispering of a shoe pod is our will be lay him in a shape on your regime. That that's the best word.

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That's the best word. To keep up a fight with the shaper.

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I want to be let him in a shape or new regime and Vicar, Allah subhanho wa Taala it would keep the shape on his pressure upon you. And as a result, your nerves can rise and you can experience patients upon worship. One of the seller for him Hola. He said that I I enjoyed in patience. 20 years upon Salah to Lady 20 years of patience upon Salah to lay he was praying the night 20s and he said, all I got out of it was tiredness. And heavy eyes 20s of praying the night and every single day of those 20s all he got out of your salad delayed was tired this heavy eyes sleepy, no comfort and enjoyment. And then he said I enjoyed the next 20 years. Why? Because he was patient the first

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20 years. Then Allah sosial rewarded him the next 20 years of his life.

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He couldn't survive a night without Salah too late.

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It became a comfort a source of comfort for him, a source of peace for him a source of tranquility for him.

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You see my brothers and sisters in Islam, the reward of patients upon the worship of Allah. You see the reward. It enables you to enjoy the worship of Allah so Asian and even when reading the Quran, read today, read tomorrow, no worries, you're struggling keep reading, keep reading. Do not stop. Do not give up on law. If you give up. How are you ever going to develop a relationship with the court and to the point where you're going to feel an experience sweetness and beauty with the poor and how you need to break that barrier of tightness and boredom and whatever it is that comes upon you when you're reading the Quran once you break that barrier and you can only break it with peace

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Keep reading, keep reading, keep reading, don't stop, keep going. Tomorrow, after tomorrow, once that barrier is broken, you will feel that he cannot survive a day without reading a plan, or a day without praying. As soon as the sooner prayers or the winter, pray, whatever it is that you want to commit to. Now, my brothers and sisters in Islam, this is the kind of patients we need. And this is the kind of patients we're supposed to exercise. Don't forget that patients have three types upon the worship of Allah, or stubbled lay there that the patients concerning the sins whenever you're tempted by a sin to just give in easily to it. All yourself back if, after a long fight, you fall in

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the sin,

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immediately get up, turn to Allah, make it over and move on. Make a dauber do a hustler and move on. So you can replace that sin with a good deed. Make it over, do a good deed and move on.

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Don't sit back

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worried and all depressed and cannot move on in life. Don't do that. And then the third category said patience upon the calamities and tests in life. Whenever whenever you are struck by a calamity relax. In early learn, we're in La Jolla, oh, Allah reward me si c'est la vamos Jordan a few more see Betty, all la reward me for this patient. For this calamity I'm going through, reward me for this calamity. I am going through

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Allah Homer Jordan, he famously Betty wonderfully hired Amina and Allah replaced this calamity with something better, gives me something better. Hannah, this is patients in the face of calamity. So Pamela, you know your co pilot he said, when he lost his child, you also father he said. He said

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in the ash go Buffy was Neil Allah. He said I complain to Allah, this is what he said, I complain to Allah.

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These are the words he said in the face of the calamity of losing his son use of Allah has said

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side of injury or by him Allah He said that this oma was given something special to see in the face of calamities. And that is in meddler what immediately heal as your own

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and say that enjoy he said that if your poop Ali Salaam knew these words in nearly less we're in legalize your own. He wouldn't have said them when he lost his son use of as opposed to saying the words yeah sfla us. So when the Uber lost his son, in the face of that calamity, he said yeah sfla also,

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he said, Oh, my Whoa, and my sorrow and my grief is upon the loss of use of this is what he said these are the words yeah SFL Allah.

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had he known in nearly less were in a theologian he would have said that. But these five special words were only given to this oma. So how beautiful is this? In the face of calamity. See in delila What in the * is your own?

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Do not do or see anything that is displeasing to Allah. You would had a you would have achieved the peak of patience in the face of calamities. For my brothers and sisters in Islam. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to bestow upon us patience, and we ask Allah Zoysia to give us patience and firmness and steadfastness upon our Deen until the day we meet him subhanho wa Taala

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We ask Allah azza wa jal to forgive our sins, we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to forgive our shortcomings and we ask him subhanahu wa taala to grant us the ability that we worship Him and continue to worship Him until the day we meet him. subhanho wa Taala We ask Allah azza wa jal to allow us to live until we witness the 10 best days of the A Yamanashi nymphalidae yet the 10 days of the leisure, we ask a lot of social that he enabled us to worship Him as best as we can during these 10 days. Allah who

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were in the home will you rarely call either Ali or sadhana Allahu wa Sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Germaine Zakouma La Jolla la was set out while eco murottal lahi wa barakato

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