Hatem al-Haj – Manāzil al-Sā’irīn #100 – Chapter on Confusing

Hatem al-Haj
AI: Summary © The conversation covers the concept of "confusion" within the context of Sharia's statement, where individuals are told that if they send an angel in human form, they will be able to handle the situation and avoid confusion. The speakers emphasize the importance of humble and considerate leadership, loyalty to brand Ensign, and avoiding false accusations. They also discuss the need for effort and dedication in discovering and proving the truth, and the importance of consistency in teaching and sharing information about events to avoid confusion and distraction.
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Hello sir Mr. Saladino, Savio, Manuela some I'm about to proceed. Today inshallah we will have the chapter on Toby's which is confusing or confusing. Because it's a verb noun it's a transitive transitive verb a noun that means someone confusing someone.

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So the verb noun here bees from lab Besa, which is to confuse or to confound. And then in the chapter effect, we will try to finish

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the rest of the chapter on parsimony choose which is division and contempt. And we will try inshallah to start the chapter on a hula

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which is separation initiated by the woman.

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So, let's start with the base

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amount of Moroccan Allah in his book Manasa serene Stations of the travelers in the station 95 or chapter 95.

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under the title of it albies which is confusing,

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started by verse like usual and he's started by Allah saying, well Allah, Allah email be soon Kala La, La La La personality him my lb soon, Allah Almighty said and we would have certainly made confused them that which they may be confused or what they make confused.

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So assume here we'll talk about confusing,

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basically cover up to confuse the confound to

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basically cover the realities within Dickens that may confuse the people.

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And he will, you know, one of the one of the types of confusion that he will talk about is a lack of using the creation. So he wanted to start by this verse to tell you that Allah himself has said that he would confuse the creation.

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And the concept of Allah confusing the creation or confounding the creation is a problematic concept. It is a problematic concept, because that will hurt the epistemic value of the Sharia. Because people will say that, yes, this is what Allah said, Because ultimately, people disagree over transmission. You know, we don't know if this hadith comes from the Prophet saws.

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And then

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if the if we can trace it back to the prophet SAW them, they will argue with you about context. And then if we establish the context, they will, some certainly would go as far as saying, well, but the prophet SAW Selim is not God, and He was also a human being and this and then, if it is a verse in the Quran,

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they'll argue about Meaning, if the meaning is established,

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then they have no argument whatsoever. But if we say that Allah could or would confuse the people or can found that the people

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certainly remember the Hardaway, and the people of our brightness like him, would have not meant that, but it could lead to a big problem. It could hurt

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the authority of the Sharia thority of the revelation, the authority of the Quran, because then we can have alternative views

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that are not really sanctioned by the Quran. And whenever that proves from the Quran are presented against this view, people could say that this is just for the public for the masses, Allah subhanaw taala is confusing them

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or is causing them, you know, to be confounded.

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So it could be it could be problematic.

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Now, a lot is not intended to confuse anyone. And what this verse meant to basically expand the context a little bit of this verse, the chef Rahim Allah tada said, one of the best now he may be sued and we would have certainly made confused them. What they make confused. If you expand the context a little bit.

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It isn't sort of an anime

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Be right before this Carlota on zero Li malaco, Anson American

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Medical the numbers of millions are Oh no, no, no Monica La Jolla, la him may be soon.

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So they said they had there have been a an angel who was sent to him.

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then American

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drone and had we sent an angel,

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the mother would have been settled with have been decided they would have not been reprieved, they will have you have not been given extension, because that's it. Once we send the angels that said, it's the day of judgment.

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Because if we send the angels then there is no test anymore. You know, people, all the people are having difficulty, just understanding that this life is a test, you know, the people who have difficulty with the problem of evil the people who want angels to be sent to them as messengers. Well, that basically goes against the very purpose of this life. This is a test. And if we were to send the angels, then we will, you know, the we will bring you back. And it will be the hereafter because the test will be over on Zen American luckily alumna from Milan zone,

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when no matter cannot

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be sued, and had we made him an angel, we would have made him in the form of a man and we would have

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caused them to be confused, and that which they confused themselves. So we would have caused them confusion as they have wanted confusion for themselves.

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Because if we were to send a an angel in their angelic form, they can handle this, they don't have the capacity to receive a message through an angel in their angelic and for So, we would have to send the angel to them in human form. And for several reasons for their lack of capacity to basically communicate with world of the unseen and including the the the angels. And

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also for many reasons the human Angel will be a role model will be easier for them to talk to them will be

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as lahoma will be more comfortable for them and

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more intimate relationship with the human messengers are many reasons why messengers were sent why humans were sent as messengers, not angels. But Allah subhanaw taala is saying we would have not send the angels in an angelic form because they don't have the capacity to communicate with angels and their Angelica for and if we were to send the angelator human form, it would have been the same confusion, you know, they would have also been confused about the nature of this

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So that is it is a conditional statement. It is not like a law seeks or desires to confuse His creatures. It is a condition statement. They're asking for an angelic and messenger we would it allies telling them that this defeats the purpose of this creation of the life of this world. So we will not send angelic messengers to you. Because if we were one, that would be the end of it, the end of the life of this world to you will not be able to communicate with the angelic messenger messenger and we would have had to send him in a human form and then it would have caused you the confusion that you are causing yourselves. So it is a conditional statement. That does not mean that

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a law does confuse people.

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And it is really nice, you know, because certainly you would have to be critical here. And your loyalty to the brand Ensign should be supreme and should come first. We love our machine if we love our tradition. And as we said before, we always embrace it lovingly. And that is why we'll pay him when he started this. He said started the his commentary in the data set again on this particular station. He said what the very beginning he said tranquil Islamic habibollah in our hypo hypo Elena Min shankle Islam which is a moment Hardaway who died in 481 after hedra and even harder Wi Fi for this hobby even Elena is beloved to us. What ha ha ha boy dynamin home and the truth is more beloved

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to us and that

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Truth is more beloved to us. That's basically the way you that's the most beautiful way.

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You engage in this this type of discourse transgenerational discourse among the scholars. So for Islam Hard Boiled happy vanilla, you know what ha ha ha boy Elena Minho, and you apply this to anyone other than the profits or losses, because there wouldn't be no conflict between the profit and impact the truth. So but for anyone else short of the prophets of Allah is alum, use a Amara delanco ha Viva La no ha ha with me, you know, armor is beloved to us. And the truth is more beloved to us.

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And certainly the truth in the sense of the real or the truth in the sense of a sense of Allah, certainly Allah is more beloved to us than the prophet SAW Selim. But when the truth in the sense of the truth, you know, you know, reality,

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there will be never a conflict between the profit sauce element that

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So, let's see here what

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the chef wants to say, because there are a lot of valid meanings. And that is, you know, each one of these stations, there are a lot of valid meanings that we can benefit from, even if we disagree with some of the concepts that should never ever prevent us from benefiting from the many valid concepts mostly, you know,

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like 98% 98 plus percent, that concept, even here in this chapter, we can basically,

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we can basically provide an alternative interpretation of the shakes, statements, that would still be compliant that would still be within the bounds within the Hadoop within the limits of the Quran and the sun. So, how do we do this, this is the work that we should be doing here.

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And then certainly staying humble also and understanding that between us and the chef, there may be many light years in piety in others, so that she acts as the beast every turn, beside him more on Mojo than time was Monday Salah, Fatima, and in

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Toby's, which is confusing is the cover and excellent being with a borrowed in Dickens, and it is a three meanings cover an excellent being. That is the noumenon realities, extra mental realities, ontological realities, the reality the truth, realities out there, regardless of your perception, that is the is always the divide between the noumenon phenomena. phenomena are the objects of your senses. numina are the realities out there, whether or not your senses can apprehend them, whether or not your senses can apprehend them, the phenomena are only the objects of your senses. But the noumenon are the realities whether or not your senses can apprehend them, or your intellect can

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apprehend them.

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So they'll be this is the cover and excellent being with a borrowed in Dickens, and it is of three meanings. One will be sold hockeyville konia fricka otaku Alka annabell as Babel American you are in what

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was it was a bit harder to do and gamma validity went into karma bins and it went muscle better but thought

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our socket, Avenida de Bernal first load was with Iran is a power side.

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So the first is the read confusing the people of dispersion the people of dispersion are the people who are distracted by the phenomena.

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These are different from the people of Jama union who are focused on the one cause of all the phenomena,

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the phenomena that diverse, multiple multiple diverse phenomena around us, all the things and the events that are around us, distract us confuses and we think that there is multiplicity

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until we figure out and there is multiplicity. But But if we are, if we pause, stop here and don't ascend beyond that multiplicity to basically realize that oneness

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unity of the source the origin, the cause, the, you know, the ultimate effector, the maker, the Creator God, then we are people of Africa, we are distracted by the multiplicity of phenomena, and things around us. So the chef is saying, the first, the first level of the bees is the first is the read confusing the people of dispersion by the universe, on all of the universal

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beings and events.

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And that's by attaching the extant events and things to the causes, places and times. So when he attaches cutting to the sharpness of the knife, burning to fire, he's attaching these things, they are coincident, according to the sheaf. That's where he's coming from, there is no relationship whatsoever called causal relationship between fire and burning, the real attached burning to fire to confuse the people, so that they think that fire burns, and they, they would not capture the reality behind this, which is that only God is capable of anything, only God is capable of any effect or break, you know, is the only factor. So, he says, and that is by attaching the excellent events and

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things to the causes, places and times and his attaching the realizations to the means and the fact that the proofs and the rulings to the effective causes and the retribution to the offenses and the reward to the acts of obedience. Because all of this

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there is no causal relationship between them. And he will tell you why. Because everything was pre determined.

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The people of sada are predetermine These are the people of Chicago, we are predetermine DSP. Everything is pre determined. And he said he had the pleasure and anger of

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the New Japan and pass laws that weren't detachment and connection with Iran is Shaka waterside, and that brings to fruition suffering and happiness. So it is, you know, retribution has nothing to do with offenses. Punishment has nothing to do with offenses. Reward has nothing to do with obedience. It is all predetermine it is His pleasure and displeasure that will come to fruition in the form of punishment and reward.

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So having said that, you know, he's saying that Allah subhanaw taala is covering the numina, with phenomena that are confusing that may make you think that there are these relationships, and there is none.

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You're just confused. When you see the knife cut, when you see, you know, when the water quenches your thirst, and if the while I did not do anything, it's God.

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Well, keep in mind that according to the stronger position among garrison and the position that we really need to propagate and we really need to endorse, because otherwise, people will not be indifferent

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to causes will be indifferent to us.

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And the consequences that we have seen in our own have been huge, enormous.

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The correct position is that there is a these clauses have called Word potency inculcated into them that brings about their effects.

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At the same time, Allison, I believe that Allah has complete creation, ownership and control of the cause and effect and the causal relationship ongoing all the time. So, he is not only in control, but they are his creation, both the cause, the effect and the causal relationship are his creation, and he has ongoing creation, ownership and control of the cause, the effect and the cause of

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relationship between them. But the cause has potency has Koba

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in it inculcated in it, that brings about the effect. So, the universal laws have to be respected, you know, and we have to be engaging with causes, all the time, because this is how we have been instructed to engage with the causes all the time, this does not compromise our reliance on on Allah, or our trust in Allah. This is only a manifestation of obedience to Allah because he taught, so, if someone if someone is hungry, and refrain from eating until they die, they are liable in the sight of God.

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They could say, hunger does not in you know, food does not in hunger,

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food does not do anything because ultimately Allah is the door maker,

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ultimate effector.

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But if they do this, and they die, they starve to death, they are liable in the sight of God or they are not they are liable in the sight of God, they would have killed themselves.

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So in this sense, we are, you know, our taking precautions making provisions engaging with the causes is but

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an act of obedience. That's it.

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So, then Someone may say, in defense of the tape, also Someone may say, but why are Why are the realities, the numina not more manifested than they are?

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Why are so many people misguided? Because he hid those realities, it seems that a lot of people are unable to apprehend them.

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So isn't this his doing? And wouldn't this vindicate the six statements here for the * possession, that it is true that many people are misguided? And it's true that those realities are not particularly obvious, even the reality of Islam?

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You know, how often do you argue with people that are though? Are there people who actually apostatize Yes, there? Are. They grew up Muslim? Yes, they did.

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And sometimes, they are confused. They're not necessarily walking away from Islam because they're just tired of being Muslim. Now they are misguided.

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They are confused. And some of the people also that are not Muslim. Why are they not seen it? Why are they not seen some of the people who don't believe in the existence of God, not all of them do this?

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Just out of like mere

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sort of rebellion against organized religion, some of them are not seeing it.

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So why is it subtle?

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Why is it not more manifest than not more apparent?

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And why are there many like distracting phenomena? There is certainly distraction around us. Is this the base? No, it is not that base. It is part and parcel of what this life is about. It is a test. You just have to deal with it. Like this lovely fella called moto Hayato Diablo con ecomax anomala. He who created life and death, the test to

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see who's bearing inaction deeds are action.

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So that's the nature of it. And in order for it to be a test, yes, some of the realities need to be covered so that you discover them, so that you look for them. So that you dig a little bit to, you know, unearth them. That is what it is, while the teenager had a female and the unknown sabudana and those who strive for our cause, we shall guide them to our paths, which means what some effort is required, some effort is required. The realities are like the treasures, they're not going to be there.

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On the surface of Earth, for you to trip over them and sort of be competitive knowledge, like what was the headmaster or you're compelled to accept, one is half of two compelled to accept it.

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So the reality is if the realities are made like this,

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that would not be a test anymore. So there has to be some effort invested. That's it. But a lot does not seek to confuse us. In fact, Allah, you know, these realities are not buried too deep, where you cannot really extract them are on Earth.

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They are within your capacity to require some effort and some sincerity,

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some sincerity and some effort, you need to be, you need to be hateful of your ending death. And you need to work a little bit to discover what there were, you know, discover and discover more about your next life. And what is awaiting you and your next life and you do this was sincerity and you will be able to discover those realities. But Allah wants everything to be clear. Yeah. yonezawa jacumba hanamura Bhiku and Zenn la Komura Medina Surah Nisa, Allah subhanaw taala says, Hello people that have come to you clear proofs from your Lord bardhan clear proof from your Lord and that is the prophets of Salaam himself is the Burnham who einzelner la coonara Medina and we have sent you what

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neuroml Vina clear light? This mubin is all over the * is all over? Yeah, hello, Tabitha Kumara sadhana, ubu Lachman serata, Merida.

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Electron kathira mimma Quantum to phenomenal kita br one Cassie, by the jackal minella neuro Makita boo movie there.

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The people of the book

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our messenger had come to you to to make manifest or to reveal to you much of what you use to conceive of the Scriptures and overlook much acumen Allahu neuroma. Kita when we come to you from Allah, no light work eatable movie and clear

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book. The light here is the Prophet Sawsan. And there can be certainly different explanations.

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But you know one of the explanations is that the light here is the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that had come to light and catappa movie clear clear book. So normal been keytab movie balau movie, and it is actually a requirement of the prophet SAW Selim to communicate to deliver to the relay, Bella mobi clear notification

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and sincerity made also a last minute address as well to la altura Sana fainter Layton parliamo Anima Selena Bella movie and obey Allah and obey the messenger and be weren't faint or lighten if you turn away, then know that

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animal or Selena movie that what is required of our messenger is clear notification or clear communication.

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So, it is a requirement, you know, this a banner, this clarity is a requirement. And the messenger himself was described as Rasool mobi by Matata.

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Haku or a pseudo Moby in and Serato proof

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I have given enjoyment to those and to their fathers or ancestors until they had come to them and have the truth. What a pseudo movie and a clear messenger, a messenger who is clear, you know, a messenger who's clear and and sort of held on as well and along with the

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movie and and so it is this idea of normal being vulnerable movie and guitar movie or soul movie is often you know, so often mentioned in the Quran. So what Allah wants is clarity. And what Allah provided for us is clarity and he did not intend confusion for us. However, however, some of the realities have the you know, been made somewhat

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Subtle, so that we put the effort to discover them to unearth them, because they are treasures, they will need a little bit of effort, a little bit of sincerity and a little bit of effort so that you could discover them, this is just part one of the test, this is an essential element of this life being a test. And if you are unhappy with this, there is not much I can do to you. If you don't if you do not accept that life be in a test in the first place. Like what is it then it is quite obvious that it is a test otherwise, if you think that it is completely meaningless, then that's your own fantasy. And the you know, you're welcome to discover when the that it was not I

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think they they asked us a one time one of them a chef in Egypt they asked him

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and and I think it was also shakaama did

00:31:11 --> 00:31:16

we asked him what would be what would you feel when

00:31:19 --> 00:31:24

when you die and discover that there is no hereafter? So he said, Well,

00:31:26 --> 00:31:34

I will not read anything, but if I felt anything, it's certainly not as bad as what you will feel when you die and discover that there is.

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anyway, so

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moving on.

00:31:48 --> 00:31:54

We'll talk about other types of BS. So how do we understand what the sheikh said?

00:31:55 --> 00:32:22

It is not a lot confusing anyone it is just a lie is basically making those realities require some effort to be discovered. That's it. But Allah gave us the prescription to discover them sent us the messengers and gave us the prescription and invited us to the Polycom Salah to be to discover those realities.

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Then the CF said what LBC visa sanita visa

00:32:28 --> 00:32:35

rtbf Karate Kid manaea what will be suven McAfee well as Bab what Alibaba

00:32:37 --> 00:32:40

McAfee beetle besian Allah Yun and Cali Alka Lila.

00:32:42 --> 00:32:48

Lila Lila, not as he then was Luke and Omar is a heavy

00:32:49 --> 00:32:54

rock metal Minna, la he left Africa well as bad

00:32:55 --> 00:33:37

as bad for him. The second confusion is when the people of Iran protectiveness cover up the times of good deeds and the kurama supernatural gifts by concealing them. And they're confusing others by engaging with earnings and causes and the attachment of phenomena to the indications and triggers to confuse the feeble eyes and flawed intellects while perfecting their ascertainment and belief and practice and this group is a mercy from Allah for the people of this person and causes when the mingled with them.

00:33:39 --> 00:33:41

Okay, so.

00:33:44 --> 00:33:50

So the chef is saying that these people and certainly all of these meetings are accurate and fine.

00:33:52 --> 00:33:57

But it depends on how we understand them like you can understand them in a way that's completely fine.

00:33:59 --> 00:34:06

So the second confusion is when the people hire protectiveness, copper and cover up the times of good deeds. So when when they

00:34:09 --> 00:34:38

that's basically trying to be secretive about your data and about your good deeds and trying to cover up your good deeds. The prophets of Allah seldom said minister Gunilla habito, Mohammed and sada for the Apollo whoever can hide his good deeds so that you know, keep it for the hereafter. You don't have to get the word immediately here, just keep it save it for the reward of the Hereafter, then let him do that.

00:34:41 --> 00:34:59

So then, and he said, and the kurama supernatural gifts by concealing them, so they also hide the kurama supernatural gifts of the sea receive any supernatural gifts from Allah, they hide them, unless there is basically a higher purpose in

00:35:00 --> 00:35:03

In revealing them, and higher purpose and revealing them,

00:35:05 --> 00:35:13

we have seen how they mirror him a lot. And, you know, when they were going to confront the toddlers,

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he told them that it has been written inscribed in the preserve a tablet that you would win, when they kept on telling him when he kept on telling them you would win this battle, to encourage them to strengthen their resolve and so on. Because you know, how Muslims were completely overwhelmed, psychologically defeated, emotionally defeated by the force, and

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also the cruelty of the tortoise. And so he wanted to encourage them to fight back and he was so he told him that even when they said they said I'm saying Sharla he said he would when he said he would win when saying shall he said inshallah tactic Allah tada

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which means that I am saying, inshallah, not that it is that not that there is any contingency here, but there is certainty.

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And then they asked, they just were baffled by his, you know,

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behavior. And then he said to them, that it is inscribed in the preserver tablet that you would when they went on, and they won that battle, and he was, you know,

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part of the

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cavalry in that battle.

00:36:40 --> 00:36:44

But here, this may be a disclosure.

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I just, I can't understand that otherwise, this may be a disclosure that he felt it was warranted to share it with people. But you share it only if there is a higher benefit, you know, the default is that you can see that you share it only if there is a much higher benefit that you've been wearing to this revelation.

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So, then the shifts by concealing them and they're confusing others, okay? concealing the Quran out and confusing others by engaging with earnings and causes by engaging with earnings and causes.

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Keep in mind that you know the karate never you're never revealing them to earn credibility, because that is, that is not a way to prove credibility, credibility is by consistency with the Quran and the Sunnah of the prophet of Solomon, the tradition.

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credibility can is not proven by any supernatural phenomena, otherwise, we will be in danger. Because those supernatural phenomena you've seen how people of different religious backgrounds even

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can manifest some of these supernatural phenomena. Because it's spiritual labor, it's mental, spiritual refinement, mental refinement, mental exercise, can make people have special powers.

00:38:23 --> 00:38:39

So it is never to earn credibility, only credibility and this Dean is, is basically earned through consistency, consistency in your teaching consistency in your conduct with the Qur'an and the sun.

00:38:40 --> 00:38:47

And the tradition, according to the tradition, particularly the understanding of the first community

00:38:48 --> 00:39:16

and the attachment of phenomena to the end, okay, so, and the attachment of phenomena to the end vegans and triggers you confuse the people eyes and float into their feeble eyes and fly the intellects that will actually stop there. And think that this is it, that you know, there is nothing beyond matter, that the material explanation is sufficient. The fire burns, full stop.

00:39:17 --> 00:39:37

Certainly no one ever said that. We are saying that Allah created this power, potency and the fire to burn, but He is the Creator, ongoing creator ongoing all the time, creator of the cause, the effect and the causal relationship.

00:39:42 --> 00:39:59

And then he said, Why protecting the ascertainment and belief and practice their ascertainment and belief and practice that Allah is in control over all things. And this group is a mercy from Allah for the people of dispersion or fraca and causes

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00:40:01 --> 00:40:08

when they mended with them, they look pretty much like them. You know, despite their

00:40:12 --> 00:40:33

great sublime interiors, they their exterior is pretty much like everybody else. So that makes it easier for people to mingle with them. And they're just, they're normal people, they're not multicollinearity and they're just normal people they mix with people and speak with them at their level speak.

00:40:34 --> 00:40:47

That said, When whenever we talked with the professor, so let me talk to us about everything. The journey and the way our weapons they he would talk to us engage with us in any discussion.

00:40:50 --> 00:41:09

Then the sheikh said with a visa 30 suited visa to mckone Allah Allah Allah Rahman Al Rahim Allah basically that's what I've seen, from Larry unfussy him the the rather than via some a material Bernie Assad arena on where the German arena on IE.

00:41:10 --> 00:42:00

The third confusion is the people of establishment timucuan, confusing the people out of mercy for them by engaging with the causes and to bring the ease and facility to the people, not to themselves. And this is the degree of the profits. And it is for the godly moms who come from the value of union, they come to sit with us to spend time with us. So that they point us back to the value of union and point to its essence, pour into its essence. So when they are around us, they're just there to point to the value of Union. The value of union is when you recognize the oneness of the source, the unity and oneness of the source, the creator, the maker, the effector, the control,

00:42:00 --> 00:42:16

there are lots of panels, therefore all the distractions and the multiplicity of events and phenomena and and beings around you will never distract you. But as we said,

00:42:17 --> 00:42:21

it is the perfect formula can

00:42:23 --> 00:42:34

tie your camel and rely on Allah, there is no conflict whatsoever. The sort of the epic example of the mixing of tobacco and

00:42:36 --> 00:43:22

making provisions and accessible as Bab engaging with the causes, in general is the hedger of the prophet SAW Selim, how the planning the execution. Look at this everything nothing was left for you No chance. Everything was planned. Very well executed with perfection. Yes, sometimes they will get to the cave and they will be right there. And that is when you say a long man, you know, movano capitolina, long 30 samama. What do you think of two people allies, they're a third. So the reliance is always there. But, you know, engaging with the causes, does not compromise that reliance whatsoever.

00:43:23 --> 00:43:27

Call the other stuff that comes along and actually learn stuff.

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