Musleh Khan – Spiritual Growth #19 The Hypocrite

Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the qualities of a person, including physical appearance, which is a combination of their appearance and their appearance. They emphasize the importance of facing one's limitations and not wanting to be around people with similar characteristics. The segment also touches on the negative impact of actions on society and the importance of trusting oneself and not giving too much information to avoid becoming a monarchy. The speakers emphasize the importance of protecting oneself from bad behavior and finding ways to avoid offending others. They also discuss the importance of finding friendships and starting a spiritual growth series. The segment ends with a hint to a future episode about Dora and a discussion of COVID-19.
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As salam or Aleikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah sallallahu alayhi wa ala early he was happy he woman while Marbury. So today it's all about the Mona Lisa Kuhn or hipot, the hypocrites. And I know that as soon as you hear that title and that label, it's very scary how it's talked about how Allah subhanho wa Taala refers to the hypocrites in the Quran, as well as the many a hadith that we have on some of the signs and some of the descriptions and some of the characteristics of a Muna field. So we're going to go through some of these things in sha Allah and to the goal behind this reminder is so that you and I can protect ourselves first

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and foremost, from having any of the qualities of a moon I feel that's the priority. Because at the end of the day, if you listen to this, it might just sound like wow, look how awful they are, look how terrible they are, you know, I never want to be around people like that not maybe realizing that you yourself might have a quality or two of these more nephew. And you'll and once I mentioned some of these qualities, then you'll see how quickly and how easily somebody can have the qualities of homeownership and ways that we can protect ourselves from that. So first and foremost in shout low title. I've got my cue cards here with me. What is a Mona feel the word Mona comes from the word

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nofap. nofap literally means like a tunnel, or an underground hold. And it actually refers to animals in general, like a snake or a weasel animals in general that build their homes underground. If you notice, like a snake, when it builds its home, it'll have two entrances. So it'll have the main entrance. And then it'll also have a secret entrance. And the secret entrance is used when that animal or snake is confronted. And that's exactly the definition of what a monarchy is. So islamically the monarch is one that has disbelief or a coup for in the heart, but expresses or illustrates belief to everyone so you see men on the outside, but it's the opposite on the inside.

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And when a more Neff is confronted, now Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about this in the Quran, sootel Baccarat, literally at the very beginning of the surah after Allah gives us some sea fat or qualities of a Motoki, of somebody who's conscious of Allah and has taqwa, then Allah goes into some of the C fat or traits of a more natural and one of the things that we learn in this sort of is, when a monastic is confronted what their initial reaction is, what is it the first thing that you'll hear? Or Listen, when you talk to a monastic and you confront them? What is the P letter homeless tipsy to fill out. So here's what a las panatela says, whenever it is said to them, don't cause

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mischief or don't cause corruption in this world. And that's what a more nasioc does, you know, they're out there to do nothing except create problems and destroy the atmosphere and community that people reside in that people find joy and comfort in. So it's not even the community, it's even families. And to be honest with you, it's life that has taught all of us. There's always that one person in the entire family or extended family, you know, your second cousin somewhere, somebody that you probably don't talk to as much. But you always wonder, do they have the qualities of a more Neff, there's always that one person that Allah subhanho wa Taala allows somewhere within your

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circle of family or extended family that makes you think about this subject. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala says, What is the appeal at home like to see to feel odd whenever you say to them, stop causing problems, stop causing mischief. Stop creating, stop backbiting, stop creating all this drama, stop hating on people stop doing this stuff, you just you're very clear, you're very straightforward, listening to how the more unethical response pollito in them, and mostly when they say Actually, we are just good people, we're just doing the right thing. We're not doing anything wrong. You know, classic example of this is when you confront a marriage that has problems, right.

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And you know, for a fact where the problem is coming from is coming from one side, it could be the husband or the wife. So let's just say for example, it's coming from the husband, okay, his side of the family. There's the troublemakers. They're the ones with all the problems. Okay, so this is just an example. Don't take it literally, of course. So there his side is creating all the problems and in addition to that, he's biased towards his own

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Family. So he knows that there are certain qualities and certain things that he says that he does that he shouldn't. And so you confront him,

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the wife and her family. So his in laws also confront him. They sit down to have conversations with them, they try to tell him, Look, you got to stop talking this way. You got to be able to work, you got to provide like, you got to do the work. You got to fulfill your responsibilities in the marriage, and you're not doing any of this. you're relying on her, your wife to do it all. And here's his response. You guys don't know that.

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I'm not doing anything wrong. You know, no, no, no, she exaggerated. No, it's all her fault. Meanwhile, you're not working. You're not doing anything. You're at home. You're the one that's arguing. You're the one that's making the problems. You're the one that's pinpointing everything, but it's her fault. She's the one she says this, you should go talk to her. It's your daughter. It's your family. And so what is the Mona feel? Part of the traits of a monastic is that they single themselves and take themselves out of any problem and literally play I am the innocent role in any scenario. So this is what Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions in the poor end. In salted Baccarat,

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there are several qualities of a monastic mentioned, and one sorter has the most which is suited to nissa suta tin Nisa talks about even more detail and some of the things that you and I see and interact with every day. Some of those qualities that are mentioned about the monastic they're found in suta Nisa. So an example of that is when a monastic stands up for prayer what either como de la sala when they stand up or pray prayer, hum, coo Salah, they stand up so lazy castle, a castle, or cruiseline or Caslen, this is somebody that has no care, they just don't care about the prayer. They're just doing it because 100 just get it over with you just do this. Does this sound familiar?

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Don't Don't we see so many Muslims that do that. Now here's the thing do you just call them and label them or more now? I'm coming to that inshallah in a moment. So Allah continues and says that when they stand up this way, and they stand up lazy, there's no interest. Call muku Salah euro una Nast. Voila Al Quran Allah, Allah Karim. So there are two things that to keep in mind. When they stand up for prayer. Allah says your own and nurse. They're actually only doing it so that the people around can see Oh, they prayed. Oh, yeah, I see him he prays every day. Oh, we he came to the masjid. Mashallah, now he's coming to the masjid. And he's praying. So it looks so religious on the

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outside. But the moment you gotta do business with him, the moment you have to trust Him, the moment you have to tell them a secret and you say to them, Look, you can fight in him about your problems. He said, Look, don't tell anybody like this. He's the first one that's gonna go and tell somebody. So the moment you do all of these things, you're all in and so on the outside, he looks like somebody you can trust. But on the inside, it's the complete opposite. When you give him juicy information, he can't wait to relate to someone else. You're an S and then number two, while yet kurunegala Luckily, and they don't remember Allah except just for a tiny, minute, moment or time in

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their life. Rarely they will ever take the time to keep themselves in the remembrance of Allah. You know why this quality is singled out. Because when somebody is in constant remembrance, with Allah subhanho wa Taala they can never be a monarchy. It's not possible. So one of the ways to protect yourselves from ever having qualities of a hypocrite, one of the ways is to be in constant remembrance with Allah subhanho wa Taala. And what better form of remembrance then prayer, we are doing it at least five times a day. So you put the peace this area together, and it's the complete opposite is the cure. Now, here's the next question. If we see someone that has qualities or traits

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of a hypocrite, are we the average layman Muslim, allowed to say, haha, you're an hypocrite. Because I read a headline that a prophet alayhi salatu salam says that when you make a promise, you break the promise and that's what you just did. When you give them trust. They break that trust. That's what you do to you know, when you tell them the truth, they form it into a lie. Yes. What you do too, you lie all the time. When they speak, they lie. So you have all of these qualities you have to be able nasioc you got to be careful with this, everyone. First and foremost, don't do that. Don't be the more nasioc police. That is something

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To label to give somebody this label is something that only the qualified one does. So the scholars, students of knowledge that have studied the color an incident and understand all of the categories of E man, they understand truly, truly what event is, they've studied it in depth, these are the individuals that can maybe potentially put a label on someone that has these traits. Because there is more than just the quality itself, there has to be a habit that has to be part of a lifestyle, people have have have had to come and give advice, and they'll see her to that individual for years. And they see there's no way out of the person is just simply not listening. That person has shown

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complete disregard, to any advice or guidance. Like there's so many components that have to be behind that then, in addition to all of that, after all these attempts to advise, then a group of scholars will sit together and discuss this individual. Okay, look, this is what we've done. This is what we've tried to provide. And still, this is the situation. So what do you guys think, is this guy mo nasioc or not, and they will discuss it collectively as a as one body. So it's not something that you and I can just point fingers at everyone and be like, yeah, that's the one after you, you're on your way to a fat. So you're kind of there, you're 30% won't fit. We don't do that. You

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can't do that. And here's the reason why.

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When you label somebody a more natural, you know what you're saying about them, you are saying that they are on a path to the Hellfire, and not just any part of the fire. They are on the path to the depth of the Hellfire itself to the very bottom that Allah refers to the daughter kill is fairly minor now. And certainly sir, Allah says that the moon if you're cold fedorko is fairly mean. And they are going to be at the bottom of the pit of the fire itself. It's one thing when you're when somebody in jahannam, but there are different levels of punishment in general, some,

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a lot of them many punishments are far more severe than others. And depending why that individual was placed in jahannam, you know, depends on how they lived and, and what the things that they the choices that they made, will decide what level of punishment is given to that individual. But for them will not feel they only have one place that they go. And that's at the very bottom at the pit of the fire, where some of the scholars mentioned the worst of the job and punishment of jahannam is at the pit itself. And that's where the mafia Cohen are. So think about what you're saying, when you label somebody, a moron ethic, it's not something to take lightly. And unfortunately, hypocrite is

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because become a loose term these days. And it's not necessarily the fault of the individual. It also comes from the culture and the influences that we're surrounded with. You know, when you watch those, like movies, or TV shows about relationships, and marriage and couples and things like that, the moment one side of the marriage slips up, or says or does something wrong, he or she will point fingers, oh, you're such a hypocrite. Like it's a term that's just been thrown out and it's become part of the tongue, it's just become something completely normal to call somebody a hypocrite, but not for the believer. The believer takes this term seriously. So the next time you hear that either

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somebody calls you a hypocrite, or they're calling somebody else a hypocrite, stop it immediately. Don't even under the name the label, because think about what you're actually saying about that individual. That's a loss job, and a love, bless certain individuals, scholars, our leaders of this oma bless them to sit down and look at the process that they have to go through. They have to sit there and have to study that individual to come and form that type of conclusion. It's not an easy process. And finally, finally, so I hope it's really clear, we understand what a monaka is, we understand some of their qualities, which is very obvious and so many ahaadeeth mentioned some of

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those qualities as well. Let's go to the final point. How do you protect yourself from neofolk. So we mentioned that number one is to engross yourself and keep yourself on a consistent path with the remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala. That's key, a consistent path. You notice I'm not saying to you do a B and C and inshallah neufeldt

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shall be erased out of your life, it doesn't work like that. Because why we're talking about a human behavior. And that's something that's difficult to unwind to undo. Because why our behaviors eventually become part of us, they become habits. And so that quality, it's not easy to just turn it off or break it. And one of the ways that you can counter that, and even the qualities in you, that might be bad or unacceptable, that you don't see or realize are bad, you're like, you're hurting people, or people are becoming offended around, you know, sometimes that happens, where somebody might speak with a certain tone of voice, or they might choose certain words, or they'll be they'll

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say, they'll say things like, you know, I'm a straight shooter, you know, I just say it like how it is, what do you so proud of the to talk like that? Don't you know that you might rub somebody the wrong way, not everybody can embrace someone that just speaks up straight, clear, just give it to totally insensitive about how that person is, how they feel how they might internalize your words. That's not the etiquette of a believer. The believer never just thinks about him or herself. You're always thinking about the listeners and the people around you as well. Because you are accountable that if you speak or act a certain way, and people are offended by that, sometimes you could be the

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problem, not them. You can't just say, well, it's their problem. I was just trying to be nice. And they took it the wrong way. that's their problem. I don't care. We don't do that. We're believers, you're somebody that has Amen, you're responsible. You should take care and Watch your words, watch the tone of your voice, how you speak and address others and try your best not to offend them. And if you do you apologize, you clarify, you say to them, Look, I'm sorry, you felt that way, or you took it the wrong way. This is exactly what I meant, and try to say it differently. And so you're always in this conscious state of remembrance with Allah subhanho wa Taala. Next thing is that

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company and friends really, really influence hypocrisy, the kind of friends that you choose to be with your surroundings. If you don't have ni fac qualities in you, then there's a good chance that if one of your friends have it, you're eventually going to get it. Just like the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam told us that an individual model or Allah Dini Holly, that every single person is upon the path of the friends that they associate with. So it's just ultimately it will reach to the point where no matter how much you think, I never talked with that way, I'll never act that way. Yeah, he's my best friend, but I'll never do the things that they do. Just wait, it's only a matter

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of time that the Curiosity would build in you or the habits will just start to form, you'll start picking up these habits and not even realize that you're talking a certain way, you're acting a certain way. And then even your brothers and sisters and your parents and the people closest to you will look at you and be like, Oh, my God, I've never seen you act that way before. I've never seen you talk like that. Where'd that come from? And then you'll sit there and like, I don't know, I just I just said it. I just just came out. And they will say to you actually your best friend talks like that all the time. Where'd that come from? So you got to be careful of the companionship that you

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choose brothers and sisters. You know, one last thing I'm going to mention here with this subject of friends, you know, inshallah, we're going to talk about this whole friends and choosing friends and looking for good qualities in friendship later on inshallah. But one thing to keep in mind is don't underestimate the influence of friends around you. Don't underestimate it. See, one of the reasons why these people around us that we associate on a regular basis, they get the title of friendship, or they become friends. That's because we have similarities, we can connect on the same level, to some extent, we have something in common. So what does that mean? If you have something in common,

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that's the starting point of building up and acquiring the same habits of that individual. That's the starting point. Let's see if we're already on the same level, or if we think and act the same way. Now we can be friends. So that's the first step and then it continues, and that's how a habit starts to build. So don't underestimate the effects of that. And finally, finally, my brothers and sisters, keep in mind, the prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam was most scared of the hypocrites, because he couldn't tell who they were. Prophet Aliso to some doesn't have the ability to read their hearts to read their intentions. So he was most scared of them simply because he couldn't recognize

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who they were. So what does he do instead? He asks a lot to protect him.

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From the moon ethically, so as a law to protect you from the more unethical, or at least the qualities of nofap, to get into your heart and intend to your life, ask a lot of protects you from that. Three very simple things I know all of us can do to protect ourselves from this. And I'm going to take a moment and also pray for myself and all of you that may Allah subhana wa Taala protect us from ever acquiring and having the qualities of nofap in our lives, in our hearts alone. I mean, so with that being said, Guys, we have one more session tomorrow in sha Allah in our series of spiritual growth. And after that, I'm going to start a brand new series isn't that brand new series

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is completely different from every series that we've been doing. I don't I think we started this since the lockdown, right? So how long have we been going for like four or five months or something like that. So I made a promise that when this lockdown happened, that I was going to talk to you every day as much as I could. And I hope and I pray that you will see that and can appreciate the effort, at least you don't have to literally sit there and listen to everything I say. But at least appreciate that somebody somewhere in the world is trying to do his best to at least remind you about our Creator, and make you feel good about yourself. Make you feel like you always have what it

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takes to improve and be the best men and believer in this world. So that you are accepted by Allah subhanho wa Taala I want to be accepted by Allah. And so I want to share with you some of the things that make my life easy, and perhaps can make your life easier as well, inshallah hotellet. So the next series, what is that going to be,

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you'll have to wait until the end of tomorrow's session in Chatelet hotel, I'm going to introduce a brand new series B if they let Tyler sure you're going to love it. I love it just when I when I thought about it, I put the put together the material. And we're going to do something a little bit different. It's not just going to be me talking to you for 15 or 20 minutes every day, there's going to be some more interactive sessions because they let hytera. So we want to take these reminders and extend it and take it another step forward. We want to actually start studying a subject now. So that's a hint to the next topic, we want to start actually studying something. So I'm going to be

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releasing some material for all of you. It's going to be right here on this page, and you're going to be able to download this stuff and you can follow along with me. That's this is my goal inshallah. So let's study together. That's what we want to do. Let's study together our beautiful deed in short, lo tarla. So what's our last topic for tomorrow?

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Well, the last topic for tomorrow, I kind of cheated a little bit everyone I went through and I wanted to pick a specific subject that I knew was in that box. And that was a door public door. So the virtues are the blessings of door because this will be a great introduction to our new subject or topic inshallah. So we are going to conclude by talking to you about the virtues and blessings of Dora. And that's a hint to what we're going to be studying in sha Allah hoteller the following day. So stay tuned for that brothers and sisters. Join me again one more time tomorrow Bismillah hytera Allah around the same time for our last and final episode of spirit, spiritual growth, which will be

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all about Dora in short love Tyler. So with that being said, I conclude with a dua that Allah subhanho wa Taala keep you safe and keep you healthy at namek and wherever you are alum and mean, just suck Malabo hiren was Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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