Apples & Oranges, Respect & Love

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah Allah,

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Allah, Allah,

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Allah, Allah.

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Allah, Allah.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala has referenced the fact that many women are not the same. Allah says in the Quran what he says that Kuru can, the man is not like the woman. And our Prophet says Adam said in number in the south Chicago region, that women are the twin halves of men, they're complimentary to men, they're not the same as men. And throughout the 60s and 70s, there was a movement that we all know now as the feminist movement. And this movement tried to portray men and women as being equal, physiologically, psychologically, emotionally, they're all equal, but it failed miserably. Nowadays, a modern wave of feminism, a modern wave of research, is trying to go back and reclaim that damage,

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rethink through many of the issues that they had thought to change in the 60s and 70s. You cannot change the basic nature of men and women, the way that Allah Subhana, which Allah created them, and our Quran and Sunnah is full of the fact that men and women have different roles in society. It's not a matter of comparing the two you do not compare apples and oranges. It's a matter that Allah created the man, and he gave the man a role that is conducive for the man. And Allah created the woman, and he gave a role that is conducive for the woman. And when the man acts like a man and the woman acts like a woman, family flourishes, society flourishes, children flourishes, and therefore

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the oma will flourish. But when the man tries to become a woman, or the woman tries to become a man, they will never be able to change their fundamental nature. And so the man will fail, the woman will fail, the family will fail, society will fail, and the oma will fail. So our religion is very simple and straightforward. When they say that God will call the man is not like the woman. So what is it that a man wants from his wife? What is the primary emotion that he wants from his wife? Well, the primary emotion according to modern psychologists, I'll bring in the origin sooner or later, the primary emotion that men want from their wives is that of respect. That of respect, when a wife

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respects her husband, when a wife shows respect to her husband, the husband reciprocate that respect, by giving the woman her primary need, and what is the need that the woman has? What is the primary need that a woman wants from her husband? What's the primary emotion, that is the continual love and the continual envelope is of that attention, that the husband always makes his wife his priority? The husband always shows his wife that I'm thinking about you, I'm caring about you, ie I will always love you. So what does the man want respect? When he gets respect? What does he do? He gives what the wife wants, what does the wife want to feel loved, to feel cherished, to feel always

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thought about taking care of that the priorities of the husband or the feelings of the wife, and when the husband is shown respect, he will reciprocate by giving his wife that love and when the wife is loved, she will reciprocate by giving the husband the respect that he deserves. So I want to talk a little bit about these two emotions. What does it mean respect and love? These are empty words until we translate them into realities. Allah subhana wa Jalla says, a region Muna Nisa that men are a warm over women and a one means to be in charge of this is the literal meaning of the Quran, called one means the one who will take care of the other Hawaiian means the one who will be

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the one in charge. So what is the one in charge the one who is shown respect, and we have that famous Hadith and no doubt this hadith is misused and abused and we have to point this out as well. But it is the famous Hadith that when once while the bingeable came back from Syria and he entered the mercy of the the Prophet system and he fell down in such the in front of the Profit System, and the Profit System said to him Yeah, more out What are you doing? Who told you to prostrate to me? Why are you doing this? So why they've been Java said I returned from Syria. I found that people prostrating to their rabbis and their elders out of respect, and I felt you deserve this respect

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more than those present as rabbis. What did our processes say? so famous ID, I should say is an infamous ID all of you have heard of it. Verily, Allah has forbidden any human

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to prostrate to another human. But if he were to have allowed this, if a concession were to have been made, there is no concession. If a concession were to have been made, I would have told the wife to prostrate to her husband out of what the respect and duty she owes to him. Now what is this frustration? It is the frustration of respect, the frustration of respect, and what does this show that the wife gives respect to the husband and what will the husband Give back the husband will give back that love that cherishing that nurturing that the wife craves?

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