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Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan gives an interesting analysis in today’s session on the Prophet SAW and how his relationship is with us and the kind of love and care he has for his Ummah.

Surah Ale Imran demonstrates the happenings of the Battle of Uhud. the main point of interest is centered around the neglect made by the Sahabas in the Battle of Uhud which caused an injury and wounding of the Prophet ﷺ. What was the Prophet ﷺ stance on this and how was his behavior towards them in the wake of this blunder committed by them?

We say we follow the Sunnah of the Prophet ﷺ because of the love and kindness he depicted towards one and all. This has been bestowed upon him by Allah SWT Himself.


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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah seydel MBA he will mursaleen while early he was Sufi minister in the vicinity he elomi Dean, Alok maganda mean whom Amina Xena Amano Amita salekhard whatever So Bill happy what are some menial but I mean avacado Allahu taala to get everything clean but an akula Billahi min ash shaytaan administration regime for the male Russian met him in a law he didn't tell him what oh couldn't have been honey what can be done for boom and Holic for and home was still fedloan washer with him with Emily for either as a photographer and a law in the law hibou matoba, Killeen published actually somebody recently Emily walk lulc that Emily

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melissani of koko de manera banana mean, right again, we speak about our beloved Komodo Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And what I want to share with you tonight is a little bit different from the other sessions. In previous sessions, when we spoke about him and his salatu salam, we spoke about the honor that Allah has given him and the status that allows them agenda has given him today and in the few coming sessions, I'm going to dedicate some time to talk about how his relationship is with us, and the kind of love and the kind of care and concern he has for ourselves. And this is an important part of understanding who Rasulullah is a lot harder, he was alum. And the

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first example of that, that I want to give you from the Quran belongs to Allah and Ron, this is the third sort of the Quran. And it's, you know, the one of the largest suitors of the Quran. And in this surah, there's a huge section of ayat dedicated to what happened after the Battle of Orford. So the second time the Muslims fought with the Quraysh, after butter, the second time or hood, we suffered a great deal of losses. And at that time, this, about 60 or so out of this surah were given as a commentary for the Muslims to understand what they suffered, and what are the events that happen. And this is a side note, but an important one for everyone to understand. And a reminder for

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myself, you know, how when some big event happens, people turn on the news. Yeah, and they want to understand, okay, this happened, how do we understand it? What are the implications of it? What are the consequences of it? What should we expect in the future? What does it mean for me? So people tune into the news, and these experts come on, and they give you their analysis? Yeah, in the time of navionics, auto, Sam, when a major event would happen, Allah would send his analysis. So you don't go to an expert to understand what happened, allows for on sheds light on the events. So because the events are so immediate and sort of shocking, like the loss of the Muslims in the Battle

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of the tremendous losses that we suffered, it's You're too shocked to really understand what's going on. Allah azza wa jal reveals his commentary and his analysis, and this is something that happened recurringly in the Quran, in any case, just a brief understanding of what's going on in in offered. You see, in burger, the Quraysh thought that these Muslims, what are they from Medina, most of them are farmers. And they there are people who ran away from here, they don't even have weapons, we can easily just annihilate them. And plus, there's three times more and more than three times the army. So for every one of those, there's three of us and they're armed, so there's no way they're gonna

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win. But they lost. And when they lost, it sent shockwaves across the entire region, all the tribes in the region used to respect the crush as the undefeated people. Nobody messes with Quraysh. And now a small group one third the size, barely armed, was able to humiliate the courage. And not only that 70 of their most important people were killed in butter. So when they go back, they're humiliated and Mark, other women are taunting them and crying what kind of men are you this and that, and they this now they want revenge. They're bloodthirsty before they were arrogant, like we can easily win. But you know, when they go lakhs into the war, and they don't realize how serious

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the fight is going to be how seriously Muslims are taking it. Now they're this time around, they're upset. And they were actually so angry that they said this time, we will not turn back until we defeat the enemy. And the way to guarantee that is we will take our women into the battlefield, we'll take our women because if they start defeating us, we know that they'll capture our women. We can't have that. So they'll guarantee that we will not go away until we win. We either we win or we die. They brought their women into office. They actually even brought their women into office. And so they go into this battlefield like armed to the teeth. And yet still they're being defeated. The

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famous story that I'm going to briefly summarize for you to help us understand the real subject. The real subject is our relationship with those who Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam right so Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam takes appoints a number of archers on top of a hill. And that's a strategic position. Because when the enemy comes in with their horses, their cavalry and their soldiers, they're getting getting shot down by arrows and they have no way to respond to the attack from above. So it's a strategically advantages position from all sides. 360 degrees, so the enemy can come from behind or the other side there. They're locked in.

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And now the Muslims on the ground under the hill are actually crushingly defeating the enemy. And every time they go try to go around, they're getting shot by arrows, so they have nowhere to go. So they're losing pretty badly. Also loss isonem understood that this this the the hilltop position is critical. So he tells those companions that were assigned on top of the hilltop don't leave this position. Even if you see birds, eating from our corpses don't leave that position. Meaning under no circumstances should you abandon your post as soldiers. When the Quraysh started losing, they're running, and they're leaving, they're even running for their life. So they dropped their shields so

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they can run faster, and they dropped their sword so they can run faster. So they're leaving their stuff behind. And when the Muslims saw this, you know, when you see the enemy running, what do you start thinking? We won, we won, and they're taking their horses, and they're making a run for it. So we're time to celebrate. So a number of the soldiers that were on the hill are ready to celebrate, let's go grab their shields and their swords and everything else. Because that's what you do after war, you take the spoils of war. And their commander told them no, no, no, no, no, no. So lost. Most of them said you can't go down. And they said, No, you misunderstand. He said, don't go down if

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we're losing, but we won. It's okay, we can go down. That's not that's not a disobedience to the instruction of Rasulullah sallallahu, all these other so they start heading down the hill running down the hill, a huge number of them. Now when they start running down the hill, what happens is before you could defend the hill from all sides, but now a number of them have gone down the hill, so you cannot defend it from all sides. You see, holiday been really though the Allahu anhu was not a Muslim yet. As a matter of fact, he was one of the commanders of the enemy forces. And when they were retreating, he's riding his horse running away, he looks back, he sees them coming down from

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the hill.

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His brain triggers his military genius. He sees an opportunity. He says they compromise their position. So he took his horses and his men, they came all around the other side, from the other side where they could no longer defend the hill because they already come down the hill, most of them. And so they took over the hill. And as a result, they called for a re, you know, a resurgence of the attack. And the Muslims were not expecting this because they didn't expect enemies coming from the side that's already defended. You see, it says if you're fighting from the front door, and somebody opened the back door, you see, and now the Muslims are getting attacked from all sides, and

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there's absolute chaos 69 or 70 or so companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam are killed. At one point, the people that were even surrounding the messenger sallallahu wasallam started getting killed one by one. They had to create a human shield to protect the Prophet of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his uncle was killed. You know what she saw Hamza, Lavie Allahu anhu, from a distance and what she was told, go into this war, if you can kill that man, then I'll free you. He was told by hint abou Sophia his wife if you kill them all for you. And he was very good with a sphere. He saw himself from a distance, he shot his spear, the spear went right through him.

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And he said, I waited over his body until he was dead. And I took my spear out and I left. So he that's the uncle of the prophets. lysozyme. Musab nomade, who was sent to Medina, he was sent to Medina to teach people Quran. He's actually the ambassador of the Rasulullah sallallahu. And the first ambassador of the Messenger of Allah to Medina, the Quran was heard in Medina because of Messiah who made the love of Thailand. And he was the one responsible for holding the flag of the Muslims. Because you know, when the flag falls, it means the army has been defeated. He's holding the flag, and the enemy got to him and they chopped his arm, I seriously cut his arm, and he

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couldn't feel his arm anymore. And he grabbed it with his other hand and they chopped the other hand. And then he had the whatever was left of his arms, he hugged it, so he could hold the flag of Islam up and this they entered him to death and he died. And he was the Shahid so you have enormous losses among the Muslims. And at one point Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was hit, and he was hit so hard on the face, his tooth fell out, he started bleeding in the mouth, and he fell on the floor unconscious. And the rumors spread that the Messenger of Allah has been killed. So a lot more it was hidden, because people don't see him moving. And there's absolute chaos in the in the

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army. And finally, this little last a little longer, I was gonna wakes up and he calls the believers to march up the other Hill, because now they have the Muslims now have to retreat to defend themselves. And so those who have lost time is calling them to go up the hill. And some of them are in chaos running in every direction. And Quran says is to say do not tell Luna heading

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home when Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was calling you back to the battle and you were running,

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you know, and you weren't even turning back to locals there because the chaos had already spread. For atharva Come on behind me. We could we struck you with calamity on top of calamity. This is a

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Last description of what happened at awkward. And so finally, when was the last time and some of the companions escaped and went up the mountain and the enemy couldn't follow them anymore. Abu sufian at the bottom started talking trash. He started praising their gods that they worshipped and Quraysh that those gods were with us. And Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam responds to him and says aloha Mola Mola lagoon. Allah is our protecting God. He's our mobilizer protector and you have no protector. So they felt like they took revenge for better and they left than they left. You know, they they feel better about themselves. Now you see, and by the way, who did they bring with them?

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They brought women with them, even their leader who Sophia and brought his wife with him. And her name was hinge and she wanted Hamza dead. And they hindon some of the other women they went around, trying to cut up and mutilate the bodies of the soldier, Muslim soldiers that were dead. That's how much they hated the Muslims. So they found the body of comes out of the Allahu taala. And she cut his ears and his nose. And she cut his heart out and even chewed on it and spit it out. And when there's little luck him to the body of the loved one who his beloved uncle, that's what he found. That's what he found. All of this happened because some people left their position yes or no, all of

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this. And it's not just a defeat for the Muslims. You see, we killed the Muslims killed 70 of theirs in brothers. And now they've pretty much killed 70 of ours and

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and that's not because we weren't good enough. And it's not because we didn't fight hard enough. It's because a command of the messenger sallallahu Artesia was broken, and alera xojo when he comments on this multiple times, he said, Well, naka de la la casa de la casa Franco, you know in the Masters Allahu Machito nobody maka Sabu. You know hetta is official tomonaga membantu Morocco moto a boon Min comentary Murrieta, dunya, urban communities will occur multiple times in these ayat Allah says, you made a mistake chepang gotchu shaitan made you slip, you saw something you love and you came down. But Allah has forgiven you. Allah has forgiven you, Allah has forgiven you, multiple

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times or a lot hold them in the Quran that Allah has forgiven them. But even if Allah forgives you, there's two kinds of forgiveness. There's forgiveness on the Day of Judgment. And there's forgiveness in this dunya You understand? If somebody steals in Islam, if somebody steals, or somebody commits a crime, right, there's a punishment.

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And their punishment is different from seeking the forgiveness of Allah xojo justice in this world is something else, and forgiveness of a lion via Hara or something else. Allah gave these soldiers a gift, he said, I have forgiven you. But that doesn't mean they didn't break military discipline. They didn't cause many lives in this life. You see, when somebody has committed a crime, like you know, remember the famous story of the woman who had committed Zina and admitted it to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And she insisted that she should be punished, even though she had made over. And Rasulullah told us a lot more. It was seldom that her Toba was enough to get the entire

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city of Medina forgiven. Right?

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Even though she was punished in this life, you understand, so the forgiveness of Allah is for the alcohol. But this world needs justice. This world needs justice. And there are soldiers that were killed because of the neglect of other soldiers. So if Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is going to meet these archers, those soldiers that have the arrows that disobeyed. Or they can say we misunderstood, right, they could say that it was an honest mistake. We misunderstood. We thought we shouldn't come down in case we lose, but we thought that we were winning. So that's an honest mistake. But now that they have to come and present themselves before the Messenger of Allah

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sallallahu wasallam. After what has happened, can you imagine the kind of weight and guilt those companions felt that were standing in front of those who loves lies to them after the after he was almost killed after his beloved uncle was killed after his deer Mousavi blade was killed and 60 some others were killed. Can you imagine? And now they're standing in front of him. And a lot as a joke reveals something about the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He says Furby Mara Mati Mina, la Helen tada home. It is by the incredible, incredible act of loving care that can only come from Allah, that you are lenient towards them, you are soft with them.

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You know, this ayah begins with Allah is so merciful and one of the great acts of Allah's mercy from Allah subhanho wa Taala is that Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam is very soft towards the believers. Now when he says love home towards them, there are more comment this is the entire oma but that entire oma includes the archers yes or no.

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And everybody in the room at the time is angry at who these What have you done? What kind of damage Did you You almost got the messenger killed some of them, you know, so everybody's angry at them and Allah begins the state

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With it is a lot of love and care that you happen to be extremely lenient towards them already. And you have been.

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I mean, put this in perspective for you. If it was any other general, any other general and those soldiers came in front of him, what's he going to do? He is going to have them court martialed, they might even be executed. They might even be executed for this mistake. You understand that? And that's not because the general is harsh. But that's just military law. That's just how it's supposed to be. And now Rasulullah is there. And by the way, if you if you come to a general you say, I know you want to punish them, because I know you're tough General, but forgive them.

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A lot didn't say to the messengers a lot more. I know you're angry. I know you almost got killed. I know your beloved uncle has been mutilated. I know Musab has died. I know the Sahaba have died. I know you're upset, but still forgive them. That's not what Allah said. Allah said, I already know that by my special mercy and love, you already want to be lenient towards them.

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Can you imagine it's unimaginable that in that scenario, Our Messengers for the long run Islam is already lenient towards the ones who did this. Before I even said anything. Before I even said anything. As a matter of fact, he was reluctant you can argue he was reluctant to openly forgive them, because if he forgives them, other Sahaba might get upset and say why did they get away with it? This is terrible. Because the Muslims were already upset when they were going into battle. 300 of the Muslims walked away the monastic with the monarchy gone. So now there's the hypocrites, and now there's these guys, they've caused this twice the damage, and we're just gonna walk they're

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gonna let them walk away. It hurts the morale of the army. So sudo la sala la hora de cielo wants to forgive them, but he's not sure if he can. And so alone reveals a love forgave them for the love, forgive them a love forgive them, and a lot already knows and ally is by special love and care of Allah that you are soft towards them. So what does he say? Well, it couldn't have been done really well can be done for bhuvan Holic and had you been tough. False means difficult to deal with intimidating. So sour. You know, when you they've even thought was described even if somebody was dying of thirst and they didn't find any water and they got the they got the camel, and they drank

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the fluid that came out of its belly tastes disgusting, but at least they won't die. Like if that and that feeling of experiencing something disgusting is called fun. It was always totally solid. If you were a tough leader that made people feel bad and evil because if you were tough hearted, if you issued verdicts and that said the punishment comes and that's it a tough judge. Allah says done * boomin Holic they all all the Sahaba would have run away from you. The reason they are close to you is because of the love and care that you show to them. That's what brings them to you. Can you imagine if this ayah Allah did not say the Sahaba come to you because you deliver the truth. The

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Sahaba come to you, because you are the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam because of the Quran? Because of the Dawa, because of the evidence because of the miracle. No, he said they come to you and they stick with you because of how loving and soft you are towards them. That's why they stick with you. We say we follow the Sunnah of Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and Allah says that those people that were willing to die for him number one reason they couldn't leave his side is because of how much he loved them and how soft he was towards them. Now you tell me how much love and softness do we show in our character with the people that we deal with? How loving and soft

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are husbands towards their wives or wives towards their husbands or parents towards their children or people towards each other? Even when we say Salaam Alaikum towards each other? We make it look like I hope you fall down the stairs. So the more they come across Salaam

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This is how we give each other looks that this is the same religion This is this and the Sunnah is the Sonata says how somebody dressed the Sonata as is, you know, you know the coming and praying early in the machine. These are some does. What about the Sunnah of loving the fellow believer, the sooner that Allah says came from the special love and mercy of Allah Himself. Where did that go? Why don't any what isn't anybody care about that Sunnah. And as a matter of fact, somebody prays next to you and your hands were over here and their hands were over here and you first you only want to elbow them or move them down or move them up. But after the little brother, okay, that's how you

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This is how you correct people. This is how you talk to people. And that's because LSU is a serious mistake. Really, is that more serious of a mistake than those archers on top of a hill? Is that more serious a mistake. And Allah says,

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I know you want to forgive them. I know you're lenient towards them. So he says far for and home, then you should pardon them lovingly also. Allah has already said multiple times.

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What did He forgive them? Now he tells his messenger, go ahead, you can forgive them too. It's okay. You can forgive them. And he doesn't stop there with Allah Himself. He said he forgave them with Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam, he didn't say one thing he said three things. Can you imagine? Allah Himself said about those believers that he's forgiven them and that's it.

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But Allah His Messenger was told, number one, forgive them, as a low already has, but that's not enough. was still Fiddler home. Listen to this carefully. What's the Fiddler home? ask Allah to forgive them.

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Now, let me tell you what this is important. Let me tell you what that means. You know, if you're talking to somebody in public,

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and if somebody likes imagine somebody got up and started criticizing me. And I say, May Allah forgive you.

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When I say May Allah forgive you, I'm not making the law for them. I'm insulting them. You understand that? If I really wanted a lot of forgive them, I will be making to offer them not when I'm in front of other people. But when I'm by myself. You understand? Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is being told, not only should you forgive them, but when you are alone with your rod, make dua that Allah forgives them.

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Now, can you imagine our messenger making dua for the people who cause this family death? Who causes companions? death? Allah azza wa jal, and Allah is telling us that's not an expectation from rasulillah salam, it's actually something he already wants to do. He's already got that softness. Anybody else? You would have to convince them? Can you please withdraw from us? I don't know. I'll try is not. That's not an easy thing. Compare this compare this to Yahuwah. Hassan was he angry at his sons who caused use have to be taken away. And at the end use of sons apologized, right? When they apologized. He didn't see I'll make the offer you right now he says. So first off, it'll be

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I'll eventually make draw for you. I'll eventually ask a lot of forgiveness. Right now I'm too mad to upset. Compare that total soon Ullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Allah azza wa jal tells us that even though this serious mistake happened, he and his solitude is making the offer, then we'll start fedloan I'll seek a lot of forgive them, ask us forgiveness for them. And then that's not enough. That's not enough. Our Messengers love for us is so high, so long, or that you send them and the love that Allah put in him for this Oh, my is so beyond imagination. Let me tell you this, if I if I can get this across to you, maybe I can't possibly do justice to this. But I hope I can explain this

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to you in some some form that you can take with you. You see, if somebody hurt your feelings, or somebody disappointed you, if somebody caused you harm, even if you forgive them. Let's say you forgive them, that was step one. And then step two was what? When you're alone, you make the offer. Okay, that's step two. That's pretty good. I mean, that's almost mission impossible for most of us. But even if you get that far, there's another step. The other step is that person who you forgive, they still feel a little bit of guilt. And they feel like before this mistake, you used to be a lot closer to me, you used to talk to me a lot more. You used to ask my opinion, used to discuss things

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with me. Now I notice even though you forgiven me, it's not the same as it used to be before. There's some difference. It's only human. I mean, I forgive you and I make the offer you but I'm still hurt. So he can't be exactly the way it used to be a scar is still a scar, you see, a law tells His Messenger sallallahu sallam, these Sahaba, who come to you because of your love for them. Let them feel so much love from you that they don't even feel that you have a scar left. So what should you do? What shall we have home Phil Emery take their consultation whenever you're about to make a decision.

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Think about that. Take consultation from those who almost cost us the battle. You will think the last people whose opinion I will ask is these people.

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If they raise their hand, everybody else you want to put your hand down before you open your mouth.

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And a lot doesn't say if they raised their hand if they want to give an opinion. Listen, he said you ask them for their opinion. You go to them and ask their opinion so they can feel Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam didn't just forgive me doesn't just make draw for me. He still values me.

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He still values me. He doesn't think less of me. wish I would have home Phil Emery. Can you imagine? Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he makes a decision, he makes a decision from where he tells him what to do. No, but when he needs a consultation, who does he got get consultation from? from Allah. And Allah tells him to make their hearts softer, get their consultation, seek their opinion. And once you seek their opinion, then you decide what you want to do for either as de facto Canada law then when you reach the final decision, then you put trust in Allah, whatever decision it is, but do stay

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You will least seek their consultation. This is a standard for how much our messenger sallallahu Sallam not he doesn't is this is not an eye on how much he loves the best of us is not an eye about those who worship Allah the Most are those who show him those who he's proud of. This is his love for those that have disappointed him. So long it was no, this is the sun now via Wi Fi santosa You know, it just just fathom that how much love our messenger has for us our latest Auto Salon and what that means for you and me what that means we can never compete. We can never compete with that. But I can remind myself and remind you of something

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a lot is messenger Elise auto Salam has so much love for anyone who has La ilaha illAllah inside them, who has Hamadan Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam inside them. That actually even though they made a mistake, it doesn't erase all the good that they did.

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Those seems to have made a mistake also left their families behind Didn't they, though, seems to hover that made a mistake. Also sacrifice money, also believed they were also made fun of it by becoming Muslim. They were also rejected by their families. They also did things for this Deen. And their mistake does not erase all of their good It doesn't erase that. And the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is begging Allah, Allah this mistake is there it was caused. But other than that these these are still by people. They're good people. They still have good in them. They still have good in them. The law once the hobby I should have mentioned out of honorable mention him

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hands a lot of the Allahu taala on who, who died in Orford. I'll say one thing about him and I'll conclude and hands out of the Allahu taala and who, when he was killed. The Sahaba found his body above a little bit above the ground, and wet dripping with water. And they came to the soul loss of service. So why is he Why is he went? You see what happened was right before he got married

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right before her and he was with his wife the night before. And when the announcement was made, we're going into battle. He didn't even take a bath but Wilson

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and he went into battle. And the messenger told us a lot more on the asylum that the angels are bathing him before he goes in between the La xojo that's that's hanzal elvio and can you imagine the pain of his spouse? And then those companions who felt that pain, they are being taught the love and care of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. This is why Allah says to the Ummah, the ayah that begins with Muhammad Rasulullah will Latina amanu ashida live in America Darla kuffaar rahama Dena home,

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Muhammad the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam and those who are with him. They may be tough against the enemy, but they are loving and caring between each other no matter what. No Hama Vina home. May Allah azza wa jal make us live that love of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam by showing love and care and mercy towards one another. barakallahu li Welcome to Cornell Hakeem when a fan er can be it was the Kentucky