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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of self-reflection in helping people to control their anger and prevent it from happening. They use the phrase "will see a mark on your shoulder" as a reference to the quality of a tepee and the importance of healing from anger. The speakers emphasize the need for people to be mindful of their anger and prevent it from happening, as it can lead to behavior and negative emotions. They also mention the importance of being a Motoki and a Marsan.
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Set Mr. Equal morishima to lucky robot of Cthulhu Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. So this is part two of our journey through how the court and teaches us how to behave. So we are coming to a

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verse in several days in sorted earlier in Milan. So this particular verse Marshall left of article, again, it's going to highlight a particular attitude that we all have to keep under control. And it's nothing and that particular attitude is of course, anger, when we lose our anger, and throughout the course of history since the beginning of mankind, anger when it's not controlled, can cause people to do say, an act in the craziest way possible. It's caused people to fight to hurt each other lives are lost and even at like a bigger scale of a larger scale, whether it be at a political level, global level, community level, social level, you name it. Anger destroys

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everything. And this is why when a man came to the messenger and he saw it was sent him he asked him Yasuda, la oseni or a login give me all messenger of Allah give me some advice. But the word I will see me is actually the command form of Whittlesea, or we saw you the plural, will see a means to give me some advice that I could take on for the rest of my life. In other words, this was the one piece of advice that could be life long. I know I don't have to ask anyone else to give their input Just give me that piece of advice. And out of all the things that Prophet Alayhi salat wa salam could have said, I want you all to just imagine for a moment what would you have said to this man? I

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mean, a lot of us would have probably thought of, okay, maybe Sala, maybe go make Hajj, maybe be good to your family, maybe you know, start praying to head giard pray some extra Noah feel something along those lines of worship. But the prophet alayhi salatu salam tells this man, Bob, don't lose control over your anger. Now, this particular verse that I've chosen today, found in sunit, earlier in Milan, is actually one of the verse one of a collection of verses that Allah describes the qualities of a tepee. So the qualities of somebody who possesses taqwa and the first thing that Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions is he says alladhina Yun Fei akuna, his son Raul, you will but

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wrong, they are the ones this is the first quality that Allah subhana wa Taala says, This is the quality that I love the most when it comes to the qualities of a looked up. And the first thing he says that in times of a Latina, if your whole life is so raw, and well bought raw, in times of ease, and in times of difficulty, the mortality is the one that's always going out. And giving for the sake of Allah, always charitable. So the this is really key, especially for the times that we're living in, a lot of us are scared, a lot of people are scared to to give a portion of their wealth to donate, and so on and so forth. It's a scary thing, because reports are telling us to hold on to

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our wealth, save our money, you know, this is going to happen, condoms going down, it's going to be difficult, etc, etc. Like the list just goes on. But this a Allah subhanho wa Taala is helping us to shift that attitude, and say, Look, when it comes to everything that surrounds you, you have no choice in the matter. That is a lost territory. But when it comes to what Allah gives you an mn a trust and tells you how to use that trust. We have to be able as believers as people of Amen, we have to be able to respond and do our best to do what is right. Even when it's difficult. Even when there's uncertainty. It's about doing what is right. And so Alyssa penalty is saying those true

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qualities of a tepee is even in times of ease or hardship, they're always giving, they're always doing their best to share some of their wealth, some of the blessings Allah gives them. Then Alas, panatela continues and he says, When Calvary mean I love life, while earthiness, Allah says well, Calvin mean, you see the word Calvin mean comes from Calvin, and Calvin a means to when something reaches to its peak like it's filled to the top. Calvin is also used to describe like if you fill up a cup or a pot with anything with water juice, and it reaches the top and you put a cover on top of it, so it doesn't spill over. That's called Calvin or Calvin, unless his Calvin mean, Calvin mean he

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is actually one of the words in the Quran to describe anger. And as we all know, anger has different levels, different forms, and there are different names for different types of anger like you'll have just

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Regular anger, then you'll have a rage, then you'll have out of control. Like you have different levels and different terminologies that refer to those levels of anger. This is one of them in the poor m, where it's called cowardly mean, Kathy meme is when you're so angry, people can see it on your face, they can see it in your demeanor, the way that you're acting the way that you're talking. But you're not actually letting it out. So you could just walk around with a with a face that looks like you know, the craziest monster on the planet, you're just walking around, people can see that you're upset that you're angry, you're in this rate, but you don't actually say anything or do

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anything to, to illustrate that anger you, you bottle it in, you hold on to it. I mean, this is all about self control here. That's what this that's what the point of this is. It's all about self control, especially when it comes to your anger. While Allah subhanho wa Taala says is that even for a tepee, you shouldn't do that. That if you have rage, and you have anger, and you're about to snap control, even the rage within even if you don't snap, you don't let out that anger, people don't see you say or do crazy things. But the point is you have it within Allah says don't do that. I don't like that as a as your career. I don't appreciate that, because you're a tepee. And that's really

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important, some kind of law, that if anybody is bottling up these kinds of emotions, you have to do something about it, you have to talk to somebody, you've got to seek help, you've got to be able to unload that but in a different way, in a way that doesn't hurt others. So you might be just literally sitting down and speaking to somebody that appreciates you that can give you an offer you some good advice, you literally have to say, like I get into this rage, but so far, I'm able to control it, but I don't want that rage to happen, you know, and it could be for the most miniscule things. So this is a real problem. And the Koran is teaching us and that one of the ways that we

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have to gain control of that is we shouldn't be feeling like that. Nobody should be going through rage after rage or anger after anger and just bodily bottling it up should be able to heal and nurture and try to to to prevent yourself from feeling that way. It could definitely lead to a point where you will end up snapping you will end up just exploding. And that's definitely what we don't want. And so what this a is teaching us is that before you even get to the point where you let loose and you just lose control, try to keep control by healing yourself from Calvary mean, that rage that's building up within and it shouldn't be there. While Kelvin. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala

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says life alive is when you start like to physically show the anger like your fists start to you know they start to tighten you start to become tense your facial expression that you're just about to pop. So unless panel Tyler's saying that when your anger reaches here, you know how we say that to each other quite often ray will say like, I've had it up to here with you. That's Kelvin mean, but then you start to tense up your demeanor starts to change. That's the life so put it all together, the emotions within an even if people see anger off of you, they'll come up to you and be like, you know why you look so angry? Why are you so mad? It's something that something happened.

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Allah is saying that for him without pain. Avoid doing that. heal yourself from that. This is something that Allah subhanho wa Taala does not appreciate. Especially when you're somebody who possesses taqwa. Well, Calvin and life. Here's the thing that I find absolutely remarkable.

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The Koran teaches us a lot of different methods of how to cure anger. This is one of them a lot then says well, Alfie gnarliness. I have seen from Apple. We just came out of Ramadan last 10 nights, what was the one door that we're constantly repeating a lahoma indicator for winter? hiwula firefinder. Or Allah, you're the one that pardons you love to pardon? So pardon us. So what is the last thing one of the ways to heal this emotion that's raging from within? It's just forgive men pardon, let things go. There's no point. So usually when somebody bottles up that kind of emotion, and it doesn't lead them to an action, it's the first indication that that emotion you should just

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let it go.

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If it happens more and more often, it means that okay, address what you have to address, but keep your cool. And if you can't address it, if it was a one off thing, let it go. Whoever ticked you off. You know, one very common example is that when you're driving on the road, and somebody cuts you off, and then they blame you, you know, they start blowing their horn on you. You're just innocent. You're just crazy.

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You're driving doing your thing, they cut you off, but they're getting angry at you and they start cursing you out. Allah, Allah subhanaw taala say, look, then you start you build up that rage, you start getting angry, you want to pound the horn, you want to go after that person, you want to run them off the road, whatever the case is a lesson when you're on what tepee it's all about self control. And situations like that. Just let it go. Let it go. It happens, it's part of driving, just leave it alone. And I think that's a very, very important profound way to heal. And to keep us to an extent to control these these particular emotions, just because if the if you don't, it causes

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people to behave to say, an act in the most craziest way. People who have anger that they Harbor, and they keep with them, it's just a moment, it's just a matter of time before that anger just pops out. And they may say or do something crazy that of course, 99% of the time, when you do something out of anger, you end up regretting it. And so Allah subhanaw taala is saying, Just let certain things let it go. Especially when you have Calfee mean, and when you're raging within and you're starting to tense up situations like that, just leave it alone. One side note, when you act upon the anger, like you're ready now to do something that's called hubbub. That's called love. So Musa

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alayhis, salaam, when he returned back from speaking to a las panatela, he returned back to his people saw what was about to happen and came back as a little banner sefa. Right, he came back and he was just ready to do something. And boy, did he do things, right. So the point is, is that it led to an action. So we're not talking about Islam, that's a later stage of anger, which we will eventually come to a little bit later. But right now, it's just all about the emotions that are getting fired up from within Allah subhanho wa Taala says, as a tepee, this is unacceptable. You have to control that as well. So we don't get to say, Yeah, I was really angry. Yeah, I came in

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there. And my face looked like I was like, the devil or something. But I didn't say anything. I didn't do anything. Yeah, I didn't talk to nobody. But I just sat there in my corner. Mike, my own business, what's everyone's else's problem, you don't get to say that. Because your impression that you give to others, that they will now assume a perception about you, they'll perceive that, okay, they look like this because they're acting that way. You're accountable for that stuff. Like you don't get to just walk into somebody's house, speak to nobody have this face and you know, you full of anger, you're upset about something, but you don't say a word. Because people feel bad people

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will see that energy, and they'll address it. And they'll be like, what's going on? Is that Are you okay? Did I say something that I do something. So all of these things in between, this is what Calvin, you know, life is all about. It's about us to be able to keep that all under control. And we are also Allah subhanaw. taala is teaching us that we're accountable for the impression that we project to others, the impressions that we project to others. And then finally aluk includes and he says, Well, our feanor and in us and pardon, you notice that the IEA doesn't say Well, I've been on a muslimeen doesn't say just pardon Muslims, and now everybody, your neighbor ticks you off, you

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want to say something, but you decide not to, okay, let it go. Somebody on the road, take you off, they did something, you want to do something back but you decide not to let it go. Your parents, your siblings, your friends, your community, something it's going to be part of of life anyway, you're going to get upset people are going to rub you the wrong way but you decided that you weren't going to say or do anything, you don't get to hold grudges and cut them off and cut ties with them and block them and then do this and do that. Unacceptable, unacceptable according to these verses, that Allah subhanho wa Taala says will love you when you're singing

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a lot. So which a loves the righteous morson is somebody who has as an accent is the peak of a man. It's when you worship Allah as though you see him even though he doesn't you don't see him he sees you. What that means is you're always conscious that Allah is monitoring you. So sin is the act. Morrison is the one who practices the act who performs the act. So Allah says I love the Merson, so put it all together. Aren't we talking about taqwa? Allah is saying if you can control the rage within and you're able to extinguish that, then you now graduate from being a Motoki and now you are Marsan. People ask all the time, how do I reach the peak of a man the level of a son? Well, this is

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one of the answers. Control your anger, control your anger, Allah will bless you with the level of access. And so I pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala blesses all of us that were able to taste experience and live

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Amongst those who are Marcin, the ones who have accent and practice accent and people see beauty and accent from our faces in our actions and in our demeanor. One very beautiful example is found in Sue that sort of use of when use of Harley. He said, every time somebody meets him, they say is in nanodrop camino morosini wiki, we see you as somebody who is Marsan. When he was in prison, there were two individuals that were charged for a crime and they were in prison with him. They don't even know who Yusuf Ali Salaam is. They just looked at him. And they're like in nanodrop. community, our city do we see you as somebody who was always Marsan, which tells you that this level of a son is

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really has a lot to do with just actions. It's not even just saying things, it's just about how you conduct yourself. And so it almost seems as though the decor and hints more towards that how you behave gives you a better chance of reaching that level of accent. And so this is one of those. This is one of those verses, where we do our very best to try to control this emotion. And again, if you feel like this is something repetitive, it's happening more and more where you're getting angry for the littlest things, but you're not letting it go, which is it's there. And it's distracting and it's upsetting you you don't want to talk to nobody, you walk around with this frown face,

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everything upsets you, then it might be wise for you to talk to somebody to get some counsel navigate through that that area doesn't say don't seek help. Allah is saying that this quality if you leave it as is I don't like it. This is not the quality of a tepee. So let tells us that this is one of those things that if you control it, so meaning you do the things that you need to do to prevent that from happening, or at least decrease it. That is the quality of a believer that a las panatela appreciates. So with that being said, I pray that Allah azza wa jal keeps us blesses us with self control protects us from ever losing our anger, we know that we're going to be tested with

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it, we're going to experience it but may Allah subhanaw taala give us the strength to overcome there. So that's today's reminder guys of how the hora teaches us to be. So stay tuned for part three Bismillahi terrida and again, we're going to do a bunch of these are a bunch of these in shallow terror. I think it's really important. nobody's really done this online and I think it's really important that we address some of these issues in sha Allah hoteller such as akmola will hate on everybody, take care and I will see you next time. salamati come wash mental lady