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studying we want to start over when I study whenever we live in Thailand and Julian fusina woman cntr Marina in omiya de la palabra

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de la

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ilaha illAllah

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Muhammad in Africa who are a solo or solo rock with an iron I mean, what could you watch in a mini market in

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Germany and I know

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wasabi. Wasabi he

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wore a suit activity he what he saw that you also did was go back to Cali while he was having well either Jimmy and a medicine that'd be submitted. Dr. V Ray Dean back for sequel lfctv taco law in China for in

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Alabama, Florida Roger Williams, a common hateful actor said All praise is due to a lot of loan and then we seek aid and assistance and we try and go through repentance and for forgiveness. Truly him Allah subhanaw taala guides and then can mislead and he will allow leaves to go astray there is nothing we can guide and everyone has said there is nothing worthy of worship single ball alone and that Mohammed's love where it will send them is both a servant and His Messenger Allah subhanaw taala says binocular and water book is blue Masha, we have thought that indeed your Lord creates what He wills and he chooses. So when Allah subhanaw taala created the creation he chose, and of the

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things that he chose was who would have more than others, who would be greater than others in terms of wealth, who would be greater than others in terms of knowledge, who would be greater from others in terms of physical strength, or power or influence or skill.

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A lot of parents either made these choices and he distributed it as he'd saw fits kind of with either. And because of this of the greatest forms of sin, and ungratefulness to a loss of handling time, is when we assume the privileges and the powers that allow us to paddle to Allah has blessed us with if a law blesses us with a little bit more power than another person.

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In a little bit more wealth a little bit more influence than them, that we take this blessing that a loss a penalty Allah has given us. And instead of using it towards a person, instead of using it to treat others with excellence, we use it to oppress and show injustice to the creation of a loss of Hamlet without him. And because of the greatness of the sin, because of its offensiveness, in the sight of a loss of Hannah Woods Island, that the slave takes the power takes the blessings that have been given to him by his Lord, and they use it to show abuse and injustice to the rest of the slaves. For this reason, Allah subhanaw taala repeatedly warns those who act with injustice, with

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the harshest warnings in the poor and Allah Subhana Allah says in the hood, I use daggerfall in one, that indeed those who are oppressive will never succeed. Those who are unjust will not succeed, they will not succeed no matter how many of the rights they have stolen, no matter how much wealth they have taken, no matter how much property they have confiscated, no matter how many judgments they have falsified, the oppressive in the end just and the unjust can never ultimately find success and unless the pedal to Allah tells us what that text seven then whatever so in the law of walking and I'm a governmental body human. Let's never think that a lies unaware of what those who are

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oppressive have done in the law you assume Leo woman testicle Sophie Hill upside, rather he only delays them for a day when their eyes will be staring in horror, and a loss of parallel to Alice's woman His love, he beat them and unsought and those who are unjust will have no helpers. And Allah subhanaw taala describes the first moments of the entrance into gentlemen, when he says fat as animal as you know, being an environmental body, our body mean that a color will announced between them, and we'll say the curse of a law has been upon those who have been oppressive. Allah subhana wa eyeland also continuously threatens those who practice injustice and oppression throughout the

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end. And so allow us to either when he mentioned a number, a series of verses related to marriage and divorce, Allah does not fail to warn those who have greater power and strength against injustice. And he says, well may if that occurred one and Wilma for so famously, you know what Canada, that'd be guy the law, he has to be wrong, as well for acts and aggression and injustice, we will certainly drive them into the fire, and that is easy upon law, meaning whoever practices injustice in your marriage during their divorce, they prevent wealth to those who have earned it. They do so in aggression, and injustice. They're threatened with the punishment of the hellfire. And

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when I last spoke about the orphans, he mentioned the injustice to the orphans, and then the ynap route, and while at the time a woman in them a woman a few have appointed him now for those who consume the wealth of the orphan unjustly, they are only consuming fire in their bellies. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the Hadith, men and feminine Elijah when you are alone, these are heavy they are cool, but these are heavy either hold it for dunya or alpha Goblin Afro mera Mallya doesn't matter will allow me to allow for that there is no sin that is worthy or more worthy of a lot hastening its punishment, bringing its punishments quickly in this world, without

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relieving the punishment of the next world, meaning alone will cause them to face punishment in this world, without relieving any of the punishment that is a portion for them in the next world, other than two sins that the prophet SAW a lot recently mentioned here, and both the oppression and and filial piety and piety to one's parents. And the prophets have a lot where it was said and warn us against the shadow of oppression and injustice. He said it's up with volume. Be aware of volume beware of oppression, fear of oppression be afraid of being involved in oppression. Why? He said fair enough when I was little Matt to my piano, or pression is many forms on the day of judgment in

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the womb for maximum gamma oppression is many forms of oppression, many forms of injustice on the Day of Judgment, the oppression that we participate in, might perpetuate a system of oppression that harms so many different people and the profits, lower incidences fear or oppression, because when you're involved in it, when you help things you might think you come on the Day of Judgment only haven't done one act of oppression. And really what you have done is inspired acts upon acts of oppression, fears, and what is it is injustice or oppression? illegitimacy, it is to place the matter where it does not belong. It is to steal the rights of others to prevent others from

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receiving the rights. It is about abusing and transgressing upon others with your time

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With your actions, and the profit, slow, long learning he was setting them. In his final sermon. He preached about the sacredness of human life and honor and dignity. When he said for him that he met, what am I lacking? What are all the things? Well, I'm Charlotte camonica, arancha huruma to meachum hatha Trivedi to come here that fee shall be equal to however, the problem. So when I said, I said, Indeed your wealth, your blood, and your wealth, and your honor, and your persons are sacred, like the sacredness of this day of ours, in this month of ours in the city of ours, and the profits a little longer, I even said them would make it to out whenever he would leave his house to ask Allah

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subhanaw taala to protect him from oppression. So he would say along with me over the weekend, and as we know, our children, our wisdom, our love, and our coach, hello and mutuality, at the Prophet SLM, said, I seek refuge in You will love that I am humiliated, or that I am led astray, or that I am unjust, or that I am treated unjustly, or that I act with ignorance, or that I am acted upon with ignorance. And this is a powerful drive to publicize and I would say whenever he would leave his home, and in today's environment, when people are sometimes afraid, afraid of the repercussions of racism and Islamophobia. What's better, is there for us to say that you ask a loss protection, not

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only against oppression being done to you, but against you acting upon others and oppression. And so if you're leaving your home to grow your business, you say this will not protect me from injustice, from cheating other people, or from being cheated? What if you leave your home to see your family and your friends, you ask a law to protect you from injustice, but you may harm someone by saying something unjust or hurtful to them. Even if you go to the restroom, because the Prophet would leave his house to go to the masjid and you make this drive, because you might enter the message and look upon others with arrogance. And that's a form of injustice. And so the Prophet made sure that we

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understand and we think about the concept of injustice, even when we leave our homes for any matter, even if that matters to go to the masjid. What is injustice? And what is my participation in it? And so the Prophet said, Oh law protects me from being from being the recipient of injustice, but also from being the one acting upon injustice. And as per the law where it says on the profits will lower he said came to Medina, he ordered us to do certain things. He said, Well, Mr. December, he ordered us for seven B if shot is sent out to spread, sent out to people, to spread peace to other people. What Mr. Ana abuse was in Missouri, and he ordered us to be on the side of those who are oppressed.

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He ordered us to be in the health and in the aid of those who have been oppressed. And how often has a Muslim Hamilton either spoken in the Quran about destroying a nation, destroying a civilization? And what does Allah say is the reason of the destruction that has come to the door, so can a human Pontiacs in Atlanta where he over an email? Allah says how many cities how many nations did we destroy? Was he avoiding a while they have been oppressive while they have been in just as if the reason the destruction came to them as if the reason that civilizations fall apart? Is this particular singular reason that a lot of mentions and focuses upon way a lot emo while they have

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been unjust? What can daddy can afford on bigger in that after that ronnie have on him Allah says in another verse and such as the punishment of your Lord when he punishes the towns while they have been oppressive in the battle and he would Shaheed indeed, his punishment is painful and severe, and our profits will have met some a lot more of you send them said in the nurse, it was one phenom young q IE Oh Shaka LA, and you are me and we are talking about him in Hindi. He said that if the people see those who are unjust, they see the injustice. fellow men kill me but they do not oppose them in that injustice, that perhaps Allah subhanaw taala will cover all of them in his punishment.

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This religion is a religion that is developed, preventing injustice and standing on the side of those whose rights have been taken away.

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And Bedouin ones came to our profits in the long run, he was, and he has loaned something to the profits of a lot when instead of previously, he came to the prophet and he demanded that what he loaned would be returned back to him. And so he approached the Prophet. And he said to him, give me what you what you owe me. And the profits of a lot wherever you sell them sits in quite a ledger. The second is that I have nothing to give you. I have no commodity to exchange with you. And the man said, No, I'm not leaving till I get

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What you owe me back. And he did not relent, even as the Prophet told him, I don't have anything to repay you right now. And the man did not relent. And he said, oh, we're having a drink. He said, I will make this difficult on you, I will embarrass you.

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And the prophets of Allah said, remain silent. But when he said that word, the Sahaba became upset. The companions were there became angry.

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And they turned to him. And they said, What the heck is wrong to you? I definitely want to kind of do you know who you're speaking to? This is not a random man. This is the Messenger of Allah. So the look where he was sitting, do you know who you're talking to?

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And the prophets of love, where do you send them? And the man said to them, called me and he said, I'm only asking for my rights. I loaned him something, I want it back. And the Prophet became upset. But the prophet SAW a loved one. And he said, and did not become upset at the men. He became upset at the Sahaba he became upset and his own companions. And he said to them, Hello, Mr. Simon helped me.

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He said, why is it that you are not on the side of the one whose rights have been taken from him?

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He said to them, what's wrong with you that you're not on the side of the one who was asking for his rights, had never saw anybody help the consumer,

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instead of telling the man to be quiet, or telling the Sahaba to remove him? Or tell him the Sahaba to silence him, or to discipline him?

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The way that many leaders would do today?

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The prophets of the love were How do you send him he's angry at his companions, for not supporting the man against his own self?

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concern? Why are you not on the side of the one who is asking for his rights?

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Meaning what is wrong with you?

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What did I not teach you that you don't understand that in this circumstance, you should be with the one asking for his rights, as the Prophet saying, did you learned nothing from me.

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And then the prophet SAW love wherever you send them, sent a message to a female companion, hold them into place. And he asked if he can borrow from her dates. And she agreed and he borrowed from her dates, and he paid the men. And he said to the men have I fulfilled and the man said, yes, you are fulfilled, may Allah fulfill upon you. And then he left. And the prophets of Allah rightly said, and turned to his companions. And he said to them,

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for quite a while that he can see among us, these are the rest of the people, those who only for the sake of Allah, the best of the people, he said, we're here unless these are the best of the people. Then he wanted to make sure that the lesson was not lost upon them. And he said to them, in a hula hoop discipline, in a hula hoop, this atoma,

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Adobe for

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free, however,

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he said, No nation has been sanctified, when the weak are not capable of taking the rights without hesitation, without difficulty without barrier. No nation has sanctity, when the weak cannot take the rights without any hesitancy or problem. And how many nations were once nations of greatness. And now our nations of weakness because of corruption, and injustice, and a lot of will not purify at people, one of the weak amongst them cannot take the rights from the strong. And the Prophet sallallahu unloosen repeated that very phrase, almost verbatim in another heavy, another heavy way, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was sitting with some of the companions. And he said to them relate to

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me the stories of Abyssinia when you were in and have the show when you are in Abyssinia telling me some of the stories. So one of them said a story he said O Messenger of a lot. I remember one day, an old woman walked a long distance to get water. And she carried a bucket of water on her head, and she was walking back to her home. And while she was doing this, a young men came behind her. And the young man struck her between her shoulders from behind. So she fell on her ankles, and the buckets hit the ground and shattered and the young men began to laugh. The other men thought this was funny.

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And the companion said to the Prophet Soloway said them, so the woman turned the old woman turn to the young man. And she said to him, said, I love we have Buddha. You will know Oh, deceitful one. Oh, you who's deceitful? You know, why is he deceitful? He struck her from behind without her knowing that he's even behind her.

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So she said Oh, you who is deceitful one day you will know his love and courtesy when a lot

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places his chair, whichever one either was asking me that he gathers diverse than the last of mankind, which I can limit in AD When can we actually ruin and the hands in the feets begin to speak and bear witness about what they used to do.

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She said on that day,

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so terribly angry what

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she said on that day tomorrow, you will know my place and your place, you will know real strength and real weakness on that day, on that day will also deals with the oppression of men, and what some have done to others. On that day she tells him, you will know who's really strong and who was really weak.

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When the prophet SAW love what you said and heard these words, even though these words were not his words, even though these words were not even the words of a Muslim.

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The profits of the love were set on a southern, Southern part Southern three times, the prophet said she spoke the truth, she spoke the truth, she spoke the truth. And then the prophets are lower and he was an upset key for you, but this low key for you, but this one was uncommon. Now Yeah. Are you from Michigan? He said, How can a love purify a people when the weak amongst them cannot take the rights from the strong? How can we expect a law to purify us when the weakest amongst us cannot receive the rights from the strongest? How can we expect a lot of purifiers when children are harassed by their parents, in our own communities when the elderly are neglected? And not given even

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the rights of companionship in our own communities? How can we expect a law to purify us when we have cases of husbands who will neither divorce their wife, nor remain married to them? And no one stands up to that abuse of power? How do we expect a law to purify us when we see people being killed by the police because of their skin color? And none of us say anything to oppose them? Or how often or how few of us do us do a stand against that or do anything against it? When we witness oppression, we do not oppose it. This is an injustice not befitting any Muslim. And this is a theme throughout the program, that the one who sees the injustice and does not oppose it

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is immoral, and can be punished with the same punishment as the one who's perpetrating the injustice. When something hits that inadequacy, whether it

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was his fear, the punishment that will not come against those who are impressive, specifically, not only the ones who are perpetrating the oppression, the ones who are sitting and watching and not doing anything will come under that same punishment. How can the law purify us when we don't stand with the weak and the oppressed? Muslim or not? That's a question Keith, they put this little column in the Prophet say, how is the law going to purify these people? When the we cannot take the rights from the Sprawl and we're seeing what's happening today in the United States, case after case after case where people are killed by the police just because of their skin color. And us, those of us who

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are in Canada, when we look at that, we look at it and we think oh, that's just America, oh, Americans are so bad, except the exact same problems in America happen here. Yes, there's more issues in America, but their population is also war. There are instances in Canada where there is severe depression, and gives people because of their skin color. Only a couple of days ago, a woman was thrown off her balcony, and the witnesses see the police pushed her off. And she got it a couple of days ago who even heard about that? No, we just hear about what happens in America. Because then we can feel, you know, morally superior, that we can point our fingers and say, Oh, yeah, we're

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better than that. And when you feel absolved, of being involved in dealing with these problems, how many times have I heard from Muslims when we talk about the oppression of indigenous people in Canada, that they see, well, they're just a bunch of people will get drunk and into drugs.

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With no understanding of what happened to them, no understanding of what happened to them of the residency schools that were they were put into, have all the impression that the face drop their agents.

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Is that the stance of a Muslim who looks at someone being oppressed and says, well, it's their own fault. Imagine people looking at Muslims vehicle press in Kashmir, and in India and China, in Palestine throughout the world and says, well, it's their own problem. It's their fault.

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You demand other people to stand with you against injustice. But when we see the injustice that happens to others.

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When we see the injustice that happens to others, we just stand and don't do anything.

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That's not what the prophet SAW love when Islam expected us. And so when he hears the story of a non Muslim young man or press

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In a non Muslim old woman,

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the prophets of the lower end of the sentence is key for you, but this one will come in later. Life we'll dive in mentioned idiom. How can a law purify people, when the weak amongst them cannot take the rights from the strong?

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We see the prophets in the local news, send them, teach us the matters of justice.

00:25:26--> 00:25:34

Look at all the hubbub of your loved one, when he was on his deathbed, and he wanted to be buried next to the Prophet, Soul love with us.

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And the Prophet was buried in the house of Alisha. And next to him was Mr. Buck. And Isha intended the third spot would be her own when she would pass away, she would be buried with her husband and her father. But tomorrow, the alumni asked her on his deathbed, can I be buried in that spot, with the profits of the widow buck?

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Agreed. Or over the long run before he died, he said to his son, when I die, are Scottish again, when I die are Scottish again. Because maybe she only said yes, because I am a muted woman. Maybe she only said yes. Because I'm the ruler, I'm the leader. I'm the one in charge. That's the only reason she said yes, because I'm in power, and she's afraid of me. So when I die, and I'm not in power anymore, and she's not afraid of me and on any level anymore. Ask her again, to make sure that she truly consents to this. Look at the the attitude of justice that the Sahaba had in their lives. And the Prophet civil law where he was setting up on the Battle of bed one day, he was ordering the

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lights, and imagine standing on the battlefield, and the Battle of beds very only number 313 against an army of 1300 there's three of their enemy to every one of them.

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And they're afraid.

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And the profits of what I sell them is is worried about so they never saw the profit making more than that. And the Prophet is arranging the lions. As he's arranging the lions of his army, he tells them still standing in spots standing your spot, and one of the companions select didn't hear the Prophet the Prophet song and stand in the straight line is still we have survived. And so it does not hear him and it remains standing out of the line. So the Prophet with his stick

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hits so I tapped him to tell him get back in line.

00:27:34--> 00:27:39

So so so to the prophets I sent him he also jack Timmy, will messenger of lightning hurts me.

00:27:40--> 00:27:43

So the prophets of love were and he was sending them immediately

00:27:44--> 00:27:50

threw the stick down to him and said, Who's gonna

00:27:52--> 00:27:59

take retribution against me? I hurt you go ahead and take retribution against me. Imagine the profit. So look around the use of them.

00:28:00--> 00:28:02

Is the military leader

00:28:03--> 00:28:06

of an army about to face a war

00:28:07--> 00:28:10

against which they're not fully prepared.

00:28:11--> 00:28:15

And a private in the army challenges the leader of the army

00:28:17--> 00:28:21

and in military leader with discipline, the private How dare you speak to me?

00:28:22--> 00:28:23

The prophets I send them immediately says

00:28:25--> 00:28:37

teacher rights. He doesn't say Tim, how dare you challenge my authority? He doesn't have been thrown thrown in prison. He doesn't say to him, Do you know who you're talking to? He says take your retribution for me while they're in a state of war.

00:28:38--> 00:28:58

While the pros had no intentions or ever, Yes, teacher retribution. So So I took the stick. He said yeah, this whole lot. And to load up 21 Kashi from the bottom and almost unbearable, while you It's me. My stomach was exposed when you hit me. So you need to expose your stomach as well. So the profit side has lifted up his shirt.

00:29:00--> 00:29:06

And so I took the stick, then he dropped it. And he kissed the stomach of the profits, law revenues.

00:29:07--> 00:29:21

And the profits on the lower end he said them said to him, why did you do this? And so I said, I'm afraid I'm going to die. And I wanted the last person I embraced to be your messenger of Allah. They loved him. So we'll log where he was sent him with a true love.

00:29:23--> 00:29:57

And the reason they loved him with the true love is because the prophet SAW love where it will send them embrace this sense of justice. They embraced him because he raised them to be free men and free women. He raised them to be slaves to no one other than Hamilton though. He raised them to understand that every human must work towards justice. But he was not for the long run, diverted by money and wealth and his own self. He started from the start. He was ill when they were ill. He sold for their souls for long.

00:29:58--> 00:29:59

And that's the reason they embraced him.

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and stood with him so long Where are you sending him? And that's the sense of justice that we need to understand and implement in our own lives. We have all sorts of stuff

00:30:21--> 00:30:27

sudo Del Sol sonamarg scooted up will add to your site deal and weigh up

00:30:29--> 00:30:36

the profits of the lower end you send them these before his death he stood in front of the people and he said to me you handouts

00:30:40--> 00:30:41

he's an old people.

00:30:44--> 00:30:46

I am standing above you, I'm standing before you.

00:30:48--> 00:30:52

And it may be that I all rights to others.

00:30:54--> 00:30:59

And I'm going to Chicago where I run for has our ad funniest funniest

00:31:01--> 00:31:07

woman come to us to Maryland, for her buddy Phineas Stockman on a good trajectory.

00:31:10--> 00:31:10

For this

00:31:12--> 00:31:30

is an old people, whoever's Honor, I have insulted This is my honor. Let them take retribution. And Wolfers. Well, I have taken this is my wealth, let them take their compensation. And what was bad I have struck for how the lottery, this is my back, let them strike it.

00:31:31--> 00:32:14

I know when I have pulled in. And let's not a single one of you save in the auction right now that I am afraid of retribution, for in the shame that they set me properly. shut me because taking revenge against you is not from my mannerisms and not from my character will allow me in that I have a forum on young, the ones I learned the most from you today are the ones who will take the rights from me if I have taken any of the rights. And the profit kept sending this over and over, whose rights have I taken common take from me? Who did I harm come in tip from me. And the Prophet kept saying this over and over. The ones I love the most today are the ones who take the rights from me if I've taken

00:32:14--> 00:32:23

anything from them. And he kept seeing this over and over until I informed him about us because of the prophets of Islam. He said O Messenger of Allah,

00:32:24--> 00:32:43

you asked me to give money to a poor person, you said you would pay me back and you haven't. And the Prophet paid him back. And then further said later, I didn't need the money and I didn't want the money. But because of how much the Prophet emphasizes that wherever his rights he has taken he wants to repay them. I felt if I remain silent, I might be sending.

00:32:44--> 00:32:46

I fear that I might be sending if I didn't speak up

00:32:47--> 00:32:57

the proper size. This will be days before he passed away, to show us how much the believer should be striving to ensure they haven't harmed other people

00:32:58--> 00:33:28

and that they err on the side of those who have been oppressed. And the prophet SAW love when he said when he said to Oscar Wilde to go to Yemen, to preach the Word of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And he gave him advice. He said to Omar eyes, you may not see me again, this may be our last time See, and it was in fact the last time seeing each other. He said to him up his advice. What took Well, there was no room for enamelling Sabina joaquina, like a champ. He said fear the dwad of the one who's oppressed because there is no barrier.

00:33:29--> 00:33:55

There is no barrier between the door of the oppressed and between Allah and the Prophet was sending was to go to a non Muslim people to be amongst them and preach and call them to a law. And he tells him be aware of the drive of the one who was oppressed, even though they were not Muslim. Because Allah will still answer the drive of the oppressed, even if they're non Muslim in this world. If they asked for something in this world of law, we'll listen to them.

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And so if they may draw against us for not upholding Islam, and not preaching the truth and not acting upon the truth standard. We know that our profits in the long run even seven titles for a couple of decades and then listen to the advice of the Prophet and fear that he was the one who was oppressed because there is no barrier between third and between Allah subhanho wa Taala we escalus parents either to save us from oppression and from participating in oppression and that Allah subhanaw taala allows us to stand on the side of those who are oppressed and to aid them with what is true and with what is right in the love of my life.

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Yeah the

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schema alone so he was sitting at dinner with me and

00:34:41--> 00:34:48

along with other other Mohammedan metros that he will and abroad. Also there are a European and metal metal workers for her sunday i

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mean he did while he was hugging him well I mean

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him alone letter if you want to

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I'm gonna have a bit longer for time while I have medical function what I then later what I'm only looking

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at what I just read how I do it after I hit a trillion within a field so that level of detail was so terribly romantic. You're hammering me along lines of Islam. I'm assuming what I mean before returning metal. How long have you been in an email was

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what can I get in a car for

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which I am in a rush in in Nevada, yet mobile as

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the quarterback when an infraction

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was called.

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work or not? Oh yeah. Nice Norman. I'm the loving center.