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Based on Sura Al Israa verses 13-15.

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim in Alhamdulillah Nash Meadowhall monastery you know who want to stop hero when are all below him in short all you will see now women see at Nina Mia the level for well monitored woman your lady fell into g that of William murshida

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ilaha illallah wa why should you care? Why should one number hamedan underwater Solo Solo love already who are the early he was happy woman so he was standing beside him that he lay on the dean and buried. Yeah, you have nothing you know no top law helper to a party he will at mo tuna Illa and two Muslim on my right. And so my brothers and sisters, this is another opportunity for us to gather on this blessed day of this blessing our of Yeoman jumaane and first and foremost we pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala give us all the blessings and the rewards of this beautiful day. And we pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala reunite us in his masajid and places of worship sooner rather than later in

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sha Allah hotel Allah Allahu me. So today I want to share with you a couple of verses that is found in sort of a sort of sort of a sort of, so let's get right to it guys. Allah subhana wa Taala tells us what could insert an Elsa nanopore era who fear Okay, why no hurry to love We all know pm a Tiki tab a young man Sure. Yep, Cora kita back Kaffir BNF ck young Malaika has Seba many teda in ma de la FC well known Bala in NEMA yo de la la jolla while I was zero to wizard la hora lahmacun, more IDB in Navarre thought of solar. So in the collection of these beautiful verses, Allah subhana wa terlet reminds us of a day that will come the day of judgment in which is a day of accountability. But

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what's really interesting is just how this conversation begins in this beautiful surah Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us what Kula insane elsenham Neville Paul at Yahoo fear, Okay, so here's the thing. So we are at verses number 1314 and 15. At some level, and it's a memo is a word that's used to describe something that you hang. So Allah says that all of mankind, they will come on the Day of Judgment, as of now Hello, Paul arrow taught, so they will have hanged around them. Paul is literally a bird. So they will have on the Day of Judgment, a bird that will hang around their necks. But that's not exactly how the verse is to be understood. You see back before Islam, and even

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perhaps maybe till this day, there are some parts of the world that that use birds as a symbol of telling the future. And so birds have been a symbol of fate. So depending on which direction it's flying, this is going to happen to you, depending on how the bird falls or dies. This is where you're going to marry so on and so forth, like all of these superstitious type beliefs, right. So Allah subhanho wa Taala is saying that with respect to the bird, it's as if he's saying, on the Day of Judgment around your neck, you will have thought it'll be your own, your fate will hang around your neck. So it's like a metaphorical expression, your fate will be around you. In other words,

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it's already a done deal. Now, this is really important for people that when you go through struggles and hardships, or even the good times the happiness is that we all experience in our lives. This a is good for us, because it tells us that regardless what you have done or not done, regardless of what efforts you make, or don't make, it's already done, it's around your neck, your fate is sealed, Case Closed. So we can't just say, you know, I'm still trying to figure out my life, you know, I don't know which direction I'm going, Oh, it's already done. What you have to do as an individual now is to do your best to make the right decision decisions, and have the best goals and

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intentions in mind, do what it is that you can. But in terms of the ultimate end end result, it's already been done. And this is the expression that's captured here in this introduction of the a and then a love continues. And he says wonderful. Did you love UI Elmo pm at keytab a yell problem and surely like this A is just unbelievable. And then we will bring them out on the Day of Judgment with a book keytab in its neck era, which means that it's not definitive. We don't know exactly what book this is. But then unless says el Pavin yelapa who live her own literally means to meet somebody and have contact with them. So this book is going to be brought in front of a believer in front of an

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individual, and they're going to look at this book, and they're not going to know what it is, but it's going to be spread and opened up right in

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front of their faces. And here's the thing a lead describes the book and he says it's men shorter. Men shorter is something that is vast and it's wide. Men shorter is also word to use to spread things around. So like if I had like a ball, a handful of marbles, and I just took the marbles and they scattered them everywhere that's called into into shout in a nutshell. So you're spreading these marbles everywhere. So in other words, this book is going to be massive that it's going to spread all over the place. What is this book? Listen to what Allah subhanho wa Taala says next, and he says it podatke Tabak read it. Because it's your book. And that's when the individual is going to

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realize, oh, my goodness, this is my book. And it's so big. It's so vast, it's spread out all over the place, as far as my eyes can see. This is the book of deeds is the book of everything that is said and everything that was done in your life and in mind, and we pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala give us strength than a lion. So which he continues, and he says, It put up keytab but it's your book, cat, Fabien fck, Leon Malaika has Seba, it's enough that you just by existence on the Day of Judgment is an accountability. In other words, the fact that we show up on the Day of Judgment is enough that you have a case that needs to be trialed by the judge on the Day of Judgment. So this is

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what is it's a very powerful message. And now let's just put all of these things together. Before we go on to the next verse, Allah subhanho wa Taala is saying here that look, at the end of the day, you have to be aware of what you say and what you do. And that's one of the greatest lessons that we are learning here during this lockdown period. Although for many parts of the world, things are starting to get a little better now and things are starting to ease. There's this new renewed sense of appreciation and gratitude that must be within each and every one of us. And so it's not just about getting back to the way things were. But it's a renewed sense of hope, prosperity, doing the

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right thing, mercy, love and care for one another. forgiveness and tolerance and patience, all of these wonderful things. Why? Because at the end of the day, there's going to be this book that's placed in front of you and I and it's so massive, it's as far as the eyes can see. And Allah says, Your carotid keytab back, that's actually your book. And you just by sitting there by being on the Day of Judgment, you're just there is enough of a reason that you're going to be accountable aligned. So you'll give a strength. Here's the last verse that I want to spend some time on because this verse is just unbelievable. This is verse number 15, many teda in Namibia dealing FC. So just

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remember a line. So Joel is saying that whoever has guidance, that guidance is just for you. In other words, Allah is saying that, you know, if you figure your way out, if you study if you pay attention, you pray you do all of these amazing things. And you find some direction in your life. Just remember that you do that for yourself. Like you're not coming to me because I need you for something that I benefit from you. Or your existence. That's all you woman wonderful in Noma yoga in El de Laura Lee. And whatever is misguided, well, guess what the choices you make those that level of misguidance is on you as well. A lead doesn't lose anything by you being misguided or myself

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being misguided. And may Allah protect us from ever being misguided. I love them to me. And then here it is, this is the part that I really, really want all of you to remember and to pay attention. And to just understand, well, what that tells us was, you know, a tomb wizard Oh, Allah says, And don't tell zero where zero

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was zero comes from the word wizard one. And wizard one literally means somebody that carries a burden. Okay, so it's like, you know, you know, when somebody wants to go for a hike, for example, we usually take our backpack. And well zero is also the burden that you carry is everything. So you try to take all the supplies that you need. So you take food, you take medical supplies, you take clothing, you take a little bit of everything. So it's almost as if you have like this mini house in your backpack, and then you go for your long hike. What's interesting also is that without or without is also used for a cloth. And if you look back at the old cartoons, usually when there's a

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character that goes on a long journey, this is like way back in the days, they would take a big cloth, put all their stuff in it tied around their backs, and then they would go on their journey. So what alyssum handle time is really saying here is don't you for a moment think that you're going to carry the burden. Okay, you're going to wrap and carry the burden for somebody else. In other words, be accountable for yourself. This particular area

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It has also a universal value in the sense that you can have conversations about this sentence with anybody at any time. So it's like, you know, teacher asks a student, why are you late? Because my friend was late, so I ended up coming with them. That's not an excuse, that won't work. Because the teacher will still say, well, I'll deal with her or him after. But you got to be accountable for yourself. If you know you're going to be late, get to class on time, forget about your friends. So what I did, was it a wizard, oh, carry your own burden, carry the things that you say and do, it's all with you. Now, here's the next thing without that, as we said, is a cloth. So if you put your

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stuff inside of a bag or a cloth, and you carry it with you, can I see what's in your cloth? Can you see what's in my cloth? We can't, right. And that's the whole point of carrying all of your supplies and the things that you need to survive. So when it comes to what the individual is carrying, we established that they're carrying their deeds, but they keep those deeds private. And the lesson for you and I, especially in this world, is when we do our good deeds, sure, it's fine to share some of the things that you do for the sake of Allah with the rest of the world. That's okay. Why, because it could be a source of encouragement, it could inspire people to want to be involved and do the

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right thing as well. But the reality is, at the end of the day, it's a fine line between you showing the world what it is that you've done in order to encourage and inspire them. And for that to affect your intention. And then the attention that you get as a result of people seeing what you do. And so there's a fine line there. And Allah subhanho wa Taala is giving us this indication that the general rule of thumb with your deeds is that you should keep them private. So that's at least with respect to the good deeds. And don't worry, if people don't recognize you, if people don't, you know, give you the thumbs up if people don't congratulate you, if people don't post up what you've done for

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them. That's okay. The point is, at the end of the day, Allah says in the poor and below, we are them wanting to latarian Allah is keeping complete knowledge and track of everything that you're doing well into lead time and you don't have any idea about that anyway. So don't worry. If people are not keeping track of what you've done, then realize that Allah is doing this and that's the most important thing that's the priority. Secondly, in another surah, Allah subhanho wa Taala says into that area in one, yo Mata Ji do Kowloon Epsom ambulancemen hiring martial law, on the day of judgment, every single person will be able to see it'll be laid out and exposed in front of them all

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the good deeds that they've done. So in other words, here's the thing for those of you who study Arabic, the word Moore's law doesn't mean that the deeds or the scale will be present, it would mean it means that the scale and the deeds are present. And you can see all of them all of the little nitty gritty things. So in other words, you're going to see every single seller that you've ever given for the sake of Allah, and you're going to look at this scale, and you're be like, Oh, my goodness, every one of them counted, you're going to see every email bottle that you send out, whether it be on Facebook, or on social media, whether you verbalize it, and you're going to look on

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your scale and be like, some handle that every greeting that I sent out, just to make people feel happy and give them you know, let them know, I remember them, it actually counted, it actually became a good deed for me. And so Allah is saying, just be concerned about your own self, and do what it is that you have to do that at the end of the day, when you have choices, make the best choice that is best for you. Because that's what society and culture really is. We are the strength of who we are. The community continues to flourish and thrive because of the members of that community. So when we continue to improve ourselves, when we continue to strive to do the best that

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we can to be good people in this world. Our community becomes this way our societies culture and the entire oma and the entire world continues to do the same. So while that definitely was euro tune with Laura O'Hara, you do your best to hide those deeds and keep that to between you and Allah subhanho wa Taala. Having said that, as I mentioned to you, it's perfectly okay for once in a while you want to post a certain things, but what I usually tell students here is always have your private time with Allah. Always have private time with him. Always have, again, all of you watching this. If you don't have alone time with Allah. You're never going to really taste the sweetness of what it's

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like to worship him. Why do why do I say that? You see when you're praying in a jamara

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You have additional challenges, distractions and barriers, that hamper towards your concentration and your focus, you know, somebody beside you might be moving around a little bit, you know, something might just some aroma might start coming into the air and something smells or what have you, kid runs across, there's a baby crying somewhere the lights turn off, so many different things can happen, except when you're alone. If the lights are off, the light in your heart is still on the brilliance in your focus. It's still there. You know, when you're alone, you can encourage yourself to become emotional, and you start to cry for the sake of Allah. Like, that's how you break down

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those layers of distraction is that when you spend time in worship alone, just between you and Allah, I can tell you that this is where the sweetness of our Deen is. It's when we're in isolation between us and alights when we seclude ourselves and this is why the Prophet it sought to use to climb Mount Hara he used to climb that mountain in Mecca, and he would sit in a small cave, and what would he do? He would just contemplate, reflect and pray to Allah subhanaw taala. And what did Allah do unless the greatest angel to him. So he was rewarded and honored and raised in terms of his level and his status in front of the entire world, because of those moments elect chose that time of

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seclusion to do that. So we should all have alone time with Allah. And that should happen as much and as often as possible. Keep in mind being alone does not mean you lock yourself up in a room darkened somewhere. And that's the end of that alone time is also you donated some money, but you didn't tell anybody where you didn't tell them how much you just did that between you and Allah and you continued your day. That's a long time with Allah as well. You walked into a Masjid, you saw that some of the chairs that the elders sit on are broken. Guess what you did? You went to the hardware store, you went to a place you bought a dozen chairs or half a dozen, what have you, and

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you put it in the masjid and you donate it, you didn't tell anybody about it. You didn't tell your friends obviously, you told the administration, hey, I want to do this height. I want to do this good for the masjid. But you didn't tell nobody not even your parents know. This is why some of the stuff they used to say that we used to have people memorize for and our own siblings and we didn't know that they memorize for add their own siblings. Why? Because it's the whole idea of just leaving what you do for the sake of Allah for Allah and Allah alone. Once again, if you do things for the if you do things to encourage one another, if you post things to encourage and inspire people, that's

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okay too. But just make sure you have a long time with your Creator in whatever way or capacity. And then the last panel metallic includes a woman who no more is the bean Hatton of Arthur Rasulullah. This is where I will, I'm going to pause guys and just take a quick breather. And then when we stand up again in Shell or at least I stand up again inshallah, we'll conclude with the conclusion of this verse 11 all of you listening to this, and let's pray. May Allah subhana wa winter either give us strength, preserve and protect Islam, in our hearts and in our lives. May Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us to be a source of inspiration and encouragement for each other for the rest of the world in

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the most positive way possible. And may Allah subhanho wa Taala keep us safe and healthy hmm can wherever we are wherever we are. A lot of them are automatic this man was little lady what a commodity setting was to me and I'm included them and stuff in the water food all right.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah are they have always sought a woman while well now couldn't know more as the being heptane of our photo suta This is where Allah subhanho wa Taala says look, we're not going to punish anybody had to until never thought of solar until we send for you a messenger In other words, you're not going to be accountable for the things you don't know you're not going to be accountable for the things that you forget you're definitely not going to be accountable for the things that were never taught to you they were never sent to you that doesn't mean that when these things are around us and we choose not to access them okay call us I'm still in

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the clear No no. We have a lot of knowledge around us than profits are the subtle cinema delivered his message the explanation of his message is clear. Now with hottie we have Muslim we have all of these sources. Now. We have to FSC like in every language you can think of we can have we have the knowledge with us. But if you don't have internet connection, or you don't know anybody or you're not connected to another Muslim, those are situations where you can say Okay, you know what I got to work at this. I got to

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find alternative ways to get this knowledge. You can't just say, Well, my internet is dead, I don't have access to YouTube, I can't learn anything. Allah knows my situation doesn't work that way. You know, one scholar told me that we live in a time now where saying I didn't know is almost impossible when it comes to Islam. It's almost impossible we have access to every ounce of knowledge you can think of. And it's actually one of the things that as an oma, it's one of the things that we enjoy. It's, it's, it's pretty much it's kind of like a golden age of knowledge for this oma. So it's actually a positive thing that we still have is the accessibility to seek and learn whatever it is

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that we need to seek or learn with respect to our Deen. So Allah subhanho wa Taala is saying, Don't worry, I'm going to do my part, I'm going to send a message, I'm going to send a teacher and that teacher is going to be your example. So you're going to get the, you know, a 3d explanation. Everything is going to be outlined for you. And then what does it What was it on whistle? Oh, remember that line? Brothers and sisters, remember that part of the verse that you are not required to carry the burden of others? Because even parents listening to this when your children be like, Yeah, well, I punched her because she wanted to punch me. So it's her fault. No, be accountable for

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yourself, why did you punch her? Right, you shouldn't have done that. Despite that, she did it to you. You know, that means like, you could use this verse for almost any situation. And again, it has universal value as well. So it's not just restricted for Muslims, you can have this conversation anywhere. It's an attitude and a discipline that we all have to have. So that's our reminder, today, inshallah, we'll try to keep working at yourself, keep building yourself, utilize and take full advantage of this opportunity, it's going to slowly start to shift now where we're going to start getting busy again, we're going to start getting back out there again. And you're going to remember

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these times. You know, when I first started this whole isolation period, about just over a month ago, I have to admit, I was feeling really down and depressed. Because the job that we do as dorot, we're always out there in front of the public in front of our community. So we're always interacting with people. So when that literally shut off in one day, and I remember sitting with my class at the IIT, a Thursday night, and I was telling everybody today was the last day and everybody's face was just in shock that just like that, today's the last day, you're not going to see another class for the rest of the year. But then again, you know, as we got through that period, and standing here in

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front of you today, may the eighth 20. At this very moment, I can honestly say I'm starting to appreciate a lot of the things that I completely forgot about not spending time with family and that's it, but it's the value in that time, just how much I need family and that support. It was something that was lost for for a long time, it was always there just I wouldn't access it as much as I needed it. And so I rediscovered just how much I need that presence of support from the people that I live with, but then also being in the month of Ramadan and we're all fasting right now.

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This is by far the easiest Ramadan that I have ever experienced my whole life. So I want to ask all of you how's this Ramadan been for you? I mean, you don't have to tell me about all I can get to go to the masjid I can go get to have a photo. We've talked about that a lot. I know I still missed that every single time but for some reason, it's as if Allah just added a layer of user I added a layer of ease in this one I'm all done. You know, when you try to fast the rest of the year it's almost impossible but when you have to fast one entire month in a month of Ramadan, it's a piece of cake. But then this year, it just seems to be that much easier. I don't know what it is. I don't

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know if this is a loss of mercy. I don't know if it's because of the isolation. I don't know what it is but men may Allah subhanho wa Taala accept from us our efforts and accept from us all Ramadan and our fast and how are you better aligned so which will continue to elevate us and give us the best of this world in the hereafter. Again for those of you who are on online, let me know how this whole Ramadan experience has been for you if there's something that you've done or not done, but I'm really I'm really interested in how you made this Ramadan special and different. were isolated, there's no massage, there's no outdoor your thoughts. So what did you do to make this Ramadan

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meaningful for you? And as the days continue, inshallah I'll share some of the things that I found very beneficial that really helped me. But with that being said, we conclude May Allah Subhana Allah bless reward and honor all of you that are watching this, please take the time to share this message. It's It's literally just for the benefit of

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Shall we hope that we all get a portion of that reward be as Neela hytera so take care guys, it is now almost 130 so we can pray Our selected, especially for those of you in eastern standard time, you can pray your syllable. Of course that is for rokerites all of you that I see online commenting why they call them Allah bless you guys and honor you guys. Thank you for your support ecosystem. Brother mark, I see you man I see you every week. May Allah bless you brother I can't wait to to be able to see you and hang out with you in sha Allah hoteller Okay, everybody take care of just like a level hydron and enjoy the rest of your tomorrow, said Mr. Lee Kumara to La Jolla Barakatuh