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Santa Monica, Santa Monica Tula. And my name is de Tifa. And I'm from Switzerland. And my question was, is it possible to be a modest Muslim and wear fashionable clothing? Ie, colorful, headscarf, accessories? Does this not defeat the whole purpose of wearing the headscarf and being modest? And my second question was a continuation of the question you answered earlier about the prayer. Select early. And is it permissible for a student or working person to pray Asha ad in the UK? As I said, it's really late. June summer period.

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Okay, just like Hello. Hi. Thank you. So the first part of the question here is, is it modest for a Muslim woman that she wears different color hijabs, you know, some hijabs that have sparkles, things like that? Or does that defeat the entire purpose of the hijab? For all of our sisters there, I give you one, one guideline that insha Allah if you follow it, you will never have this problem of trying to figure out what is good and what is not what is modest and what is not. Brothers and sisters realize that the hijab, or for that matter, any type of clothing that men or women, Muslim men, Muslim women that they were, there are a couple of things to consider. When a woman she wears her

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hijab, she is permitted to wear colors. But those colors have to be subtle. Now what defines subtle, subtle means is that no one will be attracted to you in the sense that when you walk by, they will see that you stand out from a crowd that you stand out in a congregation. So when you when you are subtle, with your hijab, and the colors that you wear, you want to at the same time maintain a sense of moderation and you blend in with a crowd, you blend in with a Gemma or you blend in with a congregation. So this doesn't necessarily constitute that the Muslim woman loses her modesty. The second point that you want to keep in mind is that you also look at the people in the society that

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you're living in. For example, in some countries, if you wear a black, that is part of their culture, that is what is considered modest. In other countries, if you wear different colors, that is still considered modesty, that is still considered a good Muslim woman who's practicing her religion. So you also want to keep in mind what kind of culture or what kind of society that you live in. And of course, the rule is, you don't want to go and step beyond the boundaries or the realms of the *tier. So keep that in mind. It is up to you to look at the society and the village or the community that you live in for you to know what is going to be modest or not. Keep in mind

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that when you do that, you also practice all of the conditions of your hijab, and you maintain that the hijab is a sense it brings, it should bring a sense of humility within your heart. And it shouldn't be something that decorates your body and causes you descend out. The second part of the question here is, as the sister mentioned, is an addition. What if you're a student and this is actually an addition to a previous question that we answered regarding prayer, and actually praying the Salah before it's time, but there's a solid reason like you're a student or you're working and you know that when break time comes, you're not going to have a chance to pray that soda so is it

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permissible to move it back a few minutes. This here again, it is extremely important. This is an explicit command of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And all of the books they mentioned that it is a criteria and a pillar of solar, that it must be prayed on time. It can never be prepared before it's time it can never be prayed before. It's time. So this is extremely important. There are some things some matters of the Shetty era, that Allah subhanho wa Taala has made very strict and this is one of them. This is why Allah says in Surah Nisa that the Salah has been written down at specific specific times for the believer. So once you follow this criteria, it is really untruly up

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to that servant to try and observe their solder no matter what condition that they're in to the best of their ability and Allah subhanho wa Taala knows what your situation is, knows that if you have to delay a few minutes for whatever reason, just keep your heart sincere and inshallah try your best to perform on time and not before. It's time.