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The below him in a shade kind of regime yeah new hi lady man oh my god damming Coleman Dini he for some Fiat tiller who we call me a boom where your moon

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and inlet in Ireland meaning that in Ireland and caffine yuja Hindu nafi sebelah

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half una la Motta

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the Anika formula De

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La Hoya as you can really

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rubbish, so they were Silly me, Dr. Tommy lasagna alcalde hamdulillah salat wa salam and also he also made some money by taking credit break but um hopefully to be regular for the remainder of Ramadan Allah Adam

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another episode of counselling healing and an idea that that I found striking that I've been meaning to talk to you about

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belongs to sort of my radar so pretty scary is I'll first give you guys a rough translation of the idea and then we'll talk about something that I really think just just spoke to me very loudly in this area you are Latina Armando those of you who claim to have faith when you attack them in command Dini, whoever might turn back, retreat

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away from your from his religion among you, for Sophia de la Habib, Ahmed and soon Allah will bring forward another group, another nation, you have go home, or you have Boone, aho II nation who he shall love and they shall love him. I will let in other meaning they shall be these people that Allah will replace you with should you want to turn away from your religion will be extremely humble and powerless when it comes to their dealings with believers. What is it in other Catherine and they will be authoritative and straightforward and and strong in their dealings with disbelievers usually doing if you submit enough, they will struggle in a less path whether you're halfway no matter law,

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amen and they will not fear the blame cast by anyone who cast blame the Liga for bola he Manisha that is the fever of Allah He granted to whoever he wants, well, lavoisier and Liam and Allah is vast, knowledgeable. This is his first of all, a pretty scary reality. This is sort of my that's one of the last solos to be revealed to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So Makkah has basically been conquered at this point. And the Islam is the dominant religion in the Arabian Peninsula, in the land of Hejaz, that has already happened. And now Allah is giving us sort of a you can think of it as the Warren's farewell address the bronze parting advice for the oma moving forward, how should

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they think about themselves. And he mentions a reality there will be people among you that don't want anything to do with their religion anymore. They want to refree step back from the religion, right manyata domain command Dini and but this is different from what is experienced by a lot of people today. So to, you know, one of the things that I had to learn in the course of not only my studies, but also engagement with people is a really difficult concept, empathy. So when someone says, I want to leave us home, and I've had maybe hundreds of those conversations, probably not exaggerating, maybe more probably 1000s of those conversations of men, women, youth elders,

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sometimes very senior saying, I want to leave Islam, I want nothing to do with this religion. Right?

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And you will think, first and foremost, how dare they and you know, what kind of confusion they must have, and who fed them the wrong information about Islam. But in my experience, overwhelmingly, it has been the hurt cost to them by other Muslims, that actually push them away from the religion.

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And I don't excuse anyone, and I don't excuse myself, for taking such a step. Like if I was to decide to do something wrong, or say my other, let me Allah protect us from this and keep us in the shade of Islam, that if somebody says that I want to become normal, so I can't blame their parents or their family or their society or the Muslim who not mistreated them, etc, as the cause. They at the end of the day, every human being has to make their own choices. So they're everyone's responsible for themselves. However, if someone had a contributing hand in facilitating the this path, then you cannot wash your hands off and say, Well, every person is responsible for themselves.

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You see, the two extremes that people tend to develop and I hope you and I don't develop them is either it's everybody else's fault. Or it's all my fault. Right? Those are all those are both extremes. Like sometimes things happen and the combination of your own poor judgment and people's mistreatment that facilitated further poor judgment. There's a it's a

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Complex combination of both of those things. This isn't talking about that this is talking about people that were now living in Islam, under the best circumstances. And still something in them wants to deviate away. And it's not because they're traumatized or they don't understand it's actually more so because they're not happy with Islam itself, they'd like to live a carefree life, they'd like to live a life where some of the things that Quran or Islam consider evil, or considered selfish or considered destructive as something they'd really like to continue doing. Right? So they feel bad holding on to their evil practices, while holding on to Islam because I don't want to feel

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guilty anymore. I'd rather just be myself. This, this idea that I just want to do anything that makes me feel good. And that's that's why I can't be Muslim because I just want to do everything that makes me feel good. Let me tell you, when you want to do anything that you feel like without any restrictions, if I wanted to do that, the Arabic word for that is actually in

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the Arabic word is Johanna Johanna actually means to be impulsive, to do whatever you feel like whenever you feel like it complete absolute freedom, freedom, by the way, being one of this these cherished, you know, embellished words nowadays, like, man, we all want freedom, right? And when it comes to the spiritual dimension itself, we want freedom from the slavery to a loss.

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Right? And we want freedom from what he has guided us to. But that's actually not freedom, that's slavery to your knifes is all that is, is I'm being a slave to my own temptations and desires and impulses. That's all it is. And it's in the same suit, ironically, that Allah says a hook, Mangia. helia to bone. Is it? Is it the verdict of joy? helliya same word, the verdict of ignorance and impulsiveness. Is that what they want to live by? Is that what they're pursuing? You know, so, here in this idea, if someone does want to pursue the hokum of genelia, they just, they just want to do whatever they want to do. They don't want to be put any have any restrictions placed on them. Allah

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says, that's fine, for Sophia de la jolla comment and Allah will bring forward another nation, another group of people. And so now Allah will describe what is so great about these people. And if we had these qualities, it's like we were irreplaceable to Allah. And if we don't have these qualities, then as a nation, we are replaceable by others. And Allah has done this before, by the way, there are people there are entire populations of Muslims that were wiped out. And Allah replace them with other populations of Muslims. That's happened before their entire nations that have been destroyed. So here he says, and by the way, the Israelites were replaced by us. According to the

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Quran, they were they were the Muslims. So he's perfectly capable of replete and he's expressed this to us multiple times. In titolo. Yesterday, the Common Era come from Allah Qunu Millennium Falcon. If you turn your backs he'll replace you with the people other than yourselves and they won't be the likes of you. He's straight about it. He's just direct about it you're not irreplaceable you're not an asset to Allah and His Dean the Dean of Allah is a favor to you, Mr. Luna Allah canister mu they think it's a favor on you that they become Muslim

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culatta Manu Allah Islamic and tell the Prophet Don't tell me that you've done a favor build your Islam. But Allahu Allah cumin adequately Lima. And, in fact, Allah is telling you, he's imposing his favor on you. He's reminding you that he's done you a favor, that he guided you to the faith in what we need, if in fact, you're truthful and faithful. Anyway, so in this idea, he says, what will these replacing people be you hit home, when you hit buena, who he shall love them, and they shall love him. So first of all, they have a healthy relationship with Allah, they turn to Allah, they have good thoughts about Allah, they don't make bad assumptions about Allah, they trust Allah, when Allah

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tells them something is good for them. They know no matter what anybody else says, that is what's good for me. When Allah says something is bad for them, doesn't matter what their feelings, tell them about what their loved ones tell them, doesn't matter what society tells them. They love what Allah told them. And they have this love for what Allah has given them. They're content with what Allah has given them. They're not turning to Allah with spite. They have they have this loving relationship that's at the core of what is between the master and the slave here. The Muslim Omar Abdullah wants to see the ones that he loves, and they love him back. It's a reciprocal

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relationship. And by the way, that reciprocity is very powerfully you know, articulated here. First, he mentions he loves them, and then they love him. Why? Because a true believer will actually have their eyes open to how Allah loves me.

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So what what chevonne does is makes your eyes open to how are all the ways in which God hates you. Right, what are all the ways in which God is abandon you when which Allah doesn't care for you? All right, what are all the ways in which Allah has made you miserable? But a believer will actually first see what are the ways in which Allah loves me? And they will, they will recognize that and that will make them love Allah more. Buddha hope you have Punahou. And then he says, and as a result of this love, now that's inside. Yeah, that's inside.

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What's the what is the evidence that this is a loving relationship to have with Allah, the the manifestation of it comes outside of the Latin lol meaning they are extremely humble when it comes to dealing with believers.

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They're humble and weak Avila actually means I have no self respect when dealing with somebody. In fact, I'm completely humbled before them powerless before then that's the word that Hitler. You know, this is a word used even for parents actually book with lahoma Jenna has Zhu Li, from the same origin, lower the wings of humility before your parents. And now Lessing believers are humbled towards each other. And he specifically use the word meaning here because it's important, those who are holding on to their faith, those who are struggling with their faith, those who are trying to do their best in their faith, those people were so humble towards them.

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Were like this, I just like, you know, Muslims that are tyrannical with those that are arrogant Muslims that are, you know, bullies and were humble towards. It's not like that. That's not what this is saying. This is talking about those who are trying to live by their faith, those who are trying to do their best, those who are trying to struggle even with the most limiting circumstances. They're trying to make the most of their life as a believer, we meet those people were humbled by them. You know, what people are humbled by kings, people are humbled by celebrities, people are humbled by employers, people are humbled by governments, authorities. And here, we recognize that

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these are the people that the angels are praying for. It's huge, it's humbling to be in their presence. It's humbling to be around people like that. And they may not be scholars and famous and all of that, but because you know, that these are people of faith, that's humbling to you. You never cross your lines with people like that. It's a blessing to have people like that in your life in mind, and they are definitely not celebrities. They're, they're a different category of people. They're not known and you know them, you have them in your family, you have the mom, your friends, and you know who they are. And those are people that deserve our humility towards them. I mean, and

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on the other flip extreme, they left in Ireland caffine, and they are tough and authoritative. And even if it's strong when it comes to their dealings with disbelievers, Isaac and I will calculate, we start all non Muslims with caffeine here, it's a little lighter. So it's very clear message. These are people that are adamantly spiteful towards our religion, and would want us to bend it this way. That way, or the other way, we're straightforward with them. We're not we're not coddling anybody else's, you know, suggestions to bend our religion to their will. Or to make Muslims more palatable to their expectations. We are who we are, we believe what we believe. And if they want us

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to bend their way, we're going to be straightforward and say, no, that's not us. Try someone else. You know, I was watching an interview recently on a

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thing they were talking about, it was a reporter asking a Muslim, very intelligent was Mashallah asking the Muslims? she asked him, Well, you know, the church has now they have female, you know, priests and the synagogue has also accepted, you know, female leadership and congregations etc. When are the Muslims going to catch on? Right? What are we going to, we're not going to catch on, we have an idea, we have a we have an established way of doing things, we have a legacy that our Prophet has left. It has nothing to do with fairness or unfairness to women. And for you to even try to post that and think that we're going to have to respond and say, why are we putting women in the back and

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men in the front and think that somehow we have to justify ourselves is your delusion because our messengers lie to them give us the ultimate truth and we're proud of it. Man or woman. And we all know when when our messenger does not owe an explanation sallallahu Sallam when Allah doesn't owe an explanation, I don't know when

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this is what my messenger said, is good enough for me. I'd have to come up with some logical explanation for you to satisfy to your sensibilities to say, Oh, that's what you did. I guess it's okay then. Nope. I don't have to. I don't want you to be okay with this. I don't need you to be okay with a law of Allah. Or the Sunnah of our Prophet salallahu Salam it is what it is. This is it is those who try to put us in a corner to say, why don't you justify your religion to me? Why don't you explain to me why they are make me realize how it's not barbaric, right? We are clear about our religion, but we're not going to be defensive. That that's not our way. Allah has put an obligation

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on us to clarify what our religion teaches. But he has not he will never want us to be in a position where we are defending or justifying, you know, as if we're doing something wrong. No, no, no, it's not that bad. No, don't we don't put ourselves in that position. That means we have no respect for what we believe. You know? So this is an adult Catherine yuja he Guna feasable are they struggling on this path? They have a mission before them and they struggle in it. And then they Allah says well I have one Allah tala. Amen. And they don't fear the blame cast by any blamer. They these people will recognize and living as a believer will come with criticism. From those that are close and

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those outside and those larger society, the life of a believer will come with criticism.

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And they're not afraid of it. Leia Hakuna Lai Lama for the sake of Allah, with Allah in mind, they lose their fear of anyone, anybody who will give any criticism to them liahona or coffin of La La Mata and this remarkable, that doesn't mean that they're Deaf to criticism. If somebody criticizes my fault, I should be all yours. But when somebody criticizes my religion, or my practice of this religion, my correct practice of this religion, and tries to criticize me because of it, I'm not afraid of that. I'm not afraid of their judgement, I don't need to impress them. I have no need for it. You know, we have become conditioned to

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in our modern sensibilities we become conditioned, or one of the biggest concerns in a person's mind is what are people thinking about me?

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What likes are they click? Are they clicking like on my post? Are they saying Mashallah, to what I said? Are they impressed with what I'm doing? Like? We're starting to live a life where our entire life revolves around the approval of people. Right, and the fear of the disapproval of people. This is the antidote. Lawyer half when I feel a lot more than I am, they are not afraid of the criticism of anyone who casts criticism.

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They're not oblique, they're not self righteous, but they're not meek and weak before, you know, anybody's opinion. They don't live by other people's opinion. So he says liahona falaj Hello, Martin. I mean, Delica formula II Manisha that is the favor of Allah He grants to everyone's this level of confidence in your faith, this level of humility before believers see what an amazing I write, there's toughness in it. There's humility in it, there's confidence in it. So you can't say this is teaching Muslims to be arrogant.

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There's softness in it. They love Allah, Allah loves them. There's gratitude in all the dimensions that a believer should combine, like, our humility to Allah should not make us weak before people, but it should make us humble to the right kind of people, then because we're humble doesn't mean we shouldn't be tough with those who deserve a tough response. We shouldn't be straightforward with them and strong and stand our ground. That and that because we're caring about other people doesn't mean we should be, we should succumb to their opinions. No, we don't afraid. We're not afraid of the opinions of others. It's every dimension that is loved by Allah by an oma like if we had these

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qualities, we are a beloved people to align. We love Allah and Allah loves us. That's what he says in this, this one small idea and it's remarkable what he captures in it. And that's what he calls his fever, that is the fever of Allah, He grants it to whoever he wants. And Allah his vast knowledge about the vastness of Allah here can be multiple things. The vastness of Allah can be he's vast enough to replace you with someone else. He's got a vast array of choices. But there's another vastness if you have found yourself not having I found myself not having some of these qualities, Allah from his vastness can give me some of them. He can give me confidence. He can give me

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humility. He can give me gratitude, he can give me a renewed sense of loving Allah, he can give me those things because he's vast, he and knowledgeable so his vastness like in sort of telekinesis, yagni la coolamon Sati Allah will give them you know, grant them independence grant a more and more from his own vastness, right. So when Allah mentions his vastness, then he's opening up his vaults and saying, These are the qualities you want, I can give them to you seek them from me. You know what the hula hula sila, seek the means from him. So May Allah azza wa jal make us those who live up to these remarkable qualities and keep us away from you know, the entertaining the thoughts of, you

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know, retreating from our religion and pulling away from our religion because at the end of the day, it's not it's actually just people. The people maybe the reason you want to retreat and those people will not be around when you need when you need to be saved.

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That's that's only going to be Allah. Mandela, the ASIMO kamina Allah who's going to protect you or other you know from Allah. Allah Allah protect us all. And milazzo united oma on humility towards believers, medical only when it comes to medical one, I want to lay down over the counter

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