A Believer Cannot Be A Liar

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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the negative consequences of lying, including false accusations and privilege, and the importance of truthfulness and transparency in achieving good deeds. They stress the danger of lie, the importance of avoiding false accusations, and the importance of staying true to oneself and others. The speakers also touch on the use of lies and the importance of showing empathy towards others.
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Brothers and sisters in a hadith that's narrated in the water of Mr Malik Rahim Allah Allah. So vitamin solane are the Allahu anhu says Carla Pina Yasuda Allah He sallallahu it. He was a llama, a akuna Minal Japan, the Prophet slicin was asked, Can a Muslim be a coward? Can a believer be a coward? We know that it's not a good trait. cowardice is not a good trait. But is it possible that a person could be a believer, but they suffer from the quality of being cowardly? And the profit slice and I'm sitting down? Yes, for clear Allah who are Kunal mean, Oba healer. Is it possible that a believer could be a stingy person? Obviously stinginess is not a good quick trait. But at the same

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time, is it possible that a person could be a movement a believer but they're struggling with the quality of miserliness of being stingy? So the profit slice I'm setting, he said, Yes, Fertitta Allahu ala Kunal Mino katha, is it possible that a movement could be a liar, the prophets lie, some said nope. Now another narration from almost all the time, who is gonna be dunia that's authentically narrated to him, he said that he is Mina CAD data, you will not find that a believer could ever be a liar. And another narration from Saudi Arabia will cost will be Allah hotel. And once the last mile share there are multiple ones, which is authentically traced to him, where he

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says, you'll borrow me know Allah Cooley, Killa, viral cnrt will kill it, that a believer may sometimes be afflicted with having every type of traits except for to piano betrayal and lying in Canada that these are traits that a believer just cannot have. Now,

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obviously, if you read this narration, or you read these, these by themselves, right, the obvious benefit of it is that lying is extremely serious and looked down upon in our day, that it is impossible to maintain faith to maintain Eman and to be a liar at the same time. And there's a difference between someone that falls into a lie here or there and someone who habitually lies, lying becomes an addiction. That's why you have the phrase, compulsive liar. It works out for you once or twice, three times, four times. And then you realize that you're able to cut corners with lying. And so you start to lie in order to get past certain things in order to cover up certain

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things in order to attain benefits that otherwise do not belong to you. For all types of reasoning, right? There's lying in your career lying in your contracts, lying in your business, lying to your family, covering up infidelity and covering up a sin, all types of lies exist. But the point is that the profit slice on them is saying there is no way a movement a believer could be a cat could be a liar. It doesn't work. And Subhanallah the traits that are chosen in this narration Aleph medneo, obika jugni. Well, bookfull Allah, I seek refuge in You, from being cowardly, and from being miserly from being stingy. These are not traits that are looked upon as minor things, they're things that we

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seek refuge in Allah from. But at the same time, even those two traits, do not take a person to a point spiritually, where their belief would would almost you know, would not be able to coexist with that, with that trait in particular. And there you know, a few reasons that the scholars mentioned for this for one, all of the traits of the hypocrites go back to line

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and there's a cannibal phone will cut the bill fair and as a scholar say there is lying with your words and there is lying with your deeds, portraying something that's not true of yourself, and living a double life right in line with your deeds, and lying with your words, the manavi accord. Every time Allah talks about the hypocrites in the Quran, he mentions lying as a necessary trade of hypocrisy. Why? Because the hypocrites took living a double life to its most extreme manifestation. They portrayed themselves to be believers in public, and they were the complete opposite of that in private, and they use that portrayal of belief to take advantage of the believers and to harm the

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Muslim community. That's the most extreme manifestation of lying the most extreme manifestation of hypocrisy. However, obviously, we don't always get there. And may Allah protect us from that. And just like with any other trait of hypocrisy, you want to remove that trait of hypocrisy, so that the traits of hypocrisy do not become combined in Utah where you could be taken to a place that you never thought that you'd be taken to. The Hadith of the Prophet SAW

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Salaam, where he mentioned the traits of the hypocrites, if he speaks he lies, if he makes a promise, he breaks that promise. If he is entrusted with something he violates that trust, right? Those those three things are all just forms of lying. the breaking of a promise is a lie that hasn't attached to a prop that is attached now to a promise, the violating of a trust, someone trusted you with something that was valuable with a secret or with some sort of contract, or a conversation that you would not share. But you violated that as well. So it is again a lie that is attached to something more severe the breaking of an oath and another narration, ie the house of a fragile, a

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person who becomes you know, a belligerent when they become when they get into an argument. All of these go back to this trait of lying. And that's why I've been armadyl the alongside and my explains that line is the foundation of every one of these diseases, in terms of the interactions with people, and the Prophet sly Sonam explained it as such. He said it is Salatu was Salam aleikum bestow

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upon you is to be people of truthfulness and a compass.

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For inner city.

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When a person is truthful, truthfulness leads to all forms of good deeds. When a person is a truthful person, when they are sincere and truthful, that is going to open the doors to all types of good things. They're going to be honest in their dealings with their family, honest in their dealings with their community, honest in their dealings with their business honest with with themselves when they are confronted with a situation where they know they should act in a certain way. truthfulness sit, Philco will Amell, it opens the door to all forms of obedience, all forms of good all of the things that are praiseworthy in a person's life. It opens those doors, and the

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prophets lie. Some said we're in the middle of the lagenda. And their righteousness leads to paradise. And he says what in ulladulla layers, a person will continue to be truthful, but yoke to bear in the law. He Siddiqa until they're written with Allah as a Sadiq as a person of truth. The loftiest title after a prophet is to be a person of truth, truthful with their words, truthful with their deeds, you know what you're getting when you're dealing with that person, right? This is how we would define a person who has saw that so deep in terms of our dealings with them, you know what you're getting, when you're dealing with that person. There's, they're not speaking out of two sides

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of their mouth, there is no betrayal of their deeds in their words. There's a consistency there. Likewise, when that person stands before Allah, there's a transparency there's a truthfulness with Allah so that's, that's the title that you want to have with Allah. May Allah write us from a Cydia clean Allah, may Allah write us amongst the truthful, then he said sly somewhat iaca beware of lying for Indian Kava Kava. Yeah, the you know, for door, lying opens the door to every form of violation and transgression.

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Everything that is sacred will be violated, we're in the food jar on a Fijian. Right Allah so that even mentions that people that violate a forger is someone that acts out of line. So you're going to violate one after the other, your contract with your Lord and your contract with the people. Why? Because one thing will open another thing, if you're able to get away with one form of lying, a little lie will lead to a big lie, a lie that worked here, you'll try to impose it here, you'll try to use it to your advantage here, you'll you'll you'll get yourself in a really sticky situation.

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And in order to get out that situation, you'll tell yourself let me lie to get out of the situation.

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And for whatever reason, you're able to successfully lie and get out of that situation. So what do you do now you keep lying, the situation is getting bigger, the lying is getting more consistent. You you get used to accustomed to a life of hypocrisy, to a life of double standards. By the way, this is one of the most dangerous things that can happen to a believer to a person psychologically, you get used to living your life with a separation of values. Right that you that you're you're only this Muslim and this environment in this context. You're only this compliant with the way of Allah and the Prophet slice, I'm in this place. And you get used to that disconnect, you get used to that

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used to living with those not not just double standards, multiple right standards for yourself. And then at some point, you don't even feel guilty anymore. It becomes so easy for you to do. You know, they say that one of the things about a compulsive liar is that eventually they'll wrap themselves up into a knot that they can't get out of because they'll forget the lie that they told last week. They've told so many lies in the last year. They forget the one that they told you the year before and so they

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Get themselves caught up into a bind they can't get out of so the Prophet signs on and saying, as Kennedy nilofer door, it opens up doors of disobedience, doors of sin doors of transgression that you're not going to really be able to stop yourself. lie to your wife once it'll become a habit

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you know lie to your family once will become a lie to your community line your business line your work lie in this line that it's going to become a habit. So the prophets lie Sometimes a person will continue to do so head to October and the lie cadabra person will continue to lie until they're written with a lot as a Khattab as a liar. That's a horrible thing you want to be written with Allah subhana wa tada May Allah protect us from being amongst them, lock them out, I mean, and I saw the Allah on her she said so powerful Hadith mercan a hollow Poon Ababa Rasulullah sallallahu it was set up in in Canada. The prophets lie some did not hate a quality in a person more than he hated line.

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You know, we say what in NEC Allah Allahu Akbar, Allah and the Prophet sly sums on an exalted standard of character. And we're trying to celebrate him and we're trying to be like him, and we're talking about characteristics I installed the alone has said the most despised thing to him, was lying. When I thought Canada was zero. You had the two nd Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a bill killed and a person would would be sitting with the Prophet slice them and they they'd let a lie slip. And she says, familia Zanu pf enough. See he had a Yama and the Hawk, but after the minha Toba it would it wouldn't sit well with the prophets lie Selim.

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No prophets lie Selim would not always challenge it there. Sometimes the Prophet sites I knew he, I mean, he had hypocrites around him. So Allah it was Solomon in Medina, right there were hypocrites there, the profit side, some knew what was happening around him. Allah, you know, divinely guides him one to speak in when not to speak, but the prophets lie, some would know, someone just told the lie. And it's so nasty to him. It's so despicable to him, it doesn't, it stays inside of him. So I usually Allah said the prophets lie, some would not be satisfied, until he knew that that person repented from their life, it would stay with him, it would bother him sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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when he lied in his presence, until he knew that you repented from that lie. Now someone is saying, well, hamdulillah none of that is me. So here's what I want to focus on just for a moment. This is why we hold ourselves to higher standards. There are many things that we might do that are borderline Kevin, or their Kevin, and we're just not paying attention to it. Because we know of greater Kevin, people that do much worse than us. Right? people that tell much greater lies, much more consequential lies. And so is it a lie if I misrepresents an interaction, when I'm talking to someone else? I didn't completely make it up or hide it. I just misrepresentative it? Well, at what

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point Am I just gonna lie and say an internet interaction never happened? Is it really a lie? If I change the words a bit, if I misrepresent the mood of the conversation, is it a lie in you know, in the case that what if I was dealing with a child with a kid, right? And panela you find in this chapter in Abu Dhabi, Patricia de de fille covered

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the chapter of the severity of how you know how the prophets lysozyme would would not let these things go. And it's a narration from the love not all the time I'm caught that Naomi Yeoman was Allah He sallallahu wasallam authority don't Phoebe Tina, that my mother once called me and the Prophet sly son was sitting in our house for caught at her critique. She said, Come come, I have something to give you. Right? She's calling them from a room or something like that. So just the mother calling her child for Canada house, Little Lies, lie salon, one that Arathi and to our tea. What is it that you plan to give him? So she said, or at least he tumbled on I'm going to give him a

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date. The profit slice lm said to her, Emma in Nikki lo Lem Tour de shaden, cootie. But Aniki keba.

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He said, If you were lying to your child, when you said come, I have something to give you and you weren't going to give him anything. A lie would be written against you. Even when you're dealing with children, don't teach your children hypocrisy. Don't teach your children these things from a young age don't that that messaging is there. Don't teach them that double standard? No. So the province lies I'm saying even when you call your child be truthful to your children. Be honest with your child, don't betray the words that you are giving to your children. And of course, there are multiple things that though they applied specifically to that society, there's a benefit the

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prophets lie, somebody says, may Allah subhanaw taala curse, the one who took the Atma and Sabine who misguided a blind person from the path you know, kids used to play around at the time, and they'd see someone that couldn't see and he's looking for help and they take them and place them on another path. The profit side Some said, may Allah curse that person. It's not okay. What would that apply to us now, someone

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That is looking for help someone that's in trouble. And you say go that way over there. You miss guide someone that's in need. Someone needs you and you say, all right, call me tomorrow and you know you have no intention of answering the phone when they call you tomorrow.

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Someone says, you know, okay, if you can't get the help there, I'll help you here. These are things that we can still apply ethically to ourselves and challenge ourselves with.

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If Ibrahim alayhis salam on the Day of Judgment, Abraham is afraid of his lies that he told which are not actually lies. Who are we to say and hamdulillah you know, I don't check any of these boxes. Multiple narrations have been added so the title and format what he says about the I er lm Oh, hi in Italian motofest sudo. Allah knows the betrayal of the eyes and what the hearts conceal. He said, You know what piano to Aryan is the humanitarian the betrayal of the eyes, so the woman walks by Mashallah you lower your gaze as soon as she can't tell. If you're looking or not, you stare

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right so you gave her the impression that you were lowering your gaze and being respectful but once you saw an opening, you stare think about that what that means for us in technology. You show someone respect in person, then you pull out your phone Five minutes later.

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What happened there you're not showing that your true intentions you're not revealing your true intentions with the person calling that's an argument let's have a sudo be ethical with people don't give them a face in front of them. And then a face when they can't see you anymore. Even that Allah subhanaw taala is telling us to be careful the Prophet slice I'm saying woe to the person who jokes to make who lies when they when they joke to make other people laugh the Prophet sighs I'm saying no one should take the belongings of his brother has an agenda you know you make someone think that there's something's been taken away from them as a joke, even the profit slice and I'm saying not to

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jump out at someone. Now you handle the Roger neuroglia moment these are all forms of of transgression, but the prophets lie some is telling us to be careful with and a person would say you know, it's just, that's hard. That's okay. Perfect standards are meant to be hard.

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It's meant to be hard. It's there literally should be something in there to challenge each and every single one of us that's the point of having a perfect messenger. sallallahu wasallam I can do better. Now maybe I let things slide maybe I got a little bit too comfortable here. Maybe I maybe I went too far with this. And if anything else color it his thought was Salaam katha been more equivalent. And you hadn't either because he must Sameera. It's enough of a lie. Or enough of a share of lies that a person would have on their record, that they repeat everything that they hear

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that they repeat everything that they hear. I heard this chef say this about the chef. I heard I saw this WhatsApp message about this. I saw this and you repeat it prophesized something saying that's enough of a share of lies for you on the Day of Judgment just to repeat everything, without verifying anything anymore. Be careful what you spread. Be careful what you repeat without doing your own verification. Do your own verification, do your own homework and actually ask yourself if it's even worth studying. Because some things I don't even need to know in the first place. It's none of my business. Why would I even go and dig into this? I don't need this. But that's enough of

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a share of Kevin for a person to have. Now someone might ask, Well, what about the Hadith about the good lies?

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lying, permissible lying? messengers lie someone said Lisa, Terra Bella, the useless Albanian nurse were called Hydra yummy Phaedra profits I'm said a person is not a liar when they're trying to bring people together. And they want good for the community. So Pamela, in our Deen, you're forbidden from quoting someone's words to another person, if it's going to take them apart from each other. You're going to cause fitna you're gonna cause you know, fire between two people by saying hey, you heard what this person said about you. But the prophet sighs I'm saying look naturally when you're trying to bring people together, if any of you have ever tried to reconcile between two people, you know,

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you've got to kind of exaggerate when you're talking about a person about how saying, you know, I think that person really loves you. They I heard they said this about you, right? You're trying your best to bring two people together. The profit slice, I'm saying that's not a liar. That's a person who's trying to do good. That's a person is trying to bring people together. And so the three things the profit slice I mentioned that how to in war, well, Islamophobia, numbness and bringing people together. Well, Hadeeth, originally Murata who were Hadeeth and marotti xojo. And the way that a husband talks to his wife or a wife talks to her husband. Now by the way, that doesn't mean you can

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lie to your spouse about where you were last night. Or you can lie to your spouse about what's really on when they say, Hey, who is you know who you can't lie to your spouse that way. That means that you speak and you exaggerate in your praise of your spouse, you exaggerate when you're speaking sweetly and

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To your spouse, you say good things to your spouse, you bring joy to your relationship. Right? You, you overpraise that's how a good marriage is going to function. So the province lights on and saying that well, gentlemen, that type of beautifying a relationship, the discussion between a husband and a wife, that that's something that's praiseworthy to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And by the way, some of the scholars just for the lack of time, we're not going to go into detail, but they said, Even here, the Prophet seisen was not talking about kidnap slavery, he wasn't talking about outright making things up. But he was talking about exaggerating or concealing certain things. So for

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example, you know, brother, so and so you're trying to bring two brothers together, brother, so and so said, you know,

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that person is a jerk, but I really love them. You just convey that I really love them part. It's not Kevin, sorry. It's not You're not lying. But you're saying, you know, I heard him say he really loves you. He does love you. He does, he does, he does miss you. He does miss that friendship. So it's not even Kevin. It's not just making something up outright. And the opposite end of that, by the way, is do not show cruelty to your spouse in the name of honesty.

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Why don't you tell her that I'm a direct person.

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You know, I had to tell her that add to be real with her. You know, so you say something super cruel to your spouse, demeaning. That's how I feel. This isn't in the name of communication and counseling and building and being honest and transparent and trying to work through real problems. But I had to say it because that's how I felt. That's not sooner. It's not the dean. self control is the dean when you holding your tongue until you have something good to say is the dean right? So there is no cruelty in the name of honesty. Likewise, when it comes to, to quoting people's words to each other, you know, there's no there's no starting fires in the name of loyalty, like, Hey, I had to tell you

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that he said this about you because, you know, I'm, you know, who we are, you know, our friendship. You know, I've got your back. No, you don't, if you had his back, you would have stopped the person when they were backbiting him, not quoted his words to that person and start a fire between them. You would have defended him behind his back, not started a fire and said, it's in the name of loyalty and that's just who I am. So somehow, like even then there are ethics and there are goals, and the way that we speak. But as we're talking about getting close to the Prophet, slice Allah, may Allah Subhana Allah make us amongst those that are closest to him, in character in this life and in

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love of him in this life, and in closeness to him in the hereafter an agenda for those wanting to I mean, we're talking about that scrutinize the most hated characteristic to him, the most hated characteristic to him, and make sure you don't even have a share of it in your life. May Allah protect us from it, in our dealings, in our business, in our family, in our personal relationships in our community relationship. May Allah protect us from Al Qaeda in every way I may Allah subhanaw taala write us from a sleeping Allah I mean a guru call we had our stuff like you're looking at certain missing infrastructure or in a hole or for right