Musleh Khan – Prophetic Dua #08 Wash Away My Sins With Snow, Water & Ice

Musleh Khan
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Selam Aleykum marching to Lucha Libre care to Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam, ala rasulillah were buried. First and foremost brothers and sisters, today is Yeoman jamara. So on this blessed day of this blessing to our of this blessing moment of Yeoman jumar first and foremost, we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to give us the strength that we reap the rewards and the blessings in the Basilica of this blessed day of jumar. Number two, all of the things that you and I know that we should do on this day, so we should certainly make an effort to go for jumar. That's the first and foremost thing. Yes, so total calf Great, that's important if you can do that do that. Because the the

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protection and the reward of that is incredibly important. And we all need it the protection from the dijet. And secondly, with respect to sort of tilled calf, scholars had deferred because there are two ahaadeeth that talk about reciting sort of calf on jamara, either the first 10 a lot of sort of calf or the last 10 a lot of Soto calf if you write you recite it properly and well, you will be protected from the jab. So because there's a difference of opinion on the subject, the elements say it's just better to recite the whole thing, because you don't want to do one and then maybe the second opinion is more, it had been more authentic or vice versa. So just recite the entire verse,

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excuse me, the entire sort of sorts of calf is one of the easiest soldiers in the Quran to recite and you know, as we always say, practice makes perfect. So, by all means, give that a shot and shot lotor I live also on this blessed day of Juma you want to ensure that you do make the effort to go for Juma because there is a mess Ella or scenario that I think we should just address very briefly.

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Most massage it across the country, at least this part of the world in the West, you need a registration process. Now to go to Juma, you have to have a mask you have to carry a prayer mat and there are very specific protocols to follow. And the thing is that makes all of that difficult is that it's limited. So a message that can hold maybe two or 3000 people can only have maybe 30% capacity, if that. So you're looking at 150, maybe 200, maybe a little bit more. That's the max. So it's very limited. And this is why you see many massages, having multiple prayers. Now with that being said,

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People have asked Muslims have asked that, okay, well, if I try to register, I know it's going to be full or every time I've been trying every week, it's just been full, so I have nowhere to go and I skipped Juma. This is a really interesting scenario. But then again, we're living in interesting times. So what I tell students in Muslims in general is that, at least make the effort. Try to register for a Juma, if you cannot, or your registration is not accepted or it's full to capacity, then leave it alone, try a different message that you can get to, if you can get to any other massage that you don't drive or just logistically, you can't do that. Then insha Allah insha Allah,

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you're excused from jamara that that week, but the next week, you've got to try to do a differently maybe a few days earlier, as soon as the Registration is open, do everything in your power to be there. But we are living in exceptional times. So there are a lot of exceptional scenarios that we could consider. So that's just a brief insight. At least make the effort but to just sit back and be like yeah, I know it's gonna be full. So why bother trying may not have the same result as somebody who is trying and was rejected or couldn't register. Now with that being said, let's get to our drive today.

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This duel is narrated in Sahih Muslim, so it's an authentic duel, and it's narrated by ebihara what are the logline Now listen to the introduction of the star, Abu hora de la horn. When he would pray behind the Prophet Ali's subtle some in any prayer, he would notice that after the Prophet Allah salat wa salam would begin to prayer.

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And there would be this long pause between the tech beer and reciting a sutra. So between when he says Allahu Akbar, and he begins the prayer, there will be this long pause of silence. And the prophet Isaiah two Selim is reading something but quietly to himself. And when he's done, then he would get into sort of welfare to her and continue. So I will forever one day asked him out of Sula. What is it that you say? From the tech beer to the recitation of fat to her? There's this long pause. What are you saying in between this long pause and pause?

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dallisa to cillum response and I wrote it down here okay

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Allahumma Barrett benei ouabain a hop I come about I debate in elementary p when

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he makes a dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala Oh Allah keep far away from me my sins and my mistakes equivalent to the distance between what is the east and west. So the distance between East and West, that's how far I want my sins to be away from me. You know, if this door I stopped here, it would have been enough like that. I guess you could say that wording, that thought process and that request is remarkable that the profit is subtle some it's not just saying Oh Allah protect me from falling into sin. But he's actually asking Allah keep since far away from and then he specifies or gives a parable to compare it to just like the distance between east and west, east and west of what

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east and west of the entire planet. So the eastern hemisphere to the Western Hemisphere, keep my sins split apart. And then it continues listen to it. Allahu monokini Minh ha fire camera you will not pathol will abiel domina Denis now this is a door I'm sure you hear a lot. imams use the store a lot. I use this door a lot. Prophet Elisa to some continues and says Oh Allah remove from me my sins and mistakes the same way that you remove, remove napca also means to purify, or to cleanse. So the same way that you cleanse a white soap from impurities from dirt. Now, here's the thing, keep it in context for a minute. You're talking about the profit on a solid with some and companions that are

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living in a desert in Medina or Mecca. So wearing white is not always ideal, at least at that time. So making the store and even if you do wear white, to just try to keep it clean. I mean, you could literally just put on white anything, walk from here to across the street and you're going to have dust something will probably touch it and you'll see it it becomes very apparent. So the Prophet it says Wilson is asking Allah cleanse and purify me from my sins the same way that you purify and cleanse a white garment from dirt and dust or debris, what have you again, now he takes the door and a step further. So the first part of the door was to keep me away and as far as possible from the

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sin. But here's the problem, I could still commit it, it's still possible that I could commit a that same sin no matter how far it is from me, doesn't guarantee me that at least the effects or the temptation of that sin wouldn't affect me. So the next step was purify me. So purify my eyes, my heart, my thoughts that I don't think about what's on the other side of the planet. It's amazing that a profit I've sent thinks this way. And then finally the door ends, Allah Maha stilny min hotwire or Allah rinse or wash or scrub from me my mistakes and sins befell you when met, he will borrowed three things with either ice water or snow. Now here's the thing. Now the last part so we

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have from distance me from my sins, then we have number two, wash the sins away from me. And then number three, wash it even more, but not just water this time. Now we will add ice and we add felt or snow. You know, the amazing thing first that really stands out is that how does the profit slice element even know what snow is? Right? I mean, obviously you would know it immediately from the poor end, you know,

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that you will save you know to travel between or to travel in the seasons of winter and summer. So there is some you know, it's alluded to in the poor and and talked about. So Allah subhanho wa Taala would teach him or at least tell him about it. But for him to experience actual snow. It never happened. But coldness coldness, bitter coldness to the point where you know companions would get sick, it would be somewhat freezing temperatures for them in the desert and those of you who either live in a desert right now, or have gone and visited a desert before, you know that during the winter season, particularly in the night it's extremely cold. It's a different kind of cold that

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Through your skin, I mean it's dry. It's it's, it's uncomfortable. And it could be literally maybe 10 degrees, but it feels like minus 10 degrees just because of the dry weather the air. And so the profit is what was missing three things. If you don't have water, then at least ice if you don't have ice than at least snow, but some sort of washing process that could literally rinse me from all of my sins. So there's nothing left now. We stayed as far as we can from sin. Then we asked a lot, I saw a gentleman in the second part of the same dorm, that to remove or to rinse or to cleanse us from our sins, just like how you cleanse a garment or white soap or what have you. And then finally,

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literally whatever you get your hands on ice snow, water, whatever something and rinse me away from my sins this way.

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Here's the beautiful part of all of this. This is all happening before the Prophet it sort of Selim can even recite sorbitol Fatiha in his silhouette. So let me demonstrate to you what this looks like. You start off with any prayer Allahu Akbar. You can see any of your doors that you know that you would recite so the common one is mechanical Lomo become big and then you continue right so you have the door center is what it's called right so you recite that you are you can recite any other door right? So once you're done that then you come to this door this door and then you recite a lot on the buried beam you were being a hot ionic camera beret Urbino measure if you're a microbe, Allah

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minute Piney min and hop by a camera unit cafo will be all domina Dennis, along model Sydney Madhava bit celje Well, Matt, he will borrow it. And then you begin

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at hamdu lillahi, Rabbil alameen aroma and you write and continue your solo as you normally would. And he would do this every rocker, or at least the if the the first rocket excuse me, not every rocket but the first rocker. So, in a nutshell, to conclude, in short, loved our island, this particular door, it's all about concentrating on sins and mistakes. And that is crucial. That's the attitude. That's how you begin prayer is you think about yourself, you think about how you can purify yourself, how you can cleanse yourself. We talked a little bit about this yesterday being the first day of the new Hijri calendar. And it's the same attitude we go through at least five times a

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day with our prayers. So it's all about thinking, who you are. Your relationship with your Creator, what you're trying to do what you're trying to achieve. And all of that starts with purifying your heart and your soul from mistake and sin. That's what we want. You know, soon in sha Allah. I'm going to talk to you about why so much emphasis and concentration on seeking forgiveness for mistakes. We're not perfect human beings, we're always going to have mistakes. So why so much pressure all the time to cleanse and purify, cleanse and purify? Why? What What is the outcome of that? Yes, we know unless forgiveness Allah's mercy, we know that Allah is Jenna and all of these

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wonderful things in sha Allah, whatever Allah. But in this world, we don't see that we don't see paradise, we may not see the mercy that we're looking for, we may not feel or see the forgiveness that we want. Now, that all comes later. So what's in it for us? To seek a less forgiveness all day, every day? In this world? What's in it for us? What do we get out of that? What What does that do to a human being? What does it do for their attitude for their presence, for their behavior for the choices, they make all of these things? What does it do for all of us? do for you and I? Do you feel different? Are you going to start speaking different? Are you going to start acting differently?

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What happens to you what happens to your life? So what's the incentive in a worldly sense, with respect to seeking forgiveness so often, each and every day of our lives? We're going to talk about that inshallah. So just some of the logical things to look out for and to benefit from mithila hytera. So with that being said, all of our brothers and sisters, this blessed day of this blessing hour of Friday, tomorrow, we ask Allah God Almighty to protect us to shower, His mercy and His forgiveness on all of us to continue to guide us to the truth, to guide us to what is best to guide us to what is important, meaningful and inspiring to all of us. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to

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love us and to protect us to protect our brothers and sisters, families, our friends in humans.

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manatee all across the globe. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to always and forever forgive us love us and protect us, our friends, our families love them and mean. With that being said, my brothers and sisters, all of you that are joining us, wherever you may be on this planet, wherever you are, I want to just on this day, send my gratitude to all of you, and say thank you for always being there. And thank you for always supporting us. These are simply reminders. We're just trying to encourage one another. We're trying to inspire each other. We're trying to make each other feel good about ourselves, so that we can be good people we can be good, good citizens of humanity, and do what is

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right, always and forever. Insha Allah hotelera so continue to join me we have two more episodes and then we will conclude the series. I can't wait to share with you guys my next series in sha Allah. So here's a hint, we're finally going to get into a Tafseer. So we're finally going to choose one chapter of the Quran and we're going to explain it literally from beginning to end. So in sha Allah huhtala I can't wait to tell you what the subject of that will be and how we're going to do that in sha Allah. So with that being said, may Allah so God bless you all, protect you and keep you safe and healthy wherever you are just a level higher than was solimar alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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