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Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah salam ala Holly while early he was heavy woman while

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a man buried so today is the first day of Hydra. And I want to share with you one very beautiful wisdom, why the new year and the Islamic calendar is so important. Now it's just by the design of Allah subhanho wa Taala that he designed the first day of Muharram. It's coming after one of the most blessed set times of the entire year, the month of ledger. Remember the first 10 days of the ledger? why that was so bless it and had done all the things that we were encouraged to do. And number two, remember the day of how we were encouraged to fast if you weren't in the plains of Africa, and the auto fed day is the most important day of the hedge. So you come out of a month

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already where it's all about the forgiveness. It's all about seeking Allah's mercy and blessings. It's all about those important things that we need, so that we can flourish in life and flourish in our relationship with our Creator. But here's the wisdom from the hedger. We come now into the beginning of a brand new year, the month of Muharram. And in this month, we're encouraged to fast on the days of our shoulder. So now here's the thing, here's the thing. Now, in this particular month, we're also encouraged to fast, we're also encouraged to seek Allah's forgiveness. It's also a blessed month, there's an authentic hadith narrated by ignore our best little deal of mine whom that

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the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam had encouraged them to fast in this month as well, particularly in the middle of the month as well. So the either the 13th 14th or 15th, somewhere in that period, scholars have differed on these numbers, some say 14 1516, some say 15 1617. So somewhere in the middle of the month in sha Allah hotevilla, try to fast at least one day or three consecutive days, whatever you can in sha Allah. But the here's the purpose behind it is, of course, that you're doing that to try your very best to seek a lust, forgiveness and to continue that discipline, continue that focus and concentration. So what is the wisdom, you see, you end off a year with forgiveness,

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and you start a brand new year, the fresh start of your entire year in sha Allah is also on the platform of forgiveness and mercy. So it's actually such a beautiful thing that everything just sort of synchronizes very well together. For the believer, our whole life revolves around the forgiveness and pleasure of our Creator. And so keep in mind this wisdom, because these are some of the hidden secrets behind why we have this transition from now the past year to this new year. I see a lot of posts online, and it's coming from a good place, I'm sure that people are wishing each other, you know, happy new year and wishing each other the best as the new year begins and all of the things,

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we talked a lot about resolutions and so on and so forth. So what's Islam have to say about this? wishing somebody a happy new year, there's really nothing wrong with it. I mean, you're just saying to somebody that you want them to have a happy year, a happy start to this year. What's wrong with that? encourage each other, it only brings good for one another. Usually when people think happy new year they think to themselves, okay, they look back at how other religions and other customs when it comes to the New Year. What people do you know, the whole partying and staying up late and so on. That has nothing to do with how Muslims welcome. A new year in the Islamic calendar, we come out a

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fate of a face of seeking a loss forgiveness, we continue along the same path continuing to seek Allah's forgiveness. So you're wishing somebody a pleasant journey as they continue to seek Allah subhanho wa Taala is forgiveness. The second thing is resolutions. This is something that scholars have talked about, absolutely encouraged nothing wrong. Resolution. Literally you're thinking about goals, you're thinking about things you want to achieve in life, things to make yourself a better person to uplift yourself to make you make the people around you better just to change and continue on a path or on a course that not only brings the pleasure of your Creator, but also you continue to

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strive you continue to see you to reach certain goals and ambitions that you bad intentions that you may have had for years, maybe months on end and for whatever reason you couldn't do it. So you're trying your best to continue with that in sha Allah. encouraging each other to set goals in life is from the Sunnah of our Prophet, Allah His salatu salam

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It's from our religion. So if it means is the final thing and then we'll get into our door today inshallah, if this means the first day of the of the Islamic calendar the first our new day of the new year of the Islamic calendar if this means that this is an opportunity for you to start to press that reset button in your life and then started off on this path or on the first footstep towards seeking and continuing to seek a less pleasure and forgiveness and that's a great start for you may Allah subhanho wa Taala make it easy for you in short lo Tara Allah, Allah him and now let's get into today's do our today's do our is narrated in Bosnian Muslim, and many of the companions

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actually narrated the story, I'm going to read it to you and I'm sure a lot of you have heard this story before. This is a dwara that all of us should memorize if you haven't done so already, and it is a dorm. Remember in the first episode I said to you that there are two types of door there's the type of door where you ask Allah for something. The second type is you praise Allah. So you praise Allah you make to speak of Allah. This door has a combination of both. So listen to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam used to say Allahumma in Allahu Malacca a slumped what became meant while a cattle were killed, pause.

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Oh Allah for you, I submit myself completely. And to you meant I have full trust and faith in you. Oh Allah. So what are you asking for here? Not to nothing really. But you're reaffirming your commitment and your position with your Creator. Obviously, none of this does not happen without a less permission. You can't submit yourself to Allah or have faith in Allah unless Allah allows you to submit and have faith to him. So it's just like prayer. When you hear how you're Allah salah and halal filler, you can't respond to that unless Allah gives you the ability, the strength and the comprehension to hear the call. And now I need to respond. So it's the same idea here you're asking

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and you're saying you're you're praising align you're saying to you I submit myself to you I have full and complete trust and complete faith and then it continues while they kept our Celt what LA County inept, you are the one that I also have complete reliance upon you are the one that I make complete Toba and repentance towards what became a ha subject. This is interesting. And with you, I release all of my stress, my complaints, my problems, I release all of this with you or Allah. So you see what's happening so far, you haven't say, Oh Allah give me or Allah, I asked you. You're reaffirming your position with Allah. Now why did I choose this door out for today? I think this is

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the perfect way to start off the new year in sha Allah, Allah. So if we're going to talk about this whole new year, we're going to talk about what it is that we should be thinking about. reaffirm your position with Allah. That's a great first step. See, where do you stand in front of Allah? If this was your last day on earth, are you ready to say to Allah, oh, Allah, I was in a great position when when I left or when I left the earth, I was in a great place and I'm satisfied. I'm ready to meet you. We are up. So think about those things when you hear the story. And then it continues, what la kaha, kempt and to you, Oh Allah, I trust you to be the one who is in full control and judgment in

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my affairs, because you are an Hakeem. So I trust you to decide for me what is best to steer me in whatever path is best for me. So I trust fully that you will decide. Now continue folfiri Lee Malka dumped woman a heart or Allah now we're going to get into the asking part of the door. Oh Allah, we ask you to forgive us for what we have done in what we are going to do in the future. So the mistakes that are to come the sins that are to come, one 100 and what has already passed. So basically you're asking a low Allah forgive me of all the sins of the past and all of the sins to come. You haven't even done the mistake yet and you're already asking Allah to forgive you for it.

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That is what a true believer is. We are thinking ahead. So when we're talking about resolutions when we're talking about the new year when we're talking about Okay, what what do I want to change about myself? Well, maybe this is something to add. Maybe you are someone that seeks a loss, forgiveness you make

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Tobit in repentance every day, that's great Alhamdulillah here's another layer to add to the start to ask a lot of forgive you or a low whatever I'm about to say whatever I'm about to do whatever I'm going to say today, the actions of my day to day, Oh Allah, forgive me for any mistakes or shortcomings that I would that may or may not happen today. Because I trust you, you know what will happen? You know, when you start off with that kind of attitude, you start thinking about everything you say, and do that entire day. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala of Prophet it subtle, some continues, well, my throat woman, Ireland, what I keep in secret, and what is apparent. So even the mistakes

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that I harbor from within, or the mistakes that is obvious and apparent to others, or Allah, forgive me for all of it. It's so beautiful, it's so complete. And now it concludes, and tell him what caused him what until you are the one in front you are the one in the back. So in other words, although you are in control of my future, you are also in control of my past. So in other words, it goes back to how the doors started. While Aikido occult, you're the one that I trust, and I have complete reliance upon. So it's ends up Oh Allah, you are the one in in the in the future, as well as the one in the past. You're in the You're the one in control of all of my affairs. And finally,

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Illa Illa. And what a beautiful way to conclude, you reaffirm your Shahada lead, and there is no de t worthy of worship, but to another version of the Stuart concludes, while our How will our quwata illa Billah. There is no strength or authority, except with you or Allah. That's the best way to start off a year. So when we are thinking about what should be on our minds, then this is what this is what we should be thinking about. You know, today is the first day of how long Yes, rituals fast, try to increase in deeds, try to continue to keep pushing yourself. But just think about what you graduated from. We just graduated and came out of the ledger, also one of the most blessed times of

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the year. So we came out of a phase where we're seeking a loss, forgiveness, we're praying. So we kind of went through that spiritual cleansing. Now Allah says, Okay, now I'll give you more headroom. Now. This is the way to start off the first day of the year. And in this month, I also want you to fast as well so Pinilla it's like the believers mindset is always geared. It's always program. I need to constantly seek Allah's forgiveness and mercy and that's my primary focus in life. In every decision I make everything that I say and I do. With that being said, We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala places Baraka and his blessings on all of us as we begin a brand new day a brand

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new here in the Islamic calendar, a brand new year in our lives. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to everything that we have said and done in our past is that he forgives us of any of the shortcomings and mistakes and the errors the sins that we may have committed in the past. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala out of his mercy and out of his forgiveness, to forgive all of us. And as we move forward in the future in sha Allah, we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala keep us firm, keep us confident in our Deen, preserve and protect the message of the quarter no sooner in our hearts and in our lives. As we move forward, we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to protect our children, sons and daughters from the

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fitna and the trials of this world in whatever capacity as you all know, in a couple of weeks, our children will be returning back to school, at least most of them will, will globally and of course, we're still in a pandemic, there's still the risk of getting sick We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to protect our children, our sons and daughters, and allow them to continue their journey and learning and uplifting themselves and becoming better people. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala protect our Islam protect our brothers and sisters. Amen can all of our brothers and sisters that suffer across the globe in whatever capacity wherever they may be in whatever country whatever city, whatever

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village, whatever community whatever home that they may be in. However, they suffer, however they struggle through pain, however they are persecuted or tortured in whatever way for whatever reason. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to release them from the shackles of pain and suffer. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to alleviate

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ate the pain and struggle. Those who are left with a permanent type of struggle, whether it be health wise, whether it be circumstance, whoever is left with a struggle that they can't do anything about, they can't steer in any other direction. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala give them strength, patience, and their resilience so that they continue confidently in their life. And they continue confidently to pursue a lust, forgiveness and mercy. No one will ever truly understand the problems of people, except our Creator. I mean, we can understand to an extent, but deep down in the depths of our hearts, in the in the depth of our heart, where we have those real deep emotions and

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feelings. And it's, it's the part of our heart where we don't know how to describe, we can't tell somebody, this is how I feel. I just feel this way. And I don't know why. We ask Allah azza wa jal to give people, all of us who have those deep emotions of struggle or pain in whatever way they allow us to, which will make it easy for you. And may Allah subhanho wa Taala give you the strength to overcome a lot. I mean, like I promised you guys, it's just after 12 here, eastern standard time in Toronto. I'll hang around. If you have any questions, just type them out, type them out in the comments field. And let's see if we can get so this is an opportunity for the next maybe 1015

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minutes or so, asked me what you guys like, whatever that you may have heard or, you know, listen to an ad one of our previous videos. So there's a lot of names that I see in the comments here right now. You guys have been with us since the lockdown. I mean, there's some very particular names, I've memorized them. There's too many for me to just keep mentioning, but I can see you and I know who you are. And I know that you are consistent almost every single day you're with me. So I just want to say May Allah bless you. And Zack below him And may Allah azza wa jal love you and accept you for for supporting me and listening to me

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each and every day, supporting these videos and sharing them with people that some of you do take the time to let me know that you share it in different places. And it's really it's really interesting. It's really an amazing feeling when you go to a Masjid or you're walking in a mall and somebody comes up to you and says, Hey, I seen your video. Hey, you're you're talking to us every day. It's happened to me quite a few times when people just come and be like, you know, I listen to you every day, every morning. Before I start work before you don't go outside. Before I do this before I do that. I listened to you at work. And I'm just like, Man, it's just it's amazing, amazing

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feeling very grateful for it well in the in hand. So let's look at the first question.

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My first cue so this is from Shayla Jimin. My first cue is for evening as kado do we read before McRib or after mclubbe. So evening is one of two ways on they're both fine. So you can go in accordance to the Islamic calendar. So you can start immediately after mclubbe. Or you can just go with the Gregorian calendar, the typical calendar that the world follows and you can just start it soon as the late evening hours it gets dark out there. So it's really up to you. So evening is evening and evening. Hello Bishop's evening is defined as sunset. So soon as sunset begins. You're okay because in both calendars, it's going to be the end of the day anyway, so inshallah you can

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certainly do that. An evening hours continues until fetcher. So you have all until sunset Sunset on to total regimes which is of course sunrise and that is Frederick time.

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Let's see here.

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Okay, now I have to kind of scroll back.

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Row okay.

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I'm gonna do you are asking what is the best deeds on day like today or in this month, so nothing specific. It's just that anything that you want to do, generally speaking, that's of good deeds. It's up to you. Nothing specific narrated in the Quran and Sunnah way to welcome the new year. But like I said, the prophet alayhi salatu salam narrated and this is something that we started this video with that in this month, at least in the middle of the month, you try to fast and it's a great way to welcome in the new month, but in well, however, I'm in general, nothing specific that we should do just focus on how do you become a better person and a better human being

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In a better Muslim overall inshallah

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let's continue

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Okay, best time to recite surah SoTL capsule This is Susanna Salah, Salah Deen

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best time to recite soda till calf on Friday. So the best time to do that is Thursday night after McRib until Friday. Mazel Tov inshallah. So you have pretty much tonight. Well, today's Thursday right at least for us. And so you have until tonight in sha Allah, right after mocha, you can recite soda to calf until Friday muffled of time. So that's the 24 hour period in Islamic calendar. Now here's the thing. There's also a preferred to time to recite sorts of calf which is of course before Juma. So on the day of Joomla itself, so anytime after federal after your 200 whatever you like, try to choose some of the blessitt times of the days of Joomla. The whole day of Joomla is bless it. But

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if you want to do it the third part of the night just before the fetcher after fetcher, just an hour or so before Jumeirah after the Jumeirah or very close to salata, macula, which is the best time you can recite sorta tilde calf. What I like to do is I have a routine for years where I recite so little calf on my way to Juma so doesn't matter if I'm walking riding a bike or I'm driving, I will recite sudo Caf on my way, kind of clears my mind clears my voice because I'll have to do hopa so it kind of clears my voice that way and it just kind of relaxes me so I get it done early, so you can really decide what works best for you in sha Allah.

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roll roll, roll roll. Let's see what's next here.

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So Bill keys is asking, Is it true that many miracles took place on the 10th of Muharram Stay tuned we will discuss that not all of them there are some special qualities of this month. There's also a lot of mumbo jumbo that people think are authentic and attributed to this month. We will have a video about that in shuttle Avatar and maybe I might even just do that tomorrow or the day after one of those two inshallah. So stay tuned for that.

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You know, all of you that are saying as set on why they come to me. I just want to take a quick second and respond. What are they called Ceylon water to LA he Tara wabarakatuh. I see it I read it those of you who say just like a low hydrogen what Yeah, comb, which is Camilla who akula hire for Daniela Hara, mela. So God bless you the same way I see it, I read it. That's why I hit that like button, I never hit a Like button on my own page for anything, except when somebody takes the time to type something nice for you. That's, that's something to appreciate. So if it means just poking at one little button, I mean, sometimes I have to hit the like button about 700 times. But I'll try

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to get it done. And sometimes I even tell my daughter, I was like, Look, all these ones just kit like Like, like, like, like, like, and she'll actually go through my phone into it for me. So I see it and I read it. And I definitely appreciate what it led him to. Okay, so we've got about another five minutes, people. So whatever questions that you may have, sorry, keep going. I keep looking down here, keep stepping on this wire.

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Does anybody have any experience with setting up a studio in your house? I mean, if anybody has any sort of suggestion, right now I'm in one of the rooms in my house. And you can see the background what I have. So I'm going to actually give you guys a behind the scenes look of what I'm doing and how I do this every day. So just take a look. Every day.

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I take this

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this is something that I got for my mom actually my mom got it but then I had I got her a couple of things. You guys probably see this fancy looking thing in, in almost all of my videos. I don't know what it is really, but it just looks nice. So I kind of keep it there. And it's just got all these like fancy cups and decorative things. It's kind of nice. So this is something that I thought okay, well it looks nice in a background. But the problem here is that I have the same background for the last I don't know since the lockdown. So over 100 videos have almost the exact same background. I don't know what else to do. What do I do to change all of this? Should I just put a curtain

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Should I spray paint the back? No, I don't think people do that. Right. That would be weird. Somebody is asking where are you from? Suzanna? I am from. So I was born in Saudi in Medina, actually. But I was only born there. I don't like have any connection with Saudi whatsoever. I left Saudi when I was, I think four years old, I lived in England. I think it was six years old. I lived in England for some time. And then we came to Canada. So I think I've been in Canada since I was six and a half or seven years old. And I've been here ever since. So I consider myself more than more so a Canadian Westerner than anything else. My background is West Indies from Ghana. But every time I

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tell the guy knees that they always think they always ask me which part of Ghana I'm from. I don't know, I don't know anything about Ghana. Some people say to me, Oh, are you from the west coast or east coast, I don't even know what a West Coast or east coast of Ghana is. So I have no connection with Ghana whatsoever. And here's the thing. Now, some of the West Indians listening to this, this is going to shock you. I don't even eat West Indian food. Like I just don't, I mean, I'll eat it if it's there. But if you put like the West Indian cuisine in front of me, and you put like burgers and fries, I'm going to go and hit up the burgers and fries. So that's as much or as close to the

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Guyanese culture that I am, but my parents are going to use and everybody else in the family is. And that's all that's wholly kicked out. I don't know what else to say. So yeah, that's my background.

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Do you need to decorate anything in your own show our heart is with a less than two or Mashallah. I mean, I hope that I have some of allez Knorr in this house as well. But I would just like to change the background to just something more aesthetically pleasing, I guess, you know, it just looks very plain in the sense that it's been the same thing for the last few months. So I'll think about it, I'll think of what it is that I can do inshallah. But guys, I gotta get to a recording now. So let me take this one last question, and then we're done inshallah. Okay.

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Well, that's a suggestion. So no problem. I'm going to look at that. I'm going to give you guys all an opportunity for last 30 seconds if anybody has any questions. If not, we will close up and we'll try to do this again. I kind of like the interaction. So we can do this again, inshallah. Anyone who has any questions? Oh, one of you. A couple of you, even in the previous series asked me how do I prepare for these things. Take a look at what I do every day. I just I write it out in Arabic, because I just want to practice the Arabic but I write down my thoughts on paper, just one of these tiny cue cards. And that's why sometimes you might be seeing me glancing at something. I just kind

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of jot down my thoughts there. If an A or Heidi thought we're talking about whatever the case is, then, and that's what I do every single day, something that I may see something that grabs my attention, I say to myself, I want to talk about this in today's video. That's really really how I do it. And the second way is I try my best to study every single day and I try to read something every single day. So whatever it is, I'm reading that's what I share it with you and Sholom so less than final question, how can I win over my knifes from China's Kevin

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you can't.

00:28:42--> 00:29:27

Er neffs your soul what you can do is is do your best to steer it in the right direction and eliminate as many distractions and negative influences as possible. So your NF says your inner soul to who you are, it's our identity we no one really knows what a soul is per se. But our neffs is basically our identity, the emotions that we feel our inclination to do what we do to say what we say to make the choices that we do, the actions that we play. And what you can do at the end of day two is to have full and complete control. Number one escuela subhanho, wa Taala to guide you and keep your neffs on to the straight path number two, because of fitna and the influences of life in

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general, it's impossible to have complete control over it because why you're constantly going to be put through a grind and tested with your knifes. So what you do is you ask Allah subhanho wa Taala you ask a larger, lower Allah to keep you strong and give you Tibet to give you Tibet firmness in your deen. And this is why we do the things that we do is because at the end of the day, we want to keep our necks onto the straight path as best as we can and Shall I hope that helps.

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salwaar abdulrazaq I want to get to your question, Where is it?

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I missed it. Okay, let's go back here.

00:30:10--> 00:30:37

Work back back. Oh, here we go. I got it. I got it. So this is the last question guys. Is it considered backbiting when someone tells others about a person who gives out Hadeeth without reference and spreads better? No, it's not. Depending on how you do it as well, some people when they're trying to correct someone, is they do it in a way. And we've talked about this in the past that

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if you want to focus that somebody may have spread certain types of information that was inaccurate or just plain incorrect, or just trying to spread false hood, focus on what they're spreading. Because often what happens, people do this to each other all the time, is they focus on the individual. They're like, yeah, that person was saying this head teeth, and they didn't give a reference that person know, what you want is when you ask to confirm what somebody is narrated, stick to, you know, what did that person say? Somebody I heard ahaadeeth speak it even in third person trying to conceal the identity of that individual as best as you can. If that person is

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somebody that is prevalent in a society or community and people know, and you're trying to also like say, Hey, you know what, this individual you want to warn against them. You want to bring people's attention to say, hey, this person is not doing the right thing. start that off privately with that individual.

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The Prophet it sought to sell him never humiliated or embarrassed anyone for the sake of naziha. And correction, he never did that. And this is something again, we talked about all the time, he never went to auto mode. What are the lavorgna? He never went to any of the companions, you know, before some and be like, yeah, you guys are bad. And you're this and you're that because you keep doing this, you keep threatening me You can tell calling me names. Never does that. lead his actions speak louder than his words. And if if he wanted to correct anyone, he would speak to them directly. He would talk to them, he would never put them on the spot or try to embarrass them, try to ridicule

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them or destroy them. No, it's not from the center. So there's a methodology of how you do that. But to answer your question, Is this backbiting backway? There is never ever a case of backbiting when you're trying to bring about a problem and discuss it and if it involves somebody, these are some of the exceptions to the we will do a video on this I did I get asked this question quite a bit and I promised that I will do a video on the exceptions of backbiting when that's allowed, and so this is one scenario but again, it has to be done carefully and cautiously as well. without destroying or at the cost of destroying that individual's name and reputation. That is something you never want to

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do. Mel larussa will bless you guys and keep you safe and healthy. Wherever you are low Miami. We will see you again tomorrow. We have about three more episodes and then we will move on to another subject. Second low hydrogen So Mr. D come to LA he will by the counter.