Struggling with Migraines – Ramadan Q and A

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AI: Summary © The caller asks a question about migraines and fasting during the month ofFinancial. The representative explains that fasting during the month of lil is far better than when the caller is sick. The caller also asks about legal responsibility and the representative advises them to ask a Muslim doctor.
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If somebody struggles with migraine, when they don't drink at regular intervals, are they exempt from fast? Yeah. Okay.

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Anyway, again this is a

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this is a common question with a migraine or any other illness, if

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you one,

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okay? If you are not ill and you will become ill because of fasting then you are exempted. If you are ill and the due to fasting you will become more ill. Okay. You are exempted if you are ill, and fasting will prolong your illness. Okay, then you are exempted. If you are ill, and the due to the illness, it is very difficult for you to fast then. Okay.

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Then you are exempted. Okay, from fasting from Academy committee, Atlanta, seventh grade determinate. However, your exemption is means you have to make it up late. Yes. I was going to say However, remember that you have to what? To make those days up? Yeah. Remember also that fasting during Ramadan is better than fasting. Okay, outside Ramadan, unless you have a real excuse not to VAs it during the month of Ramadan. So, it does migraine count as a an illness. Okay. Yeah.

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They need to check with doctors. Yeah.

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That's fasting affected.

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Yeah. Does fasting affected or not? Yeah, this is something that has to be empirically medically established. connection between not fasting. Yeah. And increasing the illness. Okay. And he needs to ask a doctor, a Muslim doctor. Yeah. If he can ask more than one Muslim doctor, then. Yes. And by the way, some doctors. Yeah, I noticed that whenever any ill person comes to them and says to them that okay, see, I'm going too fast, etcetera. They say no, no, no, no, no. Okay. Just to break your fast. No, if I'm if I'm Muslim, was only I don't want to be exact soon or something.

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They say okay, go ahead.

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No, you need to say that it is your responsibility. Okay. I have no legal

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responsibility here. Give me the facts. Yes. Don't be afraid. Yes. And he should give him an honest answer. Okay. Yeah. Sometimes certain illnesses has nothing to do with the breaking the fast. Yeah. Okay. And as I said, Remember brothers and sisters, that you have to make those days up, and fasting during Ramadan is definitely far better than Okay, fasting outside the month of Ramadan.