Musleh Khan – Tafseer Surat Qaf – 05 Blessed Provisions – Ayat 9-10

Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the concept of ballast water and punishment from the sky in Pakistan, using the analogy of "notes on the wall" and explaining the difference between "right now" and "right after" in cultural terms. The transcript touches on the history of Islam, including the downfall of Allah's stance on Islam and the use of "day tre centers as a miracle" to create homes and walls, as well as the multiple accomplishments of the tree, including the ability to create homes and walls, and bring back the truth of law. The transcript also touches on the issue of addiction to the media and false accusations leading to false accusations.
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in number nine Alonzo john tells us it is Allah subhanho wa Taala that has sent down is the water from the sky in order that we can produce gardens fruits, agriculture farms food. And at the same time as we produce these things, we can harvest them we can benefit from them, eat them and enjoy them.

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In this number nine allies soldier says that he sends ballast water from the sky. What does this mean? ballast water is rain is also snow.

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Anything that we receive from the sky, even if it is just mist fog, things that mankind can benefit from. It is under this idea. It is a mubaraka it is something that Allah azza wa jal has caused to be blessing because we all know the same rain that falls in the sky, the same snow that can fall in the sky can also be a form of disaster and punishment. prime example of this also can be of something a test to mankind. And we are seeing this right now this very moment with our brothers and sisters in Pakistan. Allah azza wa jal has caused either he's punishing or either he is testing the people of Pakistan with what with the same water that is falling from the sky. And Allah azzawajal

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has caused this to be in abundance so much that people can't handle it. They can't cope with it, they can't live with it. And so this is why you find that right now. In here in our city, we have rain

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for the brothers and sisters in Pakistan, they have the exact same ring, but for them it has caused them that they can't survive, it has caused them that all their homes and land and agriculture building everything has been destroyed. However we are experiencing enjoying it in a completely different manner. This is called the mat the blessed water this is a sight point. The Arabic word for rain is mapa

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however Eliza gel here in this he calls the water from the sky map. What is the difference between mother and man they are both rain water.

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This is a sight point for everyone. Whenever you see the word mother in the Koran it is talking about punishment. Okay, it's talking about punishment from the sky. So Mater could be punishment from the sky with water it can also mean other things allies social cause that punishment can fall from the sky in balls of fire in other ways and allies So Joe we'll call it moto whenever you see now allies so a gel is talking about Matt which is another word for water that he's saying that he's sent down Matt from the sky then this is we know is water that is blood is beneficial and there's no punishment involved in it.

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So this is just a side point for us. Why does allies so just send down the water gives us the reason the exact same as for em but Navy Gen 19 will have bellhouse lead in order that we can create our garden survive grow our fruits or vegetables etc. The word here is Jen net. And we all know this word from Jenna. Jen the word gender it means a garden. So you can actually say that I have a little gender in the back of my house meaning your backyard, it's a garden you can also call this this is my little agenda. This is the linguistic understanding the linguistic meaning of the word gender. And so here it is just written in the plural form. And there are lemma of Tafseer to explain to us

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that here alized so he is talking about what the word gender means in its linguistic form. So forest trees, greenery all of these things fall under the word Jen net.

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Why is Eliza

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doing this. Why all of a sudden talking about the blessings from the sky? Remember last week what we left you with? The disbelievers denied everything from Allah azza wa jal. They denied that the poor and was a miracle they denied that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sent to them as a messenger. Why? Because he was a human being just like them. So they said, Well, if you're going to be a miracle, why you just like us? So they denied the prophethood of the messenger. So the law it was done. Furthermore, they denied the resurrection. They also denied other miracles that Ally's so Jenna was talking about, so how do you come out of this and we mentioned one of the easiest ways

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this is Allah azza wa jal teaching us Dawa. Whenever you are dealing with people who deny the miracles of Allah or power of Allah azza wa jal, what do you do in return, you start to show them the miracles that are around them. So you talk about the mountains, you talk about the the rivers, you talk about the natural things you see around you, and from the natural miracles is that allies so a gel has caused a sky to rain. And as a result, from this swing, we benefit and we can have a livelihood in the studio.

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Then Allah azza wa jal continues in a number of 10. One na su parte de la poner en de novoline. So even specifically, now the date palm trees, they have been arranged in clusters. now realize here, during the time of the motion of Kona disbelievers, the tree that they were most accustomed to, in terms of benefit, in terms of livelihood was the the day trees. Everybody here i'm sure has either seen a real date, or you've seen pictures of a tree. And you've seen the nature of how this tree grows, that the leaves and the branches they will grow and begin to hang and the actual fruit the dates itself, they will grow in clusters in a bunch. And this is the miracle of Allah azza wa jal

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that has caused these fruits to grow individually. And at the same time they are growing in a group together as a bunch. And still someone can come and pick one individually. This manner alone in how the day tree grows, is a miracle from Allah azza wa jal. Now here, Allah subhanho wa Taala is using a specific example that the missionary Khun them knew there very well accustomed to it. So Allah azza wa jal, this is the wisdom behind our

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is he used something that they all knew about, they will accustomed to it, and said here, even what you guys have been using, even what you guys are accustomed to all these years and centuries, this is also a miracle from me. I have also given this to you in clusters.

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The date palm tree, in and of itself is a miracle. If you see how the day trees are used today, nothing has gone to waste even the roots of the tree itself is used for various things even until today. The day tree, the branches are used to build homes, and they're used as roofs for homes. The actual trunk of the tree has many benefits in and of itself, that medicine is extracted from it. It is also used to create walls and fences. And if you go into mainly in the Arab countries in the desert, you will see that Arabs are still using these day trees for these purposes.

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So Furthermore, we continue a lot and is showing these disbelievers miracles in order that it would cause their hearts to be soft, and they will come back to the truth of Islam to the truth of law either either LA or Mohammed.

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