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How Allah Envelopes Us with His Protection


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The segment discusses the use of caffeine in the context of the Islam. The use of caffeine is highlighted in the title of Islam, and the use of caffeine is discussed in a context that is not generally considered a general term. The segment also touches on the use of caffeine in the context of the use of caffeine in the context of the use of caffeine in the context of the use of caffeine in the context of the use of caffeine in the context of the use of caffeine in the context of the use of caffeine in the context of the use of caffeine in the context of the use of caffeine in the context of the use of caffeine in the context of the use of caffeine in the context of the use of caffeine in the context of the use of caffeine in the context of the use of caffeine in the context of the use of ca

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I will learn how to initiate on on regime called Aura a tongue in Allah Kenny Allah Who am I will Rahim and if I mean ug roll caffeine I mean either been early on who will Rockman who ermine, behind you Eileen hit our can for Santa Ana Munna men who are feel Bada bing will arrive in US Bahama.

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Femi t can be MA in many

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rubbish at least three were silly Emery worklog that Emily Sania Kohli Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah while the Allah He was a huge bang for my mind once again everybody Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Alright guys, so, we are now in the sixth and final section of the surah. Allah azza wa jal says call our item in Allegany Allahu Allah Maria, tell them or say, do you actually perceive our item in Arabic is not just physically seeing but also perceiving thinking? Have you ever pondered or reflected, that if Allah were to kill me violently or give me violent death, a lark in Arabic is a violent death as opposed to imata for mult, multi simply death, but

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halacha is a violent death, right? So if Allah were to kill to kill me, and this is the Prophet saying, if Allah were to give me a violent death, about himself, well, mon Maria, and along with me, whoever is with me, if he wants to kill me and the people along with me, I will Rahimullah or if he was to show us mercy, incredible words, instead of saying, if he were to give me a violent death, or leave me alive, yet again, across comparison, instead of saying, kill me or spare me, he said, kill me or show me mercy and loving care. So to Allah Life itself is Rama.

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Life itself, and we don't wish for death.

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We wish for Allah Rama. So anybody who has hopes and Allah's Rama is not hoping that they die soon or something. That's not That's not the way the Muslim thinks Subhanallah from a YuGiOh with caffeine in m&r Davina Lim, then who is going to rescue or save the word interesting vocabulary, ug ru Agera Yujiro Jonathan comes from G and J and G Ron, which is used for neighbor. And actually Ijarah means for all of you to be protected in the vicinity you're in. So the who is going to give you a vicinity like you know, Jada is literally when a neighbor comes and says, I'll take care of you come and hide in my basement or come and stay with me. And that kind of protection is actually

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called Ijarah. Okay, so hola neighbors you when he protects you Hola. Hola. Agenda nomina Na, protect us with your company from the fire. Right by being our neighbor. So bigger bring us close to you and away from fire. That's that's actually Java as opposed to Pina Ababa not protect us. That's just protection raw. But a Java jar is actually to be in the company of someone and protect them. Okay. And that's why you get the word neighbor from it as jar G, Ron, things like that. Okay. Anyway, we'll make farming usual caffeine. I mean, as I've been Aleem, who is going to protect disbelievers from a painful punishment. A few interesting things to note here. Is it began with our

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item do you all see, do you all see?

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And if it quite the question begins like that it should end with familiar Yujiro. Comb, and do you all see who's going to save you from painful punishment? But it says, from a Yujiro Katharina mean, Adam aniline, it actually stops addressing them, this is actually a third degree on top. What do I mean by that?

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In the beginning, Allah was talking to them directly, then Allah said, I'm not going to talk to you directly, I'll have my prophet talk to you. Now the prophet is talking to them and halfway through, he's not even talking to them directly. He switches over from a new job, you will calculate them in either mentally

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it's this third degree of separation just get lost. Other implications of the use of caffeine here is Allah highlights. It's not just you're not just being thrown into hell, or being thrown into painful punishment, because you're you. It's because you're in denial. It's because you're burying the truth inside. So the cause for you being treated this way. It's not just there's some animosity, it's not personal. If it's simply personal, you don't have to I highlight the quality caffine the fact that the quality has been highlighted as suggesting that this is the reason for which you are being treated this way. Please understand that the word caffeine in the Quran is never used as a

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generic term, or as a soft term. Caffeine is a pretty bad word in the Quran. You're not in a good place if you're a coffee. You're not You're not in the good books with Allah. It's not a general just neutral term for non Muslims in the Quran. You know, we use it that way. We actually use coffin for any non Muslim and that maybe it's something became coined in a slightly non Muslim civilization and sociology. We kind of just as convenient started talking about everything

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A Muslim Escoffier right. But the Quran doesn't know Quran is actually very emphatic in how it talks about this particular brand of nonbeliever, this particular brand and it has other language for other kinds of non Muslims. Okay?

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So there is there's a subtle difference in terminology