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The Meaning and Secrets of SubhaanAllah

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For him of hamdulillah are salatu salam ala rasulillah Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. My brothers and sisters in Islam and the vehcile Allahu alayhi wa sallam informs us that will no Holly his ceram was on his deathbed. He gathered his children and he gave them parting advice. He said to them what Moodle couldn't be Subhan Allah He will be handy for inner house Allah to polish a

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Eurozone cuckoo Lucia Mohali, he said I'm gathered his children as he is dying. And he said to them, I command you to hold on to the word sapan Allah He will be handy. For verily this word is similar to cliche. It is the prayer it's the form of worship of everything in existence. Everything that exists worships Allah Subhana Allah through the woods, who had a lot he will be hunting, the trees and the sand and the earth and the oceans and the stars and the skies. Everything in existence worships Allah through the word Suppan. allottee or Behanding, what have you, Rosa Parks. And through this word, everything is given its provision and sustenance, power, the law anymore, Holly

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has said, is teaching us something very important. My brothers and sisters in Islam, and every single day, you're engaged in either one of these two matters. You're either engaged in worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And if not, you're engaged in looking and taking care of your sustenance and yours and your provision for no holla you Sam is basically saying that sapan Allahu Akbar humbly is everything in your life. Your life is made up of this word. Everything you enjoy in life is about this word. If you don't have these words in your life, you've lost everything. If you don't have this word so Pamela, your Be humble in your life, you're in danger and worship becomes difficult. We

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need to understand my brothers and sisters in Islam, sapan Allah He will be the one who lives with this word. It opens up doors of Mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. for him. Let's understand the word sapan Allah Subhana Allah He will be humbly my brothers and sisters in Islam, the word sapan it comes from the word A sub N A sub N in the Arabic language, it means a board that means to for something to be distinct and for something to be very far away. Therefore sapan Allah means I declare that allows origin is free and far away, and he's distant from all types of imperfection and faults and flaws will be handy and I will begin by his praise. In other words, I declare perfection

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for Allah subhanho wa Taala This is what sapan Allah He will be happy he means to glorify Allah Subhana Dada to free a law from all imperfections and affirm for our last panel who was the absolute perfection in all of its senses sapan Allah He will be handing my brothers and sisters in Islam. The greatest Vicar one could ever engage in is the word Subhana Allah, this word is the secret to forgiveness interview sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says, anyone who says sapan Allah He will be handing 100 times in one day off either at level Hulu or in Ghana, mithila Ziva that his sins are washed away, His heart is cleansed and it's washed away from the Sims. Even if his sins were to

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amount the form of the ocean law work well. When Navy SEAL Allahu alayhi wa sallam teaches us that the word su Pamela it is the secret of salvation. Allah azza wa jal he tells us about you know Salah, his ceram he says follow Allah and who can I mean Alamosa behind? If you know Salah his ceram wasn't from those who used to continuously say Subhana Allah and engage in this advocate, then that'd be 30 bapa de la omeo buffoon. He would have remained caged and trapped in the belly of the whale until the day of judgment. So panela this one word so Pamela, it freed him from the whale and it freed him from his troubles and from His revelation. My brothers and sisters in Islam, this word

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so Pamela, it is Yanni as we began with this video, this was the secret of provision would know how to use set up set these children will be cuckoo Shea, that everything's provision and its sustenance is based on this word, so pion Allah, He will be handing this word sapan Allah, it's the worship of the angels, alive social. He describes them and says use a barracuda. Laila when the hell lay of the road, the angels they continuously and constantly engage in this

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We have a law. And Layla now held the day in the night lay of the room they do not give up at all sapan law, it is the worship and it is the word that the people of the paradise would say. So Pat Allen w Scylla lohani he was ellipses as insulation body, you will have moved at the speed camera you will notice that the people of the paradise are inspired to engage in su Pamela and they will be breathing this just like we breathe today. Our breathing on the day of judgment in the Paradise is so powerful love, how to love my brothers and sisters in Islam and the people of the paradise when they desire something and they want to request some sort of meal or food or whatever it is they

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desire. A lot of social he tells us what are the words they use to call on to what they want. He says subhana wa tada Tao whom he has Nakama whom that when they desire something, the way they request for it is that they say so

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Allah Subhana Allah, this is the people of the paradise, a lot of choose this word for them. If you want to be from the people of the paradise and you want to get there one day, then you need to engage in this word in this life and see it continuously and consistently in your day. And in your life. My brothers and sisters in Islam and Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says that whosoever says sapan Allahu la V will become the only settler who will not let them fill genda that a palm tree is planted for him in the paradise with every Suppan Allah, how many how many palm trees have we wasted on ourselves during the day and during the night? How many 1000s and 1000s of times you

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had the opportunity to see them, and you neglected and you stayed back because the heart wasn't connected with the Laws of Power Diana, my brothers and sisters in Islam. When the Buddha he said he felt the sweetness and the beauty of this word, he remained in the spear from sunrise to sunset laws or shall he describes him and saying in Sahaba Najib Allah who you said he will walk by how the law that would allow you set him he felt the tastes that he enjoyed his words who had a law, so he remained on the top of the mountains, making the spear from sunrise to sunset, and the mountains would repeat with him, they would see somehow along with him, as he used to say this word, my

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brothers and sisters in Islam, and the greatest form of the spear, I conclude with sharing with you the greatest form of this V in and Javi narrated, that also loss on Allahu alayhi wa sallam One day, he prayed selected Fisher and he returned to his house. And this was the house of God at Benton Harris, the wife of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and she had prayed her solid confession, and she remained seated in her position. And she was making general Vicar of Allah subhanaw taala for Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam left the house. And then after a long time, a few hours went by just before solid football, he came back to the house. And he saw Julia hobbema, who is sitting in

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the same position he left her. So he said to her, yeah, Julia, have you been in this position? Ever since I left? She said Yes, sir. All along. He said to her area, and he said four phrases, and I repeated them three times. And if they were to be weighed with everything you've said from the morning, until now, what you said will outweigh what you said and what you did from the morning until this moment, Allahu Akbar. So what did

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he send them? See, this liquid is good. It's good for the one that is busy, that complains that he has no time to sit down and do the work of Allah subhanho wa Taala he said to her, I said, subhana wa he will be Hamdi. sapan Allah here either the hungry sapan Allah heliborne Fc sapan Allah He Zina down she sapan Allah He medanta Kelly Mati. He said, I declare the praise of Allah and the perfection of Allah. I see. So Panama, he will be handing the Humphrey eco equal to the number of his creation of work about the number of allows creation. Imagine that even the grains of sand how many billions and billions of them there is all of the creation of a law when you see so power of a

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law you're behind the other the hunting. In other words, you've set it equal to the number of the creation of Allah Subhana Allah, he'll be humble, he added the hunting, Why do you bother FSI and in accordance to his pleasure? Allah subhanho wa Taala His pleasure is great. And I say sapan Allah He will be humbly equal to the weight of the throne of Allah subhanho wa Taala with the entire heavens and the earth, in comparison to the Kuru Sea to the footstool of Allah is like a ring thrown in the desert and the footstool.

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law in comparison to the outage is like a ring thrown in the desert. How heavy is the outage of a law? When you say Superman Mahi, Xena Toshi, in other words you're saying so Pamela equal to the weight of the house of Allah subhanahu wa tada sapan ally me there that can be humanity. And I say so para la won't be handy, equal to the ink that would be used to write the words and the names of Allah subhanho wa Taala. This is the Corolla. This is the word Subhan Allah, my brothers and sisters in Islam, live with the word Subhana Allah, it'll change your life. It'll give you happiness, and it'll give you this kind of tranquility and peace in your life. These are these 10 days of Malaysia

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we're supposed to live with this word more than we live with it during any other day of the let's say so Pamela who will be handy and continue to repeat this word until tomorrow's video in where I share with you the secrets of Alhamdulillah we ask Allah Subhana horadada to accept from us and to give us success in our life and in the Hereafter. Also Lahore cinemavilla Garden of Eden Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Germaine