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See the power of Allah in everything because Allah is Al Faail ul Haqeeqi

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Nylander Illa salatu salam Allah, Allah Allah He was Harvey humano Allah Hobart Ray in the W series, we will look at the issue of

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recognizing the power and hand and majesty of Allah subhanaw taala in everything which happens unless talents are Delilah Moran said, Paloma Malika to Tillman coven. Tasha wattens You're welcome Amanda. But there is one element that shall be ethical, in the gala.

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to regulate of in a hurry to Luna Hara filet, or to hurry up, Alma

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Mater documenta shall be very sad. Allah subhanaw taala drew our attention to the fact that whatever happens, the one doing it is Allah Allah Allah. And this is the essence of Eman. The essence of a man is to recognize the file happy, recognize the actual door have something, to recommend to see something happening from one place and to know that it is not happening from that place, but it is happening because of the hokum of Allah Jalla Ibrahim Alayhi Salam Allah subhanaw taala mentioned in the Quran many instances of Ibrahim alayhi salam, where he said to the people, he said when I'm hungry, Allah feeds me when I'm just something to drink when I'm married to a four way street where

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I am sick. Allah subhanaw taala kills me that and there are many other instances and as in the hora will draw our attention to the fact that Allah subhanho wa Taala is the one who does, Allah is the one who gives and Allah is the one who takes away in La ilaha illa

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Allah subhanho wa Taala we are wrong and we return to

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Allah subhanho wa Taala is the one who does everything and without whose power nothing is possible. That doesn't matter that I mentioned in the forum there not a single thing happens without the howcome and knowledge of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Not a single leaf falls from a single tree without Allah subhanaw taala being aware of it, and without Allah subhanaw taala having ordered this thing to happen.

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In today's world of technology, all of this is very easy to understand. Because the ability to track a single action, the ability to track a single word, even we have today, we don't have to go into the Bible. To understand this, even we can do this our technology can do this. Every single telephone conversation every single email every single letter you write is trackable, it is tracked, it is recorded, it is stored it is searchable, it is retrievable, and there is nothing that can take it away, if even if it is in your hard disk of your computer, even if you take the hard disk and you smash it with an axe and you burn it in the fire and you take it out there is a there is technology

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available, which can retrieve everything inside that hard disk even after you do all of that to the hard disk so that it's not destroyed. So what is so difficult to understand that Allah Subhana Allah is the one who knows and who can retrieve every single thing, because he is the one who created it is automated in the first place. And that is why it is very important for us into the issue of Serbia, to recognize the power of Allah subhanho wa Taala in everything that we do, two or three things very important, which mistakes which we make commonly. One is as one of my hostages to say that when you have a headache, what do you think first what is the first thought in your mind that

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Allah will curate, or I look for a medicine headache medicine, which one first not is not hard to take medicine Of course, we should take medicine, nothing wrong with it. But which is the first thought this headache will go with the medicine or it will go with

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that. And that's why I always whenever I eat something, any medicine, I say to myself I say I make when I sell I this thing has no power gives us power. This thing is is nothing. This medicine has no power in itself. It can do anything. If medicine could do something nobody would die in a hospital.

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All doctors would have eternal life. But doctors die.

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And people die in hospitals, in spite of having the best medical technology available. Lots of hands that is the one who does when the time to go comes Allah subhanaw taala will take the life of the person and nothing on the nothing on the face of the earth can stop that. So very important. Where does in terms of Serbia monitor yourself and say where does the first thought go? Which is where is the first thought you're you're driving a car, something suddenly comes in front of you, you brake and then you say to yourself you know it is the Michelin tires on this car.

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If I discard into Michelin tires, this is I would have I would have crushed

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Princess Diana died

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in a car crash in a armored Mercedes Benz

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being driven by a professional driver and you know the kind of professional driving those kinds of drivers what kind of training they have.

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And she was sitting in the backseat

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and the man sitting in the front seat didn't die and she did

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The armored Mercedes didn't save the professional driving didn't savor, the time comes, it comes, when the time comes, it comes. So, what comes on our tank first, to monitor this for ourselves? If I say Allah subhanaw taala is the final authority, that he is the one who actually does, then when I speak, my tongue must not ascribe whatever is happening to anything other than Allah. subhanaw taala Alhamdulillah if something comes to us from a person, we must thank that person as soon as the one who does not find the person has not has not thanked Allah

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melodious coolness la escuela Akuma con la makalah salat wa salam is the one who has not thanked the human being the people he has not thanked Allah so we must thank people no doubt but what is what is on our tongue first Alhamdulillah with the light Allah this thing came to me years ago No, I don't have his way for giving this.

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Not to say no if he was not there, I would have been starving in the

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water level. We must really seriously ask ourselves this question because on our tongue comes this cover is not covered as in Genji out of Islam. No, but I'm saying when we're looking at tarbiyah we're looking at trying to get closer and closer and closer to Allah Subhana Allah The closer you go, the smaller the tolerance

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The closer the board is one of the tolerance why because at that level of closeness Allah subhanaw taala accepts you are drawn like us to accept love them. Yeah.

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So if you want that status, then we have to be very careful with Allah subhana

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wa Coronavirus on kasuba Masekela

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so if you are that close, then we have to be very careful and we all want to be close who wants to who does not want to be close to somebody who says no no that's okay I want to be far away is too stupid is for he's a fool. He does not understand what he's saying.

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No, anyone with any sense will say that this is life is the only thing I have. And the the aim of this life is to get as close to Allah subhanaw taala as possible.

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And as I always say, I always used to give the example don't actually do this, it will damage your eyes, but I always give the example that if you stare into 1000 watt halogen bulb,

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right if you open your eyes look into the halogen bulb and then you turn away What do you see? Nothing, nothing are blinded. You only see that light wherever you turn you only see that light, fine number one no for some Allah, Allah subhanaw taala

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wherever you turn, you will see the face

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when you lie is not the face of allies and we are not we have not seen the face of our legs you see the signs of under the glory of Allah the majesty of Allah, whichever way you turn,

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this is the nature of the of the Muslim.

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Once he has looked into that light, he cannot see anything else. Then the tjahaja lol of the dunya does not intimidate him, then the power and majesty and glory of the kingdom the President and the Prime Minister does not does not intimidate him

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then the money of people and this and that does not because he looks beyond his money and this is his money, what money there are people who had much more than this and today where are they they are in their grips. So what will happen to this one what will happen to me he's able to see the hockey cut, even is to be able to see that

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is to see that result and what is Africa who is the power of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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so let us do our own survey. The idea of this series is for us to give pointers where we monitor ourselves and zero downwards Nigella we will look and see the glory of majesty Allah subhanaw taala behind everything, we will not allow ourselves to be distracted, will never allow any kalama to come on our tongue which take us away from the focus.

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And always when we speak we will say the name of all of us the glory of Allah first, thanks to Allah subhanaw taala first after that everything is after that everything is in a village. There is the molecule Delano

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Paltrow said where he said that you can never have this you can you will have the sweetness of even now he said you will have the sweetness of even if you have three things in you is the first thing is that you love Allah and His Messenger sallallahu Sallam more than anybody else.

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And number two, that you love one another for the sake of Allah alone, not because he's your tribe or your country or casino for the sake of Allah No. And number three, that you hate to go back to cover.

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Like you hate to be put into the wire. Three things if you have and as we Malaga, Delano said from rural Salaam, that if you have these three things, you will surely taste the sweetness of human

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if you love Allah and His Messenger sallallahu Sallam more than anybody else. If you love each other for the sake of Allah alone, not for us. Not for some

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other reasons. And third one is if you hate to go back to go for, like you hate to be thrown into the fire.

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You ask Allah subhanaw taala to inculcate these qualities in us, inshallah.

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And when somebody asked me, I said, How can we love Allah and messengers, more than anything else when there are so many distractions in the world? So I said, this is like somebody asked me a question that somebody just gave you a Solitaire diamond, the Kohinoor, which fills your whole hand, and you're holding this quarter note, and you are saying, How can I ignore these dry fish? And how can I ignore these vegetables? And it doesn't make sense.

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makes absolutely no sense. Are you are you holding this? This huge diamond which is worth a billion dollars or more in your hand? It's been gifted to you free? You got it for free? And you are you your mind? Will it take you to some dry fish? water level? If somebody says that then what do you say to that person? You say you don't even know what you have in your hand.

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You're so ignorant, that you don't even know what you're holding in your hand you're worried about dry fish, you're worried about a perishable thing which will die which would be finished.

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When you are connected to the one who will never finish

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how you live the lie about who is it? Allah subhanho wa Taala Valenzuela, Elgin Yamato and the incident agenda they will die.

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So no matter what so called distraction, no matter who is there in our lives, whether it is whether it's in the case of people or money or material or business, nothing, nothing, nothing can distract the Muslim who recognizes Allah subhanho wa Taala, from Allah Subhana Allah that nothing can distract him. And that is why Allah subhanaw taala, the beautiful hadith of Sabah and rhodiola. No, there was a person, his name was thoburn Rolando, and he was a slave and the supervisor cinnamon freedom. So he was very, very happy. And he loved him more than anything else. And he would come and he would simply sit and look at the face. That's all he would just look at our sources.

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He would be he would be sitting there looking at his face.

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And he would say, I love you so much.

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That whenever I feel sad, I feel disconnected. I come I look at your face. I feel connected.

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Whenever I see you I feel happy.

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Nothing he is not asking for anything. He's not even asking for the car. Here I just want to see your face.

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See the love of the Sahaba had for Sorenson.

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One day someone Rolando came before him and he was crying.

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So I asked him, Well, why are you crying? Whatever. He said,

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I was thinking that in this dunya in this life, I can come and I can see you and so on. And I feel happy for what will happen when I die.

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Because you will be in some videos will you will be close to Allah hurt Will I be

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I will never see you again.

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I will never be able to see you again.

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So he said what is the agenda agenda?

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What is the agenda which does not have Mohammed in itself.

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But before rasulillah salam could answer him.

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Another one.

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algebra is lm k with the size of the foreign

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where Allah subhanaw taala said Hawaii UT LA or a solo

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Hawaii UT la hora solo

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hula Hola, Eva. mala Xena, Anoma Allahu alayhi Mina NaVi.

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said, the one who obeys Allah and His Messenger solo Salah. He will be with the ambia

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he will be with those who Allah subhanho data has blessed and has given his enam

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winner narrabeen from the idea

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was it up in our Shahada? It was solly he has una una casa Vega, there is a bullet.

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So what are the Llano

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used to go around Madeira? And he used to say see Allah He will decide for me.

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Allah He will decide for me why that is true. This is the this is the Alibaba module of the site.

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us among those

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who will see Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam in our dream before we die inshallah

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and we'll see you

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after we die in sha Allah in the agenda, we ask Allah to make us those who love Allah subhanaw taala

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More than anybody else. And we ask Allah, Allah to make us those whose door he accepts and always pleased with and oh he will count about the companions of his or her school bus Allah Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah Allah Allah will carry Murali was Savage.

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My brothers and sisters, if you liked what you saw,

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and if you like what you heard,

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I want to say to you what I hold myself up for I will not allow what is not in my control, to prevent me from doing what is in my control. So let us do what is in our control. jazak Allahu wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.