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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim.

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fusina huaming see tiara Marina. Me? Yes. Do you love Lila woman? Lynn Farah hodja wash Edwin La ilaha illallah wa Ooh La sharika What shall we say you didn't want to be you know Muhammad and others

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solo while he was early he will be he was seldom at the Sleeman kathira another photographer la

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four corners of Hernan. Yeah you're living in La hochkar to quality, one hour total Illa one tunes

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all praise and glory is due to Allah subhanho wa Taala Ireland. We seek His mercy, his forgiveness, his guidance, and we testify with full firmness in our hearts and in our actions, that there is no God or deity worthy of any type of worship, let alone and we further testify that the Prophet Mohammed Salaam while he was sent them is indeed his servant and final messenger.

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My brothers and sisters, I invite you all to fear Allah subhanho wa Taala the fear that he is most deserving of you and do not return to Him subhana wa tada unless you are in the state of Islam. And as to what follows us

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on this blessed day, of this blessing hour of your Majora, I asked Allah subhanahu wa taala to indeed shower His mercy, his peace, his blessings upon each and every one of us here today.

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My topic for you today

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is a topic that is dear to our hearts.

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It is a topic

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that any person who practices this important topic insha Allah will be those who will enter Allah subhana wa tada is paradise. And we asked a lot of soldiers to indeed make us of those who enter his paradise.

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My topic for you today

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is the important topic of

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the day. It is to be righteous, to be honorable, to be caring, to be loving to our dear parents, our mothers and fathers, those who are with us today, and those who have already returned to ally Sela, Jen,

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and we begin

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with an important narration that once

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and then came to Abby, Abby dove that rhodiola whiner

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and he complained to him and he said that my mother has ordered me to divorce my wife.

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And he came and he complained to other dogs. And he said to him that I am confused of what to do.

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And listen to what

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a lot more than said to him. He said to him

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that I cannot tell you to divorce your wife. However what I can say to you is this. I learned our subtle of love with Jenna

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in * de Haas Napa Valley can Val our problem and the heavy hitters until the movie, what have you for have hustled. So here,

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I would have told this person

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that being righteous to your parents, to your father or your mother.

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This is the best thing that you can do to enter the agenda. And it is up to you whether you wish or can protectiveness

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of being righteous to your parents protect this bad. It is up to you to do so or not. And this is the message. This is the answer that I picked up that left this person with

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a u haul.

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In the short reminder, Bob we will remind you of some of the matters and characteristics of those who are righteous to their parents, as well as what will happen to those who missed

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street who commit a notebook, who mistreat their parents in the studio, and even those who have returned to a lot of zoa, Jim

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Bob, the important heavy of a lot of the hot off of the long run, he stated that once the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, follow certain law young, Viva La La him Yeoman Tiana, there are three types of people that are alive. So a Jedi will not look at them on your mo piano. And from them, the first group of people is allowed to retain the person who mistreated his parents who was evil to his parents in the studio.

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The second type of person would have you been an alcoholic. And the third and final type of person or you have

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an anomaly.

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In this is a person

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who gives sadaqa or gifts charity.

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However, as he is giving charity, or as he has given sadaqa, he is expecting something in return for the people who he's given the selection to, he is expecting something in return.

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And so this group of people alone will not look at them on your piano. For a person who does this should only expect one thing, and that is the ultimate reward from a lot of syllogisms.

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I mean, another Howdy. without effort to lie, yet the whole agenda,

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then there are also three types of people who will never enter the gender,

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gender, they will not enter the paradise. And from them, once again, we see allowed to validate the person who is evil to their parents, what they youth, and at the youth

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is a man who has a wife. And he allows his wife to expose her beauty and allows others to enjoy the beauty of his wife. So for example, a wife may not be wearing the hijab. And so the husband, he is completely content with this. And he allows his wife to vote, and allows others to enjoy the beauty that she has. And he doesn't feel any jealousy. He doesn't feel any care. He doesn't feel that he's doing anything wrong in the sight of allies. So again, and also, while Graciela and this is a person a woman who acts and behaves and dresses and has the manners and characteristics of a man.

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And this in itself is another topic.

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Bob, the most important lesson that I wish to emphasize in these ahaadeeth is that being evil and mistreating your parents is one of the reasons that some people will never see a lie so agenda is paradise.

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unless Allah subhanahu wa tada forgives them, or unless Allah azza wa jal feels that this person is still deserving of his paradise, he will never see unless God is genuine.

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And so brothers and sisters, as many of the scholars have told us that

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is one of the major sins of Islam.

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And according to some of the definitions of the scholars of aloha of the Arabic language, they define to us that when something is a major sin in Islam, it also means that alara xojo has prepared a specific punishment for that person,

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that that person will have a specific punishment by a law so agenda for that particular major sin that they have done. Mountain live soldier protect us from this.

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And we continue

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in an important advice that the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gave to the most honorable, one of the most honorable Sahaba more or even Javelin will hold the logline. He gave him 10 pieces of advice and from these 10 pieces or Johana he told them the first thing left

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to ship Villa, don't commit any type of ship with a lot of selligent. And immediately following this, he told him and don't be evil to your parents treat them with respect and honor.

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And from this, my brothers and sisters,

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I wish to emphasize that when we open for for an or when we see in the sooner, there is a very very unique pattern that Allah azza wa jal uses, when speaking about being righteous to parents, if you notice, that there are numerous yet where Allah azza wa jal will tell us to worship Him, establish worship, or don't commit shook. And immediately after this, Allah will say to us and be righteous to your parents, why go to law, while our two Shrek will be

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woven while the DNA center

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worship Allah subhanho wa Taala don't kill a chick. And once you have done this being righteous to your parents, Well, hello book and no taboo Illa Yeah, an ally. So john has ordered that you do not worship anyone but him will be worried

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and be righteous to your parents. And so there are many like this. And from this,

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the amount of tafsir teach us an important lesson. And that there are two things that a Muslim a movement must have in order to earn the love and protection of laws.

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And from these two things, the first one is to establish worship, and don't commit choke, establish worship sincerely to him subhana wa Tada,

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you will receive a law's blessing, you will receive a loss protection, you will receive a lot of love. And also do the same and protect the honor of your parents. Protect the relationship of your parents, protect the love that you have with your parents. And by doing these two things are you

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you will find that allies zoa Gen will love you, will protect you. And as well. So sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us in an authentic at a low will increase your health alone will give you a good life, and alone give you a long and healthy life in this dunya. Simply by being good to our parents,

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or your life.

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We continue. And I wish to emphasize an important point in the i o in which we can find in Surah Surah. And we're allies. So just after telling us about establishing worship, and after telling us about establishing a digital world, then He further continues to tell us that tone to even say a word of unkindness to them

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and gives us an example by saying don't even see.

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And this the other man told us this word

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is the smallest word in the Arabic language. Don't even say this to them. Well longstone while long Stan, May Allah help us that yet we will still see that there are children who will stand eye to eye with their mothers and fathers who will stand face to face with their mothers and fathers and face them. When a mother tells their daughter, all my daughter come and help me in the kitchen. Come and help me with the home. And the doctor will be standing face to face with the mother in refusal.

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And we will still find that a father will ask his son to help him will ask his son to be of assistance to him. And he will stand face to face with his father and refuse him in Allah.

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And Allah azza wa jal tells us Don't even say to them.

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And Allah continues and tells us in the same a and saw that if it's wrong, that when one or both of your parents have attained old age, either one or both of them, show kindness to them. show love

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To them, show care to them. Why would Allah as so agenda use this specific example of those who are old and have attained old age? Allah azza wa jal is doing this as thoroughly enough to see or tell us that when a person reaches old age, it requires us to have more patience, it requires of us to, to hold our anger hold our patients together more so, as opposed to if they were young.

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Because As the old saying goes, as the old say that we all have heard, you are once an adult, but you are twice a child, you are a child, when you are a baby, you need somebody to take care of you, to change you, to clothe you, to feed you. And then you grow out of this, and you become strong and you begin to do these things for yourself.

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And then a lot of so much, if you will, he allows a time that will come again,

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where you become old,

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and you become weak. And you now need somebody once again, to help you with your clothes, to help you with your health, to help with even to change, to help you even to go to the restroom. And so Allah azza wa jal is telling us that in this time, this is where your patience is needed the most. And so don't even say off to these people in their state, but show them honor and respect.

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Brothers and sisters, we continue in an important howdy once again, wherever Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us about an important characteristic of the moon. And he tells us some of the love while he was suddenly renewable or over your law, whatever. Why did what socket illa sopan wanted from the sci fi to the movement, from the characteristics of a movement

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is that they are righteous to their parents. And by doing this a lot is righteous to them, a love of love them and protect them, the most men as well as their parents, but a person and as a man tell us, this is one of the characteristics of a monastic, a hypocrite. They are the ones that treat their parents evil, and treat their parents with no care and ignore them and mistreat them in the studio. And so as a result, a loss of agenda will be angry with that person.

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And brothers and sisters, let me be the one to tell you.

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That there is nothing worse. There is nothing worse. Well lucky There is nothing worse than to have the anger of a lot of someone There is nothing worse than this than to have a loss of watch an angry with you. May Allah azza wa jal protect us from this male law. So one should always be happy and pleased with us.

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Let us move on and listen and see what some of the great sellers how they used to treat their parents, how they used to behave in front of their mother, mothers and fathers. And we begin by stating the importance of Earth man of the a lot more and it was said that if men are not your loved one, never looked at his mother eye to eye

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in respect and honor for her, he would never want to look at her iti

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rahima one Allah was once asked about a beautiful wild day. And he said, Bill, rule one then Kapha Allah

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Subhana Allah.

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being righteous to your parents,

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is an expiation of your major sins, any major sins that you do, being righteous to your parents, will expiate and extinguish those major cities, because

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it was said that another great Sahaba c'est la vie Deena love your loved one. He once said, in me, last show and tests before I met her, he loved

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subaquatic La ilaha sulcata la yedi fire qunar oak

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once they did it Jean Brodie a lot more in the center.

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I am afraid that if my eyes see something that I like,

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and that same thing that I see that I like, my mother or my father see it as well and they like it too. But I'm afraid that I will see it first and I will fall into a book.

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I'm afraid that I will see it first. And so because I see it first, I will do something wrong against my mother or my father.

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It was said that say the lobby Dean once raised his voice to his mother.

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And because of this, the following day he went and he freed his slave in repentance to Allah azza wa jal, simply because he raised his voice to his mother. We continue to use another great Imam. Even it Rahim Allah, it was said that even IE never walked on the roof of his home knowing that his mother was underneath that roof. Knowing that his mother was in the home, he would never want to walk on top of the roof.

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Another great set of

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integral costs in Rahim Allah, He used to teach in mustard and never Lee and the Prophet salallahu. It he was Southern semester. And it was said that he would never sit down. And he would see that his brother would walk by he would never remain seated. Every time he saw his mother walk, he would stand up in honor and respect for his mother. Brothers and sisters. It was one seven

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that Abu hanifa

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he was once published.

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And it was said that Rahul hanifa was was put in jail for this party.

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And as he was sitting for some time in jail,

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it was said that Abu hanifa began to cry profusely, he began to cry and cry for days. And when the king, the people came and asked him, Why are you crying so much? He said to them,

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that I cry, only the thoughts. That may be maybe my mother would know what is happening to me right now. And she would be upset, and she would feel sad. And so I cry for the mere thought that my mother may feel sad about this. In

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Roger, these were the pious men, these were the sahabas These were the setup. And brothers and sisters, it's important for me to mention, we are not asking ourselves here to be at the level of these men. But rather we are asking ourselves to look and learn and see the importance see the status of how these men treated and

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see how much of an importance it was to the lives of these men. And so brothers and sisters, I conclude the first part of the HIPAA by stating an important important incident that continuously happens with one of the greatest and most important so how to avoid a lot of your loved one. It was said that every time a boo boo Raila would leave his home. He would look to his mother and say

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a Salam Waiariki Ummah or hashmatullah you

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May Allah send his Peace and Blessings to you oh my mother, oh my beloved mother and shower His mercy upon you.

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And his mother would reply to him and say why they can Salaam Yahoo in a while.

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And she would reply to him and save me a lot so much. JAL bless you and send his Peace and Blessings to you Oh, my beloved son and shower His mercy upon you. And it continues. Listen to what

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the Lord would now say to his mother. He would say rocky McCullough cannot have beaten Selena. May Allah azza wa jal Have mercy on you. Oh my mother from

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Taking care of me, for loving me for changing me for feeding me when I was a child and the mother will return and say to him

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Oh rahima cola. Come on Bob tenny caviar subhana wa And may Allah azza wa jal Have mercy on you, oh my son, for how righteous and caring and loving you are to me, when you have attained a higher age, when you have become older, male allies so agenda, if not continue to put love and care in our hearts for our mothers and fathers, those who are with us and those who have returned to him. So, what are these are the words that I leave you with? In the first part of the hookah. And when I stand up after the Justice Minister, often, we will conclude with one final important point, uphold Amanda smellin. What stopped him a lot It wasn't what he said.

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at all, in other words,

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Salatu was Salam O Allah.

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Allah, Allah, he was a woman was a mother and my brothers and sisters, I conclude with you with one final point. For every time we speak about this enormous topic of beware,

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there usually rises a question here and this is an important question, that there are brothers and sisters who will ask

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what do we do if our parents have already passed away and have returned to a loss? So

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how do we still be righteous to such people when they're not with us anymore? What do we do an IU Allah Bob,

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there once came of Sahaba to the messenger solahart, he will send them and asked him the exact same question

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that what will happen is there anything upon me that I must do or fulfill that even though my parents have passed away and they have left the student yet the messenger so Lola hawala, he will send them replied in authentic hadith. Now, yes, there is still things upon you to do even though your parents are gone. And the first thing that I saw so long while he was selling them told him a solid

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property for them, make to offer them the second thing was still fell in love woman and as a loss so attempt to forgive them as allies so attempt to have mercy on them and forgive them of their sins and mistakes. And the third thing, the third Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us while similar to Rahim, Allah tala to son in law,

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and to keep relationship among amongst your friends and relatives. Keep the relationship strong and together, keep the mother keep the brothers and sisters of your parents together. Keep the aunts and uncles together keep the mother in law's the father in law's all together keep the relationship together. And so are you have

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these sort of things and these are the words that I leave you with? May Allah subhana wa tada indeed, shower His mercy and His peace and his blessings upon our parents, those who are with us and those who have returned to him. You want to let us send peace and blessings to Laura since a lot while he will sell them you are alive. So in order to do so when you say in the law woman, he Kotaku solunar Elena v Yeah, you have nothing and then all sudden Diwali you will suddenly motus Lima Allahumma sundiata Mohammed Ali Mohammed kamasan Lita

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Majeed, Allah who muffins and you know what interesting meaning you know what I mean at

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home when I'm not in like a coffee bowl semi or mageba dharwad a lot of months or f1 Lf iraq a long months of f1 and I feel like a long months of f1 and I feel like I've said all along once on f1 enough equally meconium have allowed me to fit jr hustler waffle after it has been a Latina I've been so cannot have become a bit of a city on my own support whatsoever when I learned more sadena 100 in love Europe, delighted me